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09-30-2011, 05:19 PM
Fall is here and so is another month of running!

So bring your rockin' booties to the party and share your running stories. Short, long, beginner or master - we don't care as long as you RUN!

So I'm into my second week of my first marathon training starting Monday and today I'm in day two of a 4 day exercise rest and about ready to jump out a window! I must say though, even a day and a half in I'm feeling a lot better. My knees feel like they're healing and so does my arch. And my body as a whole is just feeling less run down. So I think I really needed an "official" rest. If I think about it, I don't think I've taken a realy rest for probably 2 years...dumb, dumb, dumb. I'm learning lots and lots about my body and one of them being - it's OK to rest! I'm not going to lose fitness or gain a bunch of weight with a short control rest period.

Anyway, my marathon training won't really take of for about 6 weeks, so really I'm jush plugging along and taking this time to lose the little bit of weight I gained back and get back into last year's goal pants and back down to my preferred racing weight. It's the perfect time of year for me, because my DH works less and my binging opportunities decrease which is the real problem anyway. My milage is also at a good point that will allow for my calories to be where they need to be. It is a little pressure though because I know that when my milage starts to ramp up, weight loss will be nearly impossible. I think I'll do fine though, I refuse to by any new clothes!.

Hope everyone is well, happy running!

09-30-2011, 05:20 PM
Oh yeah and I got new running shoes last night! I won't need them for probably another 150 miles, but they're waiting for me!

09-30-2011, 07:46 PM
Ncueno-- if you artart rotating your shoes now (new one day, old the next.. old for long runs untill the new are totally broken in) you will get a MUCH longer life on the old shoes!! Its true... so give the new one s a try on your next runs, and then just alternate shoes every run after that... save a lot of money in th elong run

09-30-2011, 08:08 PM
Thanks MK, good advice.

BTW, did you check out my training schedule at the end of September's thread?

Oh and any good podcast recommendations for those long runs? I'm just finishing up a bulk of the Marathon Training Academy podcasts, but I've been listening at work.

10-01-2011, 04:37 PM
Hi runners! Happy oct.

I tried to maintain my training and byild distance today withnmy bum knee. It was a slight fail. I got to 4 miles and walked the .8 miles left home. I sgould have known when my body didnt wake up at it normal running time. By the time i got out there it was already too hot.

Im trying to look at the bright side, though, 1. I improved my mile time when i was running, and 2. I ran 4 miles!

Ncuneo- congrats on the new shoes! I love shopping. Im sort of dreading the day when i will have to get new shoes since mine are so comfy, but i think its the superfeet orthotics and not the shoes that make it easy to run..

10-01-2011, 07:26 PM
ncuneo - just seen your 'goal pics' - congratulations on your half! I never realised you'd started running only a year ago and never realised that you've lost so much weight in the last few years. Wow, what a journey!!
Best of luck with the marathon training! It's more than i've been brave enough to tackle, but with your track record it'll just be another great achievement to notch up!

Belting it down with rain here at the moment, so i've settled for a gym visit in place of a run today!

10-01-2011, 08:53 PM
Hi, I haven't ever responded to anything before, been kind of lurking and learning from everybodies responses. I just started running in May and have done 4 5k's, plan on racing my first quarter marathon in 2 weeks and have been progressing pretty good....longest run has been 8 miles, planning on 9 miles tomorrow. Anyways, I seen the question about podcasts to listen to while running and I really like a podcast called "Running with the Pack". It's so informative and entertaining. I've listened to all the 2010 and 2011 episodes to date. Love, love, love the speakers comments and conversations and I forget I'm running sometimes...lol. Just wanted to pass that info on.

10-02-2011, 11:10 AM
Thanks Ang! That thread is actually a year old and I'm coming up on my two year running aniversary soon. I don't actually remember the day I started running, I just remember deciding in November of 2009 that it was time to take my weight loss all the way and at some point between then and January of 2010 I started jogging small distances, by April of 2010 I was able to run 3 miles and decided to run my firt half marathon in May or June of 2010. Which leads me to today having completed 2 halfs and gearing up to train for a full. It's been a very full filling journey and almost more impactful to me than losing the weight. Running has become part of my identity and it gives me purpose, goals, a weight manangement system, and most importantly a way to relieve stress and forgo therapy LOL! Seriously, there are some pretty dark times in these past 2 years for me and my family and I do struggle pretty seriously with depression and aniexty, but running has given me something more than any therapist or pill ever could.

Anyway, not sure how I got on that sappy story. I guess running is just such a big part of my life now and so important to me, and remembering that thread from a year ago got me a little sentimental.

Today is the last day of my 4 day break, thanks goodness! I'm dieing! I'm ready to jump out a window from no exercise and I miss running like crazy! My knees feel really good and today I'm actually going to pick up a foam roller and start doing IT Band massage exercise and stretches to hopefully finish the healing and avoid the problem getting any worse. What I really should have done was take the "exercise break" back in April when the pain started. My foot/arch on the other hand (mild planter facitis) is better than it was but still the same as it's been the last few weeks. We did quite a bit of walking yesterday and it actually seems like walking bothers my foot more than the running...kinda weird. So I'm going to also start doing more stretches and massages of my foot, maybe some icing as well.

So I'm going to need to be very careful with my training to make sure I make it to the starting line in-tact. So tomorrow I have a nice easy 3 miler waiting for me to ease me back into the swing of things - can't wait!

10-02-2011, 04:41 PM
I also have/had the arch problem - it really stinks!

So, I went and got a shoe sole formed especially for my foot and then I bought new shoes.

Now it is barely there.... for example, I used to get the arch pain after about 55 min. of running - it also hurt when I walked. Now I can go much longer before I notice it, if I notice it.

Also, the shoes you wear everyday to work, etc. can also influence it majorly.

It was pretty painful, I'd always squint through the last minutes of my run. But, my arch seems to have eventually adapted.

Sunday: Jogged 7km (45min) followed by 30 min. yoga. I know I've said this before, but let me just say again how wonderful it is to follow up running with a yoga session.... the muscles are already warmed up - its great.

10-02-2011, 07:40 PM
yeah, there's something about running that becomes a part of you. And i totally agree on the stress relief aspect. Running just gives so many benefits to health, both mental and physical, way above what you'd reasonably expect for such a simple pastime!!

I have ITB issues too, actually that's why i've never done the full marathon, or got much above 26km. As soon as i start training seriously it seems to kick in, or actually some shin splint thing was the culprit last time - which is a new one for me. Sigh.

10-02-2011, 09:03 PM
3 miles today - running with my dogs. They usually start out a bit wild and unfocused, but when they get into the groove it is great. 3 is the longest I have run and I seem to have a mental block about more mileage. I really need to push for more...

