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11-02-2011, 02:38 PM

OH it is windy here and cold & in the 30's in this Heartland. The forecast is for snow the rest of the day. Oh joy, Winter is upon us. I wonder if we will have a white Christmas. Makes me want to make a nice big pot of chili. I think for lunch we will be having that McRib from Mickey D's which is probably a ga-zillion points. I had better look it up so I know what I am in to. OK I just looked it up in my booklet and it is 13 points+. I'll be OK if I do have soup for dinner. Nice chicken noodle. :o Will is in his winter coat out back making a picture frame for one of the gals that works at Moca's. Running the routher around it. Bet he doesn't stay out there very long. I was looking though one of my gift cataloges and ran across a neat beta suncatcher. Looks rather oriental and I cut out the picture and will make myself one probably after the Christmas season is over. It is 5 1/8 x 10 3/4 inches done in greens, yellows & oranges. I will hang it in street side window here in my glass room. Will just came in and said he can't work outside and had to come in to warm up. It is snowing now.:p In the next couple of days it is said to go back into the 60's. We takes what we gets.;)

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you will be making the best with what you have and will fix it up nicely. Your breakfast sounds absolutely yummy. Question, how do you fix your flank steak? Have you ever done brisket? We first learned that in TN. :o I can certainly understand why you would leave off your bows because of the travel thing. I love to decorate and make neat bows and such. I like to put little things in with the bows and shred some of the ribbon and it looks like a party. With my jar mixes I try to find little things like whisks to put with the decoration on a jar of hot chocolate. Little cookie cutters on a jar of cookie mix. Jar mixes are now comming out in the latest Chirstmas magazines I have noticed. WW had a couple that look good in their magazine that I clipped out: Rocky Road Brownie Mix and Holiday Oatmeal cookie Mix. I have jar recipes for soup and other food items also. I have had folks that I have given them to tell me again "now" how good it was. Hint, hint. :D They look so pretty layered in a jar.

JEAN Looks like your day is all planned out nice and neat. They should let you sign the checks since you are the one dealing with it. Stay warm while out and about. That woman who stole the appliance and trashed the place is a prime example of the "have nots" taking what the "haves" have. Way back in the 60's my folks had a rental house that was a big nice 4 bedroom in a good neighborhood. Rent was paid on time and no calls were made for any repairs. One day my father received a call from the folks who lived across the street from that house. My father went to that town and found that the nice lady that was a City Counsil Official that rented the place turned it into a haven for illegals. She had 2 dozen living in that house and on cots in the double garage. He evicted her, fixed up the place and promptly sold it. Now that was back in the 60's ~ look how far we have come and still have not fixed that problem. I wonder if that gentleman in your town will ever get restitution. Give us the "rest of the story" when you get it.:o

Have a lovely day Magnolias :wave: Type at y'all later.

It is a bit later: Well I ate 1/2 of my McRibb and just a couple points of fries and feel full and happy and sassy. I also ate some fruit so am OP. It sure tasted good. :bravo: for me.

11-02-2011, 11:13 PM
Maggie -- Signing the gift shop checks has something to do with not charging tax and to get our own tax stamp (?) would be cost prohibitive, so we are using the hospital tax number. I should just stay there and write the checks but it's just easier to come home and do it in peace and quiet. My parents rented my grandma's house to a surgical nurse and her family; they were the dirtiest housekeepers imagineable although they paid the rent on time. The parents were hit by a train on a rural country road and killed. The children had just been left at their grandparents' house. One of the "have nots" (?) wrote a bad check in the gift shop a couple weeks ago -- no phone, no response to a follow-up letter, and account closed! :mad: The bank charged us $2 to return the $16 check. I suggested calling the sheriff but don't know if they did or not. The wind is still blowing but the rain has stopped. It's been a dark day and pitch black at 6:30 tonight. I have my little heater buzzing away so I am toasty warm. ;) I need to iron a shirt for Bob to wear tomorrow so better get that done before I head for bed.

11-03-2011, 06:37 AM
Good morning girls. I was sleeping all nice and cozy and Jack got called into work at 3 AM so I am up. I am going to do some chores and maybe knit a bit and probably go back to sleep for awhile.

I am down to one gift card for Thomas to come in the mail then I have all the Christmas stuff and can wrap this weekend, UGH! I decided instead of dragging it all upstairs, wrapping it and then dragging it all downstairs, I would just bring the wrapping stuff downstairs and then take IT back upstairs. I have these quilted bags the stuff is stored in so it won't be a hassle much.

Here is Jackson and Thomas's finished hats and mittens. For some reason Jackson's hat's picture looks like it has a stripe down the center but I looked at it away from the camera and it looks fine so who knows? I don't care, I am NOT going to rip out another hat. I tore out the mitten yesterday and redid it, had it all the way to the top where you decrease for the top and discovered when I started the decreases it didn't come out right. I couldn't figure it out and laid the first one over the second one and the second one was wider. I was stumped then realized I had put the thumb stitches on the holder, but had only removed 10, which was the size for Jackson's mitten, instead of 16, which was for Thomas! :mad::cry::fr: I had to tear it out clear back to the thumb stitches, redo that row and put the proper number on then knit the rest. Ok, I am soooooooo over knitting for Christmas now! :lol: Thomas's hat is a short version of the stocking cap/night cap as I thought he would think the whole version uncool, but might like it in a flop over style not just regular hat. I tore out Jackson's whole hat and remade it and made it longer and more like T's but it doesn't flop over and he has a tassel like his cousin's, unlike the first hat.

My sil is doing the St Jude's marathon this year so we sponsored him. Not a big donation, but some. I am hoping he makes his full amount. It is the one charity I trust above all others as I know how the money is used and how much is used for other than the research and cancer treatment and it is quite a small amount. Kelly is asking people to donate this year instead of buying her lunch or such for her birthday, which I think is nice. She says she has so much that she would rather give it to the hospital. So, I donated to Tom's running. I told her I already had her bday gifts but would donate anyway so I did. It is a hospital where your children are treated at no cost to you so you are not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from cancer treatments. On top of that, we have a top notch Ronald McDonald house within walking distance of the hospital for parents to stay. I have never seen a children's hospital anywhere close to what this one does. Amazing research too.

Jean: I am wondering what we are going to get for neighbors across the street from us now that Tim and his family have moved out. We are getting more and more trash people living here that's for sure. A couple doors down they have gotten themselves a puppy that barks constantly. Drives me bonkers. They leave him outside all the time too. I think it is disgraceful to do so. It is getting cold now at nights and he should be in the house not outside. He is a scrawny looking thing too so don't know how well he is taken care of. I actually had the fan on all night last night! :lol: It got into the 70's here yesterday and stayed warm overnight, but the wind has kicked up and we are expecting rain today.

Maggie: Jack slices cuts into the steak diagonally and either grills it outside or in the broiler. We enjoy it and it is much leaner than other steak cuts. I fixed roasted asparagus in olive oil, parmesaan and garlic last night with some fried potatos (Jack forgot to put the baked ones in the microwave so I rushed around and opened a couple cans of sliced potatos and browned them in some butter Pam :lol:) and it was all yummy. I love asparagus done that way. Only takes about 15 minutes in the oven and comes out all crispy as the garlic powder and powdered parmesaan stick to the asparagus and brown. :T People that rent to other people these days usually get stuck. I don't necessarily mean money wise, though that seems to happen a lot, I mean people don't take care of property that isn't theirs. When we lived in base housing, the only time we did, there was this couple with the brattiest twin boys I have ever seen. They were not potty trained until they were around 5 :eek: and they would wipe feces all over their bedroom walls. When they moved out instead of washing them down, which they needed a power washer because the whole room was a mess, they just painted over it. Disgusting and I occasionally think about the families that lived there after them. The mother was more interested in her cigarettes than she was taking care of those two. The little girl, who was a bit older was so sweet, but her brothers were hellions.

