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10-10-2011, 05:39 PM
I know some of you who've been around a while remember this exercise on VHS when it came out over 25 years ago. I did it way back when and do remember getting some decent results. Then, life got in the way and one excuse led to another and other workout dvds came out to try. I seemed to have tried them all, having great success with The Firm and T-Tapp. Although, nowadays The Firm makes me bulkier than I'd like to be and T-Tapp seems a bit boring. So I thought I'd check back into Callanetics.

Well, it seems to be making a comeback. There are even newer dvds out called Callanetics Evolution and Callanetics Aerobics, which I've ordered from Amazon and am still waiting on. Meanwhile, I am doing the Super Callanetics dvd (just taking out all the extra moves to make it the regular Callanetics program). I only did one workout last week, making sure not to push too hard. I still could barely walk for 4 days from being so sore. But I love being that sore!

For those of you unfamiliar with this workout, You can read about it here:

And here is what Callanetics claims to do in just 10 of their workouts:

•Guaranteed Inch Loss in 10 workouts
•Tighten Your Underarms
•Flatten your Tummy
•Lift and tighten your Behind
•Reshape your Legs
•Tighten your inner thighs
•Slim your Hips
•Improve your Posture
•Tighten your Pelvic Floor

In fact, many people claim that they lose 1-2 clothing sizes without losing any weight. Check out what it did for this woman in just 19 workouts:

And here are a couple of before and after pictures from the Callanetics forum on
I'm not sure if the one above lost any weight while doing it, but in this next before and after this woman stated that her weight remained the same. Look how much leaner she is in the left photo:

So...anyone interested in doing a Callanetics challenge with me. I really shouldn't count the one I did last week since I did it on Tuesday and nothing after that, but I'll count it anyway. ;) So nine more workouts to go to look 10 years younger (The Callanetics promise).

Whose with me? :carrot:

10-10-2011, 09:00 PM
Whew! Second Callanetics workout done!! It was a killer again, but it did seem easier in a way. At least my right leg didn't shake on one of the floor leg exercises when it was extended to the side like it did the first time.

Hope to have at least a couple people join me in this torture.

10-11-2011, 11:24 AM
No takers, huh? Well, if anyone does want to join, I'm going to move this over to the Support Group forum under Chicks Up For A Challenge. See you there!

10-11-2011, 02:27 PM
hehe... I did Callanetics quite often when I was in high school. I found the original for $0.50 at a garage sale back then! I then found a few of the others at garage sales too (super, am/pm, legs, butt, the book) didn't know at the time they were a popular workout. I used to love those before/afters, used to be very motivating even though the workout was so boring :)

I was thinking the other day, I became my thinnest doing Callanetics and lots of I'm doing some barre, yoga and pilates workouts now. Some of them have similar moves to Callanetics....

I don't know where my Callanetic tapes went though or I'd try joining day I'll rebuy them on DVD...

looking forward to your results though!

10-11-2011, 04:20 PM
I did Callanetics all the time as a teenager! I got pretty good at it, and I was naturally slim at that age. Unfortunately, these days I have severe ME/CFIDS, a condition which is made worse by exercise. That said, a lot of the reason why exercise makes ME worse is the aerobic component, and Callenetics isn't an aerobic form of exercise. Right now I'm just about managing the odd minute on the exercise bike and a roller slide thingy, but if I can get up to a point of being able to tolerate more without falling over/ending up in bed for a week, I will definitely be interested in trying a few Callanetics exercises. I still have a couple of the books. Although these days, I view the photos in there with more suspicion, as I reckon the people in them were dieting as well as exercising.

10-12-2011, 02:39 AM
ringmaster, if you do decide to buy the DVDs, I'd recommend getting the updated Callanetics Revolution. No more looking at guys in blue short shorts bending in ways that make you blush...and giggle. lol

Esofia, I can understand where you'd be suspicious about he before and afters. But take some time to read all the glowing reviews on Callanetics on Amazon. People who love it swear they've gone down 1-2 sizes without losing weight. And the last before and after picture I posted above is of a woman who said that there was no weight loss involved in her after picture. I love how toned she looks in the left after pic.

If either of you do decide to join me, here is the link to the same thread on the Support Forum, where I'll be posting from now on because it gets more traffic:

10-12-2011, 09:35 AM
Oh, I believed all those photos when I was younger, and I practised Callanetics regularly for years and had a nice body. But since coming to 3FC, I've learned that spot reduction is a myth, and that you can't burn off fat without a calorie deficit (as opposed to fat magically melting away in an area because you exercised the muscle underneath it), and I've grown a lot more careful in how I look at these things. I also remember that at the back of one of the Callanetics books, they had a photo of one of the other books, or at least an ad for it, which showed a woman in a position that was anatomically impossible. She had her feet well apart and had leaned down and through her legs, and her head was on the wrong way around. I'll scan it in if you don't believe me!

Anyway, liberties taken with photo journeys or not, it's a great form of exercise and while I'm not up to it right now, I hope to get there eventually and am cheering you on in the meantime.

Although isn't this a more sensible place to have an exercise thread? I know there's the traffic thing, but I think people are far more likely to find threads that are in the subforums they expect them to be in. Also the mods may well end up moving the thread straight back here, plus they don't like it when you post the same thread twice in two different subforums.

10-12-2011, 02:57 PM
Thanks Esofia! The reason I posted in the other forum was because I got several views here but no one wanted to join. There are other exercise challenges in that forum, so I thought it would be okay to post there (already have someone who'll be joining me). If the mods decide to move it back here that would be okay, but I'd rather they would just close this one.

I understand what you're saying about spot reduction, but the way I see it is Callanetics helps to build long, lean muscle that will pull you in and decrease inches. More muscle means you are burning more calories even while you sleep, so you BF% is bound to go down over time even if you keep your caloric intake the same. So even though the scale may not reflect a weight loss, with more lean muscle (which takes up less room per pound than a pound of fat does) and less fat you look smaller and more toned. Hope I explain that right. lol

Oh, and if it wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd love to see that picture in the back of the Callanetics book you had mentioned with the woman with the backward head. I don't remember it, but it would be fun to see.

10-15-2011, 04:22 PM
Drat, it's in the book my mother has, not the one I have. Does anyone have a copy of Super Callanetics from a good while back? It might even be twenty years old.

Building lean muscle that pulls you in - from what I remember and have learned, that's probably right. I think Pilates does something similar. I certainly had a much much smaller waist when I was a teenager than I do now, and I was only half a stone to a stone lighter (7-14lb).

Burning fat through increased muscle - apparently that's a myth? I read this fantastic article about it just a few days ago, and naturally I haven't a clue where. It said that you'd need to put on an enormous amount of muscle in order to burn off the equivalent of a biscuit or two. People who are watching this thread, do you know more?

10-16-2011, 10:28 PM
Burning fat through increased muscle - apparently that's a myth? I read this fantastic article about it just a few days ago, and naturally I haven't a clue where. It said that you'd need to put on an enormous amount of muscle in order to burn off the equivalent of a biscuit or two. People who are watching this thread, do you know more?

muscle does burn calories.. I think it's anywhere from 25-50 calories for a pound of muscle. This is just my take on it, but women don't put on muscle that easily. It's hard to put on muscle when you are in a calorie deficit and dieting. So to put on enough muscle to burn a considerable amount of calories is going to be hard work and could take years of weight lifting to get there...

10-19-2011, 01:53 PM
I don't know about that. When I was really into doing The Firm workouts, using dumbbells that ranged from 5 to 20 pounds, I put on a good amount of muscle in that 9 months. Now, I was not bodybuilding competion ready, but I was pretty solid. I remember back them (I was 37 years old) I could binge eat and not gain very much or even nothing at all. I couldn't do that very often, of course, but that never happened when I was at that same weight (140 pounds) and not in shape. When I was not working out, one binge could easily put on anywhere from 3-5 pounds. Of course, that wasn't all fat. But, my point being, when I had added the extra muscle, I'd rarely gain more than a pound or stayed the same after a binge. And I'm talking about consuming thousands of calories above what I would normally eat.

That being said, I've come to my own scientific conclusion that added muscle allows you to eat more without gaining weight because it burns more calories 24/7.