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09-17-2011, 09:22 PM
OK, AUNTY ~ here it is ... the fall Canadian thread; after all, fall is beautiful in Canada. From coast to coast -- all those beautiful colors of red, and orange, and gold ... one of my favorite times of year (no bugs)! :D

We've had some cooler temps here, but it was nice and :sunny: here the last two days; hope it continues for a while. We had to put our furnace on the other day; it's been about 40 F at night and early morning, which is a bit cold for here this time of year.

Some of my family will be here this week for a visit; my sister and her DH, and possibly one of my brothers. It will be a nice break for me too; to have them around and get away from all the unpacking and stuff.

Have a great weekend everyone ... Rosebud :flow2:

09-17-2011, 09:28 PM
So, how was my day for food ... did good for breakfast; lunch was great (had a bowl of vegetable beef soup and .5 slice of wg bread); snack was too carby, so I had a better dinner of hamburger steak and onions with a nice salad. Really workin' hard on remedying any mistakes; and trying to reign in the emotional eating. This site really helps me with all that.

Did lots of stuff this week; sorting and Unpacking. Overdid it a bit today; my back was aching a bit this am -- just reaching for something, so I took the rest of the day off to do just that ... rest! I'm on strike for the rest of the weekend too.

Time to go get some hot tea and read a book for the evening; wrap up in a warm blanky to keep warm too. Take good care and don't be a stranger, Ok? :)

09-19-2011, 10:03 AM
Hi Rosebud! Thanks for starting the new thread. I probably would have skipped fall though. LOL I am not expecting much fall. ;-) Well, so far I can't complain. September was nicer than July and August together.

Glad to hear you are doing well!!

I am still working away to drop those pounds before I visit my family over Christmas. Only a few months left but also getting closer to goal. :-)

Aunty?? Where are you? Any other Canadians left here? I miss tons of people from earlier this year. So sad to see people leave. Izzadawn? Laura G? I hope not all of them give up on losing weight.

Aunty Jam
09-19-2011, 01:02 PM
Hey all... I'm here, I'm here. I've just been outside since like you said, september has been nicer then july or august. It's been really quiet here all summer :(

I was doing a lot of running but this week it's going to be hard to get out. I'll squeeze in what I can.

09-23-2011, 05:39 PM
It is really nice up here right now too; we had the odd day of :rain: which is typical of our spring and falls here. Glad to see that our basement is staying totally dry; the new drain systems they installed are working perfectly. :carrot:

This week, they are promising :sunny: with summer-like temps (high 60's and low 70's) ... yeah! Yes, we may as well enjoy it all we can, even if we can't get in here as much.

We have company and so we are taking a vacation of sorts too; resting from moving (completely) and having some treats food-wise as well -- but I'm
trying to limit them and spread them out a bit. I made a nice turkey dinner last night; having leftovers tonight. Yum!

Havea lovely fall weekend ... Rosebud :flow2:

Aunty Jam
09-26-2011, 01:01 PM
Someone out there is playing a cruel joke on us!!! Yesterday was 32.5c!!!! Not only was it the hottest day of the year, it was the hottest day in the past 2 years! September 25, who wouldda thought???

My puppies and I are spending a lot of time down at the river... my young guy loves to fetch his ball out of the water. Theres a swift current but he's a good swimmer and I don't throw it to far. The only problem is that walking in my house now is like walking in a sand box! The sand gets just embedded into their fur and then drops off everywhere as they dry. Usually I try to leave them outside until they're dry and then rub them down but yesterday it was to hot. And they were extra sandy yesterday. It's a steep hill to get to the river and the dogs were standing on the slope, with the older one just below the young guy... the young one pounced on the older one and sent him rolling over down the hill. What a mess! For a while I had a black and grey dog instead of a black and white one. I've vacuumed 3 times and there's still sand on my floor LoL. But they have a blast and sleep after we're done so it's worth it.

Rose - Glad to hear you're staying dry!

How is everyone?

