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09-25-2011, 06:56 PM

It is a beautiful day here in the heartland. I am a happy camper this day. We went for a nice long drive out and about in the country this day and on the way home we passed by the Animal Shelter. I asked Will to go back and see if they had any Manx kittens and was very surprised when he did. His mantra has been, "we don't need a cat." Anyway they had lots and lots of kittens but no Manx. When we got home I started looking on the web and found lots of them but I was looking for one we could get to in one days drive there and back. Will was also looking and located a real cute one with an inch of a tail and 6 toes so he is called a Polydactul Manx. I wanted one with a bit of a tail for his ease in using the sand box. Ones with no tail at all have a bit of trouble in that department. Manx back legs are a bit longer than their front ones which gives them a rake job look. (Rake job is a car term ~ slant from back to front.) Anyway he is a cutie. Will said that he was going to get me one for my birthday but couldn't surprise me now. Since this one will be delivered on the 3rd of October it will give us a chance to get the food and butt hutt set up. And some toys, of course.:p I am thinking of naming him Turn Too. The Navy term is Turn To but we had a Turn About and this will be A Turn Too. I'm getting a kitty. I sent you Magnolias a couple pictures of him.

JEAN I like green shirts. In fact the one I have on now is a mint green one. ;) That duck is a hoot being a DJ using the lily pads as records with the frogs sitting on them. It is about time new commercials were made.

DONNA FAYE :welcome: back. Sounds like you had a great time and thanks for the pictures. Now is the time to knuckle down and buckle down for your cruise. Sorry about your toe. I have never had a corn but have known of folks that suffered with them. Not a fun thing to have for sure. Aren't crock pots wonderful. I am sure thankful for the two of mine.

Have a wonderful afternoon/evening Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

09-25-2011, 09:21 PM
Maggie -- The Sioux City tv weatherman visits the animal shelter and introduces pets that are adoptable. I would have a hard time visiting one let alone working there. I'm glad you have found a kitten and hope all will adjust in due time. I imagine Beanie will wonder "what in the world" has happened to my house! :lol: I like green also, and have a few green pieces of clothing. The high school colors are green and white so I have quite a few school shirts and sweatshirts from over the years. Bob finally lit the fireplace so it is toasty warm upstairs . . . that's where the heat goes because the idiot who built the house put the fireplace right in line with the stairway. The thermostat is on the opposite wall so the furnace won't run if the fireplace is going. DUMB! :rolleyes: I have my SOS box ready to go and am off to look for a few more small items to add to it. See you all tomorrow!

09-26-2011, 10:46 AM
Good morning to you all. Fortune had one of his up and down nights so I didn't get a lot of sleep past three. He is now sleeping! GRRRR! :lol:

We have everything laundered and all upstairs so it is put away day today and I am going to clean out the fridge and wash it down and such as it has become icky. I try and keep it clean, but the man in my house tends to spill and not clean up when he does.

Fortune goes to the groomer tomorrow, Jack has a dr appt with his ortho dr and has to call the windshield glass company this morning to make an appt to have our windshield replaced. We were coming home on Saturday and got zapped big time by a rock. We already had two that we had repaired, but she said we could have the windshield replaced for no cost to us as it is filed on our insurance so we are going to have to do that with this one. It is bad.

I have a dr appt a week from today for my yearly meds, to get a physical, to talk to her about my female stuff and get a referral to my gyn so we can get this solved. Since I had that real bad bout right before Jack's surgery, I have had nothing, no problems at all so I continue to think it is hormones. Anyway, I have a laundry list of stuff to talk to her about since she will be a new physician to me. I also have to get another mammogram, but it has to be scheduled for in the morning with us being down to one car now.

Jean: Your furnace issue sounds like our smoke detector. The morons put it right next to the stove so it goes off constantly. We had to take the battery out of it and we didn't want to do it, but it is of no use if it is going off all the time when it shouldn't. It has turned cooler here, but not cold. We get into the upper 50's now at night but still get into the upper 70's even low 80's during the day. We are supposed to have sunny skies for at least 10 days, which will be nice considering we spent most of our vacation in the rain. The night of the murder mystery dinner (which was a big disappointment to my way of thinking) we came out and it was raining but not bad. We got halfway across the parking lot in no man's land and the skies opened up and soaked us big time. Good thing we were going right back to the hotel because my hair was plastered to my head and I was freezing.

Maggie: Hope you find a kitty that makes you happy. I am done with pets. Fortune is almost 12 now and it is going to be rough when he dies for me. I have gone through three pets dying and I can't do it anymore so no more pets when Fortune goes. I saw some adorable Jack Russells on the way home from Branson they were giving away but though I wanted to stop and look I never said anything to Jack. Fortune and Marty tangled themselves in Kelly's legs and tripped her going down the stairs the first of last week and made her fall down the stairs so I think keeping it to one pet is enough for me.

Well gals, I have tons to do today and want to get things accomplished so I should go. Have a great start to your week. Faye

09-26-2011, 03:25 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining but it's a cool breezy 62 degrees outside. I'm seriously thinking about getting some long janes (johns) for winter! ;) I've been to church and managed to balance after recounting 7 envelopes of change! There is a man whose father was a minister; every time he buys something, he puts 10% in an envelope and brings it to the church. He doesn't bring it into the office, he leaves it on the register just inside the outside door or else on the bench outside. It's never an even amount either. I need to go buy an anniversary card and pick up bread and milk. Bob is at the farm so have no idea when I will see him -- supper will be simple since we ate leftovers for lunch.

"Gma" -- You should take a nap when Fortune does, just like having a new baby! :lol: You are a smart lady to make a list of questions and concerns for you new doctor. I hope you like her. You mentioned getting rained on coming out of the mystery dinner . . . Bob and Jason took out the dock and closed the cabin on Friday. One has to be in the water and that was Bob because the waders aren't big enough for Jason. The dock comes out in sections starting at the far end. I'm still not just sure how it happened but Bob was laying down and unscrewing bolts (?) when a cracked board broke and dumped him in the lake. He said the main problem was getting his feet underneath him before the waders filled up with water and held him upside down. Jason was ready to jump in but Bob managed to get himself upright. I'm so glad he wasn't trying to do the job alone or he could have been in trouble. A neighbor was watching and even came over to help. Hope you get all of your chores done and you can relax this afternoon!