10-02-2011, 10:14 PM
ncuneo - Glad you are feeling better, and hope your foot/arch is doing well so you can start training. Your story is pretty inspirational. 2 years is not that long ago for starting to run. Good luck on your training.

jayohwhy - congrats on improving your mile time!

cyndee - congrats on training for your first 1/4 marathon!

unna - I like yoga too, but haven't done it in so long!

ange - I like running too, but i am finding it hard to increase my distance. I've been doing intervals, but perhaps I need to run more often. Any tips folks?

I ran 3 miles today. 2 miles were interval training which has helped me with increasing my speed. I found it harder to run today because I was up late last night. Happy running everyone!

10-03-2011, 12:41 AM
Hi runners....

I have run 2 half marathons in the past 2 weekends. I will never be really fast, but I did manage to bring the half on Saturday down to 2:07. My first half in March took slightly over 2:24, so I'm improving. I have another one next weekend, and I hope to just match my time.

I feel very lucky. No injuries this year, so apparently my training is successful. I have my first full marathon on Nov. 13th, with another close to follow on Dec. 4th. That is, if I live through the first one! :)

Good luck to all of you runners. I don't post much, but occasionally I get to read everyone's stories and I love all of the tips and tricks.

10-03-2011, 01:52 AM
hi everyone :)

Oh ITB issues.... yes I've got em. Two words: Foam Roller!!!

unna I think I have a mental block against doing any exercise after I run... but I am a yoga fiend and doing yoga after a long run sounds really nice.

milmin congrats on your halves! and no injuries!

For me today: 6K. It was hot and hilly, but nice :)

10-03-2011, 11:18 AM
I actually just got a foam roller yedyerday! How long after udi g it did you start to get real relief?

I ran my first run in 4 days this morning, just an easy 3, and I thought I'd rock it, but 4 days of and lazy eating and my easy 3 felt like he//. My body felt like lead...my knees feel ok and my arch feels ok too, so just continued easy running and some stretching and foam rolling I think.

Also, I've started a blog on runners world that will document everyday of my marathon training if anyone is interest. My user name is the same over there.

10-03-2011, 12:47 PM
jojo- thanks!

due to my angry knees, i have to take a break. im thinking of resting for two scheduled runs, which means my next rrun will be on saturday. however, in the meantime, i've cut my calories and i am doing jillian michaels yoga as well as playing in my xbox kinect... i am so addicted to running, though!

10-03-2011, 03:13 PM
Anyone care to share their favorite running pants? I ran in yoga pants last winter, the heavy, black, cotton type, but they are too big now and were never the best for running. I want something that isn't too tight, but that doesn't have a flowy, loose leg either. I am thinking a full length running tight with a running skirt would fit what I am wanting, some coverage but with ease of movement, but I want another less fou-fou, girly option

10-03-2011, 05:54 PM
whenever i'm after new running pants i pick up literally about 10 pairs and go and try them all on. Maybe i'm a weird shape or something, but i just can't tell by looking at them how they're going to fit.
Avoid cotton though and go for the specialist synthetic stuff if you can.

10-04-2011, 12:31 AM
aimebell While I prefer to run in quick-dry, to-your-butt running shorts (seriously! I love having my legs free!), I live in India where woman aren't even supposed to be running in public anyway so I have to be more modest.

I just wear cheap cotton black 3/4 length leggings. I have a pair of expensive Nike Dri-Fit 3/4 length pants too, but the cheap cotton ones work just fine :)

ncuneo I could feel some relief after the first session, but it took a few sessions to mitigate the discomfort continually. It really hurts the first time, or the first time you do it in a while, but it's so worth it!

10-04-2011, 02:13 AM
aimebell: I agree with ange82much - it really is essential that you find a material for running (cotton is terrible for running, it doesn't let your skin breathe!). I personally like adidas clima-lite; nike dri-fit is also okay. Of course my favorite-ever running clothing is by Falke - expensive german quality running clothing. If you buy anything from Falke, you'll never notice you are wearing it and it lasts for years! Try to buy running apparel, if possible, at special sport-stores or a running store (or an online store for runners). It really is worth the extra money - the right clothes and shoes will definitely improve your running and make it overall more enjoyable.

I also skeptically bought a pair of Mizuno's last time I was in America. I'm usually in Brook's. Anyway, the Mizuno's have been surprisingly really nice and offer a tad bit more cushion than the Brook's - really great for harder, city surfaces.

So, just did a quick 6km and yoga yesterday. It was a good run - one of those surprise days .... I had tons of energy and could have ran longer, but my boyfriend didn't had time - he had to pack his bags for a business trip.

I'm going to continue the shorter sprints, but put in more time on cross training this week.

Poll: does listening to music improve your running or distract your breathing?

10-04-2011, 03:55 AM
Hey girls, I've just started running in my gym and I must say I love it! I just love those hill-like programmes and having control over my route! Plus, I'm all alone in the gym at 6 am, yaaay :D

10-05-2011, 07:23 AM
Ran 6.5km on Tuesday. It started lightly raining - a bit cold, but I love running when it drizzles!

Aleksandra: there are so many days I wish I had a treadmill! (my apartment is small and european - big exercise equipment is a no-go) I saw your exercise journal - pretty cool! I love how consistent you are, its very motivating to me.

10-06-2011, 04:29 AM
Hi all, new runner here. After hating running my entire life (I used to seriously dread running the mile in PE in high school), I was shocked to find out last week that I can actually do it relatively comfortably now and even enjoy it! My longest run so far has been 2.6 miles, and that was at a very slow pace (really, I'm jogging, not running, but I have to start somewhere!). A co-worker recently sent a link to a 5K race at the beginning of Nov, and at the time I thought there was no way I could even run part of it... but now I'm thinking about registering. I put together a training schedule for the next month, and if I can get through the 3.5 mile run on the treadmill at the end of next week I'm going to go ahead and register. I am excited to see where this goes!

Tonight was just 1.5 miles, but at a faster pace than the longer runs. On Friday I'll attempt 3 miles at the slower pace.

10-06-2011, 09:49 AM
Hi, my name is Rebecca, a running addict :) It's great to meet others who struggle with the same addiction as I do :) lol

just kidding :) But it is great to meet others who love this as much as I do. I started running at the beginning of April and ran my first 5k on April 16. Now I'm training for my first 1/2 marathon that is scheduled for Nov. 20. I haven't lost much weight b/c of running but I feel so much better and am so much more confident! Can't wait to get to know you all :)

10-06-2011, 03:23 PM
Welcome! Nice to talk with fellow running addicts - it is really so super for mental health and general well-being.

