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08-07-2011, 01:36 PM
Why can working out stop you from losing?? I was told by my coach to not workout the first 2 weeks, to let my body get use to the diet. THen after only maybe a 30-45 m in walk.. I really enjoy excercising, I would love to add some crunches or pilates or something.. is this a really bad idea?? Today is my first day on the diet.. I am very opptimistic after seeing others results.. Another question I have.. are naps during the day bad?? I have a new baby so I sometimes nap in the morning before lunch and in the evening before supper.. not everyday just somedays.

08-07-2011, 02:23 PM
Be patient and listen to your coach. Your body is about to go into a carb detox. In a few days, you may not be feeling all that great. This is normal.....DETOX. Let your body get adjusted to your food intake before pushing yourself. There are numerous threads on this site that deal with exercise. I suggest you read them all. Also read Dr. Tran's booklet. There is a link to the pdf file on the first post of every DAILY THREAD. Understanding the state of ketosis that you are about to enter will help you with eating as well as exercising. Once you enter ketosis, the glucose (energy from carbs) has been used up in your body and it resorts to buring fat for its energy. This is a low calorie diet. If you exercise too hard and not eat sufficent protein, you body will turn to your muscles to find energy.....we want to keep our muscle and lose the fat. READ THE BOOKLET. As time passes, you will find what your body can and can't do. Walk, do situps and stretching nothing wrong with it in moderation.

08-12-2011, 12:44 AM
Its not about your body getting used to the diet. The IP diet is a low calorie low carb diet. It controls the things it can ie calories, protein, carbs, vitamins... but what it cannot control is activity level, metabolic rate... When you work out you burn calories, more precisely carbs in your body. When your body does not have any carbs to burn it will turn to fat to burn HOWEVER it will simultaneously burn the most immediate fuel in your body which will be the protein from the meals you eat as well. When your body does this it no longer has the required 'fuel' to maintain proper function and will trigger the starvation survival mode. This means you will enter a cycle of eating less because you cant lose weight and your body will keep storing what little it gets because it thinks you are starving.
This can all be avoided by ingesting more protein (as well as the right kind of protein) at the right times. But this goes back to the beginning. You can not control how many calories your body burns during any exercise so how much extra protein/calories do you intake.... see the dilemma.
What I've found works for me is what was suggested. I walk every lunch hour (2-4km) and I have a set of light weights at home that I use to do some 'major muscle group' exercises that I do while watching tv but focusing on not pushing myself so I am not out of breath or even sweating...just a nice tight feeling after a while. Hope this helps.
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08-23-2011, 12:08 AM
I did very low cardio for 2 weeks and lost almost nothing but when i stopped...the weight started to come off again. I wasn't going at it very hard, barely breaking a sweat but it still messed up my numbers and messed with my head. :( I think I will try Backto20's suggestion and do a little bit of light weights while otherwise distracted and see what happens.