I'm off to make my list and stop by the gift shop on my way home so I can make that deposit. I could do it every two weeks and may start doing that until the Christmas items come out; there will be more sales and money to work with then. Hope you all have a nice "rest of the day" and enjoy! :D :wave:

09-26-2011, 04:46 PM

What a surprise we got last evening at church. Our dear friends from Texas were there. They came for a surprise visit and we have been yacking ever since. Well except for sleeping last night. ;) Jimmy is a fireman and Susan is the head nurse at a hospital there and had a few days off and chose to come here. She does some quilting and likes the little quilt shop we have in this little berg. When Will went to the radio station to record a commercial today our friend that works there liked listening to Jimmy's voice so much he had him record some things. Those little blurbs that radio folks like to plug in on occasion. Jimmy sounds like a true Texan. The dogs loved our visitors and vice versa. They had to leave after lunch and it is sure quiet around here now. :p What a nice surprise. We love having company. Y'all come when you can.

JEAN It is good feeling to get the money counted properly isn't it. So now I know the color of your kitty. Somehow I always picutred it in my mind as a dark tiger striped one. I think to train mine to play fetch I will have to bring it into my office and work with it with the door closed so the dogs don't interfere. It may have to stay in here with me for awhile anyway. It will be interesting. The talking heads are saying we are going to have a long cold winter. For every day that was over 100 we are going to be below zero. :chin: So if that old addage is true we are fixin' to have a :sorry: long cold winter.

DONNA FAYE Turn About's Fur Play was going to be our last cat but times have changed and we are getting Turn Too. About 7 years have passed since Turn was passed on and now we have re-thought the matter and are getting another Manx. Do you wash your fridge down with a backing soda and water combo? I use that and it sure makes it come out nice and sparkling. I think we have free glass on our policy also. We also have towing and gas and licked out ~ that sort of thing. Sounds like you are taking yourself in to get a total body work up. :p I hope it all works out for you. I only go to my doc once a year and if I have any issues to discuss I make a list and hand it to her. So far all I have needed is my perscriptions refilled.;) Can you install another smoke detector elsewhere since you made the lousy placed one inoperable. They have the stick up ones that you don't have to wire in but work well.

Have a lovely after noon Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later.

09-26-2011, 11:28 PM
Maggie -- I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with your Texas friends. That was a nice surprise for you! Ernie is dark tiger striped with splotches of white, white stomach, and white feet. Leonard was the orange tiger striped cat. I thought you found a new home for Turn when you got RM. I picked up the gift shop money this afternoon and managed to get that counted, in the computer, and ready for the bank in the morning. It was a good week moneywise. :cheer: I am heading off to read for a bit.

09-27-2011, 10:22 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's a warm 51 degrees right now, heading to the upper 70s today and low 80s tomorrow. I've got to make the bank deposit, pick up an anniversary card for a couple celebrating 70 years, and then to a short P.E.O. meeting to practice for initiation.

I need to finish getting dressed and head out. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! I'll be back later! :D :wave:

09-27-2011, 10:59 AM
Good morning to you all! It is cool and beautiful here this morning. Jack ran Fortune over to the groomers, which takes about 5 minutes because it is basically about 2 blocks away. So, he is out of our hair for the day pretty much.

We got everything put back, I got my fridge sparkling and sorted out so we can go grocery shopping this weekend and will tackle the pantry cabinet tomorrow and clean it up. It looks like a hurricane blew through it. I imagine I will be pitching some old stuff and things that have crept in. I know I have a huge bag of dum dum suckers I bought just to give Jackson a few for Halloween last year and they have to be nasty so out they go.

We have an election Oct 6 and one of them is for mayor. Be interesting to see if the city employees try and give him the boot! :lol: I know we aren't gonna vote for him that's for sure.

Wow, one thing we found in Branson that was so refreshing was how clean everything was and pleasant. They had the most gorgeous Walmart you have ever seen. You could have eaten off the floors of this store. The aisles were wide and uncluttered, lots to choose from all nice and neat. Every person you spoke to was sweet and helpful and I found that in every place we went. We have been in Walmarts all over and never saw one like this where it was a pleasure to shop There were no scummy looking places in this town and we were all over, no trash on the streets, etc. There is a reason, but to say what it is would probably get me a reprimand here. It is what it is though.

Jean: Wow, 70 years how wonderful. Don't know if I would want to live long enough for that though. I guess if I weren't widowed though it would be ok. Hope your errands go along smoothly.

Maggie: Sounds like you had a lovely time with friends. We sure met some nice people when we were in Branson. One group were talking about gossiping in their church and it became hilarious. Jack and I just sat and enjoyed people's company.

Well gals, I need to get a show and get dressed and such. I have to go to Walmart and get some sugar wax and try and wax my legs instead of shave them and see how they do. The swelling I had last fall tore up my legs pretty badly making them very almost scabby and I haven't been able to get them back to what they were, so everytime I shave I razor burn the heck out of them. We shall see about the waxing. I need to get a haircut again too so may do that this week. Have a good Tuesday all! Faye

09-27-2011, 05:13 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A lovely day and 82 degrees.

I had a wonderful time at retreat. It looks like the cotton is about ready to pick. The route to Wakefield takes you past mile after mile of cotton fields. The bolls are about 3/4ths pf the way open and it looks like a very good crop. It did say in the paper they were going to have a hard time picking because Hurricane Irene beat the plants down so much. They are bent over to about half the height they would be if they were straight like they should be. We do have a lot of fun at retreat, I got a lot of sewing done and the food was excellent. I ate NONE of the homemade rolls and biscuits, pancakes and french toast and came hom .5 lighter. Carbs bother me anymore. It also allowed me to have a scoop of homemade ice cream at lunch and dinner. I skipped the cobbler, cake and pecan pie. They make the best corn pudding and I did enjoy that. One of my friends is from Trinidad and she makes the best homemade wine - only it kicks like a mule. We had a couple of bottles on Saturday night so I sampled that, too. It was so good.

Faye, I'm glad you had a great time on your vacation. Too bad you couldn't go swimming. Did Jack's knee give him any problems? I hope the doc can finally get you straightened out. If the wax doesn't work, you could try Nair. Just thinking about wax makes me cringe.