I did 6.5km today. It actually was one of those really energetic runs, where you feel like you could just run forever, like Forest Gump. Those don't happen very often!

I'm actually wandering if it is partly due to my small weight loss this past month. My muscles were expecting 170lbs, but I don't weigh that much right now....

10-06-2011, 07:01 PM
Ran 3 miles today - another personal best - I finally broke under 30 minutes - 29:48. When I started running outside just a few short months ago, I seriously could not even THINK that I would be able to break 36 mins let alone under 30. It's very surreal.

I have to tell you that I have been doing a lot of core work lately - a lot of balance ball ab and back work, and my running has improved dramatically since then - both in terms of time as well as form and I'm not sore in my shoulder area like I was after running.

A friend who is a competitive biker told me that running (like biking) relies heavily on your core, but does not work it. So core work is really important. And, oh, yeah, my balance is really improving as well!

10-07-2011, 05:28 PM
Holy Moly!! That's a great time!! I've not improved any more than 33 minutes. It seems like that's as fast as I can go right now. I have been trying to train a friend for a 5k, and she just began running so we don't get too far during the week. Tomorrow I have 8 miles and I'm really looking forward to it :carrot: So keep up the good work peeps!
Ran 3 miles today - another personal best - I finally broke under 30 minutes - 29:48. When I started running outside just a few short months ago, I seriously could not even THINK that I would be able to break 36 mins let alone under 30. It's very surreal.

I have to tell you that I have been doing a lot of core work lately - a lot of balance ball ab and back work, and my running has improved dramatically since then - both in terms of time as well as form and I'm not sore in my shoulder area like I was after running.

A friend who is a competitive biker told me that running (like biking) relies heavily on your core, but does not work it. So core work is really important. And, oh, yeah, my balance is really improving as well!

10-07-2011, 10:11 PM
Sorry I've been MIA guys...work has been...well hectic. Back to 10 hour days for a few weeks and while the extra cash is awesome and so needed right now, it's metally exhausting.

Running has been going awesome! 3,5,3 this week and am going to do 8 Sunday to reach 800 miles for the year. With my marathon training I should have no troubles reaching 1000 for the year.

Oh and have I mentioned that the foam roller is the greatest thing since sliced bread! My knees feel the best they've felt in months and I was able to do full expressions of poses in yoga this week that I've been struggle with forever. Speaking of which I really need to go do some now. :)

So I've been really getting into detail about my marathon training in my blog over at runnersworld. Maybe I'll eventually get around to linking it in my siggy. But my user name is the same over there if anyone wants to follow my trials and tribulations. It sure to really interest when that milage ramps up.

Oh and one other thing I have to mention PODCASTS! I have found the most fabulous podcast. It's called Two Gomers. They have one about them running a half marathon, then one about running a full and then one about them trying to run a full faster. It's just two regular guys with no running experience. It's fun and really motivating. Another one I also like, I may have mentioned it already, is marathon training academy. More technically but equally awesome.

Alrighty, that's it for me today. Have a great weekend everyone.

10-07-2011, 11:54 PM
Just wanted to pop in here, and say that I've been keeping up my walking/running intervals. I'm now doing a 4 minute warm-up walk (mostly uphill). I then do running intervals either to 19 minutes, or until I reach 5 or 6 full minutes of running altogether. Not bad since I started at only doing 2-3 whole minutes of running altogether.

I'm trying to do my first 3 (at least) running intervals as full minutes with only a minute of walking between them. Once I get to my 4th interval, however, I might only do 30-40 seconds with the rest of that minute and the next as a walking break. I then do a cool-down walk until I reach 30 minutes.

(I aim for 30 minutes outside altogether, but usually end up doing 31-38 depending on how far I've made it from my house, and how long it takes me to get back.)

This seems to be really working for me. When I was at my highest weight (227) I was struggling to find something that I could keep up, and kept trying to use dvds, equipment, or games, and I would usually abandon them, but this is so easy to keep up, because as soon as I go outside I get it done. I have never once walked outside thinking I was going to do this, and then changed my mind and came back. Once I'm outside, I'm in the "Zone". :D

Oh, and I've been shedding weight fairly consistently for me. It's slow, but it's pretty steady. Today the scale said 211, but I haven't changed it on the ticker just yet. I have a fear that if I accept this new, lower weight, it will pop back up. lol.

10-08-2011, 12:33 AM
Cherry that is an AWESOME time!!

ncuneo glad your knees are feeling good! nice on the 800 and good runs for the week :)

serval way to stick with it! and see improvements! I'm glad you're getting results on the scale for all your hard work


Did a nice enjoyable 45 minutes yesterday at the park. I did the outer loop instead of the usual inner loop. It was longer and SUPER hilly... so hilly that at times there are stairs built into the path.

10-08-2011, 03:43 AM
CherryPie99: That is a good time, but please remember that running faster is a great way to get injuries. Faster is not always better, especially if you have to take time off from running altogether to heal.

If you are going to run faster, then you also should be running "like a dancer" - meaning, you must have the correct running technique in place.
Like where is your power coming from? is it coming from your upper thighs or is it all in your lower leg and the ball of your foot (bad)? Also, how is your foot hitting the ground? How is your posture? Are you swinging your arms too much?

I hope I don't sound discouraging - but running fast is an art, especially when we have extra weight we are carrying around. I too think it is fun to go faster - but have had to have counseling from profi's to understand exactly 'how' to do it.

Most importantly, and this goes with every jog: start off slow. start VERY slow. Keep yourself purposely slow for the first 10 minutes. This will also keep the injuries at bay.Then you can rev it up for mile 2 and the home stretch.

So, my boyfriend is back so we are going to do a 10km jog around the lake.

Fall running is sublime!

10-08-2011, 06:24 AM
Ran 6.5km on Tuesday. It started lightly raining - a bit cold, but I love running when it drizzles!

Aleksandra: there are so many days I wish I had a treadmill! (my apartment is small and european - big exercise equipment is a no-go) I saw your exercise journal - pretty cool! I love how consistent you are, its very motivating to me.
tell me about it - I'm renting a 9 m2 room :D luckily I have a semi-cheap gym really close to my tiny apartment :) european winter makes it neccesary to workout indoors, because we're already pretty close to cold winterly tepreratures :D

10-08-2011, 10:48 AM
CherryPie99: That is a good time, but please remember that running faster is a great way to get injuries. Faster is not always better, especially if you have to take time off from running altogether to heal.