09-29-2011, 04:38 PM
:wave: We took a week off to rest while my sister & BIL were here for a holiday; we had a lot of fun playing games, watching movies, and chatting, of course. They treated us to a lot fun food like KFC and Chinese Food just before they left and a few Timmy's runs in the AM; that was generous of them. They bought us some house-warming gifts; saw we needed portable phones and a neato cordless floor/carpet sweeper too. It is so great for quick pick-ups around the house (like sand too); it helps make my daily chores a whole lot easier.

I baked a turkey while they were here; so we had our own early THANKSGIVING this year. Nice to have some family for that as well. Still have a bit of turkey left in the freezer for hot turkey or soup later on.

AUNTY JAM ~ talk about weather jokes being played on us; we have had in the 70's all this week and part of last week, but they are predicting down in the 20's and you-know-what for tomorrow ***** ... :eek:! Day temps of only 30/40's F ... :yikes: That means we'll have to put the furnace on early -- drats! Guess we got a little spoiled with this Indian Summer.

I'm trying to rest up a bit after moving; all that hard work always slows me down a bit and it takes me some time to recover. We are doing our chores in the AM so that I can rest in the afternoons and do things that we like then as well. Time for me to put up my legs and read a bit just before making dinner (wild pacific salmon, veggeis & rice tonight) -- that helps me a lot too.

Hope you all have a FAB FRIDAY ... :flow2:

10-03-2011, 09:52 PM
WELL, beautiful OCTOBER is upon us; and we didn't get that nasty weather they had predicted. While the temps have been cooler (in the 50's F), we have had lots of lovely :sunny: over the last few days -- still nice, fall weather. We are blessed indeed.

DH put up a permanent pulley clothesline for me today to take advantage of all this sunshine; the clothes smell so fresh after drying outdoors and saves $$$ by not having to use the dryer yet. We are really enjoying all the peace & quiet of our new home, and we're so glad that the birdies (esp all the doves) have found our big open feeder again ... :D

Hope you all have a wonderful month of October ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-07-2011, 03:46 PM
We are having more warm temps with lots of :sunny: the last four days -- today, it is in the mid-70's -- awesome baby! This feels more like summer than autumn ... more of that Indian Summer, I think! :D

Just did some shopping early this week, and stuff around the house today (hanging laundry out in that gorgeous sun). The eating is getting better after our wee holiday. We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and Bil while they were here, so maybe I'll just make a pumpkin pie & custard for me on Thanksgiving day with a chicken maybe???

Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING holiday weekend everyone; and hope you are all having nice weather wherever you are too ... :flow2:

10-09-2011, 08:17 PM


to all our fellow Canadians out there. The weather here has been amazing -- about 73 F here today; and supposed to be up to 77 F tomorrow: Thankgiving Day. What a blessing for us here! Hope you all have a good one with family & friends ... :D


Aunty Jam
10-12-2011, 12:48 PM
Hope everyone had a good turkey day :)

I hate to say it but enjoy the nice weather while it lasts... I heard it's supposed to be a colder then usual winter! The east of Canada is supposed to get more snow then usual too while the west is just supposed to be extra cold and miserable :( I am NOT looking forward to this! Cross your fingers my husband gets a starter into the truck we bought for me before it happens :(

10-12-2011, 08:59 PM
HI AUNTY ~ I sure do hope your DH puts a new starter in your new(er) truck before the real cold weather comes with the youknowwhat with it. ;) Well, they predicted really bad weather for us here for the last 2 weeks but we've had nothing but :sunny: and balmy temps in the 70's & 80's ... go figure ... :shrug:

We're lovin' it for sure. So, I'll continue to ^PRAY^ that they are wrong about this coming winter too. We couldn't really complain here becuz we had less bugs this year too; unless you went out to the bushy areas (they had lots of black flies). In town here was pretty good; if you go indoors just before sunset, you're OK -- becuz the skitters like to come out after dark (ya, just like the little vampires they are).:lol:

We've been doing little fix-its around our new place; and DH was trimming trees today -- making things look nice and neat for next year. He raked bags & bags of leaves up this week (not from our trees though, as most of ours are fir or pine trees; but from all the neighbours round about), but hey, it keeps him busy and out of trouble, right? Right ... ;)

I've just been busy doing my own stuff; spent all morning and part of this afternoon fixing things on my new laptop pc -- downloading the security program I bought. There was a glitch, so I had to find another way; it took a while though. Phew ...

