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09-27-2011, 02:38 PM
:carrot::welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techniques we have learned from experience to keep us on track. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

09-27-2011, 02:43 PM
Hi Turtles and welcome again to our newest member, Taylors.
I've had a good week and see the :goodscale: in my future. I did my DVD on toning every day this week and even though it's only 20 minutes, it's 20 minutes more of toning than I would have done.

Princess, good luck with your changes coming up. You're focused and know what to do. Now you'll have more time to exercise.

Yes, Zumba sounds like so much fun. Maybe I can try that once I build up my stamina and flexibility a bit.

Bandit, thanks for starting our challenge. It was just what I needed to kick up my enthusiasm.

Life4evr, you'll get through this. We've all had tough eating times where we ended up not feeling good about ourselves. We all :love: you and want the best for you. Tomorrow is another day.

I've gotta run and check my pedometer. It's great. It took in my weight and then translates steps into calories burned. What fun!

Okay, to all the Turtles, I can't respond personally right now, but I'm thinking of all of you and wishing you all a great OP day!
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:

09-28-2011, 04:24 AM
Just poppiing in before I lay down. Will catch up on the reading later. Just got finished planning my menu for the next two days which equals me cooking and then having leftoevers the next day.

Well today was weigh in day I gained 1.6# I think. So I am feeling blah about that but I managed to stay on plan and avoided the fast food on the way home. Came home and made a huge salad instead. I got a work out in. I decided to try the EA sports active for the Wii, cheaper htan a gym membership. Well lets just say that game is no joke. IT was an actual workout.

Well since I woke up late I came no where close to using my points for the day, but I feel satisfied and not starving so I am not going to worry about it. Everyone have a goodnight my bed is finally calling my name.

09-28-2011, 09:29 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday to you all! The week is chugging by pretty quickly! I have had lots of challenges this week with eating out, another lunch out today, but am making pretty good choices and not over eating or using this as an excuse to totally fall off the wagon for the week.

I did not get to the gym last night, stayed home with DH instead as we had some information to go over, plans to make and family members to call. He got the results back from the stress test and it was not so good, the blood is not making it to the bottom of his heart so they want to do a Cardiac Catheterization on Monday, if they don't like what they see then they will put a stint in right then otherwise they will come up with a plan of action based on the results. Even though it is a common procedure we are both scared and this has turned into a real wakeup call. For those of you in the USA that can get the Heart Scan I would highly recommend it, it is the best money you can spend. Our local hospitals have them for 49.00 right now and it was worth every penny and more.

Judy: Good luck at your weigh in today! I hope that you get the number that you want to see! I totally agree, Bandit's challenge has really got me motivated!

Life: Good job planning out your menu's, that is fabulous!

I have to run but will check back in again later on, have a great day all!

09-28-2011, 10:01 AM
Life4evr, I love what you're going. Weigh to go. The exercise on the Wii can be wicked---or so my friends tell me. I don't have a Wii but a lot of people swear by them. Also the big salad is definitely the way to go and planning meals, etc. will keep you OP. :bravo:

Princess, I'm sorry your dh has this condition, but it is wonderful you have the information to figure out what to do next. Sending :goodvibes: to you and him to get through this stressful time.

All Turtles----have a good day. I'm going to WI in about an hour and will post back then.

09-28-2011, 12:59 PM
Hi Guys,
I broke the decade at WI today and I'm really pleased. This is working for me. I lost 1.2# and am into my first goal of being in the 180's. :goodscale:
My next goal is to break 180# and hit 179# by Bandit's challenge date. I can do this. We can all do this.

Have a great day, everybody.
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09-28-2011, 01:02 PM
Judy - Great job on toning every day this week. Progress is progress.

Life4evr- Sorry you had a small gain. Keep up the good work and it will be off in no time.

Taylors- Welcome! Nice to see a another newbie in the group. This is a very supportive and kind group.

Lots2go - How are you doing? Hopefully your days haven't been to hectic.;) LOL I know my days are always hectic with the 3 little ones.

Hello to Bandit, Princess, and anyone I havent remembered.

09-28-2011, 01:19 PM
:grouphug:Hey all :)
It's been a busy week for me, I can't wait until Friday!! I've done pretty well with my eating this week, I haven't gone over my total allowed points (including my exercise and weekly) I've gone over my dailies but they're all covered by something else ;)

My goal is to stay on plan today and tomorrow not eating more than 29. I can't wait to see the scales...I've quit weighing at home, which is VERY hard not to do! I don't feel like I'm losing, but I really didn't feel like it last week either, so maybe this week I'll do really well. I've exercised every day except Sunday since my last weigh in. Today we did bootcamp and I was sweating pretty good :) I love those workouts!:lifter::running::strong:

Princess-I'm sorry about your husband, that's some scary stuff!! I'll be praying for wisdom...
Judy-Congrats on your weigh in!!! :congrat::cheer::cheer: good job on your toning...what dvd do you do? I need something to add to my collection :)
taylor--good job using that free time on the treadmill....every minute counts!
lif4ever-it's a new day!!! dust yourself off and start over :) You've got this!! i need to plan my menus for next week. its tough to stick to it when you have crazy days sometimes, but helps so much to have a plan! I often over cook so I'll have lunch the next day for myself and my husband.
Cherry-Holy Moly!!!!!! I feel like my head is spinning most days :dizzy: Monday and Tuesday are pretty calm around my house, but Wed. we have church and don't get out until 8 so its almost 9 when they get in bed...this thursday we have a skating party that lets out at 8...so another late night...wednesday is our early morning, my 8 yr old has choir at 7:30 so i have to leave the house by 7 or a little after to get them to school in time, but i have boot camp that ends at 6:15 on wed. it's a crazy life.....but I wouldn't change a things....well maybe whining, i could stop that lol.

I hope everyone has a great week!!!! It's hump day, lets make it count!!!! You can do this ladies!

09-28-2011, 04:50 PM
Hey. Everyone thanks for the encouragement. Today has been good. It's my day off from work and exercising, so that's great. I did manage to cook just got done with eating lunch. Dinner is in the crockpot so I am good to go.

Princess you and your husband are in my thoughts.

Itryharder congrats on your loss.

Lots2go I understand that. My dad doesn't like my cooking. He has something against healthy lol. So alot of times I have leftovers. Which I have learned to portion and just freeze. I have to plan out my menu I tend to flip flop between working second shift and third shift. The weekends I work in the morning then usually end up doing a third, which equals me to being up a while. So no cooking usually happens then.

I must have missed something what challenge is going on?

Everyone have a good day. Sorry if I missed anyone.

09-28-2011, 05:38 PM
Hi Turtles,
Thanks for the supportive words@ You make me feel great.

