WW Clubs and Groups - #262 Bale of Turtles Saying Good Bye to Summer

09-02-2011, 07:14 PM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtles Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techniques we have learned from experience to keep us on track. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
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09-02-2011, 07:15 PM
Hi All,
We had gotten long. Here's a new thread and plenty of room to write all your good tips and ideas on losing and keeping weight off.
We rock!
234.6/194.8/180's and thinner :cool:

09-02-2011, 10:20 PM
Thanks Judy for starting this post again!

I can't believe we are in September, wow where does the time go?

I was doing better with my motivation and counting points but got sidetracked with my not feeling well and spending 4 hours in the ER today. I hope to be feeling better soon. Of course when I feel depressed or ill, I comfort myself with food, not good I know. I'm working on changing that. I'm going to hopefully get back on track with counting my points tomorrow. Even though the doc says I can get back to full activity, I don't feel up to it, will take it one thing at a time.

Hoping you are all well.

09-04-2011, 10:20 PM
Seabiscuit- Sorry to hear you ended up in the Emergency Room. I know how hard it is not to comfort yourself with food. I find myself in the same boat.:hug:

Judy, Terri, life4evr, Bandit, and Princess- Hope you all are having a great weekend. We actually had some fall like weather this morning.

I am struggling with my depression lately and it is wreaking(sp?) havoc on my weightloss program. Sometimes I just want to shake myself and say what is wrong with you, Why can't you pull it together?:?::( Sorry for the little bit of a downer post. Monday is a new day and a new week. We can do this!:carrot:

09-04-2011, 11:17 PM
Hi CherryAutumn-

It's good to let yourself vent, don't beat yourself up!

Thanks for the kind words. I am feeling ok, still not 100%.

You're right, Monday is the start of a new week. Let's make it a great one ;)

I'm sorry you are depressed. I have bipolar and I get depressed sometimes too. What can you do to take care of yourself without food?

Take care,


09-05-2011, 10:34 AM
Hi Turtles,
Busy weekend, but not as busy as I expected. One dd and dsil came on Saturday and we BBQ'd. At last I am beginning to see the wisdom in the idea that "it's the people, not the food." They arrived starving and my dh BBQ'd burgers and dogs. I had made two salads and baked beans and oven roasted potatoes. They all had a normal amount of food and this was right before five o'clock. they left at midnight and although I offered more food
they didn't need any. I simply made coffee and tea and we sipped beverages and chatted and had a lovely time. I even offered to make brownies at one point because I felt like I should be getting them something----old habits are hard to break. My dd laughed and said, "Mom, do you think we're Dylan (my grandson)". So we laughed, stayed on our more restricted eating plan and had a lovely day. I'm not saying it was easy, but it was doable. I think I'm getting the idea that to be thinner I'll have to be hungry now and then and I need to have myself on an eating plan of food just about every two hours----not much of anything, but something to look forward to.
Sunday was a lovely day too. My other daughter and her son swung by and my dh went out for Wendy's for them, while I ate something I had in the house. I feel wonderful because it looks like I may have lost 1# this week. I'll know on Wed.

Seabiscuit, I'm sorry you ended up in the ER. I'm glad they could give you help. Depression is a kicker----How about a light box or you get out into the sun 30minutes a day. Would that help? Other people have had luck with putting activity slips into a bowl and as the pull of depression starts coming to the edge, they know they need to do something even if they don't feel like it. Take a walk. I like to read books and crochet. I like to play card games on the computer. I like to write. Not easy to do any of these things if you're exhausted, and sometimes a nap helps. I'm sending you :goodvibes: because what I know is that eating when you're not hungry but because you need an emotional lift usually backfires.

Cherry, you have done great. Right now stand up tall and pat yourself on the back. You've lost so much weight and have inspired me to try another program while still attending WW mtgs. Please know I respect you so much for looking until you found something that works! We do what we think, so maybe now you could "think" I can do this. I am doing this. I will continue to do this because nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. Good luck! :grouphug:

Bandit, Princess, Terri and Life4evr, hope you're all having a good weekend. Looks like the rain they predicted for all weekend will finally arrive today. I don't know if our kids will come today or not. It'll be fine just to spend the day with my dh because he starts his semester again this week.
You all take care. Be well and happy.
I'm feeling so much better that I grabbed the bull by the horns and wrestled it to the ground because I was close to hitting the 200# mark again and now I'm much closer to 190# than 200# Yay! :goodscale:
234.6/194.8/180's and thinner for now :cool:

09-06-2011, 08:52 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday to you all! Eating this weekend was not what I had hoped but I have my meals packed and with me for the day so I will chug along and get thru the day.

I have not been feeling well myself lately and feel like I am turning to food way too much, will have to work on that.

I am running behind today so I need to get moving but will try and post to each of you later or tomorrow.


