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08-20-2011, 09:04 PM
If you could "cheat", have a free pass with, have one night with... any celebrity, who would it be? Is there more than one? My guy and I joke about it, but here are my top hotties...YUM lol. What's yours?

1. Chris Daughtry
2. Ryan Reynolds
3. David Beckham
4. Jason Statham
5. LL Cool J

08-20-2011, 09:13 PM
Ooo, I so wish I could scan some photos right now but my phone won't let me for some reason.

Here's my list: (in no particular order)

1. Hill Harper from CSI:New York
2. George Eads from CSI:Vegas
3. Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy
4. George Clooney
5. Alex O'Loughlin from Hawaii Five-O

I do love my DH but in an alternate universe any of these slightly older guys would suffice. :lol:

08-20-2011, 10:12 PM
James Franco! I love the scruffy look. <3

08-21-2011, 06:40 AM
I love the show Ghost Whisperer but I have to admit I watch it because of David Conrad.
It's the light eyes dark hair combo! **swoon**

08-22-2011, 09:44 AM
OMG, me & my husband were just going over our lists recently! Too funny. I should preface by saying that it's really all over the place, and not necessarily based solely on looks. In no particular order:
1. John Cusack
2. Robert Downey Jr.
3. Anthony Bourdain
4. Charlie Day

I know I had a #5 but he has completely been eclipsed by the 1st 4 :o

08-22-2011, 04:40 PM
Josh Holloway

I'd take him now, but preferable from when Lost first went on the air several years ago.

Also Henrik Lundquist, Goalie for the Rangers. I've had a goalie fantasy for while. The whole athletic with quick reaction time thing is a turn on ;).

I think I have a type ;). 6'3-6'4 ish not too skinny with some scruff

08-22-2011, 05:03 PM
Christopher Meloni ( Law and Order SVU) I LOVE this man, sooo HOT!
Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Dancing With The Stars)
Jimmy Fallon.... i think he's adorable
Dermot Mulroney
Jon Bon Jovi

08-23-2011, 10:50 AM
Wentworth Miller from "Prison Break" :-))

08-24-2011, 03:02 AM
Definitely Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp!

08-24-2011, 03:40 AM
Oooh if only. I know the last two may be questionable to some but I have a thing for them.

Ryan Gosling
Blair Underwood
Shia Labeouf
James Franco
Idris Elba
Ryan Kwanten
Ed Helms
Adam Sandberg

08-24-2011, 08:04 AM
Gilles Marini
Dwayne Johnson
Kasey Kahne (NASCAR driver)

Those are in no particular order lol

Tanna Banana
08-24-2011, 11:45 AM
Josh Turner- heck, he could just sing at me and I'd be satisfied
Justin Timberlake (I know, I know, very typical...haha)
Chris Pine
LL Cool J

08-24-2011, 02:01 PM
Ahhh fun, my fiancee and I talk about this every once in awhile! Wish I could post pictures, but I'm on my phone! So my top 3 are...

1. Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy
2. Paul Walker
3. Jason Aldean

08-24-2011, 02:12 PM
Josh Holloway

I'd take him now, but preferable from when Lost first went on the air several years ago.

Agreed! Gotta say my favourite 'Lost' guy was always Ian Somerhalder though ;)

08-24-2011, 08:42 PM
Oh my goodness, it's so funny to see how different everyone's list is. :) Completely forgot about Johnny Depp & Christopher Meloni!
I totally agree with the goalie thing! I would LOVE to add that Henrik (Rangers goalie) to my list BUT I'm a Devils fan! And unfortunately, as hot as Martin Brodeur is, he's a cheater and I just can't put him on my list. Yeah, like he cares! hahaha

08-25-2011, 12:07 AM
I have a bit of a varied list.
1. Scarlett Johansson- She's beautiful and seems so down to earth! mDHh-0o-bGHrwPrLcAN
2. Kevin Spacey
3,4 Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper 4zSwpPHjyEgde1bC40J
5.Alexander Skarsgaard qoLrWcCfLUWRzWUK6zkLw
6. John Barrowman (Can you tell I am a Dr Who fan yet?) S_BSoZ1YwzdOvZDtgCp

08-25-2011, 01:08 AM

1. Jonny Depp
2. Orlando Bloom
3. Drew Barrymore
4. David Bowie (I know he is older but there is just something I find super sexy :o)
5. L.L. Cool J (Ladies Love :dizzy: )

08-26-2011, 12:21 AM
Sofia Vergara

Funny, Classy, and Beautiful! :) Not to mention driven and career oriented. Such a lady.

08-26-2011, 03:53 PM
Oh my God... so easy...

1. The Rock2. John Cena3. Josh Lucas (from Sweet Home Alabama)4. Patrick Dempsey5. Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20)
*Sigh* thanks for making me depressed.. these will NEVER happen! LMAO

08-26-2011, 04:24 PM
I swear I'm not a twi-hard but I do have some sick fascination with TALL ones...

Alexander Skarsgard, Ian Somerhalder, and I couldn't make a list without adding Robert Pattinson.

08-26-2011, 04:43 PM
Ok this is going to sound crazy stalker talk but i wish i could have a super baby by justin timberlake and usher! OHHHHH i would be in heaven hahahha

08-26-2011, 05:06 PM
John Stamos? and Gerald Butler perhaps?....

08-27-2011, 04:07 AM
Cillian Murphy
Michael Legge
Ben Barnes
James McAvoy
Colin Morgan
Elijah Wood

I guess I lean toward geeky guys...

08-29-2011, 08:12 PM
Hmmmm...let me think.

Johnny Depp
David Beckham
Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
Ryan Gosling
The Rock
Jason Momoa ("new" Conan movie)

09-04-2011, 08:28 PM
My hubby is the only man for me, but if I had[ to choose....

1. Vitas Bumac (gorgeous voice and appearance ... I give him props for hitting notes that most women can't even hit. lol.) Video:
2. Noel Fielding (hilarious and cute)
3. Gerard Butler (for his role as the Phantom alone).
4. Andrea Bocelli (Seriously love this guy's voice... so beautiful). Video:
5. Nicolai Baskov. (Another beautiful voice). Video:

I have a soft spot for men who can sing ... especially opera.

09-05-2011, 08:04 AM
David Beckham
Jason Statham
Gerard Butler
Ian Somerhalder
Chris Pine
Joe Manganiello
Jared Leto
Adam Levine
Marilyn Manson
Ben Barnes
Alexander Skarsgaard

I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones I can think of.