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01-26-2003, 11:19 AM
Yeah Lauren!!!!!!U did wonderful!!! I admit..I am the wuss of the group but I guess the epidural would have had to happen at some point with the section!!!! I cant wait for pics!!! Just to let U know..the jaundice disappeared with Kaylee by the 2 week checkup after the milk supply came in and the poopie diapers began!!!I am looking at her while I am typing...She is 8lbs 14oz this morning and I cant imagine getting her out without meds!!! I have to say again.."U R something!!!!!"Glad all is ok!!!Did U say "next time I willl get the Demerol early????" I am ready when U r!!!haha Post them pics at growspurts...they will adjust the size automatically!!!

Got to run feed!!! Let me know if U need some BF advice!!! I think I finally got the hang of it!!!!
PS..If U post and say how great Petey sleeps at night, I will scream!!!Please put a warning at the top of that post soo I will not read!!!!!:stress: :stress: :stress: :stress: :stress: :stress:


01-26-2003, 02:26 PM
:balloons: Congratulations Lauren on the birth of Peter James :balloons:

Didn't get a chance to check in yesterday because we were out at the MI Camper and RV Show. I think my feet are about a 1/2 inch shorter :( . But it was fun. We're thinking of moving up from a tent so we can take the dogs along. Don't trust them in a soft side.

Have done pretty well meeting my 4 goals for the 2 weeks/ month (haven't decided yet). K leaves for Lousianna today he'll be gone a week. Let's hope I can stick to plan this week with him gone (one of my goals is to stop eating meals in front of the TV which is hard to do by myself)!! I also have to remember to feed the fish :crossed: the dogs and cat won't let me forget.

Oh well...

Have a great week everyone :D

-Tech :wave:

01-26-2003, 05:19 PM
hi all.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday.

Dh & I drug ourselves to workout today. I'm happy that we did. I could have been talked out of it really easy, him too, so I'm proud of us!

DS got his first letter back from his law school applications - he was accepted at Georgetown. WooHoo! :D

have a healthy day.

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01-26-2003, 08:20 PM
Hi All,

Thanks for all the congrats!!

DH has not had time to edit the pics, so I picked a few and posted them on Growth Spurts...enjoy!! :D

Pics of Peter (http://www.growthspurts.com/view.asp?s=81208)

Rabbit- Good for you and DH exercising!! Congrats to DS on Georgetown!!

Tech- I love watching those RV shows on TV, I wish we could get one and just travel around!! Hope the fish aren't floating by the time DH gets back!! :lol:

RR- Uh, no, I will not be saying anything remotely close to "Petey sleeps great!". :( We were up all night last night!! :cry: Every hour on the hour, and occasionally on the half hour too. I was/am soo tired. I think it was a combination of him being a little cold and a little gassy. Our bedroom is cold, and while I did have him in a onesie, a gown, sock, swaddled and a hat, once I gave in and brought him to bed with us (DH's idea, not mine), he was fine...and toasty. Also, he had a lot of gas, pooped a few times, and a lot of farting/burping. I got the drops out and gave him a little bit. Don't know if it helped or not, because it was the same time I brought him to bed, but he did fine the rest of the night.

BF'ing is a lot harder than I thought! I knew it wasn't gonna be a piece of cake, but man, do my nips hurt!! :( They're both very tender, and the right one is cracked a little. Looks like he gave me a hicky on that side!! :lol: I see stars every time he latches on, and after 15 min. I'm praying he's done. The left side is fine after a minute, the right side is dreadful through the whole session. Can't find my tube of Lansinoh, so I put a little vasoline on last night...is that alright? My milk is starting to come in, noticed it this AM. Haven't felt it yet though, like a let down or anything. I'll be happy to hear any advice you have!! I'm going to try pumping some tonight, to see if that works. I'm thinking it shouldn't hurt soo much, because there's no direct contact with nipple itself.

God, I pray tonight is a better night!!

01-27-2003, 08:47 AM
Breast FEeding talk soo anyone can skip it!!!:D

Lauren--Dont use the vaseline because it is petroleum based and may clog up those little openings...I found that putting some breast milk on the nipples(tip from the nurse) healed them faster than that lanolin stuff..I remember almost crying and praying she would eat faster cuz of the pain but trust me..it will be over after the first week..I had to pump one because it was bleeding and cracked soo bad but after expressing a little milk and covering the nipple with it..it healed quick...Also, U can pump alot at the same time he is nursing the other one alot easier..Just make sure U drink tons cuz U will be low on supply in the evening if U dont...
I Mylicon Kaylee every night before bedtime..It makes the difference in the world..U can use it 12 times/day cuz it isnt absorbed in their systems..I use it at least 5 times/day.
Confession:Kaylee sleeps with me every night...She starts out in her cradle and then when she gets up to eat at 11pm..she is in the bed for the night..She sleeps better and it was easier for me with the incision than getting in and out of the bed....
She is going through that six week growth spurt soo will cluster feed and then she wanted to eat every 2 hrs last night..It happens at 3 weeks also...It is soo cool cuz she now coos and laughs and makes me giggle!!!!
Petey is adorable!!! Soo much hair!!! Kaylee is loosing the dark and I can see white-blonde comming in..Her eyelashes and eyebrows are soo blonde that U can not see them..I bet Petey stays dark headed for sure!!! Jim looked soo happy!!!!and U looked sooo tired!!! COngrats again!!!!

Sorry everyone!!! I will start pm'ing if ya'll get tired of baby stuff!!!!!:?: :?:
Have a great day all!!!!