09-06-2011, 09:51 AM
Hi Turtles,
Princess, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Thanks for posting. Here's a :cheer: to let you know how much we love you.

Yesterday worked out fine for me. Both of our daughters, one husband, and one grandson showed up around three o'clock. They were only with us for a tiny bit, had an early BBQ (late lunch) and left around six o'clock. It was still a nice time. I had watermelon and a WW style cole slaw while they had lunch since I had eaten my lunch earlier. Worked out fine.

All goes well here. A town truck just came and removed all the hurricane debris of brances and limbs from the street and things look so much better.
My son was telling me about a small town upstate that became an "island" since all the bridges leading into the town were washed away. It was so weird because the town wasn't in a flood zone.

Okay, gotta start my day. You all have a good one!
234.6/194.8/180's and thinner :cool:

09-07-2011, 08:08 AM
Hey All! Welcome Fall Cooler weather up here!

Great weekend very busy, did many things, was in control (mostly!) , over ate as usual, but pretty good choices. Lots of walking so hopefully it balanced out.
Walking buddy is on an early shift this week due to anothers vacation so next week back to the walking, and the Y programs start so will be back at aquafit.

Judy we have seen the flooding on the news it is unbelievable!

Princess take some time for yourself you will get back on track!

All have a great week! lets keep on track together!!!


09-07-2011, 08:53 AM
Good morning everyone... just a quick fly by to say hello and it is official, I am coming down with something, last night I started with a sore throat and stuffy head and this morning it is worse so I have picked up something along the way and am not feeling well... will post when I can but have a good week and I will catch up with you all when I am feeling better.

09-07-2011, 10:44 AM
Morning everyone. Hope you feel better Princess. So today was weigh in day. I gained a 0.1# which is ironic to me. I think I am going to put that on those salty chips I had last night. So I have a list of errands I need to get done today, so hopefully I make it.

The weather is nice here today. We had a tornado warning I think yesterday. The weather was pretty nasty.

09-07-2011, 12:27 PM
Princess, get some good rest and feel better soon.
Life4evr, up0.1# is miniscule----have a great on program day.
JUst back from my WW's meeting. Lost 2#. This new program is working for me. Yay.

Chat later. Running for an eye exam with my dh.
234.6/192.8/180's and thinner :cool:

09-07-2011, 12:39 PM
Hi turtles:

Everyone has been so busy posting which is super.

Princess - hope you are better soon, not nice being sick.

Judy - You are rocking! Great job! I think I missed your post about a new plan? Tell me more.

All - congrats to everyone who has been losing weight.

As for myself, enjoyed my holiday & now have to get back on track.
Have my weigh in tomorrow & scale will be way up for sure. Even though
I was careful most days, there were quite a few times that one thing led to another & ended up being very high days. And as we all know, it sure doesn't take much of that for the weigh to creep right back on.

So goal this week is to get to my Tops meeting & face the scale, stay OP
and drink lots of extra water.

Good luck, everyone!

09-07-2011, 10:11 PM
Hi Turtles,
Bandit, simply-------I thought I was working WW really well, tracking, figuring out points plus, eating when hungry, etc. etc. and I wasn't losing any weight. Got frustrated when I actually put on 7# since Feb. True, I didn't walk on the boardwalk this summer and exercise was minimal. Long story short-----I was afraid I'd hit 200# again and not be able to stop, so I signed up at another franchise center here on Long Island. I buy their food and although I was hungry the first week, I'm getting used to that. I've lost the top fluffy weight and expect to lose between 1 and 2 pounds/week. That's what I was talking about. I am keeping my WW membership because I want to be in the community of my WW friends. It is worth the 40$ /month for me to do that. I don't know how long I will do this, nor do I know how fast any weight might come back. I'm trying to stay focused on the moment and not be concerned about what else might be. I've got about 3 pounds to lose to be in the 180's which had been my summer goal. I will reach that goal------it just may be a little later than summer to do that.

Wishing everyone a great night. You are wonderful support. I told two of my closest WW friends what I am doing. One said I need to do what works for me----don't worry about WW. And for now that's what I'm doing. Good luck to all of us however we get there!
234.6/192.8/180's and thinner :cool:

09-08-2011, 12:43 AM
@Judy as long as it is working for you no worries. I am taking a break from cleaning/packing/putting away clothes. I really need to go through my closet. Since my weight has fluctuated for the past several years i have everything in my closet from like an 18-24.

So I have successfully managed to stay on plan with my eating all day and actually track it. Which is major for me. Also I decided not to join a gym again just yet. It's not really in my budget right now. I live near a park and my neighborhood is a decent size. My student memebership is what put the gym within in my price range and since I am not a student currently its a little too much right now. Hope everyone has a goodnight.

09-08-2011, 10:43 AM
Morning, turtles:

Judy - Thanks for the info & you are doing great. I find doing same things too long puts us in a position to plateau & stall with our efforts. We all need
to change things up either with our menus or exercise, so good for you for putting that into action.

