Mini-Goals - a collection of NSVs from a newbie!

09-02-2011, 07:26 PM
i started my diet (calorie counting) and exercise regime with a bootcamp 11 days ago - a mixture of running, weights, ab work, spinning, plate and boxercise. i lost next to nothing (0.8kg) compare to some, partially due to the fact that my body freaked out when i started exercising (probably the weights) and promptly put on 5lb. lost that and a little more this week, but let's just say it was unfortunate personally that i was weighed today.


i put on 0.2 inches on my bust (woe) and lost nothing on my hips, but lost...

1.5 inch from a single arm
2.5 inch from a single thigh
3.8 inches from my tummy
1.2 inches on my waist

and 5.5% body fat.

and i have burgeoning muscles in my arms, so i've just ordered some weights.

i start dance classes next week and i'm going to get myself to bodypump and maybe bodycombat too...let's see where i am in another 2 weeks! :D