WW Clubs and Groups - #263 Bale of Turtles Up for a Challenge!

09-20-2011, 03:35 PM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techniques we have learned from experience to keep us on track. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

09-20-2011, 03:38 PM
Hi Turtles,
Lots2go, I keep olive oil and canola oil, 1%milk, I love to have ff sour cream to put a dollop on baked potatoes. Fiber One bars , especially the 90 calorie kind, are good to keep in your purse as well as an apple. In the summer, I like the Hebrew National 97% ff hot dogs. They point plus out to 1 ppoint. You can use light bread to wrap the hot dog in and get away with a 2point plus lunch. As I think of other things, I'll chime back in.
You're off to a great start. So glad you joined us. Let us know when you run the 1/2marathon. That sounds incredible.

09-20-2011, 03:58 PM
Hi turtles:

Lots2go - Things I have on hand are tuna, eggwhites, cottage cheese,
greek yogurt, fruit cups, cheesestrings, melba toast, whole grain bread,
salad stuff, popcorn, rice pasta.

On track so far & looking foward to my first class of Zumba tomorrow &
Biggest Loser tonight!

09-20-2011, 03:58 PM
Where do I find this Turtle Group?

09-20-2011, 08:48 PM
Thanks for the food suggestions girls....that will help me a lot! :)
I did terrible again today. I tried really hard to plan well, but then forgot about a lunch meeting I had today at a BUFFET!! UGH I thought I was doing ok. I had 1/2 a baked chicken breast, green beans, and carrots. and i had 3 potato wedges and some new potatoes as well as a huge salad. The dressing though (FF kraft ranch) was slimy so that ruined the entire salad for me...then it was time for dessert :( I should have resisted but our table was right next to it :( i had peach cobbler and ice cream....if i had stopped there i would have been fine. but the kids and i had frozen yogurt for an afternoon snack so that put me over counting my dinner.

do you all use your activity points every week? i had 6 built up, but blew thru those today. i'll be working out the next three days so i'll build up some more, i had originally planned to not use them i hate eating up my exercise. but i guess this week....i'll use them lol.....

i'm having a rough day being patient with my kiddos, i'm not sure if it's because of being disgusted with myself or tom, or just fed up with disobedience.....it's been a long day, i'm putting everyone to bed early and watching biggest loser......ALONE!

:) Have a great night, i'll catch u all in the morning, when I wake up with a fresh new day/attitude!

09-20-2011, 11:13 PM
We're under Weight Watchers Groups and clubs. Click there. Our title changes every time we get to around 50 posts but it always includes "BAle of Turtles....." I hope this helps.
Join us-----we offer great support and friendship.

09-21-2011, 01:39 AM
Okay I am caught up. I have gained 3# over the course of 2 weeks. I know it could have been worse but I am over 280 again so I am a little bummed.

Today was okay. I worked second shfit this evening. I had to hit up wendys after I got off because I was hungry. I had the points for it. I avoided the fries. I just got the ultimate grill chicken sandwhich and a ceaser side salad. Not sure when they got natural lemonade but I got that. So overall it wasn't that bad. today was one of my better eatting days. I still have a couple of points left but those aren't going to get eaten. Also I managed to rack up 3 activity points playing Wii fit. So today was a success. Tommorrow I definitely have to exercise, since I am going out to eat tomorrow evening.

Hope everyone is well.

Hey Lots2go. I am 28, umm in transition again. Currently work as a CNA for a home health care agency.

Hmm staples since I am still currently livw with my folks, long story it is pretty stocked. I don't have much to add we keep dried fruit on hand. Also I keep wheat bread on hand.

Lots2go I am currently getting back on track. But some weeks I used my activity points sometimes I didn't. I hate to admit to this but sometimes I made I had activity points especially if I knew something was coming up that I was going to blow my points out of the water for. You have to do what works for you.

Well everyone have a goodnight I am winding down.

09-21-2011, 08:54 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday to you all! I am in my final two weeks of my job so the lunch invites are pouring in and for the most part they are asking me where I want to go which will help a lot! We are going to a deli today which will be fine since I can get a salad and they have the most wonderful Iced Tea that is fresh brewed and with a few packets of splenda it is just like good old southern sweet tea!

I forgot to set my DVR last night and fell asleep last night about half way through TBL so I need to check online today to see what I missed. Looks like it is going to be a very emotional season LOL - which can get to be a bit much sometimes so hopefull they edit some of that stuff out and focus on the programs and helpful information type stuff that will help us all.

I am totally up for the competition so just to recap so I am sure I understand:

Exercise 3 Times a Week
Eat within our points/calories
Give support to the group
Keep a food journal
Try 1 new meal/recipe every week (on plan)
Drink our water
Make a personal weight loss goal to have, and the end of the show will be our target date

Is that correct or did I miss anything?

Sounds like everyone is doing really well and is ready for a challenge!

DH and I got our bikes out last night and had a quick ride around the neighborhood and that was fun, I also took the dogs to the park for a couple quick trips around and they enjoyed that.

I have to run but will stop back in a bit for individual posts.

09-21-2011, 09:40 AM
Wow Princess! You summarized the challenge great. Thanks! I'm all up for this.
I'm going to my WI in about an hour, so I'll come back then.
Good luck to everybody. We are doing this.
234.6/192/180's and thinner :cool:

09-21-2011, 10:37 AM
Morning, turtles:

Princess - great recap for our challenge. If we can all stick to it I am sure
we will see some great results. I agree about all the emotional stuff on the show - so hopefully that will tame down abit. I find some of them very inspiring & others not so much. Bike riding is really good exercise, so good for you!

Judy - good luck at your weigh in - here are some "skinny vibes" for you!

Lots2go - I do not use my activity points, but keep track of what I do &
that helps when I have a good or bad week to look back & see what contributed to that.

