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09-01-2011, 02:23 PM
Here is a place where you can put down your daily plans, intentions, menu, exercises, have accountability and more!

Come on in, we are a friendly bunch! (Seriously, feel free to join in!)

09-01-2011, 02:26 PM
Morning guys. I slept better last night, I kept waking up but went back to sleep each time.

Hubby and I had a heart to heart last night. We've both regained weight this past month so we need to get back on track, and make better choices.

09-01-2011, 02:40 PM
Happy to report I'm back on the straight & narrow LOL The past few days I've been somewhere else in my mind, and ate the following yesterday:

breakfast - coffee & muffin from Tim Hortons
Lu: 2 (that's TWO) junior chicken sandwiches & diet coke from McDonalds
Snack: 2 brownies
2nd Snack: Dairy Queen ice cream cone
Dinner: Pizza and greek salad
3rd Snack: 2 more brownies
4th Snack: 4 (that's right, FOUR) Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
5th Snack: 2 nectarines

WOW lol, what was that about??? hahaha I know what it was, I wan't paying attention and went on auto-pilot for the day and ignored my rational brain!

Br: oatmeal, cup of tea, a pear
Lu: ham & swiss on brown crusty bread, veggie soup
Dinner: grilled chicken, quinoa & veggies

09-01-2011, 04:15 PM
:hug: Trazey!! I went into auto pilot myself lastnight and just kept grazing. That was after I posted on the accountability thread. It happens to us all from time to time but it sounds like you are really back on track today!!

Patch: Dont worry sweety, at least you and hubby caught it and didn't ignore it. I think you are doing wonderful and are still on the right track. :hug:

09-01-2011, 04:25 PM
Folks....yesterday was a struggle. BUT - I woke up today in a better frame of mind for eating well and having food sanity.

I must think of a strategy for the day after having gotten through a difficult time and not eating. And later... as a result - having a 'let down' in my reserve. Hmmm... I need to think of things to write on a card.
It might include:
-Having gotten through a vacation eating healthfully isn't a green light for overeating when it's over.
- I will 'undo' all the good I've done by overeating after a heathy food vacation.
- Imagine how badly you feel, ultimately, after over eating .
- This is your life - move forward instead of backwords.

My goals today:
plan/measure/write down food - later log into food tracker
lots of water - I will mentally count to ten after each bite. It should help today.
taste the food
eat seated only
no seconds

I can't believe it September. College football starts tomorrow. I love watching on TV or at the stadium.

Have a great day.

09-01-2011, 10:08 PM
I have done A LOT better today than yesterday. I made a pot roast for dinner with a lot of yummy veggies. So this is what I had today:

B: my regular Breakfast Burrito
L: Apple and carrot sticks with 2 TBSP of ranch
D: 3 oz pot roast w/ carrots, onions, and potatoes. I did not make a cream gravy out of the broth. I just added some of the broth on the veggies for extra flavor. It was gooooood.

This long weekend poses as a challenge for me. My sis-in-law has a birthday and we are going to be cooking out at my MIL house. In true southern tradition there are going to be a ton of rich, yummy, fried, sugary goodness. But I am going to go through it just like any other day. I am going to pay attention to portion sizes and make healthier choices.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day! :)

09-02-2011, 12:12 AM
Sept 1
B= 2 c milk, vits, apple
S= 1 cup dry cereal
D= 1/2 BBQ pork pizza
S= ice cream
S= cereal with milk
E= 45min cardio

I could have done a little better today. I don't think I'm eating enough in the mornings so by nighttime I want more to eat.

09-02-2011, 09:48 AM
Hi friends... yesterday was a healthy day.. I am so grateful. I found the willingness to step away from the overeating I did the day before.

I got on the scale today and saw a two pound loss! :carrot: YAY. My total for the month of August is down 8 pounds. I am very grateful and happy to find the willingness to try again.

We have a busy/food laden weekend ahead. :dizzy: My SIL is coming on Saturday from out of town and we'll have the cousins, etc over for a cookout here that evening. Monday - we are having a neighborhood cookout for two families moving on our street. The good thing is I have some control over what is served or available. So - on Saturday we will have London Broil, salad, corn on the cob and garlic bread. Cousin is bringing dessert. Monday will be hamburgers, veggie tray, baked beans (I don't like em). Someone else will bring dessert or it will be a watermelon. I am planning ahead but, taking it one challenge at a time.

Yesterday's I:
drank lots of water
planned/measured/logged food and put in food tracker
ate mostly seated
no seconds
tried to slow down
left a bite

Today I'd like to do the above things plus add: meditation, TASTE the food, stretches and strengthening (done) - read my helpful living with food cards.

PWpenguin - I tend to not eat enough in the morning too. I am going to work on that with you.

Anglela - glad your day was better. Pot roast and veggies sound good. Going to the party with a plan is a great idea... carry on.

trazey - so glad you on back on track. Crazy eating sometimes happens - can't change the past but, only move forward. Carry on with healthy plans!

MJ - Hope you are doing well.

Have a great day.:)

09-02-2011, 10:38 AM
Hi!!! I'm here! Things at work have been SUPER hectic. I think I have mentioned some major changes in the past...well....they will be happening SOON! We are moving our residential program to a new building. VERY exciting and stress producing at the same time. We are also having a lot of staffing issues at the same time...ugh...being a manager is NOT fun sometimes, but I like the challenge.

patchworkpenguin--Thanks for getting us started for September! wow..is it really September already??? Good for you for talking w/ hubby and getting back on track! I agree with you..your morning does look a little light....

Trazey--Hi! That darn auto pilot..

Beverlyjoy--Great job yesterday! I can't believe it is September either...I love college football too..Fall is my favorite season, that's why I chose it for our wedding :) A 2lb loss and 8lb for the month!!!! That's fantastic!!! Great job!!! Way to go planning ahead, but taking things one at at time.

Angela--Mmm your roast sounds delish! Way to go not making gravy!!! Good plan for the weekend. We will all face challenges along the way, it's how we get through them that is important. Have a great time!

Aside from work being hectic, I am doing well. Sticking w/ eating healthy and my workouts. Last nights Zumba class was BOOTY kicking! It was great. Tonight is kickboxing and I really can't wait...time to work out some of the work related stress :)

One of my friends told me about a new thrift store that I am going to check out tomorrow. I was planning on doing some shopping anyway, so that will be fun. Sunday I am finishing cleaning out/ packing up clothes and Monday I am literally doing nothing. Yep...a lazy day for MJ! Hubby has to work and most of my family is doing their own thing..which is fine. I have been invited different places, but to be honest, I am looking forward to a day a lounging w/ the sweet beagle sisters.

OH! The most awesome thing happened yesterday...one of our Directors called me at work. She is someone I NEVER talk to unless there is a major problem with one of our residents. Well, she was calling to tell me that I am such an inspiration to all of the staff and our residents. She said that I am setting an excellent example for everyone on a daily basis. She also let me know (she works in a different building) that my name comes up often in conversations when she hears people talking about making plans to improve their own health. She said that whenever she sees me, I am just "glowing" from the inside out. She went on and on...I thanked her for her kind words. I am completely humbled by her compliments. Honestly, I had NO idea she was even paying attention. I guess you never really know who is paying attention to what you are doing....pretty awesome.

09-03-2011, 01:16 AM
I feel so sick tonight. This journey has been an amazing learning expierence which has usually ended with me having a stomach ache and and convinced that the foods I ate are just plain evil and are from the devil. I did a big no no today which lead me down the wrong road. I had a TON of errands to run today. I started the day off great, got up at 530 and did my cardio, breakfast and got ready for my day. I didn't pack a healthy snack to take with me today, that's where I went wrong...

B: Cherios w/ skim milk and NO Sugar
L: Taco Bell (lesson learned #1)
D: Mexican (DH and kids wanted it and it's my fave, so that's lesson #2)
Dessert: We went to TCBY and I got frozen yogurt.
Exercise: Jillian Micheals

DH and kids were in the car and had a flat. DH didn't pick up the new tire I ordered from Firestone so he ended up having to tire so I had to pick them up. I hadn't been to the grocery and it was late so we went out to dinner. I notice I fail on staying on track when I don't plan.

Patchwork: I'm a night time eater as well so I eat more at dinner and I find that I don't want to eat at night. I eat around 5pm so there is at least 3 hours before bed. I'm sure you will find a combination that works.

Beverly: WOOHOO ^5. That's a wonderful loss for August! Kick kickin butt lady :-D

MJ: Wow, that has to be one of the best compliments I have heard someone receive in a long time. I bet that made your heart flutter. You are a definite inspiration! Have fun on your "off day" Monday. soak it all up as much as you can, you deserve it! :)

09-03-2011, 07:45 AM
Good Morning! Hope you are all making plans for an awesome weekend! Today, I have Zumba and then a little retail therapy :) The cleaning will wait....there is always cleaning and laundry to do, right?! Besides, I really want to check out that thrift store and I'l clean later when I get home.

Angela--Oh, I have sooo been there...and totally regretted the choices I made. Ugh. It is all part of the journey and learning process. Thanks...yea, I was kinda tearing up as she was talking. I mean, this call totally came out of the blue. I work for a human service agency...I manage an apartments program for mentally ill adults. I am trying to show, through my example, that by making healthy food choices and adding some exercise they can actually FEEL better. It certainly won't "cure" them...but can help them feel better. Our agency also offers a HUGE discount on Y memberships for our residents...$10 month/ for 3 months! I wish I could get that deal!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

09-03-2011, 07:58 AM
Hi friends... yesterday was a healthy day... I am always grateful for that.

I fulfilled many of my goals:
eat seated only - yes
fork down between bites - some of the time
no seconds -yes
leave a bite - yes
slow mindful eating - nope... stll too fast
log/measure/log/food tracker all my food - yes
journal - yes
read info - no
meditation - YES
stretches and strengthening - yes
lots of water - not quite enough
weighed - yes

All the neighbors gathered and were chatting. DH didn't get home until 7pm. I had dinner ready (tuna salad). He/we stayed outside until 8:45 - I ate dinner then. It didn't 'kill' me to wait and realized that I don't have to eat by what the clock says. I did, however, have a slice of lite cheese at 6pm.

Today we will have out of town company and a cookout: London Broil, tossed salad, corn on the cob, garlic bread, watermelon, & brownies (cousin bringing & will take extras or they go in the trash immediately.)

I have been waking up all week at 3 or 4 am. What's that about??? Maybe some cammamile tea.

Angela - it's amazing how not planning or having what you need can throw a monkey wrench into the day. It's the same for me. Plus - the tire stuff. Carry on today!

MJ - I am thrilled and NOT surprised that your co-worker noticed and complemented you on your weight loss and determination. My friend, you ARE an inspiration to those around you. You show folks... it can be done... one day at a time. Yes.. moving is stressful...ugh.

Have a good weekend everyone.

09-03-2011, 08:16 PM
My parents took us out to a local BBQ place for an early dinner today to celebrate Hubby's Birthday {which isn't until Sept 11!}, but Dad will have his heart operation on Tues then will be in ICU and otherwise recovering for a few weeks so we celebrated early.

I had a good nights sleep last night!

MJ, how nice of your co-worker to take the time to talk to you. Always nice to hear so many good compliments!

Beverly, When I was growing up we ate by the clock, now its more like when Hubby gets home from work, which changes daily. Its a challenge to have things ready 'near' the right time but most things I make only get better by sitting.

Angela, sorry to hear you had such a bad day. Hope tomorrow is better

09-04-2011, 11:05 AM
Hi folks - we had a wonderful time last yesteday - SIL came down. Later our cousins and Aunt Mackie came over for dinner. Aunt Mackie didn't feel so good.... but, she came over because her neice (SIL) was here. It pushed her to do it. However, my mom didn't feel good enough to come over. (phooey)

She and DH went to the store for something and came back with my very favoarite ice cream (it would be the dessert for my 'last meal' type ice cream). I did have some. I must admit that after eating the ice cream I also had some peanuts and a piece of garlic bread. However, eating that unplanned ice cream etc. doesnt' mean I should go crazy for the next three days. There's another pint of the ice cream that may have to go into the trash. It's a shame because it's expensive. But, - better in the trash than me.

I did many of my daily goals throughout the day
ate seated only
lots of water
planned (even though it got changed... I did have a plan)

I have planned for a healthy day today.

