Weight Loss Support - Questions for BodyMedia Fit users.

08-20-2011, 08:04 PM
So I've had my Bodymedia Fit armband since August 5th and I really like it! I wear it every day. Just for some idea for non-users, it's a neat little armband that you wear day and night that tracks all sorts of information about your activity level, sleep quality, calories burned, steps taken, etc. I like having some sort of guideline for how much I'm burning cause it keeps me accountable if I'm having a lazy day off, to try and get more activity in.

One thing I was curious about--it reads that I am actually more active than I had previously thought. I honestly do not do that much exercise--but I am on my feet walking around and doing things at work every day(I work at a veterinary office). So, I've always considered myself to be "lightly active", but the Bodymedia gauges me a bit higher and estimates that I burn about 2,200 calories a day just doing my normal routine, without added exercise(I had previously thought to be more around 2,000).

One thing I've read from other users is that they often felt that the Bodymedia armband was *less generous* with burning calories, not more. If I go by what the bodymedia is saying I burn, I should actually probably be eating a little more than I had been(because I'd gauged myself as less active)---I wonder if this could be the reason for my 2 month stall...

If you have one, do you like it? Do you feel like it's accurate? I know the website totes it as at least 90% accurate.

08-20-2011, 09:03 PM
Hi! I have had my Body Media Fit for about 2 weeks and I LOVE it. From the research I have done, I do think it is fairly accurate. I have noticed that sometimes my walking-around-at-work burns more calories than my workout-but didn't-work days. So the reading you are getting may be accurate. It is nice to get "credit" for your everyday activity, isn't it? I would say try eating a few more calories like 200-300 more a day and see it that breaks your stall.

08-21-2011, 09:53 AM
I have a Body Bugg, so not the same thing, but same concept. I think they are actually produced by the same company. Anyways, I was shocked to learn how many calories I burn in a day, and I actually eat a lot more because of it. I'm more generous with calories on my work days, and try to be more careful on my off days. In the end, I just hope that my overall deficit is around 1000 Cal.

Yes, I think you are correct to assume that perhaps your stall is due to the need for more calories, and maybe allowing yourself a few more on days that you work would be helpful.