If you are going to run faster, then you also should be running "like a dancer" - meaning, you must have the correct running technique in place.
Like where is your power coming from? is it coming from your upper thighs or is it all in your lower leg and the ball of your foot (bad)? Also, how is your foot hitting the ground? How is your posture? Are you swinging your arms too much?

I hope I don't sound discouraging - but running fast is an art, especially when we have extra weight we are carrying around. I too think it is fun to go faster - but have had to have counseling from profi's to understand exactly 'how' to do it.

Most importantly, and this goes with every jog: start off slow. start VERY slow. Keep yourself purposely slow for the first 10 minutes. This will also keep the injuries at bay.Then you can rev it up for mile 2 and the home stretch.

So, my boyfriend is back so we are going to do a 10km jog around the lake.

Fall running is sublime!

I appreciate the advice. One thing to note is that I am not pushing myself to run faster, the speed is coming naturally as I get stronger. I also think the weather is playing a large role. I have run all summer on my lunch hour - which a short time ago meant running in 85 degree heat with 70% humidity. Now at lunch the temps are 60 degree with little humidity.

I also have been working hard at running with my thighs. I've been fat for so long my thighs didn't rub together, they were plastered together, so I walked - if this makes any sense - from my knees down. So that's how I was running. I have been concentrating now that they don't rub together to walk and run from my hip - which means longer and more powerful strides.

10-09-2011, 04:41 AM
aleksandra: It is getting cold here. There are TONS of joggers and walking trails where I live - last winter I learned to love the experience of jogging in the snow!

CherryPie99: Good - I just think many people believe faster is always better and push themselves too hard and end up with injuries. Also, to go faster, shorter, faster steps are easier on the body than doing super long strides. I would practice both if I were you.

Anyway, it is just my advice, nothing more - I've been running steadily for a few years and have unknowingly caused many injuries that could have been avoided.

10-09-2011, 12:35 PM
oh wow, you all, getting back on the horse is really hard! yesterday morning i tried to get back and run my usual 4 miles. after a week off and being scared about rehurting my knee, i pooped out after a mile and a half and walked the rest home.

one thing i learned, i am used to running in the evening- i think that i need to stop making saturday mornings my long distance days because the sun and the tiredness/lack of food throws me off!

when i got home, my knee was a little tender but it didnt show continual pain- i'll take that as a good sign. however, i'm ready to move on and continue in my journey as a runner, so, cheers, here's to a better run on monday!

10-10-2011, 05:30 AM
jayohwhy: I'm definitely an evening runner too. I never get side stitches or feel hungry and have tons of energy. I have stopped planning runs before 5pm.

10-10-2011, 01:57 PM
jayohwhy: I'm definitely an evening runner too. I never get side stitches or feel hungry and have tons of energy. I have stopped planning runs before 5pm.

i'm glad to see that i'm not alone! i'm ready to get my run in tonight-- but i decided that i'm going to wear an elastic knee brace for support

10-10-2011, 05:34 PM
just thought i'd check in, even though i haven't been running for a few days. We had visitors staying with us over the weekend and they're walk-for-exercise-ers, so we went walking for a few hours on saturday and on sunday.

My glutes know about it though! Definitely different muscles to running, and good to do some fast walking for a change.

10-10-2011, 11:15 PM
oh wow you guys!
i went running today with the knee brace, but before i went i had bought some vibrams.
i didnt run with them today-- since the 10k is coming up, i need to train distances and with the vibrams you have to take it incrementally. however, after even wearing the vibrams for 5 minutes i finally figured out striking midfoot felt like! it revolutionized my run. i was able to go for 5.2 miles with minimal knee pain. however, when i would forget and take a step and heel strike, it would bother my knee. it also helped that i shortened my stride. it really kept up my endurance!

10-11-2011, 05:51 AM
I also find a shorter stride to be better for injury prevention and maintaining energy.

Yesterday, it was dark and grey and windy here. I love running when the weather is like that.

I set out with my lightest ever long- sleeve running shirt and by 3km I just felt like I was totally overheated. I hate unknowingly dressing too warm for a run, it just felt so ICK! I put in my 45 min., but just barely. The super-light shirt ended up feeling like heavy wool by the end.

jayohwhy: what type of cross-training are you doing for your knee?

10-11-2011, 12:39 PM
unna-- on my cross days, i've been dancing (my second love) but taking it easy on my knee. I've also incorporated some small lunges and side squats to try to strengthen the area.

i also hate it when i find out i'm wearing too much! its especially tough when it's cold outside and your normal good sense is telling you to wear a little more.

10-11-2011, 03:57 PM
jayohwhy: There are tons of specialized exercises to build up the muscle around the knee - I'd look it up at runners world (to avoid future knee problems).

Also, one time I was starting to develop a knee problem and went to have my gate tested. Apparently I was wearing the wrong type of shoe (despite the fact that I had bought it from a specialty runners store); The shoe was built up on the outside, completely unnecessary and therefore messing up my gate.

The problem healed itself after a few weeks of jogging in the neutral padded shoes. So, it was definitely worth looking into the problem further!

Today, it was raining pretty hard, but I wanted to put in my 4 miles anyway - so I put on my boyfriend's super expensive Gore-Tex rain jacket for jogging. At first it was good, but the weather is still just a bit too warm.

After mile 3, I shed the jacket, my arms were beet red! It felt SO good, I could scream.

I'm not doing so well with this transition in weather....... :(

10-13-2011, 10:07 AM
:) Enjoyed reading this thread! I'm finally getting back into running again-- I started running for the first time in my life back in the Fall of 2005, and did several 5Ks, two 15Ks and a 1/2 Marathon over the next couple of years. I was "overweight" the whole time, but feeling pretty great overall. Then after I had emergency gall bladder surgery shortly after the 1/2, I lost the motivation and essentially quit running altogether :( That was in 2008. Well, I did manage to complete one of the 15Ks in the early Spring of 2009, but that was really when the spark fizzled. I ran a 5K last Fall, but it wasn't anything special.

When I say "run," it's really jog...and also includes walking breaks. So, really, now I'm trying to start from scratch. I want to be able to run without feeling like I HAVE to take walking breaks. I don't want to feel like I HAVE to start at the back of the pack with the walkers. There's nothing wrong with walking--- that's just not part of my goal! :)

I've just started week 1 of the 5K "podrunner intervals" training plan and really hope to start seeing some improvements in my endurance.


Unna-- Glad to see some of your comments re: stride length, etc.. My husband is always trying to tell me I can easily be faster if I'd just lengthen my stride. I know it's not as simple as that!

Cherry-- Good job on your improvements!! I really need to work on my core. I have a stability ball here that hasn't been used in ages... must change that! Any advice on what I should start with?

