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08-01-2011, 06:12 AM
Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Complete Beck Diet for Life ( the first bookThe Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person. (

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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08-01-2011, 06:13 AM
:welcome: rubidoux :welcome:

And, if you didn't get one of these when you joined 3 weeks ago, :wel3fc:

How did you hear about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find our Beck Forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?

08-01-2011, 06:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food was close enough to plan, CREDIT moi. That included a repeat trip to the Thai restaurant that serves almost as fast as McDonalds. I read a book about carpentry details as I ate curried beef with mango over brown rice. Life is good.

Exercise was painting and other chores. Ouch for getting so involved with my project that I've been skipping gym. My August challenge is to get back to three gym trips per week, NO CHOICE.

onebyone - Ouch for malware with major Kudos for knowing that running its "clean up software" can make it worse. Good luck with sales today.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ouch for the reality of family dynamics. Thanks for the image of running to the diving board "to take a big dive into the realm of unplanned and purposely uncontrolled eating" - I'll remember that. Kudos for getting salsa from the Mexican restaurant.

maryann - Yay for progress on your "pantry and freezer challenge." [Re: "You need to apply to Goddard." Why yes, yes I do. Hoping they teach English as a First Language, particularly overcoming creative punctuation - including hyphens just stuck into otherwise sane sentences. Nor sentences beginning with a word that presumes something that isn't there. And fragments; even if split by semi-colons trying to make them look like sentences.]

Alana in Canada - Kudos for the walk, but gotta LOL at "we were brisk so we could outpace the skeeters."

Woodland – Interesting notion to engage the creative half of our brain. I like the idea of seeing pictures to remind us. I'll work on ideas for that.

rubidoux - Sewing must be about the greatest skill there is to help with weight loss. So many oversized clothes could be worn a bit longer with dignity with a nip or tuck. Kudos for the courage to envision making yourself another whole wardrobe. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
Why is eating slowly, while sitting down and enjoying every bite, so effective? I would like you to do the following experiment to see for yourself. Go to the kitchen and get something you like to eat. Cut or separate the food into two equal portions. Then do the following: Eat one portion as quickly as you can, while standing up, as you focus your attention elsewhere.
Eat the other portion sitting down, as slowly as possible, with no distractions. Take small bites. Notice the flavor and texture. Chew each bite thoroughly.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 61.

08-01-2011, 06:51 AM
Morning Coaches, a very busy Monday here – things are crazy at work so I don’t really have time to catch up with personals; I’ll try to do that later…

Credits: weighed in: -2.2lbs this week! May be in part due to the new scales but I’ll take it :D I’ll be sticking with these scales from now on anyway. Up early for a workout, planned meals for today, read ARC. A busy weekend also but plenty of good whole foods and exercise (and a fair amount of house cleaning :lol3:)

I’ve hit my second 5lb target – I just need to find another non-food treat… shouldn’t be too difficult :lol: also just tiptoed my way into onederland… :cb:

08-01-2011, 10:37 AM
BBE – yes for fast food that doesn’t involve all the usual nasties :) ‘life is good’ amen to that! Kudos for leaving some food on your plate – I’m eating out tomorrow night so I will get to test this skill again – you are right, it is not an easy one.

Woodland – ha ha, I was thinking just today about trying on some of my old clothes…

Debbie – good work on staring down the spoon! Also, sane eating in the face of emotional distress…

Onebyone – any luck selling any paintings? GJ on making new connections. Ouch for the computer thing…

Alana – ouch for going slightly off-plan, yea for the return of the children. Perhaps you just need to schedule some ‘me’ time even if they are there? You’re worth it (to quote a famous cosmetics ad!) ;)

Pam – I think it’s totally what works for you – I couldn’t survive on one meal and one snack, I’m more of a little and often person… I’m sorry to hear you do not like the water so much; I absolutely love it, I cannot imagine not being near it. Did you say you had to be revived? That is very scary and big credit for even thinking about swimming lessons.

Maryann – go on, get in the water! You’ll be so chuffed when you realise you can still do it :) even if it’s just for a little splash around, I’m not saying jump into the 10 foot waves or anything! To be honest, I am a rubbish body surfer, I just end up floundering around in the shore break flapping my arms around! :lol3:

08-01-2011, 12:09 PM
I didn’t have a plan yesterday. Food wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great. DH was around, so I had some reinforcements. I took the opportunity to clean my house—counting that as exercise for the day. So I’m feeling better about my living environment.

Nights with lots of screaming was starting to become a trend. DH and I brainstormed and came up with an idea. It worked beautifully last night—there was no wailing from anyone in the house. I’m crossing my fingers that we’ve come up with a solution.

08-01-2011, 01:29 PM
CREDIT for weighing myself on the first of the month even though I knew it meant moving the ticker up. OH WELL on that and on missing my exercise goal for July. It's a new day and a new month and I have renewed commitment and some new ideas.

I realized that I'm not eating enough veggies. Which feels like a rookie mistake. But I know how it happened. This is our 4th year of getting a CSA box as well as having a small garden. The first two years, we had a hard time getting through all those veggies -- it seemed like an overwhelming amount. So, I still have it in my head that I don't need to buy veggies during the peak gardening months. But I eat a lot more veggies, now, and the fact is, I need to supplement if we're going to eat as many veggies as I need to keep my weight where I want. Time to start shopping at the Farmers Markets!

WI: +0.45 kgs, Exercise: +0 1100/1300 minutes and 30/33 miles on treadmill for July, Food: 60%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: yay for applying the experimental approach to life to baby-rearing -- here's hoping to more peaceful nights!

SuperChick: *whispering* welcome to Onederland!

BillBlueEyes: cool about fast Thai food. Good for you for your gym commitment this week.

Welcome, rubidoux!

woodland: a visual thing that has really helped for me is to pay attention to the colors of vegetables and fruits. I sometimes set goals like "eat 5 different colors of vegetables and fruits a day" and when that gets easy I change it to "eat 5 different colors of vegetables and fruits before supper." I call this game "Eat the Rainbow."

maryann: zucchini and ziti sounds wonderful!

Lexxiss: I know exactly this experience: "then gave a big stare at the spatula after spooning my moms BD cake into the pan. After a long went in the sink with the pan. *credit*" Yay for you!

Alana: good job and good luck working out what to do on "no cooking" night. We do carryouts from Whole Foods. I've also been working on easier cooking ideas so I don't get so fed up sometimes.

onebyone: hope your painting went well!