Well gals, I am going to go and put away dishes and use the handvac on the leaf pieces that got dragged in on the carpet last night. Guess we will be tackling that this weekend. Faye

11-03-2011, 11:07 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and it's 27 degrees outside. :brr: I have WW later and need to continue on the clutter detail. I always have good intentions and then let myself get sidetracked. :o I think I was better organized when my kids were home!

"Gma" -- We used to get a middle-of-the-night call once in awhile. Usually it was the police saying that someone didn't lock the door in Bob's office. They would make him go in first to check and see if anything was disturbed. People used to rent the basement meeting room and then forget to lock the door. That hasn't happened since they moved their office from downtown. Did Jack come home and then have to go back to work or did he just stay there? That makes a long day! The hats and mittens turned out just great! :cheer: You won't know what to do with yourself now that your Christmas knitting and shopping is finished. I could send you my list -- if I had one! ;) I hope you get some nice neighbors across the street.

I need to get dressed and get moving. We have a church conference meeting tonight at 6 so need to decide on a lunch menu since supper will be something quick and easy. Enjoy your day and remember to smile! :D :wave:

11-03-2011, 01:58 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A cool 56 degrees but the sun is shining today.

Spent yesterday getting ready to go to retreat after work today. I'll take the ferry from here and that will cut down on the drive. As usual, I have a small suitcase for my clothes, and I do mean small, and the rest of the car is filled with my quilting gear. Good thing I now have everything on wheels!

Faye, those hats and mittens are really nice. You do beautiful work! I hope you get some nice neighbors for a change. I just buy gift bags and tissue paper and that's my gift wrap. It has to be quick for me.

Jean, the leaves haven't turned very much here and I'm sure not ready for cold weather. My boss gets those middle of the night calls from the police whenever we get new tenants in the buildings. He is not a happy camper then! How many people attend your church? Does anyone else ever volunteer - they seem to depend on you a lot.

Maggie - keep your snow! I'm hoping we don't see any this winter. I only get 29 points+ a day so the McRib is a big splurge for me. I do like it but it has to be a day I earn 10 APs. I try to divide my points 5 for breakfast, 8 for lunch, 11 for dinner and 5 for snacks.

Well, lunch is over so back to work. Have a great weekend and don't forget to turn your clocks back 1 hour. I'll be typing at you Monday.

11-03-2011, 03:42 PM

It is a chilly sunny 37 degree day here in the Heartland, however, it is warming up and the snow will be gone to come again another day.;) I am so glad that Beanie is not on the kitten all the time now. I took awhile for him to settle down. Right now Cecil is in here by himself playing in his play station alone doing cat things. I am going to do some more storting of my glass making room for my shipment that will arrive any day now. I don't want to buy anymore glass holders for the rooms sake so will put some in another place and make a list of what I have. Some of the colors and textures I don't use as often as other pieces so that will work out fine. I won't have to order anymore for awhile. I am hoping to get quite a few of the buildings made that I want for my village this coming year. There is one certain building that is my favorite that I am itching to build. I think after I get this one built I won't sell it. Everytime I have gotten one built someone has come along and purchesed it which is a good thing but I want one myself. ;) I want to get my village built before the prices go up again. The houses are of various kinds are one & two & three story ones. I make a small cottage with an outhouse which is so cute for I hinge the door so it opens. The 3 story I want to build for myself next has a gazebo I make with it. The village will contain: church, police station, court house & jail, post office, fire station, doctor/clinic, school house, library, dry goods/hardware, barber/beauty, eatery/coffee shop, market, butcher shop, flower shop, barn, train station, hotel and various houses. So far I have 3 of the shops built: fire station, butcher shop & barn. I do have three houses with tiny christmas lights around the edge of the roof, that actully light up, that I set out for the Christmas season. :p That, my friends is the plan and will surely keep me busy and out of trouble for sure.

DONNA FAYE I love those hats and mittens. You do such nice work and those kids will surely thank you for they are so cool looking. They will be stilin'. Poor Jack having to go in so early. That must be a real bummer to be rousted out that early. I will never understand why people refuse to respect others property. When we live somewhere we always leave it in better shape than when we arrived. Like this place, we have made so many nice improvements to it. Every thing we do makes it better for the next person living here. I believe that is the way it should be. But some folks are just trashy and maybe they would treat it that way if they owned the place. In fact we know some folks that trash their own places.:o What will you be doing between now and Christmas since you have now have it all done? I am barely getting started and here you are finished.

JEAN Clutter I can handle but down right dirty :(~ you are NOT. Hope you are a looser when you step on that scale this day. Your temp runs kinda like ours does here. Will sometimes will get a middle of the night call but it is for a completly different reason and doesn't happen often for sure. Maybe you were better organized when the kids were home because you had to be. Now things have relaxed because there are just the two of you ~ three if you count the cat.:p

SUSAN OH no! We wouldn't want to be selfish and keep all the snow for ourselves. Got to share. Yep, you are thin and get fewer points. My McRib only cost me half of the 13 points+ for which I am happy for. Maybe you could freeze half and still get the taste and not have to spend the total points+ for it. I only ate half because I was full but did have the points to eat the whole thing. However, when I get down in weight things will change and I will have to eat just half. There is a difference to do it voluntarily and the knowing you have to.:o

Have a great day Magnolias. Break time is over and I have some things I need to attend to this day. :wave: Type at y'all later

11-03-2011, 05:16 PM
Susan -- We have approximately 700 members in our church with around 500 actively attending and giving of their time as well as talent. We do have a lot of volunteers and lots of times it seems like the same people show up when there is work to be done. :rolleyes: Do you have to find a sub for your WW meeting when you are gone for a retreat? I know you will have fun! :cb: I'm glad we are setting the clocks back this time since we are lighting memorial candles at the late church service; gives me some extra time to read the paper and drink coffee.

Maggie -- I hope your snow is all gone. I don't like it when the first snow stays on the ground and any after that just adds to the pile. It will be nice for you to have a complete glass village. :yes: I maintained again at WW; I need to regroup and get going again. The clutter bothers Bob but he can't see the dust bunnies or the cobwebs! :dizzy:

11-04-2011, 07:20 AM
Good morning ladies. Jack and I crashed really early last night, I even miss Burn Notice so will have to watch it when it is rerun. He came home just dragging last night and said the day was long and hard. He laughed then and said the extra money will help pay for gas to Indiana for Thanksgiving! :lol:

Did you see that article about the poor woman stuck in the San Fransisco airport for 8 days because the airlines wanted $60 in baggage fees and she only had $30 to her name? I guess Orbitz didn't inform her of the baggage fees before she bought the ticket because a federal law requiring it had not yet gone into effect. This is disgusting and the reason we don't fly unless we absolutely have to. I am not handing over my hard earned cash just to make some creep in a suit more money. I read American Airlines charges around $450 extra for an overweight bag on an international flight. Pathetic!!! Another article was about a woman who scraped together $32 in quarters, went to one of these cheap grocery stores, Save a Lot to be exact and they refused to allow her to buy the groceries with the change saying they have a $5 limit. She went to a second store and got the same deal. It is disgusting that people don't care about one another these days. She even apologized to the cashier saying they were having tough times and waited until the store cleared out before cashing out so no one would have to wait behind her.