Sunny day again, loving it since rain is on its way.
Zumba tonight - so will be shaking off a few calories!

All - lets all have a preplanned OP day!

09-21-2011, 01:51 PM
Hi Turtles,
Lots, I don't use my activity points, nor do I use the extra weekly points. However, we're in different stages of life and you may find that you can use them and lose weight. I've got a good recipe for chicken with a sauce that doesn't tast Weight Watcher-y. As soon as I have a minute I will post it.

Hey, I did great today. This program really works for me. I am down another 1.4# leaving me at 191# with clothes. Lol. My challenge for this week is to step up the exercise so that I will lose 1#+ this week and be in the 180's which was my first goal. Actually, my first goal was to stop the weight gain. this feels real good.

Best luck to everybody!!!!!! I'm going to watch my DVR'd Biggest Losers tonight while dh goes to work. I may need to pick up more yarn to keep my fingers busy and mind away from food.

Okay!!!! Yay Turtles!
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:

09-21-2011, 02:01 PM
Thanks Judy :) I'm always looking for new "good" recipes!
I can't wait until my scale says 180-something! Ugh, I've been stuck in the 190's for what feels like forever :(

I've got to learn to knit or crochet, I've always wanted to, and I know it would help me stay away from food just like you said.

I've done well today. Hopefully tonight will go as planned. I ran out of fruit at home this morning so I didn't have any for breakfast. I had to eat a bagel, it was the fastest, healthiest thing I could grab. Wednesday is our early morning, I have to drive my kids across town to school and be there before 7:30. That's after my workout that ends at 6:15....it's a tough morning to stay on track.

I've got some chicken breasts in the crock pot with spaghetti sauce and I think I'm going to make some brown rice and call it good with some broccoli or something. If I limit my chicken and rice to a cup or so and pile up the veggies I don't think it'll add up to much. Surely less than 10 right?

Have a great Wednesday!!!

09-21-2011, 03:34 PM
Hey everyone! I hope that your day is going well and everyone is staying on track! I went out to lunch today, I did get a sandwich and an ice tea - I was going to get a salad but I looked online and the sodium content of all of the salads was very high (which seemed strange to me, maybe the dressing?) but their grilled chicken sandwich was a better option so that is what I had. At the very least it was nice to get out of the office for a while. DH and I are going for a bike ride again tonight I think which will be good. I looked online to see who was voted off last night on TBL and what I found did not surprise me that much I guess, hard to say really since it is so early in the game. So I have lots of eating out to do these next two weeks which can be rough so I will need to step up and do my homework before I go so that I make good choices.

Lots: I am counting calories right now and not points but when I did count points I usually eat my extra weekly points but not the exercise ones. Staples to have on hand: SF FF Jello Pudding cups and SF Gelatin cups, Peter Pan Whipped Peanut Butter (easier to spread a very thin layer on a piece of bread then the regular kind), Thomas's Light English Muffins, Smuckers Sugar Free Preserves, Fruit (the bowl on the table always has something in it), and bagged salad fixings. Hope this helps.

Judy: Great Job! You are doing so wonderful and a huge congrats because I know you are working hard and earning every single pound that you lose!

Bandit: Good luck at W/I tomorrow! Have a blast at Zumba too!

Cherry: How are you doing? Are you and the kids getting out much and going for walks or to the playground? I always loved this time of year when boys were small, it was nice to be out with them when the weather cooled down.

Life: Sounds like you are working at it even with the gain, that extra will come off here in no time! Have you been able to get out and gets some walks in now that the weather is getting a bit cooler?

Have a great day all!

09-21-2011, 05:02 PM
Hi Turtles,
We're doing great. My first goal was to stop the gain-----and anybody who feels "stuck" at a number for a while, we can all relate. My weight actually went up over the last few months and that's why I had to drop WW and the points plus program for now and concentrate on calories. That said, here's the yummy chicken dish I told you about before.

No time to respond to everybody, but Princess I love that you're looking before you head to the delis and restaurants-----you'll get through these challenges so much better. WEigh to go!


4 boned and skinned chicken breast halves
1T. flour
4 shallots---thinly sliced (or onions are fine too)
1/4# mushrooms thinly sliced
2T. butter
1T. rosemary
1/4c. white wine
1/2c. nonfat chicken broth
2T. chopped fresh parsley

Pound chicken breasts to flatten.
Melt 2T butter in saucepan, add shallots and cook for 3 minutes. Add mushrooms and cook over low heat for 2 more minutes. Stir. Add flor and stir.
Add wine and chicken stock. Cook and as sauce thickens, stir and add the rosemary. Keep on low heat

In a skillet, spray with Pam. Add the chicken fillets and saute on both sides. The chicken should cook in about 5 minutes if it's thin enough.
Spoon sauce over chicken and top with parsley.

I love this with noodles on the side, but any starch is fine. Cooked carrots are pretty with this dish. I have made it without the wine and it tastes fine that way too. Sometimes I get tired of grilled chicken and this is a handy dish to make for those times. I hope you enjoy it. (I also boost the number of mushrooms to stretch the dish----every bit helps.)
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:

Hey Guys, this is going to sound strange, but to lose weight I had to let myself get a little hungry. I find I can get past the hunger if I distract myself. I've been doing this for one month and I'm very happy with the results. Good luck to us all!

09-21-2011, 09:12 PM
Ok, so first since I am kinda doing a mix of programs I have two weigh in days. I started back on WW on a Saturday but my weigh in for NS is Wednesday. So I will have to check but todays weigh in I am down -0.8 from last wed. (Sorry for all the confusion.):^: So far I think this is going to work for me. Not sure if Points Plus will work for me or not but I am going to give it a fair try.

