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10-11-2011, 11:10 AM
Good morning ladies. I always feel like such a fraud whenever I do a new thread and type in the steel magnolias. I am a yankee gal transplanted so am not really a magnolia. I am more a dandelion! :lol:

I am humming right along with weight loss. I got on the scales this morning and have lost 2 more lbs. I did some extra work and set of a food chart that I follow everyday so my diet is more balanced and it is obviously working out fine. I get all the recommended amounts of everything except milk and I just hate milk so much I take calcium with vitamin d to replace what I don't take in. According to the information, you can substitute one fruit serving per milk serving instead so that is what I do when I don't have milk. Since I am not using any refined sugar at all, I can't put in chocolate syrup or powder. I guess I could look and see if they have Nestle's quik that is sugar free and then I could drink a glass of milk. I don't like plain yogurt unless it is in something and again, I am trying not to eat anything that adds sugar and the flavored yogurts see to have them and a lot of it too. I did eat dinner last night and realized I forgot to make myself a vegetable all together because I had kidney beans which are considered a starch not a veg. Ahh well, I imagine one night isn't going to kill me! :lol:

Jean: Fortune seems fine. Every once in awhile he will do this and he did it just once and that was it and he went out and went this morning and it was fine so we just keep an eye on him. He goes to the vet on Friday though because I am afraid he might be developing some sort of eye infection so I thought I should get it checked out. Jack had a nice quiet birthday. I make him turkey and mashed potatoes for dinner and he enjoyed that. We didn't buy each other gifts this year because we had just spent all that money on vacation. He did talk to his grandson and son last night and Jack's sister called him too. He only talks to her a few times a year and rarely sees her because they live in Lubbock Texas. She is the only sibling he has.

Poor Jack had a fever this morning and tossed and turned all night. He says he feels like he is catching a cold so he took Nyquil this morning right away and is sound asleep next to me in the recliner. I have made my breakfast and all that noise, eaten it and even have some of the lights on and he is sound asleep so maybe he will catch up and feel better. He hasn't gotten a flu shot yet and he needs to get to one of the Walgreen clinics to get one I guess.

Nothing much else going on here. I hope you all have a good day. I am going to go and unload the dishwasher and put away clothes and make the bed. Faye

10-11-2011, 12:56 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cool, breezy, and sunny in my neighborhood this morning. The leaves blow in around my front door corner where the garage wall sticks out further, and there is no point in raking them out. I'm glad we don't come and go through that door as I would have as many leaves inside as outside. I'm doing laundry and need to meet with the hospital volunteer director later to go over a reconciliation sheet. She didn't understand what I was talking about and if the former treasurer said she didn't make them then I need to find out who does. I sure don't want to have to do it! :no: I made a quick WM run yesterday and Bob suggested I pick up a couple things for him today, not knowing I went yesterday. :dizzy: He is farming again today; I guess I didn't ask him about needing anything from WM yesterday.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 2#s! You are on a roll for sure, and it sounds like your plan is working for you! :cp: I'm glad Fortune seems to be back to normal again. I bought Ernie a bird that chirps yesterday and he has brought it upstairs. He will leave it lay and every once in awhile it will chirp on its own. I hope Jack is feeling better after his nap. He sure doesn't need a cold to go back to work.

I need to keep moving. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy whatever you are up to today! :D :wave:

10-12-2011, 09:32 AM
Good morning to you all! It is another nice day here in Memphis. I think I am going to have to go out and get more fruit, milk and stuff before Friday. My pieces of fruit haven't ripened yet that I bought on Saturday and I am running out of canned, packaged and frozen fruit and need some deli meat as well for sandwiches. I am having to buy tomatoes on the vine to get decent ones and they are so darn expensive that way, but I can't stand icky tomatoes with not flavor.

We are just going to hang out today and then tomorrow clean the downstairs again. It is nice having Jack home as he does the vacuuming and I hate to vacuum, but next week it is all up to me again since he has to go back to work. :lol:

Maggie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!:bday2::gift::woo: Hope you have a nice one!

Jean: You and I have been alone here for a couple days I think. Maybe we have internet bad breath!!! :lol: The leaves are getting nasty here too. I hate it because they get dragged in on the carpet in little pieces and then stepped on and crumbled. I just go and get my little hand vac and sweep them up when that happens. I have a birthday card from a friend that if I move it just right starts singing happy birthday again. :lol: Jack slept almost all day, the fever broke and he slept all night last night and says he feels fine this morning so it must have been the fever making him feel bad. I weighed myself this morning and am down another 2 so it is really coming off this week. I am sticking to pts and everything, it is just all the junk from vacation I guess.

Nothing much else going on here. We have commissary this weekend and dinner with the kids. I am taking Fortune to the vet on Friday about his eyes and talk to dr montgomery about why he is chewing his paws all the time and licking everything. I know the chewing can be a sign of allergies and wonder if something I am feeding it is causing it, but not the licking so we need to get it cleared up whatever is causing it 'cause it is driving Jack and I nuts.

Have a good day all! Faye

10-12-2011, 10:42 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cloudy cool morning in my neighborhood, but the sun is trying hard to peek through the clouds. Bob left early to get a fuel pump for his tractor and it will be dark before I see him again tonight. I have lunch bunch this noon and bell practice at 5. I need to call a couple people to see where they would like their church memorial money to go. I want to buy an eternal flame candle because our church doesn't have one.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on losing another 2#s! You are on a roll for sure. I'm glad Jack is feeling better! :cp: My first thought when you said Fortune was chewing on his paws was allergies. It will be interesting to see what the vet thinks. Have a good time picking out fresh fruit; I tried the paper bag with peaches and they got too ripe and turned mushy. :o I wonder why/where the other three have disappeared to? Perhaps Will took Maggie on a surprise road trip for her birthday. :dunno:

Maggie -- :hb: :balloons: I hope you have a great day and get to do something fun! :bday2you:

Susan and Gail -- We miss you! :twirly:

I need to get dressed and vacuum dust/fur bunnies before I leave the house. The floor doesn't look quite so bad on a cloudy day. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :D :wave:

