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08-01-2011, 01:47 PM
A Monthly Thread for us Alternachicks/Alternadudes to chat about our days and plans. :)

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in at any point in time. We all have a little bit of "alterna" in our blood. :D

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Well it's August 1st. A sunny Monday here for me.

I've got some plans this upcoming week & month. I'm calling this the MORE! month. More vegetables, that is. And a tiny bit more exercise. Like 5 minutes more. I think I can handle that. :yes:

I'm off to get some things done, you guys have a super great day! :grouphug:

08-01-2011, 02:00 PM
Thanks Lovely - and goodluck with the More, more is always nice ;).

The day is at it's end here though! I just got home from work, had a smoothie, did my first run on c25k (w1d1) and now dinner is on. Hope to hit the gym in 2 hours and then sleep. But the run was pretty hard so I don't know if i can. This month is also my 'more' month, only then on the excersise department. I wanna be in good shape when Uni starts so I'll need less time building up and can spent more time actually burning calories and shaping muscle.

08-02-2011, 01:10 PM
Hey girls, Happy August everyone :)

So as for the weekend in Baltimore, I shocked myself at how little I actually ate! Pretty much all the food within walking distance is food court stuff and because it is so intensely HOT there (80+ degree and humid even at 2 am) you try to minimize any travel. We did so much walking, at least a few miles each day between going back and forth to the hotel, perusing the panels and giant dealer's room, and we drank gallons of water. I had plenty of snacks from to get me through (fiber one bars, granola bites, etc) and the only big meal of the day was dinner. Breakfast was free at our hotel, and I had choices from turkey sausage patties to fresh fruit, cereal, juice, etc. Lunch was usually light picks like a sandwich. I felt that overall I did great and I burned way more calories than usual without really going over 2000 calories a day but when I weighed myself yesterday morning, I was at 256 ;_;

I suppose this could be attributed to the sodium packed into the stuff I ate, plus the water I slogged down for 4 days. I had a great day on plan yesterday and today's been off to a great start as well. I'm heading into the week before my TOM so I'm just not going to even bother weighing myself until that's finished because I know first hand how it can mess with the scale. I hate to say it, but I really wish that I could speed up this whole weight loss thing. I think I'm going to go back to blogging, it kept me focused much more overall.

Lovely - I was just thinking to myself that I wanted to try and get in more fruits/veggies. I think I'll try a 'MORE' month with you! I really like having apple slices with a bit of peanut butter as a snack but I need to find some new ideas along that line.

philana - Wow, sounds like you had a big day! Running and then gym?? I'm lucky to do one or the other in a given day. Also I couldn't help but see you're going to France in 2 weeks? Lucky! I've been wanting to go for so long.

08-02-2011, 02:52 PM
Hey everyone... Lovely again :)
I am going to try to jump back in here.
How is everyone?

08-03-2011, 05:08 PM
@SugarComa - hey and welcome back :) Post away!

Since no one really commented between now and my last post, I just HAVE to let out a mini-rant. Boyfriend went shopping with his mom and comes in with the following: 4 bags of chips, dip, and a few healthier frozen meal options. I was so mad, I'm still fuming! His excuses? They're for guests, they were buy one get one free, and any food is fine as long as you portion control it. I fire back at him saying that if I could control myself around foods and use portion control then I wouldn't be overweight. I mean, I understand maybe having one bag of chips for guests but we definitely do NOT need a bag of wavy potato chips, cheese doodles, white cheddar popcorn AND a bag of honey mustard flavored potato chips (plus ranch dip). That's just sabotage.

08-04-2011, 03:26 AM
Hellllooooo! :grouphug:

My sleeping schedule is all kinds of not correct :lol: I'm drinking coffee at 2AM, frankly, and right now ... I just don't care.

I must confess something.

... I love PBS. Whenever Antiques Roadshow is on I drive my husband crazy, by pointing it out. I am an old woman living in a young, fat chick's body :lol: Plus! I love those Mystery Masterpiece Theatres! And they always have this scientifically nerdy nature shows on. *dreamy sigh* I really love it. And many British shows! Fun stuff that.