Jean, I'll bet Bob was surprised when he went into the water. I'm glad he was able to get out without mishap. You are getting to be a good bookkeeper!

Maggie, I hope the new kitty isn't as rambuncious as the 2 you had to find a new home for and the dogs are willing to share you. I do love my cats! That was certainly a nice surprise to see you friends from Texas!

My friend will be here shortly and I'm going to help her get signed up for a Verizon bundle and then we are going to IHOP will I will have the senior Talapia dinner.

Have a great evening!

09-27-2011, 05:28 PM

It is a bright sunshiney 79 degree day here in the Heartland. Just got back from eating lunch at the Professors and having our hair cut. I was getting a bit long and Will needed his head shaved badly and his beard and mustach trimmed. Now we are all cleaned up. He is at the phone store where he got his Droid and having them install a new ring tone. Beanie is here in my office driving me nuts with his playing with a pop bottle. He likes to play with it in here because he can make so much more noise than playing with it on a carpet. OH ~ Will is back now and his ring tone is a loud buggle call. I just like to keep my frog ~ ribbet-ribbet. Since he is home now all is quiet. The dogs decided to go greet him and take their toys into his office ~ it is carpeted. I don't have a clue what I want to cook for dinner this day am not hungry so it is probably a good time to decide. Pork chops on the barbie and a baked potato and a green salad with grapes for dessert. Now that wasn't hard was it.

JEAN Sounds like you are in for a lovely day. 70 years and still a couple ~ remarkable. They both must be up in their 90's now. You are becoming quite the book keeper.

DONNA FAYE Sugar wax ~ now that is something I have never heard of. With the thyroid meds I have been taking since my youth I have lost the hair on my legs & arms and the hair on my head has gotten thinner so I have never waxed. Does it hurt? Or does that stuff dissolve the hair? When we lived there in TN by Branson we found it very clean back then. This town where we live now is very clean also. No trash to be found in the Wal*Mart parking lot here.:p I love the clean look of some of the places we have visited. This is one of the clean Wal*Marts. We have been in places where one was very cean and one across town was not so clean. It all has a lot to do with the manager I do believe.

SUSAN Sounds like you had a real nice time at the retreat and made some good food choices to come home with having lost weight :congrat: That wine sounds like a good cooking wine. I don't drink spirits but do cook with them. Mule kicking wine would hold up well in a dish bubbling away on the stove. We have found that two cats at a time we could not train. Only one I should be able to get his attention without the dogs in here. That's the plan anyway, and this one is a Manx and they are so much easier to train to play fetch and pick up their toys and put them in a container. :) We will see for we can always hope, for they are a smarter breed. Never again will we get two together. It's funny that Beanie helped train Ragg Mopp to use the doggie door. Shows you can train an old dog to do tricks. Now all we need is a bird in a cage, fish in a tank and a tarantula in a terrarium. Well, mayby not. :nono:

I need to go to the fridge and get out some pork chops. :wave: Type at y'all later.

09-28-2011, 12:57 AM
"Gma" -- Enjoy your clean fridge and cupboards! I need to do some tossing from an upper shelf that seems to accumulate things in the back where I can't reach them and forget they are there. :o I've never heard of sugar wax either. Let us know if it works.

Susan -- I'm glad you enjoyed your retreat! :yes: Kudos for passing up the baked goodies, and showing a loss too! I had to chuckle at your description of the wine. I've never seen cotton growing in the fields, maybe someday I will.

Maggie -- The Professors sounds like an interesting place to eat. The anniversary couple is from Bob's home town and still live on their farm. His brother was married to Bob's mother's cousin, both of whom are now gone. Our WM always has a grubby looking parking lot because thoughtless people empty their ashtrays, toss McD sacks, and leave dirty diapers laying wherever they toss them. :mad:

I'm heading off to bed! :yawn:

09-28-2011, 08:03 AM
Good morning to you all. I am a year older today, but don't feel any wiser! :lol: I think it will be quiet here today. Jack has his last rehab session and I do want to tackle that pantry.

Fortune came home yesterday looking spiffy with a bright green snoopy scarf off. He hates the things and tries to rub them off, but I make him hear it at least a day because he looks so cute in it.

Susan: Glad you had a wonderful time and :carrot: on the loss. You can't beat going on a trip and losing weight instead of gaining that's for sure. I haven't gotten on the scales yet to see where I ended up but hopefully not too bad. I only had the blackberry cobbler a couple times! ;) It was tough going with Branson being all hills, but he did ok until our car had tire pressure issues and he squated to look at it and he said it was really sore from then on. He went to his dr yesterday and dr said if it doesn't improve in a week or so to make another appt and come back that they may have to put gel into his knee.

Maggie: What type of restaurant is the Professors? Sounds cute. I have to get my haircut again too. I colored it before we went on vacation so that is good, but I had her leave it longer and changed the style a bit so it needs a good trim.

Jean: Supposedly sugar wax is the new thing and I have no clue whether it hurts or not. I imagine it stings ripping it off like regular waxing, but I have to do something other than shaving. I don't have much hair on my legs, but I do have enough to take it off now and again and it is again. I don't want my dr to have to deal with hairy legs! :lol:

I did something, lifted something, carried something, not sure what, but the muscle in my upper arm is so sore I can barely move it. I took a muscle relaxer last night and nothing. I have taken anti inflammatory, put Ben Gay on it as well and tried a heating pad and so far the thing still hurts like the devil. I guess I will put that on the dr list too if it doesn't improve. I can lift my arm straight up, but if I try and take my arm across my body it screams. Right now the muscle is quivering and driving me nuts! :lol:

I guess I better haul out the trash. Jack forgot to do it last night. Have a good middle of the week. Faye

09-28-2011, 10:24 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly and it's supposed to be a warm 80 degree day today. I thought I had a bp check appt. today but it is tomorrow; I wrote the wrong day on the calendar. :o I have bell practice later today and lots I could do in between now and then.

"Gma" -- :hb: :bday2you: :gift: I hope you have a GREAT day! I also hope Jack's knee feels better without having to do anything further as far as treatment. I hope your arm feels better as the day goes along. Have you been knitting or isn't that the position that it hurts?

