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10-04-2011, 02:32 PM
Hi girls!

It's definitely been a while since I've been on. I've had quite a few complications with this pregnancy. It was expected because it's my 2nd twin pregnancy in less than 2 years...but it's still be tough. I've been out of work since I was 16 weeks along due to swelling, pelvic pain & pressure and contractions.

I'm 29 weeks today, Sunday I was in L&D in labor, which they stopped and luckily I hadn't dialated yet.

I found out today that I have GD. Which, honestly, I wasn't suprised because this pregnancy has been a night's just one more thing to deal with.

I have a general idea of what I need to do, but I don't get in with the nutritionist until Friday. Does any one have any good meal/ snack ideas to hold me over until then?

Goddess Jessica
10-05-2011, 12:28 AM
Stick with whole, unprocessed foods and you'll be fine. I assume you're on bed rest but if you're not, a walk around the block after meals is shown to greatly affect blood sugar levels.

10-05-2011, 03:12 AM
Hi! Had gestational diabetes with all 3 of my pregnancies -- I'm sorry you're having to deal with one more obstacle when it sounds like you've had more than enough already, but the diet is so healthy that it's actually a good thing for both you and the babies. You'll keep weight gain at a good level and it will help after delivery as you will have established good habits. :-)

The diabetic diet is about limiting carbs to an acceptable level to avoid spikes in glucose -- not just the regular carbs you think of, but also starchy vegetables (corn, peas, potatoes, etc.), so while eating some is good for variety and nutrients, you'll need to limit those. It's also helpful to combine protein and carbohydrates, as the slower-digesting protein will help keep the carbs from digesting too quickly and causing a spike. Also, fruits are ok (but in set quantities) but avoid fruit juices -- the natural sugar in juices can really raise your blood sugar, while the whole fruit has the added fiber benefit. My dietician also told me to continue using regular salad dressings, because the low-fat variety has added sugar.

Like Jennifer said above, the walking (if you're allowed to) is a great help -- 30 minutes of walking after eating will reduce blood sugar levels quite nicely. :-)

Best of luck to you!

10-05-2011, 03:23 PM
Thanks for your responses!

My weight gain actually hasn't been too bad, I've only gained 20lbs as of my last appt. For twins at 28 weeks it's actually really good. (Considering I have almost 6lbs of baby in me already, plus 2 placentas & 2 sacs lol) My diet hasn't been horrible...we were actually surprised it came back positive (with my last set of twins I didn't have one complication, I worked until 30 weeks, was really active...) I definitely have to cut out "bad carbs" as much as possible. That's my downfall right now. activity is limited. I'm not technically on bed rest...but my body right now can't handle much. Which sucks honestly, I miss working out or even being more active. I was working out during my entire 1st trimester and then I started having issues and they limited my activity. (One of my sons is so low that I have a hard time walking some days)

I kind of figured all of that...I'm just trying to find stuff the next few days until I go to my class. My dietician called to ask me some questions today and is going to set up a meal plan of sorts for me to get me through the next 8 and a half weeks.