08-01-2011, 02:38 PM
It is a celebration today. I have been following the Beck Program for exactly 1 year today. Happy Birthday to me!!! I can't believe the change in my life in one year. First and foremost - The peace around food compared with a life of struggle. Although I still must remain diligent everyday, I KNOW I am on a winning team with a plan that works. Before Beck, I could literally not stay on a diet ONE DAY. Not ONE DAY. With age 50 looming before me in the next few years and my weight creeping up every year, I was paralyzed with fear that I would be back over 200 hundred pounds . I felt like I was drowning with my hands tied behind my back. Although I am still not at goal, I have so many skills that are now for me automatic. Writing down food everyday. How did that happen? I could never do that before. Posting everyday with coaches, giving myself credit, eating much more protein that carbs and five servings of veggies a day. It is all a miracle for this binger/gutter food eater. And even beyond the peace I have had, I can't believe the weightloss and a brand new wardrobe.
Thank you to everyone. You are a big part of my success.
For Today: I made my monthly average of 30 mins a day exercise - two months straight now. I have packed all my food since DS is at strings/art camp and we have to commute an hour away. I will use time to finish more writing homework. It feels good to have already made everything I am going to eat today. I have decided to yet again go through pink book from day one which means I am not going to weigh myself everyday. I am starting to get mired down in daily fluctuations. I will weigh in next Monday.

BBE: There is no proper grammar in highbrow Lit anymore. You will fit right in. Just call it stream of consciousness.
Superchick: Congrats on breaking the 200 pound barrier. That is a BIG deal.
Shepardess: Hang in there. Be gentle with yourself. There is no more stressfull event than a crying baby.
gardenerjoy: I think you and I are twins. I am added four pounds to ticker and I am not eating enough veggies. It does just creep up on you. I am limiting grains to one meal a day for this week like in the old days. Hopefully I will see an improvement. Maintenance is tough!!!

08-01-2011, 04:42 PM
What a wonderful welcome, BBE! Thank you! :D I am from the Boston area (mostly Cambridge/Somerville) and dh, kids, and I just got back from visiting family there a little over a week ago. The day we left the bank thermometers were saying 106, though I guess it wasn't actually quite that high. I gained 6.8 pounds while were there. There's no good chinese food in San Diego, and in fact I've lived in quite a few different places in the US since leaving Boston, and nowhere has chinese as good as what you find there.

[B]SuperChick, Congrats on that second five pounds. I'm sure it won't be difficult to find a non-food treat. My first pat-on-the-back gift to myself was a pair of shoes. Now I'm working on trying to give myself fewer treats, since I am always feeling like I deserve them. :dizzy:

Shepherdess, How old are the wailers in your house? I have had very few sleepless nights with my kiddos -- they only seem to want to torment me during my waking hours. :cool: But I so feel for anyone who sleep is interrupted! :hug:

Gardenerjoy, I bet your ticker will go right back down. I'm impressed that you move your ticker once a month. I'm a little obsessed, I'm afraid. And I never move it up! Maybe that is just too much honesty for me. :o Right now I think my ticker and my scale are on the same page.

Maryann, Wow! A year! As I'm getting started is nice to read the thoughts of someone looking back that way. I would be so happy to be saying the same in a year. Congratulations! :carrot:

I found you guys and first learned of the BDS when I was aimlessly wandering around the 3fatchicks forum the other day. I was just wondering what Beck was, and then it turned out that it might be just what I needed at this point in my journey as my initial enthusiasm might not be enough to get me over the hump of having done this for a while and having had to lose this same few pounds 3 or 4 times now. I ordered the book from amazon right away and I'm anxiously waiting for it. :)

I have gotten through days one and two so far. When I first saw the idea of the ARC, I wasn't sure, but now that I've written mine I think it will be a pretty powerful tool. I do feel, though, like it's kinda personal and I don't exactly want to share it with anyone I know IRL, even hubby. So, I wish I could write it in code or something, to be whipped out when I need it -- like sitting across from one of my skinny friends deciding what to order. I have made a copy to keep in my diabetes kit (in theory, I should always have it with me and I do go into it multiple times a day, so it will serve as my reminder) so if I do need it while I'm out, it's there.

Today is day 3 and, I think, the day when I'm going to have to SIT DOWN TO EAT. I think I can handle that, but not so sure if I'm gonna love not reading or being online. I only eat once a day and I think of it as the one time that's MINE (though I did change a poopy diaper in the middle of dinner last night, gah!). I do think I'll at least give it a shot, though. Your quote today, BBE, is timely (since I don't have the book yet). I'll really be thinking tonight about whether it feels different to sit and pay attention to my food/eating.

08-01-2011, 06:33 PM
Hi Coaches

It's 5:09pm and I am still in my nightie. Man this weekend wore me right out.

I did *credit* weigh in to see +1.1 = 283.3lbs. I looked at my weight graph and for the last two weeks of daily weigh-ins I have not been below 280. Not once. The last time I was below was 15 days ago. I have not managed to get below 278 either in the two months that I have spent focused on weightloss once more. I don't know what to do. Today I feel baffled. And I feel I am losing hope or the willingness to keep trying to figure this out. But I am also tired which makes me not think straight so tomorrow I'll be better with all this.

The Jazz Fest was a bust sales-wise with the exception of the two paintings I made on-site. In the last hour of the silent auction I had three bids on each so they came in at $5 above the minimum bid and I was grateful for it. I covered my costs plus was $25 to the good. A big success given the show I was in. What was great though were the connections I made. I think I have several new avenues open to me now including a place to pursure some poetry. I have thought of writing again. I used to write decades ago but visual art usurped it. So I just found out about a poetry group that meets to read their work every second Tuesday. It's organized by the neighbour I had at the show -- who seems to have her finger in every civic pie around there.

And this was my weekend and now I am resting as I head off to Ottawa tomorrow. I am there from Tuesday to Sunday. That's a long time. I'm planning to take some water aerobic classes at the Y, or if they don't have drop-in classes I'll go swimming there or at my alma mater which has a fantastic pool. This is what I want to do for myself while I am away.

So that's how things are. I'm NOT HAPPY with my weight at all. Meeting boatloads of people in the heat and humidity weighing 280+lbs was not fun for me. I had to fight feeling less-than every hour. It's great I believe in my artwork so much as I can sort of hide behind it. I wish I didn't feel I had to always prove I am ok inspite of my weight. There were several conversations around me about different weight reduction plans too. In one ear and out the other mostly but I was sensitive to the topic. Everyone, of course, looked so much healthier, prettier, stylish to me than I felt. BUT I know I should "never compare my insides to someone else's outsides". You can be thin and ill.

And the summer goes on.

rubidoux Welcome to the group. The Beck stuff sticks. I look forward to reading your posts as you go through the book.

Happy August Becksters :)

08-01-2011, 06:57 PM
Hi coaches - it has been a yo-yo few weeks. First came the meditation retreat which was lovely, but by the end I was exhausted and not eating well. Then a week to myself, which was up and down like a roller coaster, and a week with the in-laws, which was great for about 5 days before I crashed and burned.

I came out of all this with the realization that I need to change my way of eating. I have tried the Eat to Live vegan approach before and I know I feel great when I eat that way, so I am trying once again. I will still be applying Beck principles to this way of eating - I know they work. For example, right now I'm a bit hungry, but I want to wait an hour to eat with my family. Hunger is not an emergency!!

Looking forward to a great August with all of you.

08-01-2011, 07:06 PM
:welcome2: rubidoux to the 3FC Beck Diet Discussion Group!!

