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09-30-2011, 08:01 PM
Hi Everyone!
Back in July I started ******** and lost 20lbs really easy. I replaced breakfast & lunch with an Isalean shake then pretty much had what I wanted for dinner (Kept it around 600 cals).
Anyway, the program was really easy for me and I loved it. I am still doing it right now..
I've had it up to "here" with the cult stuff that goes along with it. I am tired of hearing all these unsupported claims that people are spouting off just to get people signed up and make money.
I don't plan on ordering anymore because I know I am paying "extra" just for people above me to profit.

So, is there anything similar in nutrition/idea (It's packed with great ingredients if you read the label) that doesn't have the multi-level marketing stuff? No AutoShip.. No one Signing me up.. etc

I like replacing two meals a day and basically eating what I want for dinner. I'd even have comfort food but I found I ate less in general. It just works well for me. I know meal replacement doesn't work for everyone but I'd love to find an alternative with "no strings attatched" and no pushy sales people.

I read some great reviews for the "Raw Meal" meal replacement but only draw back is people say it tastes gross.
Anyone have some ideas for me? Thanks!

09-30-2011, 08:22 PM
Does your meal replacement shake contain nutritional information (that lists nutritional profile and ingredients).

If so, you can compare other products against the ingredients and nutritional information on meal replacements online and over the counter.

Each meal replacement plan tries to imply (or actually states) in their advertising that they are the only plan (or one of the very elite few) to trust. That their formula is very secret and very scientifically designed to provide the perfect nutrient balance for weight loss.

After comparing a lot of nutrition labels, I just don't buy it. Many of the otc meal replacements are virtual clones of the expensive, specialty marketing brands. So much so, that there are some products that are likely the same foods made in the same with different labeling (often the specialty programs sell otc food that is obviously identical to what they offer their members-only clients. You can tell because the ingredient list is identical, and so are the nutritional data - down to the same calories, same carb/fat/protein/fiber/vitamin/mineral contents.

So, if you take your shake labels to the store with you (or have it handy as you search online) you can find online and otc products that are similar to what you're using.

09-30-2011, 08:29 PM
Is my suggestion "slimfast" a stupid reply?

I occasionally drink a diabetic (Glucerna) shake for breakfast, because its easy, only 200 calories, and I leave a couple single-serve bottles on my desk for those "unprepared" mornings that happen now and again. Basically tho, its slimfast for diabetics.