Have a great day.

pwpenguin - wishing your dad the best result for his surgery.

MJ - how was the thrift shop. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

09-04-2011, 09:27 PM
Hi everyone! Phew, I am tired tonight...busy day yesterday, Zumba and cleaning today. The thrift store was awesome. I found some great bargains and found out how to go about donating/selling items to them. I will be doing that very soon...that was part of today's project...separating clothes.

Beverlyjoy--You are doing great!!! Thank you. Yes, it can be done! Great job w/ the icecream!!!

patchworkpenguin--Sounds like a nice dinner w/ your parents. YEA for a good night's sleep!!! Thank you, yes, it is good to year compliments ;)

Tomorrow is going to be a lazy day...housework is done, the gym is closed for the holiday, it is too hot to do anything outside...so day off for MJ! I will probably watch some movies and lounge w/ the dogs. I'm thinking I could use a day like that!!!

Hope you are all doing well!

09-05-2011, 01:13 AM
Hello Ladies! I trust you had a good weekend. :)
Mine, not so much but that's ok, I am not going to kick myself in the booty. Tomorrow is my SIL birthday BBQ @ my MIL house. I have already had everything planned.
Oh...this was so cool...Today when we got to church I saw my MIL and she came up to me and said (in her most awesome Paula Dean accent) "OMG, you look so good! Have you lost weight??" That was an awesome feeling. hehe

Ugh, this is what I had today:

B: Coffee w/ splenda and creamer
L: Cracker Barrel (egg beaters, 2 biscuits w/ gravy, and 3 pc bacon)
D: 1 Boca Vegan Burger, 1C Mac n cheese
Dessert: Mint chocolate Chip ice cream...WILL I EVER LEARN!!?? (got sick again after I ate it)

I don't know if this is appropriate but I wanted to post a pic of me and my DH @ lunch today.. It will be at the end of this post.

Patch: I will pray for your father to have a smooth operation. I'm glad you got to celebrate your DH BD with your family. Which restaurant did you go to?

Beverly: You are an inspiration when it comes to will power and motivation. I often read your posts and feel empowered by them.

MJ: That's awesome you can make some extra $$ for your old clothes. Enjoy your day off, it is well deserved!!

Have a safe Labor Day!!

As said, here is my GH and I today @ lunch with the family:

09-05-2011, 07:13 AM
Good Morning! Hope everyone is enjoying what is left of the long weekend.

It is nice and cool here today, but raining...that's ok though...because it is still a laaaazy day for me! LOL!!! I am going to go to Zumba tomorrow (normally Tues is my 'non workout day').

Angela--LOVE the pic of you and dh! Such a cute couple!!! Yea, I had no idea there was a place like this thrift store...I can't wait to go back...hopefully this coming Saturday. It's all part of the journey...you'll get it figured out. ;)

I lost four lbs last week. I had to check the scale a few times to be sure, lol! I am thrilled!!! I just sent my update off to my trainer. I'm sure I won't hear back from him today, which is fine...he works really, really hard so I hope he is taking today off to spend with his family.

Have a great day everyone!

09-05-2011, 09:28 AM
Hi friends... yesterday was a healthy day. I am so grateful. I am glad I had the willlingness to put aside my unplanned food of the day before. DH finished off the ice cream that I love. Good thing... it would have gone in the trash and I told him so. LOL

I was able to check off many of my goals yesterday:

planned/measured/logged/food tracker my food - yes
eat seated only - yes - caught myself with food in my mouth standing, but sat to swallow itl LOL
Response cards - read them
Beck book - no
fork down between bites - some of the time
taste the food - alot of the time
lots of water - yes
exericse - no
journal - yes
meditation - yes
slow mindful eating - working on this
feel fullness - not much
sodium - under 2000 mg

Today we will have seventeen people over for a picnic fairwell gathering for some neighbors that are moving. I've worked it out to have foods that I can eat. Last night DH reported that our little neighborhood cutie pies asked for a fire and smores. Of course he said yes. This is hard for me. However, I figured that one smore has under two hundred calories. I will work it in and let people take home any leftover smore ingredients home or in the trash. At first I was 'angry' that DH ruined my 'perfect little plan of healthy food'. Only until I figured it all out. Life will always throw monkey wrenches of food into a plan. I need to learn to roll with it. Still working on it.

MJ - WOW - four poundsl... love this. I am doing a happy dance for you and all your efforts friend!

Angela - wonderful picture of you and DH! It's wonderful that folks have commented on your weight loss. YAY. I am glad if anything I happen to post helps you in any way. I guess we never know when that happens, really.

Have a great day folks.

Update: DH just got home from the market. He got 36 Hershey candy bars for our s'mores today. "They were on sale." he said. Is he trying to sabatoge me? I guess I'll have to give them away. We don't save money if we have to get rid of them.(give away or throw away) Rant over. (Maybe we will use them all up... 17 people coming over.)

Later: I talked to him about it. He's kind of insulted that I said he got too many. But - he thinks we need that many. We'll see. Maybe he's right.

I kind of freeked out. Just talked to him about it. Of course, he's not trying to sabatoge. He thinks we will need that many. Kind of insulted that I said he got too many. LOL (17 people) We'll see.

************************************************** ********************************

Party was great. All the kids got to take home a chocolate bar. There's four left and I"ll give those to my mom. So we only had 12 extra candy bars. However, DH was 'loading up' those s'mores with LOTS of chocolate. LOL

09-05-2011, 03:27 PM
Beverlyjoy--Another healthy day AND the icecream is gone, awesome! Good for you for planning ahead. Yes, you will learn how to roll with it...easier said than done, sometimes, but you'll get there! Thanks!!! I was shocked w/ 4lbs.

I just received the nicest email from my trainer. He is giving me the month of October of training for free! He said it is because of the people I have referred to him AND because I am working so hard. He is awesome. I can't say he makes it easy...because there is a lot of hard work involved...but he makes it fun and challenging and that's what I know I need.

09-05-2011, 11:30 PM
I am having such a hard time getting on Chicks these days! its driving me nuts. I did see a post about others having trouble so at least its not just me and our computer, but I'm not having this same trouble with other forums.

I pratically needed a sweater to take the dog outside this morning. Hubby came home early from work to surprise me; he brought me flowers and took me out to lunch and shopping! Its still very cool and we have the windows open to air the house out, but are also getting yummy smells from the neighbor's cookout! No workout so far and probably none tomorrow unless its walking around the hospital.

Dad's heart surgery is tomorrow around 11am. I would appreciate any thoughts or prayers for him and the rest of the family.

Angela, great picture! We went to the Corky's nearest you. My parents live in Fayette Co, so we split the difference drive-wise.

Beverly, Glad the party went well, that's a lot of people.

09-06-2011, 11:14 AM
Hi friends - I stayed with my plan yesterday - even with the cookout here. DH brought home 36 chocolate candy bars for the s'mores. I freaked out. But, I gave the extra ones to the children to take home. I have four for my mom and they will be glad. Grateful to be willing to NOT eat all the candy bars. I did have a s'more - it about 150 calories. I ate it slowly and enjoyed every bite.

I have been doing lots of meditation. It's been helping.

At the cookout I ate mostly veggies and just a few bites of my hamburger (and my s'more). I only had eaten about 850 calories by bedtime. I did have a bigger snack to get it close to 1100.

Today I need to go spend some time with my mom. She's not feeling so well.

I've done my exericises and am planning for a healthy day. I am really liking the food tracker at Sparkpeople. It is especially helpful with watching my sodium.

MJ - a free month is so AWESOME! Well, you certainly are a good example of his help and influences. It's wonderful.

PWpenquin - saying a prayer for your dad's surgery... for him to have the very best result. Fun, a shopping trip.

Have a good day, friends.

09-06-2011, 11:58 AM
Breakie: coffee & muffin (running late, no milk for cereal, bad planning!)
lu: turkey sandwich, tomato soup, nectarine
sn: cottage cheese
din: big salad with chicken & w.wheat roll
sn: tea & cookie

09-06-2011, 02:33 PM
Hi everyone! I decided that since yesterday was a "lazy day" for me, that I would go to Zumba today. I can't wait! The Tuesday class is "retro night" where our instructor brings back some of her older stuff...lots of fun!

Angela--How awesome that your MIL noticed your weight loss! :)

Patchworkpenguin--I have been keeping your dad (and your family) in my thoughts and prayers today. Hope the surgery went well.

Beverlyjoy--Gret job at the cookout!!! Thank you. I think it is awesome that he is giving me a month free!!


DixC Chix--How are you doing?

Hope everyone is have a great day!

09-06-2011, 07:57 PM
Thanks for the prayers and love for my dad . His surgery was scheduled for 11:30 but they didn't come get him until closer to 5pm. That was a long wait for all of us. We haven't heard anything yet.

We came home to feed the poor dog and Mom is coming to spend the night with us so we're doing a quick cleanup of the house , although she actually knows what slobs we really are, LOL.

09-07-2011, 11:33 AM
Hi friends!! Yesterday was a healthy day... I am always grateful for that. Happy scale day too. I am down two pounds from last week. YAY. :carrot::carrot:

Every morning I take a little time to write down the things about living with food I need to remember. I think writing them down helps reinforce them in some way. My list is getting long:

leave of bite of food
no seconds
eat seated only
fork down between bites
slow mindful eating
TASTE the food
lots of water
watch sodium
plan/measue/log/put food in tracker
counter those sabatoging thoughts (I'll start tomorrow, eating this won't matter, etc)
read my cards and Beck book
enjoy each bite
feel fullness

I accomplished many of these in some form or frequency. Not all, of course - but trying.
I did my exercises and meditions - which are very important.

Yesterday I was coming home from my mom's and thought I'd go to the drive thur at Dairy Queen to get a no sugar added fugde bar (50 calories) I had a long discussion with myself, but - I didn't go because it's reinforcing unplanned eating. I can plan for it another day.

PWpenguin. -Gosh, that's a long to to wait for word on your dad. Sending prayers and hugs as you all gather to support each other and your dad.

MJ - retro Zumba sounds like so much fun!!!

Trazey - hi... glad you posted your menu!

Have a good day, friends.

09-07-2011, 11:45 AM
patchworkpenguin--Oh my goodness...that is a long wait!!! Still sending ++++ thoughts and prayers!

Beverlyjoy--CONGRATS!!! 2lbs! GO YOU!!! That's awesome!

Retro Zumba was fun. I actually knew all of the dances, so that made it even more fun! Tonight is the gym...I feel like I haven't been there in forever!

Have a great day!!!

09-07-2011, 02:26 PM
Hi Ladies:
I have been really down this week. I haven't done much exercise (which I should have to make me feel better) and been staying on track, somewhat. Today I decided I am not going to give in to my being down or pitty parties and get back to work. Oh, I did weight myself on Monday and I am down another 3 pounds which is a total of 14 pounds GONE FOREVER!!!

Im glad to hear everyone is doing so well! Y'all are such an inspiration to me, each of you and I am so glad I have 3FC to come to when I need a little pick me up <3

09-07-2011, 02:59 PM
They got Dad in surgery around 6pm but he didn't get to ICU until 10pm. Really long day for Mom, she'd been up since 4am. They couldn't go in through the back ribs so they ended up splitting his chest anyway, not sure why, but Dr says he's doing great. He's going to a regular room tomorrow morning, he's still groggy and not feeling well, and we can only see him during certain times.

Be back for personals later.

09-07-2011, 04:58 PM
Angela--Sorry to hear you are having a down week...we all have those times. 3lbs down is FANTASTIC and 14lbs total is WONDERFUL!!! Great job! You are doing it. You will keep doing it!!!! And yes, 3FC is great. I struggled for sooooooooooooooooooo long it isn't even funny.

Patchworkpenguin--that is fantastic news about your dad! I'm sure it will take him longer to heal, but sounds like he is doing great.

Ok, I am off to the gym!!! I'll actually get home at a semi-decent time tonight. YEA!!!! :)

09-08-2011, 10:04 AM
Hi everyone! Oh my goodness...I just checked w/ my trainer...I am due for pics and measurements over the weekend! I had to check w/ him to make sure, lol!!! Seems like I JUST did them. So, I will have dh do them either Sat or Sun before I go to Zumba. I am realizing that 140 isn't my goal anymore....I am going to keep going. Not sure how far, but I'll figure that out when I get there.

