WW Clubs and Groups - #268 Bale of Turtles Doing Just Fine!

11-05-2011, 10:52 AM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techniques we have learned from experience to keep us on track. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin adn Lauren)

11-05-2011, 10:56 AM
Hi Gals,
We had gotten long, so here we are. New posts are at the #267, so check them out. We're doing great. Watching grandson this morning, so I have to get back to him. He's seven and a honey and hysterical. He makes up jokes and they are actually funny. Thought I'd let you know that I did get
on the :tread: last night. It was good to make time for myself. The scale is still not moving, so that's a disappointment. All that means is that I have to make today a very good day.

Best of everything to all of you! Have a great weekend.
????/????/179 and thinner. (I know I'm making progress because 179# doesn't sound that hot and yet only a few short weeks ago I was close to 200# again. It's good to keep my expectations high---helps to keep me
focused on what is important.) :cool:

11-05-2011, 07:47 PM
Down -1.4 this week. That is great for me. This may be TMI but the week before I start I go insane. I think I have that PMDD they talk about on Tv. So I am proud of my loss this week.

I read everyones posts and it looks like we are all doing good. Judy hang in there you will get it. Taylor hope you get rid of that cough. My mom has it to. Jeanne stay away from those donuts. Hello to Princess, Bandit, Terri, Lauren, Life, and Lots2go.

11-06-2011, 07:52 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Sunday to you all! Another cold morning here but I guess that is pretty much the forcast from here on out lol... ugh. We are going to have breakfast at DS house and spend some time with them and the grandbaby then will head home for a day of football watching for DH and knitting for me :D I am going to throw a pot of White Chicken Chili together for supper tonight and call it done.

We helped our friends paint yesterday, did not get as much done as we wanted but we were there for about 5 hours so we did manage to get one room mostly done.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and is able to get some "me" time in!

11-06-2011, 09:01 AM
Cherry, you are doing so great! Aren't you happy you are pulling this all together. You heard that "click" loud and strong. I hope it's okay that I tell you I am so proud of you! Thanks for your encouragement. These last two weeks have been tough and I was starting to doubt the food plan I'm on, but the scale budged this morning and I'm on the right track!

Princess, have a great time at ds's with family. And then enjoy a relaxing afternoon. Good for you for helping out your friend.

Today grandson is here. Yesterday we celebrated dh's :hb: and it was wonderful. My dd needed a "procedure" on Friday and yet she was able to come to his birthday. Other dd and dsil took up the slack by buying birthday cake for me and picking up the other dd so she wouldn't have to drive. Food was good for me and I got through this challenge. Having a cup of broth (I threw some peas in it because I love them) and a salad all ready to go when the kids arrived helped a lot. The scale budged this morning, so I'm very happy.

Okay, gotta run, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Let's stay OP and keep up with our Biggest Loser Challenge!!!!! You're all great.

???/???/179 and thinner :cool:

11-06-2011, 11:02 AM
Morning, turtles:

Everything was frosty this a.m. but still sunny, so glad for that.

Got my grass all cut yesterday (hopefully for last time this year) and raked,
so that kept me busy. My mom came for visit in afternoon & we went out for lunch & abit of shopping. Then went dancing with my gfs & today have
potluck with other gfs. So busy weekend.

Overdid it with my food yesterday, so have to be more careful today.
They serve luncheon at dance which I didn't need & those little sandwiches are very tasty so had to have a few of those. Then the 2 coolers added lots of calories as well.

Hope you all did better than me over the weekend, which as we all know is the hardest.

Have a great Sunday!

11-06-2011, 01:51 PM
hi everyone!!!! It's a football day here!! Yay...GO STEELERS!!!!! The flag is up and our jersey's are on! :D

Brrrrr, it was a chilly one here today too! But...it's suppose to be about 58 and sunny!:D

I have that coughing and chest/sinus stuff going on too! Urgh!

Got up in the attic this morning and "unpacked" all the spare blankets, washed them and have them drying outside! Mmmmm, they are going to smell so good! I should be working on crochet orders.......but.......it's just one of those lazy days!

Oh...I do have applesauce cooking in the crock-pot and I made that WW recipe for Caramel Apple Dessert this morning. (went to Farmers Market & bought local apples after work yesterday). ;) Last night I made Instant Pumpkin Pudding and poured some into those mini keebler graham cracker shells for Bob & Kaitlin. I just poured mine into a dessert dish! Yum! We are having "breakfast" for "dinner" tonight! My family wanted pancakes & sausage!

We bought & gutted a house over the summer. We moved in the end of August. We had bought all new appliances....well....my kenmore range has had to have 3 service calls ALREADY!!!! urgh! We are having them back out on Tuesday and we are going to insist that they replace it!!!!!!! The first time was a malfunction from production. 2 wires were crunched together and started a fire in the front burner and burned itself out. But...it also burned out the heating element. They fixed it! 2nd time it kept tripping the breaker when I tried to self clean it. 3rd time - it has a spark ball flying out of the back when you plug it in. Soooooo...what do you think.....LEMON? ugggg!

Well I gotta run! Have a great and healthy sunday!


11-06-2011, 09:30 PM
hey everyone.. hope you had a lovely weekend.. I am definitely on the mend just the hacking cough left.. just wanting to post a quick hello before heading to bed.. time change will take me a bit to adjust..

11-07-2011, 06:40 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Monday to you all! Yesterday was a lazy day - we enjoyed our visit with the family then came home and pretty much just layed around the remainder of the day.

I hope everyone has a great day... I will pop on again later on to see how everyone is doing.