Rebecca- or lots2go. Which do you prefer? I so know how it is to have a rough day with the little ones. Many times I have announced "EARLY BEDTIME" many times because I just couldnt take anymore.:D I usually do use my weekly points (not always all of them) but I dont use the activity points. I just dont bother to add them up each day.

Princess- I am doing fairly well right now and hope to keep holding on to the motivation. I hope with the weather cooling down we will get to have some trips to the park. Dont do well on my own with all three little ones but when hubby has time we are good to go. Thanks for the recap on the Challenge.

So what is the first step I need to take for this challenge? I am a little (or maybe a lot) lost. Thanks.

Hello to bandit, judy, and life4evr. Sorry if i missed anyone.

09-21-2011, 10:08 PM
Can I join? I need someone to be accountable to, other than myself. I've been hinting to my husband that he should follow WW so I don't feel so alone at this and he isn't getting the hints.

I weigh in on Fridays (I've jumped from Wednesdays to Fridays to Mondays, back to Fridays). I haven't had the best week...I'm pretty sure I've stayed within weeklies, but I didn't track Saturday 5pm to Monday morning. Then Monday I binged. Yesterday I binged...(pattern evolving?) but today I have stayed on track, wrote everything down and stayed within my points target. I even exercised today!

My goal is going to be stay on plan, track every BLT and get to my next weight loss goal (15%, see signature).

I tried a new recipe for dinner--Chicken Pot Pie Soup, from skinnytaste. It sounds decadent full of fat, but it wasn't! 1 1/2 C. serving was 7 PP! It was also delicious. I'm keeping it in the recipe files for this fall/winter!

Tomorrow I am going to Curves to see what it's all about. I have a free week pass too, so I'll be going for at least a week. I'd like to get myself on some kind of plan, especially having to do with toning. I've never seen Curves inside, kind of nervous to try something new. This location has Zumba too. I interviewed for a new job and if I get it I will look into a gym membership, probably at Curves (though the price difference between curves and planet fitness is throwing me for a loop...).

I guess that's enough for now!!

09-22-2011, 09:38 AM
:welcome3: Mrs.D,
Glad to have you join us! I love the gals and the support they show here.

As a bit of help, a couple of posts ago in this thread Princess summed up a challenge that Bandit suggested. It's clearcut and I know when we follow it, we'll all get results.

Today is going to be another good day. I can feel it!
Cherry, you are not confusing me at all since that is pretty much what I'm doing too. I'm getting as much weight off as possible as quickly as possible.
Then I'll worry about the next step. I figure whatever works, works!

Gotta run----we're all doing great. Kudos to all of us.
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:
I am 9# away from my lowest WW weight. I hope to have that off by the end of our Biggest Loser Challenge. I watched it last night. It is amazing!

09-22-2011, 09:43 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Thursday to you all! It is getting real chilly here now, the air is changing, fall is coming, it is a wonderful time of year!

DH and I took the dogs to the park last night for a quick trip around, nothing major but it was fun and the dogs enjoyed it. I did notice that the park was really full of walkers and runners last evening, must be the nice weather is bringing everyone out. We were going to go for a bike ride but DH was a bit sore from our ride the night before... LOL - so we took a stroll instead.

I have W/I tonight, I am not expecting much but will be happy with not having a gain, I could have done better this week but over all I did not do terrible but I do need to step it up or I am not going to get where I want to go.

Bandit: Ok so I looked online and it looks like the final weigh in for TBL is on December 13th so is that the week that you want to set as our target date to reach our goal and the end of this challenge? However you want to do it is totally fine for me, I was just wondering as I think I am going to set up a ticker with my weight loss goal on it so that I can keep track. Good luck at W/I tonight!

Judy: Thank you so much for sharing that recipe, it looks wonderful and I am going to print it off and try that soon!

Cherry: I would think that you just need to make the list of the challenge items and get started - pull out a tablet or journal and start tracking your food and exercise along with how much water you are drinking, pick a weight that you want to be at by the end of the challenge and that should get you started. Chime in here as often as you can to give support and you are set!

Rebecca: Your recipe sounds fabulous, would you be willing to share it with us?

MrsD: Welcome to our group! We are thrilled for you to join us!

Life: How is your week going so far?

I have to run but will check back again in a bit. Have a great day all!

09-22-2011, 09:47 AM
Welcome Mrs.D!! Glad to have you here :)
Cherry-You can call me whatever as long as its nice :) lol....Rebecca is fine.

It's going to be a GREAT day!!!! Thank you Jesus for a new one :) So thankful I can start over every day and forget about yesterday! Or at least learn from my mistakes and start new.

I did well for breakfast, 1/2cup of egg beaters and 2 pieces of turkey sausage (5p+)

I'll take my lunch and a piece of fruit. Last night we had some italian type chicken from the crock pot with brown rice...it wasn't too bad. I think I"ll take that for my lunch and for dinner its baked chicken, mac and cheese, stuffing and mixed veggies....I'll skip the mac and cheese and stuffing...I'll eat all those veggies that the kids won't touch lol.

I WILL stay on plan today! I will drink my water, I will eat my fruits and veggies. I can/will do this!

I wanted to ask, what do you all eat with your FF Cottage Cheese? I have never liked cottage cheese, but I'm about to try it again as an adult lol. Hopefully I'll like it and the bowl won't go to waste. I just want to make sure I'm eating it the tastiest way :)

Have a great day!!! Weigh in is tomorrow for me, I'm excited to see what happened....a little nervous, but excited just the same. I haven't stepped on the scales since last Friday when i joined WW. I haven't done the best this first week, but I'm learning as I go :)

09-22-2011, 11:13 AM
Ok - I have added a tracker for the challenge, I know it is very aggressive for me to put that kind of a goal down but I really need to get my butt in gear and would love to get into onederland by the end of this year.