Hope you all have a great week out there; indeedy, enjoy this great weather ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-12-2011, 09:26 PM
I am enjoying hearing about the fall colors. We get a little here but not like where you have the cold winters. I was born and raised in Minnesota so I am familiar with those beautiful leaves in the fall.One thing i miss is the smell of burning leaves in the fall. I don't suppose that is allowed anymore.

10-12-2011, 09:43 PM
Oh you made me soooo homesick... I live in Florida and I love it here. However, London Ont is my hometown and Fall was always my fav time of year... Oh how I miss that autumn chill in the air and the frost on the pumpkins... A deep red October sky.....Yes you are right... Fall is beautiful in Canada!

Aunty Jam
10-13-2011, 05:17 PM
Bargoo - If you have a fire pit you can still do that, my neighbor does and it is a wonderful smell. I've seen the fire department called and fines given for burning piles on the lawn.

GL - Bet you don't miss what comes after our beautiful fall! How long have you been in Florida? Can I come visit around Feb? ;)

Rose - Your new place sounds nice.. how much land do you have? We don't have many skeeters left here, just the odd one. It's about time for me to bring my grapes in... I can't believe they actually grew outside in our climate. This long stretch of nice weather has meant I was able to leave them on the vine to ripen.

Take care everyone :D

10-13-2011, 06:56 PM
BARGOO ~ Yes, we are surrounded by all those beautiful colors here -- yellow, orange, wine, and red. Our vines on our front porch turn a wine red and they are so pretty; our neighbours have some beautiful orange trees too, and of course, there are lots of yellow and burnt orange as well. I'm surprised that some of our stuff is still half green at this time; must be becuz of the nice weather. DH bagged the leaves he raked; I had suggested burning them, but guess he didn't want to. We don't have a fire pit here yet; will have to get after him for one, as we had one in the past and I loved it. I may call the town to inquire about the by-laws first though.

GETTINGLEAN ~ the colors are fab here right now; and the sunsets are pink and purple and orange -- so lovely. This is my favorite time of year too. You can sit outside and really enjoy the view.

AUNTY ~ We live in town and have a 2/3 size lot here with fir trees down the right side; so plenty of room for us (and not too much for DH to take care of). The fir trees make the back yard look like a cottage lot which is really nice. DH put our big feeder up back there beside the trees, and today we had 33 Rock Doves here; seems they called all their cousins & friends over for lunch ... :lol:

Dinner's ready (roast chicken & veggies); gotta go ... :D

Aunty Jam
10-17-2011, 06:27 PM
Sounds nice... I wish my husband would let me put up a bird feeder, he hates birds. Then again... so does our older dog, maybe it's a good thing I don't have one.

10-17-2011, 09:20 PM
I think our furry baby would chase them away too; but he is always on a rope lead here (it's a bylaw in our town). DH says when there are only a few, he pays no notice of them, but if they try to come near the house, he lunges at them until they either fly away or move back towards the feeder -- Dh gets upset about this, but I told him not to worry, as they won't come that close to him becuz they know he's there too. :lol:

We are going to hang up a smaller feeder near or in the trees for the smaller birds like the chickadees & sparrows; and that is much safer if you have pets too. We put the big feeder at the back of the lot away from the house, but we can still see them from the kitchen windows.

We had a teeny-weeny sprinkling of ***** this morning; not much though -- later on, the precip turned to :rain: or more of a drizzle really. The temps have gone down though (5-7 C today), so the furnace had to come on for a bit. We have been blessed with good weather overall this year though.

