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09-13-2011, 10:15 PM
Hi Everyone! I'm sure this has been posted several times and I apologize in advance! I've been considering getting put on this.. My dr said they would give it to me no problem after I have a thyroid test , etc. I am worried though.. I have a few concerns...

1) If you're losing weight this fast will my skin be loose?
2) Is the weight going to come back as soon as I get off the medicine?
3) How often do you work out?
4) Do you sleep at night?

I have tried cutting back on calories, working out more, and even Oxy elite pro (but that was hard for me to follow) I just need a boost. I have about 40 pounds to lose before I'm considered "normal" (UGH I HATE THAT WORD) and I just want it to be gone. We are going to try to conceive baby number 2 when I get back to "NORMAL" (EW) My husband is super supportive of whatever I choose. He says I look just fine ( ;) ) but I need to do it for me. I have been SUPER depressed and it's depressing haha But any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

(also if this is one of the topics not allowed i'm sorry in advance for breaking the rules)

09-19-2011, 04:41 PM
I took Adipex for about 4 months a few years ago. I really liked it and I feel that it really worked BUT it's a pretty dangerous stimulant. I have high blood pressure which I blame on myself and my use of stimulants in high school - mainly ephedrine.
for me, the risk far outweighs the benefits. Another scary thing about adipex to me is that I couldn't find a doctor that would prescribe it. I live in Ohio and I talked to all of my doctors and they all refused to prescribe saying that it was dangerous and could lead to many other issues. I finally found a "clinic" in Kentucky that would examine up to 20 patients at a time, they took our BP and then wrote a script, but you could only get the script filled at their pharmacy...pretty shady I know, but I was really wanting to drop the weight.
I can say I lost quite a bit of weight (15 pounds or so) but I was so jittery all of the time that it's just wasn't worth it anymore.

09-20-2011, 09:34 PM
I have a few friends on it. One has dropped 26 pounds in two months, one has dropped 100 pounds in just under a year and my third friend was only on it for one month and dropped 17 pounds. I'm just worried about having saggy skin. I know You need to work out and tone for that.. but I'm just worried I won't have enough time with the weight dropping like that. I've also had concerns about it coming back so fast after I stop

10-04-2011, 01:36 PM
I dont agree with any pill for weight loss, once you loose the weight you will go off of it and if you havent trained your mind and lifestyle to eat right and be fit, you will put the weight back on.