Life4evr, in our thread #265 Bandit started a challenge for us to last the time starting now and ending with the last episode of The Biggest Loser.
Princess summed up the challenge . If you can't find it, let us know and I'll backtrack and find out which page. Anyway, it's helped get my motivation back and to think of the things I need to do most. For me the thing I needed to improve most was exercise. I just bought a pedometer and I'm using it. Very surprising just how little I move in a day.

Lots2go, the DVD I have is Weight Watchers Get Moving Mix. It's probably a little too tame for you, but you might like it. It has five different workouts so you don't get bored. Its copyright date is 2006, but eBay may have some available.

I have to run and get a few things done. Always good talking to you.
234.6/189.8/169 and thinner :cool:

09-28-2011, 07:46 PM
Hi there everyone...today I woke with a humdinger of a headache.. not sure what is going on there but didn't break til later this afternoon.. I did still manage my treadmill workout but switched it around so that today was my day at my pace just a longer walk.. I didn't feel like doing it but read once that if you commit to at least 10 minutes within that time frame 99% of the time you can convince yourself to continue - I did but felt more like a protesting child then a this is good for me adult.. lol

Princess1122 omg thank goodness for technology but will be thinking about you and your family as you go thru this.. I pray for a positive outcome..

life4evr awesome job.. I love my Wii and do have that program.. as well as the second one they came out and both made me sweat up a storm..

Itryharder congratulations.. wahooo it all balances out doesn't it with this program

CherryAutumn - thank you for the warm welcome

lots2go I wish you well on your game plan for today.. I know how hard it is not to become a daily scale checker.. plus what that can emotionally do to you if it doesn't show what you hoped for so bravo on that accomplishment..

Well today I found out something disturbing.. Last year I tried out a program to lose weight and it was quite effective but in the long run it became costly and wasn't teaching me about how to address food in my life - more like here's a quick fix and hope for the best.. I did do good but when I reached goal the maintaining wasn't attainable because I didn't have the tools to know how to maintain.. needless to say I put 25 back on when I decided to join WW because of the positive things I had heard from my daughter.. What I found out today and I had suspected was a possibilty was that program had side effects -which weren't discussed with me.. my eyesight has gone downhill quickly and although I am 45 and realizing I am in that time frame where it's meant to begin to happen this was just way to fast..well today it was confirmed by a former employee that yes it can effect your eyes... SERIOUSLY this was not told to me and I'm just so ticked off.. I just reaffirms to me that quicker isn't always better and had I just done a slow and steady process of dealing with my weight issue maybe my eyes wouldnt have paid the price... okay thats my vent for the day LOL...

09-28-2011, 10:35 PM
Itryharder I will go back and look.

Taylorsjourney I have the second one. My cousin has the first one and she warned me, but she tends to quit easily during exercise sometimes so I didn't quite believe her. LOL. But yeah I had to apologize to her cause she wasn't lying.

So I was merrily going along my way when I attacked the sugar wafers my mom walked into the house with. I would have been fine if I hadn't ate the whole pack. And of course the first pack sent me into sugar cravings so I had another pack but I tracked and I feel okay. I dipped alot into my weekly but I will have some exercise pts. So I should be okay.

So I cooked the chicken, mushroom and rice slow cooker recipe. It was good but my chicken started shredding into the rice. That is the update for the end of the day. Hope everyone had a good day.

09-29-2011, 08:04 AM
Hey All! Happy Thursday..........

Ended up in emerg with abdominal pain Tues, after xray, u/s, CT scan they saw I have a bowel infection, hopefully it will go away with antibiotics, and if not I may be investigated for IBS, crohns or those type of things! Skinny people have those diseases!!! Not chubby ones!!! So happy thoughts for me that things clear up!!!

So Did walk 1 morning, and 1 aquafit, will try to hit he bricks Fri am. I haven't weighed myself but have more than likely lost due to the vomiting, diarreha and just plain ol not eating!!!!!!

There are so many posts I will never catch up! Welcome to the newcomers and hope all are doing great!!! We are a wonderful group of women and together we can do this!!!!

One thought should we have a weekly repoting in thread? And a certain day to report our weekly progress? There are so many posts (which is great!!!) just thought we should think about having a separate thread thoughts???

Have a great day gals!!


09-29-2011, 09:35 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Thursday to you alll! It is another rainy and cool morning here, we are catching up with the lack of rain from the second part of the summer I think.

I am still doing good here with my food, journaling everthing that I am eating and staying very close to my 1500 calories a day. Really hoping for a good weigh in tonight, I need to find another last chance workout since it is raining I won't be mowing the yard so maybe I will hop on the treadmill or pop in a DVD.

Thanks for all of your well wishes for myself and my husband, we are very lucky to have caught it early and we have positive thoughts on the outcome so all of that along with prayer and making good changes in our lives should see us through this.

I will see if I can dig out the summation that I did of the challenge and repost it here.

Terri: I am so sorry to hear about your tummy troubles but very happy that you seem to have caught it early and will be able to get it treated! Good luck with getting your third workout in for the week!

Judy: Wow! I will say congrats to you for hitting your new goal but that just does not seem like enough... I am so stinking proud of you! You have worked so hard, have been so steadfast in your efforts and now that you are hitting new highpoints I think it is just fabulous! Onward to the next milestone!

Life: Good job on getting some cooking in and as far as the sugar wafers - well just dust it off and move on, we all makes those choices but you are strong enough to make it all work since you pointed it out and accounted for it!

Taylor: Holy Cow! A diet that effects your eyesight! How scary is that!?!?! Is there any recourse that you take to correct the damage that has been done? I am thinking about you and sure hope that you are able to work thru it all.

Bandit: Good luck at Weigh In tonight! I would imagine that you are starting to get your house ready for the cold weather and all, I know that we are but it is slow going this year. DS is going to come up and help me get some stuff done to the gutters, yard and garage this weekend which will be a help since DH is on restricted activity now (which he is taking full advantage of by the way! LOL).

Cherry: Are your kids in school yet or are they still too young? How is your week going so far?

Lots2go: Bootcamp sounds like a great workout! I step on the scale a couple of times a week and it helps me to know that I am on the right track, I know a lot of people don't do that and say that you shouldn't but I figure if something is not working for me then I would rather find out sooner rather than later :) Good luck this week!

Ok - I think I got everyone LOL - we have grown in numbers and that is so exciting! I am good with what ever everyone wants to do about the threads - Judy gets those set up for us so she would be a good one to chime in on that subject.

Edited to Add: I am trying my one new dish today, I am making the crock pot Chicken Parm. with WW pasta - I have the chicken in light ragu sauce cooking at home now and will make the pasta once I get home from my W/I tonight!

have a great day all!