A Major :woohoo: and :congrat: to you, Superchick, in breaking the 200 lb line and dipping down into Onederland!! :carrot: :broc: :cb:

Gardenerjoy We love you here!! in case you didn't know. Your honesty is to be commended and applauded :cp: We have your back, sweetie! :grouphug:

Another milestone, Maryann, :congrat: on your 1 year anniversary following the Beck priniciples!! Yes, life does change when we change. So simple and yet so sublime.

Lexxiss the best way that I have learned to handle family is to accept them for who they are. For example, my sister, Paula, made a point of telling me she was going to send me my b-day card this year. I called on Friday to ask her if she got my address right since I hadn't seen it. She said, "Oh, you know me, I haven't sent it yet." (weak laugh on other end of phone) She did this the past two years and then reminded me that she hadn't sent it. Multiple times. I say this is P-A behavior. (passive aggressive). Why, I don't know! but to all of this I just said "Oh well".

BBE :congrat: on knowing and following through on "less is more".

onebyone Stop for a moment and think about in the past when you might have totally thrown in the towel and given up then binged for a week or so feeling even worse than you imagine you do now. You ARE moving forward with all of this. Yes, sleep deprivation sucks and it does mess with your ability to use cognitive skills effectively. You got through this past weekend. That is the main thing. Now, focus on that pool swimming. You deserve it!:hug:

eusebius Tomorrow is the Feast Day of St. Eusebius. He lived during the 4th century and brought monastic life to that corner of the Roman Empire. He was fine until he was driven out of town for his religious beliefs. Guess, the worm turned. OY! Anyway, I just came off of a three day weekend of "fun size" Snicker candy bars eaten until I almost puked. I craved chocolate and instead of saying "No Way" I said "Way". TG it gives me diarhea so I am up only a lb. Go figure???

Credit for myself:
*Did my strength weight exercises. Increased the reps (w heavier free weights) as this felt comfortable to do.
*Harvested my sweet potatoes this a.m. Cleaned out the garden in preparation for new organic soil and compost.(worked up a sweat--today was the only day where it was only 83 so it was a good day to pick to do this) Will begin seedlings in the next few days. Daniel, the Master Gardner, was present watering everything and we both came to the conclusion that this heatwave is here to stay for another month or two so why not grow more tomatoes? My sentiments exactly! Ignore the calendar date and go with the heat. It's suppose to be in the mid-90s here all this week. So, I might be able to say I have fresh from the garden ripe tomatoes in October. Who knew?
*Still in that "rewarding myself with food" mode after "accomplishing something. Poop! I suggested that we go to Wendy's afterwards. However, I realized once I sat down and began eating my grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato that I wasn't really very hungry in spite of smaller breakfast. I finished the sandwich(it would have been better if I would have brought the rest home with me) but it is now 7 hours later and dinner will be much smaller. I am going to try one of your suggestions (Alana?) and I added some pineapple, peach chipolte salsa to the couscous. Here's my opportunity to eat only until I am full which I think will be quicker than I can imagine. What makes me feel nervous is having yet another container of leftovers in the fridge. I am very adamant about not too many accumulating in there. This means I will be having couscous for breakfast tomorrow, which I am going to mix eggs in with. I have a TON of it! What was I thinking???:?:

08-02-2011, 04:23 AM
Morning coaches, a bit early for me here – got up early to go surfing before work, but it was flat! So I am now at work 2 hours early! Oops. Oh well, I’ll just try to leave early. Hopefully I can use this quiet time before everyone arrives to be productive :lol:

Mainly OP yesterday, although I did have a bit of a slip up last night, ate a couple of extra squares of chocolate above my plan and I know it was because I was in a weird mood – even when I was eating it I couldn’t really taste it as much as usual, it was more trying to soothe myself I think… which I know is ridiculous and food cannot provide that for me, but it’s a big step for me to be able to recognise this – hopefully I’ll be able to remember this feeling next time! I’m not dwelling on it though, it wasn’t a major off-plan indulgence and I need to keep going. So, onwards and upwards, today is a new day and all. With my morning exercise plan scuppered (surfing) I still have my ride home but that’s only half an hour, so I might try to pop to the gym if I can finish early. Food is all planned for the day; although me and boyf are off out for a romantic meal tonight… not sure how it will go though as boyf got zero sleep last night so he wasn’t in the best mood this morning… I can only imagine how that will be exacerbated by 7 o’ clock tonight! I am going to work hard at the restaurant tonight not to 1. Overeat or 2. Drink too much. One glass of wine max.

BBE – credit for your renewed commitment to the gym. Is it too hot where you are to exercise outside? I read something that apparently you burn more calories exercising outside (I don’t know if this is the boredom factor or the fact you’re working out on uneven surfaces). P.S. are you a fluent Welsh speaker or did google lend you a hand? ;)

Shepherdess – intrigued by your idea – don’t keep us in suspense!

Gardenerjoy - *whispering back* thanks a lot – I hope I’m going to be a permanent fixture here…

Maryann – Happy Beckday! Massive credit for the commitment to Beck of a whole year – I would love to hear more of how it’s changed your life / way of eating. Well done!

Rubidoux – I’m thinking of getting myself a food processor – it’s a bit indulgent for a 5lb treat but I really want one to make nut butters, houmous and veggie burgers with… it would definitely be well used! I found that I always sit down to eat main meals, but you’ll be so surprised how many times you accept a piece of food from someone else and eat it standing up, or eat in the car (technically sitting down but I don’t think it counts), or pass the fridge, or when you’re cooking dinner… it’s tougher than it sounds! Good luck :)

Onebyone – I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling ‘less than’. Remember to stay strong – we’re all here for you :hug: 1. If all the ‘thin, stylish’ people had to talk about was diets then that’s not so interesting, and 2. They may have been looking at you and thinking ‘wow, what a talented artist, I wish I could paint like her’ – I am inspired everyday by your creativity.

Erika – welcome back :wave:

Pam – thanks a lot :D – you have sweet potatoes growing? Ace! Love them. Not a breakfast suggestion but have you thought of having couscous stuffed peppers? Cut a pepper in half, grill the outside till the skin is blistered then fill with couscous (or a mix of couscous and veg) if you’re allowed a little cheese you could sprinkle this on top, then grill… yummy with salad and dead easy. Probably works with aubergine / courgette too if you scrape the flesh out… or with a roast sweet potato! Mix the flesh and the couscous together! Mmm, I think I’d better stop now, it’s only 8 in the morning here and I’m dreaming of couscous and SP! Ha ha, I get so excited about cooking sometimes :lol:

Everyone seems so positive at the moment, i'm loving it! it's definitely helping me stay on the right track :goodvibes

08-02-2011, 06:11 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Tension was high on our house make over as problems were created and had to be solved. Good news is that all problems have acceptable solutions - given that I've accepted that a tad of flexibility is required. I did, however, attempt to use my DW's trail mix to ease the tension. Ouch. And, to my great surprise, it didn't. All it did was make me want to have more trail mix. Otherwise on plan, CREDIT moi.