09-22-2011, 12:24 PM
Mrs.D - Welcome. Its nice to "meet" you. I am 28 yrs old married almost 8 years and have three kids ages 2, 4, and 6.

Ok I want to set my goal for the challenge. Princess mentioned a date in Dec. and I know it isnt set in stone yet but I will go with that for now. My goal is to be down 12.6 by the end of the challenge bringing me to 215. Wow I havent seen 215 since I got pregnant with my 6 year old. So six years. How do we let ourselves go for so long?:^:

09-22-2011, 01:08 PM
Hello everyone!

Does my goal have to be weight related or weight loss related? To me they seem like two different things...maybe they're not!

lots2go--When I eat cottage cheese (I limit it because it hurts my tummy) I like to spread an English Muffin with sugar free jam, then spread a thin layer of cottage cheese on top. I can't remember the exact point count because I haven't had cottage cheese in forever. I also like it with pineapple or peaches. But I buy the FF plain kind and add my own fruit. My mom used to sprinkle a bit of salt on it and dunk celery and carrot sticks in it, but I have never done that.

I have WI tomorrow morning and I am hoping for just a small gain. I'm expecting a gain because I wasn't on plan Saturday afternoon-Tuesday. But, I'm back on plan now! I wrote everything down for yesterday and I exercised. So far today I have stayed on plan and written everything down. I'm going to Curves for an intro and I have a free week pass so I will workout there. I'm really hoping I get a job I interviewed for this week. If I get it then I will be able to join the gym. Fingers crossed!

09-22-2011, 05:42 PM
Hi everyone - we are still having pretty good weather here, which is nice
We got abit of rain yesterday, but today sunny again.

Princess - OK lets make the end of our challenge Dec 13th, sounds good.

Judy - your chicken recipe sounds divine! Gotta try it soon.

Lots - with my plain cottage cheese I like to add mandarin oranges or
flavoured yogurt.

Last night I did Zumba for the first time & what a workout that was!
My goodness - dancing, jumping, bumping & grinding for an hour.
We just tried to keep up best we could - what energy the instructor had.
But I did feel like I had a good workout when done - so that is a 12 week
class, so fits in nicely with the challenge.

So this week - I stayed OP, journalled, did Zumba (bowling tonight), checked in daily here & hopefully gave some support. So successful week, I think.
Tonight is my weigh in & for those who are new, I start my new week
each Friday a.m. & weigh in Thurs nights - easier for me to keep track of things this way.

All - hope the scales behave this week!

09-22-2011, 05:45 PM
Mrs D - a big welcome to you! This is a great group of ladies &
all of us are here for each other & I have received so many good tips,
support & inspiration as I am sure you will too!

09-22-2011, 06:15 PM
I think I might try a bite of cottage cheese tonight ;)

Bandit-Good luck tonight!!

The recipe I made yesterday?
3 boneless skinless chicken breast
3/4 jar ragu
a good bit of Parmesan cheese

cooked on low in the crock pot all day shredded chicken at the end of the day and put it on top of brown rice.

IDK the point+ for sure, but I'm figuring about 6 or so. It should be about 6 servings. Of course that's not totally accurate. You may want to double check with the recipe builder.

09-22-2011, 09:02 PM
Lots2go, recipe sounds yummy. THanks. I love crock pot meals for the winter. They are so handy.

Bandit, Zumba sounds wild! You go girl. :dancer: :dance: Good luck at you WI.

I'm so psyched we are all doing this.

Terri, I know you're busy. How are you doing?

Life4evr, how goes it?

Seabiscuit, give us a shout out so we know how you are. I'm attached to you already!

Everybody, have a great day. For everyone who's doing well, great. For those struggling, get through tonight and remember tomorrow's a new day.
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:

09-23-2011, 08:15 AM
Hey All I am here!!!

About me! I walked 3 mornings this week for a total of 3 hours, went to 1 45 min aquafit class the instructor kicked our butts!!! Will do a mini tracker for a dec 13 goal, will have to think about it!!!

Still haven't had time to catch up on posts but will later, off today but many chores!!!

Welcome to the new gals great group of women here!

09-23-2011, 09:47 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Friday to you all! And happy first day of Autumn! Today is my B-Day and I am taking a half day off, nothing to exciting just want to get a quick trip to Sam's in and my house cleaning before DH gets home from work and then we are going to go out to dinner.

It is rainy here today, we were going to do downtown for Indianapolis's first annual Oktoberfest but I don't really want to walk around in the rain so we will go to plan B. They are calling for rain all weekend so it looks like inside activities for us!

Ok so I went to my meeting last night and had W/I - I was down .2 lbs, I was ok with that I guess but if I am going to get 19 lbs off in three months I really need to get my butt in gear which I am so things are moving along and like Judy I am super excited about this challenge.

Like Bandit, I weigh in on a Thursday night and start my weeks on a Friday... so, previously, Thursday nights were a bit of a splurge night for me... not anymore, last night we had frozen flat bread pizza which normally I would not limit myself, just eat mindlessly, not last night - i made a big salad and DH and I both had that first and only ate a couple of slices of pizza so we really did much better. Things are turning around!

Bandit: Hope your W/I went really well last night, Zumba is a work out... LOL - I remember my first time in a Zumba class, I thought I was going to die! So since we all weigh in on different days of the week would our last day of the challenge be on our regular W/I day of that week? (Like ours would be December 15th?) Sorry for the questions, just trying to get my game plan in place :D

Terri: Wow! You are getting super active and that is wonderful! I love Aquafit, just wish they would keep the water a bit warmer at my gym - it takes me forever to get warmed up. Any plans for the weekend?

Judy: Any plans this weekend? Have you read any good books lately?

