Overeaters Anonymous - I decided to join OA! Now it's choosing a food plan with OA...

10-02-2011, 03:47 AM
So I have decided to rejoin OA, really excited about it! I think it will help me achieve my goals. I have contacted someone to see if they are a available sponsor but I need a food plan.

I have been given food plans before but it has been awhile and I think I could benefit from seeing someone about this. I am debating going back to a nurse practitioner who has nutritional experience and helped me develop a food plan before. The only thing I didn't like about meeting with her is I felt it was a bit restrictive. I will be visiting her office (well she shares an office with my doctor so I will be seeing my doctor this Monday) and I can talk to my doctor about this. Her visits are covered by my insurance. I also contacted a nutritionist/registered dietitian who is more expensive and would be spending more time with me and I am interested in her too. I'm really not sure. I think that the nurse practitioner has more experience in some ways but the dietitian does in others. I also could look around at different RDs to compare.

What do you think, what has been your experiences, good, bad, indifferent?

10-14-2011, 06:28 PM
Hi, about food plans and my experience:

It took me to many tries to count to finally realize that diet don't work. I hear that all the time. So last January I made a life style change that included a food plan. So I recommend your own personal plan based on your own health issues. Here is my new life style that with tweeks I hope to do the rest of my life.

1. Keep a food diary. This helps me be honest with myself.
It also shows me why my progress may be slow or on target.
2. Count calories. Currently I eat 1500 per day spread out in 5 meals. This will fluctuate as time goes by. My trainer says not to eat under 1200 because i will burn muscle when exercising instead of fat.
3. Eat low fat and low carb. Eating low carb has gotten me off my diabetes meds.
4. Exercise 3 to 5 days per week. My exercises are geared to not hurt my knees and feet cause of arthritus.
5. I weigh everyday. This isn't for everyone. I don't let the scale bother me because it is natural for it to go up and diwn a few pounds daily. I use it as a guide for progress only.

So thats my personalized plan. So i recommend you find your own way. It can be as simple as 3 to 5 meals per day.

Good luck.

12-22-2011, 08:42 PM
I started back to OA right after Thanksgiving. I just decided that I would only eat 3 meals a day. It was the snacking several times a day that got out of hand for me. I couldn't handle the extra eating and couldn't stop. I have read lots of good things on the OA website talking about 3 square meals, one day at a time.
I am also counting calories on the Fitday website. It is a lot easier to stop myself when I have reached 2000 calories. For now, I can loose weight at that but I know in the future, I will have to cut back to less calories.
So far, it has worked for me!

03-18-2012, 12:52 PM
I am still trying to choose a food plan too. I began OA Nov. 19, 2011. I have a sponsor. I am making progress. I have just learned all the bad stuff about hfcs and am vowing to say off it. But, that is a challenge, b/c I am finding everything has it in it. I think my food plan will be 5 small meals a day, and keep it under 180 carbs. (for now, I may reduce the carbs later). I've been reading a some books and this seems to be the way to go. I am determined to find the right food plan now. I wasn't before. I tried some others but none worked for me. I realize I am me, and my body reacts differently to some foods than other's bodies. The food diary is a great idea...knowing what foods trigger me, basically telling me which ones are green lights, yellow lights, and red ones. I love the OA program. It is a life saver!

04-01-2012, 12:09 AM
I love OA and do a phone meeting every day. I am on the 90 day plan and have 33 days of abstinence. I know 90 day OA is not for everyone and many people benefit greatly from regular OA. the 90 day plan is no sugar, flour or nutrasweet. It is amazing how I have absolutely NO cravings anymore!

06-17-2012, 10:36 AM
Ideal Protien has my over eating under control. It is worth a look.

06-17-2012, 10:46 AM
Wow Sheila. No cravings? That's a world I can't imagine. I binged on 4 chocolate bars yesterday, 2 the day before and I'm fighting the urge to get another 4 today.

06-17-2012, 05:26 PM
the one that worst best for me is WW core. (bonus itsb almiost exactly like the food addiction plan on the oa site but on core wheat is your friend as is fruit unlike the oa plan.)