11-07-2011, 06:53 AM
Hey All Happy Monday!

Chilly here but sun warms things up, lazy weekend for me, food not too bad if I don't count Friday night!!! A few girl friends came over for drinks and snacks.
Getting ready to go walking.
Has anyone ever done a 4 week booty camp? My skinny sister is a personal trainer and will do one if I can find 8 gals to join. It would be 2x a week,thought it just might give me a boost! (read kick in butt!!)
Glad you are all "big losers!!!" and doing well working the program!!!


11-07-2011, 09:23 AM
Good morning everyone.. had a laid back weekend but got my workouts in.. had a date ride with my hubby in the combine yesterday.. was nice to touch base plus it kept me out of everything.. my appetite is returning so look out LOL.. workout is already done today and if the weather holds like they say I might head outside after work this afternoon..

everyone have a great day...

11-07-2011, 09:46 AM
Happy Monday everyone~! Here's to a great week for all of us!!!

Taylor - so glad you are feeling better! It sure is going around! I had a touch of it myself this weekend!

It was definately a lazy sunday for us too! Our Steelers lost last night!!

Ooooo, someones at the door.....be right back!

11-07-2011, 12:26 PM
ok, i almost fell off the end of the earth...but i slowly climbed back up! :)
I'm so so so busy right now, I just can't seem to find the time to check in. I'm still working out and training for my race...it's in 2 weeks!!! I can't believe it! I'm quitting weight watchers, but going to calorie counting...just can't afford the $40 a month...and it's hard to figure the points for me without the website. Hope you'll let me stay and hang out with you anyway :) Nothing new here really.,.
I've started babysitting my friends 2 kids in the afternoons which is why i'm so busy....6 kids 8 and under, they keep me on my toes...hope to check in later tonight and see what all is going on....

btw: (((taylors))) you're the reason I'm back....I can't forget this post....
Lots2go - boot camp too.. wow you ROCK.. thanks for the encouraging comments like I said you do motivate me so DON`T STOP ... oh I remember the days where you put the kids to bed and had a little bit of `quiet time`.. enjoy that because before you blink it changes..

11-07-2011, 05:15 PM
Hi everyone -hope you are all doing well and had a great weekend.
I enjoyed my potluck but have really overdone things this weekend, foodwise.
Today - feeling tired & abit sluggish. Just going to relax tonight.

11-07-2011, 06:43 PM
Hi All,
Wow, we're hopping! To Jar and Taylor, glad you're feeling better and are almost well.
To Lots2go, many of us have stopped WW for awhile, but we're such good friends for each other that we keep on posting here. Please stay with us. We love you and your energy. Yay on your exercise. Keep up the good work. You sound busy, so post when you can. :tread:

Terri, I bet the booty camp with your friends would be a great way to knock off some weight. :exercise: and :strong: I hope you can get a nice group together.

Bandit, weekends are tough, so each time we choose a better food or no food over extravagances we're succesful. I don't remember anyone telling us we had to be perfect. I know sometimes I'd rather do *well* because the extra food isn't as satisfying as making great choices. I'm sending :goodvibes: to a very busy gal!

Princess, nice to have a lesiurely day. Glad you enjoyed it.

Jar, I'd say you've got a lemon of a stove. And it sounds dangerous. Yes, make them replace it. Good for you. :chef:

Hi to Cherry and Life4evr and Sea Biscuit and Lauren, hope you're all doing fine and staying OP.

Yesterday was a really busy day again for me and today hasn't been any slower. I always know that the calendar year from 9/1 to 1/1 is super busy and loaded with food challenges. I need to lose this weight and that's why I'm trying so hard. Both days have been good. I'm weighing in a day early tomorrow since it's my dh's official :hb: and I'm taking him out for dinner. It should be fun, but my JC WI couldn't be good after that. I'll still WI at WW and probably be up, but I can handle that. Very confusing, I know, but I want to stay with JC *if* I can continue to lose weight. wish me luck!

Gotta run, best wishes to all of us. Let's make this another super week on The Biggest Losers! We can do this. We are doing this.

???/???/179 and thinner :cool:

11-08-2011, 07:05 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday to you all! I need to get out and cast my vote here for our local elections then I am heading to the gym for Zumba class then home to finish up raking the leaves, we are supposed to get lots of rain starting tonight so I need to get them raked and bagged today.

Food is going ok so far this week but I do need to get more veggies into my diet, when I look at my food journal I see I have been neglecting that part.

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good and that we are all busy... make time for "you" and have a great day all!

I will stop back later this afternoon to get my personal posting done but for now I need to get DH lunch packed and the dogs fed.

11-08-2011, 10:44 AM
Good Morning,

Terri did you find out if your booty camp is a go..

Jar sorry about your Steelers .. I'm glad you only had a touch of what's going around.. make sure to keep up with whatever you were taking because so many say they have a touch of it then it comes back full force.. I would hate for you to have it with your American Thanksgiving approaching..

Princess - nice to hear you had a lovely family relaxing day.. I think we all need those every now and then...

Ityharder - you are so correct in that this is a wonderful place for all of us to gather .. we draw so much positive energy from each other and sometimes when we are low a few simple words pick us up...

lots2go - HELLO and I'm so excited to see you back.. 2 weeks and you do your race .. that is awesome.. I was trying to remember when it was ... you have no idea how much you have inspired me.. I've spread my wings a bit and took to power walking outside when weather permits.living in the country I've often thought I wonder if I could do this.. well after reading about your "no give up" attitude I have found out I can tooo.. guess what I went for a 10 mile walk.. took me a while but afterwards I was like a kid just dancing all over the yard with excitement ( I'm sure my one neighbour thinks I've lost it)... so even if life gets busy please check in with us.. like I've often said you never know how your words and your actions will affect someone...

