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10-22-2011, 03:08 PM
I went to a free consult today.
I haven't signed up yet -- I have few questions first.
I know I need to take a multivitamin -- I am going to use my own. I also need to get fish oil... do you use theirs?
Other recommendations ---
Thermogenic Phenatrim (sp?)
MRC - 6

Vit D/cal/mag

Are these necessary?
If and when I sign up, what HNS should I start with? Any recommendations as for flavors? The lady said that have pudding too?

Thanks for your help!

10-22-2011, 05:44 PM
Everyone has their own opinions on the supplements. There are some that don't buy anything and there are some that buy a few.

I currently take Phentratrim, MRC-6, MSM, Cortitrim, Internal Cleanser & Trace Minerals. I also take their multi-vitamin because most vitamins in the stores don't have enough to them. I take my own krill but have to take 2 of them because it's not quite the same amount as the one at the center but I usually wait for Walgreens to a buy 1/get 1 for whatever. And I take D3 & B6 which I purchase elsewhere.

If you don't like veggies, I highly recommend the Super Veggie Drink. You can drink a scoop everyday just for the nutritional benefits or 2 scoops replaces a veggie and lunch or dinner. And you can also have 1 scoop and 4oz. raw veggie at lunch or dinner.

As for flavors. I still with 6 different ones. I like the powdered ones for work - because I mix them up in my shaker bottle and put them in the fridge. I get Wildberry Passion, Lemon & Pink Lemonade and in the concentrates, I get Grape, Pomegranate, and the other berry one (just bought it yesterday but can't remember what it is).

And yes, they do have pudding - chocolate or vanilla. They are creamies so you can have 1 a day as long as you don't have a meal replacement in that same day.

I highly recommend you purchase the cookbook. There are a lot of good recipes on there and also check out the recipe thread on here.

Good luck with your journey! This program DOES work. I've been on program since late March and close to signing the 100lb board!

Welcome to the group! Jump in on the October thread.