I need to get busy and do something constructive! Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :D :wave:

09-28-2011, 03:30 PM

It is said we will have a sunny 90 degree day here in the Heartland this day. I will be so glad when the coolness of Fall does arrive.:p Time sure is flying by so quickly for me these days. This month is almost over and done with. The Jeep is still running well so I guess that last bout of "fixing it" worked. I got raves from the guys for the dinner I fixed last night. Yikes, and it was so simple and easy. Grilled pork chops, green beans, baked potato and a nice big green salad. I covered the chops with lots of lemon pepper before cooking them and they were delicious. Since this is Humpday we will be having Colonel Cluck for that evening meal. I will have the skinless baked chicken and the guys will go for the special chicken friend steak dinner they do on this day. That steak dinner is real good but I don't want to spend my points on it.:o I am cracking up laughing right now. I sent our boarder an e-mail of somthing I thought he would be real interested in to use on his radio show and he wrote back "Thank you but excuse me, have we met?" He is a hoot. OH ~ I am so glad I got my hair trimmed a bit yesterday for it is so much easier to manage. My gal is going to have a pajama party for all her kids and grand kids and bought them all matching jammies. She is such a nice gal ~ plus rich. Don't you have to be rich to own an airplane and drive a brand new hummer? I think so. I was sent a neat web site and thought you might be interested in it Lots of neat and interesting and informational things there. Just thought you might want to take a peek.

DONNA FAYE They say its your brithday :bday2you: :hb: :woo: :balloons: Enjoy your day and celebrate my friend. Professors is a huge building with different levels and furnished in Victorial oak tables and chairs. They serve regular food that tastes home cooked. Lots of different entrees and sandwiches and awesome burgers. The noon patrons when we eat there are mainly the suited men and women that work the banks and offices around in the area. It is a nice place and we are friends with the owner/chef type guy who always comes out and joins us while we are waiting for our order. He loves Will's corney jokes that he makes up. He comes out with some good ones I must admit. Let us know how your waxing comes out.:p Poor Jack. I do hope this is just a minor set-back. Poor YOU. I hope your shoulder gets back to exact quickly. Not having mobility like that is not fun for sure.:hug:

JEAN Looks line your neck of the woods warmed up also. Roctober is just around the corner and there is supposed to be frost on the pumpkins. Isn't that the rule? Are you practicing Christmas music on the bells yet? I bet they sound so pretty Will just came back from the gas station and brought me a ger-prize. A bag of original Corn Nuts. 3 points+ for 1/3 cup and he brought me the measuring cup to measure out some. :p What a guy. The bag says there are 7 servings in it but I doubt that. I like those little things and they can last all day for me.:D Both dogs came in here when they heard me open the bag ~ thinking it was for them. They are certainly condition trained.

All y'all have a wonderful day. Laugh in the sunshine. :wave:

09-28-2011, 08:39 PM
Good evening, ladies. Raining yet again but it's 72 degrees.

I had the appointment with the dermatologist this morning and he diagnosed the spot on my leg as porokeratosis. It needs regular check ups because it can turn malignant and he gave me some cream to fade it but it will always be there only less noticeable. Then I took my car for wheel balance, tire rotation, alignment and a new air filter. They also filled my tires with nitrogen which is supposed to be better for them. It has larger molecules than the compressed air so doesn't leak out and the tires stay inflated a lot longer without leaking. It didn't cost anything so I'll give it a try.

:celebrate::bday2you::balloons::woo: Happy Birthday, Faye! Are you doing anything special for your day? I have 3 more days of PT so Oct. 7 will be my last day. It bothers me if I sit too long so I have been setting a timer when I am on the computer or sewing because that is when I tend to lose track of time. It stiffens up overnight but comes around pretty quickly once I get moving again.

Jean, cotton stands about 2 feet high and the plants are dry when the bolls are picked. The fields have fluffy white dots all over. When they haul the cotton after picking, it gets all along the sides of the road and looks like snow. It has seeds in it, too....cottonseed oil is made from them after the bolls go through the cotton gin.

Maggie, I'm like you - thyroid problems had inhibited body hair but the hair on my head is still very thick and grows fast. Thanks for the calendars. I do use them. I always wonder how we will be judged for having lavish possessions like airplaines and hummers when so many are hungry and homeless.

Gail, I hope everything is okay with you and yours.

Have a great evening - I hear thunder so time to shut the computer off.

09-28-2011, 11:26 PM
Maggie -- Thanks for sharing the website; I will take a look and see what it is all about. :yes: No, we aren't practicing Christmas music yet. One year we presented a program between church services to raise money for sending all the bells off to be reconditioned, tuned, and polished. It took a lot of practice time, but it was fun and people were very generous with their donations. I haven't had corn nuts in forever! :T I always worried about breaking a tooth so would let them get soggy before I tried to chew them.

Susan -- I'm glad you had the spot on your leg checked; it's good to be safe. :yes: I've never heard of porokeratosis. I just found a jar of salve I got from the dermatologist for my finger eczema. The date was 10/08 when I was still in school. He suggested one of the causes could be stress and I guess it was because I haven't had any trouble since I retired that next spring. :lol: Do you think the stiffness will eventually be gone in your knee? I can tell mine get stiff when I sit too long in the car. I will mention to Bob about putting nitrogen in the car tires. I wonder if that is done up here.

Gail -- Hope all is well with you and yours. :twirly:

It will be time for the news in a few minutes and then I am heading off to bed. I do have my doctor appt. in the morning, need to take books back to the library, and get a few groceries. See you tomorrow! :wave:

09-29-2011, 09:17 AM
Good morning to you all! Thank you all for my lovely birthday wishes. I got tons on my facebook acct too and Jack gave me the lovliest card. Jay called and I talked to him and Kelly emailed me with a birthday wish and plans for us to all have dinner together for our birthdays. While I was typing my phone rang and I said hello and I heard "Hi, Nonny, Happy Birthday!" It was Jackson. Mom said it got late last night so she said they would call this morning. He was all excited he just finished his first "big boy" book, Captain Underpants. I think I bought him that book quite awhile ago. He was telling me all about it so it started my day off right. Had a lovely birthday dinner out with Jack last night. We had prime rib and a piece of cheesecake to share, though I only ate two bites. Jack is a cheesecake lover so I let him eat it besides I certainly don't need the calories.