Cherry - awesome job with the loss.. keep up the fantastic work..

Banditt - sorry to hear you had a rough weekend but what a great attitude to start your week off with..

Hoping everyone else has a fantastic day!! My workout is done ( 5 miles this morn ) .. I've watched "where in the world is Matt" and now I have a some household chores to finish before heading in to work.. my cold is almost gone and I feel like I'm back in the saddle again - so to speak LOL..

11-08-2011, 01:04 PM
Hey everyone. Sorry i have been missing my job is kicking my butt. I have overtime last week and I have overtime this week.

So I am just sending a hello to everyone. When I weighe in last week I gained 0.5# which I am okay with.

I can't remember who asked but i have been crocheting longer than I have been knitting. I learned to crochet around the same time I learned to write. Knitting came later in middle school. I switched to knitting since my arthritis manifest its self in my wrists. Which really sucks. Some days i feel like I am too young for that but oh well

I haven't been exercising, My eating hs been bordering on hit or miss. WI in is Thursday for me.

Hope everyone has a good day.

11-08-2011, 02:42 PM
Hey fellow turtles :) I didn't get to run today, it's been raining all night. I missed it, and have eaten terrible today. TOM should be here soon, I'm blaming that lol...Actually I've had a terrible couple of weeks. A tree fell on our roof again about 2 weeks ago, we had to have the entire thing removed ($2000 that we DON'T have) They had to bring in a crane and all kinds of heavy equipment, the stump is 4ft across! Now we have a little roof damage and trying to get that taken care of, then the transmission went out on the car (another $2000 we don't have) all in the same couple of days. I've not been sleeping that well....

We've had 4 earthquakes this week, and I live in Oklahoma! One was a 5.7, I'm sure you've heard it on the news in the US. Yesterday we had tornados and a 4.7 in the same evening......when it rains it pours lol

I'm really stressing out at work right now, just tired, and I want to be home with my babies...i'm feeling whiney today. I just want to go back to bed and start over tomorrow!

Sounds like everyone is doing well for the most part besides the sickness that's going around....Hope everyone has a great day/week :) I'll check in later!

lots2go - HELLO and I'm so excited to see you back.. 2 weeks and you do your race .. that is awesome.. I was trying to remember when it was ... you have no idea how much you have inspired me.. I've spread my wings a bit and took to power walking outside when weather permits.living in the country I've often thought I wonder if I could do this.. well after reading about your "no give up" attitude I have found out I can tooo.. guess what I went for a 10 mile walk.. took me a while but afterwards I was like a kid just dancing all over the yard with excitement ( I'm sure my one neighbour thinks I've lost it)... so even if life gets busy please check in with us.. like I've often said you never know how your words and your actions will affect someone...

Hoping everyone else has a fantastic day!! My workout is done ( 5 miles this morn ) .. I've watched "where in the world is Matt" and now I have a some household chores to finish before heading in to work.. my cold is almost gone and I feel like I'm back in the saddle again - so to speak LOL..

You're right, you never know how your words or actions will affect someone....I probably wouldn't have made the time to come back to post if you hadn't said that in the first place :) I'm so proud of you 10 miles?!?! That's awesome! :carrot::carrot: 10 miles is a long ways! it's almost a 1/2 marathon....Your 5 mile today is great too!

11-08-2011, 02:43 PM
Oh I saw that there was a facebook page for our turtles???? is that right? what's the address?

11-08-2011, 02:48 PM
Good afternoon everyone! I got my Zumba class in and then got the back yard raked so i am done with the raking for now, at least until the rest of the leaves fall :D but over all I have increased the activity this week and will step it up again next week since I won't have the leaves to rake, thinking I will pick up another Zumba class during the week since that seems to be working for me right now.

Youngest DS and his GF are coming for supper tonight, I have boneless pork ribs in the crockpot and will do a side of potatoes and a salad I think.

I had a huge problem with one of my knitting projects and will have to take that to my Wednesday night knitting class tomorrow to see if the teacher can help me fix it... what a mess!

Bandit: I know you and you will be back on track in no time once you set your mind to it! Im here if you need anything at all!

Life: You sure are busy these days and a .5 gain is nothing at all, I'm sure you will have the scale going in the other direction in no time!

Judy: I know this is a super busy time of year for you... I hope that you are able to get into a groove and get things were you are comfortable and moving in the direction that you want!

Taylor: Wow, you are really kicking butt with all of your exercise! Great job!

Lots: Good to see you posting and good luck with your training!

Jeanne: Sorry your team did not do so well, ours is doing just aweful this year, ugh, what a mess and with the Super Bowl here this year all eyes are on us... LOL.

Terri: How are you doing? Are you back to a full schedule at work?

Hope I got everyone, have a great day all and enjoy the warmer weather while we have it!

11-08-2011, 04:13 PM
Hi turtles:

Lots - OMG, that is crazy all you are dealing with & I know financial stress is the worst, it really gets you down, worried & scared. Hope you are dealing
with everything the best you can.

Princess - my goodness, you are on fire with your exercise, planning meals & giving so much support - thanks for your kind words. Ribs sound super yummy, enjoy!

Life - good luck with your weigh in.

Taylor - nice you got your workout done early, great job.

Judy - how you doing busy gal? Seems you are always on the go.