I am making Jack stuffed shells for dinner and I am having stuffed bell peppers again. I enjoyed them so much the last time, I decided to have them again! :lol: Besides, I can stick both in the oven and get other things done and the filling is basically the same, except I mix mine with rice and I put cheese in his.

Jean: Jack is not bothered by clutter at all in fact he is my slob. I only let him slob up his office, the rest of the house has to stay neat and that includes his shoes, which he tosses around. After all these years he knows he has to hang up his coat when he comes in, put his shoes under the counter, stuff like that. He left his flip flops under his portable computer desk last night, but he gets a freebie because he was tired! :lol:

Maggie: I am going to be working on my own cruise clothing since I have time now. It was nice getting everything early. I imagine we will have an early Christmas Eve dinner with Kelly, Tom and Thomas then we will just eat Christmas dinner together. I doubt we will go down to the casino buffet this year since we are trying to hard to lose weight, but we might. Maybe I will fix something we haven't had in a long time or something, but I know we won't be having turkey! :lol: Hope you get all your projects done in time. Part of the process for Christmas is just two grandkids and Thomas wants gift cards now that he is older, which cuts way down on shopping. Since we do the goofy Toys for Tots thing with the adults every year, I just buy one gift per person so that doesn't take much except brain power to decide what to buy to make a laugh and still be something a kid would want to pick out.

Well, Jack is up and will be downstairs in a couple minutes so I am going to go. Have a spectacular weekend everybody. Faye

11-04-2011, 10:45 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a "sort of" sunny morning and cold! We are in a wind advisory until tomorrow; I need to run a couple errands and want to stop at the hospital and check on Bob's secretary. She was hoping to be home but still isn't able to tolerate solid foods. :(

"Gma" -- I hadn't heard about the lady stuck in the airport. How sad! I can see charging for overweight luggage, but think anything else should go "free." So many people are trying to cram everything into their carry-on and then they can't get them squeezed into the overhead bins. We've seen items being checked by an airline employee, as the plane is boarded, and some people even try to take more than their alloted two items. :nono: That's a pain because it holds up the line for everyone else. Our pastor mentioned that he can't cash a check at any of the banks in town yet; they want to charge him a $50 fee! I wanted to ask why he just didn't open an account but figured it wasn't any of my business. I did see where the big banks aren't going to charge a debit card use fee after all the hoopla on the internet and media. Stuffed shells . . . :T ! I haven't made those in a long time. I always thought Bob's clutter mania was due to being in the military but that must not be the case for Jack. ;)

My errand list is waiting so I'm off! Enjoy your FANTASTIC Friday! :D :wave:

11-04-2011, 02:53 PM

It is a cool blustery day here in the Heartland this day. Will is out and about with the dogs and Cecil is asleep on his office chair. All is quiet ~ so very quiet in this house. ;) I am going to sort through the papers I have in my "in box" afterwhile and see what I can toss or file away. It is a wire basket thingie that I can just toss things in and it keeps them corraled for me to deal with later. Works for me. OH ~ Will is back and here come the dogs for a treat. Cecil has to have one also. In my tray I have a top ten list of points+ snacks that I cut from the magazine at one time. They all look good and I have tried a few which were yummy. If you take that magazine you probably have that list also. I'll glue it into my snack cook book. I cut out recipes and try them and then they get saved in a binder. Tonight I will be making Crispy Pork Medallions with roasted root veggies AKA as carrots, onions and potatoes.:p I got a laugh at my mother who is 94. She said that for once she doesn't have a scrape or bruise or even a hang nail since that last scrape has healed. She was doing some yard work and scraped the side of her leg. Anyway she is leaves the "heavy" work to the hired help. Now that the scrape is nice and healed up she can get back in the pool. She loves to swim. Guess that is where I got the "love to swim" gene from.;)

DONNA FAYE By the look in Will's office you would never know he was ever in the ship shape Navy either. ;) Mine has "stuff" in it but it is organized necessary things. I have to have a place for everything and everything in it's place when not being used. After I finish a glass project I clean up the area nice and neat and keep it swept. Sure makes it easier to start another project when my tools are in their proper place and handy. Will is having to move some of his things from the back yard that he works on under the awning to the basement now because of the winter chill. He has a nice shop vac to keep it all cleaned up down there. I am so glad he has such a nice big space to work inside. His office is just his office with books everywhere ~ where my office is multi-purpose.;) We are fortunate that this house is so big with all these rooms and we can have one fixed up as a guest room down stairs. The other two bedrooms down there are being used by Will as a shop and "storage." Plus there is a room down there that is as big as our front room (rumpus room) that he can spread out a big project. Houses here are built that way ~ lots of two story houses looking like single houses from the street. But they have a totally finished second floor down stairs as big as the one upstairs. That is because this used to be called tornado alley. Tornados have moved out east more now.:p At least this year they did.

JEAN You can keep your wind and have ours also. I don't like the wind. Your husbands secretary does need to eat solid food before she leaves and maybe this will be the day. I just got an e-mail from a dear friend that is just getting over a horrible experience. She had an operation in one of the top hospitals which I will not name that sewed her up wrong inside and she almost died. She is over it now and I can see a huge law-suit coming. You think when you are in one of the very best hospitals that you will get "the best." She did have one of the best doctors do the work and the ones that closed her up botched it bad ~ sewed some things together that didn't belong that way and caused her excruciating pain and a rush back to the hospital almost dead. Then again after 7 1/2 weeks the doc took out the tube on the right side. He screwed up royally because that night her sister had to call an ambulance and rush her to the hospital. She had to have 6 units of blood as the doc had created a major bleed inside. He never let the air out of the balloon inside before he pulled the tube out. I imagine her screams could be heard on Mars. They did her wrong wouldn't you say. Makes me not ever want to go to the hospital again ~ ever.

Time to go russle up some lunch. I think a nice 4 point sandwich will be good with a cup of broth on this chilly day.:p Type at y'all later. :wave:

11-04-2011, 05:15 PM
Maggie -- Our wind hasn't lived up to the prediction . . . yet. The sun is seriously shining and there's just a slight breeze with 52 degrees on the thermometer. Our 4 hard maple trees are finally dropping their leaves. Bob was hoping the wind would blow them to the cat hating neighbor's yard. :o Every once in awhile you hear of a doctor cutting off the wrong leg or fixing something that wasn't broken in the first place. Your friend is really lucky to be alive and all the botches made in her. :yes: I did stop by the hospital this morning and Nelda could have gone home tonight but her sister can't come until tomorrow afternoon so she opted to wait until tomorrow morning to go home. If another sister can't come we will be doing the honors. I will be grocery and pharmacy shopping for her if she calls today, as well as being her taxi until she can drive again. Her sister is planning to stay a couple days at least and home health care will be coming to the house, which is good.

11-05-2011, 07:35 AM
Good morning to you girls!!! I hope all is well with you. Woke up to a chilly house this morning so it much be cold outside again.

I am about 2/3 done with a slouch hat for myself to wear to Indiana at Thanksgiving. I don't have winter outerwear and so am making a red and white hat and red and white mittens to go with my jacket from my stash of yarns. I always like it when I can make something from yarn I have leftover from other projects. I am using up the rest of the silk yarn from Thomas's hat and mittens and a couple skeins of wool yarn I used a few years ago to make my son hat and scarf with Cubs logo on it.

