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09-26-2011, 08:42 PM
So, I hit my halfway mark and suddenly fell off program and can't seem to get myself back on track. It doesn't help that my husband's become a lot less supportive than he was in the beginning, either.

I know I can't be the only one who's fizzled out halfway through the journey, so what are some things you've done to get yourself back on track?

09-27-2011, 12:44 AM
I know how you feel. I just came off a pretty big cheat. I got back OP and am now back to my lowest before the cheat, but every day has been a battle. I think there are multiple reasons why this happens-- we lose our freshness, and we have to push through and keep working at it. We lose the initial determination/motivation because it's not as exciting anymore. The food gets boring. Also, for me, I've started to become happier with my body, so I don't have the hatred about the way I look fueling me any longer.

I don't know what the secret is other than to just keep going. It helps me to commit to say four days until next WI, and then another three or four, or a week. Something I've also considered doing is pre-planning and writing down my food for the next day. I have never done this, even on calorie counting diets, but I've heard that it can really work wonders for some people, so I've been toying with that idea.

The other thing that's giving me motivation is knowing when my program is up and that if I'm not there by then, I'll have to sign up again, and I really don't want to pay any more than I have to. I think I can still make it, but if I have any big plateaus, it won't be good.

It's funny-- our numbers are almost exactly the same!

ETA: Why is your husband less supportive and how so? Not having support or even worse, having someone who makes it more difficult, at home can really make things tough. I know some spouses start to feel a little threatened when the other starts looking a lot better than he/she used to. Could that be what's going on?

09-27-2011, 10:30 PM
Thank you, Tara. I was thinking earlier that it would probably help me tremendously to start planning and writing down what to eat through the week. I think my husband's lack of support is because we are both, to be very honest about it, tired of the diet. Me because I'm tired of eating the same foods over and over. We are both tired of me having seperate foods when it's so much easier just to eat what everyone else is eating... Especially when they order pizza!

I feel like I'm ready to get back on track before I undo my progress, though. I'm going to spend some quality time with my cook book.

09-27-2011, 11:45 PM
Dont give up! Just think how awesome and proud you will be after that next 20 is gone. Not to mention HOT! Get out the cookbook (I love the pork tenderloin with rosemary on p 215.)
Plan some new recipes, post them on the fridge and look forward to trying something new. Its in your head - as my trainer says, "change your mind - change your life." I'd give anything to be as far along as you are! Let us hear back from you about something good you tried soon.

Fluffy in Florida
09-28-2011, 10:45 AM
The cookbook is a godsend. We really like the turkey sausage and right now that is my go to recipe. The pancakes have a good flavor but I haven't mastered the consistency to my liking. We have tried many of the recipes and have enjoyed most of them. I'm lucky enough that my husband is eating the same meals as me. I don't think I could do it if I had to jcook for me and then something for him. You can make it through this and know this is for you and your health and well being. Focus on how wonderful this is going to be for you and you WILL succeed!!

09-28-2011, 11:27 AM
Having something that you reward yourself with helps to keep the motivation. Some don't agree with me here, but I have to travel out of town to do my WI each week. I can pack a salad...(boring..LOL) or treat myself to lunch somewhere not so perfectly OP. I still stay within certain boundaries of course, but if I lose at my WI, Tami gets an ice cream or a lunch out that isn't salad!!!

Once a week...and it keeps me motivated throughout the week and I try real hard to make sure I lose something so I can justify my treat.

Don't know if this would help you...but it does me.


09-29-2011, 01:03 PM
Hi Ginpea (and everyone else out there) this is a little long:
I COMPLETELY understand where you are, and am there myself. In fact, I've been here before, and I believe this is about where I fell off the last program I was on--right at 20 lbs or so. (wasn't MRC but very very close diet-wise, without all the supplements and HNS)

my issues:
I struggle every day not to eat a few extra bites of this or that--it wasn't like that in the beginning
I got this far w/o exercising much and I know I should- but I pulled a hamstring recently which really limits my walking
I've been really stressed/not getting near enough sleep due to caring for my geriatric dog who has to get up several times a night
I recently realized that I can't use the HNS since I am somewhat lactose intolerant and they're made w/ whey (diarrhea constantly)

so I also have been giving it some serious thought--why am I falling off program when I was so excited about it in the beginning?
It cost me a LOT--I got suckered into some things, that since reading these posts, I see weren't necessary. I also completely disagree with some of the basic rules of the MRC program--so I haven't ever followed it 100%--some of it is simply I can't change my lifestyle to fit in completely, some I just WON'T.
My husband isn't a problem but he doesn't eat my same diet (I've always eaten more protein than he does)