Life - Great you stayed OP and tracking. I find journalling EVERYTHING really helps although by the end of the day sometimes it isn't pretty, but being
accountable is key.

Been on track this week but really not looking forward to scales tonight.
I will definately be up from my last weigh in which was almost a month ago.
But our leader sent us email this a.m. which was motivating and basically
sets us for "New season - let get back on track" which I need.
I find the support from meetings as well as from all you gals very helpful,

Good luck everyone!

09-08-2011, 12:06 PM
Hi Turtles,
Life4evr, weigh to go on tracking. :bravo: I hear you about increased gym costs and the student connection. What I love is that my library has millions of DVD tapes for exercise, etc. and my Netflix streaming has the same thing. I need to get back into regular walking now that the weather has broken.

Bandit, good luck at the WI. My WW mtg. was almost a "welcome back" kind of meeting. Lots of people who hadn't been there over the summer were back. You've done great this summer and always know what you need to do to stay on track. Good for you! A new start is the way to go. Thanks for the endorsement about my leaving WW plan for a bit. I know it will be the way to go for maintenance, but right now I needed a much bigger help and more restrictive menu than I had been allowing myself. I've broken the plateau already and now I can't wait to get into the 180's.

You guys have been with me every step of the way and I really appreciate all the support and help you've been -----especially on those days when I wanted to throw in the towel.

Onward and Downward. We're doing this.

Princess, hope you're feeling better.
:cheer: and :cheers: and :carrot: to Terri, Cherry, and Seabiscuit. We are great !
234.6/193/180's and thinner :cool:

09-08-2011, 02:41 PM
Hi - just got in a 2 mile walk at lunch!

09-08-2011, 04:18 PM
Bandit! Weigh to go! :tread:

Dh and I are back from errands. We got in 1 1/2miles on the boardwalk. Gorgeous weather here.
We're doing this!

09-09-2011, 10:44 AM
Hi all, just a quick stop by... I am super sick with this cold and getting ready to pack it in for the day and head home to bed. Did not go to TOPS last night was just too sick, i did get on the scale though and was so ashamed of the number that I saw... ugh, I really need to get it together! But for now it is home to bed. Have a good weekend all!

09-09-2011, 11:58 AM
Princess, feel better. Get some good rest and we'll see you on Monday.
All Turtles,
Chime in when you can. I've got a challenge tonight. I'll be eating off program, so I'll have to watch the amounts. I'm hosting friends in for dinner tonight. I've selected food that I can have. I'm trying a zucchini/watermelon salad. I'll let you know if it's a wash or a keeper. Wish me luck!!!!!
234.6/193/180's and thinner :cool:

09-09-2011, 06:58 PM
Hope everyone had a good day. Well I didn't do so hot today. I haven't really tracked. Tends to happen when I am not eating regualr meals. I woke up feeling sick so I wasn't hungry by the time I made it out and running my errands I was starving. So it wasn't pretty in the grocery store. I am coming down with some respiratory stuff. Well one day of tracking and one day of not tracking. Seems to be the bad habit I need to break. Hope everyone has a good weekend. One of my cousin's wedding is tomorrow. Then we are off to FL for like a week. So I probably wont be around much next week.

09-10-2011, 12:03 AM
Sending you :goodvibes: for you week away, Life4evr. Glad you tracked for part of the week. You can do this!
234.6/192.8/180's and thinner :cool:

09-12-2011, 09:39 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Monday to you all. Finally starting to feel better, got a bit of rest this weekend so that helped. I hope that everyone has a great week!

09-12-2011, 10:40 AM
good to hear you're feeling better Princess.
:goodvibes: to all of us and :bravo: for following a program. We can do this!
234.6/192.8/180's and thinner :cool:

09-12-2011, 03:01 PM
Hi turtles:

Princesss - glad you are feeling better!

Life - have a great holiday.

Judy - how's it going with you?

Well, as expected I was up at my meeting Thurs = 2#
so hoping to drop that quickly. Had a great weekend - went to my dd
in Tor & got my hair done & stayed overnight which was fun. Got in lots
of walking which was good for me.

Gorgeous day up here today but apparently they are calling for rain tomorrow.
Oh well, enjoying the sun while it lasts.

Hope we all have a great week!~

09-12-2011, 07:52 PM
Bandit, 2# up isn't bad. Look at your overall weight loss. Weigh to go!

I'm doing okay. It looks like I haven't lost anything this week which is always disappointing and makes me want to eat. I know that's wacky, so I'm trying really hard not to eat.

:goodscale: to us all!
234.6/192.8/180's and thinner :cool:

09-13-2011, 08:50 AM
Ugh, I just had this huge post done and lost it all! Will try this again!

