Momentum / Flex - Hello and more info (pretty please with splenda on top)

09-01-2011, 09:22 PM
Hello there!

I was a long time low carber who gained bunch of weight after a hard couple of years. I tried to go back on low carb this Spring but ended up in the hospital with kidney stones... DH and I really need to get healthy and he wanted us to do Weight Watchers. A family member who is a cardiologist told him it's really the best way. I don't want to discourage him so I am embracing - been back to biting and writing since Monday

I had materials from when I tried WW briefly years ago (Winning Points and Flex) and after doing my research I don't really want to try the new Points Plus Plan.

Can anyone tell me what the differences between Flex and Momentum are? Also looking for anyone to share good online sources for old point counts

09-01-2011, 09:47 PM
Flex and Momentum are pretty much the same thing. Momentum was the overall program. Flex was counting Points. Whereas Core was eating only foods off a certain list and listening to hunger signals.

There's certainly nothing wrong with sticking to the old program if that's what you want, but I have to wonder why you're not even going to try the new program first.

There really are plenty of people who are losing weight quite successfully on PointsPlus. I do suggest going to meetings for a while to hear about the plan if you're at all curious.

Best of wishes to you and your husband on getting healthier!