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10-21-2011, 08:48 AM
I woke up EARLY this morning and exercised BEFORE I started my day. I'm feeling pretty darn good... hopefully my metabolism is fired up now.
See, usually I exercise at the end of the day- I am NOT morning person, but today felt so good that I think this is going to be a permanent change.

When do you like to exercise? What time of day do you feel works best for you?

10-21-2011, 01:28 PM
Woohoo! Way to go!!
I am not a morning person either, but when I excercize in the morning it feels so much better. It boosts my mood for the WHOLE day :)

I am only doing couch to 5k right now and I do that around 9am :) Any later in the day it's too hot. It's been close to 100 all week, yuck.

10-21-2011, 03:34 PM
Right now I am getting up early myself. Part of it is that the motivation goes as it gets dark so early. I am also in school in addition to working. It is easy to get stuck in front of the computer for hours so the AM is working best for me. Yes, painful, but helps the rest of the day!

10-21-2011, 03:58 PM
I want to eventually transition to morning exercise. I'm not a morning person at all, but the benefits seem pretty good: more energy all day, get the exercise done and out of the way, and I've also heard that it can improve sleep quality.

but for now I'm an evening exerciser.

10-22-2011, 09:11 PM
I think I like doing my cardio early and my strength training in the evening... That seems to work best for me. It really is hard getting out of bed, but I feel so accomplished!

10-22-2011, 11:33 PM
Grrr. My schedule is fairly flexible but I find that I do my best real work in the mornings so I've had to move exercise to the afternoons. It's usually fine but I often get invited to last minute social or social/professional things after work that make the gym not feasible. To disallow this from becoming a real problem, my rule is that I go to the gym every day and take my rest days on those occasions when something comes up.

I find that I feel great after exercising no matter when I do it, so there's always that.

Oy. Life. :)

10-23-2011, 12:18 AM
I like to exercise in the morning I find that it sets me up to have a good day eating wise cause I know I worked out hard so it makes me really want to eat better throughout the rest of the day...

10-23-2011, 10:54 AM
I agree, that's definitely another benefit. I don't want to "ruin" what I've done with bad foods.

10-23-2011, 03:13 PM
Currently I'm not working, but when I was my workouts was after work - around 7-8pm, which was a great way for me to relax after the long day :halffull:
Now I'm spending most of my time at the university, so sometimes I workout in the afternoons, but most of the days I train in the morning. I get up late, so I'm not sleepy and then have a breakfast and in 1 hour I start. :)