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11-01-2011, 06:42 AM
Time for a new month and this can be a difficult one with Thanksgiving in the USA and gearing up for Christmas.

Three weeks from today I'll be gearing up to drive to PA to spend Thanksgiving with my friend down there. I AM 1/4 American! I'm going to work very hard on healthy eating this month because October was a disaster!

There is no more Halloween candy in this house except for what is still in my digestive system. :( BGL was 4.6 though. :shrug:

Bonnie, so glad to hear you are getting that tooth seen to. How kind of your friend to help you out.

See y'all later.

11-01-2011, 10:46 AM
Yeap tomorrow is the day Boy do I hate going to the dentist. But something I have to do so I will have to take it like a big girl and have it done. Took the kids to my Husbands aunts house last night they had fun they played with the baby and had a chance to walk around and see a few people they know. They are 17 and 14 so they didnt go trick or treating. My son who is 22 passed out the candy only had like 10 pieces in the bowl when he was done . But they ordered pizza i had a couple of thin crust slices since I havnt eatin alot the last few days.

Me and my son has been on the net looking for some good version recepies for the holidays he found a few for pumpkin and a pecan will have to look at them and see what ones I want to do. Having a very simple thanksgiven dinner this year.

Hopefully I will be able to check in with you tomorrow sometime so until then......

11-01-2011, 05:31 PM
Bonnie, hope all goes well at the Dentist tomorrow. I just had oral surgery a week ago to repair some damage done during a root canal 3 yrs ago. Glad after all this time it is feeling better. Kept getting an abcess around the root that was done.

Hope everyone is having a great start for November.

Connie S

11-01-2011, 05:52 PM
Ruthie - I agree the holidays can make things difficult, but I'm determined to be in better condition when I see my doctor in January. I am back on plan too and no more Halloween candy except what the kids got trick r treating last night. I'm a good GM... I won't touch theirs. So I think I'm good now.

Bonnie - I had going to the dentist too, but I love my dentist. He is so good. I always hate changing dentists so hope I don't have to. Glad your friend was able to help you.

Weight is up and the FBS is still high although I didn't hit the candy much yesterday. However, I went to make me some decaf coffee last evening and accidently used the caffine and boy was I in trouble. I went to bed at 11ish and woke up around 12:30 or 1 and couldn't go back to sleep. So I got up and folded clothes. Sinuses were acting up and I decided that it was dust because it has been so nice here that we leave windows open during the day so I decided to dust my room. I couldn't believe that I was doing all this and went back to bed around 3. Got up at 6 as it was DD early morning to school.

Anyway, I'm eating more low carb, but not strict low carb. Got to get some of this fluid off. Wish I could stick to Atkins for a while, but haven't decided that I want to make that commitment. I need to sit and remember all the reasons that I used to love lowcarbing. But I think I can do a moderate low carb.

Fatmad, Rie, Slmn and everyone else... lurkers :wave:

11-01-2011, 11:19 PM
Hello all.

Internet trouble and I couldn't get on here this morning. I have been on plan all day. Fbs has been on track all day and so has my eating. We had chef salad at work for lunch. I love it. They put out all these wonderful chopped ingredients so one can construct their own salad. I had a big plate full of lettuce, cucumbers and peppers. I added a little dried cherries and chopped eggs with some low cal dressing. Yummy!

I was glad of the low calories when I came home and ds surprised me with some perfectly grilled lamb chops with roasted corn and steamed veggies. What a great food day!

Good news all! I found out today that I qualify to stay on the januvia. In fact, it will be cheaper for me on the new plan! Yayyyyy!

Ruth, your trip sounds fun. Almost 20 years ago, my bff in grad school spent Thanksgiving with me and my family. All these years later, we have only missed 1 thanksgiving together. She has basically been adopted by my family and my folks refer to her and her family as their "kids". As usual, they are coming up for the holiday.

Trish, I have total faith in your ability to get more healthy before January. Look at how you have been dealing with all your changes! Maybe an exchange plan would work for you if you aren't ready for totally low carb.

Connie S. Hi there! Did I miss your biography? Welcome and happy November to you.

Bonnie I am so glad that you are getting your tooth taken care of tomorrow. I hate the dentist, also, in fact I actually have to take sedatives to get there. But, it will be so good for you to get that tooth out. It is hard on your system to have that infection going on..... There are some really good low sugar pumpkin cheesecake recipes on the food network site. Lots of good things with sweet potatoes, also. I like to mix them with sf maple syrup and mash them. Yum!

My ds has decided that some more excercise would help him to be more active and motivated. This morning I found out that he has started doing Walkitout. Pretty cool. Maybe we will start doing it together sometimes.

I won't be on first thing in the morning so I will check in later tomorrow. Here's hoping for good health and bs numbers in the month of November.


11-02-2011, 10:00 AM
Good Hump Day to all!

I was on plan just fine yesterday until I spotted chicken wings on the local meat counter and changed my menu. I did them in the oven and made a hot sauce of Franks and some melted Becel Lite and served them with salad. Of course I ate too many!

Weight is till up there this morning but things are "moving" again so there is hope. BGL was 5.3.

I'm feeling a tad gloomy these days - not sure if it's SAD even before the time change, annoyance with gaining weight in October, feeling pre-Christmas community pressure or creeping old fartism! Anyhow I need to shake it off and get on with things. Some outside time this morning may help but won't happen if I don't get off my butt and get out there.

Aside from Hump Day, it's Bonnie's tooth removal day. :grouphug:

11-02-2011, 10:32 AM
Ruthie - :hug:Sorry you are feeling Sad. Maybe you need to do something "SPECIAL" for Ruthie. I've been feeling a little like that and I think it is the change in weather although I like it cooler but not as cold as it is in the mornings. I saw a pic of myself at our ground breaking celebration for the new church and couldn't believe how grey my hair had gotten. I quit having it highlighted because the perms don't last long enough. But I'm throwing caution to the wind and getting my highlighting done today or tomorrow. Turns out SIL is off today and he is sooooo good to let me sleep in and takes care of the baby himself. I've put a call into my beautician this morning to see if she has an opening today otherwise will keep my appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Gaining the weight in October hasn't helped me either. WE HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE RUTHIE AND WE WILL DO IT AGAIN. I think we have to relax and just do our best. Strange thing is that I've always done better dieting during November and December. So I'm going to use this time to get with it again.

My weight was down 2 lbs this morning, but my FBS was high again this morning. I can't seem to get them both down at the same time. It is running between 160s - low 190s lately. Strange thing is it goes back down in 120s - 130s. Doesn't seem to matter what I eat it always does the same. Really wierd thing is that every once in a while it will throw in a FBS of 115. Maybe it is the stress. I have to say that I really enjoyed eating more low carb yesterday. I used to do so well with the Carbohydrate's Addict woe. Maybe I should go back to it or at least similar to it.

Fatmad if you are reading this... the doctor doesn't worry about this because the A1c is normal, but I'm wondering if I need something like Glyberide to take with the Metformin. Do you think it would help if he would consider it? I hate taking it because of the chances of lows, but I have read bad things about the bs running so high. Just wondering what your opinion is. Sure hope you are getting help with the hives. Usually if my bs is wild like this, my first sign is hives. But I'm not having any of that this time. Maybe I need to just get the weight off and hope it will correct itself. So believe me when I say I really understand how you are suffering and I really pray you get relief ASAP.

Since I have the day off from babysitting, I plan to go window shopping and get some walking in whether I go to beauty salon or not. Going to make this a "me" day.

Rie, Bonnie, Slmn and others reading :hi:

Y'all have a great hump day.

11-02-2011, 12:31 PM
Good Morning all.

I didn't think that I would be here this morning but things changed.... fbs at 81 this morning and I got in a 75 minute walkitout routine. Except for my partying on Saturday, I have been on plan with eating for almost 2 weeks. I have been keeping up my normal food and bs log but I also started tracking in MyPlate. It is giving me all the nutritional info. It seems to be helping. For me, knowing that I must write every bite down really helps me to stay on plan.

Ruth, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real drag! It is a little early for you to experience symptoms but not unheard of. You know the cure.... a little natural sunlight each day. Also, are you taking vitamin D? :hug:

Bonnie, Hugs to you and thinking of you today.

Trish, do you track your bs readings? and your food? Your dr might be able to make better decisions if he saw the readings that you are getting. You also might be able to see patterns that you didn't see before.... I have an excel spreadsheet that I would be happy to message you if you want it. Hang in there.

Fatmad, I am thinking of you and I hope that things are improving for you... Hugs

Everyone else, BBL


11-02-2011, 01:03 PM
I am back from the dentist had my tooth pulled. They are gonna work with me to do some of the other work that needs to be done... Got me some soup for lunch and I will be taking a nap was up at 6 am thinking about this appointment. Dr said good thing I came in cause the tooth was absence and it has been for sometime that it was starting to affect my jaw bone. He showed me the xrays they were creepy. But I am doing good and I will check back in later.

Hope all is having a good day..

11-02-2011, 01:46 PM
Bonnie, So glad it went well with the dentist. You will feel so much better now!

Trish, A free day! Good for you that you are planning some "Trish" time!

Rie, I track my food/calories through "Diet Power" software. It also gives nutritional breakdowns - a real eye opener. I am paying much more attention to my sodium now, didn't realize how some of my favorite low cal foods are laden with sodium.

Fatmad, I had a really bad case of hives a couple of months before my diabetes diagnosis. No one ever related it back to the diabetes, but guess that could have been the problem. Hope your's are getting better.

Ruth, Hopefully the weather is good where you are so you can get out and lose those glums! Seems like this time of year I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Hope for some decent weather to get out and walk.

I am looking into starting an AquaZumba class. It is on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before work. Should be interesting and hopefully the change in exercise will get my weight loss moving again.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Connie S

11-03-2011, 08:09 AM
Thanks, Chickies. I am making an effort to get out of this "trench". I do take Vitamin D and am trying to get outside daily. Two hours of garden clean-up yesterday really helped. I know part of the problem is having gained weight in October - ten pounds is a lot - and that it is not going back down. I have made a list of things that make me feel good and am going to do at least one a day.

Bonnie, glad the tooth episode is done. Teeth can really affect your health so I hope things improve for you.

FBGL low at 3.0 this morning - time to adjust the meds again although I realize now that I had an early and low-carby supper because of a 7 PM meeting. By the way, I left the meeting - my new resolution is to just leave boring situations and the speaker was incredibly boring!

Happy Thursday, Chickies, and do something nice for yourself today.

11-03-2011, 08:58 AM
Good Thursday Morning Chickies

Ruthie So glad you are doing things to do that make you feel good. I think we have to do that sometimes. And you are a busier lady than I am so I think you probably do like I do... you do more for others than you do for yourself. You do it on a greater scale than I. We have a tendency to do for someone else first and sometimes we get left out. I understand about the gain. I could just :kickbutt: myself for letting myself get back in this situation because it takes so long for me to get it off again especially at this age. My ticker is way off right now. But we will get it back down. We don't give up and that is the key.

Bonnie So glad the tooth is taken care of and that you did it in time. Also glad you will be able to get other work done. It will make you feel better. I had not been able to get my teeth done for years and I can't tell you the difference it has made to have healthy teeth again. I can eat foods like raw carrots that I could not eat before because it hurt gums.

Rie I've been checking my bs before and after meals the last few days. Last night before dinner it was 105 mg. I remember reading that a doctor said the important thing isn't so much the FSB as what it is later in the day. So I believe if I can get the weight going down, the FBS will follow. I realized to that I'm going to bed about the same time as I always did, but because of me taking care of the baby and seeing the kids off, I am getting up about 2 hours earlier. Yesterday I took my FBS later in the morning and it wasn't real low like I want it but it wasn't so high either. I need to go to bed about an hour earlier than I do. I have also had to cut my Metformin back down to 1,000 mg a day because my system can't seem to handle the 2,000 mg. I can't deal with the diahrea because it is so severe that I don't make it to the potty. (I know too much info) The doctor said I could take the 2 if my system could handle it, but it can't. I think I will have to do it with diet and exercise.

Connie The AquaZumba sound like fun. Good luck with the class.

Fatmad Hope you are getting over the hives. Miss hearing from you.

DD has finals for this quarter today and should be home early. We hope she gets her schedule for next quarter today as well. Keep hearing different stories of what it will be. So we think even the teachers don't know yet. Any way, if she comes home early DH and I are going to have an afternoon out together. He has to go get blood work down for the coumadin and then we might try out a barbecue place he say when his son took us out for Cuban food when he was here. We are bad about saying we are going to try out a new place and then end up at the same old places. I can tell he is getting depressed and I need to find a way to get him out of the house and help pull him out of it. Out to eat and shopping will be good for him. He is a movie buff and loves buying them. I am a person who would never set down and watch a movie by myself, but will watch them with him and family. Give me a good book or a good computer game and I'm happy. LOL

Well, DGS if getting fussy. He is probably ready for breakfast so I better get busy. Hope everyone has a really great Thursday.

11-03-2011, 10:37 AM
Thanks Everyone. I am sitting here eating me some oatmeal and Light and fit yogurt for breakfast dont want to eat too much and disturb my tooth from healing. My gums dont hurt where the tooth used to be but they have made some of my other teeth start hurting. That lady who cleaned them sure wasnt gentle . The lady called me yesturday and gave me a price list on what needed to still be done and it came out to 576.00 . She said call her when I get the money even if I can only afford to do one thing at a time.

I am feeling pretty good right now took a pain pill last night hoping it would make my other teeth stop hurting and it did and I had the best sleep . Now I have bills to pay so I better be getting done her.

Rie the first thing I am doing this morning is ordering walk it out

11-03-2011, 12:59 PM
Good morning!

fbs up a little at 91 this morning, possibly because it was in the mid 70's at bedtime:?: There was a big sale at a local department store and I got a few new tops and sweaters yesterday. I have been wearing the same thing over and over because the weather has gotten so chilly and I don't have any appropriate clothes. I hate shopping for clothes but my mom was with me and it made her happy.... :cool: I still struggle with clothes shopping because my standard for years has been, "is this big enough to cover me?". Trying to find things that actually are attractive is a little un-nerving. Oh well, new adventures!

Bonnie, I am so glad that you are doing better. I totally understand the whole post-tooth cleaning pain. It will get better.

Trish, here's hoping that you and dh get a little R&R time today! It sounds like you are getting the bs thing figured out. I know that I only post about fasting bs in the mornings but I am still testing 4x per day. It is like my security blanke.....:dizzy: Dr says I don't have to but it makes me feel better and I am getting such a good deal on my strips right now - $15 per month.

Ruth, good for you! Life is too short to spend it on boring/irrelevant stuff. Hopefully, the fall cleanup and heading into the positive aspects of the holidays will bring your mood up. So, how long (distance) is your trip to PA?

