Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc - anyone do Jenny or Nutrasystem on Coumadin?

09-12-2011, 10:37 AM
My husband is going to try one of these programs (or Seattle Sutton), but has been on coumadin for 10 years. Has anyone had any experience with either of these diets screwing up their INR levels? Is one or the other heavy on dark leafy greens (spinach, asparagus, kale, etc)?

I'm so excited -- he's been my #1 WW killer, always buying torpedo foods (we have a huge thing of cinnabons that man just bought at Costco, and so far I haven't touched it). I'm thinking if he can do a proscribed meal plan, that will make MY weight loss easier. :)

09-27-2011, 01:33 AM
I don't know personally about if they are or not but I know on the nutrisystem page you can look at nutritional information/ingredients. I'd do as much looking into the ingredients as I could if I were you. I think it's a great idea, though! I was on coumadin for 2 years and luckily for me I dislike most high vitamin K foods (though not so lucky for me trying to eat healthier now!).

I like the term torpedo foods! My dad is the exact same way with my mom. Any time she'd mention watching what she eats he'd get doughnuts or some other junk food. Though now he's having to worry about his weight as he ages he does it a lot less which has made it TONS easier for my mom to lose weight.

Good luck with the research and let us know what you find out - I'd be interested in that information as I still try and keep my vitamin k intake down while still eating healthy.