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10-23-2011, 09:44 AM
DH & I have reservations at a really fancy restaurant for my bday weekend. So we go shopping to get an outfit for me and new shoes for him.
So I'm looking through the racks and he suggests I get a new jacket (they were on sale cheap) so we're looking and everything he picks out is a 3x. I'm like hun I can't wear that it's way too big (I can wear a 1x and some of my shirts are an xl) I never did find a jacket I liked they were all too big or too small.
But I was a little annoyed.
Then we go to the jewelry store because my rings have been falling off lately. We just wanted ring guards. The very pushy store manager at Zales kept insisting that we send the rings to be sized instead of worrying with the ring guards. So DH asks how they size she says "We cut a piece..." He immediately cuts her off. Oh no no we don't want to do that. Weight fluctuates so we'll just get the guards.
So I guess he's saying she may have lost weight but who knows for how long. Nice!
In the past I probably would've gotten upset, but I'll show him!!!
Oh we also stopped at taco bell for lunch. I had 1 crunchy taco and maybe a quarter of a burrito. OMG I had indigestion so bad! I was belching and my stomach was so bloated. It felt like I had a thanksgiving feast. Well, I'll say after about an hour of the belching he says to me "have you been throwing up after you eat?" WHAT!!! I had to laugh I said uh, no. His lame brain theory is that I'm now bulimic and my system couldn't handle the food as I'm throwing up everything I eat. I said no, I don't eat this crap anymore and only went here because you wanted it and my system isn't used to the oils and additives. He said ok. But I could tell by the look on his face he thinks he's right.
LOL wow SBD is working so well DH thinks I'm a bulimic yoyo dieter lol.
BTW he's lost a couple of pounds too, but still eats crap all day and drinks beer a couple times a week so of course my loss is more dramatic.

10-23-2011, 11:30 AM
ughhh but you are right do this for you and just happen make him eat his words/thoughts at same time!

10-23-2011, 08:02 PM
Yup Pear Fairy. I've lost tons of weight in the past on La Weight Loss and Jenny Craig and gained it back so I suppose he's a skeptic. But I do feel very different this time. I know my mind frame and motivations are different this time and this will be long lasting.