09-29-2011, 10:18 AM
Princess, :bravo: and weigh to go in including everyone in your post!!! You know you and your dh are in my thoughts and prayers. Here's :goodvibes: for a wonderful WI. And thanks for the very heartfelt message about my weight loss. For those of you who are newbies, I had been 188 last December. Somehow over the next months I managed to put on 9 pounds while attending WW mtgs. and counting the points plus. I had to stop the gain and am trying another program right now. I am successfully losing about 1#/week and am thrilled. I am less than a pound away from 188#. The lowest I've been on WW's was 185# and I'm very close to that. Long story-----but Princess and Bandit and Terri and Cherry and Life4evr know how long I've been working on this. I'm taking it a day at a time, a week at a time and a pound at a time. I can do this. We can all do this!

I'd be happy to set up a thread for reporting in our weight outcomes for the week. Since we all WI on different days, I'll make it for Friday. I'm not sure how this will work, but I'll set up thread #1 Bale of Turtles Friday WI. We can post there about our weight loss/gain. I will continue to write here since I find the daily input invaluable, but will be fine will also posting my weight loss on the other thread. This is especially true since my computer is set up to deny access to the ticker and I can't find a way around it. Lol. Rather ironic that I'm the one that sets up our threads. Lol again.

Taylor, since I'm using another method of losing weight right now, I sure would appreciate a private message to let me know which program you feel caused your eyesight dilemma. Ugh. WW is a wonderful program for most people and you do get lifestyle changes.

Life4evr, one of the reasons I love crockpot meals is that they are set it and forget it types of things. Actually having the chicken meld into the rice sounds yummy and comforting to me. I am so happy for you that you're thinking of yourself and preparing meals that will work for you. As far as the cookies, gosh---you're in your folks house and that's tricky. All I know is that you have accounted for them and had the points and you can lose weight this week. Won't that be great?

Cherry, you are sooooooooooooooooo close to 25# down. Weigh to go!

Bandit, good luck at your WI tonight. Always good to hear from you. :goodscale:

Okay----I'll be setting up the other thread as Terri suggested. I've got a busy morning and I'll be away from the computer a bit in the next few days. Catch up with you over the weekend.
234.6/189.8/169 and thinner :cool:

09-29-2011, 11:05 AM
Judy: Thanks for taking such good care of us Turtles and setting up the new thread! It is greatly appreciated! I am off to find the summary of the challenge and will be back to post it.

Edited to add the info about "The Turtles Biggest Loser Challenge"

I am totally up for the competition so just to recap so I am sure I understand:

Exercise 3 Times a Week
Eat within our points/calories
Give support to the group
Keep a food journal
Try 1 new meal/recipe every week (on plan)
Drink our water
Make a personal weight loss goal to have, and the end of the show will be our target date

I also posted this over on the other thread so we have it both places, hope this helps!

09-29-2011, 12:35 PM
Princess- You asked about my kids. One is school age and one not far behind but I am Homeschooling them for multiple reasons so I dont really get a break.

I have a Saturday and a Wed. weigh in day so I am not sure what to go by for the Friday weigh in thread. Any suggestions about how we should go about this.

Judy - I havent updated by ticker yet but I think I am at 25 pounds down total. It doesnt seem like that much because It has been over several years and this past effort has been only 14 pounds down.

09-29-2011, 01:27 PM
Thanks everyone. Yeah and I felt horrible after eating them. I physically felt messed up. It through me into a spiral which I did track.

Itryharder we do keep snacks in the house. Which I can usually ignore. But it was one of those moments. My mom goes through spurts of buying junk food. My folks are crazy. They told me they would be happy to hide it from me.

I am not sure what recipe I am going to try out this week. I have exercised twice this week so I am doing okay on that front. I also learned that exercising on a completely empty stomach is a not a good. My dinner is packed since I work tonight. I may have to get some tootsie rolls to help with my chocolate cravings.

Hope everyone has a good day. I am off to get ready for work.

09-29-2011, 08:25 PM
Hi there everyone... today is another cloudy day and might I say I am tired of seeing rain in our forecast.. it's like we can get thru part of the day and then those sprinkles hit us and the mood sinks with it.. I'm married to a farmer who would love to get the crops off with little "mucking" of the dirt but that doesn't seem possible..

I did get my treadmill workout in before leaving for work but once there I got all of schedule with my eating.. so I'm now having my lunch for supper and thinking when will I get my supper in.. I don't know if WW has a time they want you to try to eat after so if anyone knows I would appreciate that..

if tomorrow is our first BL wi and my wi day is Monday do you want me to do 2 WI's LOL...I have a wedding Saturday so maybe it would work better in favour but then again its TOM so maybe not HAHAHAHA oh which way to weigh!!!

Itryharder I have no clue how to private message but I will tell you the program I did was called Ideal Protein .. it is a high protein, low carb no sugar diet.. you eat what one called astronaut like food for breakfast and lunch ( high protein powder in foil packages made to taste like food).. then supper was a meal within their guideline.. if I checked it once the total calories for a day didn't go over 700 ..there is a 3fc site for that program which is how I came across this one out of curiousity to see if a site for WW existed... the paperwork I was given - and the book I read listed very few side effects - more like headaches when detoxing.. sleep interruption because of fat decreasing body changes etc... I new of a naturopath who voiced concerns about the high protein but she was thinking more along the galbladder so I took an omega 3,6,9 fish oil supplement so my galbladder wouldnt "dry out".. other then that I never heard anything about the eyesight.. when I finished the program ( last November) it was like well here you go you're done off you go.. the leader of this program wasn't the greatest in direction and you began to feel like a money maker then a person trying to figure out how to solve a weight issue.. my eyesight has slowly started to change shortly after that .. I didn't put the link together until I ran into someone who once did the program as well and she was commenting on her eyesight change.. so i made a few calls to others and then locate the one employee who had left the place of business to ask about any side effects.. their really isn't to much I can do to gain it back I can only strengthen what I have now .. so bring on the carrot juice (or not) ...it's more just a nuisance with the reading of things .. I am now a person who moves things back and forward til it adjusts which is where at some point we all get to - I just got there a little faster.. that's the whole bit about that program.. everyone is affected differently and for me this was how it worked on me..

wow I warned you I could be long winded at times.. LOL..

I am working on the new meal for the challenge so will have to see what I can do to accomplish that.. I wish everyone an awesome evening and some great WI's tomorrow!!

09-30-2011, 09:09 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Friday! Cold and rainy here again today so I feel Taylor's pain there, we have had our fair share of rain this last week or so but were so dry before that we were in drought conditions so I guess the rain is good for us.