Exercise was running about solving problems - always running ahead of the sheriff, as it were. Last minute wiring changes had to be completed before the plasterer covered it all over. I got done by 9 pm last night and finally got my shower for the day. CREDIT moi for staying in the game.

onebyone - Congrats for selling your two wet paint paintings, with Kudos for carrying through with your weekend in the hot weather. Ouch that it's temporarily knocked the wind from your sails. You have a great track record for getting back into your grove again.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Super Congrats for eating more veggies than your CSA and urban garden supply. At the farmers market, you might ask for "aubergine and courgette" as well to make the SuperChick recipes. That'll keep them on their toes.

Shepardess - Re: "no wailing from anyone in the house." OK. Got that. Just curious about how many wailers were silenced.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for the simple ideas that work, "Hunger is not an emergency!!" Kudos for tending to your need to adjust your food plan.

maryann - Happy First Year Beck Plan Anniversary! May they continue. And Kudos for "so many skills that are now for me automatic."

pamatga - Yay for a sweet potato harvest - you can put them in your cold cellar and have them all winter. Kudos for being aware of your Wendy's experience.

SuperChick - Congrats on that kilo lost - a solid drop into onderland. May you stay there forever. Hope the romantic dinner happens - or gets rescheduled until everyone has enough sleep to enjoy it. [Alas, google did the Welch translation. I have, however, been to Wales - what a beautiful and gracious place.]

rubidoux - Kudos for just charging forth. Yep, the ARC thing sounded like a bit much to me, also. Until I tried it. It took me months to continue to modify mine until they were pointed and meaningful to me. And thus highly personal. When I share them here in the Beck Forum, I redact the personal parts.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
Did you enjoy the second portion more? When you eat while distracted and fail to enjoy every bite, you may want to eat more after eating a reasonable portion, simply because you didn't notice what you were eating. In a study completed at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, one group ate in silence and focused intensely on the process of eating. When they finished their allotted portion, they lost their desire to have dessert. A second group ate while playing a video game. These participants reported a high desire to continue to eat - a full 10 minutes after finishing the same sized portion. Eating slowly, while sitting down and enjoying every bite, helps you cut down on the amount you eat.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 61-62.

08-02-2011, 06:40 AM
ha ha i guess that should be eggplant and zucchini! :lol:

08-02-2011, 09:10 AM
Hi Coaches

Theoretically, I was supposed to be packed and ready to go so I could start the drive to Ottawa right after I dropped dh off at work.
Well, we still haven't unpacked the car from this weekend's shows.
I'm about to go do that after this check in with you guys.

I *expected* a loss on the scale this morning but saw a rise of 0.4lbs = 283.7 now. Oh boy. NOT WHAT I WANT!!!:mad:

I ate late and ate salty and I am thirsty even now so the great spongey body of mine is hanging onto its water again. I'll have to focus on getting the water in me in order to get it out of me once more. Same old, same old.

I *wish* I was thinner going back for the show but everyone knows what I look like so whatever. This weightloss business will be put on hold and I am striving to come back the same weight as today and not more! My plan to make this happen is to get to the swimming pools daily and to write down my food. I will go back to low carb eating as since I reintroduced the carbs the weight has climbed steadily upward.
Focus on salads when I can. Just try and eat smarter than I have been which will be tough in the face of a stressful week.

I will also check in with my coaches when I can which I hope is daily.

Better go. Have a great Tuesday...

08-02-2011, 09:29 AM
Hi Coaches!

Despite an incredibly long and busy day I managed to stay as close to the principles of my food plan as possible. I blended a green smoothie as soon as we arrived at our East house before I hit the road for the airport. Lunch was at a teahouse in Boulder...I ordered sensibly and left food on my plate. Dinner was at home, OP, until I sneaked an extra piece of coffee cake after dinner. I resisted all snacks at Whole Foods and skipped the afternoon latte, choosing a peach instead.

I've hit the deck running today. I pitched paperwork in a drawer last eve as folks were heading over for dinner. Now it's time to reorganize and ease my frustration which always helps me stay sane with food.

08-02-2011, 09:38 AM
Hello all! I am new to this whole forum/posting thing, but found you all and the Beck Diet Solution a couple weeks ago while rummaging through the 3fatchicks site. Over the years I have followed WW, and when I was actualkly following it, it worked. So I would lose the same 20 pounds, get bored/sidetracked, gain it back, and eventually start over.

All of which is why your discussions here about the Beck plan intrigued me. I bought the pink book (thank you all for your feedback on which book to look into!) and have been reading it for the last nine days. I know the book recommends to read/follow the first couple of weeks before you begin your selected diet, but I just couldn't wait. The book - and all of your good discussions here - has me excited to get back on track! So yesterday I went back to healthy me, right? :)

I am looking forward to continuing to read all of your stories/successes/hints! And I will do my best to chime in as well! :D

Maryann - Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Your post reminded me of why I want to try this - and why it is so important!

08-02-2011, 11:12 AM
:welcome2: missyj -wonderful to see you joined our group. Look forward to having you with us. :grouphug:
lexxiss I just looked down at your ticker! Wow! Lady Lexxiss, you have lost quite a bit of weight. Have you used the Beck skills during all of your downward journey? GJ in managing your meals and schedule.
onebyone do you have access to either of the Beck books? I think now would be a good time to review the sections on Sabotaging Thoughts. Here's the scoop on dieting-everyone and I do mean everyone says they are on a diet. Grandmas,kids, young men, girls, I even had a vet tell me once to put one of my cats on a diet! His name was PeeWee but he was anything but.... So, settle your mind on that one. As for what people think? Well, you can't please everyone all of the time so begin by pleasing yourself first. People secretly admire people who have confidence (real or not). Start by believing in yourself. You can do this, GF! You can! We have your back! :grouphug:
BBE Trail mix is your siren. Maybe, the electricians can hide it before the plasterer comes. So you are having the walls plastered??? Wow! We had a hard time finding one in the Twin City area and he was near 90. It is a lost art although Northern European countries still have many.
rubidoux I find that the ARC cards are about talking back to that sassy voice we all have when it comes to wanting what we can't have and thinking we really know what is in our best interest when most of the time we don't until we know what really is in our best interest. GJ on following through with that. I feel it is the core of the Beck skill set.


*over one full week of 8-9 hours of sleep during the night. I am up and down visiting the bathroom but, at least, now I have a fascinating night light in there to view. It has 3-D tropical fish and the LED light changes from blue-green-purple-red-white, etc. Even DH said he stopped to watch it change colors before going to bed. $8 of pure fun!:D (P.S. my bathroom is so beautiful I wish I could live in--it is done in a beach theme and the colors are so soft and soothing--I went for the spa feel and GOT IT!)
*restarting my aerobic part of this journey again. I am crossing my fingers that all the self-knee physical therapy will prove to me "I can do this".
*asked DH to forego his monthly chapter meeting with the PTG and go to a live chamber music performance tonight. "Feeding my soul and not my stomach." That's the way you do it, ah ha, ah ha.:carrot:

08-02-2011, 01:13 PM
Had a plan and stuck to it. It was a good reminder that things are simpler when I have a good plan. I got my weights workout in while DD was napping yesterday and got my run in this AM while DH watched her. We had another good night last night. (BBE, if baby is wailing mom and dad are too.) Crossing my fingers that I’ve stumbled on the answer. I can handle middle of the night feedings if I haven’t endured hours of inconsolable baby crying.