Hope you are all doing well and staying dry!

09-08-2011, 11:32 AM
Hi friends - yesterday was a healthy day..I am always grateful for that along with the willingness to keep trying. I accomplished many of my goals:

leave of bite of food - yes
no seconds - yes
eat seated only - mostlly
fork down between bites - some of the time (but, getting mindful of it)
slow mindful eating - some of the time
TASTE the food - getter better
meditation - yes
lots of water - yes
exercise -no
watch sodium - 1550 mg
plan/measue/log/put food in tracker - yes
counter those sabatoging thoughts (I'll start tomorrow, eating this won't matter, etc)
read my cards and Beck book - yes
enjoy each bite - some of the some
feel fullness - working on this

I am finding that the last few days, at the end of the day, when I am putting all the food in the food tracker it's coming out too low. Imagine that! So I've been having extra large evening snack. I am trying to be so careful with the sodium, It's not working right - it's been a while since I've had to little food. I think I'll bump up more low sodium foods.

I think what has been helping me of late is my willingness to do daily meditation. It has helped in the past... but, I was too stressed to do. I know it doesn't make sense. I couldn't quiet my mind. Somehow I can lately.

MJ - I bet those measurements will have us all doing a happy dance.

PWpenguin - what a long day. I am so glad the doctor said he is doing well. Take care now.

Angela - so sorry to hear that you are feeling down. Fourteen pounds down is alot... why is 56 sticks of butter! That's alot. Chin up... do the best you can. Plan, plan, and plan some more for a good day and it just might happen. That helps me sometimes.

Have a good day.

09-08-2011, 12:58 PM
Last night ended on a bad note but I'm not beating myself up. I just got up this morning, brushed myself off, and got my exercise in first thing. I find that if I work out in the morning it sets my tone for the whole day.

Last night:

B: Special K Crisp Bar, Fruit
L: Fruit
D: Chicken breast w/ asparagus and potatos.
S: ice cream
s2: popcorn
S3: Peanut Butter Bar
Exercise: None

Patch: I'm really glad to hear your Dad is doing well. I wish him a speedy recovery. Also, I hope your Mom got some rest. I know it's a very stressful surgery.

MJ: Make sure you show us the progress pics. I bet they are amazing! Yeah, this week has been especially hard. I think it's because of my TOM would normally happen right now. I don't have my cycle anymore but lucky me, I still get the PMS. (sorry for tmi)

09-08-2011, 10:54 PM
Not much change with my Dad. The Dr is pleased, but Dad just doesn't feel well, and sleeps a lot; he's still in ICU

I had Bible study in the morning, did a little cleanup around the house, and knitted. Lovely weather outside. We still have the windows open with a few fans blowing. Welcome change!

09-09-2011, 01:04 AM
I did well today. YAY! Im getting back on track. We have so much planned this month I'm really having to buckle down and and really get things prepared ahead of time. This saturday our oldest son Logan (12) is having a football jamboree so there will be two games that night that start at 6pm so dinner is going to have to be planned ahead with maybe a snack brought to the game. I'll figure it out.

My food intake for today:

B: Toast w/ butter and fruit
L: Green salad w/ sunflower seeds, carrots, cucumbers, and 2 TBSP dressing. Fruit
D: Stir Fry w/ Lean Beef and Vegetables, Brown Rice, glass of skim milk
Snack: Skim milk
Snack2: 1 Wedge Laughing cow cheese w/ 5 crackers

*Wow, I just noticed my day has been filled with carbs. Less tomorrow!*

Patch: I am really glad that your father is doing well. I would imagine that he is very tired and want to sleep after his surgery. I will keep praying for him and your family. Sounds like it's all on the right track :)
Hasn't the weather here been absolutely beautiful! I go outside just to be outside and taking a walk is so enjoyable now that there isn't a possibility of melting to the pavement :D We are oging to the Delta Fair this weekend, I hope it stays around.

09-09-2011, 01:15 AM
Oi! I guess I should throw my stuff on here, too, eh? Keep myself more accountable than I am. :D

I'm on Cycle 1 Day 3 of the 17 day diet.

2 hard-boiled eggs
1 bartlett pear
1 cup water

Turkey stir-fry (about 2 cups of lean ground turkey, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, red/yellow peppers cooked with 1 Tbsp flax seed oil)
1 bottle of water (591 mL)

Chicken salad (2 chicken breasts cooked with olive oil Pam, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, red/yellow pepper, 1 Tbsp flax seed oil, 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar)
1 bottle of water (591 mL)

1 Bartlett pear.
3/4 cup Greek yogurt plus one packet Splenda.

09-09-2011, 01:17 AM
well I'm still around. just bouncing the last 5 lbs, wrote a few blog posts about it, feel free to read, also the voting for the pittsburgh's most valuable blogger contest ends tomorrow. (Voting continues through the 9th) so please vote for me again if you could, I'd really appreciate it! :


and those of you who are new, welcome, and feel free to check out my weight loss blog below. :)

I'm in the middle of another 10 day work stretch. I can not WAIT to quit one of my jobs!!!

09-09-2011, 10:13 AM
I'm starting a challenge on spark on monday, using the weekend to mentally prepare!

09-09-2011, 10:22 AM
Good Morning! SO glad it is Friday!!!! AND...extra glad..because that means kickboxing tonight!

Beverlyjoy--Good for you for being able to medidate regularly. It makes perfect sense...it is a lot harder than we realize to quiet our mind. I hope your are right...I honestly can't believe it is time to do pics and measurements again...it literally seems like I JUST did them. ;)

Angela--Good for you, brush yourself off and start fresh! Now, I'm certainly no expert and you didn't ask for advice...but (there's always a but, isn't there...), have you thought about adding more protein in the morning? That may help you feel more full. I will definitely share my pics! And you will see my hair color, lol, since I never did get around to getting pics of that...Good for you for planning ahead!!!

patchworkpenguin--I'm sure your dad isn't going to feel well for a while...since the Dr is pleased, I would take that as good news. I hope he starts feeling better soon! I will keep him and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you are still having nice weather.

Rainbowgirl--Welcome!!! Your going to kickboxing, right??? :)

lottie--HI!!! I read your blog update yesterday...I know it is frustrating, but you'll get a handle on it..I'm sure your hectic work schedule isn't helping. Yep, I just voted!

Hi to everyone else to pops in!

My younger brother called me from Afghanistan yesterday. It was SO good to hear from him. I mean, we email all the time, but to actually hear his voice was great.

Have a great Friday!!! Do something nice for yourself today, you deserve it.

09-09-2011, 11:03 PM
Hi....yesterday and today were healthy... I am always grateful for that.

Both days involved taking my mom to a couple of doctor appointments and one for myself. Every doctor's office we went into had a bowl of candy. I didn't eat the candy... YAY! What's the deal with that... one place had 'sugar free' candy. LOL

I took that time in the waiting room to work on my journalling of daily beck tasks & thoughts, reading the book, & more. It was a good chunk of time to do it twice. I always learn or reinforce something I once knew well from a time in the past.

I've done my meditations everyday this week. I am grateful for the willingness to set aside some time to do so.

I am still facing the issue of not planning enough to eat and then eating at bedtime to make it up. I'll keep trying to work it out.

I appreciate everyone's thoughts and ideas and support. Thank you. I am so ready to go to sleep.

Tomorrow.. friends.

09-10-2011, 12:19 AM
mj5 - *lol* With all the encouragement, I don't see how I can AVOID it now! :) I'm going to go and I'm going to kick butt! I'm so happy you heard from your brother. I hope he stays safe and comes home to you soon. Even though I'm not an American, a lot of our boys from Canada are over there - so I salute your brother for the work he's doing.

lottie63 - I love your recipes and can't wait until I'm on a cycle that will allow me to try your vegan alfredo!

Beverlyjoy - Congrats for resisting the candy temptation! What is with the doctor's offices having candy in their office? I get that they can't exactly have veggies, but candy? Surely there's a more healthful option than that. Heck, even goldfish cracker packages would probably be better. Do you mind if I ask what the "beck tasks and thoughts" is? I work in a hospital, and "beck" to me may mean something different than what you're talking about. I've seen it mentioned a few times on this message board in the last little while.

As for me. Today wasn't a TERRIBLE day, but it could have gone better.

I'm 170 minutes (a whole week) behind schedule and I was going to work all through today. But then I had to go to the bank to take out money to pay off one of my credit cards, then drive over to the other bank where I have that credit card and pay it off. Then I had to go to Safeway and get some more turkey breast, and some lettuce and stuff for a taco salad on Sunday. Then my car remote was acting up again so I had to go to London Drugs to get new batteries for the remote. Then a trip to Walmart to grab some *coughlaxativecough* and I ended up getting a nice grill pan for the stove and a plastic colander for making kefir. By that time, I was so hungry I caved and had a McDonald's ice cream cone and a small Coke (of which I only took maybe 2 mouthfuls).

Drive all the way home and fiddled with my iPod waiting for it to get cool enough to take the dog out. Finally cooled off enough that we could go for a walk. I took her to this urban forest just down the street from me and we walked for a good 40 minutes (started at 6:50 and ended at 7:37) at a decent pace. Then I came home, grilled up some "rockfish" (rock cod) and some asparagus, and here I am! I'm only on my 3rd glass of water though!

Today's meals looked like this:

2 eggs scrambled
1/2 grapefruit
1 cup water

McDonald's cone
2 mouthfuls of Coke.

2 fillets of rockfish, grilled w/ olive oil pam
7 or 8 stalks of asparagus, steamed.
2 cups water.

I'll be going back and getting more asparagus (because I love it so much) and I am debating on whether or not to cook the other 2 fillets of fish.

Maybe I'll wait and have some veggies with salsa later on.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to the pool at around 6:30 a.m. (ick) for a swim until 8. Then it's work-work-work-work all day!

09-10-2011, 07:47 AM
Good Morning!! Hope you all have some fun stuff planned for the weekend. I have Zumba, then a massage, then some errands...including getting some stuff to send a care package to my brother. I am attaching a pic that my niece made. It's a collage she put together for a photography class. I LOVE it. Kinda makes me teary seeing it...

Beverlyjoy--Good for you for two more healthy days!!! Keep working at the low calories issue....you'll get it figured out. Great job resisting the candy!

Rainbowgirl--YEA!!! Good for you! My best advice is to go and work hard, but pace yourself. Especially at the first class. Let me know how you like it. I went last night and it was AWESOME!!! Thank you for the kind words about my brother. I am so very proud of him and can't wait until he is home. Yesterday wasn't terrible...I believe McDonald's uses frozen yogurt, so all in all not bad. Have a great swim and don't work too hard today!


My niece wrote: I love my Army Uncle...Thank You for keeping me safe.

09-10-2011, 11:51 AM
Hi friends... yesterday was another healthy day. I completed many of my goals - I am grateful for it all and the willingness to try another day.

Last night DH was eating a popsycle. I thought... Oh that looks good. However, I hadn't planned for it so I talked myself out of it. That is major for me. I always want whatever anyone has to eat.

My journalling is going well. I have even found some weight loss meditions and guided imagery on Youtube. Who knew?!? My cd player doesn't work anymore. There are some good ones and some not so good ones.

I have some soreness in my ankle today, so I am resting & icing it. I want it to get better because I want to go visit my GS.

MJ -sounds like you've planned for a healthy day today.Bless your nephew for his service. So nice you'll send a care package.

Rainbowgirl.. so many errands and running around can make a day's schedule go out the window. Kudo's for only taking a couple bites of the McDonalds stuff. Just hop right back on your plan and carry on.

The Beck things I refer to is this book: The Beck Diet Solution (how to train your brain to think like a thin person). I am using her first two books (Pink Book and Pink Workbook) Her dad is Dr. Aaron Beck -the creater of Cognitive Therapy. It's learning how to LIVE with food in a sane and healthy manner. For me, I know all about nutrition and what to eat. However, I just can't manage stress eating, thinking everything is a special occasion and the hundred other reasons to eat unhealthy or unplanned food. Her pink books are not really diet books - in the sense they don't contain a food plan. (her third book does). It's been helpful to me. There's a Beck Forum here at 3fc.
Here's more information about it a Amazon.com:

Lottie - Hi - good luck on your spark challenge!!

Angela - so glad you've gotten back on track. Yes! Plan, plan and plan some more for your challenging football jamberee.