10-12-2011, 01:12 PM

Thanks for the birthday wishes Magnolias. Will sang happy birthday to me this morning which was a treat. :p He is going to take me out to lunch at Applebees this day. It is said to be mostly sunny today with a temp of 73. Nice. I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get in here to post. I had over 250 tickets to make and 150 flyers then we had some friends from MN to drop in for a visit and we all went out to dinner and had a good gab fest. Hadn't seen them face to face in about 20 years. What fun we did have. Yackety yack yack. We do keep in contact but face to face is just something special ya know. Perhaps we shall see them at least once a year now when they travel from Min to AZ where they have a winter place now. Beanie and Cecil are sure pals now with Cecil being the boss. Cecil is going to be one corker of a cat when he grows up. Ragg Mopp has a small oval shaped pillow he had taken out of his bed and slept on when he was a puppy. Didn't use the frame it was in ~ just loved that pillow and rests his head on it even now at times when he snoozes. Well when Beanie is in the room that is what he chooses to take his naps on. Just took it over. Pushey little thing. It is a hoot to watch him in action.

DONNA FAYE You are doing so well on the losing weight business. I love hearing how you are just dropping the pounds. Time sure does fly for it is almost time for your Jack to go back to work. I bet he isn't looking forward to it though. ;) Now that he has gotten older Ragg Mopp sometimes chews his feet and the vet said he has nerve ending that tingle and make him chew at them. I am sure glad he isn't doing that all the time though. The leaves are just turning here and the hardwood trees mixed in with the evergreens are lovely. I love the colors of autumn.

JEAN Isn't that the way of it that on cloudy days the dust doesn't show. But watch out when the sun comes out. When I was a kid I used to like to see the dust in the sun rays as they came in the window when I cleaned my room. I knew I was cleaning up my room when I saw the dust fly. Yep, those sun rays as they marched across the floor out in CA were fun to watch. I only put avacados in a bag to ripen because it does mush up the peaches I have found out though the years. I have an electric thingie that keeps fruit much longer than it would just sitting out in a bowl. It vacuum seals it in and to open it you push a button to let the pressure out and get what you want out then close the clear lid and repressurise it. It is trick and we don't waste any fruit that way for sure. It holds quite a lot of fruit.

Thanks again for the Hippo Birdie wishes. :wave: Type at y'all later.

10-12-2011, 08:48 PM
Good evening, ladies. 68 degrees and raining.

I have been on the go since the last time I posted...seems like a month ago. Today was the first day I could just have a day to do what I wanted. I went to IHOP for pumpkin pancakes for brunch and used my free meal coupon for my birthday. Then I returned Cox Cable's equipment and dealt with their pitch to stay. After that I picked up my new glasses and I must say I really like them. I went to a larger lens and can certainly see the computer, read, etc. better. I wear no line bifocals and those smaller glasses just don't have a big enough space for the bifocal and top lens to merge. Then I went to EZ Pass and picked up a transponder for the bridge tolls. Now that Sandy is closer, I'll go over more and it's $2 a crossing. With the transponder it's 85 cents. Then I went to Peebles since I was on that side of the bridge. Got a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in dark green and a pair of black for $23. A good sale and they took 25% coupons off on each item.

I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday helping her move. I'm just glad to see her get on with her life.

Monday was applique bee at Bella's and then bible study.

Faye, calcium and vitamin D do not replace milk. Milk has protein and other nutrients they lack. You also can't substitute fruit for milk. Again, you are missing a lot of nutrition. You could use the milk to make sugar-free pudding or hot cocoa, 1-1/2 oz of cheese is also = to a milk. Or are you not doing WW now? Congratulations on the 2# loss. I get sugar free chocolate syrup at Walmart ($1.48) and add it to cold or hot milk, too. Has Fortune ever had hot spots? They make dogs lick like crazy. Poor thing! I'm glad Jack is feeling better.

Jean, It seems like you have taken on a second career as an accountant! Around here the winter vegetables and flowers are being planted so i'll be getting my pansies this weekend. I love seeing them all winter. I'll get some ornamental kale, too.

Maggie, :bday2you: I completely forgot my birthday Sunday and so did Sandy. I had to call Glory and the first thing she said was Happy Birthday and for a minute I thought she was a week too early! I'd love to see Cecil and Beanie playing together.

Hi, Gail!

have a lovely evening!

10-12-2011, 11:16 PM
Maggie -- Applebee's would be a nice birthday treat. :T It was fun that your MN friends could stop by for a visit on their way to AZ. :yes: We had a couple three rain showers today and I thought maybe the farming would come to a halt, but the guys were able to keep going. Parts of town didn't get anything so the showers were randomly scattered I guess.

Susan -- Pumpkin pancakes sound interesting. :yes: I've never heard of transponders. Do you scan them like a credit card as you drive through the toll booth? I remember driving to Ohio and if you had the right change you could just throw it in the bin and keep going. You will look spiffy in you new jeans and a bargain too! :cb:

10-13-2011, 09:33 AM
Good morning to you all. I hope your day is going to be nice today. We have errands to run this morning so will be up and about early. We had to buy a new battery yesterday as ours konked out at the house. It was a real mess as everyone was at work so no one could help us, but we got it taken care of and all is well.

I got some lovely fruit at Fresh market along with some nice turkey breast. The place is expensive though so it isn't something I could do in a bigger amount as I spent $44 as it was.

Jean: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FRIEND!!!! :celebrate::hb::woo: I hope you have a wonderful day today. In bigger metropolitan areas that have tollways of any kind (Chicago is a good example) people get these things they put on their cars and when they can get to the toll booth the "EZ" lane as some of them are called reads the thing on their car so they don't have to have money every time and they just drive right through. My son used to use one when he worked in Chicago. You pay a monthly bill for the service. We had a bit of a thunderstorm last night but it seems dry at the moment.