Have a great week ... Rosebud :flow2:

11-01-2011, 09:52 PM
We have been so blessed this month; really nice weather here. Yes, the temps are cooler but the streets are clear and our peony bushes still have some green leaves on them. It's November 1st and we had nice weather to go up town to do banking, pay bills, and get some groceries too.

Boy, this thread has been a bit bare this past month; everyone must be really busy out there. I bet you are taking advantage of the good weather; and we can't blame you. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween. We had one house on our street that had all kinds of flashing lights and such for the kids to go through to get to the house. You could hear them giggling & chattering all the down the street -- they had fun.

I had a really good month; been eating well for the whole month and that is very encouraging. Made some homemade soups and muffins for DH, and put some in the freezer for later on. I had bbq chicken and salad for dinner tonight; nice and healthy.

Hope our fellow Canadians are doing well out there; take good care ... Rosebud :flow2:

11-02-2011, 02:43 PM
Hi guys!
Rosebud!!! :wave:
Sorry for being so quiet lately. I am working hard on my slimming body ;-)
It is going well and I am still losing quite steadily even when I approach my initial goal quickly. I am so glad!!
We had a beautiful September and a great October (well until the 31st brought a bit of snow). Still hoping we can get to Christmas without any blizzards :-)

I have been working out a lot and actually enjoy it!! Woohoo! Saturday are my rest days and really tend to be restless days! I miss working out on Saturday. Who would have thought?!?

Anyways, I bought a bike in September and we only went out twice or so because it needs a tune up but I don't want to get that done before winter. So I packed it up for winter storage. But I went out and bought a stationary bike. I found that running is quite different to cycling and my legs are wimps ;-) So I am going to work on my biking muscles in the living room until spring.

Even when I enjoy working out now I still have to make sure my workout situation at home is fool proof! Otherwise I might slip! Noooo way! So there is lots of no excuse equipment at home now: treadmill, stationary bike, home gym and lots of free weights!

Phew, that's about it I think. Enough babbling...

Have a great day/week fellow Canadians!

Aunty Jam
11-03-2011, 01:01 PM
Hey everyone... :) Hope it's as nice for you as it is here for us. We're supposed to get up to 8c today.

Not much is new in my life... we only got 3 kids at our house. There used to be dozens in the neighborhood but not so much anymore.

Rose - there was a really done up house a few blocks from mine... had a hanging guy swinging and a skeleton stiring a pot, lights, sounds, props, the whole 9 yards. I was so bummed out I didn't do much this year, normally I love it but just couldn't do it.

Josey - Is it different muscles used for cycling? I think maybe you use the muscles in the tops of your legs for cycling and more of the muscles in the back for running. Just my thought, but that could be why it was harder. I really need to do something to improve the muscle in the front of my legs, I really don't want to cycle though! LoL

11-03-2011, 01:09 PM
Hi Aunty!!!

Nice to hear from you!

We had lovely weather but now they forecast 5cm [bleep] tomorrow!!! :yikes:

Yeah, cycling uses different muscles.
If you really want to work your legs and not cycle try squats and lunges. They are killer exercises!

11-03-2011, 03:08 PM
I took this picture on my way home from work two days ago: 991868_n.jpg

Fall in Vancouver is very different from other parts of the country... we have starkly green grass under layers of dead leaves. All the rain we get keeps the grass lush and green. I've had years where there has been lush green grass underneath snow! :D

11-04-2011, 09:33 PM
WOW, RAINE ~ that picture is big & beautiful; and it's amazing that you got it to post on this site. I can only get in little ones. Our street looked similar to that in early October; I tried to take a picture of our vines that had turned a lovely wine red color, but my camera had lines in it. May have to get a new one for Christmas --- oh, shucks! :lol:

JOSEY ~ we don't have any of the white stuff yet ... yahoo! :carrot: Had only one sprinkle this month but the :sunny: melted it right away and we haven't had any since. We've had cooler temps but lovely :sunny: all this week. Good work on the weight-loss and exercising. DH has set up my rowing machine in the livingroom, but it will be moved in here soon, where it is more handy & out of the way.