I have to tackle that pantry today as my muscle in my arm was so sore yesterday I sat with a heating pad on it most of the day. Jack is a genius and figured out a way to keep it around my arm. He took one of the wide ace bandages they had on his knee when he had surgery and wrapped it around my arm to secure the heating pad. Kept it in place and I kept the heat on low so it didn't burn me. It is much better though still a bit sore this morning. At least I can move my arm.

Jean: No, had nothing to do with knitting. It is my right arm for one thing and my left shoulder is what gets to hurting if I knit too long. It was also in the muscle in the upper inner part of my arm so it had something to do with something I lifted or somehow put strain on it that way, but I have no clue. Hope bell practice went well for you. The week before I got married I had what the dr said was psoriasis all over my face from stress. It looked awful but nothing much I could do. It did go away before the wedding thankfully. Cotton is a very very hearty plant and so the government mandates crop rotation because it destroys the soil so badly. Like Susan

Susan: Jack's dr said that if his knee doesn't improve they are going to put gel into it. The left one was a lot more damaged than the right one ever did. I don't know if I ever said what happened with that one, but he got down on his knees to change a tire a few years back and he said something popped. He had trouble from then on. I am reading a novel where there is a lot of talk about quilting and quilting stories. It is a murder mystery, but the leading character runs a co-op of artists in California and has a lot of quilts. Have you come across quilters that recreate famous paintings? One of the characters liked Georgia O'Keeffe paintings and did quilts with her paintings on them. I don't think I have ever seen paintings done in quilting.

Maggie: Thanks for the website. I plan on buying the "eat this not that" book too. I always find his information so informative. Spooky truly what we put in our mouths sometimes and don't realize it is hundreds and hundreds of calories and fat.

Well gals, to work, to work I go. I am doing laundry and going to get that darn pantry cleaned today so want to get started. Have a grand Thursday all! Faye

09-29-2011, 02:15 PM

It is a beautiful day here in the Heartland in the 70's. Sunshine and no wind. Love it. I got 8 hours of wonderful uninterupted sleep last night and feel wonderful. I sure hope that our garden next year doesn't get sun baked. We lost so many plants this year that were just budding. The plants got nice and big but they had lost their buds so didn't produce. We are thinking seriously about buying screening material and make a tent over the garden next time. I remember when we stayed in an RV park once when we had a travel trailer there was a couple that had a wonderful garden growing in pots and they had erected an awning as a cover and their garden flurished. Even at the nursery here they keep the plants inside an awning covered area. So living here we just need to do that also. Our last years garden flurished but it wasn't as hot then. We keep our bedroom door closed during the day to keep the dogs from frolicking on the bed and re-arranging our things on the night stands. Last night I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed in my bathroom and when I went to go to bed on my pillow was a surprise. Beanie had gotten my lip moisture tube and had destroyed it and left it on my pillow. He was sound asleep in his little bed pillow so cute so he didn't get scolded:p. Another reason to not let him in there unsupervised. He is a grazer. Every morning when I come into my office he walks around the whole room checking it out. Making sure I haven't changed anything I guess. They like to nap in Will's office because he still has carpet in there. I have got to make sure my tools and things are all in their proper place before we bring home the kitty. I don't want too many things to be dropped to the floor. If he is like most kittys ~ if it is up it needs to go down. I have a plastic three drawer chest under my table that I keep most of my tools in that aren't used most. But I have interesting things on my work station that could be bounced on the floor. I will re-arrange some of them and keep them in their stand on my glass table. I'll make this room as kitty friendly as I can.:o I just noticed I have a bruise on my arm the shape of a dog paw 3 inches above my wrist. Wonder how I got that.

DONNA FAYE That was a great idea to tape that heating pad in place. Heat will ease your pain. You will really like that book when you get it. I was amazed at the difference of points values in what looked like they would be the same. Hardee's for instance shows a Little Thick Cheeseburger fewer calories than the Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich. The "charbroiled" would have me confused. And at the Dairy Queen eat both the All-Beef Chili Cheese Dog and Grilled Chicken Wrap for 490 calories and not the Iron Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Basket for 1,200 Calories. Yep ~ I sure like this book for losing is all about intelligent choices.

JEAN Now that grosses me out! Soggy corn nuts :mad: sound awful. I never thought of my teeth cracking but guess it could happen. I eat them one at a time and a serving lasts a long time with me. I measured out the whole bag and put them in little baggies and away in the cupboard. I put all the little baggies in a bigger bag and they will stay fresh a long time. In the olden days I would have eaten the whole bag so you see my behavior has made some changes for the better :p Did you know that crushed (wacked with a rolling pin) corn nuts makes a good coating for chicken breasts that are then baked. :cool: I spray the breast tenders with canola spray and then roll them in crushed corn nuts and bake. I use panko mostly to bake chicken breasts though but when I do have some corn nuts I can use them.:p I don't have corn nuts very often. Which tone of a bell are you ringing now? And are they gauged suprano, alto, tiner and base? Or are they lettered? You see I don't know much at all about bells except that I love to hear them ring.

GAIL & SUSAN :wave: Hope you are doing well this day.

Type at y'all later. I am going now to start making this room as kitty friendly as I can.

PS: If you like V8 juice here you can get some coupons.

And if you know any children or adults that have trouble with learning math ~ check out this web site. It is amazing ~

09-29-2011, 04:51 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a sunny day and 70 degrees in my corner of the world. We are in a wind advisory until tonight, and if it isn't nailed down outside it's long gone! :eek: Today was garbage day and there are plastic trash cans, and lids, flying all over. We don't use one so don't have to worry about finding our's. This morning I had my bp check and the doc was happy with the #s so don't have to see him again until February. :cp: Then I took library books back, renewed one book, and I stopped last at the shoe store planning to purchase at least 2 or 3 new pairs of shoes only to find ugly, ugly, and more ugly styles! :tantrum: I wanted simple black and navy "flats" to wear with dress/casual slacks, not clumpy heeled styles. I like Naturalizer and the clerk tried to tell me they have gone cheap so the store quit carrying them. :( Went to WW, and that wasn't pretty as I knew it wouldn't be. :rolleyes: Kolby's class is selling lemonade before, at noon, and after school to raise money for a field trip to a dairy farm. Maddy is "helping" by purchasing drinks as often as she can. I sent each one a dollar and traveled west to a nearby town to mail them, so they will have their money tomorrow. Otherwise our mail goes east an hour to be sorted, then back 2 hours west to Sioux City with delivery 2 or 3 days later. DUMB! We have a board meeting at church tonight but not sure if Bob will be home in time from the farm.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday! I'm sure Jackson's phone was the highlight. :D It's good that Jack came up with the idea for you to use the heating pad and that it helped. To me heat is always more welcome than ice. Today at WW we listed things that we consciously do now, that we didn't do before, to help our weight loss journey. One of the things mentioned, and we all agreed, was tracking so that we don't mindlessly eat and not be aware of what we are eating. I do well with that and then let it slide if we are gone or don't eat together at the same time.

