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09-02-2011, 03:31 AM
Apart from one slip this week when my godfather took me and my mum out for a meal, my weight has not only gone up by a lb but is refusing to shift, no matter what I do.

The days calories came to 2000 in total, and I had spinach and ricotta tortellini in a tomato sauce, a slice of garlic bread, 4 of my mums chips, 2 glasses of red wine, and then we shared a small eton mess for dessert. Since tuesday I've stuck to my calorie limit rigidly, with no slips at all and I have been exercising religiously. Normally I have one or 2 slips during my diet and the weight still falls off me.

Its not TOM, as that ended a week ago and I've already lost all the water weight. It could be the fact that I had a lot more carbs than usual? I also had a sandwich for lunch, I normally only have a high fibre cereal for breakfast, then tend to avoid things like bread, pasta and potatos the rest of the day.

Any ideas? Its a bit depressing that the scale seems to be refusing to move, when I've had more slips than this in some weeks and the weight has dropped off.

09-02-2011, 03:42 AM
Read the sticky about water weight.

Calories dictate fat loss or gain. Weight on the scale is dictated by a large variety of factors many of which we cannot control.


Don't focus on the scale. Focus on sticking to your plan and trust that your body is not defying the laws of physics.

09-02-2011, 03:45 AM
Its even more frustrating because this is my first gain since I restarted my diet in the middle of June. Apart from one week where I stayed the same I've lost weight consistently since then.

I also have a new target I want to have lost another 12-16lbs by October 30th (My birthday) this is not a good start!

Don't worry, this hiccup is just making me even more determined to get the weight off. I do not like to be beaten :)