Well W/I was not what I had hoped and I posted my update over on the other thread. I did a lot of eating out and b-day celebrating so I would say that over all a loss of anykind is pretty darned good... however, it is not good enough for the challenge and I am running behind what I need to personally do to get to my goal. I think that the eating is really falling into place so it is time to step up the exercise!

Today is my last day here at work so Monday starts a new chapter for me, take some time off and then find another job - I think I have a pretty good plan in place for while I am at home, stay BUSY! We have to see what Monday brings with DH as that might change my plans a bit but other than that I am ready to get busy at home and get some long overdue things done and do some classes at the gym with my D-DIL.

Have to run! Have a great day all! Bandit is on vacation and Judy is away for a few days but I am sure we will hear from them when they get back - I can't wait to hear about Cuba!

09-30-2011, 12:53 PM
UGH! I'm so disappointed...I just got home from my WI and i gained 1.8 :( I was at 189.4, now I'm back to the 190s at 191.2. I was so excited to be in the 180s....oh well, its time to experiment with my activity points, I'm not sure if I want to try eating them all this week or eating none this week...

Hope everyone is doing well this Friday morning! What new recipe are you all going to try this week? I need some ideas!

09-30-2011, 01:17 PM
When I think back to when I was very successful on Weight Watchers (a couple of years ago) and was losing really well and doing a lot of exercising I am 100% positive that I ate my daily and weekly points but never even bothered to calculate my activity points because I never used them. I would try not using them this next week and see how it goes.

Maybe really watch your salt intake and increase your water if you can, see if that can get things flushed out. Also, if you try staggering your weekly points to have high point days and then low points days (make sure you have two low points days right before your weigh in) sometimes that kicks things up a bit and gets your motabolisim moving again. Just a thought.

09-30-2011, 06:08 PM
Thanks Princess :) I think I'm going to try that this week
When I think back to when I was very successful on Weight Watchers (a couple of years ago) and was losing really well and doing a lot of exercising I am 100% positive that I ate my daily and weekly points but never even bothered to calculate my activity points because I never used them. I would try not using them this next week and see how it goes.

Maybe really watch your salt intake and increase your water if you can, see if that can get things flushed out. Also, if you try staggering your weekly points to have high point days and then low points days (make sure you have two low points days right before your weigh in) sometimes that kicks things up a bit and gets your motabolisim moving again. Just a thought.

09-30-2011, 06:53 PM
TGIF or what.. seriously this weather is unreal where I am at.. it is 49C out there today.. thats take out the flannels and pull on the woolies.. even though I'm Canadian we don't usually have it this cold this early... plus with rain to boot -- yikes..

Congrats Princess on showing a loss with all you had going on this week..
Lots2go did I read you are doing a 11 mile run tomorrow.. oh my goodness that is awesome.. maybe it was muscle movement that had you go up this week but Princess gave you some awesome advice that I'm going to try out..

wishing everyone a great weekend.. tomorrow a friend gets married and we are all so excited for her.. I just pray they let it be her day as some of the drama I have witnessed so far has definately not been pretty..

09-30-2011, 08:44 PM
Yep :) 11 miles tomorrow...I'm training for a 1/2 marathon. I started working out hardcore about 6 months ago, I do something no less than 5 days a week, and most typically 6 days. 3 days high impact boot camp, and 3 days running I usually do about 3 miles on tues, and thurs and then my long runs which vary on saturday. last week it was 7 this week 11 next week 8 etc...

So Taylor, how cold is that in Fahrenheit? I'm no good at that, but looking at calculators online it cant be right....it shows its like 120 lol

09-30-2011, 08:48 PM
Lots2go.....hahahahaha oops I had that wrong .. it's 49 Farenheit.. to much time on the treadmill must of messed with my thinking... hey break a leg tomorrow with your run... what an amazing accomplishment that will be!!

09-30-2011, 09:28 PM
lol i was thinking, "wow, flannels in 120 degrees huh?" it was 110-115 most of the summer here and it was MISERABLE......I hope i survive tomorrow, it's the farthest I've ever gone, up to now its been 9 miles, i missed our 10 mile run 2 weeks ago :( so i'm going from 9 to 11.....ugh, sometimes i wonder why it is that i'm doing this lol

09-30-2011, 11:43 PM
Hope everyone had a good day. I have managed to stay on plan. Which is major for me. I even managed not to stop at fast food, while I was out and got hungry. Didn't exercis today. Delaying a meal threw my energy level off. Tried a new recipe pea soup. It was okay. Everyone have a goodnight.

10-01-2011, 08:44 AM
Hey All Cold weekend here! Fall wind is blowing!

Princess happy thoughts for Monday! Heart procedures are pretty routine now, they catch things so early and they are totally treatable, hoping for a positive outcome!!!

Life Keep at it! one off day is ok, I love pea soup too!

Lots Good luck on you run and good for you for doing it You go girl!

Taylor hope your friends wedding is ok, pretty cool and windy here this am, I live about an hour away form Bandit in Peterborough, Ontario.

Bandit thinking of you in Cuba!!!! Hope you are having a great time!!!

Cherry 25 pounds is awesome! I will be celebrating when I hit 25 lbs!!!

Judy hope all is great with you, are you keepin at it?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


10-01-2011, 03:41 PM
Oh Turtles,
I'm back from Montauk Pt. on the tip of Long Island. My dh, dds and grandson all came out with me to celebrate my birthday early.
I can't respond to all but I wish you all the best.
I must say a big thank you to Taylors----I am sorry you've had this result from a weight loss program. Any program that goes down to 700 calories /day seems suspect. Thanks for such in depth info.
Gotta run, but I'm wishing us all well and I'll chime back in later to respond better. Ha d a wonderful time out at Montauk and relaxed.

10-01-2011, 09:28 PM
I guess I was a little late posting in the weigh in thread. My weigh ins are on Saturday from home so I wasnt sure what to do. Maybe I will switch to Friday. I was down -1.4 this week. Onward and downward. I seem to be doing ok so far. For some reason this week I am struggling with myself with the munchies. Like I want to stuff my face with the kids fish crackers , or a thing of saltines. I think it is the carb addiction getting to me.

Hope everyone is doing good this weekend. I will check back in later to read any new posts.

10-02-2011, 10:07 AM
well, i survived my 11 miles yesterday :) I walked quite a bit of it too though, and stopped for water and restrooms and all that jazz, so it ended up taking me 3 hours. I could have done it in 2 1/2 if I didnt wait in line for the restrooms lol.

So last night I put some steel cut oats in the crock pot with some goodies and added bananas and walnuts to it this morning, and YUMMY! OMGoodness, it was heavenly! I made the recipe on the WW website you all have to try it if you havent already!! the only thing i changed was putting the oats in the crock pot the night before and just adding bananas and walnuts and a packet of splenda this morning. It wasn't quite sweet enough for my liking. All but 1 of my kids loved it, and he's got a texture issue ;)

It's off to church for us this morning and home to clean/rest this afternoon....

Judy-It sounds like you had a great time, it's always nice to get away from home if even for the day.
Cherry-WTG on your loss!! That's wonderful!!
life4ever- my boot camp instructor always tells me "if you fall down 7 times, you get up 8" it's a new day, learn from your mistakes and you'll do great!
Princess-Praying for both you and your husband!!

Here's the recipe in case anyone is interested :) Happy Sunday all!!

Banana nut steel cut oatmeal
4 cup(s) water
1/4 tsp table salt, or to taste
1 cup(s) Hodgson Mill Steel cut oats, or other brand
2 medium banana(s), ripe, mashed
1 Tbsp packed brown sugar
2 tsp unsalted butter
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup(s) low-fat milk
8 tsp chopped walnuts

Bring water and salt to a boil in a medium saucepan; stir in oats and return to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, until oats are tender, about 25 to 30 minutes; remove from heat. Gently stir in bananas, sugar, butter and vanilla; stir in milk. Serve oatmeal topped with walnuts. Yields about 1 cup oatmeal and 2 teaspoons walnuts per serving.

10-02-2011, 01:19 PM
Good afternoon everyone!!.. Well I attended a beautiful wedding yesterday and enjoyed myself in all ways.. I had saved my weekly pts as well as my activity pts for this day LOL.. I'm hoping with all the dancing I did last night I recouped some of those activity points.. I had mentally given myself persmission not to feel guilty for any decisions I made and I think that went a long way for me not to go "hog wild" .. I did taste, drink anything I wanted to but I found that "knowing " I could took the edge off.. today is a new day I'm right back on program and not going to bully myself if the scale doesn't reflect in my favour.. LOL..

CherryAutumn congratulations on your loss - that is fantastic.. I find I crave the carbs when I am close to TOM..

Lots2go - WAY TO GO.. I am so in awe of you doing the 11 miles period.. whether you walked, ran, stopped or waited in line for a nature break that fact is you set out to do an 11 mile run and you did.. BRAVO my friend that is an accomplishment!!..

Princess stay positive and believe it will all work out in a fantastic way!!

Alright goal for today is to flush flush flush and beat my water issue.. it's seriously cold/windy outside today for beginning of October but at least the sun is shining so staying inside is a good thing LOL..

Have a great day everyone!

10-02-2011, 04:18 PM
Hi everyone and happy Sunday to you all! We have a beautiful day here today, very chilly, it was down in the 30's (F) this morning but it is sunny with big bright skies!

We babysat DGS yesterday afternoon and into last night, his parents came home pretty late so just spent the night here but it was very nice to have them with us and the G-baby was so wonderful, really a wonderful time!

Youngest DS and his g-friend came up this afternoon and had lunch with us and then DS helped me to get the gutters cleaned out and the garage cleaned up to get us ready for winter.

DH is taking a nap, we will both be glad when tomorrow is over with but are looking forward to him feeling better.

It looks like everyone is doing really well and that is so great to see! Have a great day all and I will be back online again on Tuesday when I have a minute. For now I am going to grab the leashes and take the dogs to the park, too pretty of a day to waste!

10-03-2011, 03:41 PM
Hope everyone is having a good day. My eating has been a little out of control but i have been tracking it. Let just say I am glad today is the end of my week. I have killed most of my weekly points. Its that time of the month so my chocolate craving is out of control. I feel okay about it because I actually remembered to track it. Other than that my week has been pretty good. I am off work till Wed so that's always nice. Excuse any typos I am typing without glasses or contacts, one of those days eveyone have a good day.

10-03-2011, 04:54 PM
Hi guys, quick check in and update, I did pretty well over the weekend with eating but need to get some exercise going so am heading to the park now. I was there yesterday and got a few laps in when I migraine hit and I went home.

DH had his heart cath done and is now home resting. He did really well and they did not need to put a stint in! Yah! They feel that he can be treated with meds and a life style change, it was great news.

Back tomorrow to see how everyone is doing.

10-03-2011, 09:37 PM
Hi Turtles,
Well, I'm almost back to normal getting things done around the house, etc.
So good to see this thread hopping. We are doing great. We can do this together!!!

Taylor, I am so glad the wedding was so good. Glad you had a great time and figured out the food. Weigh to go. :chef:

Terri, bowel infection-----I am so sorry that happened. I hope the antibiotics can knock the infection out and you won't have to worry any further. :goodvibes: Feel better soon.

Cherry, 24# down is wonderful! I don't care when you lost them. Those pounds are gone. Weigh to go. And another good WI is wonderful. :goodscale: I admire you knocking off your pounds while juggling such a young family. You go girl!

Life4evr, You're doing great. Good to be OP and feeling good about yourself.
I noticed that your parents volunteered to hide the snacks in the house. Well, I'm going to butt right in and say let them do it! Right now my dh is riding around with our household jar of peanut butter that I need for my dgrandson in his car!!!! No kidding/ He works a couple of nights a week and I found that when he was gone I was helping myself to peanut butter which is yummy and good for you, but very high in calories! So, he was willing to get it out of the house for me. I take help wherever I can get it.

Lots2go, sorry about your gain. FYI, like Princess, I never counted in and ate my activity points. I just think they let me lose a little better. However, I never exercised as much as you do. You rock! 11miles Wow!!! :tread:
Keep up the good work. And good luck on your next WI.

Princess, great news about your dh. I am so glad he didn't need the stent and that he did very well with the procedure. :goodvibes: Now he can relax a bit and think about how he wants to improve his health. Having you both on the same page will be a huge help. :love:

Bandit, how are you doing? Are you still with TOPS? :goodscale:

I've done well. Yesterday my family and I went to dinner. I had small portions, and was fine with that. I had a house salad, a piece of chicken marsala and about 5 forksful of linguine with a marinara sauce. I was full enough and then my dd made lattes at home for us and we had angelfood cake for my :hb: cake. Yum. I was going to have a delicious butter frosting on cake, but having overindulged a bit out at Montauk I didn't want to whammy up my weight this week. Losing only a pound a week, I don't want to have a setback where I have to re-lose the same pound over and over. I know you all know how I feel. Soooooooooooo, it made more sense to have a cake I could deal with and still feel like a celebration.
You guys are the best. I love this support. I'll chime in with a WI onFriday and join you all on that site too.
Have a great day and keep on keepin' on!!!!!
234.6/189.8/169.8 and thinner :cool:

10-03-2011, 10:05 PM
Goood evening everyone.. Monday Monday Monday... so our week begins.. it was cold and little bouts of rain here and there today so perfect day to test out the WW Cream of Broccoli soup.. can you say mmm mmmm good and easy to make.. 3pts for 1 & 3/4 servings and let me tell you it was thick and filling... got my treadmil date in this morning it really is a love hate relationship some days..