It is dreary day, no sunshine today. Got all my leaves out for pickup today &
since it is suppose to by super windy am hoping that the ones that have fallen yesterday & today will get blown away. Planning on getting in a walk tonight before Biggest Loser - just stayed in last night & went to bed early.
Eating has been better the last 2 days, so fell better about that.

All - hope everyone is planning their meals, drinking their water, getting in
exercise & staying upbeat!

11-08-2011, 04:23 PM
Today's my dh :hb:, so I'll have to chime in later. For now, I was successful this week in taking off the 2# I gained last week. Now when I lose the very next pound, I'll be at my lowest weight in a long time. Yay for the :goodscale:

Wishing you all well. I'll get to personals this evening or tomorrow morning.
234.6/186/179 and thinner :cool:

11-08-2011, 06:10 PM
Hi Turtles,
I'm going to try to respond to all. You guys are the best!

Hi Jar, I'm following your crochetting projects on Facebook. You are so creative.

Princess, don't you love the crockpot meals? :chef: I have favorites since I don't love each and every thing I've made in a crockpot , but the ones that work are fabulous. Kudos for all your exercise and raking leaves. You are so smart to keep moving :strong: because that's a vital part of this fitness and weight loss thing. Great progress with your food too. WEigh to go.
Oh, a vegetable tip----maybe everyone does this, but when I have pasta I also make spaghetti squash. I put the hot squash in the bottom of my plate and cover it with a little pasta. Then the sauce goes over the entire dish and I feel like I'm eating a lot, but with few calories.

Taylor, a ten mile walk!!!! :tread: You're amazing. and another 5miles today. That's stupendous. I walk 1 1/2miles and I'm happy. Good for you.

Lots2go, wow, you've been hit with so many problems up to and including earthquakes. That's miserable. I hope your luck changes big time so the drain on your finances won't continue. Good luck with your race :exercise:
and your great distances!

Life4evr, glad you're okay with the .5# gain. I can tell you'll be OP right away. And your work gives you a lot of :exercise: :strong: which burns up energy and calories. I asked about the knitting/crochetting . You learned so young. What a wonderful skill. I'm sending :goodvibes: because you deserve them.

Oh Lots2go, the facebook is Turtles. It is a group and I think you can access it through any of our full names.

Bandit, you've got time to undo the weekend gain----and I see you're eating well now. That and the great raking you did should show a loss. Good for you! My rake is sitting in our little shed in our backyard feeling mighty lonely right now. I know I've got to get out there and do it, but there are so many other things to tackle first.

Had a good WI as I mentioned before. Dh wanted pizza, so after our walk on the boardwalk, we headed to a little pizzeria. I had salad. I'm giving myself a high five on that one. Well, I had a bite of his pizza, but just one bite. Yay. Today has been busy and productive for us. We also are looking at a quiet weekend for a change and we can use it!

Okay, gotta run----dh's back downstairs and ready to watch some TV. I'll go join him. Lots of :love: to you all. Let's all treat ourselves well and keep on working toward fitness and a slimmer us.
234.6/186/179 and thinner :cool:

11-09-2011, 08:13 AM
Happy Hump Day!

This is such a busy group I never have enough time to read and respond to everyone!!!!! Hope you all are great! and keepin on!!!
Still gathering a group for the booty class think it is coming together hope to start Sat am!!!
Me today getting ready to go for colonoscopy lost 4 lbs since yesterday!!! Yuck! What a way to lose it!!!

Feeling a little lighter!!! and thinking good skinny thoughts for all of us!!!!!!


11-09-2011, 09:17 AM
Good morning all and happy Wednesday to you all and a best wishes to those that weigh in today!

It is a very rainy day here today so will get some inside chores done and a couple of errands and then it is off to knitting class tonight and boy do I have a doesy of a mistake for my teacher to help me with lol... ugh, it not it means months of work down the drain.

Food and exercise is on track, scale is slowing down though so will just hope for somekind of loss this week and keep at it.

Lots: We posted at the same time yesterday... I am so sorry to hear about your stress, I have been there and I know how bad it can get... I sure hope things turn around for you soon!

Terri: I hope you get some down time for yourself... you are super busy now! Good luck with your procedure today!

Judy: Happy B-Day to your DH, I hope it was a nice day for you both! A salad at a pizza place... nope, I could never be that good... LOL. You are doing great!

Bandit: You sound like you are really doing good getting back on track! I know what the yard work is like this time of year... Ugh! You get done with all of those leaves and then you turn around and a ton more have dropped... LOL.

Lots: Sounds like you are busy right now with work! Take care and I hope things ease up a bit for you!

Taylor: Wow, you are like super woman with the exercise and a real inspiration! How is your husband doing with getting the crops in?

Cherry: How are you doing? Best wishes for a great weigh in!

Lauren: How are you doing so far this week?

Jeanne: What are you up to this week? I love your projects that you have done! You are very talented!

I have to run! Have a great day all!

11-09-2011, 09:51 AM
Terri, good luck with your procedure. Dropping 4# like that is impressive, but not fun. :goodvibes:

Princess, good luck with your knitting. What are you making that you've been working on it so long? :bravo:

Going to WW WI in a little bit. Day not as sunny and nice here as predicted.
Hope to get on the boardwalk today, but if not I'll head for the :tread:

Have a great day, every one. We are moving onward and downward.
234.6/186/179 and thinner :cool:

11-09-2011, 10:51 AM
Good morning everyone. I am bouncing around the house because I am off today and its my 29th birthday. So today is gonna be a good day.