AUNTY ~ we didn't do the Halloween/candy thing this year either; we were just too tuckered out from moving and unpacking. We did it for the last 3 years at the old place. Yes, that house (so close we can see it from here)had pumpkin men and such hanging from the trees too; but they kept it light as lots of the kiddies coming were very young (esp their own grandchildren).

So needless to say, I didn't eat any junk this year, becuz we didn't buy any ... :D Actually, my eating went very well in October and I am very glad of that; as we did splurge a bit one week (holiday) in September. The colder weather is harder on my knees and legs, but hopefully they will get used to soon. It makes them stiff, so I feel like the TIN MAN from OZ ... ;)

With all this nice weather and :sunny:, I was still able to hang clothes outside this week. I love how they smell, and it saves $$$ too. We are lovin' our new home; so nice & peaceful here. We've had mega birds here this week; and the numbers seem to be increasing -- probably becuz of the good weather. I think they forgot to migrate this year. :lol:

I picked up a whole box of books to read for the winter; and I have already read some this week. I curl up under my cozy "plush" fleece blankies to keep warm too ... ah, it's like heaven to me!

Hope you all have a great month with lots of nice weather, like we are having here ... Rosebud :flow2:

Aunty Jam
11-08-2011, 05:23 PM
Hey everyone... hope you're all having a good november.

Love the picture Raine... our grass isn't nearly so nice, we haven't had much rain at all. I'm not complaining... it rained for the entire first half of the summer.

Our local humane society has a parrot up for adoption... I very briefly and not all all seriously considered it. I would love to have one but I'm sure parrots and border collies just don't mix. Plus it would probably try to eat my fish. I miss the bird I used to look after for my neighbor... mean little bugger that she was.

Well.. finally got the scale moving in the right direction again and trying to keep it that way. Not happy with the time change :( Now it's way to dark when I get off work to even think about taking the pups to the off leash area.

Did you hear that couple with 19 kids is now expecting # 20?!?!?!?!?!??!?! Insane!!!!!!!!!

11-09-2011, 09:21 PM
:wave:AUNTY ~ do you think they are trying for some kind of record? It does seem to be getting them lots of attention. I know lots of Catholic families up here that had dozens & dozens of kids. One friend of DH's had 22+ kids in his family. His mom was just a small thing, but she must have been very strong ...

My grandfather had a bird that talked (maybe a budgie, not sure; he was green in color); he taught him a few swear words similar to what you said. ;) You know, he had my grandfather's voice exactly; you couldn't hardly tell them apart ...

:coolsnow: We had some ***** late this afternoon, but it is melting already; the precip turned to a light drizzle after dinner so it will be gone soon. We still have some green grass out there, but I did notice today that it is starting to turn yellow in many places (the same with our peony bushes this week as well).

We are putting stuff away for the winter; and we put some big mats down on the front porch entranceway for grip using carpet tacks. I think I'll work on my insulated curtain liners tomorrow. We had the lowest hydro bill we've ever had; sure hope we can keep that up with our new house. I do expect it to go up for the winter though becuz it takes hydro to run the furnace, but we had that at the last place too. I think the last place was a good run-through for us (practice run, I mean) as these places are similar in size.

I think Dh is going to bed already; says he is too tired to watch his movie. Well, he was very busy today -- he went up town twice and then washed the kitchen ceiling for me today while I did other stuff (laundry, bills, floors). My sister & her hubby bought this neato batttery carpet sweeper for me -- I can go through this place with one hand in about 5-10 minutes. DH said he was laughing as he was watching me, becuz I was going so fast. I said, "Laugh away ... I love it!" GOD bless the guy/gal who invented that gadget ... :D

:snowglo: I think that sums up our day today; the big fluffy flakes were very pretty though. Hope you all have a good week; take care ... Rosebud :brr:

11-10-2011, 01:07 PM
I think Canada has some of the nicest weather in the Fall. I visited a few years back and it was absolutely gorgeous!