Susan: No, substitutes do not completely make a difference, but if it is between not getting any nutrition, which is what I do because I detest milk, and at least getting some between the calcium with d I take (1800 mg) a day and eating fruit instead at least there is that. I do WW but I am also on an exchange program that I decided to use so I could eat more balanced. I found the information on a May Clinic website, figured out the calories per day I should intake, compared it to what I was allowed WW points and set it up along with the list of foods in each exchange. It has kept me totally balanced not only with eating all the proper foods, but also balanced eating during the day, which helps with hunger. It provides me much more nutrition because I follow what I am to eat when, ie, breakfast is 2 starchs, 1 fat, 1 milk, 1 fruit so I get in all my proper foods instead of just picking whatever. I was not getting near enough fruits and veggies and eating too much sugar. Except for what might be in something packaged, I am not eating refined sugar at all now. It obviously is working as I have lost 9 lbs so far in a little over a week. I am taking the whole thing to my dr in two months when i go back to have my new bp med checked and ok it definitely with her. He doesn't have any hot or bare spots and his licking is not on his body but on furniture and stuff. His chewing is only his paws and from what I have read it is either boredom or allergies and he is 12 years old and never shown this to be chronic like it is now and always lived quietly with us so I doubt he is bored. Anyway, his vet with get him right tomorrow, but I feel for the little guy.

Well girls, I need to get out of here and get going. Have a good one all! Faye


10-13-2011, 11:20 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly but it's only 46 degrees and breezy out this morning. The weatherman said the afternoon will be windy. A neighbor spent all yesterday afternoon raking leaves and then left them in piles; I wonder where they will be this afternoon. One of the church members dropped dead yesterday so will have a funeral either Saturday or Monday. I have to bake two different kinds of cookies for a meeting on Monday so am thinking I'll double check the recipes to make sure I have everything and bake on Saturday, maybe even tomorrow. Other than that not much planned for today.

"Gma" -- Enjoy your new battery! ;) It seems like there is always something that needs to be fixed or replaced. Thank you for the birthday wishes. You can tell we live in a rural area and haven't traveled the toll booth routes in several years . . . like about 35 years! :lol: I hope the vet has an easy fix for Fortune.

I need to get dressed and accomplish some more sorting and pitching today! Enjoy your day wherever you are! :D :wave:

10-13-2011, 01:23 PM
:bday2::woo: Happy Birthday, Jean - any plans to celebrate?

Good afternoon, ladies. Raining and 75 degrees.

Haven't done anything since I posted last night except drive to work and take out the trash. Not very exciting.

Faye, thanks for the heads up on the Mayo Clinic diet. I went over to their website and did some reading. It's just about how I divide my plan except I keep dairy separate from protein. They also had an article on the new Plate that replaces the pyramid and the differences. That was interesting because they agreed with removing the 75 calories for sweets each day. I wonder if they will be updating their book. You can also get menu ideas and on ( and they have a free food tracker that spits out the exchanges for the items you are eating.

I hope Fortune's trip to the vet doesn't turn out to be anything expensive!

Jean, as Faye said, the transponder attaches to your windshield inside the car behind your rear view mirror. You set up an account with an initial deposit of at least $35 and the toll is deducted each time you go through the EZ pass gate. When your account balance reaches $10, it is automatically replenished with another $35 or you can go to the office and have more put on. As you drive through the toll gate, you get a green light. When the balance is low, you get a yellow, if it runs out then you get red and have to go to the gate where you pay. The idea is to keep traffic moving at speed without backups to pay tolls. Mine is good from here to Maine, out to Chicago, down to Florida. You are always baking! I'm the one who says "can I contribute money instead?". LOL

Hi, Maggie!

10-13-2011, 02:33 PM
We went commissary shopping and met a couple with two children, one Thomas's age the other a bit older. They had just transferred here and come to find out, he is the same rate Jack was so we stood around and talked for about 15 minutes. I ask the kids how they liked Navy life and the boy was com si com ca and the girl said she liked it. I told her our two kids hated everything about it and still do! I did give Jack a jab after we left the couple because he is always giving me a hard time about talking to strangers all the time and he started talking to this couple so I teased him about it. I told him you just can't get the Navy out of the boy, I guess. I am surprised Jack didn't teach this guy because he would have been newly in the Navy when Jack was teaching. He may have been for all we know.

Susan: Yeah, I found sugar free quik so I now can enjoy milk. I have hated milk since I was a kid. My mom made us drink a glass of milk every meal and I used to hold my breath and down it first thing I sat down then cram in food to cover the taste! :lol: I don't like white milk but chocolate is ok. I do have to be careful though about dairy as I can get tummyaches from it. I have never tried like Silk or Almond milk. It is kind of expensive so I am afraid to try it and then hate it!

Jean: Hope you have a great day today with your birthday. I got my appt for my mammogram, which is on Halloween, guess that makes sense! :lol: I am lucky though as I don't have pain with the procedure at all. More boob is better I guess!

Just thought I would peek in and see what is going on with you all. Have a great rest of the day. Jack is napping. He hurt his knee yesterday when he got out of bed, then when he had to walk to the auto parts store for the battery it was all up hill. His dope of a wife didn't even think we could have called a cab to pick him up and take him and bring him home. At least I had one pick him up and bring him home. So, his knee is aching pretty good since he had to also walk all over the commissary this morning. He took a pain pill so you know it must be hurting and he wore his knee brace to the commissary. He will sleep all afternoon now and I will have a hard time gettng him up for dinner i imagine, though we are having chicken fried steak (WW style) and he loves it so maybe he will wake up for that. Faye

10-13-2011, 05:01 PM

It is a lovely day in the Heartland this day. They threw a surprise party for me after class last night which wasn't really a surprise but I didn't let on that I had guessed. They gave me a real neat center piece for the dining room table for the season. It is a wire wrap pumpkin with places set up for battery operated votive candles through its ribs. It is all ribs and open ~ just a wire pumpkin. It has several of those fake candles on it and it really cute and has winding copper leaves about the top around the stem. I will take off the table cloth which the kitten likes to hook his nails in and pull at and got it all down last night ~ it is crochet lace. I have a nice crochet doiley thingie I can set the pumpkin likght thingie on the middle of the table where it will be safe. It will look good without the table cloth for it is a lovely oak wood table. :p Tis the season. That kitten is a corker. He is going to be a handful when he is grown I do believe. Smart little thing. He likes to sit upon my desk and watch me type on this computer for it facinates him. I have to be very aware though of his body language because I can catch him when he is ready to pounce. I started posting here when he was asleep in his play station and then Beanie came in to check on him and woke him up. I thought I was in for it but they went romping down the hall to the living room. I don't know why but I am very sleepy today. I slept good last night and woke up feeling great. But now I can hardly hold my eyes open. Guess I should drink some more coffee. We had a yummy lunch. There is a man in town with his cooking rig that smokes brisket and pulled pork and makes the best baked beans around. He is only here 2 days then moves on to another small town and we can check his web site to know when he is back in our area. He goes from small town to small town in the state and it is a treat when he is in town. They let him set up in one of the parking lots. It is neat that some of the lamp posts around have plug in's but he uses a couple of generators. I need to go shopping in our freezer and decide on what to make for dinner this day. Will is at the museum today working and then to a board meeting a will not be home till a bit after 6:30 so I will plan for that time.