Well today I believe is bank transfer day when people fed up with fees transfer their accounts to credit unions and such. We found out that Navy Federal, which is our bank had a 38% increase in depositers since this started. I got a message from them and we were picked to use their new edeposit where you can deposit checks to your bank if you have a scanner in your home. Jack's deposits are all electronically deposited, but the occasional check we might get, I wouldn't have to mail it to the bank or take it out there I could just edeposit it since we have a scanner.

Maggie: I imagine you enjoyed the quiet while it lasted. It was really noisy here in the neighborhood last night and I was hoping it wouldn't last into the wee hours, which it didn't. Even though it is a rule you aren't supposed to, they sit with the garage doors open, music blaring and visit with each other. They were doing something like that last night and it was so loud you could hardly think. The police here won't even come out if it is before 9 pm and then on a regular call not an emergency it takes hours so I rarely bother just put up with it and hope for the best. We are having pork for dinner tonight ourselves. I fixed stuffed shells for Jack and I had the stuffed bell peppers again because I enjoyed them so much last time. Jack really liked the shells so wants to have them again too.

Jean: Jack's always been a slob at home. He is meticulous at work, slob at home. :lol: He separates the two and I asked him one time if he was this slobby at work and he said no. So, he keeps the Navy neatness at work and the husband horribleness at home! :lol: That's ok, I will keep him anyway and I have him trained pretty well by now. I guess the lady at the airport finally saw a church close to the airport and called them and asked them if they could help her and they got her to the money to pay for the baggage fees and the $150 because she missed her flight and had a nonrefundable ticket. The airlines take no responsibility in any of it, said it is their policy and tough luck was sort of their attitude. That's one of the reasons we are driving to Florida next year we can take as much baggage and stuff as we want as the ship has no restrictions. You have to be sensible unless you have booked a big suite or something because the rooms aren't big enough for tons of luggage. Jack read an article last night on his cruise website that says to bring a small gift to give to your steward, etc. A lot of people give them candy, which I guess they really appreciate so I imagine I will do something, maybe make cookies and such and bring a big batch they can share with others or something like that.

Well, I am going to sit and knit for awhile. I am still sleepy but Fortune was starving so I came down and fed him. Have a great Saturday all! Faye

11-05-2011, 12:21 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun was out for a few seconds and has disappeared behind a layer of low clouds. The wind is still blowing and is to pick up as the day goes along. We are taking Bob's secretary home this afternoon and I will probably go to the grocery store for her. I have a load of laundry in the washer and my flannel sheets are on the bed! :cheer: I have the kitchen stove and microwave clocks set back and will do the bedroom ones next.

"Gma" -- Do you mix your leftover yarn willy-nilly or try to make some sort of design with it? I'm glad you are able to use it. :yes: We used to leave a $$ tip for the housekeeping staff when we were in Maui, but they changed from daily to service to once during the week. We can ask for clean linens but they prefer that we don't . . . we do if we run out. I figure for what we pay we should be able to enjoy fresh towels! There is a water shortage, believe it or not, and they aren't allowing any new hotels to build.

Bob is off running errands and I need to get busy. Have a great day and enjoy! :D :wave:

11-05-2011, 12:57 PM

It is a chilly day here in the Heartland this day. I am sitting here in a kaftan and I need to put some heavier clothes on for I feel a chill. I put this on and stripped the bed so we can put fresh sheets on this evening and then didn't get dressed in pants and top. On bed stripping day we like to leave it bare to air the mattress out ;). I like to wear this one when I am doing glass work because when I use the solder sometimes it pops on my front and burns a hole and I have ruined too many blouses that way. This way this ole kaftan is a work outfit. Works for me. :p But I am not doing any soldering this day. Will has requested that I make a big pot of chili beans this day so that is on my schedule to get started when Will gets back from the store and the other places he needed to go this day. I will make enough to put packets of it in the freezer. Our tradition is that we have chilli beans on Christmas Eve and that way I will have it already made because surely there will be some left still by then. ;) He is also going to pick up some of the items for Thanksgiving dinner we are making. We are going to smoke a couple turkey breasts. Oh, turkey is so good done that way. When I get my Christmas present of that indoor smoker I am going to cold smoke some cheese. I have an idea ~ I could make up some small gifts of some good crackers and smoked cheese to give friends for presents. That along with a jar of cookie mix would be a nice gift from the kitchen. Gives me an excuse to make up some neat gifts from the kitchen, as if I needed an excuse. :o I may even try to make some crackers by then. I have a recipe for Farmhouse Crackers that are 2 points+ per cracker but well worth the points. The recipe uses half white and half whole wheat flours in it. They keep several weeks in an airtight container or in the freezer for up to three months. It has been awhile since I have made any crackers since there are so many good ones on the market now but there is just something about "home made" if you are giving crackers as part of a gift. I love this time of the year. I enjoy cutting glass and baking goodies to give away. Last year at the after the holidays sale we got some nice wrappings for little or nothing money since they are marked down to sale. I will use that this year and then we can buy some more again after Christmas for next year. Life is good.

DONNA FAYE Maybe when it warms up your little pooch will sleep through the night so you can also and not have to be getting up so early. It is so neat that you can have enough yarn to make yourself something after having bought it for something else. I imagine your hat and mittens will be real pretty. Did you notice what church it was that stepped up and helped that stranded in the airport lady?

JEAN Looks like our temps are running about the same. Chilly here today with afternoon winds kicking up. That is so nice of you to help out with Bob's secretary. You are a real good lady.

Something happened to this post and it was posted before I was finished typing ~ it just went poof and there it was posted. Better than being lost in cyber space I guess. :T

:wave: Type at y'all later. Have a great Saturday.

11-05-2011, 03:31 PM
Yahooooooooo! :carrot::carrot: I am done wrapping Christmas gifts except for the boys hats and gloves and they are in cold vinegar water to set the colors then will launder and block them and dry them and then wrap them. I even have my dd's birthday stuff wrapped so all I have to do it get her a card.

Maggie: It was a C of C next to the San Fransisco airport, but I don't recall the name. I am just glad someone finally helped out.

Jean: When we stay several days at a hotel I don't grump about the sheets being changed daily, but I would scream bloody murder about towels and such I think. You pay good money to get services attached to the place and you should get the services, water or no water! lol Let then go down to the ocean and wash them! :D

I am going to go up in a minute and take a shower and get into fresh clothing. I have been working on my hat and cleaning up the house and wrapping gifts so I am not even dressed yet. Good thing we don't have people that just drop in or they would be standing out by the gate waiting! :lol:

I saw this cute recipe I am going to get the stuff and take it to Jay's house and have the boys help me make for Thanksgiving. It is little phyllo dough smores. You take the dough and brush butter between the layers and sprinkle graham crumbs and shove them down into cupcake tins then put a piece of hershey bar and a large marshmallow into them, fold them in on themselves and glue down with butter and bake them. They are called smores tarts. I want to get the exact recipe off the today show website as I saw it sitting watching tv when I was at the dr for my mammogram on Monday. I thought the kids would enjoy making them and definitely eating them.

Well, I should get out of here and check on the boys knitting so I can wash it. Have a good afternoon.