Maggie -- Let me send you some wind -- I have more than enough! ;) Think of a piano keyboard and that is how the bells are laid out, lower notes on the left and higher to the right. Each bell (white piano key) is a note by itself. There is a sharp and a flat combined on one bell -- for instance, my "white" notes are E and F. F# is the same at G flat so is one bell -- I play the F# and the gal to my right might need the G flat to go with her G. D# and E flat are the same so I sometimes have to share the bell with the gal to my left. The music looks exactly like piano music or a hymnal. We say that if you can count to 4, you can play bells! I do think it helps if you can read music or know the different rests, and music symbols but it's really not necessary because the director will talk us through any glitchy parts. I couldn't get the math link to work -- will try again though.

I'm washing farm clothes so have another load ready to go. I think Bob runs around the field in his socks from the looks of them! Enjoy the rest of terrific Thursday! :D :wave:

09-29-2011, 06:04 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 79 degrees today but Saturday and Sunday will hardly get to 60 - burr!

I had work and PT today. Tonight I'll be glued to the tv to see Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

Verizon is coming tomorrow to turn on their phone service. The Internet was supposed to be ready then, too, but it's been changed to October 5 so I don't know if I'll have internet or not until then so if you don't hear from me, I won't be because I'm sick! DirectTV comes on Monday so I'm going to rearrange furniture so I am ready for them - and make them give me a long cable so I can move the tv to various parts of the room from time to time.

Faye, I'm glad you had a good birthday. There are several Eat This Not Books out including a cookbook (all from the same author of course). What is the name of the book with quilting? Our guild challenge several years ago was to reproduce a painting. I did Van Gogh's Midnight Watchman. Around here they alternate cotton and soy beans.

Jean, I never heard of porokeratosis until yesterday either. Your explanation of the bells was interesting. I knew they were by letters but didn't know about sharps and flats.

Maggie, you will be a good kitty mama doing all that kitty proofing. I can't wait until I can get another one and then again I think maybe I shouldn't since I am gone over a lot of weekends.

Have a great evening!

09-30-2011, 12:34 AM
Susan -- It's nice to see your post tonight. The wind is still blowing and cooler temperatures are moving into the area. The weatherman says we will have some 80 degree days next week. I hope your phone, tv, and internet hook-ups all go smoothly. I vote for you to get another cat! Even though you come and go a lot, you would have company; you are a good cat mom! :yes: I'm heading off to bed -- see you all tomorrow!

09-30-2011, 09:01 AM
Good morning to you ladies. We are going to do the commissary run this morning instead of this weekend since Jack is home. I am hoping though today is military payday, since it is a weekday everyone will be at work! Spouses have to have jobs nowadays with their hubbies or wives in the military. Would have made our life easier too, though I really wanted to be home with my kids rather than them be with a sitter all the time and no dad home either.

Jack found his knee brace and put it on and said it made a world of difference so he is wearing it when he is up and about. I am thankful he found something to make himself more comfortable. He has so many ongoing aches and pains with arthritis that he just ignores that it is nice he has one that he doesn't have to deal with.

I paid all the bills yesterday, cleaned out the pantry so it is all ready for good stuff to be put back in, made a weeks worth of dog food until I get to the store and get supplies for it today, and did two loads of laundry. I will put them away when I go upstairs this morning to shower and get ready to go shopping. I am hoping to clean house this weekend unless something comes up. My downstairs is getting a little grubby. Unfortunately, it is leaf fall off the tree time so we are dragging in leaves on our shoes everytime we come in. It is impossible to keep them cleaned up constantly so we just do it all when the darn tree is bare.

Jean: I am reading the second in the series of books about a bassett hound who thinks he is Elvis reincarnated. Funny stuff since the setting is Tupelo and they talk a lot about Memphis of course. Anyhow, the main character is a shoe nut. She loves shoes so everytime she mentions a shoe designer, I go look them up. She made some mention of Juicy Couture so I went to and looked them up. Whoooeeee! They had a pair of animal print fleece flip flop style slippers and they wanted $98!!!!! I found a pair I liked that I knew Jack would hate and they were $250. I asked him if I could buy them and he said, "I don't care." To me that means, I am not paying any attention to you! :lol: Should buy them just to teach him a lesson except they have high heels so couldn't wear them until I lose all my weight. :lol: I sure do like these inexpensive danskin shoes I bought. I am going to get another pair if Walmart sells them here today.

Susan: The book is Fool's Puzzle by Earlene Fowler. I bet your painting quilt was just beautiful. All my favorite shows are done for the summer and won't be back until November so I don't even turn the tv on at night now. I just read. I have gone through a ton of ebooks lately. I just downloaded a book about an american man and a japanese girl who were separated when the war started when she and her parents were put in an interrment camp. Looks like it hsould be interesting. I have to finish up what ole Elvis is doing first as his owner is embroiled with her cousin Lovie in a big old murder mystery of Elvis impersonators being knocked off at the annual Elvis fesitval in Tupelo. :lol:

Maggie: Fortune doesn't get into anything. Marty gets into everything and we always forget that when he stays here so I find dumped over trash cans and snack bags pulled out of the pantry as we store them in one of the open areas at the bottom. Fortune noses around for food scraps in the kitchen when I am cooking though and if we are eating he sits under Jack because he is more likely to get something dropped from there as from me. :lol: He's no dummy! :lol:

Here is another sweater I am going to make for myself for the cruise next year and the yarn. The yarn is 90% cotton so it should be nice and cool. the swatch is the one that says blue lagoon or the one on the left side of it in the pink and green. I included two pictures of the shell, one a close up of the shell's pattern. I wanted the exact color that is on the mannequin, but it and the other color I really liked have been discontinued as this pattern is about 4 years old. I think I may make a shawl to wear with it for evening dinners.