JEAN :congrat: :bday2you: :celebrate: :hb: Hope your day is delightful and you have many more. Any special plans for this day? Wasn't that rather rude of your neighbor to leave those piles of leaves for them to be redistributed about his and other yards round about. Maybe he needed help in picking them up though if he ran out of steam just raking them all in piles. How bout this ~ I don't recall ever traveling through a toll booth. We didn't have any out on the left coast nor are there any where we have lived.

DONNA FAYE We always talk to service men and women when we see them out and about. No matter which service for they are all working for us. I am glad that you and Jack talked to that couple. After all losing weight is all about cutting back and making sure you get the proper nutriends while doing it. Balance is the key. Good for you if you can now drink milk with chocolate in it. Your body will thank you.:p Thanks for the e-card it put a nice big smile on my face this day. You are a peach. BTW you really don't have to be from the Carolinas or there abouts to be a Steel Magnolia because it is really a personality attitude not a latitude. ;) Besides I am from the left coast and that is very far removed from the moss that drips down from leaves of the lovely trees down south. :cool:

SUSAN Your jeans sound delightful. Bet you look great in them since you have slimmed down so much. Thanks for that web site. I peeked in and bookmarked it and will go back and check it out more thoroughly after I get off here. I do aim to eat a balanced program. That is really what it is all about ~ eating right but less of it.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later.

10-13-2011, 06:01 PM
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It's still sunny but terribly windy this afternoon. It was garbage day so the trash cans are rolling in the street again.

Susan -- A rainy day is a good day to be at work! The transponder sounds like a pretty nifty invention. :yes: I'm sure the traffic is many times the #s since we lived in Ohio back in the early 70s. We used to drive through Chicago going to my parents cabin in MN and I thought the traffic was awful back then.

"Gma" -- It was nice of you to visit with the new couple at the commissary. :yes: That chore is over for another 2 weeks, and nice you could go during the week again. I'm not sure I would have liked the moving around with life in the military. I've never had any trouble with mammograms either. I do hope Jack's knee is feeling better after his nap and pain meds.

Maggie -- What fun to have a surprise party last night! How did you know? The pumpkin centerpiece sounds nice. I don't have any special plans for today. :dunno: I can't get inspired to do anything much. Bob isn't farming today so perhaps we'll go out for supper. He had a recertification class for BCBS this morning, and then was to meet with a another agent to do a commercial policy with a local business.

I see the mail is here so guess I will go check out the "junk."

10-13-2011, 06:26 PM

I just stopped in after having a break and eating a snack called Clementine which is a type of tangerine. I asked will to buy me some tangerines and this is what he got. I am so glad for they are so tasty and no seeds. I hope you can get them in your area for they were grown in of all places NJ. I never think of that state for growing citrus but I don't know why not. When Cecil woke up Beanie came in and they played hard then it got real quiet. I walked out to the kitchen for my snack and saw Cecil asleep on that pillow he conficated in the front room then when I went in the kitchen I saw Ragg Mopp asleep just inside the back screen door and Beanie on the other side sleeping on the top step outside. Nap time all around. Cecil is scheduled for his first trip to our local vet on the 24th of this month for a shot and check up. The vet is gonna like this kitten.

JEAN I knew for sure when the guy that was leading singing said he was cutting it short and told the teen class that was meeting downstairs to please stay out of the kitchen area. Well that was a no brainer for I figured they had been there earlier and gotten it ready for a party. I had told Will earlier that I didn't want any "to do" about my BD but he let them plan it anyway. It was fun. Do go out for dinner and celebrate. You only have a birthday a year ya know.:p

Have a good one ya'all. :wave:

10-14-2011, 05:58 AM
Good morning to you all! I know it is wayyyy early, but I was tired last night and zonked off around 8 pm so I am now awake after getting up to go to the bathroom. Fortune wants me to feed him (he barked at me while I am sitting here and I had just let him out so know it wasn't that,) but I told him he has to wait a couple hours! :lol: He obviously understood because he is laying on my side of the recliner loveseat! :lol:

Maggie: You were talking about clementines. The commissary has them and sells them in a box. I had never bought them as I knew they were a combo of tangerine and something and I hate tangerine seeds so don't eat the darn things. Have to remember they have no seeds. Now here is one for you, have you ever heard of a plumello (sp)? They had these huge things yesterday at the commissary and a gentleman and I (actually the guy Jack talked to about the Navy) were discussing what the darn things were. They are a yellowish color, skin like a grapefruit and from the description on the sticker supposedly are sweeter than a grapefruit, but I had never seen them before. They are about the size of a small pumpkin. Glad you had a nice birthday. Jack and I are celebrating ours with the kids together tomorrow night at Red Robin. I went to their website and you can use their nutritional thing to put together your meal. It is kind of cool. Let's say you want their mushroom swiss burger and it comes with lettuce, tomato, mayo. You hate tomatos, so you zap the tomato and it takes it off, and then you click on the nutritionals and it gives you all the info. I had to spend about an hour on the site to finally come up with a combo that would fit into my exchanges, but I ended up with their simple grilled chicken salad, no croutons, no cheese, low fat ranch dressing on the side and a side of melon. I will have to put aside part of the chicken breast more than likely to eyeball about 5 oz, but that's not a problem.