Connie, I hear you on the sodium! I have been totally shocked at my sodium load and I am not sure how much I can do about it at the moment. If it's not one thing, its another....;)

Fatmad, I sincerely hope that things are improving for you. I like to think that you are occasionally checking in here and just don't have the time/energy to post. So, know that we are thinking of you.

Have a great and healthy day, everyone!


11-03-2011, 01:34 PM
Had a great night last night, only evening eating was an apple with 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Wasn't going to have anything, but my Blood Sugar was down to 60 so needed something. My evening eating/grazing has been bad lately and it shows on the scale and in my morning BS levels.

Had first AquaZumba class this morning - lots of fun! Also did a 30 minute (1.5 mile) walk at lunch.

Weighed in at 161.5 this morning.

Rie, I have only bought 1 new pair of slacks since losing 50 lbs. I bet it felt good to be trying on some new styles!

Bonnie, it took my tooth almost a week before the pain was completely gone. Hope you will be feeling back to normal quickly.

Trisch, its always fun to try a new restaurant. We're like you, just head to the old standbys. And I love barbeque! Hope you have a great time.

Ruth, Hope you can get out today and soak up some weather! It was 45 degrees when I went out for my lunch walk, didn't feel that warm! My hands were freezing. Need to hunt up my winter gloves.

Fatmad, hope all is going well for you.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Connie S

11-03-2011, 11:54 PM
In the morning I will be playing in the Montana State BCA 8 ball tourney team event. I am not playing really well right now so I plan to focus on seeing old friends and having fun. I will post when I can.


11-04-2011, 09:10 AM
Couldn't test for some reason this morning. Kept getting Err 3. I quit after three stabs.

Rie, the distance for my drive is about 400 miles. It will probably take about 7 hours. I'll be dropping a friend off in the Poconos and may break my trip there. I really don't want to be near Philadelphia in rush hour and prefer to arrive at my friend's house for morning coffee! I must admit American throughways freak me out. I guess I've lived in the boonies too long and driven on too many quiet dirt and gravel roads.

Phone just rang and I have to deal with a balky computer at teh Mill office. See y'all later.

11-04-2011, 11:31 AM
A quick check in too. Slept in and have a busy day... 2 loads of clothes to dry and studying to do for Bible study before DH gets up and we are out of here again today. We tried the new bbq place and didn't like it as well as the place we always go. Not a lot of choices and it was too dry. But at least we tried it and had some time just the 2 of us. We really need that these days. He kind of snaps at me at times and I really think that is because he isn't happy with the situation we are in and he doesn't know what to do but do what we are doing. Also he is seeing some things about his DD, SIL and grands that he doesn't like and he can't do anything about that either. We just have to grin and bare it. It is easier for me because I am one of 3 girls and he was an only child. He doesn't cope as well as I do. Thus the depression. So we need to get out when we can.

The good thing is that the FBS is coming down was 153 this morning and my weight was down 3 lbs. So the weight is coming down then the other will surely follow.

Rie - Have fun with your friends and check in when you can.

Ruthie - Hope your day gets better. I live in America and hate the traffic here. That is why I hated So. FL so much as it was like a rat race driving anywhere. Is a little better here in a smaller town. Charlotte can be trying, but not like the northeast from what my Daddy told me when he drove in NY and some of the states east of there. He said if you missed a turn you had to drive forever to be able to get back to where you missed it. So I feel for you driving down here. You be careful Lady.

Everybody have a great Friday.

11-04-2011, 09:53 PM
Here it is Friday and I have not worried about weighing in I figured since I couldn't work out that I would pass this week. But I will make up for it next week. Spent most of the day with the hubby he had to go to the Lung Dr today. She told him he has to quit smoking and that the spots in his lungs is calcium deposits . Most probley from when he had the inside chicken pox when he was in his twenties. Plus didnt help that he did paint and body work on cars with no face mask on. She did give him to inhalers so Hopefully all will work out they are going to monitor him for the years to come to make sure they dont grow.

Well I ordered walk it out and I should get it on Tuesday I will def be doing the game got most of the family interested in it to. We will have to see who does it.
Well I hope all has a good weekend . I will be checking in ..

11-05-2011, 09:22 AM
Well, I was able to test this morning and was 2.3 - a record low for me. I'll cut the glyburide in half again although I probably should just leave it out. Weight is till up there and my ankles are still swollen so it's water weight. Grrr! I'll focus on clean eating and lots of water today.

11-05-2011, 11:41 AM
Hi Everyone!

I wondered why I wasn't getting any post notifications, then I remembered the month changed so I looked up this thread. It was fun catching up on the posts.

Bonnie - I'm glad to hear that you got your tooth pulled and are doing well. It's a shame the dentist won't let you get the work done and then make payments, instead of waiting to have the money for each procedure. Some of them just don't work that way.

Ruth - Enjoy your PA visit! Too bad you're going east instead of west. We could get together and give each other that kick in the butt in person! I was born in the Philly area but moved to Pgh at age 7.

Trish - I have the high FBS too. It has leveled off in the 120-130 range and that seems to be my norm. Yesterday I was really busy cleaning and didn't think about food at all after breakfast. We were getting ready to go out for dinner and I realized I was getting hunger pains. I tested and it was 87. It is rare for me to get a reading below 100. I guess cleaning is good for your health! LOL

Rie - Enjoy your pool tournement. I like to shoot pool but never get the opportunity anymore. I just do it for fun, not competitive.

FatMad - I hope your hives are going away. It would be great if you could find out what's causing them.

I have a cardiac stress test scheduled for Tuesday morning. I never used to worry about them, but they told me that when they did my heart surgery, my heart was put back in in a different position and sometimes it's hard to get a good picture. If the test comes out inconclusive or bad I will have to go for a catheterization. I am really tired of hospitals.

11-05-2011, 11:47 AM
Rie - I am a clothes hoarder. As I was gaining weight, I kept some of the clothes from each size....classic pieces that don't really go out of style. So when I started losing I had clothes to fit into, and I still have some even smaller. Now the fat clothes are a different story. Most of them are in really bad shape because I got to a point where I refused to buy new clothes if I had to buy that big size. So they got pitched. I have a couple pairs of jeans that I just about fit into. Just a little snug. I try them on each week to see if I can button them without gasping for air! LOL

11-06-2011, 07:21 AM
Well, I need to rescue some of my fat clothes from the Goodwill bag. I have gained way too much weight since October 1. It's quite frightening! I know I am retaining water but seem to be putting on a pound or two daily. Nothing has changed in my diet. I will try to see the doc this coming week - swollen feet and ankles have me more worried than not being able to wear my Size 14 pants.

The good news is that FBGL was nice and stable this morning after the med adjustment. I had a very early supper (concert night) and remembered to have a carb/protein snack before bed.

11-06-2011, 09:57 AM
Hi everyone, and thanks for the good wishes from all of you. The hives are still here. The doc says no testing for a while, I will likely react to everything, since I react to a small scratch. She was glad I did the fasting too. Her son went thru a similar experience, they never did find the cause, just one day they finally left. I would say they are better than the first week, but that is likely because of the atarax. I have not been following my diet plan at all, and have gained a few pounds as a result. After a couple of days of trying, I have concluded that I just can't do it right now. Have decided to try south beach, also low carb, but not as strict as atkins. Will have to get used to lower fat foods, but did enjoy some yummy homemade oatmeal and peaches this am. Will check the bs in 2 hours to see how that spiked me, but should be ok. I cook the oats in soymilk instead of water, so good protein, and wee bit of healthy fat, and good carbs. I will have to make steel cut oats if I am still a bit high after eating. DId you know you can do that in a crock pot overnight?
Have been catching up on reading, sorry to be away so long. Ruth, just get back on the diet plan, you will be ok. DOn't know why you insist on the glyburide. I am sure it must leave you with cravings for sugar with these lows.
Bonnie, hope you feel better and the abscess clears up. That is no fun. Do take care of your teeth. My husband has lots of tooth and gum problems, some genetic, some caused by neglect, and in the end, neglect just costs more money and lost teeth. He is lucky we can afford the implants, or he would be walking around with dentures already.
a big hello to everyone else, and will try to check in more.

11-06-2011, 12:00 PM
Well, I need to rescue some of my fat clothes from the Goodwill bag. I have gained way too much weight since October 1. It's quite frightening! I know I am retaining water but seem to be putting on a pound or two daily. Nothing has changed in my diet. I will try to see the doc this coming week - swollen feet and ankles have me more worried than not being able to wear my Size 14 pants.

The good news is that FBGL was nice and stable this morning after the med adjustment. I had a very early supper (concert night) and remembered to have a carb/protein snack before bed.

Ruth, I know people say not to, but I always keep some of my fat clothes. The only thing worse than putting on a few pounds is having to buy new bigger sizes. The fat clothes will help get you through the time it takes you to get that weight back off. Good idea to see your doctor about it, especially with the swollen feet and ankles. My cardiologist always tells me to contact him regarding any sudden, unexpected weight gain. I do hope everything is ok for you, but it's best to get it checked out to be sure.

11-06-2011, 12:53 PM
Good Morning All!

I am home for Sunday because I played terrible in the pool tournament so I am out:(. I did 90 minutes of Walkitout this morning and I wanted to do 2 hours but my knee is really barking at me. I ate some eggs and a small apple and now I am off to build a snowman with my grandson.

Ruth, I am very concerned about the water retention. I am glad that you are going to contact the dr this week. Do it tomorrow, ok? If this continues, gets any worse, maybe it is worth a trip to emergency? Hopefully it is something minor but it is concerning.... :hug:

Fatmad, It is nice to hear from you and I am sorry that you are struggling with the hives, still:?: I think south beach sounds really good. It is a plan that recognizes that some carbs are healthier (lower GI) than others. I don't follow any named plan but I have been learning that some carbs don't spike me as much as others. I will be interested to hear about your steel cut oats experience. I used to eat oatmeal every morning then discovered that I do better on apples.

Carol, Enjoy football day! I am thinking good thoughts about your appointment on Tuesday. Sometimes I get to feeling sorry for myself about health problems, then I remember that some people simply drop from a heart attack or other problem and never have the chance to make changes. I am greatfull for the opportunity to care for myself.

Bonnie, I hope things are better for you! I would like to send you a private message on how to get started with Walkitout. The instructions that come with the game are really lame and confusing. Would that be ok? There is also a forum/discussion group on Amazon that has great info.

Trish, sorry that your husband is struggling. It is really hard to have adult children and their kids around all the time. I continue to send good energy your way.

I don't want to be a downer but I decided to share this with you. A lady that I have known forever through work and pool passed away yesterday. She was diabetic for years and was morbidly obese for most of her life. She used to tell me that she wanted to eat what she wanted and enjoy her life. She retired early due to health problems. In the last couple of years, she had a couple small strokes. She has been totally blind for a couple years, also, which she blamed on a fall, although her daughter asserted that it was the diabetes. Sad. Anyway, she passed at 64 years old.

I might fall to some diabetes related complication or some other unforseen health problem. BUT, the days of my ignoring my health and making poor decisions about caring for myself ended almost a year ago. It does me no good to regret that I didn't start earlier. What I CAN do is care for myself and my body lovingly and consistently. I will enjoy wine and good foods but I will do that in a way that treats my body well. Sorry for the preaching - her passing, and her health decline really hit me.

I am so proud of each of us that we try most days to do the right thing for ourselves. Your presence here means a lot to me. Here's to the best health that we can create for ourselves!:carrot:


11-06-2011, 07:58 PM
Just a quick flyby to say hello. Been quiet because I just don't to bore everyone with my venting. Just been feeling overwhelmed today by everything, but I think I did well with the eating. Started to eat something and decided I didn't want all the junk in it and threw it down the garbage disposal. I am not going to let all this stuff get me to "emotional" eat. Trying to hit the water a lot today.

I'll do individuals tomorrow.

Hope everyone has had a great week end.

11-07-2011, 08:22 AM
Rie, not a downer at all, except that you have lost a friend. I am reminded of my friend Linda who died last year. She was only 64 as well and just did not take charge of her life.

Yes, Chickies, I am worried about the edema and will see the doctor today. I did the math and have gained 14.6 pounds in the past two weeks. :yikes: That's 51,100 extra calories. My poor leg, ankle and foot are very sad and a bit sore. Sitting with the leg elevated helps but sort of interferes with real Life.

BGL is doing just fine now on very minimal glyburide. If I cut it completely I get high morning readings :shrug: but I may give that a try once this edema problem is solved. I need to choose my battles.

11-07-2011, 10:13 AM
Rie, not a downer at all, except that you have lost a friend. I am reminded of my friend Linda who died last year. She was only 64 as well and just did not take charge of her life.

Yes, Chickies, I am worried about the edema and will see the doctor today. I did the math and have gained 14.6 pounds in the past two weeks. :yikes: That's 51,100 extra calories. My poor leg, ankle and foot are very sad and a bit sore. Sitting with the leg elevated helps but sort of interferes with real Life.

BGL is doing just fine now on very minimal glyburide. If I cut it completely I get high morning readings :shrug: but I may give that a try once this edema problem is solved. I need to choose my battles.

Ruth - It seems that you are blaming yourself for this weight gain but I don't believe it is from extra calories or inactivity. It is due to the edema. I am anxious to hear what the doctor says. I hope it's not anything serious.

11-07-2011, 10:22 AM
Rie - I am sorry to hear that your friend passed away. I need to print out your post and tape it to my refrigerator. I backslide a lot. I start to think that my eating isn't THAT bad....I'm not THAT fat. But I already have heart disease and diabetes. I need to knuckle down.

Ruth - IMO your weight gain is not due to extra calories. It is from the edema. I am anxious to hear what the doctor has to say. Hope it's not anything serious.

11-07-2011, 10:23 AM
Good Monday Morning Chickies. Hope everyone is doing well. My day is a little better today. Been having headaches and neckaches which probably added to my frustration yesterday. Had a good nights sleep but still woke up with a headache. Headaches at my age kind of bothers me a little since my Mother had lots of headaches most of her life, but they got worse when she was a few years younger than I am. She had lung cancer that broke off and went to the brain and she died within a year. Since I've never had headaches much until the past few years, it kind of gets to me. I have what the chiropractor said was degenerative bones in my neck, I'm sure my headaches are derived from that but once in a while I think about Mama. I don't believe I have cancer but sometimes the thought crosses your mind. My health seems to come more from my Daddy's side of the family so I suspect I'll live a long fairly healthy life like he and his family. Any way after taking meds and having my first cup of joe and breakfast, it seems to have gone. So not sure about yesterday, but a lot of yesterday probably was the way I felt.

Ruthie - So glad you are going to the doc about the swelling. I have a little bit of swelling by evening, but is usually gone by morning depending on the salt intake the day before. Doc and I talked about it and I told him I prefered to not take the diuretics as long as I don't have to and he agreed. He told me there is a diuretic for diabetics that isn't hard on kidneys so hopefully you will get some answers and help from your doc.