PW penguin- thinking of your dad and you. Hope all is going well.

Have a great day everyone.

09-10-2011, 12:50 PM
Mom says she knows Dad is feeling better because he's started teasing the nurses. He was more talkative today, but tired quickly. He's in his own room which means Mom can stay with him.

The last time I tried to get on Chicks the whole computer froze but today wasn't bad, some days I have more patience than others.

I made some muffins last night from a Hungry Girl recipe {cake mix and can of pumpkin, nothing else} I made 6 Spice cake and 6 carrot cake muffins {using half of each cake mix} They were very good but I like the spice cake better.

Rainbow, welcome glad to have you join us!

Angela, the weather is a welcome change. We talked about going to the Fair last year but the lines were so long just to park we didn't go.

Beverly, good job resisting the popcicle. I'm like that so I try to wait to have snacks when Hubby is eating too {or make him go in the other room!}

09-10-2011, 01:28 PM
Hello 3FC Friends:

I just wanted to post my accountability for yesterday. We have a ton of stuff planned and I have to get ready so I will post more later.

B: 2 eggs, toast
L: None
D: we went to dinner and I had a smoked sausage sandwich w/ cole slaw and 2 french fries.
Exercise: Day 2 of 30 day shred **I'm sooooo sore!!

09-11-2011, 08:12 AM
Good Morning! Hubby took my progress pics...I just have to crop them, etc. I'll get them posted tomorrow..after I send my updates to my trainer and my brother. I have to say...I really didn't think there were a lot of changes from last month to this month, but there are. Very pleased with my progress.

Today is Zumba, dropping stuff off at my gm's for her garage sale (I already put it in the car), then some lounge time. Probably watch a movie or something.

Beverlyjoy--Awesome! It is soooo hard when someone else is eating something else that looks good...lately I have been craving not good for me carbs...I will email my trainer about that, not sure where it is coming from all of a sudden...actually, the pics are of my younger brother. SO incredibly proud of him. Hubby is going to box up the snacks and coffee I bought for him yesterday. I don't want to tempt myself...That stinks about your cd player...I love youtube...I actually learned how to wrap my hands/wrists for kickboxing there.

lottie--good luck on your challenge!!!

patchworkpenguin--YEA for your dad feeling better AND for being in his own room. I had a hard time getting back to the site last night...Mmmm, those recipes sound yummy!

Angela--Hope you had a busy, but fun day! I have heard 30 day shred is super tough, good for you!

Hope you have a great day!

09-11-2011, 10:51 AM
Well the last few days have been a little better.

I'm eating on plan (yay) but need more water and to exercise.

I miss it here, I miss you guys. I'm putting in my two weeks at one of my jobs tomorrow because my raise did go through on time. (of course I didn't get paid last week at my one job at ALL. waiting to sort that out on monday)!!!!

So I will have a normal life soon. yayness.

09-11-2011, 11:31 AM
Hi friends... I will start out with the positive. I followed my plan well yesterday until about 9pm. DH brought home two boxes of candy - I ate some Good & Plenty and Milk Duds and them dumped liquid dish soap and threw them in the trash. I have asked DH so many times not to bring home candy. Then I ate some graham crackers. Eating unplanned junk food doesn't undo all the healthy things I did during the day. I refuse to say I was 'bad'. It is just some unhealthy choices. Before that I journalled, planned, read, ate healthfully, did my exercises, drank lots of water, took NO tastes standing up, tried to eat slower & mindfully, & had no seconds.

I have hopped back on my plan & will carry on.

Today we are going to husband's brother's for dinner. All I know is that she is fixing Italian with a salad. I plan to take just a very small portion and alot of salad. I am watching my sodium, so it's a good excuse as well as that I am trying to lose some weight.

Lottie - so glad you posted. Glad your food has been better. Hopefully you'll have more time for yourself with your work marathon is over.

MJ - so glad you were pleasantly surprised to see changes in your stats this month. Carry on!

Angela - glad you have things planned for today.

pwpenguin - so glad your dad is doing better. Hungry Girl has some great recipes!

Haave a good day everyone.

09-12-2011, 12:03 AM
Today was Hubby's Bday! We did the 'normal' routine {attending church, visiting Dad} and Hubby installed a new CD/radio in his truck {I guess I'm getting him speakers for Christmas!}, I baked choc peanut butter chip muffins for his cake! {I used the low calorie HG cake mix/can of pumpkin recipe adding the pb chips; we can freeze the rest}. We can tell that Dad is feeling a lot better these days. He should be able to go home sometime this week. They took him off the HR Monitors so he asked to borrow my HRM watch so he can keep an eye on his heart himself. That's so Dad!

I haven't been exercising lately so I'm trying to get back into the habit, so hopefully I'll have some workouts to post next week

MJ, Looking forward to seeing those pics

Beverly, I feel all the good you did outdid the little extra that you ate! Good job getting rid of temptation!

Lottie, congratulations on the raise!

Angela, hope you had a great day

09-12-2011, 09:50 AM
Good Morning! Wow..that weekend went fast! I am already looking forward to this coming weekend...maybe because I have Friday off too?? :)

The scale didn't move this week, BUT....after a 4lb loss last week, I am ok with that. Sure, a loss is better, but I didn't gain and that works for me! I know I ate well and worked hard.

lottie--YEA for eating on plan...water and exercise will fall into place next. Double YEA for being able to go down to one job!!!

Beverlyjoy--You did awesome w/ the candy in the house. How was dinner at your BIL's?

patchworkpenguin--Happy belated bday to hubby! That is GREAT news about your dad!!!

Ok, so now my 4 week update...I lost 7lbs and 6" in the past 4 weeks.

Here are my pics:
3/17/11 and 9/10/11

3/17/11 and 9/10/11



I can hear Coach Sheena yelling now "shoulders up, chin down, elbows in...don't give yourself chicken wings!"

09-12-2011, 03:08 PM
I am happy to say that yesterday was a healthy day. I am always grateful for that. I was willing to hop right back on my plan yesterday. We ended up not going to DH’s brother’s for dinner. That was fine with me… instead I fixed myself a turkey burger patty with no salt ketchup, mashed sweet potato with Smart Balance Light margerine & sliced tomatoes. Credit for keeping it healthy in the face of change.

Dh went to the grocery. He asked for the low sodium deli turkey and they gave him the full sodium kind. Phooey. I hate to take it back… since he ate a sandwich. I’ll just work around it & eat less at a time.

Using the Sparkpeople food tracker has been wonderful for me to be keeping track of my sodium (among other things, of course.) I’ve been able to keep my sodium around 1500mg for the past week…. Give or take a few hundred. Credit!

I accomplished many of my goals yesterday: I left a bite, had no seconds, ate seated only, worked on slow/mindful/tasting food eating, planned/measured/logged/tracked food, wrote my Beck tasks & goals in my journal, drank lots of water, did my stretches & strengthening exercises, mindful of sodium, read my materials, and more.

Still working on: using distraction techniques, remember to say NO CHOICE to myself when pertinent, spontaneous exercise, reading Dr. Beck’s book.

I was listening to something on You tube a couple days ago on weight loss. It said to do this before eating: Take three deep breath before a meal. 1. Deep breath and say: I am strong & I am in control, 2. Deep breath and say: I love myself & don’t overeat. 3. Deep breath and say: I am eating less and feeling great. I wrote it in my journal and will give it a try.

MJ - LOVE the pictures of you... espcecially with the boxing gloves!!!! You look great.

Patchworkpenquin - so glad you were able to have the birthday celebration for DH. You 'needed' after such a stressful week. Hungry Girl has great recipes. Take care now.

Have a great day.

09-12-2011, 10:17 PM
I had a bit of a crappy weekend. Well, yes and no.

This first cycle of the 17 day diet is really..uhm... to put it nicely "clogging" me up if you know what I mean. Despite all the veggies and water. I've tried prune juice, coffee, and Docusate with limited results. So, Saturday I didn't eat anything healthy. I had 3 cans of coke, 2 chocolate bars, and a whole bag of low-salt Lays chips. Not good.

I ended up going from 255 to 257 as a result.

Yesterday was better. I ate some Greek yogurt with a cup of grapes. Then took the dog to the vet, spent $172 to get antibiotics and a cream for a Staph infection she has. Was told that she has to lose weight (which I kind of see. She's a Labrador, and the top weight she should be is 70 lbs. She's 68. So I guess she could lose a few pounds) so I took her for a walk and run at the park.

Came home and made lunch and dinner for work. I took a fillet of rockfish and was going to buy a salad at work. For dinner I took a taco salad (healthy version: lettuce, cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatos, and organic salsa) along with a cup of grapes.

I drank 1 L and a bit of water and to help with the constipation, I even grabbed a coffee.

Unfortunately, when I got to work, I was so hungry I was sick and to help with the constipation too, I grabbed a fat-laden chocolate chip muffin and a small Iced Cap from Tim Hortons here in the hospital.

I went home and ended up having a can of Coke, a caramilk, and a Magnum bar. Bad, bad bad!

Damage? Not much. I stepped on the scale this morning and was 255.6.

I'm going to abstain tonight and try to eat veggies instead while I work through the night.


2 eggs
1 cup grapes

1 cup mixed berries.

1 turkey breast
Steamed asparagus.

Taco salad


Water intake: 1182 mL (1.1 L).

Tomorrow I'm bringing my gym clothes to work and hitting the gym in the basement; if my gym pass still works that is. :S

09-13-2011, 12:29 AM
B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
L= turkey/cheese sandwich, carrots/spicy ranch
D= 2 meatball 'pizzas' on bread
S= HG choc chip/PB muffin
E= 33min cardio/weights

MJ, great pictures. Thanks for posting!

Beverly, good job on your goals!

Rainbow, I hope you have a better week than weekend. We had a pudgy lab also. April had gotten close to 90lbs and her 'normal' is 80 {she's a mix breed Lab/shepherd}. One trick we learned from a trainer is to replace half her dry food with canned/fresh veggies. She had to have leg surgery and they really wanted her weight down to speed her recovery. I should follow my own advice and feed myself 1/2 veggies, too.

09-13-2011, 09:22 AM
Hi Chickies - yesterday was a healthy day. I am always grateful for that along with the willingness to keep trying.

I got most of my 'healthy living tasks' completed. I am working hard on having a sane relationship with food. Keep hoping.

Plans for today:

breakfast - pnb toast with one slice of soy bacon, cherry tomatoes

snack - red pepper strips

lunch - turkey sandwich with light mayo, veggies and dip

snack - watermelon, cheese melted on rice cake

dinner - Pancake, sfs syrup, margerine, slice of soy bacon, lettuce salad with evoo & vinegar

snack - pnb & honey on rice cake, apple

lots of water
eating seated only
no seconds
fork down between bites
TASTE the food - enjoy each bite
slow, mindful eating
plan/measure/log/food tracker
stretches & strengthening
watch sodium

Rainbow - well all extra eating is over and done... hop back on your plan and carry on. Hope your gym pass works!

Penguin - good plan and exercise too - kudo's

mj - Hi!!

Have a great day.

09-13-2011, 10:45 AM
wow mj lookin' good!

DixC Chix
09-13-2011, 11:12 AM
Hello Everyone!

So I caught something grungy and gross - a bad attitude. And gained 4 pounds by eating less than healthy, more than I needed and lazy with exercise. I am back as of yesterday.

Nice to see everyone doing well and handling this journey as best we can.

b: coffee yogurt
l: WW pita pizzas, grapes
d: lean cuisine, skinny cow
e: 2 hours weeding

b: coffee yogurt
l: something on a WW tortilla, pear
d: stuffed bell peppers, blueberries
e: zumba

09-13-2011, 02:33 PM
Hi everyone! Oh my goodness...it has been hectic...I forgot how hectic my schedule is, especially w/ hubby out of town...oh well.

Rainbowgirl--So, how was the gym???

patchworkpenguin and lottie--thanks!


DixC Chix--So good to see you back! New day, fresh start!

Tonight I am going bra shopping! I can't wait!!! I know I am wearing the wrong size and it will be so good to have some well fitting bras again. Wish me luck!

09-13-2011, 03:23 PM
mj5 - The gym pass still works! I'm bringing my gym clothes with me tonight, and my iPod.