11-16-2011, 09:15 PM
:snowglo: Well, while it technically may still be fall ... it seemed like the start to winter here today. First, we had hail ... ya, hail; then we had some :sunny: which melted that. Around noon, clouds rolled in and we got some big, fat, fluffy ***** flakes for about 5-10 minutes. Then the :sunny: came out again & that disappeared. Just before dinner, the ***** started again for some time (a half hour or so?), and left some on the ground this time.

DH keeps saying ... it's winter; then -- oh no, it's not; over & over. I get to giggle ... :lol: The snow is still here; so we'll see what happens tomorrow. I think the weather has been interesting this year; can't really predict anything.

Eating is going well this week. Did some light housechores & bills today; plus a bit more sorting & re-arranging. Dh says he can't find anymore boxes in the basement for me. Yeah ... :carrot:

Now I can concentrate on the livingroom; and Christmas lights & stuff for next week. Have a good one ... Rosebud :brr:

Aunty Jam
11-22-2011, 01:06 PM
Holy carp...... 5" of **** in one day!!! Add to that -30c after the wind chill and you have an entire city of people hiding out LoL. We're thawing out now, it is currently 1c :) but we really froze our butts off for a while.

I would have loved to teach that parrot to call my dogs.... would have driven them nuts! ;) Some day I'll have a bird... maybe.

Have you guys started your shopping? I managed to sneak in a gift for my husband hahah... we got him a GPS he can use while 4x4ing and hunting, hopefully he loves it.

Rose - Glad to hear you've run out of boxes! Do you put up lights inside or out or both?

Lose - Thanks :) We like it up here in fall too.

11-24-2011, 09:21 PM
Hi Gals,
Mind if I join in. It's been over a year since I posted last. I just got back to 3fc and remembered this Canadian thread.

Big snowstorm in St. John's today but scarcely a flake where I live. DS and DIL had the day off as they are both teachers and schools were closed. The weather has been hovering just below or about the 0 mark on the thermometre most of the week and it's been cold at night. We have a wood furnace that blows out heat all day long if we keep it stoked. It gets too hot for me though so I let it go out--a constant battle with DH not to put too much wood in the furnace. lol.

Got some Christmas baking done and a few gifts bought but not much else.

Good to be back. TTYL

11-27-2011, 12:34 PM
:welcome: BACK, RETIREDONE ~ glad you came back and remembered us over here. We used to heat with wood too; and I did many times even when I was single. Our last wood stove burned hot. We lived in a small cottage at the time and often I had to open our door to cool things down -- thankfully, we had a porch out there to stop the wind. Huh, huh ... been there, done that ... but now we have a gas forced air furnace; so my wood cutting, hauling, and filling days are o'er ... yahoo ... :D

:wave: AUNTY ~ ya, those were cold temps -- is the snow still there? Ours melted but we got a good dump all day yesterday but it is melting a bit as we speak; DH says it is heavy, wet, yucky snow.

This year, I am hanging lights just indoors around the windows so you can see them both inside & out, but we do have a Nativity Creche that we are putting on the front deck. There are some porch lights out there, so we'll put one of those on too (the one in front of the creche). You can see it during the day, and the one light should brighten it up for the night time.

I haven't done any Christmas shopping at all; but I do have some xtra gifts that I picked up at the boxing week sales last year, so I do have some little ones to start with at least. I was making up my list this past week; and having trouble thinking of gifts for my parents -- they have everything many times over ...

We are so blessed in this country -- I count my new PC as my gift to myself for my last birthday (Oct). I don't really need much myself; I really just want stuff for my house, so maybe I'll go that route. My sister says that she thinks my camera card needs formatting; and may be what is causing the lines, so I will check that out before I buy a new one.