Rie - Didn't bother me for you to share about your friend. :hug:Sorry for the loss. As much as I get disgusted with the diabetics, the knowledge of such cases is what keeps me working to take care of myself. Although those kinds of stories aren't pleasant, we probably need a reminder once in a while. DH first wife went through all that and if she had lived would have lost both of her legs. I take care of the 2 grands she didn't live to see and think how much she had to offer them and she is gone. I am blessed that she did a wonderful job with the oldest boy. Tony's Mother told me she though Carol knew that she wouldn't live long and put a lot of good things in him of which I've used to build on and I have to say that he is a very exceptional young man. Just a shame she didn't live to see it and to do the same with the other 3. Not that I don't do the same thing with them that she did, but it seems that it was such a waste for her to have to die so soon. She was in her early 50's, but 64 is still too young to go because we don't take care of ourselves like we should. Thanks for sharing. I think I needed the reminder myself.

Fatmad - :hug:So sorry you are still dealing with those crazy hives. Did your doc seem to think the fasting would get the toxin or whatever out of your system and the situation would correct itself? Just wondering. I was actually detoxing my body the first time I was diagnosed with diabetes T2. I was told by healthcare giver that if I would ride it out that my body hives would go away. I couldn't stand it and went to the doctor and was diagnosed. It might would have gone away on its own with detox and maybe not, I've never had the nerve to try it again. But that was my experience. Everyone is different. Just hope whatever is causing yours goes away soon as I know you must be absolutely miserable with it.

Slmn - I too have clothes I can wear as I lose weight. The clothes I wear now are as big as I am going to purchase. I've decided that I will never weight what I did to wear bigger clothes. I got up to a weight a couple of weeks ago that was scary but I'm back down about 5 lbs from there now. I was about 10 lbs from what I weighed 10 years ago when I started dieting again and I made myself a promise that I would never weigh that much again. I actually hit 235 a few weeks ago but am back down to 225 this morning. Thank goodness. Now to get back down under 220.

Bonnie and others reading :wave:

Have a great Monday chickies.

11-07-2011, 10:43 AM
Rie that would be great hope to get it today or tomorrow.

I AM Going BACK TO THE DENTIST..... I have a hurting tooth and I spoke to her today when I took my daughter in and she said I should come in and get it fixed so I wont be in pain It was so bad last night I took a vicodin 5-500mg last night and it didnt even touch the pain I had to get up in the middle of the night to do it again. I cant live with this pain it is too painfull to wait it out till I get the money to come in so she is gonna let me pay a little on it and then either pay a little more or all of it. I have to do something I want to be pain free...

11-07-2011, 10:50 AM
Bonnie - :hug:So sorry about the tooth, but glad that you have a dentist who is willing to work with you. Not too many who do that these days.

11-07-2011, 11:50 AM
Happy Monday!

fbs was up a little at 91 this morning:?:. I have no idea why. Did my hour of walkitout and I had a good breakfast of apple, peanut butter and a little cream cheese. Yum. I am still tracking food and activity and I hope it is helping me. As I head into the holidays, I would like to get some more weight off.

Bonnie I am so sorry about another tooth but I am really glad that the dentist is being compassionate and helping you. I will send you a PM later today.:hug:

Ruthie, I am so glad that you are going to the dr. I do not believe that you have been eating your way to that kind of weight gain. Please let us know what you find out!

Trish, I am glad that you feel a little better today. So sorry about the headaches. Head/neck aches are certainly not helped by stress. :( I hope things ease up for you.

Carol, Yes, we are lucky to have the chance to be there for the young ones in our lives. You are certainly blessed to have those boys. I hope that you have the opportunity to be there for grandbabies too!

Fatmad, still thinking of you and hoping that the darn hives go away!

I will check back in later!


11-07-2011, 11:56 AM
Thanks Ladies I will be glad to be pain free too.

Rie I will be looking forward to it.

11-07-2011, 01:43 PM
Happy Monday morning to everyone. Had a great, busy weekend. Got lots of walking in! Hopefully the nice weather holds out a little longer. Should have gotten up early this morning to get my walk in, but will have to squeeze it in later.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Connie S

11-07-2011, 04:02 PM
Hi folks. Did get an appointment with my dear doctor today and he was appalled at the swellign and weight gain. The edema is definitely not from calories and he has given me a diuretic that should fix things fast. My BP was sky-high too - the nurse was really shocked as I'm usually 115/60 - but that's from the fluid retention.

Anyhow, I'm to "Take it easy" says Dr. Jack with a grin and keep the legs elevated as much as possible. Kind of hard to do when driving a car but I really have only one appointment requiring driving this week so I may be OK. (It's to get my snows put on.)

He has also ordered a huge sheet of fasting bloodwork to be done in a week by which time the swelling should be gone.

I'm not as scared anymore.

11-07-2011, 05:20 PM
Ruth< I am glad the doc got you in today. I was sure the weight was from fluid retention, (by the time we see ankle swelling, thats an extra 10 pounds!) and I am sure the diuretic will help. The question of course is what is causing this problem, and Dr Jack will get to the bottom of that.
Bonnie: get back to the dentist, no one should have to put up with pain like that!
Rie: I am sorry about your friend. My admin's husband is a diabetic who didn't take charge of his disease and is suffering now. The thought of foot ulcers etc is just awful and I don't want that.
Still coping with the hives, nothing new there. Its really crummy though.

11-07-2011, 05:26 PM
Hey Ladies Jest to let you know that I went to the Dentist and they had to do a root canal on my tooth He also said I got a bad infection in the roots gums and gave me antibotics. Will check back in with everyone later I feel like I have been run over.

11-07-2011, 08:01 PM
hope you don't mind if i jump in here. i have been with another site for support. but seems life is too busy for everyone in my group. i am in the need for some support right now. seems when i need it they are gone. oh, well, that's life i suppose.
a short bio on me. DX in 6/06. lost just over 80#s. than dr. said to stop smoking. did that and found 30#s. lost that than through the years of 07 to 2010 i found 50 of those 80#s. DH losing his job twice, losing our home and moving 3 times. i just recently saw the dietitian at the base again and given my plan of carb count and calorie count. hoping it will get me back at it again. i have exercise and water intake down pat. just need the eating to join forces.
thanks for letting me pop in.

11-07-2011, 09:59 PM
chipper15173 Welcome the group. I know you will find alot of useful information from these ladies. I was recently diagnoised with Diabetes almost 4 months ago and I have lost almost 40 pounds. Been having alot of problems with my teeth so I have not been working out lately But the good news is I have not Lost or Gained. I was scared as the devil when I came to the group and these ladies made me feel very welcome. I hope to see you around more often..

Hey ladies so far so good It is time for me to take more meds and I am heading to bed here soon Dr has me on Pain Pills every 4 hrs and Antibotics every 6 so I will catch up with everyone in the am tomorrow..

11-08-2011, 09:51 AM
Good Morning Chickies:wave:

Chipper - :welcome3: Jump in and let us get to know you. This is a great bunch of ladies and are very supportive of each other. Hope we can be of help to you.

Ruthie - So glad you got in to see the doc and he is able to help you. Good idea to have a good battery of blood work as well. Hope you are doing better soon.

Fatmad - :hug:Darn those hives crazy how they hang on. Wish I had an answer for you. Prayers coming your way.

Bonnie So glad you got the tooth fixed and hope the pain is gone and things are back to normal again.

Rie - Thanks for the encouragement. I actually think the neck/headaches may have been because of my pillow. I think my pillow I got from the chiropractor a few years ago has stopped working. Changed to a small bean bag pillow I have and the problem seems to have lifted.

We are getting into a regular routine around here. DD in a new semester and goes to school everyday at the same time which will be helpful. Bless her heart, they are craming 3 years of schooling into 14 months which they do in 5 week semesters at a time. The girl came home with a load of books for the next five weeks that are almost ridiculous. I'm the one who has to change my attitude, because she is working hard to better herself and I really want her to be able to do this. It is something I wanted to do and never had the chance so I really want to help her make it. If I can get my woe straightened and start feeling better and get on a good routine, I'll be fine with all this. I want to make some "happy" memories. DH and I talked and hopefully things will be better. I know everyone has ups and downs in situations... just have to stay focused in the process. I can do this.:dizzy:

Have a great day Everybody.

11-08-2011, 10:21 AM
Trish, I hope the headaches get better. I had some neck problems a few years ago that were pillow related. Turns out I can't use those special neck support pillows the chiropractors love! But if that is better for you, get a new one that will make you feel better.
I did my nursing school in a straight set as well, and liked it that way. The studying is intense, but really sticks in when you are using the information on a daily bases.
Other than the hives, I am doing better. Had a bad day yesterday, but started today on the treadmill for 15 minutes and feel better. I am going to try lowish carb (60-80 g/day), no wheat, and lower calorie (1600/day) for a bit and see where that lands me. The first phase of south beach is so close to atkins I didn't see much difference and I want a few grains in the diet. I really like the oatmeal every second am. The problem for me is that I am used to higher fat diet on atkins, so have to cut way back on the fat to balance the extra carbs, so I stay on calorie counts.
Welcome to chipper, we are here for you. You have been through some tough times and I hope we can all learn how to manage difficulties without going off track.
Happy Tuesday friends.

11-08-2011, 11:47 AM
Good Morning!

fbs at 92 this morning. I am a little upset with myself because I came home from pool last night and got into some popcorn that ds had made while I was gone. "Just a taste" turned into several handfulls:( I logged it dutifully and I was still under calories/carbs for the day but I was unhappy with myself. I learned that I don't do well on less than 1200 calories per day.

Fatmad, yes, it takes a little to find the balance. I really hope that SB works for you.

Trish, you sound better today! More refreshed. I am glad that we can be here for you.

Bonnie, hopefully that tooth is settling down!

Ruth, I am so glad that you went to the dr and anxiously awaiting test results.

Chipper, Hi there! Welcome to the chat. It sounds like you have been through a lot of trouble. Hopefully, we can be support for you.

Well, I have my big board meeting today and lots going on so I need to fly!



11-08-2011, 12:07 PM
So far my pain is gone I hope it stays that way now So I can get back to working out .Their was no way I could do it with all the pain I was in..

11-08-2011, 03:11 PM
thanks for the welcome ladies....
i am bored this afternoon. i was headed for the kitchen, but, turned around and came on here. zumba tonight. i mostly love my friday night zumba teacher she is great.
hopy you all have a great day.

11-08-2011, 04:32 PM
I got walkit out today and I did a trial run on it and I Love it so far if I have time I will do some after dinner if not it will be tomorrow .Tonight will probley be showing it to my children. I think my 13 year old will like it. So far all is good right now still no pain. Took my 17 year old to them today and they all come and asked how I was doing. Made me feel better that they took the chance to come out and talk to me.

But I must go and decided what is for dinner....

11-08-2011, 10:01 PM
Bonnie, it sounds like those are really nice people at the dentist. I can't wait till you really get going on walkitout!

Chipper, good choice! Way to go!

Have a great night.


11-08-2011, 10:37 PM
Had a better day, not so dragged out for some reason, but itchier. Went out for lunch with baby Lilia and her mother, and had a grand time, followed by yoga. Stayed on plan. Found some low carb crackers at the health food store, they are yummy, but still have to limit amounts, which is hard, they are quite "more-ish". Made from almond flour and chickpea flour.
Bonnie, so glad the pain is gone. what a relief. I'm just itchy and its affecting my exercise and diet, but pain is a big time problem for staying on plan.

11-09-2011, 06:53 AM
good morning....rough night, fighting dogs for bed space, the hot/cold and just didn't sleep well. so when light shines this morning i am heading out for a walk/run, home shower, daily chores, and a book and a nap this afternoon. calendar free for the rest of the week.
have a great day....

11-09-2011, 07:28 AM
Good morning. Chipper, I don't think I've welcomed you to the group yet so let's sit and have a coffee together this morning. A book and a nap sound great for the afternoon.

Woke at 4 this morning totally convinced I was having a very low BGL but it tested at 4.3. :shrug: My swollen legs may be affecting my brain. Some of the water weight has drained away but there is more to go. This morning I can tell where my ankles should be.

Took it very easy yesterday and kept the legs elevated as much as possible. Today, I plan to do some machine sewing though - I have pants to hem and will do them by hand with the legs up. Jazz, my wee dog, thinks legs up are an invitation to lie on them which is actually rather soothing.

Bonnie, I am so glad your dental problems are being resolved although slowly.

OK, time for breakfast and to formulate some sort of plan for the day. I hate doing nothing and daytime TV is just terrible!

11-09-2011, 09:11 AM
I woke up early this morning too. I was awake before 5 am this morning so decided around 5:30 to just get up, Got dressed and made me a cup of oolong tea and went out on the closed in back porch and just had my quiet time. Went out on the deck to watch the sunrise and pray. It was cool, but so nice and beautiful. When I first saw this property the little lake out back was dirty and ugly and I was not impressed and had no desire to purchase it and build here. Ended up deciding to buy it any way. It is beautiful here and has been such a blessing to me. Really enjoyed it and realized that I have allowed my circumstances with the kids moving in to steal this pleasure from me. I've decided that I need this time and hope I am going to do my best to get up each day and do this while the house is pretty quiet, because I really need it to help start my day with peace.

Also realized that I have gotten sucked into trying to correct a lot of things that I cannot change and probably it isn't even my responsibility to try. I need to apply the Serenity prayer here... God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Anyway, I'm feeling better about things. I think when I settle this in my mind that a lot of the stress will let up.

Chipper - I notice that you live here in SC. I live in Rock Hill, SC just south of Charlotte, NC. Are you from SC. I've met many who are, but also know a lot of us who have come here from other places. I am origionally from TX, was born and raised there and never thought I would ever live anywhere else but TX. But met my DH who lived in FL and married him and move to FL. About 5 yrs ago we decided to move to SC. Sounds like you have a nice plan for today. I will have a fairly easy day today as well.

Ruthie - So glad you are beginning to see where your ankles should be. I am praying for you that things improve quickly for you and that you get helpful info from the blood work.

Bonnie, Fatmad, Rie, Slmn and everyone else:wave:

Have a nice day.

11-09-2011, 10:28 AM
Trish...the navy brought us to SC. we liked it so much we stayed. been here since 87. but, we did come from san Francisco so it's much cheaper and calmer. you said you have kids moving in. we just got rid of our 30 yr old. he comes and goes. we had to tell him this time it was it. he just can't keep coming back. he bought a trailer for $1000 and has been fixing it up. so he pays $250 lot rent and his elec. if he can't manage that than something is wrong. DD moved out when she was 19, married and two kids now. you do need you peace time.
ruthie...hope you feel better. i don't like have to lay around either.
hope everyone else has a great day
i ended up at the gym for an hour this morning. felt sooo good.