11-05-2011, 10:42 PM
Maggie -- It actually was "nice" this afternoon temperature wise, but the wind blew pretty good and is still at it. I guess it's supposed to blow yet tomorrow. :( I've been having weird things happen as I type -- multiple letters jump, sometimes I can't highlight, cut and paste, and when I would play solitaire my cards would jump around when I would click on them. :crazy: I was wondering about my mouse since it is my original one, and Bob surprised me with a new wireless RED one. It's a speedy little devil! :lol:

"Gma" -- I haven't given Christmas a thought yet. :p You are a smart lady to be done and have things wrapped. I am jealous! I just ordered Ian's birthday gifts online and hope they get here by next weekend since we are doing his birthday early. He gave me a list for his birthday and Christmas . . . I hope he's not disappointed he isn't getting a kitten (they already have 3 cats) nor 2 $100 bills! :lol: I always buy clothes of some sort and know kids don't appreciate them like the adults do. The kids are growing so fast; all of them have high water jeans since school began! The toys get more expensive as the kids get older too. The smore tarts sound like a fun project to make with the boys. :T

I have to iron Bob's shirt for tomorrow so guess I will go do that. I am tired and know if I sit down I will fall asleep and I don't want to do that. :no: Enjoy your day tomorrow; I probably won't get here until evening.

11-06-2011, 05:48 PM

It is currently 55 and sunny with no wind in the Heartland. Tomorrow is predected to be 54 degrees with rain then on Tue 38 & snowing clear and temps climbing the rest of the week. We shall see for it changes quickly. We went out to eat at Whisky Creek after church today and I had grilled shrimp. The curator of the museum where Will volunteers joined us this day and we had a great time yacking at the table even after we had finished eating. When we got home I put a roast studded with garlic with a pack of dry onion soup sprinkled over it along with cut up carrots, celery, mushrooms and pink potatoes. A splash of cooking sherry was poured over it all. Guess what we will be having for dinner after church services this evening. Will got the last two screw top squatty quart jars for me to put mixes in for Christmas gifts and they told him they will be getting more in. Hope so for they will work great for what I want. I have stearilized them and they are ready to fill now to round up the ingredients to put in them. I think I will just stick to the two recipes I got out of the WW magazine this year.

DONNA FAYE I know how jazzed you are about having all your Christmas done and wrapped. Now you can concentrate on what it is you want to do for yourself the rest of this year. Yep it was the C of C that helped that gal out at the airport. We have helped a lot of folks throughout the years in different places. The Catholic, Methodist and Luthern folks here in town call Will when they have someone that needs helping for they know we will help them out. They have sent quite a few folks our way which is just fine with us.:p

JEAN It is good you now have a new mouse to catch those run away cards. Sometimes my curser jumps around a bit on this lap top. When it got real bad the fix it guy did something to cure it. Maybe he needs to take a look at it again. It isn't acting real bad but annyoing sometimes.

I didn't have quite enough fresh mushrooms to put in the crock pot and Will has just gotten back from the market so I need to go slice them up and get them in the pot. :wave: Type at y'all later.

11-06-2011, 11:06 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It feels like it is bedtime! :yawn: It's been a long day. We both commented that we didn't like waiting around to go to second service at 11. There weren't many people there and I was surprised because they usually have more than the first service. After church we headed for Sioux City; Bob dropped me off at Beth's and went to the mall. After the Pampered Chef party I needed to go back to Penneys to get Ian some clothes for his birthday. Maddy asked to go along so of course, Kolby wanted to go too. They were having a mega sale but we were able to go in, find what I wanted, and get out in short order. Bob said that was the fastest shopping trip in history! LOL There were clothes laying on the floor, draped over racks, left in the wrong areas, it was a mess! :dizzy: The poor clerk at the check out said she was glad she wasn't working tomorrow! We went back to Beth's for chili and then headed home. There's almost a full moon tonight but I don't like it being dark early.

Maggie -- You will have your Christmas gifts ready 'n waiting pretty soon too! :yes: My new mouse is working perfectly. :cp: I didn't realize how bad the old one was until I got the new one. Your supper sounds better than my chili was!

I think I will figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow and head for bed. I'm tired tonight! :D :wave:

11-07-2011, 08:52 AM
Good morning to you gals. Well, we are down to 46 weeks to our cruise now. Jack just ripped off another paper ring yesterday. I told Jack now all we have to do is pay for the rest of it, pay for hotel accomodations to and from Florida, buy our luggage, pay for passports, pay for the excursions, pay for the drink cards, put aside spending money and then we are all set! :lol: Most of it will be done with our tax refund and savings.

Weigh day today and I am down a lb. Probably would have been a bit more, but we had olive garden takeout the other night when Jack had to work late and it blew the day all to heck. I will take every last lb I am down though.

Here are a couple views of the hat I made for myself and the blue one is a picture of the original pattern I did the hat from. It gives you an idea how the hat is to be worn. I knitted a mitten in red and white using the pattern for the hat and it looked like a mitten for Santa claus as the white looked like ridiculous on the mitten so I tore it out and am making solid red mittens for myself I think. The hat looks huge, but it is because it slouches in the back. For some reason my husband said it was cute that I looked like those little Mennonite women. Have no clue what his is talking about as they wear little skull caps of muslin that look nothing like this, but who knows with him! :lol: It didn't take long to make though and now I have a warm hat for Thanksgiving though it looks like it might be fairly warm up there this year.

Jean: Kelly put a kabosh on Thomas sending emails with requests because he would ask for things like $5000 computers, etc. I would always get the giggles about it, but I think Kelly was worried I thought she allowed him to send it. Now he is at the age where you give him money or gift cards to specific stores and he is ok with that. It is funny to see the grow up, isn't it? Thomas is all about clothes now so clothing cards is what he got. Jackson is still into super heros and she said he is all excited about this commercial for a hot wheels track so she emailed me what it looked like and I bought if for him along with 20 cars, and a case to keep them in. He can keep Thomas busy playing with him. I just hope he enjoys the books. They look pretty funny. Thomas is so skinny I would never buy him clothes anymore. She has to buy him jeans that have the button tabs you can adjust the waistline with because he is so thing. I bought him slims a couple years ago and they were too big around the waist! :lol: I despise shopping in the stores anymore. People are so rude, the cashiers are too, mostly because they are overworked and have to deal with rude public more than likely. I used to love the holiday shopping season, but I am too old to enjoy all that stuff anymore and forget Black Friday. I wouldn't put my nose out of the house on that day to shop. My niece gets up at 3 in the morning and out they go and she shops all day long. UGH!

Maggie: I think we are going to have roast tomorrow. Sounds like you probably had a good supper yesterday.

Well I better get out of here and get me some breakfast. Short week for Jack as he has Friday off for Veteran's Day. Have a good one today and keep warm and dry! Faye