Well gals, I need to scoot as I see it is 7 already. Have a grand weekend this weekend. I have my dr appt on Monday so hopefully we can get some things straightened out. We did get great news in an email from our Express Scripts yesterday. Starting Oct 1, our generic meds that we get 90 days through Express Scripts by mail will cost us nothing! :woohoo: They have gone up on the in town stuff though, making our generic $5 instead of $3 and $12 instead of $9 for brand name if we get 30 days suppply from like Walgreen or Kroger or something like that. We rarely get stuff in town almost all our drugs are generic so we will save some money there too. Faye

09-30-2011, 04:25 PM

It is a beautiful day in the 70's here in the Heartland this Friday. We went out for breakfast at I-Hop and I ate from the lite side and left half of it. :p Then off to Wal*Mart to get some necessaries. Will had been there earlier and picked up lots of things for the kitten. A butt hut, big pale of sand, scooper set, carry case for when we pick him up or go to the vet, cute little eating set made of stainless bowls nestled in a wrot iron holder, play station modular which can be added to, food, treats and toys. I think he said he spent $200 on it all. The carry case is bright pink and it was all they had ~ they were all pink he said. Cat won't care but I sure don't like it.:p But it will serve the purpose for after we pick him up off to the vet we go. I have got liners in the but hut and it filled with sand and the play modular put to gether all ready for Monday when we bring him home. All this stuff is in my office for the time being. The dogs were sure interested in watching my every move. I keep telling them that we are getting them a kitty. I do believe that Ragg Mopp understands but Beanie is oblivious. We go to our second meeting of the Tea Party tonight and get our committe assignments. Last time was the first in this town and over 30 were in attendance. Once word gets out more it will grow. I have the strange feeling I will be put on the membership committee since I don't know a stranger and like to talk to folks out and about. At the restaurant today there was a young man in uniform with his wife or sweetie that I went over and shook his hand and thanked him. I love those service guys. They are lookin' out for us. I am not bashful but am not pushey either. Life is good and we need to not miss an opportunity to thank those who are fighting for our freedom.

DONNA FAYE Hope the commissary wasn't too crowded on this day and you were able to find what you had on your list to buy. I bet you have a good feeling getting your pantry all cleaned out now. That is so cute that Fortune sits at Jacks feet waiting for food to fall. Our dogs lay quietly under the table and don't bother us. Sometimes we give them some left overs but not often so they haven't gotten the idea that they will get scraps from the table. They just like being close to their people. When we do give them something it is put in their feeding dishes.

JEAN How are you this day? Thanks for the bell information.

SUSAN I vote that you get a kitty. They can survive a few days without a human. Dogs can't but cats can.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

09-30-2011, 06:27 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I decided on the spur of the moment to head off to Sioux City this morning. I had a list of things from multiple stores and figured a Friday would be much less congested than the weekend. It's been a beautiful sunny cool fall day with NO wind today. The fall colors throughout the countryside are gorgeous! There are UGLY shoes and clothes in the SC stores too! I did bring home a couple pair of shoes but may take them back after I try them on again. :dizzy:

"Gma" -- I hope your commissary run was a smooth one today. Glad the knee brace is helping Jack's knee. I strongly doubt there is anything grubby at your house! ;) I like to look at the shoes on -- can't imagine anyone wearing some of them, but am assuming someone does or they wouldn't have them available. I really like the sweater! What color yarn are you going to use? I listened to talk radio on the way home and the host was saying that Obama wants to cut Social Security benefits in half. The host wanted to find out how many people only have that as a source of income. In this day and age it would be hard to save enough to retire on if the employers can't provide a savings plan to help. It's scary that's for sure.

Maggie -- Your new cat will have everything he could possibly need! Will must have had fun shopping for him. :D It will be interesting to see what the dogs think of the newest member of your family. Jason always thanks a person in military uniform, no matter where he is.

Bob is at the farm so I'm sure won't be here at suppertime. I should make a grocery list and head that direction. But then again, maybe I'll do that tomorrow morning. Enjoy the evening and I hope you all have a relaxing weekend! :D :wave:

10-01-2011, 10:04 AM
Good morning to everybody! We got out early and did the commissary run then I went to Walmart and had to walk all over it to finish up everything. I wanted some ink pens which were at the far end of the store, the little pretzel twists I buy are in the very back of the store, the mashed potatoes I buy are clear to the far left in the meat cases and the waxing stuff and ww ice cream are in the middle. I bought some naval oranges and a couple things of their ham salad (part of which was expired by almost a week so I loaded up the whole shebang and tossed them on top of the deli counter and told the woman they were all expired and it would be nice is someone checked them once in awhile and walked away.) Burns me up! I got some lovely peaches at the commissary, some apples and bananas and bought some fresh frozen fruit at Walmart so have some nice snacking stuff besides my little cheddar pretzel twists. I can have 20 for only 2 pts which is nice. So, I came back home and was promptly sick most of the afternoon and evening with intestinal stuff. I kept asking Jack if he was sure he was ok and he was fine so who knows what it was. I know my joints were killing me and it felt like I had a fever so maybe just some little titch of something, who knows? Right as rain this morning.

I get done here I am going to tackle house chores, but only after getting rid of the darn hiccups I have right now. I am one of those people that hiccups aren't only a nuisance they are so hard they actually hurt. I usually get them to go away by holding my breath and swallowing three times! :lol: Sounds nuts, but it seems to always work and I just stopped and did it and no more hiccups. :lol: Jack will probably get the vacuuming detail downstairs today so I can get things done fairly quickly besides he doesn't mind and I hate to vacuum. :D

Jean: I am still deciding on the yarn. Either one of the two I posted with the picture of maybe one of these. It is a cotton/linen combo yarn and I like the soft colors in it too. It depends if I can find enough all in one place. The only place here in town that sells it, I can't stand to go in there as the owner is a real snob and online there are only a couple places and they seem to not have quantities of it. So, we shall see. It is a medium priced yarn so would probably cost about $75 for a sweater. Hope you enjoy your shoes. I am going to have to see if I can hunt up another pair of these I bought in Branson because Walmart didn't have any in big foot size! :^:

Maggie: Sounds like you are all set for your new cat. Hope the boys enjoy it. Fortune got along well with Butterscotch, but then he is either afraid or mellow with other pets.