Things are chugging along here for me, did some yard work and gardening last night along with a couple of laps around the park with the dogs, they loved that!

I have not been to W/I for two weeks now but expect to get there this week so we will see how it goes. The scale is still way up but that is expected so will keep working at it!

Cherry: How are you doing?

Terri: How are things up your way?

Judy: Totally understand how you feel... I hope your week improves and that you are able to find a happy place and have a loss this week.

Bandit: I agree with Judy, you have done so well that 2 lbs will come off quickly but I also understand how you feel, a gain is a gain and never fun! I am reading a book right now "The Winter Sea" by Susanna Kearsley and it is very good!

Life: How are you doing?

All: I know I am forgetting some and I am sorry about that! I hope that everyone has a great day!

09-13-2011, 03:57 PM
always good to hear from you, Princess. We can do this!
234.6/192.8/180's and thinner :cool:

09-14-2011, 09:08 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday to you all. It is a very pretty and cool morning here in Indiana today, rain heading our way but we need it and hopefully it will help to give us a pretty fall this year. Last year we were so dry that everything just died and we had little to no color at all on the trees for the Autumn.

Hard to believe that there is Christmas stuff in the stores already, wow, where did this year go!?!? The holidays will be very low key for us this year, the DGS will be too little to really understand what is going on so we will let his mom and dad tell us what to get for him (basically what they need LOL) and with me taking some time off from work we will keep the rest very low budget.

Got a little bit more work done in the veggie garden last night, I have two tomato plants and one green pepper plant that are still doing well enough to leave them for now but the rest were either done for the season or just not producing healthy produce so they all got pulled.

I have started making a list of things that I want to get done while I am off from work, things around the house, etc. so that I have a minor game plan in place to keep me busy and hopefully out of the kitchen as much as possible. And also am ordering up some books from the library to have on hand, there are some that have quiet a long waiting line so as they become available I will have something to read along with my Christmas knitting that I am way behind on.

Got on the scale this morning and it is starting to go down a bit, but to be honest I am counting calories instead of points this week to see if that will help. I love WW but have not really loved the new points + plan as much as I thought I would and I obviously was just not working the plan correctly because it was not pulling me in like the old plan did. I dug out my biggest loser books to see if I can find some new recipe and lunch ideas that are healthy and lower calories.

DH and I got our results back from the heart scan... not sure if I mentioned this or not so I apologize if I am repeating myself... mine was a 2.78 which is ok... DH was 102.0 which the people that did the scan said was not to aweful bad but once the results were sent to our doctors office they called DH right away to set up an appointment... we both have physicals set up for the end of next month but they wanted him in sooner. He goes in tomorrow so we are anxious to see what the doctor is going to say about that... I hope that the number is something that can be lowered but it is a calcium score in the heart so I am not sure how they treat it but I am sure he will be told to lose weight, quit smoking, and get his butt up and moving... none of which is a bad thing and may be the wake up call that is needed. We will see.

Ok, I have rambled on long enough, hope everyone has a great day and I will post a recipe or two if I get a chance.

09-14-2011, 09:54 AM
Morning, turtles:

We get same weather lots of times as Princess, so has been nice lately.
Have been OP this week, so feel good about that & have been sorting
my room in basement & last night got my front yard grass cut & hedge trimmed. ALways stuff to do when you have a house.

Princess - glad to hear the scale is going down & I agree about the calorie counting, I have been doing that as well as bascially following the original
flex plan - I never did like the idea of "free foods". Hope everyting goes well with our hubby.

Weigh in tomorrow & hoping for to be down abit this week. Also, I joined
a zumba classs which starts Sept 21 & runs for 12 weeks, so that will keep me busy Wed evenings - think I will really like it since I like to dance.

Judy - Hope you are not giving into temptations but I know how you feel when the scale isn't going down but we know giving up & having extras doesn't help

All - hope you all have a good week at the scales.

Getting time for the fall recipes - I love casseroles type things, so maybe cook up something yummy this weekend but point friendly!

09-14-2011, 06:43 PM
Hi Turtles,
A big :bravo: to all the gals: Seabiscuit, Terri, Life4evr, and Cherry----would love to hear from you when you get a chance.

Princess, glad you've got a list going for your time off. I like all the things you've got in mind. It will be nice not to have to wake up quite so early. As far as your dh, I hope the doctor is able to suggest changes that will benefit your dh. Sending :goodvibes: to both of you and your family.