11-09-2011, 12:20 PM
Hello All!

Sounds like everyone was up early this morning. I, on the other hand, slept until 7, a rare treat! I did and hour and 15 minutes on walkitout for 13500 steps. It felt good. Having my apple and peanut butter breakfast this morning. Fuji apples are on the menu this week.

Bonnie, hope the tooth thing is going well and that your kids like the walkitout.

Chipper, Trish, yup, those adult children. My ds moved in with me almost 2 years ago. He found out that his wife was abusing his 2yr old son. His job at the time was traveling so he quit and moved in with me, spending almost a year fighting and getting full custody. She only has supervised visits and has not seen dgs for almost a year. Our arrangement is this: he does all the shopping, errands, cooking, and most of the cleaning. This is how he pays his "rent". at any time, he can just choose to pay half the household expenses. I am NOT a built in baby sitter. They have their own sitting room and rooms downstairs so I can have a break and alone time when I want it. The hardest thing is that sometimes I can't be a "real" grandma and spoil him the way I would if I didn't live with him. The good part is that I was a farm girl, and essentially raised in an extended family where we all took care of the kids. After several fights, lots of discussions and lots of patience, I think we have figured it out. Everyone has to do what they think is right and I have been told by some family members that they think that I am too hard on him. BUT, I feel very strongly that he shouldn't live here for "free". Yes, Trish, the serenity prayer works here.

Fatmad, :hug: good job for trying to stick with your plan. Isn't it weird that pain makes us want to eat?

Ruth, I smiled at the thought of your little dog comforting you and your legs. Rest up now.

OK, I am off for the day now.


11-09-2011, 01:13 PM
Hey ladies how are things going I hope well with everyone.

Chipper I see you live in Summerville I live in Ravenel jest a hop skip and a jump if you take the back roads.

Rie Did the game this morning for 1 hr and did pretty well Did 3.3 miles and got like 1800 steps perfect. So My 13 year old loves the game she will be doing it soon. doesn't seem like a workout but I can feel it. I like that the pace changes. I have collected 16 of the 120 songs. I jesthope it saved it this time I did it yesturday and it didnt save my info so I had to redo it all but it saved my daughters .

So far I am doing well getting ready to find me some lunch . Will check in later if I got time I have t ge ready for my Daughtes 14 bday this weekend

11-09-2011, 01:40 PM
Happy Tuesday all!

Well, the weather has turned nasty. I was lucky and got in a 2.5 mile walk this morning before the rain started again. Walked 2 miles last night in the drizzle. On the road tonight, so no walking. AquaZumba tomorrow morning, then hopefully a walk at lunch. Since it was so nasty last night I took one of my dogs with me that doesn't usually get to go for the walks. He is very reactive to other people and dogs. Since it was so ugly out there were no other people or dogs. Perfect for him and it was actually quite a pleasurable walk.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Connie S

11-09-2011, 03:20 PM
bonnie...yup just down 61. did you go to the fair? i know it would be my night of eathing and it was. it was well worth it i think. lol.

11-10-2011, 07:56 AM
Read the last post and thought our Chipper was down 61 pounds. Duh! I've actually dropped eight pounds since Monday morning but we all know it's water weight. The pills are working although the legs are still quite swollen.

BGL tested at 4.0 or 72 this morning so no need to worry about that. Stress and illness usually messes with that but I guess my adjustment of the gyburide has helped. Next change will be to ditch it completely.

Doing nothing is not good for healthy eating! Every time I wander through the kitchen, I seem to want a cracker or some fruit and, with this diuretic, I need to pass through the kitchen pretty regularly. This too shall pass.

Happy Thursday to us all.

11-10-2011, 11:46 AM
Chipper Nope we give or kids a choice and they didnt want to waste the money so we take them to their aunts and they get to hand out her halloween candy and we get pizza and jest have some fun.. I am trying to get the nerve up to walk to the bridge I dont like heights like that but I think the experience would be awsome... We have been talking about going to the festival of lights and walk around .

I hope everyone is doing well.

11-10-2011, 12:43 PM
Good Morning!

fbs at 82 this morning. I did one hour 25 mins of walkitout for 15000+ steps and now I am enjoying a delicious fuji apple for breakfast. I worked for a while this morning now I am off to get my hair done (pampering) and then will work on a project this afternoon.

Bonnie, I agree that the varied pace and the music makes the time go by. I will be marching along thinking, "maybe this is too easy" and then in a little while I realize that I am sweating. My dr tells me that steady and sustained excercise is the best for bs control I have only 172 of the items left on my island and I will soon be starting over. I am looking forward to it :D

Ruth, glad that the legs are going down. Maybe chop up some low glycemic veggies to have as an alternative to crackers? I used to make a deal with myself: "I can eat these crackers but FIRST, I have to eat these 5 stalks of celery" It usually worked..... :hug:

Connie, good job with the excercise. Is water zumba fun?

Chipper, hello! Pretty cool that you and Bonnie live in the same area.

Trish, how is your week going? Do you get a free day on veterans day? I was thinking that you dd might not be in school.

Hi Fatmad!

Well, gotta go but I will check in later.


11-10-2011, 01:29 PM
Hi All. Happy Thursday! One more day to this work week!

AquaZumba this morning. It is fun, but lots of work! I am surprised at how hard it is on the arms. There is one exercise that supposed to be good for your core - I apparently have not core! I will either get it soon or drown.

1.5 mile walk at lunch - it was hailing out! (Just for a minute or two). Low 40's here and a little windy.

Hoping to get in my 3 miler after work tonight.

Rie, what is the Walkitout? I have a Walk Away the Pounds tape, but usually my husband is parked in front of the TV so can't do it.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Connie S

11-10-2011, 06:15 PM
Just a quick note:

Connie, you go girl!:carrot: Lots of working out. WalkItOut is a wii game that is part fitness walking, part dance and part video game. Bonnie just got one, too.

Today I logged in the last of the points that I needed to earn a presidential active lifestyle bronze medal. I have averaged over 9 hours per week of excercise since I started. I am feeling absurdly proud. On to silver....

Have a great day.


11-10-2011, 11:02 PM
Connie I do walk away the pounds too love them and I did jest get walk it out and I love it I start playing it and before I know it time has flown by. I did one hr yesterday and another one hour today It don't seem like a work out but I can feel it in my legs. I think I like it better then watp but I will never give up on her.

How is everyone doing I am doing well. I am trying to get back on track fully since my teeth are doing good right now.

11-11-2011, 12:21 AM
Just a quickn flyby!!! A busy day today. Headed for bed and will read and do indies tomorrow. Goodnight.

11-11-2011, 08:25 AM
Still hanging in with good FBGL readings at 4.3 this morning. Water weight is really pouring off - 199 on Monday and 183.6 today. I can't believe it! No wonder I felt so uncomfortable. My legs are starting to look like legs again and today may be the day that I put on socks AND shoes! I'll be spending hours with the legs up but am also hoping to work in a quick bank run.

11-11-2011, 08:25 AM
good morning...
trish...busy days help me not to eat.
rie...what are you doing to get this presidential active lifestyle bronze medal?
ruthie....glad to see the meds are working for the water weight. legs will soon follow.
connie...i love me some zumba. i go tues & friday nights. going tonight with my fav teacher.
bonnie...i walked the bridge a few years back. my sister lost over 150# and was coming from canada to visit and i really wanted to walk it with her. i had hurt my ankle. doc said i can do it carefully. it was great. would like to do it again with a brace on my foot. took us just over an hour i think. i just did my first 5K a few weeks back. did the race for a cure on danial island. finished in under an hour. walked with my 11 yrs old granddaughter. she did great with it. will do again next year.
all other that i may have missed...have a great day.

i have loads to get done today. so need to get started. nothing at a scheduled time which makes for laziness.

11-11-2011, 09:44 AM
Well, I typed out a whole post and my computer acted up and I lost it. So I won't type all I did before.

Rie - You go girl!!! I know I need to get some formal exercise going but have to figure out when and where since my house is so cluttered with so much "stuff" since the kids moved in. However, I would love a wii, but haven't been able to talk DH into it so far. I know the exercise would help bring the blood sugar down more.

Chipper - I agree busy does keep me from eating because I don't have time to think about food.

Ruthie - I'm so glad the swelling is coming down and I suspect you will find that was most of your weight gain and hopefully you will find you make your goal when the fluid is gone.

Bonnie, Fatmad, Connie, Slmn and all others reading this :wave:

DD was off yesterday and let me sleep in. She has class this morning but wasn't sure when she will be through as she heard conflicting stories. She should be home at least by noon. Nothing planned for us today. DH doctors appoint went fairly well. Doc says they have done everything... run every test and he doesn't know anything else to do and said Tony could get a second opinion if he liked. So I think now DH is going to have to think about doing some things himself like get more active... he is a couch potato and I'm sure it contributes to the problem a lot since he has gained weight. Might be able to talk him into a wii for exercise now who knows?

Y'all have a great Friday!!!

11-11-2011, 11:33 AM
so I am down 38 pounds now back on track . I did two hours of walk it out. Feeling pretty good I have so much to do today. I have to get ready for a bunch of teenage girls. My baby is turning 14. I will be making me another crust less cheese cake. So no cake for me.

pattygirl63 wii are awesome I have one and it is the best thing we ever got.

chipper15173 Congrats on the 5 k . Since they built this new bridge I have been thinking about it my hubby and kids are too excited about it. But one day..

Ruthxxx I bet you are feeling much better loosing the water weight. I hated that when my feet would swell.

For all other I wish everyone a happy weekend..

To all the veterans out their THanks for all you guys done for us!!

11-11-2011, 01:47 PM
Hello all!

I was up early this morning with a fbs of 82. I took a friend for her first walk this morning and we walked for an hour down at a park by the river. It was nice but I slipped a couple times on the icy paths. Scary. I think I prefer my walking indoors in this weather. However, I promised to walk with her next week again. It kind of tickles me that someone is looking to me to help them get started excercising. :D

For the first time in a couple months, my ticker is down another 3 pounds. I am excited.

Bonnie I am so glad that you are enjoying walkitout. Isn't it weird how it doesn't even feel like you are working and then you feel it when you are done? I am really looking forward to finishing (maybe tomorrow) and starting over again. It will be fun to do now that I understand the game better. And major congrats on 38# gone! Amazing!

Trish, I LOVE my wii and I am so glad that I got it. When I was first starting out, even the balance games made me feel better and more physically able. I also have a fishing game and other things. It was a good purchase. Sometimes I play some of the games with my little gs. He even has a "dora the explorer" excercise game that we do together. I highly recommend it!

Chipper, good for you on the race for the cure. I did my first 5k last month and I can't wait to do another. I am planning on doing more walking races next year including (hopes) a half marathon. The presidential fitness award info can be found at thepresidentschalleng.org it is not related to a specific president but is a program where you log in your fitness activities and earn points toward awards. The bronze medal was 50,000 points - usually at 300-500 per day. It was strangely motivating. I really hope to get all the way to gold by next spring.

Ruth, I am so glad that the meds are working and I am waiting anxiously to hear what caused the problem. Isn't it nice to know that all that weight wasn't your eating? :hug:

Fatmad and Connie, hope you are heading into a great weekend!

Thanks to Veterans! My dgs and I are heading to the vfw with snacks to donate to the care packages they are doing today for active duty.


11-12-2011, 07:13 AM
Quickie this morning. FBGL 4.5 and weight down to 181.2. By next week I may be able to bring back my 177 ticker and start working on losing "real" weight. I've been eating well lately but have been really inactive. It's hard to be active with your feet higher than your heart. (Actually that's impossible unless you are in bed. I've been compromising with them elevated so they are higher than my hips.) They are back to "chubby normal" this morning.

11-12-2011, 12:20 PM
Ruth, I am so glad the swelling is going down for you and your weight is getting back to normal. I hope they figure out what was causing it.

Now if we can figure out what's causing Fatmad's hives and get rid of them we will be all set!

11-12-2011, 01:43 PM
Hello Friends

I was up late last night but got a nice sleep. I did 2 hours of walkitout this morning and had my peanut butter and apple breakfast. I am assuming that there will be some desert stuff at this party that I am attending today at my cousins, so I wanted to burn off some calories in advance.

Ruth, I am so very pleased that things are getting so much better for you. I'll bet that your whole body feels much better. You can get back to activity soon enough.

Fatmad, hoping that things are improving for you, as well.

Bonnie, great weight loss! Is the birthday party today?

Carol, Hi darlin! It's almost football day....

Hi Trish, hope your weekend is going well.

I will check in again later. Sorry for anyone that I missed.


11-12-2011, 11:13 PM
A quick flyby here. Just haven't had time to get on here today. Sure hope everyone has a great week end. I'll catch up to y'all sometime tomorrow.

11-13-2011, 06:43 AM
Quickie here too. I remembered that I didn't change the candles on the altar at the Church and need to get over there and get them done as soon as it's light.

No weight drop this morning, probably from not-so-good eating yesterday - but the legs are almost normal except for ankle wrinkles which I assume is extra stretched out skin which will go away.

Today will be better.

11-13-2011, 10:09 AM
Hey ladies busy day here it is my daughter 14 th birthday party so I have tons of stuff to do so I hope all is having a good weekend. I will check in when I can ...

11-13-2011, 02:25 PM
Good Morning!

I slept well and woke up to excercise. FBS at 74 this morning so I ate about 120 cals of protein powder and a little bit of yogurt so I could work out. I did more than 2 1/2 hours of walkitout and logged over 30,000 steps - a new record. Bonnie, I am finished with the whole thing and created a new profile so I can start a new island. I will be building anew with you!

Yesterday at my cousin's party I did well but I ate too many calories.... Lots of wonderful snacks, cheeses, wine. Most of it was blessedly low carb because she is on IP. I did enjoy a single dark chocolate mocha cupcake. I was pleased that my bs was still in the low 90's when I tested before supper - only about 90 minutes later. I think I might just be getting the hang of this!

Everyone have a great day and I will be back later for personals.

11-14-2011, 11:35 AM
Good Morning and happy Monday!

....Quiet in here...:) I was up early and did an hour of Walkitout. FBS was nice at 81. Bonnie, I am really enjoying starting the game over. I am using all my points to collect all the songs that I can find, fast. It is pretty fun.

I have started eating my apples coated in PB2, instead of real peanut butter, the last few days to save calories. I really like it and it saves 150 cals. It has the same number of carbs and protein.....

I will check in later.