I guess I should get out of here and get going on chores so I can get them done and spaced out. Have a grand Saturday all. I think Jack has an appt to get the oil changed so he will be kept busy today. Faye

10-01-2011, 02:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another sunny cool day in my corner of the world. I've got laundry going and have made my grocery list for later when Bob heads to the farm. Bob just left to take the boat out to wherever he is storing it this year; he usually goes to a farm where the building is tight (no birds, bugs, nor critters) and clean.

"Gma" -- Our WM is always changing where they put things; my thought is while one is aroundthey will put more stuff in their cart. My gripe is that you can buy something there and the next time they don't carry it anymore. :tantrum: I just plain don't like that store and if I can buy it anywhere else I will. One of our grocery stores is bad about expiration dates so I always try to check. I've even taken a couple dairy things back that haven't expired but are moldy when I open them. :barf: I hope you continue to feel better. My stomach has been "off" for awhile and the doctor said there are different strains of stomach flu going around. I wish they would come up with a stomach flu shot! :cheer: I like all of the different yarn colors. The sweater will be beautiful no matter which color you choose. :yes:

I need to change laundry loads so will keep moving. Have a super Saturday and enjoy! :D :wave:

10-01-2011, 05:40 PM

It is a beautiful day here in the Heartland and a good day to start a new month which I call Roctober. It rocks. We have been busy being out and about running errands. Then I started making some business cards and time sure flies when I am busy doing publishing work. Now I need to put on my thinking cap and decide what I am fixing for dinner. I am sure glad that tomorrow isn't pot-luck day for I would be sunk not knowing what to take. The dogs are so cute coming in here and just looking at the kittys things and not bothering them at all. OH just wait. Monday is coming fast. Time has come for me to color my hair and so I will be doing that later this afternoon for sure.

DONNA FAYE Looks like you have some nice fruit for the week to munch on. I am so thankful all Wal*Marts aren't managed like the one that you go to is. Expired means EXPIRED on most food things. I hate it when it has expired before it's date though. Tells me it wasn't kept as cold as it should have been. Those yarn skeins are lovely. Hope you can get enough of one color to make what it is you are planning to make with it.

JEAN Sorry to hear you are getting a bug. Not pleasant. Nope :no: don't get flu shots. My doc once said that the shot they give this year is for last years bug and this years bug is different. That is why so many folks get sick after having the shot. Since we have never started getting them we have been advised to not get them started. Now if they work for you by all means get them and do what your doc says. There are definitely different opinions on the subject. :dizzy: What a nice place Bob has found to store that boat. Clean is good.

All Y'all have a lovely afternoon. :wave:

10-02-2011, 12:04 AM
Maggie -- Are you making business cards for Will, or just anyone who might want some? I'm not sick, just my innards haven't been "normal" for a few days. I blamed the diuretic pill I took for a couple weeks and have now quit. Everyone who "works" in the hospital is encouraged to get the flu shot, and they claim the older a person is the harder the flu is on ones system. There have been times when I have missed getting one and can't tell any difference. I think I became immune working with all the "crud" at school. :dizzy: I don't get a cold very often but when I do, it's a doozey! :yes: I am heading off to bed after I figure out what I'm wearing to church tomorrow.

10-02-2011, 10:24 AM
Good morning to you all! It is quite cool here this morning and Jack is already out to Firestone to get the oil changed in the SUV. I imagine it is time for an air filter too, who knows? I know we have been pricing tires for it and looks like with installation and all it is around $650!!! I think that is totally ridiculous. Our tire have this air pressure kit in them that connects with the suv to let you know when you are getting a flat, have low tire pressure and such, but that kit is only around $15. I think it is ridiculous you have to pay $140 apiece for a piece of rubber. You can buy cheaper ones, but then they have to be replaced more often so you end up spending just as much or more.

Tomorrow is dr day so we shall see what she says about the female stuff and getting me back on track that ways. I imagine we will have quite a talk so I hope she isn't busy! :lol: (she will be that place is always a zoo) I think before we started doing procedures, I am going to give hormones a try and stay on them a bit and see if that works. It all depends on what she suggests and my gyn too.

I took one of Jack's pain pills on Friday night because my joints hurt so bad when I had the icks. Well, I was dopey all day Saturday and kept falling asleep so gave up getting anything done. I am going to kick in and start work in a bit. I need to call my sister first and tell her thank you for my tshirt. She sent me this cute tshirt with balls of yarn on it saying "A hour a day of this will keep the dr away." Wish that were true! :lol:

Jean: I rarely get colds either, but I do try and get a flu shot even though I don't come in contact with a lot of people. I like you wish they could make a stomach flu shot. I don't like head and chest colds, but am not a fan of the stomach stuff either. I think though that stomach flu is viral and as such they can't make a vaccine for that. Maybe one day, but then we are sort of overloaded with medications as it is I guess.

Maggie: I did get some nice fruit, peaches, pears, bananas, oranges, apples and blueberries all fresh then cherries, pineapple and a mixed berry all fresh frozen. I am a real fruit lover for sure.

Well gals, I need to get hopping if I want to get things accomplished today. Have a lovely day all. Faye

10-02-2011, 01:11 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a sunny cool 64 degrees in my neighborhood this morning. We've been to church, had breakfast at Hardee's, :o and Bob just left for the farm. He spilled some of the beans last night so was going to borrow a grain vac and clean it up this morning. The guys used to work after dark but needed to get in/on the top of the grain bin so waited for daylight today. The older they get the smarter they work which is good. :yes: I've got piles to put away and fur bunnies to vacuum.

"Gma" -- Tires are expensive that's for sure. We have the "smart" tire pressure thing too, and it has fits when the weather changes. Bob thinks he is smarter than the computer :lol: and likes either more or less air, can't remember which, for a better ride. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping you get a plan of action from you new doctor. Bob's secretary has been having some female issues; they found a mass either in or on the uterus. She meets with the surgeon on Tuesday. She is single so really has no local family support system. I may be doing dog walking again! Your t-shirt sounds cute and the thought is so appropriate!

I need to get started on my chore list so Bob will know I did accomplish something while he was gone. Enjoy your day! :D :wave:

10-02-2011, 04:39 PM

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