It really didn't help to have them pushing all of these crazy supplements at me and giving me bad information (I have a fair amount of nutritional training).

So I could stick to the diet but I only weighed in at the center once a week. And I was NOT unhappy w/ my weight loss--in fact pretty darn happy. I guess the idea of going to weigh ins is what really kept me on track.

Then we had relatives visit and a huge BBQ that I had to orchestrate, and trips to wineries for wine-tasting, and now I'm having a hard time getting motivated.

My 17 weeks are up in 3 weeks--what will I do then? I'd really like to learn how to maintain!

So this is what I'm thinking will get us back on track: Try thinking about what made you finally breakdown and make the decision to join MRC. And has that completely resolved itself yet?

For me, ONE of the many things was that I needed new bras--my old ones were simply too small, and went to Macy's for a free fitting. (which I TOTALLY recommend--how very helpful and what an eye opener!)
The woman helping me was wonderful but very busy, so I spent a lot of time trying on bras and waiting for her. IN FRONT OF THE MIRRORS IN MY LITTLE CUBICLE. Whoa!!! To me those are the most revealing mirrors in the world.
I just stood there thinking to myself--is THIS really how I want to look? And knowing that a lot of my aches and pains in my legs/hips are probably due to excess weight.
And it turned out I needed a 36 G cup--I didn't know they went that high!!! I guess that's where a lot of my fat goes, because now that bra is too big.

My other motivation was that I turned 52 this year, and no offense to anyone out there, I don't want to be a "fat old lady"--it really puts years on your appearance when you're overweight, DARN IT!

I also can't quite fit in to the pants I wanted to wear from a couple of years ago--size 10.

So I'm off to Macy's again for a new bra, and I think I'll wear some form-fitting clothes, and take some photos while I'm in the cubicle (nothing naked--don't need THOSE getting out) I'll have a good look at myself and remember my motivation.

I am also going to go back to my online record of foods I eat (fitday)--MRC may not count calories, but I can tell that when I cheat and put it in the log how the carbs and calories really add up. I don't see that impact in my own journal

I'm also going to get out those pants that I really want to wear and force them on and have a good look, front and rear.

And I'm going to write myself a list of why I was so disgusted at myself for when I weighed so much and how I truly felt about it. And keep it in my wallet. And write in big letters across it "IF THIS IS TRUE, THEN YOU'VE ONLY SOLVED HALF OF THE PROBLEM"

If you or anyone else out there would like to have a private support buddy, I'd be really happy to do it with you! I think this would really help me--I'd be very happy to give it a try. :)


09-29-2011, 02:26 PM
PS I think changing up our menus is a great idea! I'll be looking through the cookbook and the recipes in this section to see what I can do that is a little more satisfying than my current menu. Different fruits, veggies, and meats and ways of preparation

09-29-2011, 08:44 PM
I just read all of your comments and a very nice PM and I'm going to tell you all that I'm feeling very inspired to get back on track. I DO need to focus on why I started this in the first place. I was miserable, my belly was hideous, my face was looking grossly bloated all the time, I was not sleeping well due to anxiety and heartburn, I was in a depression that's gotten better, my self-esteem was ridiculously low...

Isn't it amazing what 20 pounds can do? Since losing 20 pounds, my self esteem has already improved greatly, my heartburn is gone, my headaches have DRASTICALLY decreased, along with the anxiety, I've gone from a size 16 in jeans, to a very comfortable size 12.

I started a new job on July 8th, at the beginning of my diet. I had my picture taken for my ID badge at work. I very recently got my driver's license renewed and can already tell a crazy, wonderful difference in my face. I need to keep reminding myself of these things.

I'm planning to start a journal.. not just a food journal, but a journal to try to get my head back in the right place.

09-29-2011, 09:04 PM
shiner9-- that's a lot to think about. Can I ask what parts you don't agree with? I'm just curious. I've always thought this diet was on the cusp of being too extreme, but it works for me, so I do it anyway. I have "changed" some stuff, too. Actually, the changes I've made are probably less healthy, but they make the plan tolerable for me, so I stay OP (or at least OP for me) more easily. I still lose at a good rate, so I think it's fine. I just do stuff like let myself have cheese at dinner or eat a bit more fruit at lunch, don't necessarily track my beef consumption, drink a diet coke every now and then, etc.

I've been thinking more and more how great it would be to be able, at this point, to switch to a different type of diet-- like calorie counting or even south beach or something. I think the biggest struggle for me is food boredom. I am trying new things, and I've found some winners, but I'm a little picky, and I really hate to spend so much time making my food, so I'm still limited. I LOVE cooking and baking, but for some reason I just can't get excited about this kind of cooking. I think it's because there are so many limitations, and I find it hard to be creative. Anyhow-- I would love to try something new, but since I've paid the money and I want to go through maintenance, I'm going to stick with it, of course. The maintenance is really my driving force-- I REALLY want that accountability for a year. I'm so afraid of gaining it back.

Ginpea, I know what you mean about eating different things from your family. It's just my husband and 18 month old, but my husband doesn't eat the same things as I do. He did at first, and he pouted a bit. He told me he wanted to eat the same because he wanted to be healthier, etc. (no weight problem, but he eats a lot of junk-- so unfair. :) ), but when it came down to actually eating the healthier foods, he didn't like it. Luckily, I can make him a casserole or something, and he'll eat that all week long. I'm so thankful he likes leftovers. Once I get to maintenance, things will have to change. I think we'll have to meet in the middle. I can't/won't go back to eating casseroles and a ton of carbs, but I'll be able to relent on some things at least.

For some reason, I've gotten my head back in the game. I don't know why, but I've been OP for a week now. I'm hoping it will last. When I did this three years ago, I dieted for seven months while my husband was in Iraq, so it was very easy-- just me to think about. When he got back was when I had the big issues-- so much eating out because everyone wanted to take us out, more junk in the house for him, etc. I basically maintained, going up and down for about five months, and then I got pregnant. I thought this would be impossible to do with him home, but it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought. For me, this time around, I had much less to lose-- 50 lbs. instead of 90. It seemed and still does seem so doable because of how it came off before. I only have 25 left to go-- crazy. I keep telling myself it will be a snap, and if I stay OP, it will be.

09-29-2011, 09:10 PM
Forgot to add-- I also have started tracking on In maintenance it will be a calorie counting plan, so I thought I might as well start now, and I'm not always totally honest in the journal I show them because I don't want to be "scolded" for the changes I've made to the plan. I'm still losing weight and quickly, so I'm okay with it, but the counselors, of course, wouldn't be. And yes, an online journal would help with realizing why I gained if I do.

Another way I've stayed motivated-- I feel so much better if I eat OP or even mostly OP. If I cheat significantly (and I'm not even talking about a real binge or anything), I feel awful-- heartburn, slightly nauseous, etc. I didn't notice that so much last time, but this time I want to stay fairly close to plan just so I feel well. I have noticed, too, that if I only eat a little bit when I cheat, I don't feel bad. I've learned a lot about portion control that just didn't sink in last time. I'm satisfied on less food, too. Overall, I'm starting to feel like I can succeed in maintenance. I'm reading books, lurking in the maintenance forum and in general just thinking about what I'll have to do to maintain, and I think that will really make a difference for me when I get there. That may also be keeping my "head in the game" even now.

09-30-2011, 09:37 AM
Tara, I love your posts. You are so articulate and thoughtful about all this. I can tell you have done a lot of work to figure out what works for you. Thank you for bring on here.