I bounced back up to 256 (which I know is only a 0.4 gain) because I had a high fat muffin and a coffee yesterday to try and help this awful plumbing problems that cycle 1 of the 17 day diet gives you, so I'm a bit annoyed.

But, I found out that the game "Your Shape: Fitness Evolved" has a cardio boxing program I can download, so I'm going to start that soon (when I can get the house cleaned up enough to hook the xbox up lol).

Menu for today:

Kefir smoothie (1 cup kefir, 1 cup berries, 1 Tbsp jam, 1 Tbsp flax seed oil)

Veggies and low-fat salad dressing.

Lettuce wraps (turkey breast sliced, red grapes, celery, flax seed oil, salt/pepper to taste, iceberg lettuce)

Grilled chicken (marinated in fat-free Italian dressing)
Steamed veggies


Water intake: 1.18 L.

Exercise: At LEAST 17 minutes worth, but aiming for 30.

09-13-2011, 11:01 PM
Sept 13
B= 4 c milk, vits banana
L= Turkey/cheese sand
D= 3 soft tacos and refried beans
S= HG choc muffin
E= 35min boxing

In an effort to make the bread I make each week healthier for us all, I added some whole wheat flour. Comments from others who use this starter indicate that the bread won't be as good but I can try; I've already cut out half the sugar with little difference in taste. I haven't tasted it yet but the bread is denser and didn't rise as much, but I'll try a sandwich after Bible study tomorrow.

Dad should be able to go home tomorrow, which is good news for everyone. We didn't visit tonight because Hubby didn't feel well and didn't want to pass it on to Dad.

09-14-2011, 01:43 PM
Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Bra shopping was a huge success!

Rainbowgirl--that's awesome about the gym pass! The cardio boxing sounds great.

patchworkpenguin--How was your bread? YEA for dad being able to come home!!!

Ok, so...my zumba instructor has been after me to get to her "ABS" class..on Wednesdays she does a 30 min ABS class before Zumba. Well...this week she had to cancel her Thurs class, soooo I am going tonight and to ABS. YIKES!!!! Wish me luck!

DixC Chix
09-14-2011, 03:26 PM
b: coffee yogurt
l: stuffed bell peppers, grapes
d: chicken and broccoli, raspberries, yogurt and walnuts
e: gardening job

I guess damage was not as severe as I thought. This morning's weigh in was 202.

mj - lu-king goooood!!

penguin - so glad to hear your father is doing well. What a happy relief!

lottie - No paycheck!!!??

09-14-2011, 05:06 PM
Hi friends - yesterday was a healthy day. I am always grateful for that. I did accomplish many of my healthy living around food tasks to some portion:

Eat seated - yes
No seconds - yes
Left a bite - yes
Arc/rc - some
Beck - no
Fork down between bites - some of the time
No choice/red light - YES
Plan/measure/log/track - yes
Exercise - stretches and strengthening
Sodium - yes 1550 mg
TASTE/mindful - more than usual

The scale has been down for several days. So I am down another pound since last Wednesday. That take me to 219. I reached my mini goal and now have changed that to it 214. In fact - I’ve lost 11 pounds in the past five weeks. I am so grateful. I think my daily meditations and guided imagery has helped me.

After my afternoon snack (watermelon along with cheese on rice cake) I really wanted more.. Wanting something chocolaty - but, I used my resistance techniques and the craving went away. Yay… credit.

Dixchix - I am glad you had a better number on the scale than expected. I always think it's a special gift. Glad you posted!

MJ - new bras rock. Good luck with an abs class.

Pwpenguin - glad your dad will be home soon. Good job on making your homemade healthier!

rainbow - it's awesome to find that game to download. Carry on!

Have a great day.

09-14-2011, 05:18 PM
patchworkpenguin - So glad to hear that your dad might be able to come home soon! Nothing better than keeping loved ones close to you. As for the bread, have you tried Mennonite bread? I think they use rye flour and whole wheat, with honey. My mom makes it, it's really really good.

mj5 - We'll see how long the gym pass lasts before they figure out they aren't getting paid for it LOL Until then, I'm taking full advantage. Way to go on heading to the ABS class! Good luck - and have fun!

DixC Chix - When the damage isn't that much, it's always nice to see. So, congrats!

BeverlyJoy - Congrats on making that craving go away! And congrats on meeting the mini-goal! It's so nice to reach those milestones. Before you know it, you'll be all the way there :D

Weight 254.0 (that's a loss of 6 pounds since September 7.)
I've also lost an inch off my waist.

One 100 g container of Astro sugar-and-fat-free yogurt
1 orange

Carrots w/ fat-free salad dressing

Lettuce wraps (chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing, red grapes, iceberge lettuce)

Grilled salmon steak
Steamed asparagus

Carrots w/ fat-free salad dressing

Water intake: 1.18 L

Exercise: 30 minutes in the gym.

I found another great exercise that I'm really thinking on getting involved in, even though it's about an hour's public transit ride away from me (would take longer to drive it).

It's medieval sword fighting: with rapiers (a la The Three Musketeers), long swords, quarterstaffs, daggers, hand-to-hand combat, etc. The introduction classes are only $105 after taxes for 8 classes that last over an hour long. That's roughly $13 a lesson. The school also offers a "SwordFit" class which is like Crossfit, only with swords. A lot of the exercises though I can't do right now (like 50 throws of an 8-12 lb medicine ball with legs extended and raised, followed by 50 belly throws, followed by 100 side-throws, plus pushups, jump lunges). I'm thinking on starting their sword fighting class though and as I progress, maybe try their Swordfit. They also offer mounted combat (which is, obviously more expensive) lessons starting right from the ground up (learning how to care, groom, and develop a relationship with the horse etc).

09-14-2011, 11:41 PM
Dad and Mom are on their way home!!! Dad didn't have a raised HR last night either! Also good news on the bread. So far I've only used the recommened 'bread' flour but added some whole wheat yesterday, the bread came out light and fluffy inside with a denser crust, but it also has more flavor than the 'plain' white. Yay! I also found a salt sub which I used to use but decided to go back to, called Salt Sense? More expensive, however.

Sept 14
B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
S= fudge w pecans
L= turkey sand
D= Cracker Barrel's Chicken broc casserole, carrots, corn
S= peach
S= choc muffin, 2 c milk
E= 47min kettlebell workout

Rainbow, I'm a big fan of pumpernickel which is a dark rye. I looked at the flour choices at the local groc but wasn't impressed with the selection. Your Medieval sword fighting sounds exhausting but will probably be a lot of fun. I took riding lessons in HS and miss the horses.

Beverly, great job on all those yes's

09-15-2011, 11:56 AM
Good Morning! It's my Friday!!! I am soooo very happy to have tomorrow off w/ hubby! We are going to go to that thrift store to take some of my clothes and *hopefully* I can find some more bargains. I would really like to find a winter coat too...
Beverlyjoy--Down another lb AND resisted chocolate yesterday, AWESOME!

Rainbowgirl--definitely take full advantage of that gym pass while you can! The sword fighting sounds like an incredible workout! Good for you!


The abs class was WOW. It was hard. BUT...I was able to do more of it than I thought I was going to be able to. Then Zumba afterwards was really hard...but fun. So awesome workouts yesterday, that's for sure! Today I am sore, but not over the top sore (at least not yet...that could certainly change)

Tonight is the gym for my normal workout, then home to relax! Tomorrow is kickboxing, which I really can't wait for!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

09-15-2011, 03:12 PM
Hi friends -yesterday my food plan took a few twists and turns - however, I was willing to, still, write down everything I ate. It was just at the high number of daily calories. My sodium was around 2000 mg salt. (That's OK) So, it turned out OK on ’paper’ -as a successful food day. I am grateful. (successful but kind of sloppy) But, still grateful to be willing to use ideas I am learning to stop me from going crazy with food.

I had many positives - wrote down & tracked all my food (planned and unplanned). I ate seated only, had no seconds & always left a bite. No exercise, however.

I just found out that in two weeks my 4 year old grandson is coming for the weekend - he’s bringing his parent’s too. *wink* I am excited!!

I got a Britta filter pitcher. It really makes the water taste better.

MJ - glad the ABS class went well. Let us know what you find at the thrift shop. I take it your knee is doing GREAT.

PWpenguin - so glad your mom and dad are getting home. It's great that the bread came out tasty even after changing the recipe!

rainbowgirll -wonderful WL this month!! and down an inch is great. Sword fighting sounds awesome. Keep us posted.

Have a great day.

09-15-2011, 03:32 PM
Patchworkpenguin - I'm so glad to hear your mom and dad are on their way home! :D

I love pumpernickel bread. I totally miss bread on this 17 day diet plan. Only a week left on the first cycle then I can incorporate complex carbs into my diet again.

The swordfighting does sound fun - it's not something I can afford immediately, but hopefully next month or November I can save up the money for the first 8 lessons. The mounted fighting is much more expensive and they don't have any Saturday classes :(

mj5 - Yay to you for going through with the abs class! And then to Zumba afterwards! You have more stamina than I do right now lol! Relax tomorrow - you earned it!

Beverlyjoy - Congrats on sticking to writing down what you ate. Even if it was a bit sloppy, you were still successful in that goal :) And that's something to be proud of! How exciting that your grandson is coming and bringing his parents! You'll have a house full, that's for sure! :)


Weight: 255.0 (which has ballooned to 258 after my workout - confusing)

One 100 g container of Astro sugar-and-fat-free yogurt

9:15-10:30 cardio kick boxing and core strengthening

2 eggs, scrambled.

Carrots w/ fat-free dressing

Natural lunch meat
Marbled cheddar cheese
Salad w/ fat-free Ranch dressing

Lunch meat
1 cup grapes

Veggies and dip

Water intake: 1.17 L ( three 591 mL bottles)

I did the cardio kick boxing today. It went well even though I couldn't do all the exercises and I was uncoordinated on a lot of them. I'm going to go back next week, and stick it out. Hopefully when I lose some weight, I can take up real kickboxing. :)

09-16-2011, 09:32 AM
Good Morning! I am so enjoying a more relaxed pace today! I keep catching myself thinking I have SO much to do and need to get moving...while it is true, I have lots to do...none of it needs to be done right this second!

Beverlyjoy--Great job yesterday with tracking your food, even with the twists and turns. How exciting that your grandson is coming to visit..oh, and his parents too! Yes, my knee is doing really, really well (knock on wood!!!)

rainbowgirl--Oops! I must have read your post to fast...CONGRATS on your losses this month!!!!! Awesome!!! Good for you for saving up for the swordfighting! My stamina has increased SOOOOO much...thanks to my trainers workouts (I work with a trainer online...he sends me my workouts and nutritional advice..I have unlimited email / Facebook support) and Zumba classes have helped too. YEA for doing the cardio kickboxing! The more you go, the more you will be able to do.

DixC Chix--How are you doing?

I will definitely let you know what I find at the thrift store...I am hoping to find a winter coat...the weather has changed quickly and it is quite chilly here (NOT complaining...I like the cooler temps!), but I was going to wait a bit longer before I bought a coat....if I can't find one, I may head to the outlet mall tomorrow...there is a Columbia outlet where I should be able to find a nice coat for a decent price.

Kickboxing tonight, I can't wait!!!

Have a great day!

09-16-2011, 12:12 PM
Sept 15
B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
L= Old Venice's Pasta Primavera, 2 breadsticks
S= croutons, 2 cookies
D= Almond chicken, steamed Broc
S= choc muffin
E= none

sorry I didn't checkin yesterday. No workout. I did go to Bible study, led my first group as a sub {went well} and afterwards had lunch with my Mom who came for the last part of the study. Hubby and I did some shopping last night. I bought a new New Balance HRM watch on clearance at Target for $17! Its slimmer than the old making it more comfortable to wear and it has more features! I"m also having trouble finding canned pumpkin to make more muffins. I keep hearing that its 'seasonal', I can get 'organic' at Target but I think Libby's is better. I may have to buy a few cases this autumn and store them in the garage to use year round!

09-16-2011, 04:17 PM
Hi friends… yesterday was a healthy day.. I am grateful. I did all my Beck journal work. Yay. I do this in a spiral. I have a ‘system’ to keep track of it all. Twice during the day - I used what I am learning to stop from eating unplanned food. One time was that I fell asleep in the LazyBoy chair. I woke up to meander to the bedroom. Ordinarily, I would have stopped to eat something. But, I didn’t - it’s a major yay.