Bandit, yeah, we've got pretty weather here too. It's getting dark earlier just like it does every year, so I'll have to get my light box up and running on those days I don't get to the boardwalk. I've gotten there three times this week and it feels good. Thanks for the reminder about temptations. No one said this would be easy and I have to be a grownup and do without special foods even when the scale isn't budging. Thanks! Glad you're having a good week. that 35# weight loss is looking mighty good. WEigh to go! I gave up on POInts Plus because I was fooling around with too many zero point foods. The zero point plus for fruit (in my opinion) was set in place to help those gals who were eating a lot of 100cal. pkg. snacks. They figured since both the snack and the fruit were each one point, they'd prefer the snack. Well, I never really ate snacks like that. I had a VitaTop, some popcorn, and low cal bread and that was it. Come along Points Plus. I lost 5# the first week, 1# the second and then yo-yoed for forever. I like doing this prepackaged food thing and it's also counting calories. I figure I'm staying on track and eating about 1450-1500cal/day. Good luck to us all!
I do believe if something just isn't working, you've got to try something else!!! I think WW's will be excellent for maintenance. Now I've got to work hard to get there.

I had a small loss at my WI this morning. I was hoping for more since I walked on the boardwalk, but it is what it is. I lost 0.4# this week. That's not very encouraging. On the other hand, I am less than three pounds away from breaking into the 180's. That will be magnificent!!!!!

Talk to you all soon. Have a great day and keep on keepin' on! I'm going to go drink some water. Lol!
234.6/192.4/180's and thinner :cool:

09-15-2011, 09:09 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Thursday to you all! I have my W/I tonight, the scale at home is up and down so it is hard to say what the final result will be tonight... will just wait and see. I have been writing down every single thing and counting calories like crazy so hopefully something will give and I will be back on track.

I did the yard work earlier this week so I am thinking that for my last chance work out I will take the dogs to the park after work today and get a few laps in before I head to my TOPS meeting.

Glad the week is coming to an end and looking foward to the weekend, they are calling for low temps and sunny skies which is wonderful bike riding weather and I will get my tires pumped up and get moving even if I have to go alone, it will be nice to get out and about in the fresh air.

Judy: Good job on the .4! That is still a loss and getting you where you need to go so a huge kudo's to you! I totally agree with you about the Points + Plan, it was just not working for me, and in all fairness I could have tried harder but the counting calories seems to be going ok for now and it is new so it hopefully will keep me motivated and on the right track.

Bandit: Good luck tonight at W/I, I hope that you have a nice loss! Starting a new book today - "Home Before Dark" by Susan Wiggs - will let you know how I like it here once I get into it.

life: How are you doing?

Terri: Any plans to go to the lake this weekend?

Cherry: How are you doing on your nutri-system? Sounds like you and Judy are doing very similiar plans now.

Seabiscut: How are you doing? Hope things are going better for you!

09-15-2011, 11:57 AM
I was stuck basically at the same weight for 5 weeks and was getting frustrated. So what I am doing now is a mix of NS and WW. I am using the pattern of eating from NS that they use for flex and some of their foods and using the point system from Weight Watchers and it is working. I have been On Points since Saturday and the have seen the scale go down .4 already during my TOM so I am excited for next weeks weigh in.:carrot:

09-15-2011, 04:47 PM
Hi turtles:

Judy - congrats on your weight loss this week, anything down at the scales
is great!

Princess - Glad you are back on track & good luck tonight.

Cherry - glad to see you chiming in and congrats on your weight loss.

Last night I had a tuna burger for supper which was different for me & was
very tasty. I also had mashed cauliflower with cream cheese which I really like - just to change up the veggies.

So I also have my weigh in tonight - so hope that goes well.

Anyone make a new recipes lately?

09-16-2011, 09:38 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Friday to you all! Very chilly here this morning, I was tempted to turn the heat on last night in the house because it was supper chilly but tossed a second blanket on the bed instead and that was enough. I did have the heat on in the car this morning on my way in though LOL.

Last night I got a quick walk in at the park with the dogs, did a few things around the house and then headed to my meeting and W/I which I walked to for a change, it is just down the street from where I live so I thought well I may as well just walk since it is such a nice evening. When I left the meeting at 8:00 PM it was very cold out so I walked home pretty quickly :D. W/I went pretty well, I was down 1.2 lbs which is nothing great but I will take it, have a long way to go so will keep my mind in the game and my eye on the prize and keep at it. The calorie counting is working for me right now... good grief it sure makes you think hard when something is kind of high and ask yourself if you really want it. Sometimes the fiber and protein amounts would keep the points down and I am not sure we always realize just how many actual calories we consume in a day.

DH went to the doctor yesterday and it is like we thought, he needs to lose weight, quit smoking and get moving with a regular exercise routine. Now it is up to him to decide and figure it all out. I am here for him but like we have all talked about before, I can not do it for him but am eager for a partner myself so I hope that he takes it seriously and we can work on it all together.

Bandit: I have not done anything new lately but am ready to try some new dishes so am going to pull my recipes books out this weekend, if anything looks good I will post next week - thinking it is time for slow cooker recipes! So when do you do your seasonal close up of the trailer and all that?

Cherry: Sounds like you have come up with something that works for you and that is wonderful! Have a great weekend.