Jean: You have nooooooo idea the traffic in Chicago these days. You would be amazed what they have done though with just 80/94. That is the interstate we take from Indiana to come home to Memphis. We haven't been on the Dan Ryan expressway in a few years though if I remember right, the bus driver took the DR when we took the bus trip to the Cubs game a couple years ago. People in Chigago are what I call, "whippers." They whip in and out of lanes a lot to get ahead, but frankly their accident level isn't very bad. Traffic during peak times of work is a nightmare, bumper to bumper, but other times you can zoom right along. Being in the Navy and such, we have seen it all pretty much and LA is another crazy area to drive in. They like to drive FAST there. You keep up or you get run over. Here, you get into your car, put on your seatbelt, pray to God and drive! :lol: They are the worst drivers I have ever seen anyplace coast to coast. The people here are NUTS!!!! :lol:

This morning I am taking my Fortchy to see Doc Montgomery to get some meds for his eyes. Poor little guy is miserable and I have been trying to keep them clean with paper towels in warm water and the "tear stain" area clean with hydrogen peroxide, which is what the vet recommended to clean the area right under the eyes where yorkies have basically tear stains and they build up and get crusty if you don't keep them clean. The HP works great but you have to be careful not to get it in their eyes. Fortune is a doll and sits still for me to do it pretty much. I am going to discuss the licking and paw chewing business too. My take is allergies for the paws and maybe salt deficiency or something like that with the licking. We shall see.

Well gals, I am going to sit in my chair and knit. I still have to get my sister's other sock done. I have been reading a lot instead of knitting and need to get it done. I am on the leg part and it wouldn't take a lot to get it done so I need to hop to it. Have a good weekend all! Faye

10-14-2011, 10:25 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a chilly breezy 41 degrees in my corner of the world this morning. There are a few clouds floating around so the sun is playing hide 'n seek. I need to make a grocery run this morning for my cookie ingredients. The funeral is Monday, for the church member, so it will be a time crunch for me to get my $ posting done, funeral, and then co-hostess the P.E.O. meeting in the afternoon. I also need to do some "spit-shining" around here because there might possibly be a couple coming here, tomorrow, from out of town. Their granddaughter is playing volleyball and our friend suggested having lunch together. Bob will have to take time out of the field to do that. I'm hoping we can just meet somewhere.

Maggie -- We have Clementines here but they are always in a bag or crate. :( I've had them spoil before I/we eat them so don't buy them unless I can split them with someone else. They are very tasty! :T

"Gma" -- I've never heard of a plumello. Makes me think of a cross between a plum and a marshmallow! :lol3: I'm kind of surprised the store didn't have samples to try. I will say that the two local stores will serve samples when a new food is available. We have dangerous drivers here! A great majority have no license, no insurance, speak no English, and have no winter driving experience. :tantrum: Enjoy your meal at Red Robin; it sounds like you have a good plan of action!

I need to double check my grocery list and head for the store before the Friday "crazies" crawl out. Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :D :wave:

10-14-2011, 02:05 PM

It is a beautiful day here in the Heartland. I am going to do an inventory of my glass to see what it is I need to order for the projects I have planned to do for the Christmas holiday this year. I do have some houses to build and then I can make some candle holders and other cute little give away things. Will is out and about taking our friend that is staying with us a tour of the near by towns. He needs to get to know the area his program reaches locally. Cecil has taken to sleeping where ever he wants now for he feels secure. He has found that the dogs don't bother him when he is sleeping so he doesn't go into his little carrier case that was home to him when we first got him. Right now he is snoozing on top of his play station. It has plastic tubing as a frame and then a canvas box with holes to get inside on two sides is held to the tubes with velcro. You can buy other different modules to attach and make quite a big outfit but we just have the one cube right now.:o Maybe when he gets larger we will add on to it. He is a happy kitty.

DONNA FAYE Ready for this ~here is what I know about pomelos:
The pomelo tastes like a sweet, mild grapefruit, though the typical pomelo is much larger in size than the grapefruit. It has very little, or none, of the common grapefruit's bitterness, but the enveloping membranous material around the segments is bitter, considered inedible, and thus usually is discarded. The peel is sometimes used to make marmalade, or is candied and sometimes dipped in chocolate. The peel of the pomelo is also used in Chinese cooking. In general, citrus peel is often used in southern Chinese cuisine for flavoring, especially in sweet soup desserts.

The Chandler is a Californian variety of pomelo, with a smoother skin than many other varieties. An individual Chandler fruit can reach the weight of one kilogram. Pomelos are usually grafted onto other citrus rootstocks, but can be grown from seed, provided the seeds are not allowed to dry out before planting. The seedlings take approximately 8 years to start blooming and yielding fruit.

The tangelo is a hybrid between the pomelo and the tangerine. It has a thicker skin than a tangerine and is less sweet. It has been suggested the orange is also a hybrid of the two fruits. Other pomelo hybrids include grapefruits and mandelos which are also known as a "Cocktail Grapefruit" (though it is not technically a grapefruit), is a white-fleshed citrus hybrid between a Frua hybrid mandarin and a Siamese Sweet pommelo, making it 1/4 King Mandarin, 1/4 Dancy Tangerine, and 1/2 Siamese Sweet Pommelo. It was developed in Riverside, California in 1966. Due to its tenderness and high seed content, the mandelo has not achieved great commercial success, but its unique flavor, early and long season, and prolific nature has led to an increasing popularity in backyard orchards in southern California.

Bet you didn't think you were in for that diatribe. :o I love the Clementines. They came in a small mesh bag and the two I have left are still good which I will eat today. Out of all of them that Will or I have eaten I found only one seed. Only one. I know you will enjoy the Red Robin since you have done your homework on what to eat before hand. That is the smart thing to do for sure. :cp: Have a good celebration.

JEAN Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you. It is fun to have a visit from old friends isn't it. Lots of catching up to do. It is good to try new kinds of fruit. Not really new but new to different parts of the country. Growing up in CA I was privy to all kinds of fruit and veggies that the other part of the country didn't know existed. Some of the foods I learned back in those days are just coming out here. When we first left CA I couldn't find a lot of things I was used to using back there. I was told so many times that "they don't make that" or "that doesn't exist". But I knew they did and it was a bit frustrating. When we moved to MN none of the butchers knew tri-tip which is a triangle piece of beef. But one day a new butcher came to town from CA and he new tri-tip. He would cut one for us when we wanted to bbq one. Most butchers just cut it up for stews and soups. It is the triangle piece of sirloin and makes great sandwiches and such for it is very tender. That is a cut of meat that I have known all my life. We had many a tri-tip growing up. Location, location. I don't think we have had one since moving here ~ looks like we need to educate the butchers here if they don't have any. :p

All y'all have a lovely day. :wave:

10-14-2011, 05:20 PM
See, I knew nothing about the darn things since I didn't even call them by the right name. They were the strangest thing I ever saw and especially in the commissary since they aren't common fruits.