For those who are curious, I’ve started feeding her and putting her to bed at 6 or 6:30 PM, before she starts getting fussy. All feedings and changings after that are done quietly with low lights. It’s probably obvious to veteran parents, but it was a new idea for us. During the day she’s able to doze when she needs to in the middle of the action, but in the evenings it’s too much stimulation. She was getting too worked up to get to sleep and our attempts to soothe her only made things worse. These last two nights she’s gone right to sleep early in the evening and she goes right back to sleep after she wakes up to be fed and changed. There has been almost no crying. I hope this is the solution!

Gardenerjoy, great job weighing in and turning over a new leaf for August. Yay for finding the solution to the new diet problems and it’s great that the new normal is a lot more fruits and veggies!

Maryann, happy Beck birthday! It’s great to take stock and see how far you’ve come. Congrats on all the healthy habits that you’ve acquired over the last year. Great job celebrating by making a food plan and recommitting to work through Beck.

Welcome Rubidoux! I know all about waning commitment to a new diet and constantly battling those same lbs. Kudos for giving Beck a shot. She has some great solutions that helps me stick with a healthy lifestyle over the long haul. My DD is a month old. I came to this without much baby experience and the books could only prepare me so far. It’s a learning process.

Onebyone, ouch for being worn out from a show that was a bust, but it’s great that you got some good contacts out of it. Great job planning for exercise on your trip—wishing you a good one! Hugs while dealing with a disappointing weigh-in and frustration over your weight in general. Good job identifying carbs as the culprit.

Eusebius, ouch for the yo-yos and roller coasters. It sounds like you’ve had a lot going on. Great job getting back in there and making a plan. Yay for the tried-and-true “Hunger is not an emergency!”

Pamatga, congrats on moving your workout to the next level. It’s such a great reward to see that progress. Yay for lots of good sleep! Thanks for “Feeding my soul and not my stomach.” I love the sentiment.

SuperChick, ouch for missing that AM surf, but great job being flexible enough to figure out a different workout, even if it doesn’t sound like as much fun. Yay for realizing that chocolate doesn’t soothe troubling emotions. It’s so hard to remember. Hope your romantic dinner went well and your BF was in a good mood.

BillBE, ouch for house-renovation tension. Great job keeping the food damage to a minimum and for finding solutions to the problems.

Lexiss, great job sticking so closely to your food plan on such a busy day. Yay for reorganizing so you can stay sane with food!

Welcome MissyJ! I think you hit the nail on the head when you noted that WW works great; it’s sticking with it that’s the problem. I found Beck so helpful with the “sticking with it” part. I knew what I should be doing; I just wasn’t doing it. I hope Beck is the answer for you as well.

Alana in Canada
08-02-2011, 01:15 PM
Hello fellow Beckites/coaches

I am in an odd place. The excitement of eating fabulous food is wearing off and I am getting bored. I've settled into a rut with my choices. I've planned all of my dinners for the month (I've done this for ages, so it's no big deal--the local Safeway offers 10% off the entire grocery bill the first Tuesday of the month. I like to get all the meat and pantry items we need for the month. I usually spend about $350 (after the specials. Don't judge. Food is very expensive, here.) I am very bored with eating, roughly, the same 30 to 35 dinners over and over again.

My daughter is home...and that's been something of an adjustment, too. My son comes home later today.

I haven't done any excercise for a few days--that is probably contributing to my feeling out of sorts. Could be the loss of my "alone" time. Reading Adler is stirring up thoughts of going to school--or at least reading a few books I haven't got to yet, like Thomas S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolution. I'm curious about whether an argument can be made that this whole weight loss (and re-gain) conundrum is enough of a challenge to our current scientific paradigms to cause yet another revolution. It's all a whole lot more slippery than quarks. But when on Earth will I find the time?

OnebyOne--please do not give up. I don't think making decisions when you are discouraged and tired is good idea! (You may remind me of that when I get like that, too, OK?!) You want to stay the same weight this week. That may or may not work out--but can you focus on actions you will take? Like drink 64 ounces of water a day, eat slowly and mindfully, and choose healthy foods the best you can. All those things are within your control--much more than that pesky scale. Hooray for the pool!

I'll do my best to do the rest of the personals later today.
Have a great day everyone.

08-02-2011, 02:29 PM
Welcome MissyJ and Rubidoux: This program works in conjunction with any diet. I have been a war weary veteran of Weight Watchers for years but truth be told I have a history of fighting and cheating on any program I haver ever been on. My favorite example is being alotted 23 points a day for WW and using 20 points for Laughing Cow Ice cream sandwiches (for several days in a row.) That is the thing about addiction- it is insane behavior - no peace. It is playing against the house - you might win a few hands in Vegas but in the end THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!. With Beck, you leave the casino and STOP PLAYING. Life away from the game is sometimes painful, sometimes frustrating, sometimes filled with grief BUT YOU CAN PROGRESS and find success. (I am working on an MFA in Creative Writing so I am pretty heavy into analogies currently.)
Anyway for newbies who don't know my story. I was over 200 pounds twenty years ago and through a discovery of a love for exercise went down to around 175 but couldn't budge below it until I looked at my relationship with the food.
Today: Last two days I have weighed and measured just for kicks ( I am on the Zone Diet) and because I have to pack all my food for the day in a cooler because we are at Strings Camp. I can't say it enough, "I am constantly astounded what constitutes a serving. I think I will keep weighing and measuring all week just for practice. OP Yesterday. I did weigh myself (-.8) when I told myself to wait but it has become such a habit it was difficult to not. I think I'll let it go and see what happens tomorrow. Food was also extra veggies (sautee'd zuke, peas, fruit) because I had been slipping in that area. I also had my old evening snack of a Rees' cup and cottage cheese. That was my snack for all the months I lost weight so I an re-initiating it.

08-02-2011, 03:23 PM
Remember a couple of weeks ago I said that I had a sabotaging thought associated with our saltiest meal of the week (a greens dish that I'm not willing to give up because it's so healthy otherwise)? The sabotaging thought was: the scale will go up tomorrow, so I might as well eat what ever I want. After some thought, I discovered that the response that gave me the most pleasure was "What if I'm wrong?"

Turns out, I am! We had the greens dish last night and I had an ever so small down tic on the scale this morning. I credit sticking to my plan at the 90% level and my 50 minutes of exercise. So happy that works!

WI: -0.1kgs, Exercise: +50 50/1300 minutes and 3/33 miles on treadmill for August, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: I also find it useful to measure everything for awhile to recalibrate my eyeballs for my normal eyeballing of serving sizes. They creep up over time! Yay for extra veggies!