Rebecca: The chicken recipe sounds really good, i am going to try that this coming week! Thanks so much for posting it. Have a great weekend!

Cherry: How are you doing? Anything planned for this weekend?

MrsD: Good luck at W/I today, I hope it goes well for you! Have a great day!

Life: How are things with you? Are you still working so much extra time?

09-23-2011, 10:40 AM
Hi Turtles,
We are hopping!
Bandit, thanks so much for setting up a challenge. I did a toning DVD yesterday and today and I wouldn't have if you hadn't set up a challenge.
Kudos and thanks for your constant support. :bravo:

Cherry, Yay you! :balloons:

Mrs. D,
You had a question about whether our goal should be weight directed or weight loss directed. I think it's up to you and how you view things. For me, I want a certain weight loss which shows up as a lower weight on the scale. Oh, that's as clear as mud. But go with what makes you comfortable and will result in the goal you want to reach.
:balloons: for being back OP and :tread: and :strong: for the exercise you're doing. Good luck with your week at Curves. And more :goodvibes: coming your way to get the job you interviewed for.

Terri, I love all the exercise you're doing. :swim: Hey, I like the idea of a mini tracker for our challenge. Maybe I'll try and set one up.

Princess, first of all :hb: Yay! :balloons: and :dance: and :carrot: I hope you have a lovely day in spite of the weather. I love that you've got your butt in gear. I think my new motto will be: butt in gear, mouth closed. That elicits a funny look but we all know that exercise and reduced eating equals weight loss. Yay. :goodscale: Glad your WI showed you down. You're heading in the right direction.
As far as good books, I just discovered Harlan Coben----a male mystery writer known for his twists at the ending. Also, have you read "What Shamu Taught Me about Life, Love, and Marriage?" It's non-fiction about an author who was interested in how exotic animals such as dolphins and killer whales were trained and then realized she could apply those learnings to human behavior. It's a short book and the connections to relationships with spouses and all the people in our lives is great.
This weekend we've got the same weather as you. Hopefully the sun will break out so we can go pumpkin picking locally or do something outdoors.

Gotta run!
Life4evr, sending you :goodvibes:
Seabiscuit, sending you :grouphug:

Have a great day, everybody. Hey I read a quote I liked: So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then seem improbable, and then they soon seem inevitable. I guess the idea is that if we hear that "click" every day, eat less, exercise more, that we will reach that dream. Good luck to us all!
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:

09-23-2011, 11:35 AM
Hi everyone - just a quick post until later when I can get back & do personals.

Princess - yes, lets make it our regular weigh in day for the final week.

Was down 1# last night so kicking off the challenge with that. I am setting
my challenge goal to be down to 175 which would make a 10# goal. IF, I can do that would be happy. I will be missing my next 2 weigh ins since I am off to Cuba next Thurs a.m. for a week - so that will be challenging being in
hotel for the week. I have been to Cuba before & food is OK nothing spectacular & lots of people complain about it, but I always find something tasty. Anyway, will check back in later.

My gf is coming today & we are going shopping, then making dinner here & she is staying over - so I have to get ready

Have a nice Friday!

09-23-2011, 05:10 PM
Bandit, :goodscale: weigh to go! :bravo: :balloons: :carrot: and all sorts of good cheer. I think it's wonderful that you lost so much weight, kept it off, and now have lost another pound. Bandit , you are rocking!!!!!! Keep up the good work and have a fun-filled weekend.
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:

09-23-2011, 05:29 PM
Bandit--I want to try Zumba sooooo badly!! They have a class at Curves, so I am going to try it Tuesday. :dancer: I have heard wonderful things about it!! The Weekly this week talked about calling the hotel and asking them to empty the minibar so you're not tempted, then fill it with on plan foods! Have fun in Cuba!

Princess--:bday2you:I hope your day, week and this next year is WONDERFUL. I joined WW a week after my birthday last year, so I have yet to have the birthday dilema (to eat cake? to eat ice cream? to stay on plan? etc.). But it's coming up.......

Itryharder--I think the goals I listed above in a previous post are what I am going to stick with. If I remember those and do them every hour of every day, then I will lose weight and inches, no doubt about it!

I weighed in the morning and I was SHOCKED! She said "Good job, you're down 1 lb". I was like, DOWN 1 pound?! WHAT??!!

I have done the same thing as Princess in the pass, just PIG out the night of my WI and start a new week the next day. And I never learned anything from it because I would still lose, albeit, a small amount. So, with persistence, I am going to stay on plan 7 days a week, 168 hours a week. I, honestly, would really like take out pizza for dinner tonight. But, I'm going to have a home cooked meal, one of my husbands favorites. Plus, I am making homemade pizza on Sunday for football, so I'll get my craving fix then!

Curves was good today, a bit more intense because I am more familiar with the machines and I pushed harder. I found a treadmill on Craigslist for $50, so I am hoping I can convince hubby to get it. Crossing my fingers!!

Do any of you ladies go to Curves or ever been? I am a little discouraged because on another forum someone told me "the truth is that anyone who knows anything about fitness knows that Curves is pretty much useless." (I copied and pasted that). If your familiar with their system, it's hydraulic machines that YOU power and YOU put the effort in to get the results. Sure, it might not grow (or shrink, haha) with me, but I think it's a perfectly fine starting point. To join I would have to have an EFT taken out for a year, which is fine with me. After 1 year if I need something more, I can move on to a "real" gym. But for someone who isn't familiar with weights/weight training, i think this is a PERFECT starting point. Plus, I won't hear lugs grunting when lifting weights, I won't be intimidated by men who look like they live at the gym, the set up fits me, the woman are nice AND, it's ALL woman, even the employees! It fits where I am right now. Why do I feel like I need to explain this? Geesh...Anyway, that got me really down when I read it. Then I start thinking about the costs VS Planet Fitness and I am wondering if I should just suck up the negatives I don't like about PF (I had a membership there once) and save money? Uggghhhhh. I am too impressionable! I LOVE Curves so far!!