We are going to to see "The Big Year" with Steve Martin, Jack Black, and one of the Owen brothers. Don't know if it will be good or a stinker, but we decided to have a date night tonight and go to the movies. I know one thing, and you can take it to the bank, this gal is not getting a bunch of junk food to eat, no candy, no nachos, none of that stuff. I may have a hot dog and diet drink since we won't get supper before we leave, but I will count it in my exchange and pts so it will be ok.

Took Fortch to the dr and they gave him an allergy shot and he has doggy conjunctivitis and scratched his cornea so he put some numbing drops in his right eye to settle it down and salve in both and sent the salve home with me. Cost me $127!!! Sheesh, I need to put him on my Tricare insurance. :D Wonder if they would allow me to have a doggy dependent. After all he is not quite 12! :lol: I know they have insurance for dogs now, but at his age, I am afraid I would pay more premiums out than his life would last. The stuff isn't cheap and though I could switch to Petsmart and get this program they have like Kelly uses, Fortune likes the folks at our little vets and trusts them so it is better to just bite the bullet and stay where we are. I also trust the vet tech and dr montgomery. They told Fortune he should get a discount for being a good dog. He didn't whine, bark, pull away or anything and the doctor cleaned the eye, put in the drops. stuck this plastic thing down into the pocket between his eyeball and lower lid to test like ph or something and then put salve in and gave him a shot. Bless his heart it is good to see him not chewing on his paws, licking (he licks because it is a furtherance of the allergy chewing problem and now that he no longer itches or whatever and doesn't need to chew his paws he doesn't need to lick) His eyes are doing much better already too. I have to put the stuff in twice a day until the little tube is gone, about a week and he will be good as new.

Well, guess I better get out of here. We are going to leave soon. Have fun this weekend. I am going to clean house, go to dinner with the kids, and make dog food! :lol: Faye

10-14-2011, 10:56 PM
Maggie -- Ernie will nap in the same spot for months on end and then choose a new one ignoring the old one like he'd never even thought of sleeping there. :rolleyes: Thanks for the pomelos information. I'm sure we don't have them around here. In fact, I just saw my first pomgranate in the store today. We've had it already prepared in juice and fresh fruit combinations, but I'd never seen the actual fruit itself. I do know we have tri-tip available!

"Gma" -- Let us know how you liked the movie. It's always fun to plan a date night. We don't do that very often any more. I'm glad Fortune has some meds that are working for his allergies. I know the shot helped "Mom" almost right away. She used to yank clumps of fur out and I had visions of a bald cat. :lol:

I should have made some church phone calls tonight but fell asleep in front of the tv waiting for Bob to come home. :o So I'll have to do that tomorrow while I'm baking cookies. I am going to read for a bit and then head to bed. See you tomorrow!

10-15-2011, 10:27 AM
Good morning to you ladies. Busy day today. I need to get some things done in the housecleaning area, do laundry, make dog food and then go have dinner with the kids. I got into bed late last night so I am sleepy, but maybe it will lessen during the day.

Fortune is sure more comfortable and had quit the chewing and the licking even. I have to put his salve in his eyes as soon as Jack is finished with his cereal. The man eats cereal everyday. He has 4 different kinds at one time and has a serving every morning. Me, I would get tired of it, but he never seems to.

The movie was cute. It wasn't what we thought. We thought it would be funny with Jack Black and Steve Martin in it, but it was a nice movie and well worth seeing, especially since seniors can get reduced priced tickets! :lol: We just went ahead and had dinner at the theater (a hot dog and a drink) though Jack had some candy, nada for me. I kept to my plan. Just had 2 egg style waffles with sugar free syrup, 1 strip of precooked bacon, 1 8 oz glass of milk with sf quik and a sliced banana!! Good to go until lunch. I do need to go and get more lettuce though. My head of lettuced that I cleaned and put into pieces for sandwiches finally gave it up and turned brown.

Jean: Pomegranates remind me in taste of red raspberries a bit. I have had the fruit itself, but if you cut it open it is all these tiny seeds with the fruit clinging to them. You sort of suck off the fruit. Difficult fruit to eat IMO. You know, thinking about raspberries, I have not seen black raspberries in a long long time, since I was a kid actually. You can find blackberries, but not black raspberries. They were my favorite next to the red ones. I am a raspberry lover for sure. Hope you get your calls and cookies done today.

Well, I need to hop to it and get things done. Have a nice Saturday. Looks like it is going to be another warm one around here. Faye

10-15-2011, 01:55 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 77 degrees and sunny.

I just got in from WW and have much to do today. Yesterday I took everything out of the shed and trashed some and then put it back neatly. Wow - lots more space! My friends are coming to pick up the bookcases, smaller china closet, 2 endtables, and a printer stand. I've been wanting to get rid of some of this furniture so that's a good start. Now I have stuff in boxes I have to go through and find a place for them or put them in the thrift store bag or trash. That's my job for this afternoon. I'm making meatloaf, corn and tossed salad for dinner tonight.

Faye, I'm sorry the vet was so expensive but its good its treatable in one visit. Poor little Fortune! Didn't you feel good about not indulging in junk at the movie? Way to go! How's Jack's knee?

Jean, pomegranet seeds are edible and very good on salads. I like them a lot. Clementines originally came from Spain and the best ones sold in the wooden crates still do. Those are very sweet and juicy. I buy them all winter. 2 are one fruit. We have a lot of the fruits and vegetables that are available in the areas where we have military bases overseas. We have a high number of retirees and they liked the stuff they had over there.

Maggie, you never know what pets will do next which is part of the fun of having them. We have tri-tip roasts here. What good thing are you cooking today?

Have a great day - I need to get some lunch.

