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01-20-2003, 02:53 PM
Jiff, I know you have told me this before, but I can't remember. What is the type of protein drink that you use? I tasted the strawberry in July, and it was pretty good.

I think I need to boost my protein and my water. I'm stalling with this last 50 pounds and I need, among other things, like a good swift kick in the butt :lol: I need to find a better protein source.

Thank you!

And, a little birdie told me you look wonderful.......and feel wonderful too!!


peach pit
01-20-2003, 03:48 PM

01-20-2003, 06:17 PM
peach :lol: :lol:

01-20-2003, 07:04 PM
and this is the first day that particular little birdie has been heard from in quite awhile!!!! wonder what she was up to this weekend???

EAS myoplex low carb shakes. in the little silver with blue trim containers. 20 grams of protein per container, 4 grams of carbs. the blue container with the silver trim is the regular high carb stuff. remember to make sure it's real cold or poured over ice.

and YES, you need to eat more protein. we KNOW that!!!!!

let's see .. have i found anything else that's good?? hmmm. i've been eating beef jerky, with excellent success if you ignore that EPISODE last august. and soynuts. they're quite good, high protein, low carb.

anyone want to see my collar bones????

peach pit
01-20-2003, 07:11 PM

DO NOT >>>>>>>>


That plus some veggie peal (peel) gave Jiff the hairball that had to be surgically removed. Techinical term was a bezore...or something like that.

Jiff, I was taking care of sick kidlets all weekend. I did get to the grocery store today with "M". It is the first time I have been out in ages....except for friday. I don't think that I have been out with the "girls" since I went shopping with your other sister over Christmas.

I need a life. I need a warm sunny beach.


01-20-2003, 09:09 PM
Lurking again! My DH used "designer whey protein powder"
2 grams of carbs and 17.5 grams of protein. Big huge tub, $30 at the vitamin shoppe. Probobly available at GNC too. He likes the chocolate better than the vanilla.

Yes Jiff i want to see your collar bones!
peach, save me a seat next to you on the beach!


01-21-2003, 12:57 AM
hey there, L... yep!!! lots of folks like the designer whey protein. i use the premixed eas strawberry at work or 'just in case.' but my morning protein shake is a 20-gram scoop of GNC's pro performance whey protein [chocolate, of course!] mixed with a scoop of crystalline calcium [those horse pills are torture!!!], a tablespoon or so of SF FF chocolate pudding powder, sweetener, and a couple of teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa. sometimes i add instant coffee.

<flashing the collar bones at L!>

and for the record, it was the unpeeled fruit that did it. not the jerky. the jerky was the absolute last straw, though.

are the short people going to school tomorrow peachie???

01-21-2003, 07:52 AM
Jiff, out of curricity, what is the final count with all the add ons to the protein powder?

PS the collar bones look good on you!

01-21-2003, 09:39 AM
i figure it at around 28 grams when all is done. the extra is from the skim milk. there's next to none in the pudding powder.

some folks mix this stuff with water, but i need all the calcium i can get!! and i've also used the davinci SF syrups in them. not bad. not great, but not bad. unfortunately, i've tried them mostly with vanilla powder which is just vile.

now, let me get on my soapbox for a minute about the protein. after the bypass, we can't absorb as much protein as unsurgeried folks. SOOOO. some dieticians say that we shouldn't take in more than about 25 grams of protein at a time because we won't absorb it. it'll just be a waste.

so, although there are protein drinks with 40 or 50 [and maybe even more!!] grams, we can't drink them at one sitting. these are two-serving drinks for us..

ok. off the soapbox.

and thanks!!!! i'm endlessly surprised that they're THERE!!!1 i thought i'd lost them FOREVER!!!