About the only thing I don't like about PBS is the inordinate amount of time they spend talking about Lincoln and the Civil War... it's almost astounding. It's like the obsession that the History Channel has with WW2. Sometimes I just want to say "There have happened other things on this Earth..."

(I know we have some peeps who are not from the US so I'll do my best to 'splain.)

And, yes, this is a completely non-diet related rant about the state of television...

A long time ago I used to love watching the Discovery Channel, TLC (The Learning Channel), and the History Channel.

There were legitimate, interesting shows that had to do with nature and wildlife, scientific advances, the human struggle, histories of different cultures...albeit there always was a lot of WW2 stuff on the History Channel...

In any case, as of late I feel all they show are "Reality" shows. And not even interesting ones! Discovery has Deadliest Catch, Swamp Loggers, and had American Chopper... none of which I found particularly interesting after the first episode. It was like "Oh, that's how it's done. Okay... oh....oh you're not done talking about it...oh gods...this is boring now..." Then TLC came out with possibly the worst show ever created... Toddlers & Tiaras. Okay, I admit that show is a trainwreck and I have been caught watching it with my mouth agape in horror. But, I don't WANT to watch it. I really don't! But, my point about that show is "Where is the learning?" It's The Learning Channel... what are we learning?! Then the History Channel... has a couple that are semi-history related I will give them that, but they also have Ice Road Truckers and Pawn Stars, which I'm sure are only on the very periphery of actual History. Sometimes they bring in items on Pawn Stars, but generally speaking the focus is on the sale.

Okay, that was a lengthy rant. I like picking up tidbits and facts from shows.

I get into these moods where I want to know everything about everything. Or at least something about everything. Jack of all trades, master of none.


Philana - How's the "more" exercise going? I love the C25K scheduling. I think it's a great plan for people. :yes:

Michi - In the famous Charlie Brown words "AAUGH!" ...FOUR bags of chips?! AND DIP? FOUR?! How many guests does he think you guys are feeding? I feel your pain. :hug: Stay strong.... and maybe try and pawn some of those chips off on "guests" who don't come over to visit.

SugarComa - Hurray! Glad to see you ^-^ I know sometimes the chats can go by fast, or there's a lot, but honestly if there are times when you're only able to drop in, say hi, give an update... that's fine, too. I truly feel the more the merrier. Even if it's just to read and give a wave. :wave: Not everyone participates in the exact same way.

Okay. I'm off to go busy my brain. See you all!

08-05-2011, 02:53 PM
Hey ladies! Long time no post. Things have been pretty awful for me lately, even though I've graduated and I've been on holiday and that. Holiday was a nightmare diet-wise, we went to Estonia so the only veggie option was cheese and cream laden fried nastiness. Put on so much weight, seem to have undone everything I managed to do before. Ah well. Trying to keep my chin up.

Moving to Nottingham in about a month- aaargh! It's scary.

ALSO- I got into Pottermore today :D :D :D I am so excited it's not even funny :p

08-05-2011, 03:28 PM
Lovely, thanks for asking! It's going so-so. This week has been hard getting back on plan after my birthday weekend. The 'more' is basically only added in c25k. But thats 3/4times a week half an hour extra so Ill be satisfied.

Right now I am bummed. I did great all day on plan, and had so many calories left I felt it was perfectly fine to make carrot muffins. They were pretty lowcal, at 140 a piece. I had 2, and so my left over cals are gone. And ofcourse it kicks me into craving more carbs. So 2hours before bedtime, no calories to spent anymore (otherwise I'd get some proteine in asap) and I am just craving food. It's my own fault really. Thinking that it was a good idea to spent my calories on such a carb thing. Oh well. I'll be cured of carbs for a while again. I notice I get more... uhg feeling after eating them lately. Update: well decided that just in order to say to myself 'I stayed within 1300 calories today' feeling like I am starving right now is no solution. So i just had a small piece of chicken and some sour onion pieces. Now I feel human again. And I'll have learnt my lesson to not eat carbs. That will have to do. lol.

Hope you ladies are doing well!