01-27-2003, 09:07 AM
Hi All,

Well, we had a better night last night...only because I didn't even bother with the bassinet, he came straight to bed with us! Yeah, I'm selfish, when it comes to sleep, I need it!! Right now Mr. I Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed is in his bouncy seat with the vibrator and tunes on! Thank God he is sleeping...for how long, I don't know.

RR- Thanks...duh...never even thought about the vasoline and ducts. I pumped twice yesterday, about 2.5 hrs. apart. Got 2 oz. total from both boobs each time. I think that's OK though, isn't it? I thought I heard the nurse tell the lady next to me that her baby will probably eat about 1-2 oz. per feeding. He was formula fed though, so I'm not sure if I should have more. It was such a relief to pump. I surprisingly don't feel that bad about not nursing him, because at least he's getting breast milk, and he's not frustrated doing it.
I'm gonna continue this saga in a PM, because it could get long and drawn out, and I don't wanna bore everyone on here with the mess!! :)

Have a great day all!!

I am Tab
01-27-2003, 10:03 AM
Hello Everyone...

I am new to this thread I have been lurking *sorry*. I would like to say congrats to LBH with her new bundle of joy and also congrats to RR on your little one.

I will try and post my bio under the bio section. I have never done that before....I hope it works.

I have been battling the weight loss issue my whole life. My highest weight was 252 at age 28. I set a goal and told myself that I wanted to lose 100lbs by the time I turned 30. Well I didn't achieve the whole 100lbs but I was 90lbs lighter on my 30th b-day. I am now 33. And I have pretty much maintained this weigh loss.

Well I got engaged on Sept 29th of 2001 and was married on October 19, 2002. And during this whole engagement/wedding planning I put on some weight I would say like 20lbs and then we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and I am sure that I gained more. So when we got back from honeymoon and the wedding was over i realized that my clothes were very snug and when I stepped on the scale I was weighing in at 173lbs. Yikes....I was soooo worried that the numbers were going up.

I was soooo upset and I called my girlfriend who had just had her 3rd baby and we decided to join LA Weightloss. Yes, it was expensive but I was desperate. I joined LA Weightloss on Nov 6th weighing 173 and I have lost 26lbs so far. I still have a few more pounds to go before I reach goal.

wow....sorry to go on and on....I am going to go do my bio and I hope that I can post here with all of you.

Take Care

01-27-2003, 02:14 PM
Congrats LBH!!!! He is beautiful!! You go girl!! :queen: I don't know about the others but I love reading about the trials and tribulations you new moms are going thru -- cracked nips, no sleep, breast pumps, etc. It makes me love my dog all the more. :lol: Since I don't have kids I find it all very interesting.

Tabs, welcome!! It sounds like you've done great in the past. I hope you future goes as successfully. Keep posting and give us some inspiration.

I'm having a really hard time and it's making me very frustrated that I can't get into a routine of being on plan. We went out to eat both Fri and Sat night and I did okay. I got the grilled shrimp instead of fried like I was wanting Fri night. On Sat I halved everything on my plate and took a to-go box home but by no means was it anything lite. When I'm at home I find myself just wanting to eat -- I'm craving food, nothing in particular. I found myself eating an ice cream popsicle after breakfast. Somebody help me please!!! This week I'm am officially on a "diet" and I hate that "D" word but I have to do something to drop a few pounds before my vacations. I'm going to the Keys on 2/5 and Tahoe on 2/19. All the other girls on the trips will be skinny so I want to have lost some weight so I don't feel quite so self conscious. So far today I'm doing great. Hopefully I can keep it up.

01-27-2003, 02:45 PM
I hope I am posting this right! I was a 3FC member about 2 or 3 years ago and decided to come on back since it was so helpful then. I lost a lot of weight and am back on track but really need the daily support.

I am working out every day and have cut all of the white flour and sugar out as well as cheese. I have cut portions and so far am losing, but of course, as we all probably feel at some point or another that I am going to lose motivation, get off track, etc. My husband and I are going on a cruise in 4 weeks to the Caribbean and I've lost 10 but it's a drop in the proverbial bucket and this is going to take longer than the next 4 weeks to accomplish but so far so good.

Thanks for being here (congratulations to you Lauren!) and I hope I become a regular on this thread!


01-27-2003, 03:44 PM
Welcome Tab and Sophie!!! Keep posting and get to know everyone!!!My name is Vicki and I am officially sort of on a diet today after having a baby 5 weeks ago!!!!Honestly--i eat what I can drink or hold in 1 hand while holding an almost 10lb baby..
When she sleeps, my nap and bath is more important..Excecise in now running to the crib when she calls or walking and singing for 2 hrs every night!!!!

Lauren--the pumped quantity will go up...Do it first thing in the morning when they are full..also what u remove today, will replace itself in the same amount tomorrow..(supply=demand)

I had my 5 week post checkup today..Now, I have the "wife"job to do along with motherhood!!!:sssh: :sssh: :sssh: Hmmmmm..didnt she say not until the baby is 6months? :devil: I have no restrictions and can start excercising..I have lost 25lbs since Kaylee was born which puts me less than when I got pg...I do have about 12 lbs to lose to get where I was before the first pg and getting married so I will have to get serious yet maintain the calories for feeding.

Liz--U sound like the busy traveler!!! I hate the D word also!!!

Off to feed!!!!

01-27-2003, 07:59 PM

Lauren - he's a cutey. And he looks so healthy. :D
OK, I know no one is asking for advice on these sleeping w/babies issues, but I must caution you! In situations that I have seen where parents do the same thing you all are doing, the babies never learn to put themselves to sleep very well and they become kids who don't put themselves to sleep very well and it goes on for years! I have a niece who will be 8 years old in March and to this day does not sleep in her room. My sister learned her lesson after this first one and the doctor said hey, whatever you have to do, if you don't have the room to put him in a room alone to sleep, put him in the closet. And they did, they rolled his crib into their walk in closet (crazy as that may sound). He goes to bed just fine, whereas his sister won't even go to bed alone - someone has to go with her every night. Sorry if I'm butting in and I'll step off my soap box now! :soap: You all have to do what you think is right, just a caution.