10-01-2011, 12:05 PM
i'm saving all of your comments for future reference! my husband was supportive in the beginning too but not now (i've lost 17 lbs) he bought home a box of candy bars and has been ordering pizza, chinese food,etc. and the other night when he asked me what i was going to eat (when ordering chinese) i was ready to clobber him. at first, i'm like, i'll fix my own dinner, go ahead and order for yourself. then he asked me again and again. WTH?? finally, i was like, it's just food, order your damn chinese food and freaking eat it. then he's like, what's your problem? OMG and now he'll make comments, oh, guess we can't go out and eat. i want to tell him to...well, you know haha. i'm so glad to have these posts and "talk" to those that are in the same boat as me :-) my center would just tell me to buy pills and buy more supplements..i can't even talk to them. i just use them to weigh in once a week and that's it. one of them told me this week, she takes tons of their pills (MR6?, cortitrim, fat blockers, phenatrim, 6 HNSs and doesn't diet and told me "and look how great i look"? i wanted to tell her that she looked like one of those Detatrim ads w/ her eyes bugged out of her too skinny face. she said she spends $100/mth just on the pills. they never offer me real food suggestions unless i ask alot. they didn't even have the cookbook in stock so i ordered itonline from amazon. as i'm leaving, she says, what would you like to purchase. i don't even take my pocket book in to weigh in. i order everything from Diet Direct (protidiet products) i know alot of you have very good experience with your centers so i take the info you share and stay motivated by you guys :-) it is a great program and works. anyway, sorry for the "book" but had to vent.
could we start a link w/ food suggestions and meal ideas? like for example, i look forward to my cinnamon toast every am (lite bread, spray butter and cinnamon) and boiled egg and 1/2 pink grapefruit w/ cinnamon (yes, i eat my fruit for b-fast instead of lunch - i did get scolded from the center) but i'm losing at least 2 lbs a week! i always toast my bread - i miss my crunchy stuff that i used to eat. lunch - big salad w/ grilled chicken or lean flank steak, cukes.. i use the maple farm honey dijon dressing (35 cal.) i know, it's not Walden farms but i tried their blue cheese and gagged. dinner, salad or sauteed asparagus or zucchini or squash or broccoli. w/ grilled chn or flank steak couple times/wk. always have my creamy chocolate HNS shake in the pm after dinner. sometimes add a bit of diet coke so it's like an icecream float. the Vanilla cream HNS blended w/ diet orange soda tastes like a dreamcicle. use my blender alot!! please share your meals and food suggestions. i think if we got this started it would really help us all~!

10-01-2011, 12:57 PM
You are too funny...we all can certainly relate to how boring it can be sometimes...this diet. I am so glad you are getting your hands on a cookbook, though. That is what saved me early will find many recipes in there that will hopefully keep you happy for a long while!

I found MRC on facebook recently, and there are many recipes on there also. Ebay has had cookbooks before as well.

That would be so hard to deal with the constant pressure to purchase stuff at the center. Very frustrating...They should be able to tell that it is pushing you away, not helping you! My center knew from the start that I didn't like taking pills...and to introduce 50 different ones right away was plain me. How would I know which ones I likes, or worked doing it that way?! I was just suppose to accept their testimony that they all work.....nope. I was already on a couple of necessity medications, and was worried how theirs might interfere with them. Anyways, I am a sucker and have tried many...I can't say that any particular one is worth your money. In fact, I am finishing up what I have purchased and then stopping most of them.

I do like the multi-vitamin and the total woman...these seem to agree fine with my system, where many over the counter ones have not.

Again, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at your many options once you have a cookbook. In the meantime, there is a thread on here with pages of recipes from MRC...definitely check that out!

Hang in there....


10-01-2011, 01:07 PM
Bigdog--your "book"/rant made my day!!! I am still smiling and shaking my head saying "yes, yes yes" to everything you wrote--thanks!!

10-02-2011, 08:29 PM
I just got home from the grocery store and I'm ready to be back in, starting first thing in the morning. I will be strictly back on program, including getting in at least 80 ounces of water a day. It would be so stupid to get this far only to give up. I'm halfway there! I made it through the first 20, I can make it through the rest. My husband said he's back on the support staff, too, so I should be good to go.