Princess so thankful to hear you DH's appointment went so well.. that's just awesome..

Itryharder sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration and made some very wise decisions...

Just wanted to check in and say hello and hope everyone is doing great..

10-04-2011, 06:56 AM

Princess relieved to hear your husband didn't need the stint! Together you can make lifstyle changes that will be healthy for both of you!

Judy I am feeling a lot better! And was glad to hear yeaterday it wasn't a food related thing! Although am hoping it goes away and dosen't nned ant further testing or treatment. Sounds like you are doing great!

Cherry you just keep at it! Don't give up you are making this work and doing a good job!

Life I love the chocalte a few days a month too, eat a small piece and move on, if you deny yourself then you might go crazy! and eat a whole bunch....

Lots/Taylors Keep at it we are on are way!

Bandit you back yet?

Have an on plan day all.


10-04-2011, 09:05 AM
Good morning everyone! Just a quick fly by to read posts and say hello, D-DIL is coming by here soon and we are going to get a Zumba class in down at the gym so I only have a quick minute. I will come back later this afternoon and get some posts done to everyone.

Taylor: Could you please share the Cream of Broc soup recipe?

Back in a bit!

10-04-2011, 10:59 AM
Good Morning everyone.. moving slow for some reason today.. don't head into work til later so got my workout done and out of the way but wasn't enjoying any part of it today... usually at some point I can get into it but not today makes it feel longer and like a chore :(

terro glad to hear you are feeling much better and they found out it wasn't food related..

Princess have fun with that zumba class - I have it for the wii and tried it but thought I was going to break my hip LoL..

here is the Cream of Broccoli soup recipe I found off a WW site:

1/4 cup water
1 medium onion
1 medium clove garlic
2 pounds broccoli
4 cups fat free chicken broth
1 cup fat free evapourated milk
salt, pepper and spices to taste..

Place onion and garlic in sauce pan with 1/4 cup water.. simmer about 10 minutes until onion is soft.. spoon into a large pan.

Add broccoli and chicken stock to onion mixture and bring to a boil over high heat. Once boiling turn down heat, simmer until broccoli is soft but still green ( about 8 minutes) .. do not cover the pot or broccoli will turn gray.

Remove from heat and blend until smooth.. be careful not to fill blender to high or soup will splatter.. ( I did it in batches).. once done add the fat free evapourated milk and spices to taste.. Yields 1 3/4 servings!

Serves 4
PP value is 3

10-04-2011, 02:51 PM
Good Tuesday everyone!!
I need to find an easy recipe for tonight. I ate almost all my points at breakfast and lunch :( I need to find something thats under 6 points...boy that'll be tasty huh? lol....

Princess-that's great news about your husband...how was your zumba class?

Thanks for the recipe taylor! I'm going to try it soon...i'd love to try zumba for the wii, that sounds fun!! I need to use my wii more often, I've got the biggest loser game and the wii fit...i should do yoga on it!

judy-thanks for the encouragement! weigh to go on your control going out to dinner! you did much better than i normally do!

everyone else--keep up the good work!! You can do this!

10-04-2011, 06:11 PM
How about an eggwhite omelet? Three eggwhites makes a pretty good sized omelet. Stuff it with all sorts of veggies and you're still at only 1 point plus if you use Pam to spray your pan. A cup of boullion with a few veggies in it is easy and basically free of points. You'll still have a few points plus to fill in what you'd like to eat, but this could give you a good start. :chef:

My computer won't let me back up and see page 2, so I'm sorry I can't respond to those Turtles.

Taylors, love the recipe. Thanks. We're really getting into soup season. I love to have soup in my fridge just waiting to reheat. :chef:

Good day today. Late breakfast. Met my best high school friend for lunch today-----hadn't seen her in 25years and we both live on L.I. crazy. She's as trim as she was in high school. I'm lively, but she's trim. Lol. Well, I'm getting there and I'm not as heavy as I was, so those are both good things.

For lunch I was able to get an unsweetened tea and a house salad. I got a huge one, but skipped the chicken to keep calories as low as possible. I have been hungry all day, so I think I'll go and have the rest of the salad I took home. I had started snacking on cashew nuts and that's a bad sign for me. Nipped it in the bud. (I hope)

Here's :goodvibes: to us all. I'll figure out how to post my weight loss on Friday. I think I will take my WW WI figure and simply post it on Friday. That should work. I'll also see what the rest of you are doing. Thanks Princess for listing our challenge goals again. Great help.
Gotta run, good "chatting" with you.
234.6/189.8/169 and thinner :cool:

10-04-2011, 08:27 PM
Princess glad he did not need a stint put in. Also enjoy Zumba that is one thing I do mess about my gym membership.

Itryharder my parents have done it before and it really didn't bother me. So far there is no need to hide them. After the sugar crash I had after eating them I am over them LOL.

Lots2go I am a salad girl when I dont have alot of points left. We tend to keep grilled chicken around the house. So a big salad with a piece of that usually works for me. With some fruit on the side.

Taylorsjourney I am right there with you about the workout. I got mine in today also but i had to drag myself to the living room to do it. But I was glad I had did it when I was done. Also I have tried that recipe and it was actually pretty good.

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Hope everyone is doing well and have a goodnight.

Opps I am sleepy I forgot to give my update. So I managed to exercise today. I am still liking my Ea sports active game. I have discovered that my cardio has really went down, which isn't a good sign at all. So while I was jogging/running in place that whole feeling like I was going to throw up started. So when I paused to catch my breath I realized I was really outta breath. So I am keeping an eye out on it. I am hoping it's because I have been having sinus/allergies issues lately and nothing else. I weighed in today I was down 4# woo hoo. Back under 280 again, which my body seems to think is its happy weight but it isn't. So needless to say the warning from weight watchers popped up. I know the reason why I dropped that many lbs is because I shocked my body by actually exercising and avoiding fast food. My wallet thanks me also for that one. Sorry kind of long winded. Hope everyone has a goodnight. I am trying to decide what I am going to cook Thursday since that is my day off.

10-04-2011, 09:05 PM
You can never be too long winded. We say what we need to say, when we need to say it! Yay. :bravo: and :goodscale: for such a spectacular weight loss. :balloons: I am so happy for you! You rock.