10-15-2011, 04:03 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's sunny and cool day in my neighborhood today. I just got home from having lunch with our friends from Bob's hometown. They were in town for their granddaughter's volleyball game. Bob even took a couple hours away from farming to join us. Now I am sneaking up on baking cookies, and doing some laundry.

"Gma" -- I'm so glad Fortune has stopped the chewing and the meds are working. :cheer: Enjoy you time with your family today.

Susan -- You have been a busy gal! It feels so good to sort, get rid of, or pitch what you no longer need. I need to do more of that! My main problem is finding the time to tear into something but not have a mess before I can finish. I really should learn how to budget my time better. :o

I need to make at least one batch of cookies today so had better get moving. Enjoy the rest of your day! :D :wave:

10-15-2011, 06:45 PM

I have been busy this day which is good. The temp is like early spring in the 70's and breezy. We were out and about and bought a new larger pot to repot a plant that has several plants in the same pot like they sell for housewarmings or such. They was just about dying looking rather sad, when a lady at the nursery gave it to Will and it survived and is quite beautiful. Has long thin striped leaves but not a spider plant but some ivy and a couple other evergreen type plants which I don't know the names of. The ivy has climbed up the wall around a candle holder to a shelf and back down again. He got it all repoted in a much larger planter without having to disturb those long runners. He was doing that while I was making marshmellow rice crispy bars. Of all the things. I haven't made those in years and he wanted some and brought home the ingredients to make them. They are 3 points+ for a nice thick one and quite tasty also. I have the ones that weren't eaten all wrapped up in wax paper and in a plastic bag so he can munch when he pleases and they will be fresh. :p At least they are a cereal bar and not just a cookie if you get my drift. Better for you stuff I guess.

DONNA FAYE So glad you have your Fortune all medicated and on the mend. Vets don't come cheap we have found also. But it is one of those necessary things. We have an appointment to take Cecil into the vet for followup shots that kittys need. The vet is gonna love this little guy. :cool: I have a bottle of pomegranet juice for cooking. :o It is also good over sliced peaches - OH yum. Some of my recipes call for it also. Good to not eat junk at the movie.:hug:

SUSAN We don't cook tri-tip as a roast but cook it like a steak on the BBQ. Looks like you have been one busy gal. That is good to be busy. Our Clementines come from RI right here in the US of A. Perhaps it did help us have so many different fruits and veggies where I grew up for we had a CB Base, Air Force Base, & Navy Base all in the county plus all the growers of fruits and veggies and nuts all around the county that a person wanted or needed. Tonight is going to be baked pork chops and sweet potatoes with a green salad. Not real exciting but yummy.;)

JEAN Do you ever sample the cookie dough when you make cookies? To me that is the best part.:^: Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts are my most favorite to make. Will's favorite are oatmeal raisin. I don't make cookies.:p Glad you enjoyed your friends that were in town for the game.

Have a great evening Magnolias. :wave:

10-15-2011, 11:36 PM
Maggie -- I need to repot some plants but I have to really be in the mood to do that. Rice Krispie bars are "hmm, hmm good!" :T I would have a hard time with those in the house. I did get one batch of cookies made. I dallied around and didn't get them started till mid-afternoon. The recipe says 5 dozen but I must have made them smaller because I probably got close to 9 or 10. They are "healthy" with oatmeal and Rice Krispies in them, but not so healthy with butter, oil, chocolate chips, and coconut. I would eat chocolate chip cookie dough just to make sure it tasted ok. ;) I didn't eat any of todays. I will make my 2nd batch tomorrow after church.

I am heading off to bed after I figure out what I am wearing to church in the morning. :yawn:

10-16-2011, 12:57 PM
Good morning everyone. I forgot all about Fortune's food yesterday as I started a hat for Jackson for Christmas since he wants a hat. Well, we got home too late to make the stuff so I had to get up and do it this morning and then clean up the big mess it always causes along with unloading the dishwasher I ran last night. So, I am way behind on what i want to do today.

We had a great time with the kids last night. That place is noisy as the devil though and they pipe in music besides so you can't hear yourself think. Kelly can't wear her hearing aid in there because of all the background noise so she says she has a terrible time hearing anyone talk with all the noise. I mean, I don't have a hearing problem and I couldn't hear anything anyone said. They bought me the cutest card with a cat on front saying something about him buying me a birthday gift and inside it said, "you don't already have a dead mouse do you?" I know that boy was behind it! :lol: They gave me a gift card to Joann's to buy yarn and this beautiful bracelet. I have wanted one for a long time and planned on buying one to put beads and charms and such on for weight loss, but now I have one I can just add to. Kelly got it as some charity thing they had to raise money for St Jude's and thought I would like it because of the little handbag charms, which I do. Now every 10 lbs lost I can add a charm, a bead, or a spacer!!! I am not going to count what I lost as of now because most of that was with the swelling so it was water weight gain. I am going to go from here to add my charms. I almost have the first one I can buy as I am close. I will probably just buy them once a month so I don't have to pay so much shipping all the time and buy them in sets of two so I can make sure the sides are equal in spacers and beads and such. I have already found some really cute stuff.

Jean: Sounds like you were the cookie lady yesterday! I can't remember the website, but I saw something about baking with Splenda and how to change it up so the cookies aren't tough, etc. It was pretty good info and if I ever find it again, I will be sure and post it here. I imagine everyone will enjoy your offerings for sure. I found a pumpkin cookie recipe that would be easy to adapt to WW pts that I might try somewhere down the road.

Susan: Fortune is doing much better now and is sitting in Jack's side of the recliner asleep at the moment. Jack is out at Best Buy spending the gift card the kids gave him for his birthday. I am going to knit on the hat when I get done here and make myself some lunch in a little bit. Jack is having off and on pain and soreness still, but for the most part it is fine. He keeps taking the nsaids the dr recommended and that helps with the inflammation. He starts back to work tomorrow so it will be just Fortune and I again. I am going to have to keep the car this week though as they didn't fill my prescription and are sending it back to me because she never returned their call (she may have never gotten the message.) Since it is Tricare, they require the DEA number of the dr to fill the prescriptions and I always forget to remind them of that. I am going to go over to the clinic this week and leave her a message and have her fax a new set of prescriptions to them and stress to the ladies in the office that it is urgent. I am down to about a weeks worth left is all. FYI: is having a quilt contest and the prize is $5000 if you are interested!!!