Judy: How are you doing? Any plans for the weekend? I was thinking about you the other night at knitting class because we were talking about mystery parties and how much fun it would be to have one or go to one. We are thinking about attending a girls weekend up in Michigan that is part knitting, part mystery party, and party shopping or other girly stuff... sounds fun to me!

I have to run but have a great day everyone!

09-16-2011, 12:53 PM
Happy Friday, turtles:

Chilly but sunny so still good weather which is nice.

Princess - congrats on your weight loss, going in the right direction.
I "turtled" last night - was expecting a drop since I stayed OP still Mon but
probably did some damage last weekend, anyway was glad not to be up.
My trailer park officially closes Thanksgiving weekend, so I still have up to
mid Oct to get it cleaned out (just fridge/freezer has to be done that weekend) other stuff in cupboards can stay abit.

So today my dd is coming home for the weekend, she has some things planned with her friends that still live here so will nice & she brings her
cat which is company as well. We are having a big salad & pasta dinner tonight & my ex will come over as well.

Judy - how you doing?

All - hope you all lost weight this week!

09-16-2011, 03:13 PM
Bandit: A turtle is not too bad but I know how you feel when you did well thru out the week but it does not show on the scale. BTW, I saw Bridesmaids last weekend... have you watched that move yet? If so, what did you think?

09-17-2011, 11:18 AM
Hi Turtles,
My dh and I are back from Atlantic City. It's about 4 hours from us. We like to go a couple of times a year. This time I was determined to have fun and eat very wisely. We had a great time. It seemed like I couldn't lose! Of course I came home down $40 but it was so much fun it was well worth it.
For some reason a casino there comps us which is a riot because we bet so little, but I'm happy they do so. I brought all kinds of foods I thought would help. I tend to like to hit the vending machine at hotels and I know I can't do that. I brought apples and snack bars and a bag of portioned out pretzels. They all helped. I was able to eat a breakfast at home. At a service stop I had a Whopper Jr. no mayo and for dinner at the casino I had a couple of eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast and coffee. You know what? It worked. Looks like I didn't gain while I was there. Now to get some exercise today by going apple picking. That will be really fun since we're going with daughter and grandson.

Princess, I'm glad you're down :goodscale: You're letting your body know you're ready to do something different. Keep on tracking and more weight will give up this week. :bravo: :balloons:

Bandit, it sounds like you should have lost some weight, so I'm sending :goodvibes: for a :goodscale: this week. You are doing the right things, so the weight will start to drop.

Cherry, so glad you're seeing a loss. It seems like you're working out a plan to incorporate NS into WW and that's a very good idea. Whatever works, right?

Terri, how are you doing? Enjoying this beautiful weather? :tread:
Life4evr, how are your shifts going? :goodvibes:
Seabiscuit, let us know how you're doing. We've got lots of support here and all pull for each other. :grouphug:

All goes well here. Princess, I'd love to know if you and your knitting group decide to do a murder mystery party. I know you'll like it. The games are available online and in Barnes and Noble, etc.

Okay, Bandit, enjoy your trailer while the weather is still good.
Everybody have a nice weekend.
234.6/192.4/180's and thinner :cool:

09-18-2011, 12:29 PM
Hi turtles - gorgeous day up here today, loving the sunshine!

Princess - yes, I seen Bridesmaids twice & really enjoyed it, thought it was very funny & I really like the bigger girl in it - you know I keep forgetting her name since I still think of her as Sookie from one of my favorite shows
Gilmore Girls & now she is in Mike & Molly which I really like as well.

Busy weekend but good. Spent time with dd & her cat Willow, which is always nice & our pasta evening was a nice change. Had a few extras
which I didn't need - so hard on the weekends. And my Zumba classses
start this Wed so looking forward to that.

Judy - I love going to the casinos, that is always a fun outting even if you don't win. Good job on the preplanning for being away from home, so easy
just to really go overboard when in those situations.

All - hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

09-18-2011, 06:47 PM
new here....sort of lol....
I've been a member of 3fc for a long time, and lost some weight here a few years ago. I've unfortunately not lost any in a really long time. I've got my workouts in check and my water, but my food choices were terrible. I felt like i had no accountability so I wasn't careful at all. So last friday I rejoined WW after probably 10-12 years. I'm really excited and hoping this is the answer I needed. I'm thankful to find an active group of women to talk to and keep up with :) super excited to get to know you all!!

09-18-2011, 07:26 PM
lots2go- Welcome! This is a good group with lots of advice and encouragement. I am 28 yrs. old and in Dec. will be married for 8 years. I have three little ones ages 6,4, and 2 that keep me very busy. Hope to get to know you.