Alana: can you augment your regular menu with seasonal veggies and fruits? That's been a continuing pleasure for me on this journey.

Shepherdess: glad to hear that the great baby sleep experiment worked for a second night

pamatga: hope the chamber music performance is wonderful!

Welcome, missyj!

Lexxiss: yay for staying close to principles!

onebyone: have a great trip and enjoy the pool!

BillBlueEyes: yay for acceptable solutions!

SuperChick: good job recognizing the desire for soothing and that food isn't doing it.

eusebius: glad to see you back with a new plan!

rubidoux: I'm sure you'll find some way to deal with your ARCs. It doesn't have to be physical cards. Some people put them in their smart phones so it will look like they are reading email!

08-02-2011, 03:26 PM
Managed to make it through a drama filled vacation at the lake with my family with only a slight amount of off plan eating. Although my plan right now is to just eat when hungry only and no sugar. I am at the "start your diet" chapter now.

08-02-2011, 06:34 PM
Hi Coaches/Buddies!

So far so good. The new plan is working splendidly and I am starting to see lower numbers ... woot! It is nice to be home with my family, my cat and my piano :) My stomach is starting to grumble and I am looking forward to a very healthy dinner packed with veggies.

pamatga - happy feast day to me, LOL. I'm hoping no one is going to drive me out of town anytime soon. You are doing awesome with the strength training and gardening sounds like a great workout also! Good to see you are getting back into the aerobic side of things.

SuperChick - congrats on reaching onederland!! Good job not dwelling on minor slip ups and keeping on track. You are definitely finding what works for you!

BillBE - ouch for high reno-related tension but kudos for keeping on track!!

onebyone - (((((hugs))))) Sounds like you have a good plan for the trip. The swimming pools will feel really good in this weather!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - terrific work staying OP while traveling!

missyj - Welcome!! This is a great group. Indeed, big credit for recommitting to your healthy plan!

Shepherdess - Indeed, planning is everything and big kudos to you for using your nap and DH time productively! Sounds like you are figuring out the sleep thing. I hope it's easier for you than it was for me, LOL.

Alana - I can relate big time to the boredom issue and also the adjustment to not having a lot of alone time. LOL that weight loss is more slippery than quarks!!

maryann - wise words about addiction and how Beck helps. You are a shining example of success on this plan!

gardenerjoy - credit for sticking to your guns and your exercise plan!

Becky (anotherchick) - Nice job surviving the drama-filled vacation - I can certainly relate to that scenario!!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: will do a bit this evening
Qi Gong: yes (short session)

08-02-2011, 11:14 PM
Hello all! Well, I am very happy with the Beck Diet so far! Yesterday I completed day 6 ( I think that was the day) where I skip lunch and see how my body feels. Well, I ended up not eating for 12 hours. I couldn't believe this for many reasons:
1. It was while I had a 12 hr flight and my flights have been my biggest struggle thus far
2. I really didn't think I was going to last, I think I've only gone 5 or 6 hours without eating before
3. I wasn't STARVING after the 12 hours. Mostly I had a bit of a headache and was really tired.
Well, I'm so so glad I did this exercise. I learned that my food/craving/hunger doesn't control me. I also learned to start realizing when I am truly hungry and that I don't want to eat if I am not truly hungry. I'm so glad I did this exercise, and I think I may try doing it every once and a while if I feel like my food is controlling me. I realize now that I'm in control!!
Thanks for the support!!

08-03-2011, 02:14 AM
This is day 2 of the Beck diet and I just joined this blog.


I'm curious what diet plans people are doing on this?

AND....i'm excited to have a team to do this with!

08-03-2011, 04:23 AM
Onebyone, That sounds incredibly frustrating! :hug: I used to believe that I *could*not*lose*weight*, like it wasn't possible for my body to do it. My endocrinologist even backed me up on that, and said he had never seen a type I lose weight. I had tried *everything*, or at least everything that was recommended. And then, not in the interest of weight loss at all, but for my blood sugar, I decided to try a few days of zero carb. And omg!!! I just started losing. And so here I am four months later and almost 35 pounds down. And my life is so, so different because I know it's possible now. Anyway, I tell you this just to say maybe what everyone else does doesn't work for you, but that doesn't mean you won't figure out something that does. It is a terrible frustrating journey to be on before you figure it out, but I hope you keep trying! I do believe, btw, that you have every right to accept that you can't lose weight and actually, I am kind of happy that I made it to that point myself, though it was painful. But there is real joy in getting past it and I really hope you get to have that.

eusebuis, If you find something that works to get you through a week (that's just about forever, in dieting terms, as far as I'm concerned) with family that would be revolutionary. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.

Pamatga, Ooooh, I bet fresh sweet potatoes are wonderful. And it sounds glorious to have 3 months worth of fresh tomatoes. I hope that works out. I feel like I haven't had a great tomato for about 30 years, since I was able to eat off of my great-grandfather's farm. And if I was you, I'd be patting myself on the back for just getting a chicken sandwich at wendy's. ;) I hope you enjoyed your chamber music!

SuperChick, I hope you had a good workout and a nice dinner. I'm jealous that you surf! I'd be too scared to try (I'm not even much of a swimmer), but it looks so adventurous. Plus, Eddie Vedder does it, which is just plain cool. :cool: And yay re the food processor. I've been wanting one for ages, but when I started dieting I stopped cooking altogether, like I became allergic to it.

BBE, Yes! That's a great idea about refining your ARC. I think mine can be streamlined a bit so I don't have to spend all day reading it. There are certain words or phrases that are powerful enough that they don't need a whole lot of explanation when I'm the reader. Sorry about that dratted trail mix! Sometimes I feel like there's trail mix lurking around every corner. :dizzy:

Lexxiss, It sounds like you did great in a stressful situation! :carrot:

MissyJ, Welcome! :wave: I know what you mean about wanting to get on it when you feel it. I wouldn't wait the two weeks either. That would probably leave me stressed out for two weeks waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hope you have great success! :carrot:

Shepherdess, It sounds like you are on the right track with the baby-sleep. With my two, I found that they were so different that it was just trial and error all the way through both times. So, no, you don't sound like a newbie at all. ;) One thing that worked really great with both of mine was co-sleeping, which they are both still doing. :o I know that's not for everyone, but it got me a lot of good sleep. Congrats on your new little one!

Alana, Good luck finding new exciting foods. Boredom is no fun.

Ok, I think I have to move to another post to continue. :^: It's hard keeping track of where I am in this thread!

08-03-2011, 04:51 AM
maryann, Thanks for sharing your story. I'm so curious about what exercise you fell in love with. I once lost a good amount of weight on a diet that included a snickers every night. I was like 22, though. lol I don't think it would work now since my issues are all carb-related.