Maggie: We are having, well Jack is having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and I am having a couple stuffed peppers for dinner. He was all upset about double work for me, but I told him basically his little meatballs can be made with the same stuff I fill the peppers with and heating up sauce and cooking pasta is a no brainer! :lol: My exchanges don't allow for very much cooked pasta and I like the peppers and get my veggies in that way too.

Well gals, I am going to sit and knit for awhile with a little snack then have lunch in a hour or so. Have a beautiful Sunday. It is supposed to be near 90 here today! :fr: Faye

10-16-2011, 05:55 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's sunny, cool, and windy in my corner of the world today. I just finished baking cookies and need to frost them when I finish here. I'm glad I don't have to bake for a living! :rolleyes: We went to early church, Bob stayed to sing at 2nd service, and then left for the farm after lunch. He thought maybe the elevators would close early since it is Sunday but may stay open later since the weather is good. I'll see him when I see him.

"Gma" -- Do you have to cook or bake Fortune's food? He's almost like forgetting to buy formula for a baby. ;) Thanks for sharing the picture! You will have fun adding beads and charms to it. Can you change the colors of the beads and charms easily? My thought was if you wanted to match a color to an outfit. I had to :lol: at your card! Your dinners both sound delicious! :T

I have a load a laundry that should be done. Both of us are attending separate funerals tomorrow so Bob needs another white shirt. I will be ironing later! Hope you all are enjoying your day today! :D :wave:

10-16-2011, 07:02 PM
Good evening, ladies! A coolish day today in the middle 60s.

I went to Mass this morning and then to Sandy's and we went shopping since I got a $10 off anything coupon from Peebles for my birthday and she had several coupons that were about to expire. I got a pair of blue dress pants, the jacket I wanted from the last time I was there and 2 long-sleeved turtlenecks. Cold weather is on the way!

Faye, I've been wanting to make stuffed peppers for 3 days now so tomorrow I'm putting them in the crockpot before I go to the Y and then I'll have a nice supper if I add a salad and an ear of corn.

I really like your braclet. You'll have it full before you know it and won't that be fun! Have you ever tried spaghetti squash? I like to mix it half and half with pasta to make it go farther. I use it a lot of ways.

Jean, you have more funerals! I guess that's a part of living in a small town and knowing everyone. ( has a ton of recipes for cookies and other baked goods.

Hello, Maggie and Gail!

Have a great evening!

10-16-2011, 11:12 PM
Susan -- It sounds like you found some nice clothes while shopping with Sandy. :cp: What all do you put in your stuffed peppers? I haven't had them in a very long time, and that sounds good. :T I should dig out a cookbook and just start trying different recipes. The afternoon funeral is for a guy who was an agent when Bob started with the company 30 years ago. I'd go with him if I didn't have to co-host P.E.O. tomorrow, so he and his secretary are going together. The funeral I'm going to is at our church so I will be there after I finish my posting. Thanks for the link, I will take a look. Have you ever baked with Splenda?

I need to put my baking stuff away and get my kitchen ready for breakfast in the morning. Then I'm heading off to bed and read. See you all tomorrow. :wave:

10-17-2011, 06:57 AM
Good morning all. Fortune wanted out and wanted to eat so I just went ahead and fed him as Jack will be up in about half an hour and will get him going anyway. Jack's first day back to work. I know he isn't looking forward to it. His medical time off gave him a peek at what retirement will be like and he kind of likes it! :lol:

Today is weigh day and I am down 3 lbs :carrot: . Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and doing what I am supposed to do, keep to the exchanges and pts. The stuffed bell peppers were really yummy I have to tell you. I enjoyed them immensely.

Jean: I cut off a small piece of bottom to get them to sit flat then cut off the tops and clean them out. Then for every two peppers, I use 1 c cooked rice, 5 oz cooked ground sirloins, about half tsp of minced garlic, some chopped mushrooms, these are optional, I just had some leftover, 1 c Ragu spaghetti sauce. I cook the meat, garlic and mushrooms together, add the rice and spaghetti sauce and cooke about 5 minutes. While doing that, I boil a pan of water and blanch each pepper for about 3 minutes, take it out, fill it with filling and bake 350 degrees for 45 minutes, take it out and sprinkle 1/8 c mozzerella on each then put back in long enough to melt all the cheese until it starts to brown. By blanching the peppers, I never have undercooked peppers. It is pretty easy and I like the sauce better than regular tomato sauce. Ragu isn't bad on pts and you can get it with lots of veggies if you want more stuff in your pepper mixture. For Fortune, I use canned veggies which I rinse well and chopped or puree, I cook white rice, and I cook my meats well before crumbling them up into the rice and purree then mix the whole bunch by hand so I "feel" that it is well mixed. It is a lot of work, but at least it keeps him from getting sick and he likes it. The only thing so far he doesn't like is peas, but I have never purreed them so I might do that next time. The bracelet has "stoppers on each side to keep the beads and such that are currently on there from sliding so, no those beads and stuff cannot be changed or removed, but the ones I buy can.

Susan: I have 3 lbs and get my first new bead! :lol: I haven't ever tried spaghetti squash. I used to have a friend that posted on 3fc that loved the stuff and used it all the time. Does it take up the taste of whatever sauce you put on it like tofu does??? Sounds like you got some lovely clothes. I found a pattern for another sweater I am going to make for myself for vacation and a pattern for a wrap. I bought yarn with my gift card for them both. The purple is for the sweater and the white and the other color are for two wraps.

I guess I better get out of here as Jack will be up in just a few and want to play freecell while he is eating breakfast before work. Have a grand day ladies. Me, I am going to clean house today as usual, work on Jackson's hat, and do laundry. Faye

10-17-2011, 08:40 AM
I just had to show this to you and it may be my first weight loss charm. I thought it was so cute. The colored bead is a hoot. This is a metaphysical bead supposedly allowing the wearing to have huge weight losses. So now I see what I was doing wrong, I just needed to wear a bead! :lol: :lol:

10-17-2011, 02:02 PM

Please go to #48 for this page is full. Thanks. :wave: See y'all there.