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09-09-2011, 10:06 AM
Ok so I bought the plan that the la weight loss site suggested I buy. Plan #2 which is red. I received my book and my diaries. Question though my book says I need 2.5 proteins, 4 veggies, 3 fruits, 3 starches, 1 dairy, and 1 fat with 2 diary says I need 3 proteins, 2 veggies, 2 fruits, 2 starches, 1 dairy, 1 fats 2 lites. what do I do? both diary and book are red. I'm so very confused. I used to be on the purple and gold plans years ago. I'm 32, 5'3", 166 pounds, zero exercise. I read through some forums to find me an answer but none. :?: