Low Carb Frequently Asked Questions - What's a healthy amount of fats on a low-ish carb diet?

08-09-2011, 11:03 PM
I'm trying to reduce my carbs...not go super low carb, would just like to keep them between 100-120 net a day. I went way under my goal today and wound up with 74g net. (96 gross).

My question is what is a healthy amount of fats/calories on a low carb diet? I only had 1064 calories and 58g of fat today. That seems like a lot of fat to me for so few calories. Is that normal on a low carb diet?

I'm still trying to figure out the best veggies and fruits to eat right now. It's kind of a thin line to walk, because I want to make sure I get enough fibre too (I had 22g today...normally I have between 28 and 35), but that's difficult without grains, and a lot of high fibre fruit/veg is pretty high in carbs.

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

08-10-2011, 10:37 AM
Hm. I don't know about a moderate-carb diet (actually I guess 100g is considered low-carb as that's a third of your "recommended" daily serving). I know on low-carb, where the idea is to go into ketosis, you want 65% of your calories to come from fat. I think as you push up your cals from carbs, your protein and fat percents will naturally come down.

You WANT fat. Fat is great. It helps the stomach empty slower so you feel satiated longer. It tastes great. It makes your skin, hair, and nails glow. Dietary fat does NOT equal stored fat, at all. In fact, for a growing number of people, carbohydrates are being stored as fat. Dietary fat also does not equal higher cholesterol. So try not to worry so much about having 50g of fat in a day. Focus on how you feel.

I guess the resources I'd recommend if you want to look further into it are either Fat Head (it's on netflix instant, kind of hokey but the 2nd half has science), or one of Gary Taubes' books (Why We Get Fat is more accessible, Good Calories Bad Calories is a sciency version of WWGF). If you're at all interested in lowering carb intake, these are good sources to look at.

As for fiber, berries are phenomenal in the fiber department. I eat them on my very low carb diet on a regular basis. You also eat tons of veg on VLC, and they are also a perfect source of dietary fiber. I have never had trouble with fiber intake on low-carb. You could always add a psyllium husk supplement if needed.

Good luck!

crush sugar
08-28-2011, 10:56 PM
And don't forget that carbs are "brain" food..it is where the brain gets its energy from so it can function. So you do want them.
And you ant to get at least 1 Tbls. of oil each day. You nee it to keep the joints lubricated and your eliminations regular.
Good luck.

crush sugar