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11-04-2011, 01:59 PM
So those who are pregnant did you up your calories at all during your pregnancy or stay at maintenance level the whole time?

Normally I am for about 1800 calories to lose weight but I think if I up it to about 2000 ish I will be at maintenance for my current weight 213.

I tend to lose weight in the first trimester when I am pregnant because I have horrible morning sickness. I really do not want to gain any weight besides baby and stuff. I have been working so hard these past 7 mons and have lost about 35 pounds (45 from Jan) and this pregnancy was a surprise. At least i am about 20 lbs less then I have been when pregnant.

Just trying to figure out my best course of action. I eat lower carb as well because I was pre-diabetic (totally under control now) I am hoping to keep GD at bay (had it during my first pregnancy but managed to not get it when pregnant with my son) Plan to still eat low carb but unfortunately it seems carbs is what settles my tummy right now.

Just looking for how others managed their food intake while pregnant and overweight.