11-14-2011, 11:58 AM
passing through

hope everyone had a great weekend. i did, stay on track. didn't get as much exercis as i would have liked, but, i promised myself sunday would be my weekly shopping day and than rest the day away to renew for the coming week. and that is just what i did. didn't get a good workout saturday had to be someplace at 7am. did do some walking.
today already did 2 mile walk/run and just finished rakeing 3 bags of leafs.
off to get some more things done

11-14-2011, 01:33 PM
Hi all: was away at a conference for a few days last week and over the weekend. Visited with dear friends yesterday and we walked the dogs for over an hour at a good pace. Was lovely. Also a visit from younger daughter and a call from older daughter, she is engaged to long time boyfriend. We are quite pleased and looking forward to the big day. She asked if they could have their wedding here at our house, with an outdoor June wedding. I am thrilled so will have that to look forward to. I hope it will also inspire me to really get the weight down. I know its a lifestyle thing and I will have to keep it off, but I have been having trouble staying on plan. Maybe this will help.
So today, is induction restart day.
Thanks to everyone for the hellos and questions about my hives. They are still here, and I know the antihistamines to help the itching are making me feel yucky and tired. Since they seem to be part of my life for now, I will just have to learn to deal. My weight is up. My sugars are up. My mood is down.
Ok, time to get over it and get on with it. Enough feeling sorry for myself.
Off for a walk.

11-14-2011, 02:06 PM
Doing OK but am feeling tired. I guess the big water weight fight took some of the zip out of me. Weight is now 180 and I'm hoping a few more pounds will go before things stabilize. Right now, I am going to lie down for a nap which I somehow feel I need. :shrug:

11-14-2011, 05:09 PM
Things here are going good here. The weekend went well. My daughter had a good Birthday so all went well.

Rie I went for 2 hrs today got 76% of the Island opened. Dumb me didnt realize you could build bridges So Built a few of them so I walked almost 30.000 steps. But loving it

I hope all is doing well things here are good here for me.

11-14-2011, 05:58 PM
Hello all! Sorry for being away for so long. Out of my 3 stores I had 2 managers out at the same time so trying to cover for them. With the holidays coming up I may not post very often, since it is our biggest and busiest time of the year, but I will check in when I can. My blood sugar was good and then due to poor food choices not so good for the past few days, but it will get better. Have a blessed evening.

11-15-2011, 10:07 AM
Good Morning Chickies,

Well, yesterday was not one of my better days. Venting a little here. I got so mad with everyone yesterday even DH. Youngest GD is a real trouble maker. If something doesn't happen, she will cause her mom's second marriage to fall apart. She tried to pull some of her crap on me and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I actually left the house not knowing where I was going and ended going to get a pedicure. I was ready to divorce DH and leave I was so angry. Still not really happy. Woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and folded clothes. DH came in and we talked. I think he plans to have a talk with them tonight if we can. Turns out he is as unhappy as I am. I think he suddenly realizes that his DD is just using us. I told him I feel like I'm a babysitter and maid. She seems to expect everyone to take care of her and her kids and her do nothing. I know she is studying hard, but Tony and I make rules we want followed and no one follows them because she doesn't help us enforce them. I have made it clear to him that I will not continue to live like I do. The "spaces" that I made for myself when they took over my house, they have now pushed to take over those as well. I will leave and go live with one of my kids or my sisters until I can get a place of my own. "Yes" it has come to that as far as I am concerned. They have no respect for her dad or me and if he wants to live with it fine... I understand it is his family, but I don't have to live in it and I won't. I see to it the baby eats and gets to play. They use bottle liners and evidently they gave him nothing but bottles all week end. His daddy is in FL visiting his other son. Things have gotten back to me cleaning up after them. AND THEY CAN'T PAY ANYTHING TO LIVE HERE? This is ridiculous and I'm not doing it any more.

Now on the good side, I'm OP today. There is a woe that I found years ago that is really healthy. I loved the idea of it and always said I would do it someday when my lifestyle would fit the plan. Because of the hours I worked back then, I just couldn't make it work for me. I've done it off and on during the years and suddenly realized this morning when I woke up around 3 something, that I can do it now. It is called Fit for Life. My Mama had the book and I always said if she had followed it at all that she might not have had cancer. I haven't seen anything about it in years, but even the doctor I had back then who diagnosed me with diabetes looked at the book and approved it. In fact, he told that was the way his wife ate. She was his RN and she was a cute tiny oriental lady. You eat in a cycle. Till noon eat fruit, eat regular food from noon to 8pm and nothing again until 4am the next day. I've used it when I needed the discipline of a cut off time to get out of the habit of eating at night. The only thing I may be doing different (don't have the book any more) is that I drink only tea and water and will eat only 2 or 3 fruits during the morning hours. Supposed to use combining like eat veggies with starchy foods and veggies with protein between noon and 8 pm and no protein/starchy combos. If you do, it is to be eaten in the evening. That is about all I remember about it with out ordering another book which I don't want to do. However, I do remember them saying on tv, that even if you just did the 3 cycles and didn't follow the protein/starchy rule that you you still benefit from it. So I really believe this is something I can live with.

Sorry about the vent. I need to go feed little one as I don't know if anyone fed him last night or not. I know he got a bottle last night and one this morning. Sad thing is that when I feed him and it's time to stop eating, he cries because he wants more. I never know if he needs more or he just doesn't know when he will eat food again. Don't to over feed him either.

I sure hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

11-15-2011, 12:14 PM
Good morning all.

fbs at 92 this morning. I think my snack last night was a little too much. I ate very little for supper and was at68 at bedtime. The idea of a low at night while sleeping really scares me so I ate about 27 carbs rather than my usual 15.

Bonnie, I am having so much fun with walkitout the second time. I only got in an hour yesterday and another today because that is about all the time I have on workdays. I am focusing on opening the routes and gathering all the songs and clock pieces. Too much fun. Are you finding the rainbow spheres and getting the rainbow?

Fatmad, congrats on the wedding! It will probably be a good motivator for you and certainly a joyous occasion. :hug: about not feeling well.

Ruth, yes, I think that your body has been through an ordeal and you need rest. Have you any results yet about the cause?

Cajun, nice to hear that you are doing well, even if you are stressed. I know that this is the retail and busy season for you. Make lots of money! LOL:devil:

Trish, I am so sorry about everything that is happening. I am glad that you are holding your dh responsible and it is primarily HIS responsibility to put his foot down. Just so you know, lots of people go to school full time and work and take care of their kids. Your dd needs to step up. :hug:

Have a great day everyone!


11-15-2011, 12:25 PM
Trish - I am very sorry to hear about your dilemma with your sd and family. With my sd's problems, I always fear that we will end up with her moving in and we would have the same problems that you're having. I agree it is up to DH to put his foot down and expect them to comply with your rules. I certainly hope it doesn't come down to you leaving, but if that's what it takes to give you some peace, I don't blame you. This is probably why her life became such a mess in the first place. No control or discipline for herself or anyone else. I hope things change soon for you.

Fatmad - Sorry you still have the hives. I don't think you should have to live with this. Someone should be able to find out what's causing this at least.

Bonnie - You're still doing amazing girl! Keep it up.

11-15-2011, 01:03 PM
Thought I would check in and acknowledge indies. Thanks for the :hug: and encouragement. You Chickies are great!!!

Bonnie and Rie - You to are doing great with the walkitout exercises.

Ruthie - I'm sorry you are feeling so worn out. Hopefully your strength will come back when your body adjusts. When do you go for you blood work?

Slmn - I hope you don't have to go through this either. I met a woman at the nail salon Saturday that said she and her husband had to help her daughter. She said they helped her live on her own because she knew she couldn't let her move in with them. That's been almost 2 yrs and she finally had to tell her dd that she was going to have to take care of herself. She said, "We can't do it forever. You could go broke doing it". I think DH problem is that he/we have baled her out so many times that she expects us to because her deceased mother always told her they weren't as bad off as her Daddy always said they were; she doesn't believe us when we say we don't have a lot of money. I wouldn't advise anyone to do this. Tony said last night that he wished we had never done this; in fact, neither of us wanted too, but felt we had no other option. So I know he would do something different if he could.

Fatmad - So sorry those horrible hives are still hanging on. Congratulations on your DD wedding plans. I'm sure you will enjoy planning and getting ready for it. Also glad it is something you can feel good about.

Cajun - Sorry you are being bombarded with things. Wish I lived close to you, I'd go to work for you just to get out of the house if you would hire someone to fill in. Heck with the way things are in my house, I might even do it for free. LOL

Chipper and others reading:wave:

11-15-2011, 02:12 PM
How is everyone doing?? I am doing great. I did 2 hours of walk it out this morning. feeling pretty good.

Trish sorry to hear about the family . You are more then welcome to come vent any time you need I think it is good to be able to let it out. I hope you guys can resolve something soon.

pattygirl63 and slmn11 I hope all is going well with you !!!

CatholicCajun I Hope you jest take a little Me time during the season they can be very hectic...

Ruthxxx,fatmad,chipper15173 I hope you all are doing well!!

Rie I have done the rainbow Once the last two day I get all but one or two colors. I have unlocked over 80 % of the island and I have gotten quite a few new songs now so I am not so board I jest hate them slow ones I can never walk slow enough. But I love the game so are you still doing easy or did you up it a notch?? I rather enjoy the game before I know it I have walked two hours.. But I am sweating my butt off.

So wanted to share this for anyone who has facebook Their is a guy named Max Thomas who tried to friend my daughter. Then he sent her a instant message and was asking her if she had a boy friend or brothers stuff like that then he started asking her nasty sexual questions she told him he was a creep and she was blocking him. She came and told me immediately and I got his page and reported him. He had friend a few of her friends and I message them and had them remove him I jest hope they do something about this guy...

11-15-2011, 04:49 PM
hey all: they hives have been getting a bit better, not completely gone, but I seem to be at a dull roar now, they are there, but the itching isn't overwhelming. I am just on the atarax now, off reactine and benedryl, they didn't seem to help. I have a lower dose of atarax, so am not tooo sleepy most of the time. Yesterday was dull a raining, was a hard day, even with the itching better. Today is sunny, and I got out for a walk and yoga this pm.
Started back on induction yesterday, was down a pound this am. I am gonna plan to stay on induction until Christmas. Will do an a1c this week to see what I have done to myself with all this destructive eating.

Trish, I am so sorry you feel this way, and that DH daughter and family is behaving this way. I am glad DH is on your side. What is next step? Plan to get them out after the holidays? It is unacceptable. These younger people have to take responsibility for their children, their mess and their lives in general.
Interesting, I found after my older DD left home for university, she was much better (a good roommate) when she lived at home for the summer. THe times my younger DD has been home since moving out, she too is better.
However, I LOVE how tidy the house stays now that she is out.

RUth, I hope you are doing better soon. Have they figured out what has happened to get all this happening? If you are still tired at dragged out, get back to the doc. You may need potassium or salt, or thyroid or something, so don't delay.

love and :hug:s to all!

11-15-2011, 05:01 PM
Hi All! Been so busy the last few days, haven't had a chance to check in. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.

Trish, sorry about your family troubles. My DD and GD just finally moved out a few weeks ago. They were back last night to take care of some appointments today, was ready to pull my hair out by the end of the night! Needless to say, I resorted to my bedroom early for some quiet time.

Ruth, glad to hear the water is coming off.

Fatmad, congrats on the upcoming wedding. Good to hear that the hives a getting a little better.

Bonnie, wow, 2 hrs of walk it out! That's amazing! I'm gonna have to try it, it sounds like fun.

Rie, sounds like you really have your BS under control. I have been slacking off a little, need to get back with the program.

I know I missed some people, hope you are all doing well.

11-15-2011, 09:33 PM
Connie I love the game it is so cool. The music is wonderful and it helps alot to make time fly jest seems like your playing a game and your actually working out. I would recommend this to anyone.

11-15-2011, 11:54 PM
Quick note.

Bonnie, I have kept the capsule cost and settings on "easy". But I eliminate al the slow songs and try to stay between 120 and 160 beats per minute on the songs. It is amazing.... on work mornings I am irritated that I have to stop and get ready for work.


11-16-2011, 08:02 AM
Quickie once again. 5.3 this morning and weight down another smidgen. I am accepting that I am tired from the struggle of the past two weeks and giving my poor body rest times during the day. The dogs are delighted to sit and cuddle with me on the couch for 15 minutes.

Thyroid was tested and the results should be in later today. The blood draw is done at the clinic but the testing is done at a lab in the city. Dr. Jack is pretty sure the swelling and pain is from an internal bruise from my injury over three months ago. I am to be very careful when traveling to stop driving and walk about for a while and continue to take the diuretic. When I get back, he will schedule an ultra-sound and "other things" - I don't like the sound of that!

11-16-2011, 09:59 AM
Ruth< I am glad Dr. Jack is taking good care of you, and you are taking care of yourself. You are a poster-woman for active retirement, but sometimes slowing down for a bit is a good thing.
I am down another pound this am. Stayed on plan nicely yesterday. I went to yoga though and did some gentle back bending stuff, and felt it in the night, really had some problems sleeping. will go back to avoiding backbends at yoga again.
Another grey day here, so will have to take it hour by hour and avoid getting blue. I find it hard to get motivated with dullness and grey out there.
Hope everyone has a good wednesday, and gets over the midweek hump. For my part, I start back to work, on call tomorrow evening! Am planning a busy weekend.

11-16-2011, 12:25 PM
Connie I love the game it is so cool. The music is wonderful and it helps alot to make time fly jest seems like your playing a game and your actually working out. I would recommend this to anyone.

Do you need any extra equipment for it? I am not very Wii savy.

11-16-2011, 12:27 PM
Good Morning

fbs at 82 this morning. I did 70 minutes of walkitout and I am having a good breakfast. A little desperate for fiber here - I spent some carbs on fiber one cereal this morning. Blech. I am going to the health food store today to check out flaxseed options.... Any other ideas? I hate to give up so many carbs to something that tastes yucky. Oatmeal spikes me a little.... over 100 at least.

Ruth, I think that is great news about your strategy for your trip. We should all take rest breaks on trips and keep our circulation going...

Fatmad, I keep wanting to do yoga and every time I try, I end up sore. I really need to try and stay at it with more moderation. My cousin owns a studio in Seattle and she is always trying to convert me.... I am a weight lifting and aerobics girl;)

I will be back later to check in with everyone else!


11-16-2011, 12:42 PM
Rie, try whole flax seed. Since it goes through you, it will help and, since it's not digested, should not count as carbs. I use the ground in my Fibre One which IS digested.

11-16-2011, 01:58 PM
Do you need any extra equipment for it? I am not very Wii savy.

No I use the wii remote and the numb chuck You hold the wii remote and put the chuck on your pocket.

Here is the link for amazon


You can scroll to the bottom and read what everyone post about the game.

Rie How do you modify the playlist ? I hate the slow songs !!!