Ncuneo-- Hi! Glad you started this thread :)

10-13-2011, 12:13 PM
murfcat: Nice to have you! I used to think I needed a longer stride, but found I needed to quicken my normal stride to gain speed. I also tired out really quickly with the longer stride and was more prone to injury.

Since you have SO much jogging experience, do you think it is a mind over body thing? I mean, do you feel like, if you really buckled down, that you could make it through the entire jog without stopping? Or are you out of air/energy? Just curious.

If I run 4 miles straight through, I do like to reward myself with a little walking.... I think most people do. I think of it as somehow extending my super high calorie burn :)

Anyway, another 4 miles today. It is finally cold here, so jogging in a light long sleeve shirt was pleasant. I'm not doing a lot of jogging mileage right now because I've been doing tons of walking on top of jogging these past couple days (I don't have a car and my bike is broke) and my legs are just tired.

One more thing, I found a natural-ish protein powder that I have been drinking at breakfast and after running. It has really been keeping the intense hunger pangs at bay and makes 1400 - 1600 cal. a day pretty manageable.

10-13-2011, 01:45 PM
Hi murfcat!

unna jealous of your cold weather! It's upper 80s here... boo. I hate running in the heat.

Sooooo I did a 45 minute DREADMILL run today. UGH. First time in months.

And... my knee started hurting about 20 minutes into it. THe same one that had been bothering me May-June and prompted a break from running. I took some ibuprofen and it feels fine now.

I was really cognizant of my stride and it felt a bit unnatural. Like I was always having to reach, my knees being too far out in front of body.

Does anyone else feel unnatural/in bad form running on a treadmill? I wonder if I need to only run outside, if I can get better form that way.

10-13-2011, 03:28 PM
indiblue hahah-- dreadmill! :D

For the most part, all of my running is done on my treadmill. I now have a new (to me) treadmill that is so much nicer than my old one. It doesn't shake and rattle when I run and I can hook my mp3 up to it, etc. It has a nice wide belt and long platform. So much more "roomy" feeling. I live out in the middle of nowhere and don't feel comfortable running alone out on the roads here. I could always run in town-- plenty of good roads and sidewalks there, but that would require more preparation and planning beforehand-- and driving to get there ;) I like the ease of getting on my treadmill at any time-- especially in the middle of summer when I can't take the heat anymore.

Unna Hmmm-- I think it's both, mind over matter is part of it, but I'm also very much in need of a walk break whenever I stop running. Well, when I'm really running and not plodding, err, jogging. I'd say I have a lot of plodding experience ;) At this point I can't -run- a mile. Plod a mile, sure. heheh

10-13-2011, 04:03 PM
indiblue: I can't help much - I've never ran on a treadmill. It supposed helps your foot rotate, so maybe you are exerting too much energy into your stride?

I would *guess* that a treadmill would be better than jogging on hard ground outside. It is a bit more flexible.

I had knee pain once- it really makes every run a terrible experience. I would try to figure out the culprit, even if it meant going to a physical therapist, before I continued running.

Although, if my boyfriend were to give you advice, he'd say power through it because your body will eventually adapt.

I never really listen to him.

murfcat:Plodding becomes running and sometimes running even becomes plodding (esp. at the end of a long run). If you aren't experiencing pain and do have some sort of breath, you should try powering through. Your body is not new to running, I think you are somehow underestimating what you can really do.

Regardless, running and walking is also a good combination - I'm just saying that if you want to run straight through, I don't think you'd die. :)

Cold running is amazing - but I had a slight weezing problem again today. I hope it is either the cold or a mild allergy. Lately I keep running across people who have large cancerous masses in their lungs (while reading or surfing). I am totally a hypochondriac and have anxiety that I too have a mass in my lungs, which is what is causing the slight weezing.


But, it is not hurting my running, it just bothers me psychologically - b/c when I start weezing I start thinking about the cigarettes I used to sometimes smoke while I drank alcohol and how those bad choices must have caused the weezing.....

Anyway! Happy Running!

10-13-2011, 04:26 PM
Unna :) yes, I'm now powering through in short bursts. My training program that I'm on has you walk or jog for a few minutes and then go fast(er) for a couple minutes and back and forth for a certain amount of time, 3 times a week.... and then adds more running time and cuts down on the slower time each week progressively for, I think, 12 weeks. I'm pretty confident about it right now.

I'm looking forward to cooler weather to make its way here :)

10-15-2011, 08:12 PM
murfcat: I love the "plodding" description - it describes pretty perfectly what I have been doing on the treadmill. :)

But, today I "plodded" through 4 miles without stopping, and so was pretty darn happy with myself. The only way I can run that far right now is to jog quite slowly, so jogging it is. I feel like once I get more used to enduring the distance, I can work on increasing the speed a bit. Next weekend my sister and I will be running a 5K together. It will be the first time I've ever run a race, and considering I will have only been running for 4 weeks at that point, my goal is just to finish it without stopping to walk!

The one little issue I've been having with the running is that my left hip has been sore after each run (through the rest of the day). Are there any stretches (or anything else) that anyone can recommend that might help this?

10-15-2011, 11:06 PM
Hiya Chickadee! Oh, I'm so bad about stretching and I really need to tackle that! Sorry I'm not one to help out much there in that regard!

Good for you, though, going 4 miles, nonstop, plodding or not! I'm afraid I can't do the same at the moment. Back when I completed my one and only 1/2 marathon, I ran (slowly...oh, so slowly) and walked. It was a great time, though--- really loved it. I cried at the end of it :D Never in a million years would've thought I'd do even that... But now I know I need to challenge myself to push towards only taking a minute walking break every once in awhile, but not to use it as a crutch. I'm missing out on a lot, I think, by doing that.

My new training plan is going well so far and I'm highly motivated this time around.

That's great that you're doing your first 5K next weekend!! Hope we hear about it! :)

10-16-2011, 10:33 PM
Hi everyone! I've been very MIA in this thread lately! :o

I've felt like my running training and progress has really taken a step backwards in the last month because I've just had so little time between work, family and grad school. I hate this!!

The hubby and I ran a 5k this morning and I sure didn't get a personal best (35 minutes-ish, it wasn't chip timed), but the hubby finished it in about 26 minutes, and it was his first race in like 10 years. Not fair. :p

We are running a 3k family fun run on Saturday, and that's it until New Years Eve. I really wish I had more time to devote to training, but I just don't right now. I need to get in some strength training to bust through this stupid plateau. :(

10-17-2011, 03:42 AM
chickadee32: Your body is adjusting and adapting. The first year of running is generally a painful one. Make sure you take 1-2 rest days between each run and do another form of exercise on those days (that's what I'd do anyway).

murfcat: jogging very slowly is underrated - your heart rate is still high and you avoid injury. I wouldn't think of walking as a crutch, you are still covering the same distance - I'd think of it as an extension of the calorie burn from the faster heart rate!

fozentusic: do you run in between the planned events? I think those events look like fun- I wish I had more opportunities to do that here.