Gardenerjoy, I'm so happy you were wrong! Ya know I'm aways surprised when people malign salt (though I am getting used to it). I actually swell up if I don't get enough, and I need quite a lot. Plus, if you eat a lot of salt *every* day, I don't think you'd gain past that first day, kwim? I suppose I love salt enough that a couple of pounds are worth it to me. Did I say all my issues were carb-related? ;)

anotherchick, Family is about the worst trigger for me. Kudos for getting through in tact!

ovwgirl, Congrats on your progress today! It's kind of liberating to skip that meal, I think.

happygoal, Welcome! :wave: I'm on day four, so we're in this together. I do a kind of crazy diet, which probably would only work for me (as nothing that anyone else does has worked for me, lol). I eat once a day, usually between 6 and 7 and I eat fatty meat and 2-4 cups of whole milk yogurt. During the day I have iced coffee with between 2.5 and 5 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream, depending on how many I have.

I had such a great day! I am trying to transition to only one meal a day every day (I had been doing it just a few times a week) and today was day 4 in a row and I felt just great! I made a lot of good choices for myself and gave myself lots of CREDIT :D. Today was the credit day, after all. I decided to get myself a diet coke at the mcd's drive through because my little guy was asleep in back, which was a safer choice than starbucks since I have no idea how much cream they'll put in, CREDIT!, and I made it through the drive through having purchased nothing but the diet coke, CREDIT! I also decided to go ahead and exercise even though I had plenty of good reasons to back out of it, CREDIT! For dinner I picked up some buffalo wings, and rather than get my favorite strips, which are dredged in flour, I got wings, which are not, CREDIT! And they were VERY yummy, anyway.

In the last hour or so I've realized that I'm getting a cold and I actually kind of wonder if that somehow affected my mood today or made things easier for me, maybe it affected my appetite. It was also really hot, and that can be helpful, too. I'm actually thinking now that I will take a day off and eat twice tomorrow. I don't think I ate enough today, especially if I'm sick. And I don't want to force it.

Oh, and I finally, finally, have made it down to a NEW low weight. It's only .2 pounds below my last one, but still. :D I'll have to fix the ticker tomorrow.

I stayed OP, read my ARC, gave myself a bunch of credit... and now I'm going to look up what tomorrow's work will be.

Goodnight coaches!

08-03-2011, 06:00 AM
Morning Team :grouphug: *long post alert!*
Like Alana, I too feel like I’m falling into a bit of a rut, or more so a bit of a funk. Monday and Tuesday have both been a bit strange, tired, gremlin-y days. By gremlin-y, I mean that little sabotaging voice has been a lot more present this week than any other time so far on my Beck journey. I think it’s mainly because I’m tired, and my house / garden / work desk / mind is cluttered and untidy… Like someone else said recently, it’s much easier to stick to my plan if everything else is in order – I know however that this not a realistic plan for life! It’s always going to be a bit messy at times. What I think I need to do is take some time for myself (luckily DB is away this weekend, although I’m going to miss him) and tidy up, go through Beck, make some new response cards (I’ll get to that in a minute!) and get my head straight.

So last night, food out was lovely, and the restaurant served quite small portions so portion control wasn’t really an issue. I also managed to avoid having any dessert (BBE, this is my demon when it comes to eating out… I always want one even if I’m not hungry… so a small victory!) however I drank way too much. One glass turned to two, then three, then stopping at the pub on the way home… after a rubbish day yesterday (not food wise, just general bleugh) the little sabotaging gremlin was telling me it was ok… even though I knew it wasn’t. I’m trying hard at the minute not to beat myself up for my ‘mistakes’ but to learn from them… so I’m going to spend some time making some response cards (I have only made ARC and ‘no choice’ cards, I haven’t made any others yet as the need / time hasn’t arisen) to try to address this, and I think I need to think carefully about drinking when I’m in that sort of mood as I’m much more likely to drink more than I want to.

I typically only weigh in once or twice a week and I weighed in on Monday but I’m starting to worry about what the scales are going to say (like they can talk!) and I can already sense a feeling of avoidance coming on… I need to step up, banish that voice and get on the scales tomorrow morning.

Thanks for listening guys, it’s crazy how obvious things seem when I write them down, and how much it helps me putting it down in print and telling you all. :thanks:

Credits: bike to work today, planned food, read ARC, putting myself first today (advance credit!), NSV – fitted into two pairs of trousers I haven’t worn since before Christmas :)

Hello to everyone :wave: and welcome to the newbies – stick with Beck, it’s such a good tool and everyone else on this forum is so supportive. I think that support network is what is missing in a lot of people’s life, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Right I’m off to put myself first and work myself out of this funk!

08-03-2011, 06:24 AM
Hi Coaches!

This is a hopping place lately! I will try to get caught up with you all today.

Saying "it was inevitable" is definitely a sabotaging thought. My food choices weren't so great yesterday...not totally off, but I dived into the chocolate almonds for an XXL snack. Dinner was pizza as we were beat from our project but I did order 1/2 with veggies and light cheese. I took time to make a salad for myself and had it before my allotted portion of pizza. *credit* for getting back on track and ordering/eating dinner wisely.

Today starts a two day painting marathon...hoping to get this project to a point where we could say it's ok to stop. They are twin/tiny Victorian cottages with a walkway to the outhouse in the middle. I have the gingerbread/fascia left unfinished on one front and once it's finished it will look great from the street although the mountain side will be left undone. Oh, hasn't been painted in my entire lifetime so the back might just wait until next year.

Happygoal, :welcome2: Glad that you're joining us on this journey! I follow South Beach Diet. I'm 53 and want to follow a "whole foods" plan. This plan helps me stay away from white sugar/white flour and I feel very energized. My back up plan is calorie counting WHILE trying to maintain SBD principles. I calorie counted in addition to SBD principles during a slow time in the Spring and was greatly rewarded. I lost my holiday gain, plus a few more, and learned lots about myself. I'm physically active, have lots of ongoing stress and am overjoyed to lose 5 pounds a year at this point so I guess I'd call my plan "maintenance" right now. I am so happy to have incorporated Beck skills into my plan. The sitting down/slow eating mindset makes my eating feel much more sane and controlled, and I've become much better at saying NO CHOICE to unplanned foods (mostly stress snacking).

Back later....hopefully!

08-03-2011, 06:41 AM
:welcome: happygoal :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

08-03-2011, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Tension continued and I had an extra snack. Ouch. It's so counterproductive to eat in response to emotions. Otherwise, food was on plan, CREDIT moi, including a lovely piece of broiled cod with Red Kale and a bowl of tomatoes from our back yard for dinner. Yay for summer.

onebyone - Have a great trip to Ottawa. Keep the faith.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for continuing to demonstrate how to deal with creative Sabotaging Thoughts.

Shepardess - Will keep my fingers crossed that you've found the night time solution. Kudos for getting in both your weights and your run. Are you guys still remembering to tend your sheep through all of this?

Erika (eusebius) - Congrats on those scale numbers following your return to a calm, sane life.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Special Kudos for resisting snacks at Whole Foods.

maryann - LOL, "I am constantly astounded what constitutes a serving." Me too, particularly when a restaurant provides some four servings in an order.

SuperChick - Gotta remember this, "Feeding my soul and not my stomach."