DH just wants more tools -- he wants a small compressor that plugs in to regular hydro, so we'll see what we can find. No surprise for him there though; I can never surprise him becuz he's always there when I buy things for him anyways ... :shrug:

Hope you are all having a great weekend; take care ... :brr:

11-28-2011, 03:37 AM
Hey Fellow Canadians.. I haven't posted on this thread in ages, but glad to see familiar and new names. :)

Rosebud, great to see you starting this thread for fall. Fall was absolutely gorgeous in the Ottawa valley this year. I had a chance to do some hiking in the Gatineau hills and take in all the gorgeous colours. When I spent so many years teaching abroad, I always missed the fall/winter.
We had one snowfall , but it is all gone now. The 10+ weather has been great these last few days! I haven't started Xmas shopping either, rosebud. Don't feel behind. :)
I've been working slowly, but surely on losing weight and getting under that dreaded 200 mark. 86 pounds lost is amazing, Rosebud! Inspirational!

Raine, I love that pic! I may post one I took a month or so ago just to get more colour on the thread. :)

Welcome Retiredone! :)

AuntyJam, good to see you? How's the running going? And your dogs are well?


11-29-2011, 04:30 PM
:welcome: BACK to you too, JOJO ~ Ya, I think that fall is almost over really; but technically (according to the calendars), I think winter starts on or about December 21st. Here we have a little snow, and the temps are just below freezing today (-1 C).

WE still have lots of time to get a few gifts yet; will tackle that when I get to the stores, I think. We will be having friends over at Christmas (not sure how many yet though), but I think I'm gonna try to keep it simple this year, and make something not so traditional, since we just had turkey at Thanksgiving. I'm tossing around the idea of ribs & wings or a roast of some kind for this year; but I have lots of time to decide yet.

We put up some big red bows on our porch, and we have our large candles that will go on each side of the door, sor far. The tree is up here, but just have to decorate it yet (it already has the lights on it). Since it is only about 4-5' tall, we store it with the lights on; and we put it on a round pine table that DH made many years ago (that's what's really nice about having a big basement now).

THANKS, I'm still tackling the inches, sizes, and weight too; I have increased my toning exercises, esp with the winter on it's way, as I don't get out as much in the winter. Our new house is long so I walk back & forth several times a day; hope that helps a bit. I am doing my hand weights 3 times a week now that I found them again. I got lots of exercise packing, moving, and unpacking, and sorting over this summer & fall.

My eating is going really well this year; I seem to be in a good groove. I didn't buy any Halloween candy, so I didn't eat any. I am gonna use the same strategy at Christmas too; I don't bake a pile of stuff anymore (only a dessert for that day). I made a crustless pumpkin custard that DH says he likes just as well as the regular. Last year, I put out only few snacks like nuts, crackers, olives, cheezes, shortbread, etc. Most was eaten up; and the rest, we gave away. Plan to do a similar thing this year; as this helped me a lot.

Have a great day everyone ... :D

11-30-2011, 09:47 PM
Hi Jo. Glad to meet you. We were in Ottawa the week before Thanksgiving. DS was one of the recipients of the Prime Ministers Award for Teaching Excellence. We really enjoyed the visit. We stayed at the Residence Inn Marriot on Laurier Avenue. We could walk almost everywhere we wanted to go.

Rosebud, DH does all the chopping and hauling of wood. We buy it already cut in furnace length pieces but it has to be stacked, split, etc. You know what I mean, for sure. Sometimes I help in the spring or fall but usually he does most of it. Our furnace is a wood/oil forced air but oil is so expensive we only use it if we will be out of town for more than a day.

I have about half the gifts bought. And like you, Rosebud, I cannot surprise DH with a gift. He usually brings me the Canadian Tire flyer and points out what he wants me to buy, sigh...

I usually don't put up the tree and decoration until mid December and I like to keep it up until January 6 which is called Old Christmas Day in Newfoundland. Getting DH to put lights up outside is a yearly chore. He keeps saying it's too early. One of these years he's going to skip it altogether, because he'll be so late getting them up. We only put a string of lights around the front and back decks. You'd think it was an all day procedure. lol.

Today our weather was very nice. Tomorrow should be a warm and balmy 10 degrees. Monday it snowed and turned to rain and last week it seldom got above 0. I'll take the double digits any day.

