100 lb. Club - 1. welcome new people! 2. hard to catch up!

01-20-2003, 02:58 AM
1. wow, a bunch of new people. this always happen in janauary? awesome to see dedication!! :^:

2. ok, so i was only out of town for 2 days. and i can't even catch up on all the posts! you guys are insane! hee hee. :lol: but i love it. sigh. so i did catch up on a lot of them, but i'm not going to post replies everywhere. here's my big reply:

everyone seems to be doing wonderful! lots of losses. good spirits. good research. all is good.

my weigh in is on wednesday. (i switched to once a week, not 3 times). i've been trying a few "up" days, kinda like that wendie diet. i was getting some plateau action even though i was eating right at the 1200 calorie range. so i mixed it up a little. we'll see how it works.

and now, i am hitting the hay. :D night all!