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09-12-2011, 10:42 AM
Hello! My name is Kristina. Sorry for the pseudo dramatic entrance! ;) I wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to 3FC. I suppose I could be labeled here as many things, I'm a SBDer, PCOSer, Mama and 20 Something (at least for the next year!) but I feel this is where I can truly let my hair down and be the freak that I am... lol.

As for my alternative lifestyle, I suppose I deviate from the norm. I am mama to two beautiful daughters. My oldest is Ani Rose who is 8 and youngest is Aerilyn Gael who is 14 months. I'm a bit of a hippie yet not. I guess the oddest thing about me is that I practice attachment parenting techniques including co sleeping and elimination communication (my youngest has used the potty since 10wks old). Musically I love 60s and on basically of rock. My favorite Pandora station is grunge. I also dig some harder rock, jazz and electronic music. I like a lot of Tim Burton movies, my favorite being of course The Nightmare Before Christmas Religiously speaking I'm a transcendentalist Buddhist, Pagan, Christian. ;) I don't label my religion really. I believe what I feel is closest to my heart and understanding. I don't think any 2 people could really religiously be exactly the same completely. I'm more spiritual than religious. Hobby wise I like to do henna, crochet, paint, computer gaming and occasionally poetry. IRL I play a nurse lol. I'm a pediatric nurse. My husband works for a company that has him in Hawaii atm (I know poor guy). Hopefully, I'll be out to visit him soon!

I'm happy to be around others who think outside the box. Thanks for having me! :carrot:

09-12-2011, 10:58 AM
Welcome to 3FC and to the Alternachicks section!

We're maybe all off the beaten path (or just a bit off :dizzy:), but we're still aiming to lose weight and be a bit healthier :yes:

Stick around. Post. Participate. We can lend a hand and help each other stay to our plans for healthier living!