South Beach Diet - What an incredible reminder for me.

10-23-2011, 11:28 PM
Yesterday we went to the state fair. I had preplanned to eat fair food. I've never been to the state fair, so it was really exciting for me. I pretty much knew what I was going to get to eat before I got there so making choices wasn't difficult. I got a polish sausage with onions & bell peppers, fresh fried potato chips, water and a small candy apple. I did great! I had no problem sticking to my plan.

And then today happened. :dizzy:
I now remember why I don't eat white stuff.... All day long I've been having cravings. It's nothing unbearable or anything but I haven't had any cravings for white stuff since my 2nd week on SB. I've been doing SB for 3 months! NO cravings for 3 months with no off plan foods with the exception of yesterday.

Was it worth it? You might ask... For me, Absolutely! ;)
It was probably the first time in a long while that I actually really tasted and enjoyed that kind of food with no guilt. I can see myself doing this a couple times a year maybe.

Last night I went right back to my SB lifestyle that I adore so much. This week ahead, I'll probably eat closer to Ph1 to get that junk out of my system.
I'm really happy I had this experience, it's a gentle reminder that tells me I still have a problem with white stuff and I should stay away from it.

10-24-2011, 09:35 AM
Good for you! It's inevitable that we're going to eat stuff that is off plan. Recognizing that you do have some cravings and getting back on track immediately is a strategy for success! Glad you had fun!

10-24-2011, 01:48 PM
Great job! I know I have problems with white stuff too and can see how easy it would be for me to fall off the track! I am hoping phase one really helps me get the white junk out of my you though I know I will plan to have it still in my future it is just all about getting back to it that will truly count instead of falling head over heels in love with the white stuff again!!!

10-24-2011, 03:43 PM
No cravings today. I'm really happy about that.

I think it's so strange how it acts like a drug. It happens with alcoholics and drug addicts. They cant have just one more of their drug of choice or else they will crave more.

I know for a fact if I went ahead and ate what I was craving yesterday, I would have more intense cravings today, and before you know it I'd be right back to where I was 3 months ago. I'm not willing to let that happen, ever! I made a commitment to stay on the path, I will not fail!

10-24-2011, 10:39 PM
I had a pretzel the other day and it just wasn't worth if for me. I felt like crap after eating it (physically not well) and then all I could think about was potato chips. Sucks doesn't it?