11-16-2011, 02:01 PM
Well, I'm not sure what DH said to everybody (I went to bed for a short rest when everybody got home yesterday), but woke up to whole new attitudes around here. She took the baby upstairs and took care of him last night. I honestly believe that whatever was said just had to be said by DH, not me. I'm willing to give where I can, but was able to make it clear where I draw the line is that when using my room "space" was built and planned for me to have me time. Told older GS and his Mom that I didn't want it left dirty... he has a habit of leaving socks and trash on the floor. She moves or uses things and doesn't put them back in places or even takes them. I told them I didn't mind sharing the space with them, but if they want to use it, don't abuse it. Just leave it clean and don't touch or move things as I have them organized the way I want them. They seemed to accept it and everything is peaceful. GD and I talked and I told her she needed to learn how to say things without sounding like a smartalech (sp). She agreed. She has trouble with Social Studies and I've been helping her. She seems to like that as she says I make studying more fun. Took her to schook and she is upset because we told her that Christmas isn't going to be the way they have always been with us. We are letting them know that we can't spend as much this year as we usually do because it is taking so much to take care of all of them. We tried to explain that we are all doing what is called sacrifice so Mama can get a better paying job. I told her we would still make it a pleasant time, but there just wouldn't be as many presents as usual. We can't put a big tree up in the living room as there isn't room. I told her that her grandad doesn't like to decorate outside, but if her step-dad and brother wanted to that there are 2 trees shaped like Christmas trees that could be decorated if they wanted to do it and that we could put other decorations up around the house. We'll have a small table Christmas tree in the living room. She said her Mama promised to find a way to put a tree up in the LR, but I see no way unless they move out, but looks like DH will have to talk to his DD about that one. Decorating outside seemed to make her happy for the moment.

Ruthie - Glad you are taking it easy for now and the weight is coming down. When we take trips, we have to get out and walk around a lot now that DH has had clots. It is good to get out and stretch our legs though. We had a tendency to wait so long that my legs were stiff as boards till I walked around a bit and limbered them up. Don't worry about the ultrasound etc. They just want to be sure there isn't anything else going on. Now that Tony's been on coumadin, we're told he shouldn't have the clots any more. Tony's had an ultra-sound and all those tests + to be sure everything is okay. We were all thrilled that he is doing great. They just can't find out why he has such a difficult time breathing when he over exerts himself, but I suspect that if he could get his stomach down that a lot of that would improve too.

Rie - My doc was so amazed when I told him that I couldn't eat oatmeal because it spiked my BS so high, but he said he knew it was true because I had the numbers in front of me to show him. I have used fiber one attimes. I have also used the flaxseed, so good advice from Ruthie.

Bonnie - You and Rie make me want a wii so bad. It sounds like something you don't have to necessarily use controls to do. Is that right? DD said they have one that I could have but it only has one control. Are your kids doing the walkitout with you? I'm not sure if DD said something was wrong with her wii or if she was talking about the one control. I wouldn't take it because of who gave it to them, but it might be fun to get the walkitout cartridge and try it before I try to talk DH into buying me a wii.

I was watching baby Jaxxon this morning and he looked like he was doing exercises leaning back and on one foot then the other, swinging his arms around and some other things... so much fun to watch him learn what he can do. I told him that his Nanny just needs to watch him and exercise with him.:dizzy:

FBS was up a bit instead of down, but that was my fault. I didn't take my meds yesterday. I absolutely forgot, however, it wasn't as high as it has been when I take the Metformin. I find that kind of interesting.

Connie, Fatmad, Cajun, Slmn (hope I didn't miss anyone) and all reading:wave:

Have good hump day.

11-17-2011, 07:55 AM
Hmmm - could not get a blood sample this morning but feel OK. "Three stabs and forget it!" is my theory. I hate starting the day hurting myself. Too bad because I had pasta for supper last night and was curious to see the effect.

Busy and over-booked day today but I am going to take scheduled rest breaks. As soon as I sit on the couch and put the legs up on the coffee table, two dogs join me and snuggle in. They both like to lie on their backs, heads on my lap, and get tummy rubs. It sure is relaxing for everyone.

Raising my :coffee: mug to a good day for us all. Patty, it sounds like things are moving the right way. Hang in!

11-17-2011, 08:46 AM
Trish I hope you guys are ok Their in Rockville I heard about the tornados that went threw and how they are saying that 3 people are dead and 5 people are missing. I am sending my prayer your way hoping everyone up in the upper Sc area Is well. My heart goes out to the ones who didnt make it or is still missing...

11-17-2011, 08:57 AM
Bonnie,I'm glad you are safe. Check in when you can.

11-17-2011, 09:26 AM
Hi everyone. Stayed on plan again and another pound off. I know it will slow soon, but maybe can get down to my weight before the hives started. I only took the meds for hives at bedtime yesterday, and had much better energy, got a few things done yesterday as a result. House is clean and laundry done. Going to the spa for a little treat this am, and them to the office, back on call tonight. HOpe the weekend isn't terribly busy, have a bit more to do, and DH has been working a lot, and has been away every day for long days this week. I realize that this is the reality for most people, but we are used to him working from home, and not such long hours. I'm the one who works the long hours. It sure it different.

Trish, glad things feel better today. Its not like they can move out instantly. I wonder if making plans for consequences when people don't follow rules will help?

wow, am glad to see people being so good about fitness too. Rie, if yoga is not your thing, thats ok. I like the hot yoga to get some aerobic stuff with the yoga, as I hate most aerobics, other than walking the dog.
Happy Thursday friends, tomorrow TGIF!

11-17-2011, 09:53 AM
Bonnie, thanks. I thought of you to and wondered what you got from the storms. Also thought of chipper not sure where she is in relation to the stoms and prayed both of you would be safe and okay.

We are safe, but haven't been able to check on my beautician as I think she lives out in that direction and in a mobil home. She usually gets to work around 9ish so will call to see if she is okay around that time. Haven't heard any news yet on others. I noticed this morning that DH sent a pray request out last night for our church prayer partners to pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones, and victims. We were amazed that there was such damage as the first reports we got watching tv news was that there was none. We have directv and all our news comes through Charlotte so don't get a lot of Rock Hill news. DGS got email or text from a friend last night telling him how bad it was. Then we saw the news at 11pm. I hope they don't find more damages etc now that it is daylight. I really pray for those who lost family and for those who are missing. From what I've heard it was more southern York county and we are north. Thanks again for thinking of us and for your prayers and thoughts.

Ruthie Yes, things do seem to be going better. Still are a few things that don't get done and when it is important, I'm learning to speak up. I just hate confrontation so probably a lot of things were my fault for not saying anything.

FBS was down 20 pts this morning and I felt like I had really blew it yesterday. I am learning to eat more Intuitively... Thintuition and trying to learn to eat only when I'm hungry and quit when satisfied and not full. I felt like I was eating all day. I had gained a few lbs last week and I was amazed to find that I even my weight was down. I've had difficulty learning if I'm physically hungry or if I am just what I call tast hungry and definitely watching for emotional hunger. Interesting way of eating and learning experience. I am very pleased with the learning results.

Busy day today. Today is DD early day so when she gets home, DH and I are going to Charlotte for some afternoon shopping and dining out.

Hope everybody has a great day and I'll be back letter to see how y'all are doing.

11-17-2011, 10:18 AM
good morning...quick stop by.
doing great here. we went out for dinner last night Chinese, my favorite. i ate and it was good. just finished a great run/walk outside. felt good to push against the wind. i ran for long periods today. i can do it on the treadmill, not outside. i just love the high i get so i kept going.
now to finish my weekly list of things to get done.
hope everyone is doing doing good.

11-17-2011, 12:32 PM
Good morning!

fbs at 78 this morning so I had 1/2c fiber one with flax and 1/2c almond milk. It seemed to me that I had better energy:?: Maybe I am trying to work out on too low of a bs in the morning? I don't know. I used to have a snack first but my bs goes so high when I work out that it concerns me. I need to do some research on this...

Ruth, it sounds like you are getting back to yourself. Do you test on your fingers? I test on my forearms or the pad between my thumb and index finger. I never have trouble getting blood. My meter is one of those free style lite ones with the little wick things on the test strips. They really work. What kind do you use? I have also been wondering... do you get your supplies for free under the canadian system?

Fatmad, yay on losing weight and moving around. You are going to be the svelt and gorgeous MOB!:carrot:

Chipper, You run????? I am so impressed! Many times when I am walking I would just love to take off running.... Alas, I need a total knee replacement and I am forbidden. My hat is off to you!

Trish, it sounds like things are a little better. Good. Regarding speaking up: I have learned that it is soooo important. Sometimes, I build up resentments thinking that they should know better. I even get madder because "I shouldn't have to say anything!!!" LOL. Maybe, maybe not, but I burn up a lot of energy and get myself all upset over things that I could just say something. LOL Hang in there....:hug:

I am so glad that you are all safe and untroubled by the storms.... Interesting now that I have all these online friends..... I now think of specific people when there is an event like this, rather than concern in the general sense... Nice. We don't have disasters like that up here. If I am offline for a while, it is because we are out of electricity from a blizzard! :D

Gotta go to work.... Later!


11-17-2011, 07:26 PM
Trish I am doing good all we got was some lighting and some rain and lots of thunder other then that we didn't have anything here. Don't feel bad I got dish and I get Columbia locals so I have a antenna for the locals.

Didn't work out today had to go to the ENT Dr today with the hubby. He says he has to have surgery so were planning after the first of the year. Come to find out he can't breath out of his left side of his nose . This explains why he snores so bad.

I hope all is going well I have to run to the store will check back later.

11-18-2011, 01:33 PM
Good morning!

fbs at 80 this morning. I ate fiber one and flax with almond milk before working out and I did well. A little over 2 hours and 20,000 steps of walkitout. It was so nice to know that I wasn't limited by the clock, needing to get ready for work.

Bonnie, sorry to hear about your husband but it will help him sleep better to solve that problem.... I meant to ask you, did you find the airship yet? Open all the routes on lookout mountain, including the suspension bridge at the top. Then go back the next day and you can build an airship or blimp. Then every day after that it will be floating over your head as you walk. Pretty cool. Today I used the magical clock (have you done that yet?) and walked at 7pm. It was fun.

I have already commented on everyone else so I will check back later..


11-18-2011, 04:45 PM
Quickie post on yet another over-booked day but I just have to tell someone that my doctor kissed me! My boodwork was fantastic and I now finally have a HA1C in the normal range for non-diabetic patients! :dance: It's taken since 1998 but it's finally happened. Normal range is .040 to .060 and I'm .058, just in the top end of the range.

11-18-2011, 08:33 PM


Way to go! I would kiss you toooooo!


11-19-2011, 12:25 AM
Good morning!

fbs at 78 this morning so I had 1/2c fiber one with flax and 1/2c almond milk. It seemed to me that I had better energy:?: Maybe I am trying to work out on too low of a bs in the morning? I don't know. I used to have a snack first but my bs goes so high when I work out that it concerns me. I need to do some research on this...


Rie: don't check your bs for at least 2-4 hours after a workout. It will be high. Its ok. There is stored glucose being released to feed muscles and our systems are a bit sluggish to utilize it, with the diabetes. It gets better as we get more fit and lose weight, but in general is a normal response to exercise. But a light snack in the morning before working out is usually a fine thing, and if you have more energy, go for it. Sounds like a healthy meal.

11-19-2011, 10:49 AM
Rie No I have not did the air ship yet I have 100 % of the map open and I spent yesterday at the Light house Building homes Only waled threw the mountain once. I will have to check it out today when I get on it. No I didnt know you could change the time like that I will have to try it. I got half the music now . I did go in and remove the slow songs.

So I went and hopped on the scale this am and it said I was 257.0 So I was like wow I weighed in last week and I was 262.5 But I have been walking it out at least 1 1/2 to 2 hrs a day. I also gave up nibbling on pecans . Things here are petty tight here with Thanks-given coming that I dont have alot of extras like I am used to either so I think that helped me out. I needed that I swear.... That make me at 44.5 pounds now I am gonna work my butt off . I have planned a better dinner this year it is whole sweet potatoes not sweet potato casserole and I am making the Biggest looser Version of stuffing it is made of home made corn bread. I also am making pecan and pumpkin pie the sugars will be replaced with Splenda The mac and cheese will be made with wheat pasta. My family doesn't mind they will all enjoy it... My son even helped me look for healthier version of recipes . I only plann on eating a small amount of stuff but wanted to make it better as a family.. I hope it works out well..

I hope everyone has a happy holiday week coming I know I will be very busy.

11-19-2011, 01:06 PM
Hello All!

This morning everything is covered with a couple inches of powdery snow. I was thinking of going out for a bundled up walk but I was afraid it might be slippery and I don't need an injury at this point. So, I did 90 minutes of walkitout.

Yay Bonnie! You are doing so well. Your Thanksgiving menu sounds delish and I am so glad that your family is supporting you. I am mostly making our traditional favorites but we are adding veggie dishes: roasted veggies and a large green salad. I have two cousins who are on IP so it will work for them as well. I am going to just have really small portions of the other stuff.

Fatmad, thank you so much for your explanation. My doc has simply told me to "not worry about it" and instructed me to stop testing after excercise. All the diabetes sites talk about low bs during excercise. I kept trying to find the right combo that would work so I will stop now. I do have a rule for myself that if my fbs is under 85 that I eat something small/healthy/carb before working out. I have crashed a couple times when I didn't.

I hope that everyone else is having a good saturday. I plan to finish up some laundry and then I have a birthday party to attend tonight.


11-19-2011, 08:55 PM
Hey all> Just a quick flyby, we are having a very busy weekend. I am sticking well to plan, although scale is the same. bs ok too. but some late nights, early mornings etc could affect things. will just keep on keeping on. I am finding the most difficult thing is getting enough water. I did well the first bit, but am finding that hard now. taking water jugs with me when I go out to work. Have to remember to use them!

11-19-2011, 11:09 PM
Just a quick flyby to say hello. From what I read y'all are doing great. I've had a busy few days and eating has been good off and on. Good thing is that I went to the dollar store to get a few things and picked up some candy then turned around put it back as I said to myself... I can't eat that stuff. Checked out and drove over to Wal-Mart and to get some onions and bought me some grapefruit. I felt that was an accomplishment.

Ruthie - Congrats on the normal bs.

Bonnie - Congrats on the weight loss.

Rie and Fatmad and everyone else:wave:

Have a great week end. Catch y'all Monday

11-20-2011, 08:04 AM
Wow, Bonnie. You have done so well. I remember how discouraged you were when we first met. It's time to change your ticker and your other profile weight.

Yesterday was a difficult day which started out badly with a trip and fall in the lane. No major injuries except a fat upper lip and scratched glasses but it was scary because I blanked out for a bit. Luckily Donna was here cleaning and got me patted back together. Today I am going to stick around home and heal up.

Despite all the pre-Christmas festivities in the Village, I've managed to avoid the church suppers, hot chocolate and other snacks. FBGL was 5 again this morning. It's been running like that all week which is not my usual. I am wondering if cutting down the glyburide was a good idea despite my good HA1C. I won't mess around with any more changes until I get back from my PA trip next week.