Just had to say a big congrats to you. Exercise and no fast foods really paid off for you.
234.6/188.6/169 and thinner :cool:

10-05-2011, 09:30 AM
GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING EVERYONE... I am so excited for the first time in a very long time I actually got 7 hours of straight sleep last night.. Woke up with a burst of energy - got the workout off the checklist and am just thinking this is awesome.. I can't remember the last time I slept thru the night.. ( my baby is 15 so can't use the children as an excuse LOL)

spending some time with my Mom today and it is gorgeous here ( thank the good Lord as my Gram would always say LOL)..

Lots2go is the biggest loser game for the wii challenging? Have you ever seen the dancing with the stars workouts in the stores I'm curious if those would be a good workout too..

Itryharder sounds like you had a lovely lunch with your friend..

life4ever great job on the loss and I like how you say your body thinks this is it's happy weight.. its always interesting how our system works!!

okay Ladies I hope you all have a fantastic day..

10-05-2011, 12:57 PM
Hi Turtles,
Beautiful day here. Rain yesterday. Just back from my WW mtg. :goodscale: Down a little aand I am pleased because this was a vacation time away and a birthday in one week. Yay! I'll post on Friday with my weight loss. I'm very very close to being 45# down again. This feels good.

Wishing sunny days to all the Turtles. Keep on keepin' on!
234.6/189.2/169 and thinner :cool:

10-05-2011, 03:12 PM
Not a lot new here....I ended up with a big salad and baked chicken on it last night, but...........i also had a cup of choc. pudding that i"d opened for the 2 yr old and he didn't want it after he'd begged for it.....oh it was SO good!!! then i had 5 ritz crackers with my salad. I didn't do too bad, but went over my 6 points....i weighed at home though and i think i'm really really close to what i was when i weighed last friday. i know our scales are a little different and i'm not sure how much, but hopefully i am close or down a little....we shall see, a day and 1/2 before I weigh in....

taylors-i have not done dancing with the stars...and to be honest, i only did the biggest loser one once *blush* i just have a hard time doing that stuff in front of the tv. i need a person there pushing me...i'm going to pull it out again though and try it :)

judy-awesome job on your weigh in!!!! You rock!!

princess--hope all is well in your neck of the woods

bandit--hope you're having a great time!!

life4ever-that's wonderful that you were down 4!!! that's a great accomplishment! keep working on your exercise and it'll come...i'm running with a girl who's never run before, and in a month she's improved by a minute! when we started at the end of august we would be doing good if we got 2 miles in within 35 minutes...now we get 2.6 :) you can do it!!

10-05-2011, 04:27 PM
Hello everyone and happy Wednesday to you all! I am so late getting online today and only have a quick minute to see how everyone is doing. I will be back tomorrow to get caught up - have a great day all!

10-06-2011, 09:40 AM
Good morning everyone and very happy Thursday to you all! It is another beautiful day here today! Boy this weather just does not get any better for me! I have yard work and lots of it on my To-Do list for today. So will be busy with that and also use it as my last chance workout for my W/I tonight.

Lots: Your supper sounds fantastic! I love salads with chicken! I really enjoyed this Zumba class the teacher was great and I have taken other classes that the teacher was not so good - I will go back for another class next week.

Judy: How are you doing and how did W/I go for you yesterday? Belated Happy Birthday to you!

Bandit: Sooo eager to hear all about Cuba!

Taylor: I hear you about the sleep or lack there of! I think it really makes a big difference in my weight loss when I do or do not get enough sleep. Thanks for taking the time to post the recipe!

Life: Sounds like you are really getting into the swing of things! I hope you have a great week!

Terri: How are you doing? What are you doing for exercise these days?

I have to go, it is off to the park with the dogs quick then out to the yard to get working. Have a great day!

10-06-2011, 10:25 AM
Hi All,
Princess, you sound great. Good luck with the dogs and the yard cleanup. My WI went okay. At home I was down a full pound. At WW's I was down .0.6# and I think I carried that disappointment with me for the day. At night I was distracted and uneasy and I ended up eating. Not smart. So, today is another day. I am focused and ready to keep on keepin' on! I can do this!

There is a disturbing trend at my WW mtg. where people are becoming lifetime members after losing about 20-25# and then they say losing the weight was easy, keeping it off is hard. You know what? Losing the weight is not easy for me. Iv'e been at it a long time and it's not easy or fun. I'm about to say something at my mtg. if this dialog continues, and I really don't want to since I know all these people have good intentions and don't realize how insensitive they are being. Good for me to sound off here instead.

Everybody, have a great day. Nice sunny weather here. Getting my hair done today. Last week the color didn't take, so we're going to try again. Hope to get on the boardwalk with dh, but he is setting up for Halloween Party and he may not have the energy to walk. If not, I have to go by myself or get on the :tread:. Tried the resistance band DVD my daughter bought for me for my :hb:, but it's too fast and too hard. I won't give up, but I don't want to hurt myself either. I'm thinking of using the bands for about a 3minute exercise until I get better. Gotta start somewhere, right? As I type this I realize I've had a million small disappointments lately and they are affecting my spirit. On the other hand, I just had a big birthday, I can say the number, and my family loves me. Yay! So I have to change and turn my attitude around and regain the happiness I want.

Best of everything to you all :goodvibes: and :bravo: for every single thing we do for ourselves to get healthier and fitter. We are doing this!!!!!

234.6/189.2/169 and thinner :cool:

10-06-2011, 09:57 PM
good evening everyone.. just getting home from a long day and wanted to wish everyone well..

princess I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.. the sun was shining here as well but it was a little crisp.. I will take that since I know that snow is coming in a few weeks..

Itryharder I totally agree with this not being easy.. I wish they were at work today as I had to mentally talk myself away from the box of halloween candy... or the inner fight I had this morning of whether to get up and do my workout or just stay in bed and try again tomorrow.. Each little "difficult" time I have I spin it to my own little happy dance victory.. yes I walked away from that box and yes I got up and did my love/hate relationship with my treadmill ( I took the ww activity test and it totally confirmed that I have love/hate relationship with fitness activity - go figure) but I did it because it's one baby step at a time.. if I had succumbed to it then my happy dance would be me getting back on that wagon again and moving forward.. I read a book once that said you need to be thankful for the little things and sometimes just being positive is enough thanks LOL... So yeah for you Judy for losing that .6 and trying out those bands.. wahoo to a new hairdoo and realizing that others attitudes don't need to be the anchor that pulls you down - you go get em girlfriend downward and forward...

oh dear I hope this all came across the way I wanted it too LOL...I think I need to just get ready for bed LOL..