09-23-2011, 08:11 PM
:cheer::cheer::cheer:Good job ladies!!! Way to go!!!

:celebrate: Happy Birthday Princess!!!

I had my weigh in today and.............:goodscale: I'm so excited!! I lost 4.8 in my first week! I know it will slow down drastically after this week, but I was super pumped, I really wasn't expecting any loss at all! I didn't do very well this week staying on plan, but I guess I did something right :)

We had take out pizza for dinner, but I had points reserved for that.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!! It's movie night w/ my kiddos...i'm about to go pop some popcorn (air popped) and pop in the movie :)

09-23-2011, 11:20 PM
Mrs. D. :goodscale: :bravo: :balloons: :cheer: :cheers: That's wonderful that you lost weight. You're doing this!!! Yay. Keep up the good work.

Lots2go, what a wonderful start! :goodscale: :cheers: :carrot: :balloons:
Oh my goodness. You've almost got a star your first week. Congrats and keep up the good work.

turtles, isn't this great news? Glad you two joined us.
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:

09-24-2011, 08:50 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Saturday to you all! They are calling for rain pretty much all weekend, ugh, DH and I were going to take a bike ride later today but not sure that is going to happen since the sky is pretty gloomy and dark. Thats ok though, D-DIL and I are going to head to the farmers market and then I might go to a knitting class so it will be a nice day.

We went to supper last night at one of our usual resturants, I tried something new - it was still fish but fixed differently, it was a nice evening over all and I think I did ok with the exception of the salad, it had a lot of stuff in it that was not friendly, like bacon and cheese but that was my splurge since I was NOT getting dessert.

Lots: Congrats on your loss, that is really wonderful!

MrsD: I would say that you should do what you want to do and not listen to what the others say, Curves sounds like a great starting point for you and that is all that matters!

Judy: Have a great weekend!

Bandit: Congrats on the 1 lb loss! I think your goal if very do-able!

Have a great day all!

09-24-2011, 11:17 AM
Have fun at farmers market and your knitting class princess :) Hope you had a happy birthday!

I had my "long run" this morning. We did 7 miles, but my tummy wasn't feeling so great, so I walked a lot of it, it took me an hour and 45 minutes! But you know what?! I was moving, and that is what matters :) now its time for some deep cleaning at our house. I might take a break first and read a couple chapters in my book. Hope everyone has a restful weekend! Happy Saturday!!!

09-24-2011, 05:37 PM
My husband and I talked about it and I just can't justify the membership to Curves when I work minimal part time hours. Curves comes out to $380 a year and Planet Fitness comes out to $160 a year. Plus, I feel like Planet Fitness will grow with me.

09-24-2011, 05:53 PM
Msr. D- Great Job on the 1 pound down this week. Great Job.

Lots2go- WOW! 4.8 pounds down your first week. That is great.:carrot:
I like to read to. Probably not the same stuff but who knows.

Judy, Bandit, Princess, Lif4evr- Just saying Hi and letting everyone know I am still here.

Oh and weigh in for WW is today since I started on a Saturday. Weighed 227.8 Down 1 pound from last week.

09-24-2011, 07:36 PM
Cherry, :goodscale: that's great that you're down another pound. Weigh to go!

Princess, glad you had a :hb: dinner. Salad sounds yummy and just as good as a dessert.

Okay, gotta run. Had some challenges today because when we get together with dd and grandson all our eating plans revolve around our grandson. It was taking much longer than I thought, so I got out my chicken salad in a tin and poured it over the salad I thought to bring with me and it worked out fine. I also had brought a yogurt with me and a bar, so I had plenty to eat. Now it's time for dinner. I'm doing this one step at a time and I'm making sure I eat about every 2-2 1/2hours. Works for me.

Good luck everybody. Ha ve a great weekend.
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:

09-25-2011, 08:37 AM
Good morning everyone and happy rainy Sunday morning! We are suppposed to get a lot of rain over the next few days so will have to do inside exercise which is fine, I still have my gym membership so I will blow the dust off my card and get my butt down there and catch a class or two. Maybe I will try and get a swim in today or something. We are going to DS house for my B-Day family dinner which will be fun. The nice thing about our family birthday suppers is that we get to pick it all so I picked grilled chicken, baked potato, salad, veggie kabob's and a cake (which I will leave at the kids house ;))

D-DIL & DGS & I went to the farmers market and stopped at a local coffee and bagel shop on our way, I had a pumpkin bagel (plain & toasted) and a coffee which was my breakfast and then we walked from there to the market. There was so much wonderful produce at the market! OMG! The summer stuff was still in and the fall veggies were in also, what a fun place that is to walk around!

MrsD: Which ever gym you choose I am sure you will do great, I think the key is to just get out and use the facility on a regular basis.

Cherry: Congrats on the 1 lb! That is wonderful! What are you reading now?

Judy: Sounds like you did really good and planning a head worked for you!

Lots: Wow! 7 miles is huge no matter how you do it! Congrats!

Bandit: Cuba! What fun! Yeah, not all spanish/carribean food is created equal LOL, but it is not about the food anyway right, walking on the beach, shopping, site seeing, etc should take up lots of your time.

I have to run, lots to do today.

09-25-2011, 09:30 AM
Hi Turtles,
We're doing great!
Mrs. D, any kind of :strong: you can do will work out fine. You're on the right track.
Princess, have a great :hb: dinner with your family. I love that you and your dil get along so well. It's a wonderful thing.
Bandit, have a wonderful time in Cuba. I've never been, nor have I visited Puerto Rico where the beaches :swim: are also supposed to be great. I went to Cancun, Mexico once and had a great time with my sixteen year old daughter. Anyway----have a great time and let us know about it when you're back.

