South Beach Diet - Do I start back over on Phase 1?

View Full Version : Do I start back over on Phase 1?

10-22-2011, 01:56 PM
Back on October 10th I totalled out my family vehicle/van. My children and I had bruises but otherwise okay. But the guilt and stress of the whole situation had my diet get put on the back burner. I don't regret it because it honestly kept my stress level down in an already very stressful/emotional time. It would have been worse if I was fretting over what to eat and not to eat. I didn't overdo anything but i seriously had 75% carbs each day (but stayed within reason when it came to calories) Just a lot of sugar.. I didn't do badly cause I didn't gain weight during the 2 weeks. But I certainly undid my bodys adjustments to lack of sugar. I am back track now emotionally and physically so its time to get serious about my diet again. But the question is, do I start back over on Phase 1 or do i start back on Phase 2? My son is in the process of weaning so while I know that SBD says nursing starts on Phase 2, i don't think I need to take it into consideration because I already slightly modify my Phase 1 to give me a couple extra carbs for the aspect of nursing. I was only on phase 2 a few short weeks before the accident.... So I am really thinking that perhaps I should go back to Phase 1?? I only have a few more pounds to go. (roughly 20 at most)

10-22-2011, 04:49 PM
If you are done nursing and are ok with it, yes, I'd go back to Ph 1. Rid the body of toxins, get back adjusted to not eating sugar.

I am glad you and your family are ok!