Diabetes Support - Metformin timing for optimal blood sugar & weight loss

10-21-2011, 02:03 PM
My story...
Around 17 (1991) years old, went from being very athletic to putting on weight. Weight continued to pile on into my 20s. But I was also drinking lots & eating like a college student. At 28 (2001), was diagnosed with PCOS & started Metformin & went very low carb/healthy. Within 9 months, I lost 80lbs. Maintained within 10 lbs or so until age 35 (2008) after birth of 1st daughter. Only got within 25 lbs of goal before I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter. Have gained more over the past year & now want to get super serious about losing 55 lbs.

I am prescribed 2000mg of Metformin but have only been taking 1500mg. It's the ER/time release & I take the 1500 at bedtime. I want to start taking the full dose (preparing myself for the bathroom issues at 1st :o) but am also struggling getting my blood sugars normal. Never had that problem before & suspect I have now actually developed diabetes instead of just being insulin resistant.

I figured since I joined the forum for the weight loss support, I might as well see if there is anyone who has advice on taking my Metformin optimally??? I am googling too but it's always good to hear real life experience. I am wondering if I should do 1000mg in the AM & then 1000mg at bed or do all 2000mg at bed. My primary concern is getting my am fasting #s back down to under 100 (they have been 140).

I am also playing around with dinners & a bedtime protein bite but can't seem to get it right. With both pregnancies I had issues with just the am fasting # but it was in the 110 area, not 140. I found that waking up & eating a hard boiled egg at 3am did the trick then. But that's not practical for non pregnancy living.


10-21-2011, 04:48 PM
Hi Steph~ Welcome!

First, I would encourage you to join us on the October chat. Some very experienced and wise people there. Did your dr give you instructions on how/when to take the met?

I take 1000 in the morning with breakfast and 1000 in the evening before supper. I must have a protein/carb snack at bedtime to keep the morning readings low. I use dannon light and fit yogurt.

My morning reading is usually in the low 80's, but it really only came down that much consistently when I lost weight. Good luck!


10-21-2011, 09:46 PM
Thx so much Rie. My script said take at bedtime but I don't recall if my Dr & I ever spoke about the timing at all. Due to insurance changes, I am with a new Dr & going for my bloodwork this week so we'll see what my A1C is now. My last reading was Feb 2010, right before I delivered & I was 5.4. But I haven't been taking good care of myself so I know my #s are going to be ugly.

I'll check out the Oct chat. Thx!!!!

10-22-2011, 08:51 AM
welcome steph: I am also not officially diabetic (pre-diabetic one might say) but for "safety" I try to think of myself as diabetic and keep my numbers in line with normal for non-diabetics. I think that when you talk with your doctor, ask about splitting it up, am and pm. It will likely work better and leave you with fewer bowel issues. If you don't want to go super low carb like atkins, maybe lower carb and lower glycemic, like south beach would work well for you.
Having the babies may have put you over into diabetes territory and getting the weight off will help a lot.
Also, save a few carbs for a late evening snack before bed. Maybe some old cheddar with a couple of crackers would do the trick and prevent glucose dumping by your liver overnight, and your fasting sugars would be better.
good luck!

10-24-2011, 12:30 PM
Thx so much!!!