08-05-2011, 06:22 PM
Since no one really commented between now and my last post, I just HAVE to let out a mini-rant. Boyfriend went shopping with his mom and comes in with the following: 4 bags of chips, dip, and a few healthier frozen meal options. I was so mad, I'm still fuming! His excuses? They're for guests, they were buy one get one free, and any food is fine as long as you portion control it. I fire back at him saying that if I could control myself around foods and use portion control then I wouldn't be overweight. I mean, I understand maybe having one bag of chips for guests but we definitely do NOT need a bag of wavy potato chips, cheese doodles, white cheddar popcorn AND a bag of honey mustard flavored potato chips (plus ranch dip). That's just sabotage.

Ugh my husband used to do stuff like that. "But honey, they're on sale!" It took me awhile, but I finally got him to understand that having garbage in the house sabotages me. I told him that if he wants that stuff, he can pick up single servings outside of the house. My friends would also understand why we don't have snacks. Entertaining doesn't have to include food!

08-06-2011, 02:48 PM
Hey girls, hope everyone is doing okay. I've had a bit of a melancholy last few days. Wednesday right as I was going into work for an evening shift, I get a call from my mom saying that one of my cats was at the vet and it wasn't looking good. They had to put him to sleep. I'm actually doing a lot better than I thought, but it was a rough 4 hours at work that night. It seems like EVERYONE bought cat food, litter, pet supplies etc :(

As for the dreaded chips & junk food situation, we decided to keep 1 bag up here at a time and the rest put away until the first bag is done. We did manage to inherit a whole rum cake from the boyfriend's mom, but sweet foods don't really trigger me like snacks and savory do so I'll be alright. In fact, I hopped on the scale this morning and it read 252.6 - a small victory.

Lovely - I really love a lot of shows on TLC, but I've only been able to stomach Toddlers & Tiaras once. I think it's just so unhealthy the way these moms project their own desires on their kids! Also, I love watching Mystery on PBS - and my favorite author (Edward Gorey) did the opening sequence animation :)

Spangle - Lots of my friends got into Pottermore in the past few days - they're all excited! I kind of don't like that you can't choose your username, though. I'm glad you were able to go on vacation with your family, even if you did have some gain. Sometimes you just gotta live it up, right?

philana - Ah I hate that! Sometimes I'll just have a small dessert or snack and *boom* I'm craving more. Carrot muffins sound yummy though :)

Amber - I like the idea of just getting a few single serve bags instead of a bunch of bigger bags. I don't mind having stuff in the house when we have company, but I'd rather go out day of and get snacks instead of having them sit around for me to munch on in the interim.

08-06-2011, 03:48 PM
Hey Spangle! Welcome back =D Sounds like you had a good trip -- Give yourself a week to re-adjust before hopping on the scale. I know that travel can often put on extra weight for a lot of people. Sometimes returning home and just returning to our usual foods helps to take it off quickly.

Philana - Ugh. Those nights when we're just hungry, hungry, hungry are annoying. We're always learning lessons about what we need to do. I think you made the best choice possible, and I'm glad the cravings stopped when you had some protein.

Amber - :wave:

Michi - Aww. :( I'm sorry about your cat :hug: But, congratulations on the victory over snacks and things! I'm glad you're able to keep most of them out of the way so you won't be tempted. That's going to pay off!

I had no idea what this Pottermore was :o Looks interesting, though, now that I've googled it!

My day has been good so far. I need to take my walk, and tonight I'm making pizza at home with the husband so that we can put exactly what we want on it and I'll be able to properly calculate Points totals. Hate guessing! I don't necessarily mind if it's a lot of points, but I like to be accurate.

I may go grocery shopping tonight to pick up a few little things. We'll see how the day pans out. :)

08-09-2011, 10:57 PM
Evening guys!

Been having some strange dreams at night O_o

Stuff is going fairly normal around here other than my sleeping patterns. I'm within points. I've gotten my exercise in. Preparing for another family visit in two weeks. My brother and his fiancee are coming down and will be staying a few days at the end of August.

Hope you all are doing well! :grouphug:

08-11-2011, 12:32 AM
Hey all, just checking in. Been quiet here the past few days hmm?