Tab - welcome! Congrats on your losses!

Liz - your vacation plans sound fun. :cool:

Sophie - welcome to you also! Your cruise sounds fun.

OK, gotta run.

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01-27-2003, 07:59 PM
Hi all!!

Lauren: Congrats!! I'm so happy that Petey finally got here all on his own. DH was tired of me looking for a place to check in here all weekend. They had all these places that said public internet access but none actually did :(. So glad to hear that you are both doing well. I'm going to check out the pics next!!

Lemme tell you guys....it was freezing in VT!! On the way up the car thermometer was -9. It was kinda boring sitting around the condo while they skied. DH was done by lunchtime both days so we had some time together. I went shopping yesterday and found the CUTEST fleece blankies for Alex. One is receiving blanket size and has a hood sewn into it with little tassles on the top and the other is just a regular size blanket. It's got space ships on it like the stuff I like from Pottery Barn Kids. Think I am committed to the space ship theme now!! We went shopping at the Carters outlet today and they are having SUCH a sale. Let's just say my reluctance to buy baby stuff is now over!! They had $5 and $7 racks with the cutest stuff. I got him two pair of jeans one in 6 month and one in 9 month. I figured he could always use those.

RR: Sorry that Kaylee isn't sleeping so well. Please keep telling the stories on here!! That's how I intend to figure out what to do. I had a weird dream last night that Alex was born and he was three feet tall and talking!! I had a hard time handling him and he kept saying he preferred a bottle NOT BF. Think that means I'm a little anxious about this whole thing?? :D

Hi Tab and Shophie!! Welcome to our group. You will find lots of support here.

I have to go start dinner now. Sorry to all I have missed I will catch up later!! Have a super evening!!

01-28-2003, 04:34 AM
Hi All,

Yeah, it's 3:00 AM...guess I have to catch up when I can! DH sent me to bed at 8:00, and I woke up at 11:30 when he came to bed with Peter. I had pumped a record 5 oz. earlier, so that got DH through 2 feedings. Yeah!! :D But he was ready to eat again, so I got up and pumped some more. Got 4 oz., so I put 2 oz. in the fridge, and fed him the other 2 oz. Just fed him the second 2 oz. at 2:30, and came out to pump some more. I guess since I haven't had that much to drink, since I was sleeping, I only got about 1.5 oz. in each bottle. That'll do though, he'll have his next feeding around 5:00 I suppose, and then I'll pump more. Having a nice big glass of water now, so hopefully then I'll be able to pump enough for a couple feedings. Anything to avoid having to actually nurse him!! Man, does that sound horrible?? Gosh, I'm soo in love with him, but I just can't nurse him, it hurts too much, and stresses up both out.

Tab- Welcome! Thanks for the congrats! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Liz- :lol: Glad we can provide some "entertainment" for you!! :lol: Hang in there, you'll reach your goals! Hey, as long as it's a healthy pop, go ahead and have it! Have you had the TCBY chocolate sorbet pops? They're out of this world and taste just like a regular fudge pop!

Sophie- Welcome! I went on a cruise a couple years ago and lost 4 lbs.!! :eek: And trust me, I wasn't watching a darn thing I was eating!! :lol: It was a Royal Caribbean cruise and I did the "ship shape" program, which just meant we participating in a lot of the exercise stuff, like walking around one of the decks each AM 5 times was one mile. Plus all the walking we did on the excursions, it didn't feel like we were exercising!

RR- I don't even wanna hear the "no restrictions" word!! :lol: I can't imagine even going there!! Congrats on the weight lost soo far!! I stepped on the scale on Sunday and had only lost 10 lbs. I was kinda bummed, but whatever, I'm not gonna stress about it until the 6 wks. or so is up. A nurse from the maternity ward called today to see how I was and how things were going. I told her good, except for BF'ing. She of course suggested calling a LC, and I said I would. At this point, I honestly think I would rather pump exclusively, but we'll see. Maybe once we're on more of a schedule, I'll have the patience to figure it out. He just doesn't like to latch on correctly. Doesn't like to take a mouthful.

Rabbit- Thanks! Actually, I really don't mind hearing anyone's advice. My brother told me not that long ago to not bring him to bed because he's still got 1 or 2 in their bed! My neice is 8 and nephew 5!! :eek: I swore I would never do it, but I have. Was actually thinking maybe if I put his bassinet in the living room, where it's warmer than our BR, and sleep out there with him, he'll sleep, but I don't know. Maybe I'll try, because I don't really sleep much better with him in the bed...of course he loves it though...what could be better than sleeping between two warm bodies?!

Karen- Thanks! :lol: on the dream, I had one of those!! I love Carters!! I have to control my clothes buying urge though, he doesn't need anything!! It was soo cold here today, the florist came to drop off a fruit basket from the fire house and I nearly died when I opened the door!! :eek:

OK, now it's 3:33 and i have to go to sleep, before I know it, it will e 5:00!!

01-28-2003, 07:56 AM
Hi Everyone!

This is the first chance I've had to post in so long! I lost my job at the end of December (I was laid off with a package and I new it was coming but it was still hard). Now I'm working at a contract job until the middle of march and can you believe - no internet there!!! AHHH! I don't know what to do with myself and I don't get the same time to "visit" as I used to so here I am early in the morning before I leave for work. Things are the same with me otherwise, fighting to stay below 150 (mostly successful so far) and looking for better job.

I just had to say hi to the new moms and congratulations to Lauren, I'm so happy for you and don't worry about all the baby talk - doesn't bother me at all! I find it all fascinating and while I'm at it let me just ask - you gave a newborn a bottle? I think that's great but I wonder why so many people I know waited until they were quite older and then had so much trouble getting them to take the bottle - is there any reason why you should wait? I'm storing all this information away hoping I'll get to use it one day.

Hi to the new people - stop in more than I do - you'll like it here :)

I'll try to check in a little more, but I'm always lurking and my husband hogs the computer at home. Work was my time.

Have a great day,

01-28-2003, 08:50 AM
Good Morning all,

I am waiting to go take my Gestational Diabetes test today. I'm a little nervous. I think I'm gonna pass OK but there is still a nervous little thought in there that I won't. I was going to go to work afterwards but they called and said not to bother cause we have no patients. Now I can go show MIL all the stuff I got this weekend!!

Lauren: He's such a cutie!! I was showing DH the pics and he was quite impressed. (He thinks you're a cutie too :) ). All of the research I've done agrees with RR's advice on the BF. Letting the nips air dry and not giving up. They all say it hurts the first week or so. I'm not looking forward to that part either. I've been researching at Storknet.com. Maybe you can find something helpful there.

Elisa: I'm so sorry about your job. I hope you find one soon. No internet humm. That's a bummer. I only have access at home but thank goodness I have it here. There are at least three computers running in my home at any given time so I don't have to worry about DH letting me online!! If I had to wait for him to get off I would never get here!! Congrats on staying below 150.

Hope you guys have a great day!!

01-28-2003, 11:01 AM
Rabbit(and any other "moms")Please give us newbies the advice!!! I look forward to any words of wisdom!!!!

Karen--Good luck on the test!!! Remember, it isnt the end of the world if u test positive..Of course, I only cried 3 days when I did each time!!! LOL...Really, good luck and dont stress!!!!!That is way too cold!!! I whine about 30's here!!!!

Lauren--U r doing great with the pumping..3 oz is all I can get on top of what she takes for 15-20 minutes..What pump do u have??Dh surprised me with a Medela Pump in Style he ordered after researching pumps..I had a small Medela but it isnt fast or efficient enough for me to go back to work...He is soo good to me....and soo funny!!!!!!!Havent opened it yet...Call the LC whenever..they are great!!!
Also, my weightloss happened after 1 month...I had only lost 8 lbs when I got home..That darn pitocin and the stress of labor gives U extra fluid!Dont weigh again until 1 month...DH was happy cuz the OB said since I was soo healthy, and did soo well with this pg and delivery, I could get pg in 6 months!!!!

Elisa--We will soon be pros!!!!Glad to see u around!!!!!

Kaylee did much better last night...DH put her to sleep at 8pm and she stayed in her own cradle until 11pm..then went back into her cradle at 11:30 and woke up every 2 hrs after that but didnt cry and went back to sleep...Rabbit is right...the book says that U should put them in the crib to play and make them see it as a happy place also...but I am spoiled to the ease of just reaching and feeding!!!!!

Have a great day all!!!

I am Tab
01-28-2003, 11:51 AM
Hello Everyone...

Thanks for the warm welcome wishes. I am looking forward to positng. I love to read about the babies. Now that I think that we might be ready it is nice to hear the stories. I don't know if I will ever "be ready" I think I can just be well prepared *smile*

KarenK....how far along are you?? I am not even pregnant and I see things that I would just love to buy and hold onto until that day comes.

LBH...Wow...sounds like your sleep schedule is all crazy. Are you a stay at home mom or are you planning on going back to work? I saw that you went on an Royal Carribean cruise what ship were you one. I just loved the cruise. Very excited to plan our next one. As my husband jokes maybe we can get pregnant on the cruise and bring home a little souviner...*smile*

Sorry for sooooo many questions but since I am new I am trying to read old posts and catch up.

Sophie..We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and it was wonderful. What cruise line are you going on. We went on Royal Carribean and it was great. We went to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamacia. Very beautiful. We have already starting planning our 1 yr anniversary. We plan to do another cruise. Bad thing about cruise is there is soooo many temptations when it come to the food. They have healthy stuff but boy do they have bad stuff. Like LBH I did the ShipShape stuff too but I didn't lose weight I gained but it was worth it.

Well hope everyone has a good day and the new moms get some rest.

01-28-2003, 01:09 PM
Hi All,

Tab- We were on Enchantment of the Seas. We went on the Western Caribbean cruise. It was great, but we had been dating 7 months at the time and DH had already made the plans, so I shared the room with him and his brother!! LOL, it was funny, because they both got really ill, I didn't. We think it was the stuffed lobster...another good reason I don't like seafood!! ;) Probably the reason I lost and didn't gain was because we could never stay awake for the midnight buffet!! In fact, the night of the grand buffet, we actually set the alarm clock to get up and see it, and take pics!! We didn't get to eat anything, because first you go and take pics, then they let you back to eat! We took pics, and went back to bed!! :lol:
Unfortunately I have to go back to work. :( I really don't want to, and it tears me up to think of it, but we can't swing it right now. In 2 yrs. we're hoping that our debt is paid off and I can stay home.

RR- I have the Medela PIS. The wife of the doctor my mom works for gave me hers. I just bought all new tubing. I would've bought it if she didn't give it to me. I probably would've gotten the backpack model though. I love it soo far. I've been trying to pump every few hours today. Right now I'm only up a couple feedings, so I'm not freezing any yet. I guess once I get a day up I'll freeze it. Do you have a bottle warmer? I have a Safety 1st Dawn to Dusk bottle warmer. It has a cooler with an ice pack to store a couple bottles in, and then the heating unit. I haven't used it yet, since I just started pumping.

Elisa- Welcome back, good to see you!! :D Hope you find a better job soon, the market is soo bad.

Karen- Thanks! Your DH has bad taste!! :lol: I mean, he made the right choice with you, but if he thought I was cute...geez, you'll never have any competition!! :lol:

Well, gotta wake up my little man to feed him, it's been quite awhile! He takes after his mommy in that he loves his sleep!!

01-28-2003, 02:31 PM
I'm going on a Holland America cruise. 14 days in the Caribbean! We went for 10 days to Mexico last year and I did lose 5 lbs. :dancer: So I'm looking forward to another loss this time. The last time, however, I didn't realize 24 hr. room service until the very end!

Everyone here sounds great! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the new and expectant moms and other lives in this group.


01-28-2003, 05:29 PM

Lots of posts today! I've been doing research on student loans for ds today - school is so expensive!

Lauren & RR - so glad I didn't tick anyone off!! Whew! I wasn't sure if I should say anything, I just know when I am at my sister's it's really a pain in the patoot. :)

Lauren - I wouldn't worry about that weight loss yet either. ~ glad to hear Peter is a good sleeper so far. ~ that ship shape thing you did on the cruise sounds great. Is that the one with all the choices for dining? I've been doing a little cruise research.

RR - One little sleep funny to share. I can remember after bringing ds home from the hospital, I'd wake up at night and watch him because I couldn't wait for him to wake up! He slept through the night real early also. I'm sure you're thrilled to hear that...

Elisa - hello! Yeah on maintaining your weight and good luck on your job hunt. :)

Sophie - what a long cruise! I've been looking into maybe a 3-4 day one.

bye for now.

*op since 1/20/03

01-28-2003, 06:48 PM
Hello All,

Came down to check my e-mail and decieded to check in here too. Lots of posts in the last couple of days, so I'll have to keep the reply short since I have to go to WW soon.

Have been doing better using the book journal, although Sunday was ugly, I went way over points and they were really bad for you stuff. Oh well, yesterday I was back on track but today I'm really under because I have an upset tummy and the runs :(. Hopefully all will go well tonight. I have been eating in front of the TV too much with K gone, I just don't like eating at the table by myself unless I read which is just as distracting as watching TV. Does anyone else have this problem?

LBH & RR - I'm with Liz all your stories (and my sister's) make my appretiate the beasts :lol:.

Rabbit - Congrats on working out when you didn't want to :D.

Liz - I'm with you on the "D" word. Good luck jump starting your losses.

Elise - welcome back! Sorry about the job situation, good luck finding a new one.

Soph - Welcome. Good luck loosing for your cruise.

Tab - Welcome to you too. You can never ask too many questions.

Karen - Hope your test went well :).

Well gotta go send a couple of e-mails before I head out. It started snowing about an hour ago and we're supposed to get a couple of inches. Of course K is down south where it's warmer and I have to shovel snow :rolleyes:

Have a great day everyone.

- Tech :wave:

01-28-2003, 07:04 PM
Hi all,

Whew, I am so exhausted!! I went shopping with MIL today and Alex made out like a bandit!! She was having fun spending money and I was having fun letting her. :s: We now have a lot of stuff for his room. I got the Outer Space stuff from Pottery Barn Kids. We got bumper pads, wall decorations, the cutest night lite shaped like a rocket ship, the dust ruffle and 2 sheets. I decided not to get a quilt 1) it's expensive and 2) you can't keep it in the crib. I figured why bother. Now I have to get cracking on that room. It would really only take a couple hours to empty it out but trying to get DH to help has been a pain. Maybe now he will help. :)

I don't have the test results back yet but I am hoping they are OK!! That drink was like flat Sprite, yum!! I HAVE TO START GOING EVERY TWO WEEKS NOW!!!! Can I say that that makes me SO nervous!! Yikes. My hands start shaking (my classic nerve sign!) at the very thought. I was reading my Week By Week guide the other day and it said: Start thinking about delivery... I think: It's a little soon isn't it? Next line in book: You are 2/3 done. Me: No, I still have two more weeks in my second trimester. Book: Next week you will be starting your third trimester. Me: AAAIIYYYEEEEE.........

Tab: I am due May 1st and MIGHTY nervous!! That is so much closer now than when I found out in Sept!! The cruise sounds like it was fun. We thought about a cruise but DH gets seasick and I am terrified of drowning. I don't think we would have a good time. (Dare I mention that DH and I met when we arranged to go Scuba Diving!! I was working on getting over the fear but it just didn't work!!) Have fun working on that little "souvenier".

Lauren: Hope things are going better today. I was showing my MIL those bouncy vibratie things in BRU today. She thought they were great. I told her to put the word out for me!! Also for a swing........... A pack 'n play........... Never hurts to let them know what you like. :D Hey, you are too cute!! Just blush and say Thank you nicely!! No putting yourself down!!

RR: Is the pump you were talking about an electric one? I've read that a dual electric one is the best especially if you need to pump quickly for going back to work (which will be my case since my time at work is billable, I have to be careful with it).

Rabbit: One of the most trying times I can remember being with one of my friends was when she would try to put her child to bed at night. He would scream and cry for HOURS...it was hard to listen too for me, I can only imagine what it was like for her. That is one of the things I am really dreading. I hope he goes to sleep nicely.

Oh, good news from the doctor today. He was really happy with my weight. He says if things keep on like this I will give birth and loose wt. I sure hope so. I also haven't been very hungry the last few days so I had lost a pound today from my last visit.

OK, I've written an entire novel here so I guess I will go now. Have a great evening.

01-29-2003, 06:29 AM
GOod MOrning!!!
It is 4:16 am and me and Kaylee are "playing"..This is the only time she is wide eyed and not wanting to go back to sleep...I laugh cuz when i rock her she closes those eyes and laughs.WE are having clothes problems with onsies cuz the 3-6 months are way too big(her arms come out the neck) and the 0-3 are too short..I am just using the "sacks" with socks!!!!She gets soo needy and hungry acting right before the grothspurts.. happened at 3 weeks and now we r at 6 weeks.She is making me nuttier than when pg!!!!

Karen-The room sounds great!!!Scan a pic!!!!

Tech--Dont envy that snow shoveling!!!Of course, I have never done it!!!!
Gotta run!!!

01-29-2003, 10:48 AM
Hi All,

Made it through another night...man, this mothering stuff is hard work!! Mr. Peter did not want to settle down last night, so we headed to bed at 11:00. DH came home from his officer's mtg. at 11:30, the Chief wouldn't shut up, so he took him and fed him a bottle and hung out in the LR with him so I could go to sleep. Not sure when they came to bed! Woke up at 2:00 or so to DH feeding him again. I heard him fussing, but must've blocked it out!! :eek: Geez, what kind of mom am I?! Poor DH looked soo tired. I got up with him at 4:30 and gave him the last couple oz. of that bottle. Then we got up at 7:00, when DH came to say goodbye. He ate all 3 oz. I had pumped!! So I put him in the little portable bassinet in the LR and pumped some more. Got 5 oz. total!! WooHoo, it's soo exciting. :rolleyes: Can't wait til I get enough to start storing it away in the freezer. Guess that's not gonna happen unless I'm faithful about pumping every couple hours, after I feed him. Hey, it's good practice to make sure I'm getting plenty of water in too! :D

RR- Petey tends to be wide awake at around 5:00 too! That's when I used to wake up to pee while PG, and I'd feel him awake too. :D Can you get some of those snap extenders for the onesies? They're like bra extenders, but for the crotch of the onesies. My landlady came over last night, chomping at the bit to see the baby, and she asked me what I wanted, because she wanted to get us something. I told her honestly, I just need more 0-3 onesies! Turns out I have way more 3-6 clothes than 0-3!
Called the pediatrician's yesterday and made a few appointments. I don't know if it's just NJ or all over, but the doctors are striking for one day on Feb. 3rd...possibly for the week, because of the ridiculously high malpractice insurance. So instead of a 2 wk. appt. on the 6th, we're going this Friday, then not until the 4 wk., then 2 month. That's how they schedule them. That's fine, because the LC wanted me to take him at 1 wk. to be weighed anyway, to make sure he gained back enough. He was 8.3 when we left the hospital.

Karen- Cool on all the stuff you got! You'll definitely have to post pics when you get it decorated!! Wow, I can't believe you're at 2 wk. appts. already!! :D Time flies, huh? Before you know it, you'll be holding your little munchkin!! I had the orange flavor drink, and thought it was fine. It wasn't flat, just not quite as bubbly as orange soda. We have the FP Kick n' Play bouncer. I like it...Peter's not impressed yet! We haven't used the swing yet, because we don't have batteries!!

UGH...thermostat's not working...I'll be back...

01-29-2003, 03:35 PM

I finished the tortilla chips yesterday, not going to be buying any more of those for awhile. I don't seem to stop. :dizzy:

Tech - thanks! ~ good luck at your weigh in. Mine is tomorrow and I'm not showing a loss yet on my scales. ~ I eat dinner in front of the tv all the time when no one is here. I know it's not the best idea. ~ enjoy the snow!

Karen - sounds like a great shopping trip! :) ~ Oh no on your friend. Don't worry, that doesn't sound typical.

RR - you're having so much fun! :bb:

Lauren - sounds like thing are going well. Nice that you've got dh there to help out. (seems kind of alien to me, I did it alone).

have a good one.

*op since 1/20/03

01-29-2003, 03:42 PM
Well just completed a 5 mile walking trip over a 90 minute period..pushing the stroller and singing...Little munchkin grinned half the way and slept for the other half soo I kept on pushing..The weather is soo great....72degrees!!!She has been soo irritable if we stop moving and then smiles when we move..Hmmmm...could having a hyperactive mother spoiled her in utero????? This is an easy way for excercise!!!!

01-29-2003, 04:46 PM
Hi All,

Got the thermostat fixed, apparently when I was trying to reprogram it, I somehow locked it!! Thank goodness the instruction manual was online. :rolleyes: I was afraid it was gonna be stuck on 58 all day. That's what it had been programmed for when DH & I were at work all day.

RR- Geez, nothing like jumping right back in, huh?! :eek: Did you work up to that, or just do it?! Don't stress your body.

Well, Peter has to go to the pediatrician today. :( Mom said he looks more yellow, and I noticed his eyes are more yellow than they were. The nurse said it would probably be best not to wait until Friday, so we're going at 5:15. So DH has to leave work early because the car seat base is installed in his truck. I have one for my car, but it's not installed yet, and I can't drive for 2 weeks anyway. I hope he's OK.

01-29-2003, 05:59 PM
Hi all!!

Hope everyone is doing well. I've been cleaning like a crazy woman for the last hour because we are having another closing on refinancing our house tonight. They screwed up the paperwork on the last one. It's nice that they send someone to the house but I really wasn't in a cleaning mood!!

Lauren: I sure hope Petey is ok. Sorry things were not as smooth last night. At least DH is able to help you with him. I'm not sure mine will be doing much other than telling me what to do. :D

RR: Whoa, that was some walk!! 72 degrees? OK, make the rest of us jealous!! I was just happy it hit the thirties today and got out of the teens!! It's snowing here but not accumulating (YIPPEE!!).

Rabbit: Well, at least the temptation is gone!! Those are one of my favorite things right now with lots of CHEESE. Thank goodness I haven't been all that hungry lately.

Hello to everyone!! Have a great evening.

01-29-2003, 11:01 PM
Hi All,

Well, the doctor sent us to the hospital for a billi test because she said he looked too yellow. So we went there and I bawled my eyes out while they stuck his little heel. :cry: He took it better, just cried a little. Anyway, his level came back 18.2, the doctor said anything over 17 he'd have to be admitted. They wanted to admit him tonight, but the hospital didn't have any pediatric beds open. We have to be back there at 7:00 tomorrow AM. They'll admit me and Peter for 24-48 hrs. I'll keep you all posted when I get home.

01-30-2003, 09:23 AM
Lauren--I am soo sorry for Petey and U!!! Please keep us posted if U can somehow...I will say a little prayer that he will be out quick and back at home...

I have found the trick: Johsons soothing night time bath!!! I bathed little TOots in that and then warmed up some baby lotion and massaged her back, legs and arms while singing to her and she ate and slept at 3 hr intervals last night never crying!!! In fact, she ate at 6 and is sleeping quietly now while I wash clothes, and straigten up the house!!!!(with the monitor on)
They stress infant massage but I never thought of doing it at night!!!! :dizzy: :dizzy: Dh woke me up to check on her after 2.5hrs to make sure she was breathing..I almost beat him!!!!
We are gonna stroller trip again today if the weather holds(rain)

Have a great day!!!We are going to the store to get some new diapers(hate pampers) and the MD said I can put Eucerin lotion on her dry face and neck!!!!

01-30-2003, 12:53 PM

Lauren - sure hope Peter is okay. Sorry you guys have to go to the hospital. Keep us updated when you can.

Rr - 72 degrees sounds awesome! :cool:

I should have a small loss tonight at weigh in (probably have a better one if I'd stayed out of those chips!).

*OP since 1/20/03

01-30-2003, 02:39 PM
Hi All,

Well, good news for now! We got to the hospital at 7;00 this AM, only to sit around and wait til 8 for the lab to open! Anyway, they stuck his little heel again, and I didn't cry this time. He was drinking a bottle, so he just squealed a little, then back to bottle. :) We waited for about an hour, and the lab called the doctor, and the doctor spoke to us and said it went down to 16, so we didn't have to be admitted!! :cb: But we have to continue to give him the Enfamil Lipil formula every 2 hrs., and go back tomorrow AM for another billi test. We came home this AM and stripped him down to his diaper and put his bouncy seat in front of the window on the dresser. Put the portable heater facing him and let him "soak up the rays"!

He's taking a little break in his swing right now because the sun's not coming in any windows. I really hope his levels continue to go down, so we don't have to be admitted. And I really can't stand giving him formula either. It stinks, he spits it up a lot and it really stains. :(

Oh, on a good note, I changed his diaper right before we left for the Dr. yesterday, and low and behold, his stump fell off!! I was really surprised, since it was just under a week. I was expecting at least a week and a half or so. :)

Anyway, DH is taking a nap, and now that Petey is too, I'm off to take a nap...seems like I haven't slept in days. :yawn: I'll keep you posted tomorrow .

01-30-2003, 05:09 PM
Yeah Lauren!!! Soo glad for u!!! Do U give the breast milk also??? and why do they give the enfamil Lipil?? THat is what I use(only twice) when I need to supplement...

01-30-2003, 06:25 PM
Hi all,

Lauren: I'm so glad Petey is doing better!! I will keep my fingers crossed.

I failed my GD screening so now I have to do the three hour one. I'm not fit company right now. Will be back later.

01-30-2003, 09:36 PM
RR- I'm not sure if there was a reason for that particular formula, but DH & I figured the reason she said no BM, just formula is because it takes longer to get through the system, and maybe that makes his liver and things work harder, so they get better?? It sounds reasonable, don't know if that it or not.

At least I'm building up a supply of BM in the freezer. ;) Have you used your pump yet? I got almost 5oz. out of each side earlier when I woke up from my nap! Since I have run out of bottles now, I started using the storage bags...I hate them!! What a rip-off, to pay 6 something for the Medela bags, and to twist tie them!! I told DH I definitely need to get the Gerber bags that ziplock.

Karen- I'm sorry you failed the GTT. :( Did they have you fast for it, or eat breakfast? If they have you eat first next time, make sure you don't have any starches. If you have OJ, just have a little, like 4 oz. or so. When I did mine, I think I had a couple eggs, and some meat, taylor ham or something. Anything high protein will do. I also had coffee and 4 oz. of OJ. When do you have to go back?

Rabbit- Hope WI went well!!

Have a good evening all!

01-31-2003, 08:53 AM
Lauren--I use the gerber bags with the ziplock and then thaw them out and pour the milk in a sterilized advent bottle..The Gerber bags do not work in the Avent holder and the Avent bags are soo expensive with those stupid clips U have to buy!!!Also, Walmart is the cheapest for Gerber bags..I still only get 2.5 oz max when I pump in the morning...I think it is that little portable pump..The Medella PIS that DH ordered for Valentines Day:lol: was shipped yesterday according to the tracking thingee!!!Plus Ms Priss has hit that 6 week growth spurt!! She was 10lbs even yesterday(with clothes and a wet diaper) when I went to work to show her off!!!WE have made it to a #1 diaper!!!The nighttime bath and massage is working well!!! She slept 3hr, 3 hrs and then 2 hrs last night!!!She is asleep now soo I am washing dishes and listening to her breath on the monitor!!
Glad Petey is better!!!

Karen--It is ok!! I cried for 3 days when I failed but it is nothing U did wrong..Trust me...Dont get stressed cuz your sugar will elevate from stress also, and follow Laurens advice about eating and U will be fine..U R doing wonderful and will continue right through May 1st!!!!! :crossed: :crossed: :crossed:

Gotta run!! I hear the grunts and hands waving which means she will be screaming soon!!!!

01-31-2003, 03:19 PM

I lost 2 1/4 last night at weigh in!! :cb: :dancer:

Lauren - glad Peter is okay and you didn't have to stay at the hospital.

Karen - sorry about your test. Hang in there.

*op since 1/20/03*

01-31-2003, 07:58 PM
Hi All,

Well everything went good this AM. His level is down 1 pt. to 15. The Dr. said we can switch back to breastmilk and don't need to be tested again unless he doesn't get better within the next few days. She said it may take a good week to clear up.

Here's a link to his hospital pic:
Peter Pic (http://www.growingfamily.com/webnursery/babypage.asp?UrlID=2D4K3I4V9S)

Rabbit- Congrats on the loss!! :D

RR- I have some Avent bottles, a sampler set. I love the bottles, but haven't used the liner one yet. I have pumped quite a lot so far the past few days, so I followed the instructions on the stupid Medela bags, and snipped the bottom over a bottle. What a mess! :mad: Spilled a little on the counter...you know that got me pissed, because that's like gold!! :( From now on, until I use up those bags, I will just un-twist tie them and pour into bottles.
I also am not real fond of the medela bottles, the ones that come with the pump. They're great for pumping...at least until I exceed 5 oz. at a time...but I don't like the nipples, Peter tries to take the whole thing in his mouth, and ends up flattening it.
You will be soo thrilled when you use the PIS!! I have been pumping about 3 times a day the past few days. I should probably pump more, but can't seem to find the time.

Have a great evening all!

02-01-2003, 11:37 AM
hi all.

Leaving for the weekend. Be home sometime Monday. Have a good one.


02-01-2003, 03:06 PM
Good morning all,

Well, this is certainly a sad morning. We've been watching the TV most of the day about the shuttle disaster. My family lives by where the pieces came down. The nearest one is about 17 miles from their homes. My dad said he heard two booms. The first one he thought my brother fell out of bed so he went to check on him. The second one he made sure my other brother's house was OK. Then he turned on the TV and found out what it was. I feel so sad for their families.

I am feeling better about the diabetes thing. I'm trying to stay away from sugar this weekend, maybe that will help. I'm supposed to go for my test on Monday if I get my referral from the doctors office today. They are supposed to mail it to me. We are making progress on the nursery. We've got one bookcase out and one emptied. Now we gotta get it downstairs and the books moved. Whew. I'm already tired. :D

Lauren: I am so glad that Petey is better!! I have some of the Avent bottles that we got at the baby show. They are big though, a couple ounces would be lost in there!! Glad that the pumping is going well.

Rabbit: Hope you have a good trip.

Have a good Saturday.

02-01-2003, 03:46 PM
Lizzard, I know you work at the space center - just wanted to say how sorry I am. Please take care. -jul

02-01-2003, 05:06 PM
Hi All,

Liz- Hope you are Ok down there. I'm soo sorry to hear about the space shuttle this AM. :cry:

Rabbit- Have a great weekend!

Well, Peter had his first bath this AM!! :D He liked it!! I'm soo excited, knowing how he hates being naked, I was afraid he'd hate it. I think it caught him off guard at first, I dipped his feet in, but then he was OK. We took pics, but they didn't come out, because the camera spent the night in the car, and it was all fogged up. :( Oh well, I'll take some next bath. :) It pooped him out though, he's asleep on his play mat on the floor!

Last night was a rough night, he was cranky in the evening, then my friend came over for at bit, and he was OK, but not real happy. I gave him three doses of Mylicon drops, about an hour apart, and finally, after my friend left, and we were in bed, he spit up the most spit up I've ever seen!! :eek: It was everywhere! So I cleaned him up and changed him. He seemed to relax after that, thank God!

To top it off, DH is sick as a dog. He slept on the sofa last night, so he wouldn't get us sick, if he hadn't already. We got rid of our big sofa, so all we have is an incliner - two pieces that fit together that recline, but the back doesn't go back...make sense? Anyway, it's not comfy to sleep on, because it's love seat size to start, and there's a hard hump in the middle, since it's two pieces. So this AM I sent DH to bed to rest. He has horrible body aches and he's very schnotty. :( Poor thing, wish he could go to the doctor's today, but there's probably nothing he can do anyway. He's just taking Benedryl and Advil.

But Petey and I had a pretty good night, once he got past the gas. Got up to eat at 2:30, 5:15, and 9:30! I pumped after I fed him at 5:15, so I was up until about 6:00. Called my mom and asked her to come over and help him today, because he was a little fussy this AM, but he calmed down. Mom is here and I was able to shower and get things done. Actually didn't even eat anything beside coffee and OJ until like 1:00! Didn't have time, with Mr. Needy.

Oh well, hope everyone's enjoying their weeekend!

02-01-2003, 05:55 PM
Hi all,

The room is soon to be empty!! Yeeehaaaa!! A friend is coming over to help DH take the bed up to the attic and then we are done!! I'm going to call my girlfriend later to arrange a time for us to start stripping wallpaper and paint. I'd almost talked myself out of painting since the room is a cream color. It just needs to be white though.

Have a great evening.