11-07-2011, 01:25 PM

It is a chilly 48 degree day with rain and thunder here in the Heartland. A chicken noodle soup day for sure. Finally Beanie has quit eating Cecils food and I can tell better how much Cecil consumes and when he really eats is main amount. Those two are so fun to watch playing together. It is like we brought home an animated toy for Beanie. He will lay on his back and let Cecil pounce on him then Cecil will lay on his back and get doggie kisses. I filled his dish last night and there is just a little gone now. He usually likes to eat in the evening and that is when I fill his dish before I go to bed. It looks like I forgot to turn off my Blackberry last night because I just saw the red light flash telling me I had mail. I don't like to turn it on until I have opened my computer mail because they also go to my phone then I have to delete them all from there. It is a good feature if I am out and about because I can get my mail but sitting here at my computer I don't need them to go to both places.:o I am going to finish sorting my glass today and do hope my order arrives for I am itching to build. We just may have some guests to share our Thanksgiving dinner ~ we'll see. Couple of our friends don't have wives here and we have invited them. Our plan is to smoke a couple breasts and then have the traditional fixins and enjoy each others company. And if they don't come then Will and I will enjoy each others company and freeze meals for later with the left overs. For Christmas we will probably go to I-Hop like we did last year. They put on a nice dinner then and I didn't have to cook. But I like to cook.;) Coming this Thursday we are going to the dinner, that I printed out the tickets for, honoring the wounded veterans. I also designed and printed out a 8 x 11 certificate to give to one of the men in the community that has been doing lots of work for the veterans cause. It ended up the ticket sellers did hand out most of the 1000 flyers I made. They were half size so only took one ream of paper. I was wondering if that was an excess number when I was printing them. A thousand she said! Then after I had made them she wondered if she had asked for too many. :p Money is tight. People are going home to live with their parents all over this land. Will gets motel rooms for lots of folks "going home" that are short on funds. Last night it was a mother and her teen age son traveling through to another state where they had "people." Being that he is a volunteer for "first call" we have an ear to the pulse of those moving about. Going home. We have counted 4 businesses so far that have shut their doors and have gone from this little berg. Dire straights have finally hit the heartland from both coasts. It starts on the edges of the country and moves inward. But what is strange ~ some folks here are still building houses out in the country. We have been watching one beautiful house out in the country being built that is 3 stories with solar panels on the roof. Somebody has money. It's becoming more of the haves and the have nots. I am so tired of the talking heads on TV.

DONNA FAYE :bravo: Down a pound is great. Moving in the right direction for sure. I like your striped hat. Red and white. You will be stilin' for sure. Kids crack me up with what they ask for Christmas. Sounds like your family has a good handle on it. Some folks pay so much more than they can really afford this time of the year. When our kids were young we budgeted all year and had X number to spend (Christmas fund) and did not go into debt at the end of the year. I knew folks that took the whole year to get back to exact then they would do it again come the next Christmas. A vicious cycle. One Christmas when I was a child stick out to me with a great memory. I was 4 years old and not in kindergarten yet so I was home with my mother. I had two older sisters that went to school. My mother was sewing a couple dolls that were 3 feet tall with clothes and shoes. They wore size 2 clothing. They had embroderied faces and braided yarn hair. I just knew my two sisters were going to be happy getting them. It was my mothers and my secret and not a peep did I let out about the dolls. Come Christmas morning I got the shock of my young life for one of those dolls had my name on it. They were for me and my sister that was 2 years older than me. My other sister was 5 years older than me and I don't remember what her main present was but it was something she liked I'm sure.

JEAN I don't like dark earlier either. What did you order from the Pampered Chef party? They have some neat things but I haven't been to one in years. Isn't it fun to shop with kids. They get so excited. It is raining hard for I hear the pitter pat of the rain on the roof ~ or sideways hitting my window to be more exact. The wind is picking up. I'm not nearly ready for Christmas. So much more to make and do. I will make a list and check it off, though, for that is how I function the best.

Yep it is a soup day and for this evening we will be having roast left overs.

Y'all have a wonderful day. :wave:

11-07-2011, 11:48 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a beautiful sunny warm day here, NO wind, and then it started to change late in the afternoon. It turned dark like the sky was going to dump "something," but it has stayed warm. The weatherman says there is 70% chance of snow tonight into tomorrow so I'm sure we will get either rain or snow. I went to church this morning, and after I had posted realized I was $10 short! I figured out where it was right away and the secretary told me how to correct the final reports which was easy. I'm thankful she is there to answer my sometimes stupid questions. I stopped at the grocery store and then the hospital on my way home. I went to a P.E.O. meeting this afternoon, then made my gift shop deposit. I need to get "help" with that tomorrow because there was a payroll deduction that wasn't signed for and I have no clue what to do with it.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another pesky pound! :cp: Perhaps Jack has which women wear what kind of hat mixed up. I think your hat is cute! I know you will appreciate it when you go up north. So far neither Ian nor Kolby are fussy about clothes. Both Maddy and Zowie love dresses. I took all of Beth's old dance costumes over there and Maddy had a fashion show saying she was going to wear all of the "beautiful" dresses "someday" sequins, feathers, and all, but she has to grow into them first!

Maggie -- I can almost smell your Thanksgiving dinner cooking! :T It's nice of you to invite others to share the meal. :yes: I wish I lived closer! We've had a few new stores open; but they don't carry items that I would purchase. I ordered a new PC food slicer; it looks kind of like a garlic press. You can evenly slice several bite sized pieces of a veggie at one time and I plan to use it for salads. I also ordered a glass storage container. I don't use plastic in the microwave and it seems like I never have enough glass containers for leftovers.

It's getting to be about bedtime. I want to catch the news first and then will head that direction. See you tomorrow! :yawn: :wave:

11-08-2011, 08:54 AM
Good morning to you gals. It was in the mid 70's and sunny here yesterday and more of the same today it looks. I even turned on the ac for a bit yesterday as I had the oven on for dinner last night.

I am debating whether to make pot roast or bbq shredded beef for dinner. I will run it by Jack and see what he says. He will probably opt for the pot roast.

I am almost finished with the second mitten for myself then back to my cruise knitting and try and get some of it done. I am itching to put the lavender shell on needles, but I have two other projects already started so I don't know. I like having multiple stuff going on all at once. Keeps me from gettng bored. My sister posted her feet on FB yesterday with the socks I made her for her birthday. They look pretty good and fit her perfectly, which is always nice. :lol:

Maggie: Looks like this year we may be doing Houlihan's for Thanksgiving. They have a buffet thanksgiving dinner and we don't have to cook that way. it is hard to do since Kelly won't get in until Thanksgiving morning and I won't get there until late the afternoon before. Alicia has to work on Wednesday so cooking is always tough to get done. We have finally convinced our son that eating out is not so bad as we are all still together and can enjoy it no matter what.

Jean: Glad you got the accounting stuff done for another day. I love Pampered Chef stuff and have a lot of it. The baking stones and containers are terrific, especially the pizza stone. I have a lot of the gadgets like the apple thingy, garlic press, zester, measuring cups, spoons and such. They all hold up really well and so anytime anyone I know has a party I usually order something and have them ship it to me. I am about at my quota though because I am running out of stuff to order. I always order 2-3 of their little paring knives too. They are cheap and work great.

I guess when I get done here I will pay bills. Jack gets paid early this week since he is off on Friday and I want to get stuff done. We are going to try and tackle the deck on Friday and clean it up and blow out the leaves, which we will have to do once more when the tree finishes up giving up its leaves. We have commissary shopping this weekend and I want to get stuff for the trip to Indiana since it is cheaper at the commissary. Don't know exactly what I am going to get for myself. I may get some nuts, raisins, fresh fruit, little cheese cubes and crackers. I can get lowfat or fat free of all of that stuff.

You gals have a great day. I am off to do the bills, get breakfast and then tackle housecleaning and knitting. Faye

11-08-2011, 10:39 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cloudy, gloomy, windy day in my neighborhood this morning. So far there is no sign of rain nor snow, but the weatherman says it is coming. I have to take Bob's secretary for her doctor's appt. this morning and then it is vacuum the fur bunnies time again. Bob has a meeting at church tonight so need to decide on an easy quick supper of some sort.

"Gma" -- If I had multiple projects going, I'd forget where I was on which project. :crazy: I only read one book at a time too. I had to :lol: at your sister putting her feet on FB. The only drawback to eating out is there are no leftovers, which can sometimes be a good thing too. I know you will whiz through your chores so you can enjoy your knitting time.

I need to get dressed and unload the dishwasher. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :D :wave:

11-08-2011, 11:11 AM
Good morning, ladies! 53 degrees right now with sunshine.