Lovely - Agh, I keep having these dreams about old boyfriends, weirdly enough. I slept horrible two nights ago and felt bleh all day until I took a nap, which temporarily made it worse. Tonight I pulled a 7ish hour shift and am now watching Royal Pains waiting for my boyfriend to get back to the apartment.

In other news, since Monday was boyfriend's birthday, we have a ton of high calorie 'bomb' leftovers in the fridge. There's about a whole steak, mashed potatoes, cake, cake, cupcakes, MORE cake, ice cream and probably more I'm forgetting in there. His mother (the eternal bad food pusher she is) gave up a WHOLE rum cake, plus 6 red velvet cupcakes, and a slice of red velvet which was left over form his party Tuesday. Steak was from his birthday dinner Monday, and ice cream I bought (a small Ben & Jerry's pint) as a tiny celebratory gesture. Now we're left over with all this junk >_< Hopefully over the weekend we can have guests over and 'dump' it on them.

08-11-2011, 04:38 AM
Michi - OMG. That is so how I ended up in this slump. My birthday was a week and a half ago. And the leftovers really killed me. Haha. I just can't control myself when stuff is in the house. I gave away 2 of my favorite super expensive chocolate bars that I had gotten for my bday to my housemates. But the 3rd I ate. And the chips. Goodluck, and I don't know how you deal with it.. but I'd suggest you get rid of it before the "birthday-slack" is gonna last forever. ;)

Lovely - I've been reading your posts and looks like you are doing great! So inspirational to see. I just cant even imagine having an end-goal so many lbs away and being able to take it one step at a time. I really just have no patience! You are great!


I am having so-so weeks. My weight is stable, I loose maybe 0.01lbs a day. But I am not gaining. So that is good. Because I am not really on plan. I am half on plan and everyday I do stuff that goes off. Either eat a junkfood or skip the gym. Or both in the same day. It's not major out of control, but if I wanna loose weight I have to get back on it again.

Next week I am going to France for a week - I hope it is gonna give me a boost. I'll be cooking for a small group of people the whole week and it's gonna be mostly organic and vegetarian food. Other than that I'll have nothing to do all day - no internet. So basically I am thinking I am gonna WALK a lot. It's suppose to be decent weather. Here (The Netherlands) the weather is really HORRID. We have no summer at all. Mostly rain, rain, rain and wind. And me being on a low budget and for the first time in my life having a stead job. I am just bored out of my mind and so it is so much harder to control myself. In a month Uni starts again. But if the money issues aren't settled by then I am still gonna be frusterated and unable to just chill.

Okay. That's a bit of a long rant. LOL.

08-14-2011, 07:27 AM
Hey guys ^^

Michi - Happy belated birthday wishes to your boyfriend! Have you been able to get rid of all that junkie stuff from your fridge, yet? I hope so!

Philana - Aww... thank you so much! :hug: Oh my gosh, have a great time in France :D And cooking for everyone means you get to have a lot of control over what goes into the food you're preparing (of course)... more control = better! Enjoy the part of the country that you'll be in :) Mmm... just imagining walking around France makes me happy. Never been, though, maybe one day.

I'm okay here. I need more fruits/veggies, and I think the fruits I had bought went bad a little faster than normal which makes me all frowny :(

Good news is that the produce store is a 5 minute ride away, so I shall be going there today, list in hand, to stock up for this week. :yes: Also... organizing is on my "things to do" list. I've got a bunch of stuff to go through in my computer room, and I'd like to get a quarter of the place cleaned up.

That leaves me with 1/3 of the bedroom that needs to be organized, and then the 3/4 of the computer room that I'd need to finish. Plenty of time to do those things before my brother and his fiancee arrive on the 23rd of August.