Lots2go sorry about everything that is going with you. I saw the news report about Oklahoma. The weather so far this year has been horrible.

Princess-planning is a wonderful thing. I have to get back on planning my meals and exercise time.

Itry-Happy Birthday to your husband. Which is funny since I share a birthday with him. Congrats on not going crazy on the pizza.

Terri my both my parents has had a colonoscopy. My dad lost like 8 lbs and my mom didn't loose any. But yeah they both agreed it was not fun. Good luck with your procedure. Hoping there are no problems.

Judy good luck with the weigh in.

So I am off to run some errands. I had an idea to make a fleece quilt for one of my friends that i have known since high school and went to college with. So wish me luck.

Everyone have a good day.

Sorry if I missed anyone it wasn't on purpose.

11-09-2011, 01:11 PM
Lots2go- It does sound like things have been stressful to you. I live in the lower corner of Kansas and Saturday at about 11:15 we felt an aftershock from your earthquake. It was the craziest thing ever. My DH and I had never felt one before and had no idea what had just happened. My 6 yr. old came out of her room and said "Momma, I think my room just moved.":rofl:

Hello to all the other turtles this morning. I have had a rough day or two this week and hope I can hold things together till my weigh in. I think i may see a little gain but hope that it wont be to damaging. I still have 2 or 3 days to go till weigh in. Hope everyone else is having a good week.:hug: Thanks for everyones support.

Judy- so glad to hear you lost those 2 pesky pounds and you are on your way to new territory in weight loss. Thanks for letting me know that you are proud of me. I have had lots of struggles but I am really trying to do this.

11-09-2011, 01:57 PM
Lots, you're really getting some amazing turbulence down there! Glad you're all safe.

Thanks for asking about my family, everyone. Things have gotten more interesting since we last talked. (Remember that Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times"?)

My stepdad tore his rotator cuff last Thursday (moving ugly, dirty furniture he found near a dumpster; it's now in their living room). For most people, that would be an unpleasant inconvenience, but for him it's much worse than that. His stroke and chemo treatment last year has made his legs weak and wobbly, and now with only one arm he's having a very tough time getting up and walking. He fell off the porch after they came home from urgent care, and she couldn't get him up without help from a neighbor. :(

So my mom has been waiting on him hand and foot, getting no sleep, etc. We finally had to step in a couple of days ago and convince him that Mom needs to get rest if she's going to beat this cancer. If that meant him wearing "adult briefs" overnight so she could get some sleep, so be it. That very night, he figured out how to get up from his bed and get himself to the bathroom. Nothing like a little motivation.

Anyway. The past few days have really been eye opening. There seems to be very little home care help for people with next to no money. If you know of any good resources, I'm all ears. I know some of you have already dealt with aging parents.

Tomorrow I'll be taking them to the orthopedic surgeon to see what's next. If they do surgery, I'm going to beg them to keep him in the hospital or in rehab until he can get himself to the bathroom at night.

They've also asked me to take over balancing their checkbook; Pop has become too confused to do it, and my mom has never figured out how. Another step. I've never been a caregiver before like some of you have; it's a new and -- to me -- scary world.

As for my eating ... it has been just OK, but I'm losing weight. That happens when I'm really stressed! One of the few silver linings.

Thanks for listening.

11-09-2011, 04:04 PM
Hi everyone - got in a 3 mile walk last night & have stayed on track this week. So feeling abit better & not so bloated as before.

Everyone busy posting & staying on track I hope. Keep up the good work.

Have a great evening. I have leftover meatloaf for dinner with some veggies & rice so looking forward to that. Zumba tonight.

11-09-2011, 06:10 PM
Oh Turtles, I just lost my message. I'll try and remember what I said. Here I go again.

Today has been nice and relaxing. Lost 1.6# at WW WI----not quite the 2# I lost at JC yesterday, but still in the right direction. Got on the boardwalk with dh and walked the 1 1/2miles. Yay. I think I'll do a home WI on Friday morning to do away with both WI's from JC and then WW. Much too confusing. I think that will work and will give me a day or two to make even more progress each week. Sounds like a plan

Cherry, you keep on keepin' on. If this were easy, everyone would be slim. You're doing great and you're balancing a young family, etc. Keep up the good work, don't let your setbacks set up negative thinking and you'll reach your goal. :goodvibes:

Life4evr, you and my dh share a :hb: How wonderful! Hope you had a really good day. Love to hear you sounding so optimistic. It's great that we pick up good eating habits over time and they become routine. Good for you. Hey, a fleece blanket sounds so cozy. Good luck with your Christmas presents. :goodvibes:

Lauren, you're handling so much now with your dear parents. I'm sorry there seem to be so few solutions. Does the local church have any volunteers? Would they like meals on wheels to help with the meal preps and give your dm less to do? I'm always happy to have you post here. I'm sending :love: to help lighten your load.

Bandit, so glad to hear you're OP and doing so much :exercise: You're inspiring me. I'm going to get out my toning tape and figure out how to use our new DVD player. Iv'e been good about walking, but my flabby arms could use a workout too! Lol.

To everyone: Taylor and Jar and Sea Biscuit, and Princess, and Terri and all our turtles-----let's make the rest of today great and then let's wake up and do it all again tomorrow.
234.6/186/179 and thinner :cool:

11-10-2011, 07:14 AM
Hey Gals Thanks for the wellwishes!

Procedure went fine colon looks good, Dr, took some tissue samples to test, but looks like I just had some sort of infection that has cleared! Yeah me!!
Stomach is very off! Not a bad thing but just don't know what I can eat, nothing seems appetizing.

Judy as long as the scale is going down!!! And it is! Great for you!!!
Life happy belated hopeyou had a great birthday!
Cherry Judy is right none of us would be here if this were easy!!! You are doing wonderfully!!! Keep at it!!
Lauren I can related about the aging parents we just got my Mom in a retirement home about 6 weeks ago it has been a huge weight lifted. Good luck!
Bandit you are my inspiration too!!! You have been doing great food and exercise.. Keep on !!!
Princess Yes I am back fulltime working, it has been busy and our computer system has not been working the greatest so very challenging. How did the knitting turn out did you get it fixed?
Lots I was watching the news thank god! you and yours are OK nasty weather down there stay safe.
Taylor, Jar, Sea biscuit hope you gals are keepin at it! check in when you can!!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!


11-10-2011, 08:25 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Thursday to you all! I have lots of housework to get done today because I am going to babysit the grandbaby tomorrow morning while his parents run errands. It is so cold here this morning burrrrr!

I have been pretty hungry this week so I think I really need to increase my protein and veggie intake... I find I am eating too many processed food items again... grabbing a Kashi bar or a pretzel, etc instead of having a couple of celery stalks with cream cheese or something like that. Just taking the easy way I guess so will need to work on that.

W/I tonight, we will see how it goes!

The knitting fiasco! Well I am knitting a lace shawl on circular interchangable needles... the needles seperated and I did not catch it right away and bunch of the shawl fell off and many stiches were lost... my teacher is wonderful and even though we had to do a lot of ripping out I am back on track with only minor set backs...

Judy: Congrats on the loss and the boardwalk exercise.

Lauren: I don't remember where you live but get online and check out a place called Visiting Angels, they are a service that comes to house, will make sure that med's are being taken, meals are prepared, small chores can be done, bathing and other personal care. They are not nurses but more of home care assistants so they are not as expensive. We looked into one for my mom but she flatly refused having anyone in her house, she is just not there yet but expect she will be soon. Good luck, it is a very heart breaking time for you and I totally understand the emotions that go along with it, thinking about you and wishing you the very best!

Bandit: Thanks so much for updating our weigh in thread! Good luck tonight at weigh in!

Terri: Hope your tummy gets to feeling better!

Jeanne: How are you doing?

Lots: Hope you are doing well.

Cherry: Hang in there and you will do fine at weigh in, according to Bandits calculations you are kicking butt!

Taylor: Hope you are continueing to feel better!

Life: The blanket sounds wonderful and Happy Birthday!

Ive got to run, hope I did not forget anyone but have a great day all!

11-10-2011, 11:23 AM
Morning, turtles

Chilly up here but not too bad overall. I have lots more leaf raking to do this weekend, amazing how they accumulate so fast. Did Zumba last night
and have Tops tonight - our meeting is going to be about Glycemic Index
so should be interesting, not expecting much at the scales since my home
scales show I am up again. My goodnesss, just seems I am totally stuck
lately. I have walked 8 miles this week & my Zumba class so was hoping to do better. Anyway - it is what it is.

Lauren - Aging parents is a concern, so far I been lucky with my mom
she is 79 and in good health and my stepdad is younger than her but he seems to have more health issues than her but so far they manage on their own. We have programme in our area of home care which I don't know much about but also one that I am looking into at the moment. It is called Friendly Visitor and it is volunteer & basically what I would do is commit to a once a week visit with someone they match me with & do what they like to do. Such as play cards, do crafts, help them with meal prep, chat etc. More a social thing for them.

Princess - good luch tonight at your weigh in! You have been doing great.

Terri - glad your procedure went well.

Judy - congrats on your weigh loss this week and great getting in your walking.

After Tops tonight I am 10 pin bowling with my gfs - lots of fun & free for 2 games for the ladies, which is even better.

Have a great Thursday.

11-10-2011, 11:51 AM
Terri, glad you've got good news from your procedure. Keep on keepin' on.
OP and :exercise: is the way to go!

Princess, so glad you got the lacy knitting project back under control. Yeah, I'm with you with the celery sticks. I'm going to peel some carrots and get some celery ready. last night I had an extra JC snack and it showed on the scale this morning. It's a rigid system, but I have been losing weight so I have to stay on the straight and narrow. I'm also going to have a cup of boullion when I get hungry. Good luck with :goodscale: tonight.

Bandit, so nice of you to think about volunteering. You're :bravo: I hope your scale moves soon. It really should with all your exercising.

Okay, gotta run----best to everyone today! :goodvibes: and :bravo:
234.6/186/179 and thinner :cool:

11-10-2011, 07:58 PM
Hi everyone! I just got home from work and was checking my emails & etsy store. It seems I got an order today. 5 bookworms! Yay!

I promise to post tomorrow. After WI!!! Which....I'm treading!!!

Have a great night!
Thinking of everyone and hoping you are having a great OP day!


11-11-2011, 07:10 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Friday to you all! Another very cold morning here with temps below freezing and the a thick layer of frost but I think it is supposed to warm up a bit as the sun comes up... off early this morning to babysit and play with the grandbaby then home to get a few more things done around the house.

Weigh in did not go as well as I had hoped last night, I stayed the same which as we all know is better than a gain but I was still looking for a bit of a downward movement on the scale. I know I need to kick up the exercise so will try that along with adding more protein and veggies.

I hope that everyone has a great day today and an enjoyable weekend. We are a bit busy this weekend with babysitting tomorrow night and then going to DH brothers house on Sunday to watch the football game but I will get online when I can to see what everyone is up to.

11-11-2011, 08:40 AM
Good Morning Turtles,
Oh, I love the sound of that phrase. WE're doing great. When I come here it's a reminder that although I haven't done well this month, there are wonderful people out there who understand the struggle. And you understand the need to apply myself to my biggest problems. I'd been dealing with an emotional issue and I am quite sure I've got it where it belongs in my life. That means I can go ahead and use food for what it is intended. I love that dh and I are getting out to the boardwalk to walk almost daily at this point. Today is another good and pretty day here in NY.Today I'm going Thanksgiving grocery shopping for the staples. I'll bake a couple of things and freeze them. This year I am going to make a zero point pumpkin soup to start the meal. I know it will help me to eat less for our traditional dinner.

Princess, I'm sorry the scale didn't budge, but that usually means for me that next week will be a nice loss of over a pound. Your exercise is great and you're doing so well. That "click" was good and loud.

Jar, I'll have to check you out on Etzy. What fun. Good luck on your WI.

Okay, I"m off to keep on writing my "novel". It's really a lot of fun.
Take care.
234.6/186/179 and thinner:cool: I want to lose 2# this week. I'll have to work very hard to do that!

11-11-2011, 11:02 AM
Morning turtles

Beautiful day up here, sunny & crisp. I have painters here today & hopefully that will go smoothly. What a job getting ready for that (so many nicknacks)

Was down 1# last night at my weigh in so was surprised since my home scale did not show any loss. We are starting a new contest at Tops next week,
so hoping that will give me some extra motivation.

Princess- As Judy said, you should be down extra next week & you are doing awesome with your exercise. Have a nice weekend with your family.

Judy - nice you dropped those pesky pounds & also are getting in lots of walking, your boardwalk sounds lovely & everytime you post NY I think of
Sex & The City (love that show) Still watch all the reruns.

Jar - good luck on your weigh in

Dancing tomorrow and doing Swiss Chalet first - and that is faily easy place
to stay on track (keep away from the fries)

All - sending everyone "skinny vibes" - lets do it!

11-11-2011, 03:14 PM
BAndit, :goodscale: and :bravo: and :carrot: and :dancer: I'm so happy with eating right and lots of :exercise: you lost a pound after all. It's so tricky to watch a scale at home and be disappointed. Lots of times in the past when that happened to me, I'd be down and eat over it. That guaranteed that the scale wouldn't show me what I wanted. So glad you didn't do that!

Okay, we're off to the boardwalk. Honestly, our Thanksgiving shopping was huge and then I packed things for the freezer and then for the garage. I guess I overdo Thanksgiving, but I love the holiday and I know the kids and we enjoy this dinner once a year. Shopping seemed like :exercise: today. Lol.
234.6/186/179 and thinner :cool: Hey, Bandit you and I are identical on the scales. Weigh to go!

11-12-2011, 12:25 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Just doing a quick run through the thread.

Lauren sorry about your parent's do they not qualify for any type of social services? Sorry I don't know much about how the other side of those things work. But meals on wheels also I know sometimes churches and community programs have volunteers.

To everyone who has lost and managed to exercise this week. Congrats.

I am restarting on Monday for some reason I my legs have been swelling lately. Which is bothering me a little bit. Makes it a little uncomfortable while trying to sleep. The weather went from the 70s to like the 50s so it has thrown my body all off again.

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow. I have a long weekend of work. So I will probably resurface around monday. Everyone have a good weekend.

11-12-2011, 07:11 AM
Good morning morning everyone and happy Saturday to you all! Just a very quick check in to see what is going on and wish everyone a happy weekend... Things got busy for me all of the sudden so I need to get moving.

Have a great day all!

11-12-2011, 08:38 AM
Yeah, me too. I joing Life4evr and Princess in being super busy. I"m not quite sure what to do next, but I want to say that yesterday was perfect except for one tiny mini pretzel. Lol. I'm hoping for a good weight loss this week to redeem my month.

Best to all . Have a great OP day!
234.6/186/179 and thinner. I've got to do this!!! :cool:

11-12-2011, 10:10 AM
Morning ladies

Painting done & next week getting kitchen cupboards done as well. Then
will be all set to get into the Christmas decorating. Nice & sunny again,
so loving it.

Lots of errands today & dancing tonight with the ladies. So fun weekend, overall.

Have a great weekend & lets all try and stay on track!

11-12-2011, 05:59 PM
Bandit, I like your reminder to keep on track. Even though I am retired, it seems harder to get through a weekend. Weird. But I'm on track and doing well. I'll eat dinner in about an hour or so. Made a double salad so I'll have it ready for tomorrow's lunch. I'm achy today. Probably overdid it, so I'm giving myself a reprieve from :exercise: today.

Everybody, have a great day. It's always an OP day. That's how we'll meet our Biggest Loser Challenge and eventually get to goal. We can do this.
234.6/186/179 and thinner :cool: I'm going to get there!

11-13-2011, 12:02 AM
Hey all !

Beautiful fall day here today! Did lots of running around, still trying to get Mom's apartment emptied. Just the big stuff left to move, will get the men next weekend to help. My boot camp is not a go, sis is worried that she should have insurance before she does private training. So she is going to meet me a Y to help me, and hopefully by spring she will be set up for bootcamp. Would really like to tone up the belly a bit before christmas, we have booked a trip to Dominican Republic leaving Dec 23 eek bathing suit!!!!
Am going to have to be perfect for the next 5 weeks!!! We are going with brother inlaw and sis inlaw who thinks she should gain 5 lbs before we go!!She is a nice person and we will have fun..

