WW At Home - 2nd Week on Points Plus and no weight loss

09-23-2011, 12:19 PM
Hi- This is my second week on WW, and I've already hit a slump! Lost 2.4 lbs week one, and today nothing! Ugh. Frustrating. I have been tracking EVERYTHING, drinking tons of water, working out (which I always do, so no big change here) and week two slump. I'm frustrated to say the least.

I am really looking forward to getting to 10ish lbs when people really start to notice. I've found that always keeps me motivated, when someone says "Wow, have you lost weight?"

For now, I'll just keep on keeping on. And any advice would be appreciated!

09-23-2011, 12:58 PM
Just keep at it. The exact same thing happened to me the first month I was on WWPP - I would only lose weight every second week. It will keep coming!

09-23-2011, 02:58 PM
Just keep at it. I've lost over 30 lbs since May 26th and it wasn't until the beginning of August (and about 20 lbs) that someone at work finally asked if I'd lost weight.

I guess I'll go with some standards - are you eating all of your points? do you eat any AP/WP? Are you meeting the GHGs? How much are you working out (how long and at what intensity)?

My weight loss slowed the past few weeks, and I kicked up my workouts and saw a good loss this past week. But I think it will be slow going from here on out for me, and I am OK with that.

09-23-2011, 03:29 PM
Well don't give up my week one I lost 1lb and week two only .5! talk about frustrating. when you see all these people losing 2 and 3 lbs each week.

Also you don't have a great deal to lose that does make a difference too.

Hang in there people will notice give it time LOL :hug:

09-23-2011, 08:04 PM
Weight loss is not linear. Some weeks you lose something. Some weeks you lose nothing. Some weeks you even gain.

It's normal. In the LONG RUN, however, you lose weight, and you keep it off.

Keep in mind that you only have about 25 pounds to lose, it might mean that this journey feels slow to you compared to others who are losing "2-3 pounds". They might have a lot more than 25 pounds to go. ALSO keep in mind that while you're seeing the people who lost 2-3 pounds... you might not have seen that person that gained weight this week. Or the person who stalled out or is going through a plateau.

Be patient. Don't commit to the scale. Commit to the plan. Give it time. You'll feel better, you'll see healthy changes.

09-24-2011, 09:28 PM
Keep on plan! It is a life style change (eating), the weight comes off, it may not be as fast as you want, but it does come off.

09-25-2011, 12:10 AM
Lovely is the most level-headed poster, I've found. Always a positive, encouraging and sympathetic word. Thanks Lovely for the, well, lovely things you do around these boards. :)

Mcorbesato I feel your frustration. My losses weren't stellar either, but you're in your 2nd week so give it a few more weeks. If after a few more weigh ins you are disappointed, ask around for suggestions. For me, the "solution" was to eat less points. You are 5 ft. 2 and your MINIMUM points target is 29, plus WP and AP. I am taller than you and 180 lbs. At 190, I also had 29, plus WP and AP and found the weight loss so small that I had to switch things up a little.

So, I do suggest you continue on the plan as written, and gauge your satisfaction with it in practice over the next few weigh ins. If your results are lackluster, consider tweaking the program to better suit your height, size, and nutritional needs.

Best of luck, Donna

09-25-2011, 12:54 AM
Everyone has given such great advice already... I will just add that you may want to consider joining our "post your tracker" thread in the main WW forum. Then you can always ask for help and advise or people may have suggestions if your frustration continues!