Keep going strong, everyone! :grouphug:

08-14-2011, 09:05 PM
Hey gals! I'm dead tired from a long shift today at Target - it was swamped because Massachusetts is having a sales tax free holiday - but I made it out alive. I'm looking forward to new True Blood tonight in about an hour, and other than that my awesome boyfriend has just rubbing my feet and shoulders to help me relax. The job takes a lot of out me, but I'm very lucky to have an expert masseuse boyfriend to ease the edge off :)

Lovely - I just think in the Summer almost everything goes bad faster! Have you been storing stuff in the fridge? If not, that could help. My bananas go from perfectly ripe to icky in like 3 days outside the fridge but last a good week + in the fridge at this time of year. Same thing with breads. If you're still having trouble keeping them around long enough to eat, then smaller and more frequent trips to the produce store is in order :) We've also been cleaning here (as usual) because we manage to get the place crazy cluttered on a weekly basis. The work never ends!! @_@

Philana - Yum yum yum, cooking for a group is always great. I'm not sure I'm with you on the vegetarian thing (I need meat!!), but if it's tofu free then I would definitely try a veggie dish. Also, have fun in France!! Je suis tres jalouse (translation - I am very jealous)!

And an update on the junk food situation chez moi - we did get rid of the steak, but friends weren't available to wipe out our stash of cakes as we hoped this weekend. After the first day or two of having them and eating little slices here or there, the boyfriend and I are both tired beyond belief of eating junk food! Hard to believe, right? I still want to at least give away the cakes so they don't spoil just sitting around, but I kind of think of us not eating all that stuff as a victory.

Also, I'm officially down 5 lbs (again!). It was great to get on the scale this morning and see 250.0 even :D I've had a pretty low appetite today (odd for me), but I think it's just because I'm a tad bit dehydrated from the long shift at work. It gets hot and we move around a lot on these crazy busy days. I've been sipping water since I got home though, so no worries!

Until next time ^^

08-15-2011, 01:03 PM
Helllooooo Nurse =) And... ladies ;)

Happy Monday and new week! :grouphug:

Michi - I think I already mentioned this but I live in Mass, you must be right on the border of RI to work at a Target in Taxachusetts. (Hah! See what I did there? So clever >_> Not really) There were all kinds of advertisements for the tax free weekend. Funny thing is that other than the produce store I -avoided- shopping, because I didn't want to deal with crowds. Not to mention I didn't really have any "big" purchases to make.

I do refrigerate just about everything. The veggies were fine, it was just the fruit this time. It's possible one thing went bad and then sped up the process of the surrounding fruits. Oh well. Got new stuff and so far so good. Such is life!

Congrats on being down 5 pounds!!!! :broc: And on not eating all the junk simply because it was in the house. Enormous victory :D

I've had a good morning muhself. Ate a nice veggie & scrambled egg breakfast. I'm looking forward to a little exercise in the afternoon, and some organizing.

I still have to plan out of my meals for the week, but other than that I'm just content with everything!

08-16-2011, 12:35 AM
Hey all. Another long one at Target today. I had a teeny tiny slice of birthday cake during a break (the 15th of each month is cake day to celebrate that month's birthdays) and after one bite it was just kind of not worth eating to me, so I chucked the last 2 or 3 bites. Frosting was gross, the chocolate cake was flavorless, and it was just calories on a plate to me really. Instead I ate my half ham and smoked swiss sandwich with some mustard on it. For dinner I splurged because I had 1200 calories left (before even factoring in the workout from an 8 hour stint as cashier) and I spent 1000 on chocolate milk and mini pizza and breadsticks from the Pizza Hut kiosk in store. It was very satisfying and I was honestly almost full after just 1/2 the pizza and breadsticks! I threw away one breadstick but finished the last piece of pizza as it was teeny. I came home and had some ovaltine in skim milk and I'm about ready for bed, so all in all I definitely stuck to my 1800 calories and then burned a good amount on top of it. I also stepped on the scale this morning and was down to 249.8 - Woo!

I've been noticing these past few days that I'm getting fuller faster. It's a weird sensation - yesterday I was full after 1 Smart Ones Cheeseburger and half a tray of frozen low fat mac and cheese! I've also been craving chocolate milk like no one's business - today I had 2 servings, yesterday I had a bottle, and they days before I had a few glasses spread out. Odd, no?