Last time I was at the grocery I got two no sugar fudge bars. I planned for one yesterday… but, ended up eating both. (different times of the day, at least) So, I was mostly OP.

I did many things well: left a bite, ate seated, fork down (sometimes), no seconds, lots of water, calories were good, sodium was good, and I tried to eat slower/mindfully/tasting the food (did better). I did not do my reading or exercises.

I’ve been looking at some menu threads around 3fc. I need inspiration - for seeing how I can maybe change it to lower sodium. There’s some good info on the recipe places, etc on the internet.

PWPenguin - glad you could get to the bible study. Yes, there is actually a shortage of pumpkins - from a frost a couple of years ago. Some places just don't have it. I like to eat pumpkin as a healthy side dish with some margerine, cinnomon, and sf syrup.

MJ - hope you find your coat at the thrift store. It was chilly here this morning.

Rainbow - nice menu... glad you could do the cardio kickboxing. Sounds great. You'll enjoy the next phase of the 17 day plan with the complex carbs.

Have a great day, friends.

09-16-2011, 05:10 PM
Hi everyone! Just checking in before I have to get ready for kicboxing...I can't wait!

patchworkpenguin--Good idea to stock up on pumpkin...I know around here, even at holiday time it can get hard to find sometimes...

Beverlyjoy--I have found some low sodium recipes on thedailyplate.com, too. It was SO chilly here too this am!

The thrift store was great! I "made" $50 on the clothes I took in and I found two gorgeous pairs of black pants and still left w/ $ leftover. I did not find a coat, however...then we went to Marshall's and I found a gorgeous Ann Taylor coat for $50. It is a M!! I am still going to run to the Columbia outlet soon because I wasn't going to buy a "dressier" coat, yet...but this one fits really well and it really nice....couldn't resist...it will be great for work, but not really something I am going to want to wear for just casual wear. I do have a couple heavy Under Armour hoodies that I can wear right now, so I can hold off on getting to the outlet mall for a teeny bit longer.

09-16-2011, 11:31 PM
Sept 16
B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
L= turkey sand
D= 1/2 homemade chicken pizza
S= choc muffin
S=apple w PB
E= 45min cardio

MJ, glad you found a great coat and pants!

Beverly, great job on not eating the unplanned food!

09-17-2011, 04:45 AM
Hello Ladies,

Oh how I've missed this beautiful site! It has been a horrid past week and a half. The husband and I have been having a lot of problems lately and talked about separating which lead me into a depression of sleeping all day and eating all night. I have been so sick and knew that I needed to make my way back here to all the positive vibes. So it's 2:45am here and I am posting because frankly, I didn't know where else to turn. I'm glad that everyone is doing so well. Tomorrow I am getting back on track. I will post then.

Everyone have a good weekend <3

09-17-2011, 07:18 AM
Good Morning! Kickboxing last night was AWESOME! Super hard, but awesome! I showed my coach my updated pics and she loved them, espcially the boxing one (of course). She asked to show her husband (who also works at the school) and he was SO excited...he asked if he could hug me, lol! We talked about what I have been doing and they both LOVE it. Coach Sheena actually thanked me for choosing her class to add to my workout routine. How cool is that?? I told her about the abs class I never thought I would be able to do, but did..She also encouraged me to continue doing things that I didn't think I could do...to push myself. I LOVE this school...everyone is SO supportive.

Angela--I am so sorry to hear that you have been having such a difficult time. Feel free to post, even if you are struggling. We aren't here just for the 'good times', but for the tough times too...++++ thoughts for you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

09-18-2011, 01:07 PM
Hi... yesterday was very difficult for me. I've been doing the low sodium thing for the past 5 weeks. Basically, I am eating the same things everyday. I got more fudgescycles for a treat. But - ate them all in a day & then many of the things I have been 'missing'. (certainly, I did not watch my sodium yesterday) I am feeling pretty bored with my food selections. I must find some low sodium tasty recipes to keep it more interesting.

An unhealthy day doesn't have to define my week. I've planned for a good day. I'll go to the grocery and try and 'mix it up' a bit the best way I can. I'll go back to the low sodium sites for ideas and recipes.

Forward, I'll go.

Have a great day!!


09-18-2011, 01:32 PM
Hi everyone! So glad for a calmer day here...I'm tired and I'm thinking a nap is in my future!

Enjoy your Sunday!

09-18-2011, 09:55 PM
Sept 18
B= 2 c mik, vits, banana
L= Jason's Deli small Pollo Mexicana Spud
D= homemade corned beef, carrots, onions, bread/butter
S+ choc muffin

Hubby spend most of Sat at the local airshow, so we packed a lot into today! My dad felt well enough to go to church, lunch, and a little shopping; when we visited today he said he's in no pain and just wants to get back to normal. Everyone at church made a big fuss over him surprised to see him recovering so quickly.

Angela, I'm sorry you and your Hubby are fighting. Would counselling help? Please keep posting to tell us how you are doing, even if its just to vent or a quick checkin. Hang in there.

Beverly, I get bored quickly when I eat the same things. I feel I need variety, also.

Mj, sounds like you are doing great and making a lot of fans!

09-19-2011, 10:37 AM
Good Morning! I am LOVING this fall weather...it's my favorite time of the year!
Beverlyjoy--How are you doing? Any luck w/ low sodium recipes? You are exactly right...one day does NOT define your week.

patchworkpenguin--Wow...your dad is awesome! Good for him, I hope he is making sure he rests too, but I'll bet your mom is making sure of that ;)

I lost 2lbs last week and worked hard, so a good week overall!

I have been craving bad carbs...stuff I haven't eaten in over 6 months...not sure where that is coming from...I cannot even imagine how sick I would feel if I actually ate that stuff, so I won't, but ugh...not fun!

Tonight is a gym night and I can't wait! Gym clothes are packed, ipod is charged...I'm ready!

Have a great day everyone!

09-19-2011, 11:02 AM
Hi friends... yesterday was a healthy day. Grateful to hop back on my plan and not give myself any permission to continue to eat unplanned, unhealthy food.

I did figure out some ways to switch my menu up a bit. I can have from 1500mg - 2000mg of salt each day. I should give myself actual permission to get close to that higher number once in a while. However, I do want my blood pressure to go down.... I am borderline high. I got some low carb, high fiber wraps, more beans (no salt addes), different veggies than usual. and more.

Tonight is the annual Dancing with the Stars kickoff gathering with a family on my street. It started when there little girl was in preschool and loved dancing. She is in fourth grade... still the tradition continues. It will be the last time, however, as they are moving to Idaho in October. I have strawberries and no salt pretzels. They always bring some sweets and a pepperoni twisty thing (way too much salt)

breakfast - toast with pnb, once slice soy bacon, roasted green beans

snack - pumpkin with butter spray, cin, & sfs maple syrup

lunch - wrap of light swiss cheese, beans, tomatoes, stewed tomatoes with t parm cheese

snack - watermelon, fiber bar,

dinner - tuna salad, sweet pot, sliced tomatoes

snack - strawberries, pretzels.

MJ - happy dance for another two pounds. I am thrilled for you. Kudo's for getting your gym stuff ready to go!

PWpenguin - I am so your dad is doing well. Good plan.

Angela - I am sorry you and DH are having some problems. I am glad you are feeling better physically. Plan, Plan and Plan some more, friend.

Shout out to Rainbow, Lottie, Dixiechick and anyone that stops by.

Have a great day everyone.

DixC Chix
09-19-2011, 04:02 PM
Hi all y'all!

I have been rearranging furniture as I am having company for our famous International Balloon Fiesta. Desk and computer have changed rooms three times! This totally screws up my routine and I just don't get around to posting regularly like I should. None the worse for the wear as the scale is back to 201.5.

Went shopping on Sat and started on Christmas - yay! Happy to report my underwear is now a size 9 (was a 13) and jeans are 16 (was 26). I went through my closet again and found three more shopping bags worth to donate.

I have also been given more responibility in our Homeless Ministry which now includes purchasing all the food items and hygiene products and the Christmas gift bags and items. I also have to run around to go to Goodwill, Savers, Thiftown, etc, for the backpacks, belts and blankets. Then complete a speadsheet for the expenditures and submit receipts.

b1: coffee, yogurt
b2: hb eggs, pumpkin
l: WW tuna wraps (chopped onion, celery, raw spinach) nectarine
d: stacked and loaded hamburger on sandwich round, peas, blueberries
e: yoga, water aerobics

Beverlyjoy - I get so bored with my food routine too. But on the other hand, if I go too far out of my standard selections, I run the risk of not being able to get back to making better choices. Its always been a dilema for me.

penguin - when looking for canned pumpkin, look on the lower shelves in the baking section. I buy it all the time and my grocer carries it year round. I love those muffins but my lo-cal favorite is 1 can of puree, 1-2 TB of pumpkin pie spice and 1 package of SF FF white chocolate (or vanilla) instant pudding. I have 1/2 c. with my hb eggs so I get a serving of a veggie that is technically a fruit. I have used it in a graham pie crust, too. My vet also recommended I feed the puree (heaping TB) to my dog, too. She loves it!

mj - I totally agree this is a great time of year - my favorite!! Congrats on the 2#. Nice and cool in the a.m. for my walk.

Angela - hang in there, chica.

Rainbow - what a cool idea for a workout. That sounds like fun. En garde!!

09-19-2011, 10:13 PM
Sept 19
B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
L= roast beef sandwich
D= Pizza Hut's pasta, mixed veggies, meatball pizza's
S= 1 choc muffin
E= 45min cardio/weights

Dinner was given to us by my parents. Someone gave them the pasta as an 'after surgery' meal but its not on Dad's scrict diet so they gave it to us. We at the pasta and the veggies, then an hour or so later were hungry again so we make the pizzas. Then we split a muffin then split another. We both have a tendancy to not eat during the day and then be insatiable at night.

We watched the movie "Grace Card", filmed here in Memphis {unlike say Memphis Beat!}. It was a very good movie; Hubby and I got a little distracted at times by the places we recognized and have been.

Chix, congratulations on the new responsibility! Sounds like a lot of work but I'm sure its worth it.

Beverly, glad you could find some new menu items!

MJ, not fun to crave the things we can't have.

09-20-2011, 01:35 PM
Hi everyone! I am wearing a skirt today. I was getting my clothes together last night (yep...I pick out my clothes the night before..I have to..otherwise I would just stand and stare..not because I have so many, but because I just don't function well in the AM, hahahahaha!) and realized that I bought like 3 skirts and I need to be wearing them before they are too big! I really like it, I just feel more "put together".

Beverlyjoy--How was the DWTS kickoff? YEA for finding some different foods to work into your menu.

DixC Chix--Oh my goodness...that's a lot of re-arranging! That's great about more responsibility at the Homeless Ministry. AWESOME job on smaller sizes!!!!!

patchworkpenguin--No, it isn't...but I think I have at least figured out the reason...

So...I emailed my trainer about my bad carb cravings. We "talked" about it and he really doesn't know where it is coming from, especially at this point. I have really been thinking about it and I *think* I may have figured it out. I actually don't think it is food related at all. Well, it is, but what I mean is, it's turning into fall which is my absolute favorite time of year. LOTS of great fall memories. Lots of fall bdays and our wedding anniv soon. Plus, cooler weather always means time to get back into the kitchen and cook and bake, at least it always has for me. To add to it, I have been missing my dad like crazy and while I loved him dearly and he was an amazing cook...he was not a healthy cook. So, honestly, I think it's all just "old, mental stuff" creeping up on me...bringing up all those old "food memories". Because, really, there is absolutely NOTHING that I am "craving" that I really want to eat. If I did really want it, I would have some and I haven't. I don't plan on it. I emailed that to my trainer last night. I'm interested to see what his take on that is. The bottem line is, it doesn't really matter where it is coming from, although I do like to figure things out!

OH...I'm not sure if I shared this with all of you or not yet. Something else I have been "talking" to my trainer about is my goal. I have officially decided that 140 is no longer my goal. I will reach it and then set a new one...I have NO idea what the new one will be yet, I'll decide that once I reach 140.

Zumba tonight and I can't wait!!!

Have a great day everyone!

09-20-2011, 04:37 PM
Well, I've gained back 5 of the 6 pounds I lost. It's likely due to a bit of cheating I did on the weekend, even though I don't think I cheated THAT much (certainly less than the weekend before) and likely due to the spaghetti I ate last night when I got home from work.

I'm really, really sick of salad to be honest. Cycle 1 ends on Thursday and basically, I've nothing to show for it except a pound gone, which in 17 days I don't think is all that impressive. I lost more weight and was happier just calorie counting.

I know cycle 2 allows more stuff, but it's still very restrictive and I'm not sure i can do it. It's still really heavy on salad with just a wee bit of grains.

I'm almost ready to talk to a nutritionist through my doctor's office to ask for help. I gave this 17 day diet a really good try, but I don't know if I can go on.

I'm debating having a sensible breakfast (yogurt and some fruit) and just taking a sandwich to work with some veggies, a piece of fruit, and a yogurt. It's not allowed on the plan, but it beats the **** out of salad.

DixC Chix
09-20-2011, 04:55 PM
Good Morning!

b1: coffee, yogurt
b2: hb eggs, pumpkin
l: WW tuna wraps, pear
d: salmon, broccoli, brown rice, blueberries with yogurt and walnuts
e: body pump, zumba

Another gorgeous day tempting me to take a nap on the swing. Alas, I have to do laundry - need clean workout clothes for zumba tonight.

My gym is offering a pre holiday shape up plan - six weeks/six sessions with a trainer and nutrition plan for $375. It is supposed to be eat 500 calories less and burn 500 calories more a day using Fitness Pal. So basically it boils down to $62.50 a week for one hour with a trainer. I'll have to check on the normal rate for an hour with a trainer. But it isn't WOWing me.

mj - Good insight for those mighty, mighty cravings.

Beverlyjoy - I am a DWTS devotee. I like what I see on opening night. I am glad there are no shoe-ins.

penguin - I love Memphis Beat but are the locals not so fond of it or is it not filmed there? I also love In Plain Sight thats filmed here in Alburquerque and they represent our city fairly.

rainbow - I am not a fan of structured menu diets. For me, they aren't real life and set me up to feel like a failure when I am not perfectly on plan. But it is all a learning experience and a process to get to what works. If calorie counting worked before, well, there's nothing like building on success! Your sensible choices look like success! Good luck whatever you decide to do.

09-21-2011, 10:43 AM
Good Morning!

Rainbowgirl--HUGS!!! You sound really frustrated and I would be too. Honestly, I believe a person has to find something that s/he can stick with. If the 17 day thing isn't it, maybe it is time to try something different. Your idea to make sensible choices sounds really good. I think talking to a nutritionist is a fantastic idea also. Hang in there, you'll get it figured out.Let us know what you decide.

DixC Chix--It is gorgeous here too! Hard to focus at work...but I have lots of windows in my office, so at least letting in lots of sunshine! I know around here, that's about the going rate for a trainer, but w/ out the nutritional planning (most of the trainers here don't help with that...which is too bad, since it is so important). At our Wellness Committee meeting yesterdy at work we talked about putting some things in place for the fall/holidays...we do a lot in the spring and summer and kind of back off a bit. We are going to have a "water challenge"..people (or teams--and it would be the average for the team) would have to drink at least 40oz of water each day...we have a lot of staff who don't drink any, so we are starting low...and a weigh in "contest"...people will weigh in before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving, after Christmas, and after New Years (or something like that...)...I forget what we named it, but it was something cute...and anyone who either loses weight or maintains gets their name in a drawing for gift certificates. We did it last year and a lot of people participated.

Good news! The carb cravings seem to have gone away!!! I really think that by "talking" about it (and trying to figure out where they were coming from), rather than trying to just ignore them and wait for them to go away...helped a lot more than I realized.

OH! A friend of mine shared a blog that she frequents for recipes and I wanted to share it with you. DH is actually making the pumpkin cupcakes w/ pumpkin chocolate frosting for me next week (I emailed the recipe to my trainer and he gave it two thumbs up!) As I was searching the blog, there are some really yummy looking recipes on there. My friend uses the recipes all the time and says they are great, I haven't yet...but they sure look good!



09-21-2011, 02:39 PM
Chix, Hubby and I watched the first Memphis Beat but didn't like it. Its called Memphis but its filmed in Louisana {outside shots too! They occasionally have a shot of Memphis such as Beale St} so it doesn't represent Memphis very well. First strike, Memphis doesn't have 'parishes' we have districts. We didn't like any of the characters enough to keep watching.

Rainbow, I hear you on the salad. not my favorite either. I would choose something that you are happy with and can stick to longterm rather than struggle with a plan you are already unhappy with.

Step 20:
B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
L= turkey sand
D= Corned Beef, veggies, bread {judging from the amount of fat on the top of the leftover corned beef in the fridge we won't be having that again soon! yuck!}
S= choc muffin, fresh from the oven wheat bread! I added more wheat flour and its better this week!}
E= 30min treadmill

09-21-2011, 05:27 PM
DixC_Chix: I figured I would go with the plan because it would take the steps of planning the meals out off of me. I work a lot (although hopefully, I can quit my second job soon) and subsequently I usually have very little time to write out a meal plan or stare at the kitchen and go "Ok..what am I going to make?" This is even harder given that I eat only one meal at home. Lunch and dinner (and snacks) are all had at work in the evening, so I have to make both of those meals, plus snacks. It can be daunting. Calorie counting did work, but it was a lot of time and effort. I also paired it with 45 minutes of walk/jogging a day, 45 minutes I don't have currently with this second job (again, really hope to quit it soon). I've taken a look at the cycle 2 menu and I think it's more doable for me than this first cycle was. I did lose 6 pounds in 9 days on it, but regained much of it this past week by being frustrated and "giving up." Cycle 2 should hopefully be better.

Personal training here tends to vary in cost. I know the rec center that I do the cardio kickboxing at charges something like $48/hour for personal training. The fitness gym I wish I could afford to go to even once weekly, the one I had so much success with during the Fitness Fantasy contest I was in, costs about $300/month for once weekly 1 hour sessions. So about $75/session. $62 would seem about the median cost, at least for here. Definitely check it out for your area though. Personal trainers (if they're GOOD) are so awesome. I feel way more motivated knowing someone is counting on me to be there; not just like a fitness buddy, but as in I'm the reason they're hired kind of thing. Paying them is also pretty good incentive to get off my butt lol.

mj5: I'm going in to make an appointment with my nurse practitioner today in hopes of getting a referral to a nutritionist. I'm just so lost - there's so much information out there and I can't seem to find something that REALLY works without a TON of effort on my part. The calorie counting was great, but even at 1500 calories I had to do at least 45 minutes of cardio on a daily basis to see the weight loss. Maybe I just have high expectations and the weight loss I achieved then was actually pretty good. It just seemed like I had to work harder at it than I really should have had to. I went to a nutritionist before, on that contest I was in 5 years ago, but her advice was not very helpful (like: freezing sandwiches for the week. Frozen sandwiches go soggy. Giving me her cookbook filled with recipes that are either too big for one person or have ingredients that are just too expensive). That's why I've liked this 17 day diet, because everything is really simple. But the first cycle is just.. ridiculous and I've heard that from other people too. I'm really hoping the second cycle, which I'm going to start on Sunday rather than Thursday, will be better. I also have to work on getting more exercise in. So far this week, I've yet to go to the gym. Tonight I'm going - I told my coworker I'm bringing my Xbox with the Kinect in so we can do the dance routines.

Thanks so much for the recipe blog! I'm going to look over it - the pumpkin cupcakes sound devine! I love fall because of all the good hearty food (pumpkin muffins, etc). The carb cravings going away is another huge HOORAY! for you :D:D Those are awful, so it's great that you've managed to overcome them and/or learn mechanisms to overcome them.

patchworkpenguin: Glad to see that adding more wheat flour worked good for you! Chocolate muffins sound so good right now. I normally love salad, but a steady diet of it for 2-1/2 weeks is just overkill. I'm actually for the first time in a lo-o-o-ng time craving red meat and that's something I very rarely even have in the house. Time to move on to the next cycle and if that doesn't feel better, then move on to something else. It's not like I haven't tried, right? lol


Breakfast: Half a bowl of mom's home-made cream of potato soup with tons of veggies (she makes it with milk, rather than cream).
Snack: Cup of grapes.
Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwich on very expensive organic bread (I can't believe I paid $6 for the loaf).
Snack: Greek yogurt w/ a bit of strawberry jam.
Dinner: I have no freaking clue. Probably a reasonable portion of spaghetti with a side salad.
Snack: Cucumber slices and some cheese.
Exercise: 30 minutes with the Kinect.

09-22-2011, 10:00 AM
Sept 21
B= 2c milk, vits , banana
L= 1/2 chickfila chicken salad sand, small peach milkshake {so-so}
D= S'west Patties, homemade salsa, refried beans w cheese
S= choc muffin 2c milk
E= 30min cardio/weights

DixC Chix
09-22-2011, 10:22 AM

Shortly after posting on Tuesday, my dog had a seizure and had difficulty getting up or walking. Vet kept her overnight. They x-rayed her back and hips and confirmed what I suspected - severe arthritis. The best guess so far is that she had seizures because of whatever is going on in her head - dementia, etc., (panic attacks) and during the seizure(s) she damaged her spinal column which is causing the extreme weakness and numbness. She also has some kind of infection.
She is home now and I continue to give phenobarb, prednisone, baytril, benadryl. She is pretty much incontinent so I set up a area in LR with plastic and old blankets and towels, a couple of cushy dog beds and her food and water. She can only get up with help and walk with a towel sling under tummy. We are hoping that the steroids with reduce inflamation in the spine and hopefully see improvement in 5 days.

I made it to Onderland. In view of recent events, not nearly as significant as I thought it would be.

09-22-2011, 01:59 PM
Hi friends... the last couple of days have been kind of crazy - sorry to be MIA. I haven't stayed well on my plan. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get this food stuff under control. But - I just need to keep trying - because, just maybe, the next time will be THE time it takes.

MJ - thanks for the recipes.

As always, thanks to you all for being my WL friends - along with your constant support and holders of wisdom. Have a great day.

09-22-2011, 02:40 PM
Hi everyone! Oh my...I was just at the most boring meeting EVER! Ugh..and I was sitting right next to our Deputy Exec Director...so, yea, I couldn't even like play w/ my phone or anything..hahahahaha.

rainbowgirl--Sounds like you have an excellent plan for yourself. How was the gym? I LOVE fall too, my absolute favorite time of year. There are some great recipes on that site. I ended up ordering the e-book version of the cookbooks. I am making DH a " lemon chocolate chip angelfood cake w/ raspberry sauce" for his bday cake. It sounds SO fancy...but looks really easy. I'll let you know how it comes out!


DixC Chix--Oh no...I am so sorry. I hope your sweetie is doing better. Congrats on making it to Onederland.

Beverlyjoy--That's the important part, to keep trying. We are here for you!!!!

Tonight is the abs class again and Zumba! Wish me luck w/ class 2 of abs...

Enjoy your day!

09-23-2011, 01:07 AM
Sept 22
B= 2c milk, vits, banana
L= PBJ, sliced peaches
S= carrots, spicy ranch
L= PH Pasta, g beans, breadsticks, maranaria for dipping
S= 1/2 snickers
S= choc muffin, 2 c milk
E= none

Went to two Walmarts and a Target in search of Leslie Sansone's new workout 5 Fast Miles. No luck.

We got home to find that a huge branch {diameter of a dinner plate} fell out of the neighbor's tree, taking out their power!

I found a series of Blog enteries by a knitting designer called Fit to Flatter. http://www.amyherzogdesigns.com/f2f/ The idea is "don't spend time knitting a sweater that is the wrong style for you'. Hubby measured me and we found out that I'm a pear! I've been dressing for an apple/ruler for years and now I'm a pear. So I've been reading up on pears and found out that I've been doing a lot of the right things anyway. Good to know.

Chix, hope your doggie is better soon.

Beverly, all we can do is keep trying. Stopping is just giving up!

09-23-2011, 06:21 AM
Good Morning! It's Friday!!! YIPPEE!!! Any fun plans this weekend???

patchworkpenguin--I hope you find that workout. Her dvd's are a lot of fun...they are the the only ones I actually ever did consistently.

Last night my Zumba instructor asked me to help her at an event on Saturday. It's called "Healthy Sliders and Siders" Local restaurants are competing by making healthy sliders and side dishes. She is a guest judge. She is also doing some Zumba deomonstrations. She asked me to help with her presentation of how to make some healthy, but filling protein shakes. I told her I would be happy to! The point of the event is to raise awareness around healthy eating and being active and hopefully local restaurants will add their healthy creations to their menus. It sounds like a lot of fun!

So, Saturday is turning out to be a super busy day....workout in the am, grocery shopping, massage, the Healthy Sliders and Siders event, and making my hubby's birthday dinner. His bday was yesterday, but we are officially celebrating Saturday. He has requested pork chops, macaroni and cheese (I found a healthier version by Ellie Krieger on food network). I am also making a lemon chocolate chip angelfood cake w/ raspberry sauce. Actually...the mac and c and cake I will probably make tonight when I get home just because tomorrow is going to be so busy. Sunday....I am going to relax!!!

Hope you have a great day!!!

09-24-2011, 12:08 PM
Sept 23
B= 2 c milk, vits, 1/2 Chickfila salad sand
D= 1/2 Mex Chicken pizza {mix crust, salsa, taco sauce, sharp chedder, chicken onions, pepper}
S= choc muffin 2 c milk
S= apple w PB
E= 10min kettlebells {didn't like DVD}+ 30min cardio/weights

Sept 24; Hubby has gone to watch a friend and his entire family jump out of an airplane togther for the friends Bday. {Friend was a Army Ranger and this will be his 71st jump.}

Asked Mom about colors for the stole and she said after more thought she didn't want one, so I've started one for myself; but after seeing/trying on mine she may change her mind, LOL.

09-25-2011, 10:58 PM
Sept 25
B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
L= Jason's Deli cup Cheese Broc soup, blue corn chips, 1/2 Sarge Pepper's Sand
S= choc chips TOM related
D= homemade chili, 2 cornbread
S= Spice muffin
E= none

Sept 24,
B= 2 c milk, vits
L=roast beef sand
S= milk, choc muffin
D= Chickfila wrap, honey mustard dressing
S= apple w pb
E= 40min kickboxing

09-26-2011, 10:16 AM
Hi friends... I haven't given up. I am plodding along with healthy days and unhealthy days. I've been reading - just not posting.

I've made my plan for today. I got some kale. I am going to make kale chips today. Folks say they are good! I have lots of veggies in the house and all I need to have a healthy day. I need to muster up the willingness to push through.

Breakfast - toast, pnb, morningstar bacon, half yellow pepper, lite veggie dip
Snack - kale chips
Lunch - egg white salad, rice cakes, stewed tomatoes with parm cheese
Snack - fiber cereal, milk, fruit
Dinner - salmon, sweet potato, salad with evoo and vinegar
Snack - 2% cheese on rice cake, fruit

water, lots
stretches and strengthening
plan/measure/log food
eat seated only
no seconds
mindful slow eating - TASTE the food
distractions while eating, minimal
fork down between bites

Have a great day, friends.

09-26-2011, 11:03 AM
Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Beverlyjoy--let us know how the kale chips are. I have heard they are yummy!

DixC Chix--How are you and your sweet dog doing?

Well...the scale stayed the same this week. Not terribly thrilled, but not a gain, so I'll take it!

Actually, my goal for this week is to maintain as well. My bday is at the end of the week and my Zumba instructor has planned a "girls afternoon" trip to some local wineries. Her husband will be our chauffeur. It is going to be SO much fun!!! We will go to a few wineries and have dinner. Everyone going eats healthy, so that will make it a bit easier. Hubby is planning something for Sunday.

Hi to everyone else who stops in!

09-27-2011, 12:47 AM
Sept 26
B= 2 c milk, vits, banana
L= roast beef sand
D= Southwest Patty, salsa, refried beans {leftovers}
S=choc chips
S=apple w PB
E=50min abs/cardio/weights

This is TOM week and I feel I've been doing a good job on resisting sweets so far. I haven't weighed this week but have maintained my 2 lbs loss! I'm really excited about those measly 2 lbs, too!

MJ, your girls afternoon sounds great!

09-27-2011, 08:04 AM
Hi friends... yesterday was better. I stayed within my plan until bedtime. I loved the kale chips:


Seems like everyone is talking about kale chips lately. In this recipe the kale chips are actually crunchy. I put on garlic powder and parmesean cheese when they were done.. Very tasty. Mine didn't turn brown, however. I used a little less evoo when I made this recipe. They don't stay crunchy after storing. I plan to use the left overs with some white beans, and onion.

I will keep trying. I am in a 'I can't do it' frame of mind. I need to put that out of my mind because I CAN DO IT. I've done it before!!!!

Thanks to you all for your continual support.

Pwpenguin - yes!! those two pounds are important indeed.

Mj - you time with the girls sounds so fun... What day is your birthday this week?

Dixie - how's your doggie?

Have a great day.

09-27-2011, 10:37 AM
Good Morning! Absolutely awesome workout last night! My new workout "seems" simpler (at least on paper), BUT...I am supposed to use the heaviest weights I can, while maintaining proper form AND I am now doing 6 circuits instead of 3 (there are fewer exercises, though). Wow. I was soooo sweaty and tired, but energized by the time I was done. It was awesome. I am sore this am, but not nearly as sore as I thought I would be. I did a lot of stretching last night when I was done, so I know that helped.

patchworkpenguin--2lbs is AWESOME! Nothing measly about that! Great job resisting sweets during TOM week...that is a major accomplishment too!

Beverlyjoy--Congrats on a better day! I will have to check out the kale chips. I have heard a lot about them too. They sound yummy! You are right, you CAN do it! My bday is Thursday.

Ok, so the scale moved down this am, hahaha...of course today and NOT yesterday. Oh well...hopefully that will continue for the rest of the week! Also...it took me FOUR attempts to get dressed this am...all of the shirts I put on were too big. NOT complaining, that's for sure! So, obviously, positive changes happening. I have started a stack of items to donate, etc. My cousin (who is using the same trainer as me) is coming to town for her bridal shower next weekend has asked to go through any clothes I might have (she is a couple sizes behind me). So, I have started a box for her to go through.

Typical busy night tonight...I will talk to my Wellness Coach, haircut, Zumba, then home...finally!

Have a great day!!

09-27-2011, 12:20 PM
One of my favorite DVD workout instructors is coming out with a new series of 10 DVDs. This is a clip of one! Clips mean they will be shipping soon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Vck3uM3x4

I woke up with a sore throat and I can't decide if I'm hot or cold. I hope I'm not getting sick. I don't want to be sick!

09-27-2011, 11:33 PM
Today, I got a copy of Leslie's newest at Target on sale! Hopefully, I can do it soon. I'm not sure what I have yet if its just allergies or what. I tend to wake up with sore throat's when the weather is changing and I've gotten cold overnight, I think that was the case but I feel stuffy/headachy too. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I took a 1/2 dose of Dayquil during the day and my regular Benedryl overnight. I made chicken soup for lunch and had it again for dinner.

I saw Afterburn first but the clip for Slide and Glide looks like FUN, until they get to the abs section, LOL! http://cathe.com/slide-glide-video-clip

Sept 27,
B= 2 c mik, vits, banana
L= homemade chicken soup, 2 bread/butter
S= choc chips
S= cornbread
D= more chicken soup, 1/2 turkey sand, baked beans, cran juice

09-28-2011, 10:41 AM
Good Morning! Oh my goodness...SO super excited....so, the scale didn't move, BUT, I am now wearing a size 8!!!! So, obviously losing fat and gaining muscle. Have to LOVE that! I also found a really nice pair of tall, black boots. They are not the uber expensive one that I have been drooling over...but they are nice. I have decided that I will save up for the expensive ones, I just can't swing them right now. We have some house repairs coming up soon, the holidays, etc...and I can't justify a major expense like that, yet. I will treat myself to them, though. Just have to save for them.

patchworkpenguin--that's awesome! So great that your favorite dvd instructor is putting out a new workout AND you found the new Leslie dvd on sale! Ugh, I hope you feel better. I know my allergies have been horrible. They tend to be worse in the fall anyway, but this year is terrible.

Hopefully today will be less chaotic at work...I felt like I was chasing myself all day and didn't accomplish a darn thing.

Oh..girls afternoon is actually Sunday (there was a miscommunication there..oops!), which is fine. Actually, that works better because I can keep my appt w/ my kickboxing coach (if she hasn't given the appt to someone else...) and I have asked to take Monday off, which will be nice!

Gym workout tonight...I *think* my quads have recovered, hahaha...can't wait!

09-28-2011, 10:56 AM
Hi friends... not a healthy day yesterday... phooey. The scale says I've gained since last week. It should.. I am not surprised. But, I am not giving up. Here is my plan:

breakfast - peanut butter toast, pumpkin with smart balance margerine, cinn, sf syrup
snack - yellow pepper strips
lunch - black beans and 2% cheese wrap, green beans
snack - cereal, fruit, milk
dinner - out - salad with chicken, Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad
snack - cheese on rice cake

lots of water
eat seated
log food/plan food

I'll try to get back for personals later.

Have a good day!!

09-29-2011, 09:23 AM
Happy Birthday to MJ... hope you have a wonderful day!

Hi friends... yesterday was healthy.... YAY. I am so grateful.

Today I have much to do to get ready for my family coming for a visit... along with getting a hair cut and color. I am going with my 88 year old mom. I have to giggle - we call it our afternoon of beauty. She loves it and me too.

breakfast - pnb toast, pumpkin, margerine, cinn., sf syrup
snack - roasted green beans
lunch - eggs and cheese, toast, stewed tomatoes with parm
snack - cereal, fruit, milk
dinner - cheese toast, tomato soup, carrots
snack - fruit, rice cake with pnb

PWpenguin - how's the new workout dvd.

MJ - SIZE EIGHT Awesome... so proud and happy for you!

09-29-2011, 09:40 AM
MJ, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :carrot: congrats on the size 8

Beverly, I really like Leslie's latest workout, 5 Really Big Miles. It has a seperate wu, cooldown/stretch, has two toning miles using a stretchie band which comes with the DVD, and 3 faster miles. The set is bright and she has some new/old walkers including some family memebers. New moves and not the same 'done to death' music help out a lot. I did 45min yesterday

I ate a lot yesterday, I'm not even sure what/how much, not really mindless snacking, but if I wasn't activly eating/drinking my stomach hurt, like I was starving or had an ulcer. Not sure what was going on there, if it was the meds or if being sick was causing me to burn through my daily cals quickly.

09-29-2011, 11:35 AM
Good Morning!

Thank you for the bday wishes! It is going to be a great day! My friend (and other manager) at work is taking the on call phone for me today (love her!!!) AND I am leaving work early to get a mani/pedi!!!

Beverlyjoy--Enjoy your day of beauty! Special time w/ your mom, that sounds awesome! Since my mom moved away, we don't spend nearly enough time together and I miss it.

patchworkpenguin--Hope you are feeling better! Your new dvd sounds great!

My hubby is making me healthy cupcakes for a treat tonight (pumpkin w/ pumpkin chocolate frosting) He just called and said they are in the oven and said they smell yummy! Yea...he has the day off and I'm at work...what's up with that???? Oh well...at least I am leaving early. I am going to abs and zumba tonight...no reason to skip them just because it's my bday. Besides...with going on the winery tour this weekend, I want to make sure I stick to my normal routine all week.

Have a great day everyone!!!

09-30-2011, 10:17 AM
Happy Friday! Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I have a busy, but fun filled weekend AND Monday off..which will be most wonderful! Tonight is kickboxing, tomorrow is strength training and *I think* my 1:1 session w/ my kickboxing coach, shopping w/ my hubby for my bday/anniv present (a new anniv ring), Sunday is Zumba and the wine trail w/ the girls! THAT will be super fun! Monday will be my catch up on stuff at home/lounge day.

The cupcakes were really yummy! I ate one. We have given the leftovers away to friends. I really didn't want them in the house...Hubby was so happy that he was able to make me something so healthy. He loves to bake, but hasn't been doing any of his "normal" baking. I told him he could, just to please package stuff up and either freeze it or not make a whole bunch because he would be the only one eating it. He said that he would rather find healthy alternatives that we could both enjoy. LOVE him.

Hope you are having a great day. Do something nice for yourself today. You deserve it!