General Diet Plans and Questions - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Help? Picky eater too!

10-13-2011, 12:54 AM
I'm an extremely picky eater, and I can't really stand to eat much meat.

I need help deciding on a breakfast, lunch, and dinner plan so I can start and continue to eat better.

For breakfast I'm always in a rush to get to school, so are there any "on the go" foods I could purchase at maybe a local walmart or something? (Mind you, my small town is very limited and we only have walmart and brookshires)

For lunch i usually get a salad at our local tea room, but I'm not sure how to portion it. It comes in a usually to-go box with lettuce, cheese, carrots, and those purple things which I have no idea what are called. They usually include their homemade ranch in a tiny cup, and some crunchy bread.

Should I lay off the crunchy bread, and limit my cheese on the salad?

For dinner I don't really eat much, and I'm not sure what would be a good meal for dinnertime.

10-14-2011, 11:04 AM
I like the Jimmy Dean D-light sandwiches - my current freezer is full of the english muffin/turkey sausage kind. You only need to heat them up for 90 seconds and they're ready.

Did you ever think of packing lunches ahead of time and bringing your own? Personally, salads do not fill me up. I prefer to have something "heavier" like chili with ground turkey, and then I have cut up veggies/fruits as snacks during the day.

I'm a student as well (I also work full time) so a lot of the time dinner is just a quick egg-white omelette with spinach, pico de gallo (purchased at the grocery store) and laughing cow cheese. It takes about 5 minutes to make, and is very filling.

Sometimes I also have chicken breast and frozen veggies - heated up in one of those micro-wave steamer bags. Also filling and healthy :)