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Not so jolly fat guy
08-28-2011, 01:21 PM
I haven't posted in a long time although I've stopped by. In April 2009 I weighed 345. I dropped almost 100 and started Jan. 2010 at 249 but immediately hit a massive plateau for almost 6 months and couldn't budge. In Jan. 2011, I think I was about 215 - I must have suddenly dropped the weight out of my face because in a 2 week period at least 75 people (not exaggerating) that I work with suddenly commented about how good I looked. I hadn't done anything else different except buy some shirts a few months earlier because my old ones were beginning to look like paragliders. In May 2011 I was down to 193 but have crept up 10 pounds (although, in my defense, I started prepping to start my own biz in Feb. and my biz partner and I just opened last week - I was proud that I didn't succumb too much to food during that time since I was stressed beyond belief lol). I am now at 203 and ready to seriously recommit. However, the biggest problem is I am not exercising so I am "soft" where I've dropped. I'm still glad I am down this far but I am hoping before I hit my goal - somewhere around 160 - I can pack on some muscle. Just needed to post this so I have some accountability. Beginning last Tuesday I am recommitted and hope that I can be down to at least 180 by beginning of December and hopefully knock off the last of the weight by early 2012 (just in time for the world to end *snicker*). Hope you are all making strides and that you are not discouraged if you hit a plateau. Best of luck to us all during the remainder of 2011!

08-28-2011, 01:52 PM
Good luck in both the weight loss and your new business. With your commitment, I have no doubts you will do well at both!