Take care.

11-30-2011, 11:13 PM
HI ISABELLA ~ wow, that trip to Ottawa sounded like fun; congrats to your DS winning that teacher's award too. DH seems very eager for Christmas this year; he's been hauling stuff upstairs all week. He repaired & stained the Nativity Creche on the weekend too. Yes, he likes to get out the Canadian Tire flyers; and he's always showing me stuff in them too. I think he wants to make sure he gets something he really wants ... ;)

DH set the tree up (it's fake, but people think it's a real pine); and I put the lovely skirt around it. We got the lights going, then DH started fooling around with the fuse box and blew one set out, so tomorrow we are gonna have to spend some time finding some burnt fuses and the burnt bulb in that section: fun, fun, fun ... :rolleyes:

THe temps dropped a bit today, but we had some lovely :sunny: for most of the day, and that was really nice. Resting my feet tonight as I was on them a lot today. Have a great week everyone ... :)

12-01-2011, 12:41 PM
Rosebud, we have a fake tree, too. I'd never go back to a real one with all the needles falling by the end of the Christmas season. I love the thought and the smell of a real one but, no...

12-02-2011, 03:13 AM
Rosebud: Congrats on the new house and the move! Sounds like nice decorating that you are doing around the house. My tree is about that size, maybe smaller. I'll put that up this Sunday. I'm also going to my parents to help them put the tree up which is always so fun. My niece lives with my mom and we are tight (age 9). That's good that you have cut down on the unhealthy stuff and are eating better snacks. It is hard around Xmas to stay away from all the good stuff..hehe. I need to really watch this year what I eat as I have too many goals to reach. Did you get anymore snow yet? We have none here.

Isabella: What an honour that your husband received from one teacher to another. The residence Inn Marriott is a great place to stay. :)
It seems like you are getting the weather we had last week (above normal). It is getting closer to freezing now. Decorating is so much fun. I like to put my tree up soon and take it all come early January.

12-02-2011, 07:15 PM
Jo, it was my son who received the award, but it was still a great honour. Thank you.

12-05-2011, 08:44 PM
:snowglo: HEY ... well, we had some ***** fall over the weekend; lots of big, fluffy flakes and the trees were covered, but it kinda looks nice really. They still look like big, white Christmas trees out there, with the wet snow that froze to their limbs. It was a lot of shovelling for DH, but a nice, young fella around the corner, came over and pushed away all the big mounds at the end of the laneway for him (GOD bless him). :D

Another neighbour helped him bring up the Nativity Creche to the front porch on Saturday, so that's all set up now too. Turns out the lights on the tree were not blown after all, they just got loosened a bit with the power surge. Phewee ... :D

Now, I just want to get the mini-lights around the windows; that should look nice, I think. We have to take DH to the docs tomorrow and may get a bit more shopping in, if we have time. I did manage to buy some gifts last Friday when we went up town; so I'm almost there (just a few more left to do yet). DH just found my box of Christmas Cards, so I may get to send some out this year after all.

Just did light house chores and laundry today. I had steak and mushroom-veggie medley for dinner tonight -- I made DH a pork chop with his tators & veggies, which he prefers over steak. Managed to make it all in one skillet too ... :)

:tree: Have a wonderful week everyone, and keep warm out there ... Rosebud ... :brr:

12-13-2011, 08:38 PM
:wreath: Well, we have a little more ***** ... not a whole lot, but the trees are still nicely decorated with the fluffy stuff. We have some lights up here in my haven window; looks very pretty. The neighbours are following suit ... :lol:

The temps are bit warmer so far this week; gotta take advantage as they are predicting they plummet on the weekend, but I am trusting that they will be mistaken once again ... ;)

Had homemade soup for dinner tonight; vegetable with dumplings ... yum.

Time to go put my legs up and do some puzzles and reading; maybe a nice Christmas novel ... yes, that sounds good!

:tree: Have a great week everyone; and keep warm ... :brr: