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09-11-2011, 12:24 PM
Hey all,
I know this is not a forum for medical advice, but I was wondering if anyone had good tips for which exercises are best for osteoporosis prevention. I have a strong family history of osteoporosis/osteopenia. I know that I should be doing "weight bearing exercise" but what exactly counts? Swimming no, elliptical no? Running yes, walking maybe no? I do some high-impact aerobics and light weight training as part of my Jillian Michaels routines, would that be working to build bone mass as well?

Thanks! :sklol:

09-11-2011, 01:23 PM
I have osteoporosis and I do low impact water aerobics which are considered weight bearing according to my trainer, I do weights, I walk because running is hard on the knees, I do water zumba but a zumba class if you are able is a fun way to exercise and get weight bearing in. In addition, be sure to get in 3 dairy servings. Have your calcium and vitamin D levels checked by your doctor because D has been found to be critical to the absorption of calcium. Eat dark greens. So far I've escaped fractures but the disk in my back are compressing and I've lost 3 inches in height and developed a S-curve in my spine. Start light on the weights and gradually add more. My trainer has me work on a weight until I can do 2 sets of 8-12 repetitions with the last 4 reps being really hard for me to do. When they become easy, I increase the weight. And finally, family history does play a part so be sure to get bone screenings so you catch it early if it should develop.

09-11-2011, 02:34 PM
I had osteopenia, but no longer! I began running 3 days a week. I was about 190 lbs so I went very, very slow but worked my way up to 5 miles in 1 hr 7 min. (only once a year race for the 5 miles) Usually only did 2 miles each day. My vitamin D level was way low so I began taking a supplement. After two years, I no longer has oseopenia in my hips.

I was a heavy weight lifter most of my life, but had concentrated mostly on my upper body since my legs were naturally muscular. I think that may be why I have good upper body bone density.

You can do it! Just go slow so you don't quit. My knees hurt when I started but I kept increasing very slowly and the knee pain has never come back.

Good luck!! People thought I was crazy to run that slow, kind of like what's the point, but it worked. Sign yourself up for a race and if you end up walking most of it so be it. It will give you motivation. I'm recovering from an injury right now, but hope to be back out there running soon.

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09-11-2011, 02:42 PM
Be wary of too much caffeine. I have heard that contributes to the problem as well.

09-12-2011, 09:40 AM
A good whole body weight bearing routine is very important... If at all possible get a trainer learn a routine... If you can't afford one on a regular basis get one to do a routine for you, then show you how ad every 4-6 weeks change it up... Good luck...