I had a wonderful time at retreat and got a lot done. As always, the food was very good but I managed to control my portions and came home weighing the same as when I left. A couple of people had to remark about my plate since it wasn't overloaded and I didn't have dessert or bread. Of course, theirs were overflowing and they went back for seconds. I'm glad I don't have anymore retreats until the end of April and that one will be a working one again.

Faye, you always have things done in plenty of time so I knew you'd have your Christmas gifts wrapped in time. I hope everyone appreciates the things you have made for them. Is Fortune going with you this time?

Jean, I used to love to play dress up when I was little. Now I feel dressed up in jeans and a sweatshirt!

Maggie, you really must consider a move closer to me so I can eat at your house for holidays. Your dinner sounds wonderful. I know the men appreciated the invitation whether or not they come.

Anyone heard from Gail?

Changes to WW coming soon!

11-08-2011, 01:38 PM

It is a chilly day in the 30's here in the Heartland with a forecast of rain and snow. At least the wind hasn't kicked up yet. Yet being the operative word. Winter has arrived. I don't have much on my list to get done this day. I have my glass all sorted ready to incorporate my order when it arrives which I hope is soon. I'll have 36 glass sheets of different colors which I'll add to my existing pieces. I'll have plenty to keep me busy for a long time. :p I am going to have to do some research on mold. I had a dream last night that had bright red mold ~ bright red mold ~ does it even exist. I was wearing gloves in my dream and didn't get any on me though.;) I don't have a clue what I am going to make for dinner this day. After I leave here I will go see what interests me that is in the freezer. I am thinking of a stir fry and do have lots of veggies chopped up in there. I can thin slice a couple of lean boneless pork chops and have pork stir fry over rice. They didn't have Clemintines at the store so Will bought me a bag of tangerines. A couple of those pealed and sectiond to eat along with the stir fry sounds yummy. Now you see ~ I now have a clue what I am going to make for dinner this day. For lunch I am going to make some baked french toast. I have a partial loaf of french bread that needs to be used before it goes bad and an old WW recipe that is good. Will was in here just now wanting me to change his bandage. Did I tell you He was sawing something on his electric saw the other day and cut his pinkie a bit. It was not a cut across the finger but an up and down one close to the palm. Had to have 3 stitches. It is healing up nicely and I am the nurse to re-bandage it. He said he will remember to not have his finger sticking out next time.:p A lesson learned. The picture frame he was making came out real nice. All the corners are perfect. Good miter job. He went right back to the saw to finish up that frame when he got back from the doc.

DONNA FAYE I have only been to one PC party and bought a baking stone which I cut down to fit my small oven at the time. My small oven now is lined with stone so I use the PC one in the big oven for it is on a rack and easy to use for round loaves of bread. Your "snackers" for your trip sound like good yummy OP tid bits to munch on. Good to plan ahead like that.

JEAN It is so nice of you to be taking Bob's secretary to her appointments. I love turkey and the fixin's left overs. It is so easy to make up TV dinners out of them and enjoy them as re-runs but a few days or weeks later so they don't seem like "left overs." Not that we mind having left overs at all though. If we have only cooked one holiday we choose to do it for Thanksgiving and do Christmas out and not the other way around. Works for us.

SUSAN :bravo: for eating sensible at your retreat. I am so proud of you not falling into the food trap. So WW is tweeking the program. It will be interesting to see what they have done for it now. Thanks for the "teaser." I have not seen a peep about it on the web site yet. Any changes usually come out toward the end of the year don't they. I would love to have you at my Thanksgiving table. Come on down - or over as it may be. What I serve is the "lightened" version of everything and it will be all about portion control.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. I have my fingers :crossed: hoping my glass order arrives this day. Type at y'all later. :wave:

11-08-2011, 03:56 PM
Susan -- I admire you for watching your portions; :cheer: do you still write everything down? I need to buy some new sweatshirts and jeans! Mine are getting the "well worn" look after two years of retirement wear.

Maggie -- That's too bad about Will's finger but good that he didn't do any more damage than he did. :twirly: Nelda had some of her staples removed and she/we go back to the doctor next Tuesday. We are happy to help her! She and Bob have worked together for 30 years so feel rather like family when she needs help. I know I wouldn't want to live alone without any family close by. I hope your glass order arrives so you can keep busy.

11-09-2011, 07:03 AM
Good morning ladies. Week is half done now and rolling right along. It is mild here, but raining and supposed to rain most of the day I think. I have lots of things to accomplish and hopefully will get them done today. Who knows????

Susan: I talked to Gail about a week ago. She is having computer trouble and had to take it into the shop so has been without email and such. She is doing fine. Her fil is giving them fits again, but Wayne has stepped up and sort of said, either deal with your life in Delaware or come here and live like we want you to. She is doing fine and Wayne has found another job, thank goodness. I have to go out and get a couple boxes to put the boys hats and mittens in, wrap them then they are all done. Since I don't have to cook or bake this year I don't have any of that to do. In the next week I will be making my famous lists for our trip. :lol: We are taking Fortune with us this time as Kelly and her family are going too. We are just staying at a pet friendly hotel. He loves to travel and sits in his little car seat and watches the cars go by. He gets all excited getting out of the car at the rest areas because he is so cute, people walk up to him and he loves that. Since he doesn't bark and isn't agressive he gets a lot of attention. :lol:

Maggie: Glad Will's finger is not going to impede him much. They can be pesky things being cut vertically instead of across. I think I am going to make homemade sloppy joes for dinner tonight. Jack says he is wanting some. He had a rough day at work yesterday so deserves a little treat and the pts aren't bad when I use ground sirloin.

Jean: I am doing a lot of lace knitting at the moment so I always make a notation where to begin so if I don't go back to it right away I know where I am at. Unfortunately, my little red had didn't do so well. I had to set the colors and washed it and the red yarn shrank and the white yarn stretched all out of shape and now the brim is way too big. It was stash leftover yarn so no big deal, the funny thing is the mittens are fine and they have both the white and red in them. So, I put another hat on needles last night that is really cute, a lace pattern, different style and all white machine washable and dryable. It won't stretch out of shape as I have used this yarn a bazillion times and it always works well. I am not upset over the red hat.

Well Jack should be down in just a few minutes. I hope his day is easier than it was yesterday. They had some issues and the plant boss stuck his nose into something he didn't understand and made an issue of it (not to Jack to Jack's boss though Jack walked away from it because he said he was furious) so hopefully today will be a better day. I guess those things happen sometimes, but this guy is turning out to be worse than the last guy they had I guess.

Have a grand day today! Faye

11-09-2011, 11:03 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, NO wind, and it's 31 degrees outside. I had big plans for spending most of the day at home, until I looked at the calendar and realized today is lunch bunch. I need to stop by the bank and buy savings bonds for the grandkids so will do that either before or after depending on how the time goes. I really need to get some cleaning done! Amanda called last night and her grandpa passed away so Ian's birthday party for Saturday is on hold. So far no rain nor snow in my corner of the world.

"Gma" -- Thanks for the Gail update! I feel for her and her fil challenges. Sometimes the elderly is like reasoning with a 2 year old! :yes: I wish I could meet Fortune, you and Jack too, of course! It's too bad about your hat shrinking and stretching. Good luck with your next one! I hope Jack has a better day at work; there is nothing worse than "stupid" people trying to run the show.

I need to do some ironing and figure out what to wear. I must have clothes stashed somewhere because I can't find things I wore last year. :o Some day I will be more organized! Enjoy your day and remember to smile! :D :wave:

11-09-2011, 11:15 AM
Good morning, ladies! 50 degrees and foggy this morning.