My boyfriend and I did an extra long run on Sunday, 12km. It was a beautiful day, a bit cold but sunny. I was certainly plodding at the end! The stupid part was with the unplanned long run: we didn't have anything to drink. That wouldn't of been so bad except that the sun really takes away your energy, even if it is cold.

The good news: NO pain! That makes every long run SO much better.

10-17-2011, 09:20 AM
Unna Thanks for the encouragement! I know the walking is technically fine and nothing wrong with doing that at all-- I just want to know if I can do without out it, you know? Just to know if I can do it! I'm challenging myself--- finally! :D Don't worry-- I'm being careful and following what so far seems to be a sensible plan :) Thanks for your concern!

fozentusic hi! Your husband did what I fear mine would do if he ever decided to run with me in a race ;) I hope you get over your slump soon! I know what that's like, for sure!

10-17-2011, 07:08 PM
Unna - Yep, I still run between races!

10-17-2011, 11:47 PM
Hey ladies...well my IT issues are getting WAY better with the use of my foam roller and stretching...but now I'm starting to have symptoms of runners knee, which when combo'd with my general exhaustion and a myriad of other symptoms I think I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm experiencing over training. I have never actually cut my milage by anything significant in between my two half marathon training cycles and I think my body has finally had enough. SO...I've decided to adjust my marathon training program, fortunately I have plenty of time, do the program as written instead of my modified version and take the next 4 weeks and drastically cut my milage, pretty much cutting it half. Then I'll been doing the more conservative training program, because my goal at this point is to finish the marathon in one piece. If I'm not feeling improvements in the next 4-6 wks I'll re-evaluate.

I'm a little frustrated because it took a lot for me to decide to run a marathon and now I really want to do it and my body is telling me otherwise. I'm notorious for not listening to my body and running through aches and pains and sprains and I think it's finally catching up to me...you live you learn. I think I'm learning that I need listen to my body more and it's ok to run less than 20-25 miles per week when I'm not in a training cycle.

I'm really hoping my plan works. Yesterday I ran 7, probably 3 more than I should have given how I was feeling. Today I stuck to the plan and did a measly 2 miles...it was kinda a rough run, but it was the first day in a while I wasn't exhausted and sore or otherwise in pain all day. We'll see how the rest of the week goes, but my plan is only to run 11-16 miles this week. So I'm sticking to that.

Have a great week everyone! Happy running!

10-18-2011, 06:44 PM
Upping my mileage slowly, so today I ran 3.5 miles. I had a terrible time with motivation today - just DID NOT want to get out there and run. But as soon as I started I really got in the groove. I keep waiting for the day that I can't wait to run and dash out the door but it hasn't come yet.

Getting cold here. My body warmed up pretty quickly, but my hands were still cold and stiff until about a mile in. Does anyone here wear gloves to run in the cold?

10-19-2011, 07:04 PM
hi ladies! i've had quite a good running week so far. i upped my mileage from 5 to 6 miles on monday (my long run day) and experienced NO stress pain since i made a point to be sensitive to my form and strike midfoot. it's amazing!

tuesday was supposed to be my ez day of going 1 mile barefoot, but instead i got up the courage to join a running group that i had been eyeing-- i wanted to wait until i could do at least 3 miles easily before i ran with other people.
i did 4.6 miles with them, and it was great except for the hillwork- it was my first time with hills and i was a little bit wtf. however, hills are good for me and the hollywood half marathon will definitely have hills so i'm glad that i will have a chance to get started with them early.

today is my rest day and i think i will play with my xbox kinect to stay loose before setting off for 4 miles tomorrow.

my 10k is in two weeks and i'm nearing the end of the training schedule for that. i looked up a half marathon training schedule and scheduled in all the runs on google calendar so my phone will remind me to get out and do it!

10-19-2011, 08:27 PM
Tip of the Day!

Do not eat pot roast 1.5 hrs before running.


What was I thinking??

10-20-2011, 12:02 AM
Decent 3 miler today. Did some yoga and strength training yesterday. I'm thinking about giving a spinning class a try tomorrow.

10-20-2011, 12:12 AM
8 easy miles today, then 5 tomorrow and Friday is a rest day.

I have another half marathon, the 13.1 series on Saturday and then a 25K at White Rock on Sunday. The mileage is really starting to build and I feel incredibly lucky to have not suffered any injuries as of yet.

Best wishes to all of you runners. Running is terrific.

10-20-2011, 12:56 AM
Decent 3 miler today. Did some yoga and strength training yesterday. I'm thinking about giving a spinning class a try tomorrow.

spinning is great and a great workout. i thought it was going to be quite scary after what i've heard about it, but i think that after having to discipline yourself with running, spinning feels a little easier because it's in a class with people around/an instructor.

10-21-2011, 02:35 PM
Did spin yesterday - loved it!!! I'm hooked! I felt it working muscles in my legs that running just doesn't. Which is great because I think I'm un-balanced and need to kick up my cross training and hopefully that will help my knees.

4.5 miles of intervals this morning and feeling pretty good. Knees still aren't 100%, but I've still got about 5 weeks till training kicks into high gear so just trying to hang back and recover, but I want to run! LOL!

Happy running!

10-21-2011, 03:06 PM
CherryPie99: I have a winter jogging shirt that has sleeves you can pull over your fingers, completely covering them like mittens. I like it better than actually wearing gloves because it is super easy to pull the sleeves back after you get warm.

murfcat:Love the tip!! I was LOL!

Well, I am making a killing this week doing a last-minute job for the Biological Ethics Institute here - but the project has eaten every last minute of exercise time. Of course I'm still active - always walking fast around the city, but no jogging this week. :(

Anyway - it is a good week-break, I realize how much I miss it!

10-21-2011, 06:49 PM
i had a great run with my friend this morning and it's reminded me that i should be doing more running because i really enjoy it!

I've hardly done any for the last couple of weeks as i've been more of a gym visitor recently (spin classes, step classes, weights classes etc) as it's an easy routine just to drop in on the way back from work.

The weather's already heating up down here though with temps in the high 80's this weekend so i'm going to have to start my summertime early morning running routine soon!

40-50 mile bike-ride planned for tomorrow's activities though as hubby and i have booked in to do a 56 mile bike race in two weeks time and haven't really done any training. eeekk!!