09-18-2011, 09:20 PM
lots2go- Welcome! This is a good group with lots of advice and encouragement. I am 28 yrs. old and in Dec. will be married for 8 years. I have three little ones ages 6,4, and 2 that keep me very busy. Hope to get to know you.

wow, that's totally my story! I'm 31 and I have 4 who are 2, 4, 6, and 8 and I've been married 10 years :) are you having any more babies??

09-19-2011, 08:12 AM
Hey All Hope you are all well!

Been so busy, work is crazy trying to get back to business, have been walking with friend in the am 3-4 days a week for 1 hour, aquafit starts tonight, so going to try that 2 or so x a week. Pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder that took forever to get better it was so awful!!! I was miserable! So here I am..

A big welcome to lots2go, a great group of gals here!!!!About me- I am 43, live in Ontario Canada, work as a nurse/receptionist for a very busy family doctor, and most importantly have been happily married for almost 20 years, and have 2 great sons. I have about the same weight as you to lose, I think though I have kissed the 130's goodbye and would be very happy in the 140's!!! But it is certainly acheivable for you as you are still very young!!!!! I am trying to exercise and eat less!!! Keeping it simple, I follow weight watchers basics but am not a registered member at this time.

Haven't had time to catch up on everyones posts but hope you are all doing great!!!


09-19-2011, 10:20 AM
Hi Turtles,
:welcome3: lots2go. You sound like me only ages ago. I'm the oldest gal here at www.3fatchicks.com turtles. I am a retired school teacher living on Long Island, NY. My husband and I have been married for 45 years. We have three married children and three grandchildren. I like to read, crochet, and stay on top of my weight loss efforts. I love this group and have been with it since about 2001. I love your attitude and know you're going to do well. We offer advice and support when we're strong, and when we need advice and support we get it from the other gals

Terri, good to hear from you. Glad you're getting exercise in. Hope your neck heals quickly.

Things are going pretty well here. I still need to get in more exercise. Have to get out my DVD on toning since that used to work well. Dh sleeps much later than I do and our :tread: is near our bedroom and it makes too much noise. In this brisk weather we'll walk on the boardwalk for almost 2miles, but as the weather gets cold, I'll need an indoor activity.

Okay, gotta run----got lots to do today.
Good to have lots2go join us. Cherry, good to hear from you too.
SEabiscuit, give a shoutout to say hi.
Life4evr, have a good day.
We're thinking about all of you.
234.6/192/180's and thinner :cool:

09-19-2011, 11:51 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Monday to you all! The weekend was ok but I ate too many calories each day... I will keep trying to improve. Rainy here today, very gloomy outside, it would have been a great day to just stay home and curl up with my knitting or a good book :D

Lots2go: Welcome! Very glad to have you with us. I turn 49 at the end of this week, have two adult boys and a wonderful grandson that was just born this year and this is my first grandbaby so he is very spoiled. I am a project coordinator and mostly do consulting work these days and am getting ready to take a little time off starting at the end of this month. I have gained and lost a lot of weight over the years, was very close to goal weight but I blew out a disk in my neck a few years ago and gained most of my weight back so I am back on the wagon again, struggling most days but I am here until i get it right. I live in Indiana now, moved here from the east coast in the mid 90's and have been here ever since. Again, welcome to our group!

Bandit: Sounds like you had a good weekend with your daughter, very happy that you enjoyed your time together, it sounds like you two have a wonderful relationship! I enjoyed that movie too, thought that the maid of honor was a bit sad, she just could not seem to catch a break LOL, but DH and I enjoyed it. We watched one on TV over the weekend "Here After" with Matt Damon, that was a slow moving movie and not a very exciting one but it was not terrible either.

Judy: We used to go to AC all the time when I was a young adult, it was only about 2 hours from us so we would head over there on weekends. What fun that you and your DH got to go and great job with packing your food and planning ahead!

Cherry; How was your weekend?

Terri: Glad to see you back online and glad that you are feeling better, I hate the pulled muscles! Wonderful that you and your walking partner and getting back into the swing of it!

Life: How are you doing?

Seabiscuit: Hope you are doing well, stop by and post when you can!

Have a great day all!

09-19-2011, 12:36 PM
wow, that's totally my story! I'm 31 and I have 4 who are 2, 4, 6, and 8 and I've been married 10 years :) are you having any more babies??

I still dream of having another girl because I have 1 girl and 2 boys but I think mentally these three are all I can handle. That is neat that we are so close in age and have kids the same age.

Hello to all the other turtles. Hope this is a great day for everyone. Keep tracking, get in your water, and keep on keepin' on.

09-19-2011, 12:51 PM
Welcome Lots2go - great group here, hop right in!

So is anyone/everyone ready for a new season of Biggest Loser (starts tomorrow) Maybe we should have our own challenge starting with them,
anyone iinterested?