I am driving to PA, rather than flying, which means I can take along on-plan snacks and avoid restaurant temptations. I am staying in Allentown Tuesday night and meeting a friend for dinner but she suggested a seafood restaurant so that should be OK. My hostess in PA is a South Beacher so food will be fine there.

I'm babbling so had better grab some breakfast and crank up the day.

11-20-2011, 01:55 PM
Hello Everyone!

fbs at 82 this morning and I did 2 hours of walkitout. Little gs begged to get on it after I was finished and he actually did about 15 minutes. Pretty good for a 4yr old:carrot:

I have been eating well despite attending a birthday party last night and increasing social obligations. Bs has been stable, on the verge of low:?:

Ruth, I hope that you are better. Did you say that you tripped on something? I think we need to wrap you in bubble wrap these days!:hug: Maybe it would be a good idea to leave the meds the way they are for traveling? When do you leave on your trip?

Trish, good job on the candy. Grapefruit is a much better choice!

Fatmad, I struggle with the water intake, also. I try for 64 oz per day. It seems like I do better if I include water intake in my tracker. I guess I just need accountability - even to myself.

Bonnie, change your signature and tracker, girl! You gotta take credit for every pound that you have lost! :cool:

Everyone else, I will check back later.


11-20-2011, 07:02 PM
Another quick flyby. I've had a good day, busy but a good resting and eating day. I got up and decided that it is time to take control. Not joining Weight Watchers, but I'm going to us the new WW plan. I don't eat enough fruits and veggies and fall back on quick stuff and on the new WW plan they get most of them as freebies. If I don't join then I can eat the plan I want to play and use WW pts to limit calories. I have to say that it really feels good to feel like I actually have control again. I realize that I'm just not willing to give up and lose my health.

Ruthie - You have a safe trip to PA.

Rie, Fatmad, Bonnie and everyone else:wave:

11-21-2011, 12:01 AM
Trish< I agree, having a set menu can be helpful. I am going with the atkins menu, but being told is helpful. Have been doing better with water today.

Hello all. I agree, Bonnie is doing awesome, ticker fun time.!

11-21-2011, 07:28 AM
Good Monday morning on a jam-packed day. I am slowly recovering. By the way, I suspect I tripped on a stick lying under the leaves in the lane. They should have been raked up two weeks ago but ...

FBGL is still running a bit high for me - 5.3 average or 95.4 - but I definitely won't change my meds while I'm away. I will test and record though. Some of it could be body stress from the whoosh which seems to be over, alas!

Tomorrow is travel day and could be a tad stressful. (Funny but I've driven in Europe and even the UK but American highways freak me a bit. Six lanes is excessive!) I have healthy snacks planned, lots of water already in the car and plan to take rest and walkabout breaks frequently. So silly because the drive straight through is only 7 hours!

While I'm away, I may get a chance to check in - don't have or want a lap-top - if I can remember my password for 3FC. It's been a while since I logged out!

Wishing us all a good and healthy week.

11-21-2011, 09:29 AM
quickie drive by for me. i will be back this afternoon and ready and post.
just got back from a 2 1/2 mile run/walk. such a beautiful morning out. have my exercise planned for the week. and the menu for thursday is plan and simple, just Dh and i with my great nephew from the base at shaw just north of us.

11-21-2011, 12:17 PM
Good Morning!

fbs at 80 this morning. I got in an hour of walkitout and I am headed off to work. I discovered this morning that I am out of apples:( so I had to improvise on breakfast. Once again, I discover that I am such a creature of habit....

Yesterday afternoon was a little hard as my ds made pumpkin bread. The smell was wafting through the house. I considered a slice until I decided that the 35 carbs would be my alotment for supper and part of my evening snack - not worth it! Grrr.

Ruth, it sounds like you have a great plan for the trip. You will be great on the road and you will have such a wonderful time!

Fatmad, good job on the water. It is a struggle but I think our bodies function so much better. I sometimes think that my "thirst meter" is broke because I seldom want the water. I sure feel better when I get it in, though. Sometimes I think that my early years spent out in the fields without a potty led to bad habits. When you know that you aren't near facilities for 4 - 5 hours at a time, you drink less. :o

Trish, I think that any plan that provides some structure is good when you are struggling. WW offers structure with lots of flexibility. With your busy schedule, think about some tools to help you. I LOVE my apple slicer correr thingy - whoosh and I have perfect apple slices. I try to keep celery stalks washed and cut in the fridge along with string cheese, and low fat/sugar yogurt. Cheap and quick. Good luck

Bonnie, How ya doing girlie?

Chipper, way to go on the excercise! I have a plan this week, too. I think the excercise will be the good thing that I will do for myself in a week with some indulgences.



11-21-2011, 01:05 PM
Hey everyone jest checking in before I head out to my my DD to the dentist she has to get a few things done . OK so I changed my weight ticker thing I was kinda board sat night so I started doing walk it out and finally stopped two hours later ( Rie I never did find the Air balloon thing may be not unlocked enough things yet) So I felt pretty good My daughter decided to do it too then she put in her Just Dance I cant do that thing it is too confusing..

So I must be running I will be back later...

11-21-2011, 02:07 PM
No I use the wii remote and the numb chuck You hold the wii remote and put the chuck on your pocket.

Here is the link for amazon


You can scroll to the bottom and read what everyone post about the game.

Rie How do you modify the playlist ? I hate the slow songs !!!

Thank you so much. I am looking into getting it.

11-21-2011, 02:10 PM
Hope everyone is having a great start of the week. I didn't have a great weekend - my evening eating is just out of control right now. Don't know why or how to stop it. I need a reboot! Hoping that getting back into the work routine will help.

11-21-2011, 07:45 PM
Bonnie, at the top of lookout mountain, there is a suspension bridge that you have to build. The next day there is a place to build the airship or blimp. It is also on the walkitout forum. Just worth building because it will be there every day after you build it.

Connie, every day is a new day.

11-21-2011, 11:15 PM
Hey all:
Had a few days where the hives were a bit better but they are bad again yesterday and today.
Hope everyone is doing well, it looks good from reading the posts.
Weight is down to 177, (high of 181 after poor eating for a month).
And a weird thing happened, a period started. Just when I thought I was really ready for menopause. I guess I will be 51, not 50 when I am finally, officially in menopause. I haven't had a "real" period for about 6 months, only had some spotting in August .
I have been cooking up a storm. THe weekend was too busy for much cooking, but I am going away for a 2 day meeting, so making mostly my own food.
low carb shepherds pie, custard, celeriac soup, low carb "potato" salad. Had to make my own Mayo for it, as mayo usually has lemon juice, and I am now allergic to it.
Whew, gotta go clean the kitchen!

11-22-2011, 06:25 AM
:wave: Outta here shortly. I've got sliced apples and cheese for snacks. See y'all later if I hit a PC on my travels.

11-22-2011, 08:32 AM
:wave: Outta here shortly. I've got sliced apples and cheese for snacks. See y'all later if I hit a PC on my travels.

You have a very safe trip, Ruthie and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Hope you get this before you leave.

11-22-2011, 08:34 AM
A quick flyby. I will check back later. Have 2 pretty good eating days. Y'all have a great Tuesday!!!

11-22-2011, 10:13 AM
Good morning!

fbs at 84 this morning and I am happy about that. Last night at pool league I realized that I did not have my metformin with me (for the first time in more than a year.) I was afraid to eat but I was starving. I had picked up some deli salad and a few shrimp for my supper. I ate and did my pool league, getting home at 10pm. Fearfully, I checked my bs and it was only 93! Yay

Fatmad, I am so sorry that your hives are raging again. Cooking your own food really seems like a good plan.

Ruthie, drive safe! Sliced apples paired with protein are my fav. road snack.

Trish, Bonnie, and everyone, I will check back in later.


11-22-2011, 12:18 PM
Good morning!

fbs at 84 this morning and I am happy about that. Last night at pool league I realized that I did not have my metformin with me (for the first time in more than a year.) I was afraid to eat but I was starving. I had picked up some deli salad and a few shrimp for my supper. I ate and did my pool league, getting home at 10pm. Fearfully, I checked my bs and it was only 93! Yay



Rie: just go ahead and eat reasonably when this happens, then take the metformin when you get home. The Metformin doesn't work immediately as you eat, as some meds do. It is a long term moderating influence, so exact timing isn't as important, and a little later is fine. Metformin works on many levels in many ways, and even medicine doesn't understand it fully.
I think if you check out wikipedia or another good source, you well get a better picture.

11-22-2011, 04:34 PM
Oh thanks Madeleine!

I really appreciate your help. I know that I need to find balance here between responsible self care and not freaking out at every little slip. It is helpful to know that what I did was ok.


11-22-2011, 10:42 PM
I'm sure everyone here in the USA is busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. I plan to go to the store in the morning as I get senior citizens discount on Wednesday. I'm making my cornbread dressing after all since family wants it too. That and a nobake cheesecake and cook the turkey. DD is doing the rest. Today wasn't my best OP day but tomorrow is another day and I'll just keep working at it. Not going to give up.

Rie, Bonnie, Fatmad, Slmn and everyone else - Have a great Wednesday!!!

11-22-2011, 11:27 PM
I just found a group on another low carb site and found a group on there who combines Weight Watcher's Plus Pts with low carbing. Too tired to read a lot of it... some of them use the full fat and some don't, but I it seems to be a great idea and it is working for them. Interesting to say the least.

11-23-2011, 10:50 AM
Finally had the weight loss breakthrough I have been waiting for. 159.5 this morning! I have been struggling at 160 for a couple of months, so was happy to finally break through! Have had a couple of really good "on Program" days and great exercise days. Give me extra motivation to get through tomorrow.

Hope everyone else is having a great day!

11-23-2011, 11:31 AM
Fatmad - I started through menopause at 49, but still had periods sporatically several times the following year. I am 65 now, and when I go to the gyne they still ask me the date of my last period. Darned if I remember!!!

11-24-2011, 11:14 AM
Hello all!

Happy American Thanksgiving! I woke this morning very thankful for the joy of feeling empowered to care for my health. I wrote about my story a while back. Last year on this day, I was 6 weeks or so past my diagnosis and filled with fear, confusion and worry about how I would handle something like a holiday meal as a person with diabetes:(:?: This morning, I am up with a bs of 79 and ready to ENJOY the day. :carrot:

I hope each of you has a great day. Sorry, I don't have time for personals because I have to go wrestle the 24 pound turkey in my fridge.:lol:

Hugs to all of you! :thanks2:


11-24-2011, 11:40 AM
Hello all!

Happy American Thanksgiving! I woke this morning very thankful for the joy of feeling empowered to care for my health. I wrote about my story a while back. Last year on this day, I was 6 weeks or so past my diagnosis and filled with fear, confusion and worry about how I would handle something like a holiday meal as a person with diabetes:(:?: This morning, I am up with a bs of 79 and ready to ENJOY the day. :carrot:

I hope each of you has a great day. Sorry, I don't have time for personals because I have to go wrestle the 24 pound turkey in my fridge.:lol:

Hugs to all of you! :thanks2:


Rie - CONRATULATIONS:carrot: You have made great progress. Last year is when I got off. Although I plan to enjoy the foods I really like in "moderation" this year, I also plan to make this the time to turn thins around for me. Have a great day!!!

11-25-2011, 01:02 PM
Finally had the weight loss breakthrough I have been waiting for. 159.5 this morning! I have been struggling at 160 for a couple of months, so was happy to finally break through! Have had a couple of really good "on Program" days and great exercise days. Give me extra motivation to get through tomorrow.

Hope everyone else is having a great day!

Wow! You have done great, Connie! 50 lbs down the drain! I'm looking forward to reaching that milestone.

11-25-2011, 02:30 PM
Well, I found my incentive to get on WW/Low Carb combo. Yesterday was BIG carb day and I was stuffed. I then remembered why I don't like eating a lot of carbs and why I love low carbing. I had planned to start the WW/LC combo Sunday, but decided that I can't wait. I am OP as of this morning and looking forward to a clear head later.

I woke up yesterday morning and decided to start thanking God for all my blessings which I do often, but I decided to change my way of looking at things around me. I started thanking Him that we can help the kids etc got up and did my part of the T-Day meal. When we set down to eat, DD said "Starting with the youngest, everyone say what you are thankful for this year". When it came her turn she was thankful that her daddy and I were willing to take them in and take care of us. And when it came my turn, I could genuinely say that I was glad they are here. Prayer really changes thing. I really enjoyed having this small part of my family together and they did too.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

11-25-2011, 10:05 PM
Hey Ladies I Jest figured it was late and I would pop in havn't been here in a few days .. Well Thanksgiven went well I do have to say today is weigh i day for me and I am now 47 pounds Gone 3 more pounds till me next goal....

Rie I can't find that dumb Blimp for nothing I dont know where it is I built the suspension bridge and got the disc that was their but their isnt anything else their........

I will catch up tomorrow I have some things to finish before bed....

11-26-2011, 11:13 AM
Trish - I'm glad that God has turned your attitude around. I think it might have something to do with the fact that Dad had a talk with them and they started to change their attitude, too.

11-26-2011, 06:57 PM
slmn - I'm sure that helped, but I think it was a lot of things. Thanksgiving day was a wonderful "family" day. When we set down to eat, DD said "Okay kids, starting with the youngest lets all say what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving". They were thankful for being with us and for us taking them in and taking care of them. They were surprised to hear that I was glad they were here for Thanksgiving. DD and I have had a nice talk and suddenly we are developing a wonderful relationship. I know this is only a chapter in our lives where we can make some wonderful memories to look back on. I also remember how I felt when my deceased hubby and I lived with his grandparents for a while. I remembered how I used to love to spend time with them and they never made me feel like I was unwanted or I was getting in the way. The only problems I had was with his grandmother wanting to change the rules with our kids. I am pleased to say that April and I don't have that problem. We can build a wonderful Mother/Daughter relationship because I've learned that she wants that kind of relationship with me. She was so close to her deceased Mother that Tony didn't think we could have that relationship, so I realize that I am truly blessed.

Also my DD who lives in AR helped too although she doesn't know it. As we talked during the holidays, she said, "Mama, I should have done more when I lived with you and Daddy, but I guess you just have the attitude that 'Mama will do it'". I realized that Tony's DD isn't taking advantage of me and she isn't being the way I thought she was... she's just being a daughter. That speaks "volumes" to me and I realize that I couldn't ask for anything better. I am really "thankful" that in the almost 10 years I've been married to her daddy, she has come to love me like a Mama.

Had a good WW/LC day. Not doing a WW/Atkins although some people do. I'm just trying to keep the carbs to a minimum learning portion control and I'm really enjoying it.

Y'all have a great week end.