Today will be unpredictable, but I've got my food ready. Right now we don't have plans, but that can change once my dd and grandson gear up. I love their visits, but just have to pace my eating as to when I need to eat. Eating every 2-2 1/2 hours even though they are tiny bits works.

Terri, Life4evr, Seabiscuit, Lots2go , and Mrs. D. have a wonderful day.
I love we're all involved in this challenge. WEigh to go!
234.6/191/180's and thinner :cool:

09-25-2011, 01:03 PM
Hi Turtles,
I tried to set a ticker. Let's see if I did.

09-25-2011, 01:12 PM
Nope, I didn't. Okay-----well, I'll just keep on posting my weight loss and my working toward goal.
down 43.6/12# to go for first goal. Yay.

09-25-2011, 06:12 PM
Awesome Job Judy! You are doing so great! Yes, my DIL means the world to me, I try very hard to not cross any lines and just be a friend, she is a really nice person and fun to be around. Since I am on my 3rd marriage I have a couple MIL examples of what not to act like so I walk a fine line lol.

I went to supper at the kids house and DH and I had a great time I ate my meal, had a small piece of birthday cake and enjoyed the company. DGS feel asleep before dessert, he was in his highchair and the back of it lays back so they reclined it and he just kept sleeping... LOL, my how things have changed since my boys were young.

Have a great day all, raining cats and dogs here so we are in for the night and going to curl up with a hot cup of tea.

09-25-2011, 07:10 PM
Well Turtles.....yesterday turned in to a very very lazy day for me :) I did nothing...I did make a chicken tortilla soup from Pioneer Woman....mmmmm very very good. It has lots of veggies in it, with taco seasoning and chicken...so it wasn't too bad, i did add some light sour cream and some avocado so it added up but it was healthy stuff.

I read my entire book I read "A Stolen Life" by Jaycee Dugard (the woman who was kidnapped at 11 and released 18 years later. A very good book, very sad, and it makes me want to hold my babies close. It was good nontheless. I'm also reading "Redemption" by Karen Kingsbury too, and it's really good too.

Today we had a bbq dinner after church and I cleaned out my weekly points (2 days into my week lol)

I'm very torn by what to do with my activity points. I already have 25 because of my long run. I'm scared to experiment with eating them, but I'm afraid if I don't that I *might not lose....I just don't know. I guess the only way to know what will happen is to try...

I think I'll have some popcorn for dinner :) Hope everyone has a great Sunday, what's left of it anyway.

09-25-2011, 08:18 PM
We went out to eat this weekend but I think I did good. We went to wendy's with the kids and i got a half salad and a small chili. The points werent all that bad and I felt satisfied and proud of myself.

I am reading a Cleo Coyle book called Murder By Mocha. I have read some books by Kingsbury and like them. I like murder mysteries and Historical fiction and romance.

Does anyone know when my points might drop or when I should re-check that on my PointsPlus calculator? Right now I have 35 points and weigh 227.8.

Hello to all the turtles.:hug: Keep up the good work.:carrot:

09-25-2011, 08:47 PM
CherryAutumn--You should check your calculator at least once a month, at the beginning of a new week. If you're losing faster, I would do it weekly. Do you have etools? If you enter your weight on there it will automatically adjust your points.

09-25-2011, 09:00 PM
Hi Lots2go, I don't think not eating your activity points will slow up your weight loss. My guess is just the opposite. My leader always says that if you do a lot of activity, but then eat the points, you're even-----as though you didn't do the activity. Does that make sense? A down the middle of the road approach could be to eat half the points. :strong: :tread:

Cherry :chef: and :bravo: for eating so well at Chili's. That's not an easy thing to do and you did it.

Princess, I hear you about dil. You made me laugh when you said you had had some mils that sent an example you won't be following. I like my dil, so that makes it easier for me too. :love:

Okay, I've gotta relax. Did my toning DVD again today and I'm proud of that. Plus, my eating is going well. Weekends are usually harder for me, but I' m almost through today.

09-26-2011, 06:51 AM
Hey All! Happy Monday!

Busy weekend, went by too quick! Getting ready for am walk, then back to the grind! Will go to aquafit tonight after work, made some low point chili, and broccoli/cauliflower soup on the weekend, to have on hand for lunch.

Too many post to read right now!!! Very busy boards!!! Hope everyone is well and on track!!! Lets all have a great week!


09-26-2011, 09:13 AM
Good morning everyone and happy rainy Monday to you all! I only have a minute then I have to run to a meeting. This is my last week at work so I have lots going on. I will try and check back in later, have a great day all!

09-26-2011, 09:34 AM
Hi All,
Yesterday was another good day for me. I like the discipline I'm using to do my DVD on toning daily. Soon I will make sure I walk on the boardwalk or on my treadmill at least 3X weekly. It's been hot an dhumid here, so the boardwalking isn't a great option right now.
Glad to hear Terri's onto Aquafit and walking.
Princess, have a great last week at work.
Everybody, keep on keepin' on. We're doing great.

09-26-2011, 09:51 PM
Hey to everyone. I am just popping in. It has been a horrible week eating wise. I am just feeling really blah. I tried exercising and lets just say I did too much too soon, cause I was hurting. I am trying to get back on track tomorrow. Tomorrow is weigh in day so I will see how much damage I have done to myself.

Can't think of who mentioned Zumba but I use to do it and i had a blast. Really missing my gym membership right about now :(. Will check in tomorrow with yall.

