Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc - Help! Using Wonderslim Products while on the Medifast Plan!

08-20-2011, 04:36 PM
I'm wondering if any of you have SUCCESSFULLY used some Wonderslim foods while on the Medifast 5&1? I bought a package off Craigslist and she included a bunch of Wonderslim foods (bars, pretzels, some drinks, shakes) and I'm wondering if any of you know WHICH ones are suitable to use w/Medifast??

Thanks in advance! :D

08-20-2011, 05:37 PM
As far as I know, the only foods suitable to use on the Medifast plan are the Medifast foods. They are specifically formulated for the Medifast plan. Nothing else is going to be the same, and no one at Medifast would tell you it's OK to use other brands.

That said, you could try substituting if you wanted to. Read the nutrition labels and see what the differences are.

I think it's too bad that the seller didn't say in advance that they were selling Wonderslim in the package.


08-21-2011, 12:26 PM
i use the wonderslim products on the medifast plan. the medifast plan works but the wonderslim products are cheaper and taste better. just try to limit the entrees and bars...they have around 150 calories as opposed to the shakes and soups which have about 100 cals or so.

08-21-2011, 07:24 PM
I interchanged MediFast and Wonderslim. I prefer the Wonderslim oveer the Medifast for almost everything. Wonderslim is cheaper and much better tasting that Medifast, in my opinion only. I lose weight on both.

08-24-2011, 12:59 AM
prada i cant find our wonderslim #5 blog tonight =-(