I have to go to the grocery store today - haven't been there for 2-1/2 weeks with all my retreats. I'm out of everything. Then I'm going to JoAnn's to get some polyfil stuffing for my pillow and after that it house cleaning. Not an interesting day, that's for sure.

I really love the FitBit they sent me to track my walking for the research study. It doesn't look anything like a pedometer - about 3/4 inch wide and 2 inches long and plain black. Push the button and you get steps, calories burned, flights of stairs climbed, and it tracks sleep as well. I have a wrist band it fits into and I press start when I'm ready to sleep. It tells me how many times I worke up, how good my sleep was, and how long I slept. It's wireless in that I just have to be withing 15 feet of my computer and it sends the data over. The website lets me log my food, keep a journal, and shows me all kinds of graphs and statistics. I think it must be a cheaper solution to the Body Bug.

Faye, sorry about your red and white hat! I haven't had sloppy joes in a long time. How about sharing your recipe? Thanks for the update on Gail.

Jean, I do still keep a food journal. I really feel it's the way to be successful.

Maggie, WW used to release changes in Sept when they had their anniversary then changed to end of Nov/beginning of Dec as a way to keep members on track over the holiday season. There aren't major changes but always some tweaking.

Have a great day, I need to get going.

11-09-2011, 01:18 PM

It is in the high 30's and expected to get to the low 50's this day in the Heartland. Sunny and cold. Yipekio ~ my glass order came last evening. I now have it all arranged with the existing pieces according to color. I have 4 racks that hold 14 pieces upright and they are all full. They look so pretty like a rainbow. There is a space beside the closet in this room that is just the right length that holds 2 cinder block bricks and a strong board with the 4 glass holders all lined up on it side by each. Easy to get to and out of the way. The cat was just in here looking at everything and checking out what changes I have made in here. What I am going to do this day is make a pattern for a candle holder I want to make for the season. I have it in my head but not down on paper just yet. Holly leaves and berries in a circle big enough to set about 3 votive candles in the center or a tall red chubby candle. Anyway that is what I want to build so I had better get to it. :p Not much else on the list of to do this day.

DONNA FAYE Sloppy Joes are good. Yum. Tonight is our weekly Colonel Cluck meal after evening Bible study. I get the skinless version of the chicken.;) Tomorrow the chuck wagon comes to town for a couple days that makes has pulled pork, brisket and BBQ beans that are so good. This guy is a contest winner and travels a circuit about the state. Then also tomorrow evening is the Wounded Warrior dinner and presentation that we are going to attend. So I have some planning to do of what I am going to eat to stay OP. :cool: Choices ~ life is made up of so many choices.

JEAN Do you really think that one day you will be organized? Relax and just enjoy the way you are and don't stress over it. Not everone is organized. We are all different in many ways and all alike in others. I learned a place for everything and everything in it's place really good when we lived those years and traveled in a motorhome. Limited space can teach you tings. Some folks spread out and fill every nook and craney with useless stuff.

SUSAN Now that your whirl wind of "does" has slowed down you can take a breather. It will be interesting seeing what the tweeking will consist of in the WW program. I usually just wait until January to get a good start on anything new that they have incorporated and try my best to keep a tight grip on my program through the holidays. Then come the new year buy all the new program materials.:p

Have a good day Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later.

11-09-2011, 10:55 PM
I finished my hat and sat down here to post the pic to my knitting website so thought I would peek in and see what you all did today.

Sloppy Joes:

1 lb lean ground beef, I used sirloin
1/4 c chopped onions
1/4 c finely chopped bell pepper (optional, I like it Jack doesn't)
3/4 c ketchup
1 tsp yellow mustard
3 tsp brown sugar ( you can use the splenda type for this no problem)
1 tsp garlic powder
1/4 c serving size (doesn't sound like much, but it is actually a good amount on a regular hamburger bun.)
Brown ground beef and onions together, add garlic powder and stir well then add rest of the ingredients, mix until well incorporated, turn heat to simmer and simmer half a hour. I am still on old pts so you will have to run it through your pts

So like I told my knitting friends, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade, my red and white hat was my lemons and this hat is my lemonade! :lol: I tried to get the hat dark enough so you could see the pattern, but white just does not photograph well. It is called Angel Wings Beanie because the pattern looks like little wings

I will talk to you all tomorrow morning. I am going to knit on my lace sweater for a bit then head to bed.

11-09-2011, 11:29 PM
It's been a busy day and bed is looking better by the minute! Someone brought up the subject of radon at lunch today; both of our parsonages have it and one of the retirees who lives a few blocks from me has it. We've talked about getting tested and just never have. The very talented teacher who had pancreatic cancer died yesterday, after 3 years in an experimental program down in Texas. Her funeral and visitation is the same time as Amanda's grandfather's. Her funeral will be a HUGE one so am thinking we will go to the visitation. We knew the grandpa so feel we should go to that funeral.

I went to bell practice and if we can pull this one together on Sunday it will truly be a miracle! :angel: If you are musically inclined, part of us are playing triplet notes while the rest play eighth notes, some measures are 4 beats, some are 5, and a few are 6. I don't think we've had every one at every practice yet. :rolleyes:

Susan -- The FitBit sounds like a really good program! It's too bad that just anyone couldn't use it. :yes: I wish I could give you polyfil since I have LOTS! I would forget to take mine on vacation so I could work on my Christmas sock, so would just buy more. :dizzy: I need to make a grocery list and go tomorrow.

Maggie -- I'm glad your glass order came. :cp: The candle holder idea sounds like it will really be attractive. I was more organized when the kids were home, that's for sure. Things have accumulated and spread out. Little by little I am trying to get rid of the excess. ;) I don't want the kids to have to wade through this stuff if something would happen to me.

"Gma" -- Thanks for sharing your recipe -- sounds delicious! :T The hat is beautiful! Too bad Maggie couldn't have your other one for Cecil to curl up in. ;)

I am heading off to bed and read for a bit before the news comes on. See you all tomorrow! :yawn:

11-10-2011, 07:16 AM
Good morning to you ladies. Just a quick post since Jack is up and showering and will be down in just a few and he plays solitaire while he eats his cereal so I make sure I am off the computer! :lol:

I actually whipped that hat out in a few hours yesterday. I did have to tear it back once, but part of that was because I have a big head and knew the size would be too small if I didn't increase it and ended up with miscounting the number I needed for the pattern, but other than that once I had the pattern memorized it was clear sailing from there. I listened to a Harry Potter work and sailed right through and even cleaned the downstairs in between!

Jean: Wow, good luck with the bells. I don't know how it is going to sound as complicated as the piece sounds without everyone being at practice. Oh, I am so sorry about the teacher and Amanda's grandfather. You sure seem to be attending a lot of funerals lately again. I am working on cleaning out the house and when we start the remodeling will have it sort of a blank canvas to work on. We are going to go ahead and tile the whole downstairs as it will be easiest, transform the dining room into a huge pantry, take the small guest bedroom and make a huge walk in closet out of it upstairs and then buy new furniture for the living room, one of which is a sofabed so if the kids stay they have a place to sleep since we are getting rid of the bedroom. Lots of time, but it will be worth it and I am tired of dealing with all this.

You all have a great rest of the week. Today is Jack's last day at work and I think we are going to go on a "date" tomorrow and see the new Adam Sandler movie that looks pretty funny where he plays two characters one of which is his twin sister. Faye

11-10-2011, 12:40 PM