09-26-2011, 11:12 PM
Hi there everyone was wondering if I could possibly join the Turtle Club.. I've joined online WW and yesterday I came across the 3fc site and today your heading.. I am doing the PP and at first I didn't know if it was working as I was thinking I was a member of the snails club but today in my 4th week I had a big loss finally ... I know next week will be lucky if anything as I'm feeling the cramping for TOM... I guess I just like to have somewhere that I can feel accountable to as well as a "good job" every now and then.. lol

with the fall weather I reintroduced myself to my treadmill and have tried to follow a Walk off the Weight (author Michelle Stanten) program.. it's been a challenge but I'm realizing it's only myself that stops me from trying.. this last Saturday I did the "long walk - at your own comfortable pace day they ask you to do and I did 2 hours or 7 miles.. didn't think I had it in me but found out with the tv on in front of me to get my mind off the I can't - I Did... thank God Sunday was my day of rest LOL..

If I am welcomed I would love to get in on TBL challenge to with hopefully 15 being my goal for Dec 12th as my weigh in days are Mondays..

as you can see I can be a talker so will try to keep that in check...thought I would share my fave snack right now.. 1/4 cup organic greek yogurt, 1 ff vanilla pudding.. stir together add some pumkin spice and a lovely fall mousse like treat...

Make it a great day!!

09-27-2011, 08:30 AM
Good morning ladies :) (i guess we're all ladies...i haven't noticed any guys here in our turtle group)

I just got in from my walk/jog with a friend this morning....Things are going ok for me....Sunday we had a dinner at church and so I ate all my weekly points already :( and some how I've managed to already eat all my 20 exercise points I earned from Saturday.....geez, I've got to get on track here.

I did well yesterday and plan to do well today. I've got to figure out where I'm messing up. I do like that I haven't really blown it per say. I have the points and they're there to eat although I hadn't planned to eat the exercise ones. I guess this week I'll experiment with eating them lol since I already have.

Taylorsjourney-that snack sounds yummy!! Welcome to our group :) I'm glad you've joined us. There is a lot of great support here and lots of great knowledge....

Itryharder-good job on your video :) It feels great to know you're doing what your body needs!

life4ever-it's a new day!!! Pick yourself up and dust off....you can do this!!

Hope everyone is doing well :) Can't wait to hear from you all!!

09-27-2011, 09:40 AM
Good Morning everyone and happy Tuesday to you all! Another rainy and chilly day here, the sun came out yesterday afternoon so when I got home from the farewell dinner with my boss I put my sneakers on a took the dogs to the park for a quick trip around.

I have another goodbye lunch today and again tomorrow - ugh - I appreciate the thought but they are killing me here. I am making the very best choices and getting in my exercise while staying pretty close within my daily calorie range. Yesterday I went over (by 250 calories) but it could have been so much worse - the resturant we went to is called Season's 52 and there is nothing over 450 calories in the menu, very cool concept and the food was great!

Judy: Great job on doing the DVD workout! I need to dig mine out and also my Wii fit stuff. I will need to really focus on every single thing I do starting next week because I am used to my work schedule and routine and without it I could be in big trouble if I don't get a grip on it from the very beginning.

Bandit: How are you doing on the challenge so far? Anything new happening up your way?

Cherry: How is this week going for you?

Lots2go: I would not stress over it really, just stay within your daily points until your new week starts and keep exercising and drinking your water and you should be ok.

Taylor: Welcome to our group! We are super glad that you are joining us! The challenge is going to be fun and Bandit started it to get us motivated again and it will ease us into the Holidays on a positive note.

Life: Today is a new day, just blow off yesterday and you will be fine!

Terri: Yep we have been busy here lately which is a very wonderful thing! How are you doing? Are things slowing down for you at all?

MrsD: How are you doing this week? Have you tried any new recipes lately?

I have to run but have a great day ladies!

09-27-2011, 11:02 AM
Hi everyone - boy we have been busy with all the posts, which is great!

Taylor - welcome to our group, am sure you will really love the ladies here.

Lots - good job on getting in your exercise.

Princess - Great you are staying on track with all your restaurant lunches,
that is always challenging. I'm doing OK - running around getting ready
to leave Thurs a.m. - had a nice pedicure last night & tonight have to get
my grass cut and do most of my packing, since I have Zumba tomorrow night.

Life - It was me who joined a 12 week Zumba class which started last week,
great workout & lots of fun.

Judy - so glad you are doing well, keep up the good work.

Terri - glad to see you posting again. Can you believe how great our weather has been? Nice job on preparing some low point meals to have on hand.

All - hope you are all doing well and that our challenge is helping everyone
stay on track, set some goals & make better choices.

Have a good one!

09-27-2011, 11:52 AM
Taylor - noticed you were also in Ontario, what city?
I am in Oshawa (which is just east of Toronto)

09-27-2011, 02:35 PM
Hi Turtles,
Special :welcome3: to Taylors. Very happy to have you here. We're a great group of gals (so far no guys have joined us) and we love to give support and tips to our buddies. I also know that when I'm off track, I've got kindly people to help me get back on track.

See you all at #264 Bale of Turtles Gearing Up!
We've gotten long in this thread because we're all chiming in. See you in our next thread.

09-27-2011, 05:30 PM
oh my gosh thank you so much for all the awesome welcomes.. I had a break in my work schedule today and I drove home and jumped on my treadmill - can you say YAHOOOO.... I have to head back now but just wanted to thank all of you for such a warm welcome and I am excited to be here...

bandit - I live in a small town with the closest big city being Windsor.. so we are give or take 4 hours apart.. LOL being where I live we see more of the American news (Detroit) then we do our own country..

thanks again Ladies - tomorrow is my day off so will catch up on some reading but today I've stayed on track, got my workout in - woot woot and am working on my water but not thinking it's going to happen LOL..