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08-09-2011, 07:08 AM
An interesting article in Glamour by Jess Weiner, a fat acceptance activist who chose to lose weight for health reasons:


And a blog response from another activist, Jennifer Lynn Jones:


In my heart of hearts, I think Jones is right, but I do find it difficult not to focus on the scale (which I guess is why I'm on these boards...)

08-09-2011, 08:08 AM
Part of the problem with the Glamour article could be that it's in Glamour. Magazines, major news publications... I don't trust 'em. Titles sell an article and a magazine. Not to mention, it could be heavily edited to fit in the pages.

There's nothing wrong with loving your body and wanting to lose weight or be healthier. Those things are not mutually exclusive.

To say "I hate my body and I'll only be happy...or ...I can only do things and enjoy life when and if I'm at my goal weight and never before!" well, a person can certainly choose to live that way, but I'd find it more than just a bit negative and unnecessary.

Weiner didn't hate her body. She simply didn't know how healthy (or unhealthy) she was, because she didn't visit a doctor. She decided to find out, and when the numbers came back that weren't exactly great, she got to work on making sure she WAS healthy. It involved losing some weight as well as other things.

In fact, as it was pointed out, she is still currently overweight. That doesn't mean the love of her body almost killed her (as the article title annoyingly implies). She might have still avoided the doctor's office had she HATED her body. And that most certainly could have killed her, as she wouldn't have known she had high numbers.

I love my body to pieces. It's all I've got! I just want to take care of it a little better than I had been. I can still love myself as I'm doing something healthy.

Self-acceptance isn't "you must be fat and you must love the fat". In my head it's more like "You should love yourself right this very moment, and within that love and acceptance you should do what you can to nourish your body now. Don't wait until you're a lower weight or the right size. Don't put off things for a year or two. Now is the right moment to care about your health and well-being overall. Even if you stay overweight for the rest of your life, doesn't matter. You can still choose to live life and take care of yourself better if you love yourself, than if you loathe yourself."