10-07-2011, 06:58 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Friday to you all! Well, I will post my info over on the W/I thread but even though I am doing everything right as far as I know the scale is sure not showing it. So I will keep at it and hope that an increase in exercise will click in and I will start to see bigger losses. Although at 49 years old maybe this is the best my body can do and I won't see those big losses like I used to when I was younger... ugh.

I did get a ton of yard work done yesterday and feels great because the garden work came out ever better than I had hoped. Went to W/I and meeting and I was down .6

Judy: I am in a very good place right now, thanks for noticing! The first couple of days after my last day of work was high stress for me, even though I knew it was coming - offically being out of work is hard but my lists and all of the prep work has really paid off... keeping busy is key for me so I start each day with making my daily to-do list and it helps! I totally agree with what you said about the meeting and the whole "losing is the easy part" what a bunch of bull crap, if it was easy we would all be skinny lol!

Taylor: Good job for you getting up and doing your work out! And I could not have said it better myself and you hit it right on the head with you comment to Judy!

I have to run but will be back on later on!

10-07-2011, 07:04 AM
Hey All TGIF! Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada!

Judy hope your new hairdo turned out great! and I know what you mean about the losing part being hard! If I could lose it I am sure it would be easier to keep it off.

Princess I have been walking in the am 5 days this week for 1 hour, and went to 1 aquafit class, no energy for much more this week, if only I could get the eating under control!

Taylor I totally get what you were trying to say! Sometimes text doesn't sound right after you write it when you reread, but we got it!

Lots it is a bad habit all Mom's pick up eating the kids leftovers!

Bandit hope your trip was wonderful!

Life/Cherry hope all is well!

Gotta run! Have a great day/weekend all!


10-07-2011, 03:00 PM
Hi All and Happy Friday. I posted my weight loss over at our Friday WI. What a great suggestion.
Taylors, thanks so much for putting into words how I feel. :grouphug: One good part about not being at a workplace, for me, is avoiding those dreaded candy bowls and my friends' brownies, etc. Now I'll buy pretzels in bags for our over 100 Halloween trick-or-treaters and I'll keep the other stuff out of the house. If dh needs it, and he might, he's good and will keep it in his car or in the garage. I need all the help I can get.
My hair turned out great. And I'm just back from my eye doctor and the disease he suspected , upon re-testing, turned out to be fine. Yay. So I'll go back next year. keep on keepin' on!
To celebrate my dh and I headed to a deli and I had part of his corned beef sandwich and a cup of chicken noodle soup. I'll go light for the rest of the day.
Everybody, you're doing great.
Princess, you're too young to have your weight loss slow down a lot, so I think once the exercise and eating well jibe together, you'll see a more favorable weight loss. Here's :goodvibes: to help you out.

Okay, I've gotta run and get a few things done. I'm unboxing our Halloween houses for dh. It'll save him some time and I offered to do it.
234.6/189.2/169 and thinner :cool:

10-07-2011, 05:32 PM
Hey guys, just a quick check in...sorry i don't really have time to read any right now....all is well here, i lost 2 at my weigh in! Super excited!! I've got 8 miles tomorrow and I think we're going to a fish fry at the lake w/ my dad. That'll be fun, but a trick to eat healthy :) I guess its Thanksgiving for the Canadians, what about the rest of us? Any big plans for the weekend?

10-07-2011, 07:00 PM
Looks like we have lots of good comments from the turtles. My weigh in is tomorrow so I will just wait till then to post on the weigh in board. It is the week before that T.O.M and boy can I tell on the scale. On Wed. when I weighed for the other program I am doing I was down 2.8 so I know I will be disappointed on Saturday cause I am really holding on to the water.:(

Judy - I know this sounds cheesy but "turn that frown up side down" You sounded so down but I am glad the other ladies help you see the positive.

Terri- have a nice weekend.

Princess- Great Job on the .6 down. I know you are working hard for it.

Taylor- That was a great post for Judy. Thanks for helping us support.

Lot2go- So happy for you on the -2 pounds down. I would be starved to if I did the 11 miles.

Life4evr - Good job on the exercise. Definately keep your eye on the being short of breath. So proud of the 4 pounds down

Bandit- How are you this week.

Hope I got everyone. If not I am proud of you to.:D

10-07-2011, 09:43 PM
Hey Ladies this will be brief as I woke up this morning at 5:30 with the realization I wasn't going to fall back to sleep so I got up and hit my treadmill ( worked out I mean although I do mentally have moments where I would like to give it a boot ) .. so Im thinking early bedtime tonight for me..

It is our Canadian Thanksgiving and tomorrow I host my family and Sunday is my DH side... just trying to take it one day at a time and see what will happen..

looks like we all did great.. so proud of all of us..

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and Happy Columbus Day to our American friends..

10-08-2011, 10:39 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Buddies! And Happy Columbus Day to the bottom 48! (oh, it will be nice to have a smaller bottom than 48 Lol)

You all sound so positive and energetic. We really are doing great. Yeah, Cherry, that "turn a frown upside down" is so sweet and true. As I was typing I realized how down I was and it was really liberating to write down my feelings and get rid of them. Yay! This group is just wonderful.

Seabiscuit, if you're still here, chime in. We miss you. As you can see lots of people have great ideas and different ways of approaching weight loss/life and they are so supportive.

Today my dh and I will be at our daughter's to celebrate our grandson's 7th. birthday. The time is going so fast! I remember the first time I saw him as a newborn in the hospital as though it were yesterday. I'm bringing my own food since they are getting takeout from Chili's and that stuff is uber high in calories. I like my food and I'm stocking up big time with yogurt, fruit, an energy bar on top of my dinner, so I should be fine. I'd love to lose a full pound this week. That would be wonderful.

I've gotta run, but I'm sending :goodvibes: and :bravo: to all of us. Keep on keepin' on! I'm going to start a new thread now and then I'm going to walk in my neighborhood with my pedometer on. That should be fun.
See you all at #265 Bale of Turtles Meeting Our Challenge!
234.6/189.2/169 and thinner :cool:

10-08-2011, 10:05 PM
Happy Saturday everyone.. this is quick as I am dwindling down after hosting my side of the fam for Canadian Thanksgiving.. let's say I made it thru the day but had to utilize what was left of my WP and I dipped a bit in the AP.. oh dear - LOL but I hold myself accountable for all of it and I am having faith in this program that it will work even if I have days like today... the bonus is I'm not emotionally hung up on this - that is a major victory for me.. I told my dd that I was going to accept whatever the scale rendered to me ... NOW that is today.. hahaha tomorrow I have to do my dh side and I am praying I can stay just a bit better behaved or this attitude might change.. I'm the little engine that I can... I think I can I think I can - wait I KNOW I CAN!!!