09-19-2011, 02:37 PM
Thanks for all the warm welcomes :)

bandit2--I'm very interested in a little challenge! I need all the motivation I can get lol

Cherry--I've got 2 and 2. I knew I wanted 4 and that I wanted them before I was 30. After number 3 I lost about 45 pounds and was at pre-wedding weight! It was really hard to go ahead and get pg with number 4 knowing all that hard work would be shot....and it was :( so here I am, where I started after number 3. I was afraid though that if I didn't do it I would regret it....so I figured...if I did it once, I could do it again :) so here I am lol...

itryharder--wow 45 years!! That's HUGE in today's society :) congratulations! I'm planning to be there one day!

terri-sounds like you're busy busy!

I did boot camp this morning. I do it Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 45 minutes each time. and then on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I run. I'm actually training for my first 1/2 marathon. I started running in April and although I NEVER thought I'd say this...I actually have grown to like it. I'm not a summer girl, and this summer was particularly hot here in Oklahoma. Record heat in fact, so running this summer was tough, something I didn't like in weather I hated! Thankfully though it's cooling off and getting more bearable.
I've done good so far today with my eating, and have already had all my water for today! So excited about that :) Now, just 8 more hours till bedtime, I can do it!! lol, have a great Monday!!

09-19-2011, 02:47 PM
Just a question....
What are some of your staple items? What do you always have in your fridge/pantry that help keep your points down. Other than fruits and veggies. I went grocery shopping yesterday and wasn't really sure what to buy, i took my calculator and figured points, and got lots of fruit and veggies. but i know there are secrets out there that i don't know yet :) thanks!

09-19-2011, 02:53 PM
Bandit: I am up for a challenge! What are we going to do, any suggestions?

09-19-2011, 11:47 PM
Hi. I am back from Fl it was nice. Even though I think I gained weight. I just haven't had the energy to weigh in yet. I made it to the pool. It was good. So yeah trying to get back on track. Not looking so good right now. Hope everyone is well.

09-20-2011, 06:55 AM
Bandit haven't ever watched Biggest Loser but what he heck!!!! We can use a fall challenge. What are the rules/challenges?

I went to Aquafit last night, great instructor!!! Getting ready to go for morning walk before getting reay for work. Overate yesterday, too much sugar!!!! Will be better today, need more water.

Lets get at it!!!


09-20-2011, 09:39 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday to you all! Cloudy, foggy day here after a very rainy one yesterday, but dryer cooler temps are on the way according to the weather man.

I snacked too much last night, just way over tired I think and I was just not smart enough to go to bed! today is a new day though and we are chugging along.

Bandit: So what is the plan for our challenge? I will try and tune into TBL tonight, should be fun to watch!

I hope everyone is doing well, have a great day all!

09-20-2011, 09:46 AM
Good Tuesday Morning!!!

Hope everyone is off to a great start! I did well with my eating yesterday :) I stayed within my daily points! Thats the first time I've done it. Trying to make a plan for today. It's tough, I'm almost scared to eat, afraid I'll end up having too many in the morning and none left for dinner :( Looks like a banana and apple are in my near future ;) Have a great day! Can't wait to hear how everyone is doing!

09-20-2011, 10:03 AM
Morning, turtles:

Glad to see you all posting here. Maybe for our challenge we would make
ourselves accountable for: keep food journal, get in exercise 3x/week,
try 1 new meal/recipe per week within our points/calorie range, drink our water and give/receive inspiratoin from our members (which we already do)
Any suggestions from you guys would be great. I just thought since BL was
starting it would give us all a kick in the butt to get going again. I know
I have slacked off towards end of summer. New season - lets get it done.

Nice & sunny today!

09-20-2011, 12:38 PM
Hi Turtles,
Bandit, I'll set my DVR to Biggest Loser. Haven't watched in several seasons, but knowing you're doing it and we're all in this together sounds like a great idea!
I love your challenge. I'm adding another small goal for myself. Between now the end of this season's Biggest Loser, I will be down 4#. Love the exercise idea and the other challenges you sent. Count me in! And by the way, my butt is still smarting from the kick you sent to get us starting. Thanks!
Gotta run----dh is coming down the stairs and I'm leaving to go to book club in 20-minutes, so I'll sign off now. When I get a minute, I'll start a new thread. Good to have this site hopping!
234.6/192/180's and thinner :cool:

09-20-2011, 01:14 PM
Lots2go- You asked about staples we use other than fruits and vegetables. Well i like the Whole Wheat Thin buns, also F.F cottage cheese, and Laughing Cow or WW cheese wedges. I also like the Morning star Black bean burgers and Veggie burgers. It just depends what you like. Also with cold weather coming I like light soups in several different brands.

Life4evr- Good to see ya back.

To everyone else I have missed. I see you are working on a challenge. Not sure if I am up to it or not but I will see. Hope everyone is doing good.

09-20-2011, 03:31 PM
Hi Gals,
I'm home. I'll start a new thread. See you all at #263 Bale of Turtles Facing a Challenge.