10-22-2011, 06:05 AM
Run yesterday with a friend- about 4.5 km. Again this morning with another friend- 30 minutes.

10K coming up at the end of November. I've never run a 10K but I'm definitely doing it. Pumped!!

10-22-2011, 04:04 PM
Still keeping up with it even though it's my 3rd day of TOM. Ugh. I've got it up to run 1 minute/walk 1 minute until I hit 6 minutes of running. Woot. I hope to build it to 7 altogether before Christmas, but I'm taking it slow, because my stamina is lacking.

My goal at this moment is to get to 10 minutes of running altogether, and then slowly take the walking minutes in between away a couple seconds at a time. That would be pretty amazing for me. :)

10-24-2011, 01:26 AM
Just did 45 minutes in the hot sun (no autumn here in India!).

Ugh. I KNEW I shouldn't have run. I ran TWICE in the last 3 days, this makes it THREE times in 4 days. Some of you guys are champs who can do that, but I know my joints can't handle it.

My right knee started hurting partway through- the one that I injured back in May.

I have eaten crap the last 3 days, ate a ton of food last night (not willingly. I was full, went to a local Diwali party, and turning down what is offered is highly offensive. I did well in eating things slowly so the hosts wouldn't rush over and refill me, but they literally were putting food in my hands. Oh Indiaa..............)

Anyway so I really really felt like I needed a hard run today to offset a fraction of the awful food I've put into my body the last few days.

Hope my knee doesn't hate me :(

10-24-2011, 02:25 AM
indiblue: Are you the only jogger in India?? Where do you jog? Btw, I might come visit!

I finally had a bit of time to jog on Sunday - 6 miles. It was really nice, yet terribly difficult!

I also just want to make clear to other newer joggers here - I generally give it my all 25 - 30 minutes, then I take a 2-5 minute breather walking, then give it my all again.

I don't run 60 minutes straight - I mean, I suppose I could (I wouldn't literally die), but I also look forward to a little break in there. In fact, I'd say the breathing break in the middle improves the overall quality of my run, as well as my stamina.

10-24-2011, 02:47 AM
indiblue: Are you the only jogger in India?? Where do you jog? Btw, I might come visit!

Sometimes it feels like it! There are actually a few marathons and halves throughout the country, including the city I'm in (a second-tier city in terms of size and international recognition, after Delhi/Mumbai) with some very good local runners. There's a running club here so it's not unheard of.

However, running is pretty uncommon among the vast majority of people, and definitely among women. So is fitness in general. I run in a park near my apartment and I am almost always the only runner. Everyone else is walking- men in polo shirts and track pants and women in their saris and tennis shoes (not kidding). At the gym women NEVER touch the dumbells, opting only for the elliptical or recumbent bike, and men only use the light weights.

There isn't a fitness or exercise culture here. It's hard to find hard yoga classes like we are used to in the US. Women do yoga in their salwar kameezes and it mostly consists of light stretching.

Breaking out in a sweat is quite unseemly for women, and walking is considered a sign of ultimate fitness for men. Most people don't really see a need in going further.

(My guy friends here joke about how cricket- which of course is the national sport- is just about as much work as sunbathing. That's a little mean but my fiance played cricket a bit here and agrees.)

The funniest thing about exercise in Asia- sorry if I sound a bit judgmental here- is the focus on calisthetics. In every park I go to, be it in India, Thailand, Cambodia, etc- men are breathing out loudly and doing alternate toe-touches, walking backwards, walking with their arms swinging wildly.

I stare at them doing it and usually crack a smile (it's pretty funny to watch), but hey, they see a white girl jogging, they're staring at me with equal bewilderment ^_^

Sorry for going off quite a bit from what you asked. The exercise culture here is just really different and I enjoy observing and talking about it. You should come visit- PM me if you have any questions about traveling here.

10-24-2011, 02:53 AM
i'd love to visit India too - it's very high on my must-do list and hopefully will happen next year some time. we were supposed to be going there with friends this christmas but it fell through and friends ended up going on their own last month instead. Humph!

Well done to you for getting out there and not caring about being an oddity!!!

10-25-2011, 06:35 PM
4 miles straight for the first time today. Finished in 42:38 - not too shabby. I am a total wuss, though - it was 51 degrees out and I was too cold. Soon I'll be relegated full time to the dreadmill :((

10-29-2011, 12:33 AM

My knee was bothering me yesterday, even though I have taken a full 6 days off of any impact activity. It felt twingy and a little weak just walking around and doing some yoga.

I really should not have run this morning, but had a running date with two friends at a park at 630 AM that I set and did NOT want to break.

So I ran, did 5.6 miles in 1 hour, with NO PAIN!!!!

I really was expecting to have significant pain just a few minutes into the run and have to turn back.


I love my knee brace!! I wore it for the first time during my run today in a while. I MUST remember to wear it EVERY time I run. There is no reason not to.

So, so happy... sorry for the exuberance. I'm just thrilled that the 10K in a month is looking very possible!!

Time to go ice and rest my knee and pop a bit of ibuprofen :) :)

10-29-2011, 02:47 AM
indiblue - is this ITB you've got or something else? I've not heard of a knee brace for ITB though. What is it - just bandaging, or do you have a 'contraption' of some sort?! Great that it's worked for you anyway!

10-29-2011, 05:50 AM
indiblue: I LOVED reading your description of the exercise culture in India! I've known a few Indian men and they were radically different from American men when it came to exercise AND yes, they all valued walking very much!!

In the German city I am in, it is quite wealthy with tons of academics and students. The joggers here are overflowing. But, when I go to, for example, an east German city that is poorer, I don't see a single jogger. I really think jogging is somehow highly connected to wealth.

I mean jogging is free - but for the population who has spent the entire day in a hard manual labor job, they obviously don't feel compelled to spend more of their day devoted to physical activity.

In addition, the bollywood stars are not super thin and fit like american celebs. They sort of just look regular - maybe a bit on the thin side. So, I don't think they feel the same media pressure to have an out-of-this-world body.

If anything the women there feel a media pressure to be paler and have long beautiful hair - the paler part obviously being quite difficult, especially if you are from the south.

I'm just guessing - I've never been. I will definitely PM you if I decide to go!

Also Indiblue - what is your post-jogging food there? We typically turn to protein powders or peanut butter and toast here - what do you buy there??

Anyway, my jogging has really been sporadic, unfortunately. I am still active, I walk everyday a lot - but finding time for jogging has been rough. I'm going to try to come up with a better plan for next week to ensure I job at least 4 times during the week.

10-29-2011, 07:36 AM
ange I do have ITB issues and was in PT for it last year. The root of my problem is a hip issue called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). I have a tight ITB that is either a result of the FAI or compounded by it. I have a foam roller that I LOVE that helps with the ITB. The only thing that will help the FAI is surgery, which I'll have at some point.

The knee pain is in the lower inside of my right knee. I don't know if it's related to the ITB or hip or what. A friend also mentioned today that it could be just related to walking barefoot a lot at home (I work from home, don't wear shoes a lot :)). So I'm not sure. I'm going to continue running carefully- only 1x a week- and ice/compress/ibuprofen it every day. I just want to run a 10K a month from now and then will rest it COMPLETELY for a few months (which unfortunately is the coolest and nicest part of the year!)

The brace is just a closed-knee sleeve/bandage thing from Oppo- I think a British band. But it works wonders!

Unna I definitely agree with you on the wealth-tied-to-exercise. The only people who exercise in India (as in, structured "I want to get fit" exercise- not laborers, maids, etc) are wealthy. The women walking around in Keds and saris or the men going to the gym and lifting lighter weights than I do are absurdly wealthy. Fitness in the Western sense just hasn't caught on, even though Indians are getting wealthier and, unfortunately, fatter, as middle-class fast food sedentary lifestyles catch on. Diabetes here is through the roof (if you ever have a doubt as to why, taste an Indian sweet... they're almost unbearable to eat, and I have a crazy sweet tooth!).

You are absolutely right about the pressure to be pale and have long beautiful hair. "Fairness cream" is as big here as tanning creams and salons are in the US- possibly even bigger.

There is no pressure to be thin here, but fear of bulking up prevents most women from doing more than walking and stretching. While that is absolutely a good thing- that there is more an acceptance of a variety of body types- there is certainly a lackadaisical attitude about weight gain due to overeating. Overeating is still seen as a blessing and being very heavy a sign of wealth. At a Diwali party I went to last week, where the entire host family was overweight-to-obese, all family members at one point or another independently joked about how fat they were and how much their family loved food. This coincided with literally putting food into hands/laps/onto plates no matter how much I and other guests protested.

Ok I'm going on so I'll stop. All this to say it's quite interesting living here and trying to be healthy...

10-29-2011, 06:03 PM
^facinating stuff!

Indi-I actually like the stick a bit better than the roller, but I think the roller might work better. The stick is nice cause you can just kinda lay on the couch and work the area.

Sorry I haven't been around much this month, now that it's almost over! Been crazy busy and been running less miles to allow my own injuries to heal. I've been doing tons of stretching, foal rolling and sticking and feeling a lot of improvement. So I'm excited. Unfortunately, I could probably use a few more weeks of really low milage, but I'm at a point where I have to start building if I'm going to run a marathon in March. I think I'll just have to keep my head on straight and listen to my body and know they'll always be marathons and limping to the start line is no fun. So we'll see how it goes. I'm really encouraged by my pain improvement so I'll keep it all up and hope for the best.

I ran 2, 3, 2, 3 and tomorrow I'm thinking 7. I had a really good 7 last weekend and even threw in a couple miles on the trails. That was pretty fun. Requires a lot of concentration on the feet. I'm surprised I did sprain something though.

Keep up the great work everyone and I'll see you all in November!

10-31-2011, 03:52 AM
So, my week wasn't so bad as far as jogging is concerned:

Thursday: 5.5 miles
Saturday: 5.5 miles
Sunday: 5.5. miles

But that's it - Mon - Wed I was extremely busy with an important project. It totally stressed me out, even have a cold sore to prove it! I need to somehow make time to jog, even if it is a short midnight jog, when I have stressful projects. It really helps bring me down and sleep better.

In general, I've been super happy with my new Mizuno's. They haven't let me down yet - they make jogging more comfortable than my other shoes. I bought them spontaneously, on sale, while I was in America - buying jogging shoes in Germany is SUPER expensive. You will spend at least $200. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Another story someone told me this week: The woman who recently ran a full marathon in her final term of pregnancy - she had a healthy baby 7 hours later!! Apparently her husband was there as well.

I want to be supportive of running - but have we NO moderation in our culture? The thing is, she didn't know if it would hurt the baby or not - it is not as if we have many documented cases of full-term pregnant women running marathons.

Indiblue: The sweets are sweet and while I love the Indian kitchen (it is one of my faves!), they often cook with an insane amount of ghee. Also, are Indians more susceptible to getting diabetes? Just curious.

So what do the contents of your fridge look like? I would always be on a sugar high if I were there - with fresh mango and banana!

10-31-2011, 07:48 AM
Who, weird. Double post. Didn't know that was possible on 3FC. Sorry!

10-31-2011, 07:42 PM
Who, weird. Double post. Didn't know that was possible on 3FC. Sorry!

looks like you deleted both of them?! Halloween magic?
can you write it again?!

Right, i'm off out for a run.

I haven't been doing much running recently, but i went out for one yesterday and enjoyed it more than i thought i would.

The trouble is i'm away from home at the moment and the landscape is desert and flat as a pancake around here, so not very inspiring really!

11-07-2011, 02:15 AM
ange82much: that sounds really hot! I'm not much of a jogger when it is too warm. I do like jogging on flatter routes though (I'm lazy).

I did 10.5km yesterday along the water canal. It was nice - I started to feel a twinge of arch pain after 55 min., but persisted and it magically went away. In the past it would kill me to run with the arch pain. I guess my body is adapting.

I think the adaptation of the body to jogging is not talked about enough. I mean, at least in my experience, I had tons of adapting the first year. I remember experiencing severe knee pain, pinkie toe problems (sounds little, but was very painful), terrible side pain, and then bad arch pain in my right foot.

I always read online where people jump into a half marathon the first year of jogging and am amazed. Now, after two years, I could do a half marathon, but pushing myself in the beginning, before my body had adapted, would just have resulted in a serious injury. I'm not sure what our hurry is - why do we need to push ourselves so hard and so soon?

I suppose that is the only thing that bothers me about jogging - it does not seem to be a sport of moderation. Sort of like cycling - it really isn't respected unless you travel hundreds of miles.

11-07-2011, 05:21 PM
Unna - good questions and good discussion - post them again in the November running thread and more people will see them.

Yes, i've had ITB issues and some shin splints, but they're the sort of injuries that you need to rest really and running with pain is doing more harm, so i haven't really run through much pain.

Agree that it took me a while to build up to half marathon distances and i still haven't done a marathon. A friend of ours recently did a 100km race though, and he didn't run regularly at all until he signed up for it, and then did a few months training. That was it. He finished middle of the pack. Amazing!!!