Lovely - I actually live a few miles from the MA/RI border :) but I was born and raised in Western MA, and I spent last Summer in Salem, so I've sort of been all around the state ^^ As for the tax weekend, it wasn't as busy as we hoped but Sunday was definitely more intense than Saturday. The weather was kinda rainy Sunday so it's logical. Just a quick question for you (and anyone else that does this) - do you plan meals out by day, or do you plan 7 dinners/lunches/breakfasts within a certain point range and then eat them as you feel like it? I think for me it would be hard to make myself eat XYZ on Monday and then ABC on Tuesday, but I do sort of plan for certain meals through the week and eat them according to how I feel certain days.

Alrighty, it's past my bed time so I'm off to dream ^^

Stay classy, Alternachicks!

08-20-2011, 09:41 AM
Hey girls, just checking in. Seems like a dead zone here!

I have a relatively short shift today at Target and then nothing planned for the rest of the day. I seem to have stalled a bit on the weight loss and I kind of want to incorporate working out into my plan but my job takes a lot out of me to the point where I come home and just lay around and moan from being sore >_< so I guess I am getting exercise but not quite on my terms :/

I miss all the chatter we used to have, come back soon chickies!!

08-26-2011, 06:32 PM

I meant to check in here a few days ago. Been crazy busy, but I did want to pop on.

My brother and the finacee are currently visiting. We've had, so far, four fairly busy days.

I've been quite a champ at choosing healthy things and getting in activity. Today was the only day I really indulged and got a local frappe. (Milkshake for those not from Eastern Mass). It was about half my daily points... but so worth it. And this is the ONLY time I visited the local ice cream stand the whole year, so I'm quite happy. :yes:

Tonight we'll be seeing a movie after dinner, and I definitely don't need any candies or sodas or anything like that. We'll just see the movie, come home and chill and enjoy.

Tomorrow afternoon their going home. So they want to go to Korean for lunch. I can definitely stay in control for one more "out" meal, and then it's back to a normal week without company for me.

It's been nice having them visit, but with how very different my eating patterns are now this has been kind of hectic.

08-30-2011, 04:36 PM
Hi everybody! New to this site and really not sure how to join in a thread but thought I would give it a shot. I am just starting my journey...again...but this time at my some of the other posts above I too have a husband who is either oblivious to what is good quality food or just doesn't think about it and is constantly bringing junk into the house...if he wants to get me a little something to "brighten" my day he brings me a candy bar instead of flowers or something much less damaging. I don't think he is out to sabotage me but I don't think he thinks things through very well and therefore is not a great source of support...

I wish you all the best on your journeys! Good luck!

08-31-2011, 04:07 AM
Hey Minoja! Welcome to 3FC ^_^

Glad to have you join us! We're just chugging along, making healthy changes and trying to take off the weight.

Thankfully, my husband has learned not to bring too many "treats" into the home. About the only thing he eats that I do not is tortilla chips. And I just keep those out of sight, and mostly out of mind.

It's already the end of August. Can't believe it! I'm stoked personally because of my 99 Day Challenge to stay on plan and exercise each day through much of the summer. I'm only 6 days away from achieving that goal. 6 days away from being "still here!"

Through the ups and downs and the slow weeks and the fast weeks... just trying to keep it going. Healthy habits for life are the goal. The weight loss will follow. (And it has so far!)


08-31-2011, 07:09 PM
Hi Lovely, thank you for the welcome!

I am trying hard to train my husband about food but it hasn't sunk in yet! He is also one of those..."you look great and are not fat." type of guys, not that I would want or even let him call me fat but it doesn't help when I am tying to get him to stop bringing me "treats" because I am trying so hard to stick to a healthy eating plan and he's telling me it's not a big deal, just one candy bar isn't going to hurt! :fr:

Love this group though and all the people on really helps to be able to connect with people going through the same types of experiences and voicing my frustrations! :D

Congratulations on your successes and good luck to you!

08-31-2011, 07:21 PM
Hello everyone. I am pregnant and have been posting in that section mostly. I joined a water areobics class this week. I was really nervous about going (getting into a bathing suit) but it was actually pretty fun. Any other preggo alternachicks out there?

09-01-2011, 01:43 AM
Hey guys! It's the end of August so I'm closing this thread up, and have started the new month...

September Linked Here! (