11-27-2011, 11:14 AM
I hope all of our American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, and just enjoyed it and are not feeling bad about any off-plan eating. Its time to return to normal. Trish, I am interested in your ww/low carb site, where do I find it? I need something. Weight is back up. My own fault, I HAVE to stop eating out. Its too hard to stay on plan and off citrus!
DD was here, and we did lots of wedding planning stuff. Also, we went to a local gown shop and started the dress shopping. Since she is having her wedding quickly, we have to do a lot right now, as dresses have to be ordered months in advance and we are booking a tent for the yard for the reception. We will do the ceremony outdoors, weather permitting.
She was so lovely trying on dresses, and I realized just how big I am. I really need to get this weight down to a reasonable size for June. I don't want to look at fat pictures of myself for the rest of my life. I will join ww or anything else if it helps and isn't unhealthy. (I draw the line at fads and unhealthy eating, period).
I am going to yoga today, and cleaning house will be further exercise. Happy Sunday friends.
And Ruth, whereever you are, if you check in, have a great time!

11-27-2011, 11:20 AM
Trish - I understand what you're saying about the mother/daughter thing. Even though I raised my step-daughter, we don't really have a good relationship and I don't know if we ever will. It's as much my fault as hers. I was just thinking over this Thanksgiving holiday, that even though she's in her 40's, she has never had to do anything on a holiday but get up at whatever time she wants to and go to someone else's house and sit down to eat. Same with Christmas. When I'm gone, she will have absolutely no idea how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. She will always have to have someone else's house to go to. Now I have a new sister-in-law, also in her 40's, who has never walked into my house that she didn't bring a bottle of wine and a contribution to the dinner. She comes early, helps with final preparations, and helps clean up. Sometimes I feel that it's my fault that I never taught my step-daughter to pitch in, but she was always too busy. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that I'm the one always hosting Thanksgiving, and it makes me feel good that they all come and enjoy themselves, but I often wonder if they stop and think that someone else is doing all the work.

11-27-2011, 11:29 AM
Fatmad - I am interested in the WW/low carb site, also. I enjoy checking out any weight loss sites, and even if I don't follow the diet, I get pointers. My step-son had an outdoor wedding reception. It made me a nervous wreck but the bride said all her sisters had that too, and one even had rain, but they made it through the day with the big tents in the yard. At the last minute they booked a church for the ceremony because all my frantic comments started to make them nervous, too. LOL I was so afraid it was going to pour down rain with everyone dressed in good clothes and no where to go for shelter but a tent. It worked out fine and I hope yours does, too.

I know how you feel, not wanting to be fat in pictures, but it seems that I don't start worrying about it until there's not enough time left to get down to the weight I want to be. You are smart to think about it 6 months in advance. 5 lbs a month is doable and would give you a 30 lb loss by that time. I don't really know how much you want to lose but you can do it!

11-27-2011, 05:08 PM
Carol and Mad - Hope we can do this and it works, if it doesn't work, let me know and I will PM you two.


11-27-2011, 06:56 PM
Hello Friends

I guess I haven't posted since Thanksgiving day. I enjoyed a long visit with my bff and she left yesterday. I also left yesterday to play in the "Battle of the Bighorns" pool tourney. Unfortunately, I didn't play well but I enjoyed seeing all my old friends.

Carol, I think you did well by having a relationship with her. In our family, Everyone helps to prepare the meal and everyone helps clean up. You are right, it is a lot of work.

Mad, I agree with you. I had some lovely food, wine, and really enjoyed myself. Now it is time to get back on track, starting tonight - not tomorrow. You have busy times ahead of you.... weddings are a lot of work!

Trish, it sounds like you are continuing to get things worked out. Hang in there!

Hi Bonnie! Wow, 47 pounds is amazing! Your dr is going to flip. I will try to go on amazon and find the info on the blimp. Did you build the suspension bridge at the very top of lookout mountain? I will do some more checking...

Well everyone, I am tired and going to spend some quiet time watching football and hanging out with ds and dgs.


11-27-2011, 10:54 PM

Here is the link talking about the airship

11-28-2011, 08:27 AM
Hi, Chickas! I'm home safely. BGL was great during the trip despite several deviations. I know I ate too much and my ticker is lying again; however, I am blaming it on the Macdonald's burger and fries I was forced to eat on the way home on the thruway! (I just spelled "burger" as "bugger" and had to go back and edit although that really was appropriate.)

Now it's back to clean eating and planning meals ahead. I might even work in some exercise although I did get some through walking and shopping. ;)

Back later to read how everyone is doing.

11-28-2011, 12:25 PM
good morning...

i have been sooo busy the last few days. great nephew came down from shaw air force base for the weekend. i worked out everyday except sundays (my day off). ate super good until saturday night. we all went out to eat and the place we were going to closed down. we decided to try a new chinese place. (my fav and big down fall). that started the crash. today is a new day and i have been cleaning up after the company and doing laundry. avon order due in today, so preparing the bags for that.
well need to get some lunch. really hungry today.

11-28-2011, 01:48 PM
Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend. I did well on Thanksgiving day, but blew it yesterday. Not too bad, just off program. Am back on the horse again today! Did not weigh in today, will do that tomorrow. I think I should be fine though. It was so nice to see family over the weekend. Now on to Christmas!

11-28-2011, 02:26 PM
Hello Everyone!

fbs at 91 this morning. I suspect it was a combo of being up most of the night with intestinal distress and the fact that I forgot my planned bedtime snack.

I did an hour and 20 minutes on the walkitout. I continue to enjoy the game a lot.

I just don't have time for personals today, sorry


11-28-2011, 09:04 PM
Hey ladies sorry I have been busy the last few days I have not been able to check in. I am doing good I didn't get to work out today we moved some beds around we had one of them temper pedics beds and I can tell you they suck. Because of my weight after laying on it a few weeks it became soft so when I would lay in it I looked like I was laying in a crater. So I got my Queen bed back from my son and so we played musical beds this afternoon and I am so sore . I jest got me a shower and I thought I would get in bed a read some before crashing but wanted to check in here first.

So a lot has gone on around my house this weekend. My DH aunt is having problems with her blood pressure and then she has been watching her granddaughter and she wont eat when she has her so its causing her to have some health problems. So me and the family went to see her and did some yard work and little task around her house for her and then we talked about us moving to her house and taking care of her and turning her huge garage into a apt for us. She says it fine with her and she would check with her daughter to make sure she don't mind. So we are waiting on a final word . In the long run we will be helping each other out.She is is in a financial bind like we are so we are hoping for the best..

Well I better be going I hope to find everyone well and doing ok..

Rie I read some on the Blimp I will check the next time I get on it..

11-29-2011, 07:58 AM
Carol and Mad - Hope we can do this and it works, if it doesn't work, let me know and I will PM you two.


Thank you Trish. I registered for the site and found the thread about WW/LC. I haven't had time to go through it and read it but I have it bookmarked so I can go back to it. That is a big site. I will enjoy going through reading everything.

Bonnie - I am sorry to hear that you didn't like your Temperpedic bed after paying for it. They are pretty expensive, aren't they? We have a Sleep Number bed. We contemplated getting one, but bought a new mattress and box springs instead. A year later, we went back and bought the Sleep Number bed and gave the new mattress and springs to my step daughter. The Sleep Number bed is the answer to our problems. DH has his side set to 45 and I have my side set to 75. That was our problem. I like a really firm bed and he likes a really soft bed. We were trying to both sleep on the same type of mattress and someone was always uncomfortable...and it was always him. LOL Now, if I roll over to his side, it's like I'm falling off a cliff! LOL

11-29-2011, 09:10 AM
Good Morning Chickies,

Carol - You are welcome. I don't know why I never thought about combining WW/LC. They say you can eat what you want. I think it is because the old Core plan was more of a low carb, but they required lowfat with it. So I think that threw me off. I know I'm not going to go Atkins lc but will do like I see a lot of them do by keeping the carbs to a minimum. I haven't had much success getting OP so far, but I've finished reading the thread and realized that each person does the level of low carb that fits them. So I will be working at it and tweaking it to my lifestyle and needs.

Sorry, no time for indies this morning. Will try to do better with that later. DGS therapist comes today so schedule has to be a little different than usual.

Rie, Bonnie, Chipper, Ruthie, Fatmad, Suttercm and everyone else:wave:

Y'all have a great day!!!

11-29-2011, 11:05 AM
Hello friends!

fbs at 80 this morning and I am feeling pretty good. No time for workout because I overslept:(.

I hope everyone has a good day. I will be back later for personals.


11-29-2011, 11:54 AM
HI everyone. I always enjoy reading peoples posts.
I have been looking up about ww/LC and see that basically, it would just temper the calories on atkins, and would likely be used especially for higher phases of atkins, phase 2-3, where limited carbs are reintroduced. This is a little like "backing into atkins". This is what I did, I couldn't go onto induction and stick it out right away, and had to lower my carbs slowly. Unfortunately, I seem to get carb cravings if I don't stay on induction. Every time I stray, I just over do it. I will eventually go to phase 2, but slowly. I think I will have to stay on induction for weight loss. As soon as I have grains or potatoes, I lose it. So I will need very careful portion control when I do that.

I love the thread about the musical beds. I think we will be getting a new bed, and putting ours in the downstairs guest room, and the queen bed there will go to the upstairs guest room. THen the futon bed in that room can go elsewhere, as it is on a frame that allows it to fold into a couch and can be put anywhere.

I am also interested in moving to the auntie's house to help her and yourselves. It sounds good, but re-read trishes threads the last few months and figure out what you could do in agreements to prevent problems. I wonder if Auntie's kids would be worried about her changing her will or something that would disadvantage them, and reassurances would be helpful.
If this pans out, doing something could be a win-win all around though, I see your point.

Basics for the wedding are panning out, I am glad to see that it looks like the most local party suppliers will give us a discount and will be the best deal. I wanted to go with them anyhow, as I always prefer going local when able, and this just seals the deal.

I should go reset my ticker now, I am under 180, and want to be about 140 by June. Sounds reasonable, but I don't do this easily. The theory is so much easier than the doing, as we all know. Thanks for the inspiration friends.

11-29-2011, 12:22 PM
Did AquaZumba this morning and I am just dragging! Also did part of a "Couch to 5K" training run yesterday. Weather has turned nasty - hoping it will clear up enough to get my walk in tomorrow morning. They are predicting snow this evening! Hope everyone is working on managing the stress through these holidays.

11-29-2011, 05:58 PM
HI everyone. I always enjoy reading peoples posts.
I am also interested in moving to the auntie's house to help her and yourselves. It sounds good, but re-read trishes threads the last few months and figure out what you could do in agreements to prevent problems. I wonder if Auntie's kids would be worried about her changing her will or something that would disadvantage them, and reassurances would be helpful.
If this pans out, doing something could be a win-win all around though, I see your point.

Bonnie - I agree with Fatmad. Please be really sure this is a good thing because it can be a real problem. I have been so angry for 2 days because after DH and I told everyone they couldn't put a Christmas tree in the living room because DH has to sleep in the chair that was in here... they put the tree up any way. I feel this is sooooo disrespectful to him especially since he doesn't get much sleep anyway. The tree was more important than DD daddy's health. I am having a very difficult time with this one and I am ready to blow up. DH and I both wish we had never done this, but we felt we had no other choice because there are 3 children involved. He has told me for years that I am all he has and I have told him that his kids love him and care for him. First he was mad and started moving things around lifting things and I stopped that. I thought he was mad at me until I realized that he just feels used and abused by his own daughter. Now I see what he was saying to me all these years and I can't argue the point with him. I know you love your aunt and I think you are really special people to want to help and it is a shame that it appears that you have to do it instead of her kids. So please Bonnie... try to cover all the basics because it can become something you can't get out of. My prayers are with you.:hug:

11-30-2011, 12:22 PM
Good Morning!

fbs at 74 this morning. I did 90 minutes of walkitout and enjoyed myself. My eating has been on plan for the last couple of days.

Trish, I am so sorry for the family troubles that you are experiencing.:hug: If it was me, I would demand that they take the tree down. I have learned to stand my ground and be very clear with my ds about what I want in my own house. It breaks my heart that it makes your ds feel unloved:(

Bonnie, as someone who has spent lots of time living in extended family situations, I know that it can work but it takes lots of struggle and communication. I am thinking positive thoughts - whatever your decision!:D

Hi Mad! I think it is great news that you can get the wedding stuff locally. It is my preference, also, but we all have to save cash.... Nice that you can do both. I have tried dropping my carbs down to atkins induction levels a couple of times but I have trouble maintaining my bs with so few carbs. I have been learning that I don't seem to get craving from really healthy carbs like apples or dark chocolate. But give me your average dinner roll..... I am sunk! I think 40 pounds is very reasonable but the most important thing, as you know, is just to lose some weight and be healthy. :hug:

Suttercm, I am so jealous that you can actually run! I am forbidden because I need a total knee replacement so I have to stick to walking.

Carol, I think those sleep number beds are a life saver for couples who like different beds. How is the new plan going?

Sorry for missing anyone, must get going.


11-30-2011, 01:09 PM
Sorry about family drama. Luckily I've avoided a lot of it but that's probably because my family is not a close one, something I regret a lot.

I'm back in the groove weight-wise and foodwise except I did a dummy this morning and did not test my blood until 10:30 when it was 4.2 - a tad low after two coffees. I just had a wonderful turkey bacon, tomato, pest and ww toasted sandwich which really hit the spot. A glass of skim milk and I'll be ready to tackle the afternoon's pet therapy job, the fun one today.

I am so darned glad to see the end of November and its health problems. That 20 pound on and off routine was scary although the good HA1C was delightful. Now to carry on.

New month tomorrow so first one in should start a new chat.

11-30-2011, 01:11 PM
Isn't it ironic that so many of us are dealing with adult children living with us! My 25 yr old daughter and her 3 yr old daughter just moved out of our house. While I miss the GD desperately, I don't miss the daily mess and chaos! I love coming home from work to find the house in the same state I left it, no sink full of dishes and being able to manage my own time. I pray that her new situation works out, but know that if need be we will welcome her back home again. I always found it helpful to have one room in the house that was "mine". If need be I could seek refuge from the noise and confusion. I have found with my diabetes that I am more intolerant to stress and noise.

I hope you all that are dealing with this find peace and happiness - in your homes and in your familial relationships.

11-30-2011, 06:09 PM
hi everyone. sorry our internet got turned off this morning. never heard back from dh aunt. doing ok here trying to figure out what to do. this time of year is so hard on us. we have lived with aunt before all went good was their for two years. my bed is a lot better though. i can say we didnt buy the temper pedic it was given to us
dont know when internet will be back on so i will have to use my phone. oh before i go rie i finally got the blimp stood their and changed time+till+i+seen+it.+i+hopefully+be+checking+in+so on