Glad everyone is doing so well and staying on track, it is so nice to see the forum so busy. Have A great Sunday everyone


11-13-2011, 08:59 AM
Life4evr, I hope your swelling goes down. Here's :bravo: for starting again on Monday! You can do this!

Terri, I think it's a riot that your sil wants to gain 5# before your vacation.
I know you can tighten things up because you want to. With all the exercise you do, and tightening up your food, you'll reach your goal! Weigh to go.
:exercise: :chef:

Princess, did you have a productive day? :carrot:

Bandit, I am sooooooooooooo glad you posted the different results for this month's challenge. I had two weeks of gains and seeing this monthly results after all my hard work (I have lost 14# since the end of August) made me get annoyed at myself and tighten up my food even more. I had been allowing myself tiny snacks here and there----it worked when the rest of the week was perfect and I could still lose 1#/week. However, when I had that week when I ate out three times following the week of the pizza splurge---it didn't work any more. Man, I'm wordy. Just mean to thank you for putting things in perspective. I'm still with the challenge and am counting on a nice loss this week.

Taylor, Jar, Cherry, and Lauren, sending :goodvibes: to everyone. It's sunny and beautiful here, so I hope to get to the boardwalk today.

:cheers: :cheer: :carrot: :dance: :dancer: :balloons: :goodscale: :strong: and lots of love to us all!

234.6/186/179 and I can taste it!!!!! :cool:

11-13-2011, 11:17 AM
Good Morning everyone.. this is a quick post as I am headed out in a few.. so many posts I need to catch up on so hopefully will do that later tonight.. hope everyone is doing well and following their course... wishing everyone an awesome Sunday.. it is windy but unseasonably warm which is perfect as I am going out with the girls for a Christmas House Tour.. should be fun.. passing on the Chinese dinner though - dh will come pick me up.. not ready to face that style of food yet... been a rough couple of days OP wise.. don`t know what the heck is going on but munchie invasion as taken over my body.. so I`m sure tomorrows WI won`t be pretty... have gotten my workouts in and today I actually did my first couch25k attempt.. still not convinced I`m a runner but going to try it and see what comes of it.. lol

((hugs)) to everyone..

11-13-2011, 11:59 AM
Morning turtles:

Dreary day up here and need to get my kitchen ready for painters next week.
And get ready for the upcoming week - seems there is no end to organizing and shopping.

So this week going to really be strict with myself and get in my exercise.
My gfs are going out for dinner Tues to Indian place & I am passing on that.
Too early in the week for temptations. Will stay home & watch Biggest Loser instead of eating more than I should.

My friend is coming today to help me fix a few things around the house. He is handy at everything & I will probably take him for a late lunch so will have a light dinner tonight and plan out tomorrows menu.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

11-13-2011, 03:54 PM
Hope everyone had a good sunday so I am finally off work. So my eating wasn't so bad and then I went in the store for some eggs after work. The powdered sugar doughnuts was what I ended up buying also. I know the only reason why i brought was because I was hungry. But tomorrow is my fresh start.

I have a friend who is a personal trainer and she voluneered to design a program for me that I could do at home when she got the time. So looking towards that.

11-14-2011, 07:14 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Monday to you all! The weekend was busy and food was not good and I did not get any exercise in at all so I need to get my butt in gear today!

I am not feeling great so am just going to do a quick post now and maybe get back online later to post more but for now have a great day all!

11-14-2011, 08:07 AM
Good morning Turtles,
Taylor, good luck with your running. What is a couch25K? Glad you got out for Christmas House tour and I think it was very smart of you to avoid the going out to dinner at this point in your weight loss. :chef: It's great to be sociable and go out with friends, but I find the eating out tough.

Bandit, I see a trend here. You also are passing on going out with your friends for Indian food. I hear you that Tuesday is early in the week and that's when we like to make our most progress. :goodvibes:

Life4evr, today is Fresh Start Monday. I think it's very nice of your friend who is a personal trainer to offer support and work up a plan for you to follow. That's great. :exercise: Yeah, donuts call to me too. It's a food I can't have in the house. Funny what triggers us.

Princess, I hope you're feeling better. :goodvibes:

I am going to start a new thread since we've gotten long. See you all at #269 Bale of Turtles Making the Effort!

In the meantime, I want to mention that I've joined the Taylor/Bandit trend. there is a monthly meeting on this Tuesday of a group of women I've been meeting with for about 15 years. One of the gals suggested I meet her for dinner before the meeting to catch up and chat. I'd love to chat over tea, but honestly right now there is nothing I could eat at that restaurant that would be as helpful as staying completely on track. Especially since I WI at both JC and WW's the following morning. last time we did this, I had an eggwhite omelet, but the bread they served first ended up in my belly anyway and I disappointed myself. Soooooooooooo.

Another kudo for me. Skipped :tread: on Sat. because i was achy, but walked on Sunday. Got a last minute invite from dd to come for dinner. She was beat and was ordering in food, so it was easy for me to bring my food with me. I was so proud of myself because I didn't sneak a French fry or chicken tender or any of the yummy foods. This is so important to me and all of a sudden I thought perhaps I can lose more than a pound a week if I step up the exercise and am stricter with my food. I'll let you know how this works out. Seeing I had given back weight losses this month was the incentive to kick my sorry butt into gear and get back on track. I'm doing well now.

See you all on Thread #269!!!!!
234.6/286/179 and thinner :cool: