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08-29-2011, 11:24 AM
My friend did the Insanity program after her first pregnancy and she lost all of her weight with this program and other workout videos. She is giving me the program to try. Has anyone tried this or know anyone who did? Feedback? Results? I hear it is really intense.

08-29-2011, 12:26 PM
Try this thread

08-30-2011, 12:23 AM
Great thread. Thank you.

08-30-2011, 04:15 AM
Too be honest it kinda scared me at first..
haha I got it and for about a week I would think about turning it on and then hoped on my elliptical instead,
I've only done the fit test for beach body
when I turned it on I whimpered and began
they make you jump up in the air do crazy things like push ups which I'm so weak I can't even do one!
but he did give much appreciated 1 minute rests after each
There's no doubt it'll get improvement!
but right now I just can't handle... insanity!!