Goal Photo Album - Freshman 15 to Gym Rat :)) 40 pounds. 5"4

08-10-2011, 04:20 AM
Both pictures are during college formals :D
I am usually around 159, but when i started college I went up to around 167 pounds.
I started to diet and exercise after being fed up with constantly being embarrassed by some family members.
I am extremely happy at 125 but now I am motivated to reach 115-120 and I really want to be fit :))


08-10-2011, 04:33 AM
Hey well done! You look so healthy and sexy!

08-10-2011, 06:00 AM
Well done! :D you look amazing! And I LOVE the dress in your after shot :)

Can I ask what diet/exercise plan you follow? And how long it took you to reach Goal? Just cos I'm nosy haha.

08-10-2011, 02:18 PM
Thank You Both!!
and its not nosy! :hug:

I started working out dieting right after Christmas and reached 125 around June-6 months.

I workout everyday for at least one hour. My favorite machine is the stair climber but i have started to go on the elliptical.

For me, it is more important that I change what I ate since before I usually bought chips or something from a fast food place.

I work at a front desk that is open 24hrs, therefore my sleep patter could be strange-such as staying up till 6am waking up at 1pm then eating breakfast, working out, lunch then sleep. So, i may not eat a full three meals in a day or I would if I was awake longer.

for breakfast i usually eat: egg whites with a chopped veggies/toast or banana/rice cake or peanut butter/cottage cheese w. a fruit

snacks(which i started carrying to campus)-less than a handful of almonds and chocolate skim milk or fruit sometimes a nutrition bar or jello and applesauce

lunch is usually -tuna(with lettuce and a bit of dressing)or wheat waffle w. peanut butter or omelets with chicken and veggie

dinner is similar to the snacks since i usually go to sleep early

08-10-2011, 02:30 PM
fantastic job, you look great

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08-10-2011, 06:14 PM
Great job!

08-13-2011, 06:59 PM
CONGRATS!!!! You look amazing!

08-17-2011, 10:59 AM
You look awesome. I gained most of my weight during colllege as well, so I completely understand. Congrats!

08-17-2011, 11:20 AM
Congratulations! You look fantastic.

08-17-2011, 12:58 PM
Beautiful! Well done! :)

08-09-2013, 12:24 AM
I don't know how to edit my signature, but way to go everyone~

08-10-2013, 10:55 PM
Wow, congratulations! It's clear that you worked really hard this year.

08-11-2013, 12:37 AM
Congratulations!! I'm super motivated by your progress, especially since we have almost the exact same stats. I have 20 more lbs to go, and I can't wait to go into maintenance!

Off-topic but, where did you get the white dress from? It's so pretty and flattering!

08-11-2013, 03:37 PM

08-12-2013, 02:49 PM
Your hard work really shows, congratulations! :D

08-12-2013, 03:06 PM
Always happy to see other college students achieving their goals! You look fabulous. :carrot:

11-21-2013, 07:33 PM
Great Job! Love the white dress :)

03-25-2014, 01:52 AM
Inspiring! I am trying to do a similar weight loss myself. :)

05-26-2014, 04:56 PM
Great job. How long do you work out on the stair climber? There is one at my gym, I just cant get the hang of it lol. Maybe I am just clumsy??

08-07-2014, 05:52 PM
Amazing job!! You look great! :D
I'm super motivated by your success, we're the same height and I'm currently at the weight you were at your heaviest. Now I know that it's possible!!