Alana in Canada - Kudos for being so organized that you plan your food for the month and then get that killer 10% off the entire bill. That's real money.

Becky (anotherchick) - Ouch for family drama - always the most dramatic there is. Kudos for staying your path through it.

missyj - Yep, Kudos for starting your healthy eating plan. It's hard not to start right away while the enthusiasm is high. Which I think is fine, provided one also takes it seriously to learn the strategies. Love your reminder - WW works when actually following it.

Oriana (ovwgirl) - Terrific hunger exercise - Kudos for pulling that off. What do you mean by a 10 hour flight? That's a long time in the air. Are you piloting a plane from here to Australia and back?

rubidoux - Congrats on that new low weight! Yep, my ARC has gradually reduced to key phrases that have meaning to me; they started out as near paragraphs each one, LOL. Kudos for the sane choice at the McDonalds drive thru.

happygoal - Kudos for jumping right in on day 2 of the Beck Diet for Life. I'm on a home grown plan centered around portion control. My main challenge is to stick to the three planned meals and three planned snacks each day. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
You won't feel as deprived. Once you start limiting your food, you will want to get the most satisfaction from everything that you eat. You will feel so much more satisfied if it takes you longer to finish what is on your plate.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 61-62.

08-03-2011, 09:22 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Starting day 4 of the new plan today. I am experiencing some headaches which apparently are quite common at this phase - detox symptoms. That's what I'm telling myself anyway, LOL. I do feel like I slept better last night and have a bit more energy today. One day at a time ...

Oriana (ovwgirl) - WTG on completing the hunger exercise! It really is educational.

happygoal - Welcome!! Great to have you on our team. I was doing Weight Watchers until recently when I started the Eat to Live plan (Dr. Joel Fuhrman) which is a low-fat vegan diet.

rubidoux - thanks for the kind words about family - it means a lot. Kudos for all of your good choices yesterday!

SuperChick - Love the word gremlin-y - it really describes that pesky little voice well. You are so right about life being messy. I can also relate big time to the drinking issue. I know, for example, that there will be wine tonight at dinner with my parents and I am not sure how to handle it. I am thinking of restricting myself to 1 glass. Anyway you are doing great! Must have felt awesome to zip up those trousers!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ouch for the XXL portion of chocolate almonds (they're so good, or as they say in Newfoundland, "more-ish") ... but kudos for getting back on track and ordering salad and going light on the pizza! Would love to see pics of your cottages. I live in a Victorian cottage myself (1875) so I always notice the style when I see it elsewhere.

BillBE - sounds like a great dinner. How did you cook the red kale? Would like to try some.

Time to enjoy some more of my very, very green smoothie :) Have a great day all!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: to & from meditation sitting
Qi Gong: yes (short session)

08-03-2011, 09:50 AM
Hello everyone and thank you all for your positive thoughts and greetings!

I have survived the first two days of getting on track with healthy eating - and they both involved eating out/social obligations for lunch AND dinner. I travel a lot for work, and I eat out all the time. So staying the course in restaurants is a huge issue for me. But it is my reality and I have to learn how to handle it. So I am taking a big credit for navigating the first two days successfully! ;)

maryann - Thank you for sharing your story! I have to admit, I was sitting here cracking up about your Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches/points story. I was notorious for the same behaviour - just with 100 calorie packs! :dizzy:

Hope everyone has a great day!

08-03-2011, 12:46 PM
Had a good OP day yesterday. I stopped by my MIL’s yesterday afternoon, shortly after she had baked a strawberry rhubarb pie. I declined a piece right then and there, but took one to go. I’ll work it in for today’s plan.

I didn’t have it in me to run this AM, but will figure out some form of exercise for today.

Alana in Canada, sending supportive thoughts while you are in a diet funk. It seems like you have two options when facing diet boredom: 1) you can pull out the “NO CHOICE” card and live with it or 2) you can start searching for some new and interesting diet recipes to breath some life into your meal repertoire.

Maryann, thanks for the reminder that “THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!” Weighing and measuring has been such a powerful tool for me; glad it is working for you.

Gardenerjoy, great job pulling out the “What if I’m wrong?” response and turning out to be wrong. Yay for a drop at the scale.

Anotherchick, kudos for doing so well on vacation. Hope you had a great time in spite of the drama.

Eusebius, congrats on lower numbers at the scale! Yay for looking forward to a veggie-packed meal. Hope the headaches are gone soon.

ovwgirl, great job completing the hunger experiment! It was a real eye-opener for me as well. It’s a great idea to plan some refreshers. I certainly could use them every now and again since it’s easy to forget that hunger is not an emergency.

Welcome happygoal! It’s great to have you here and I look forward to getting to know you. I started with the diet in Beck’s green book, but eventually tailored it to better suit me. It’s basically a calorie counting diet. It was tedious and time-consuming at first to count calories, but it didn’t take long for me to get into a routine. Now I know where most of the foods I eat fit into my plan and if I want to try something new I just need to figure out the calorie contents and plug it into my diet.

Rubidoux, congrats on the new low! Great job making it through the drive through with only your planned item. With only 1 meal, do you have small snacks throughout the day?

SuperChick, yay for fitting into smaller pants! Sending supportive thoughts while your facing the gremlins. Great response to focus on your response cards. My most helpful card when I’m struggling is: “Dieting is supposed to get hard. If I keep practicing my skills it will get easy again.

Lexiss, great job on a quick recovery after off plan chocolate almonds. Best of luck on your painting marathon and kudos for saying the backside can wait.

BillBE, ouch for continued tension and eating in response. Great job keeping it to one snack. I’m not doing much sheep tending these days, but DH is keeping it up. I did have the pleasure of hearing the herd come up the creek by the house the other night. I was feeding DD at the time and I got excited thinking about taking her with us to check the sheep.

MissyJ, great job successfully navigating restaurants and accepting that it is something you will have to deal with. What do you do for a living? Sorry if I missed it on an earlier post.

Alana in Canada
08-03-2011, 01:51 PM
Hey everyone,

Had a great day yesterday--even though we stopped for a hamburger and "Twisted Yogurt" after picking up my son from the airport yesterday. I made some OK choices and the scale rewarded me with a pound and a half loss from yesterday. Crazy stuff.

I also went on a walk with dh--we went further than usual and I had to walk quickly to get home--and I was so annoyed with myself. My hips ached, my thighs were stretched and my back was tender. It was a good motivator to keep going, I guess!

Shepherdess: Glad you can work in the strawberry rhubarb pie.

MissyJ--Congrats on the first two days!

Eusebius: Congrats on getting to Day 4 and being willing to "detox."

BBE: Glad the food was on plan.

Lexxiss--those cottages sound wonderful. Are they rental properties for you? My mom was quite successful with South Beach.

Superchick--I'm sure your time with the response cards will silence that nasty gremlin for a bit!

Rubidoux--congrats on the new lowest weight! Love your attitude. Hope you are feeling well (and not getting a cold. Summer colds are such a nuisance.)

Happygoal--I've been following the Beck principles for about a month now. I feel as though I want to go through the book again once I've finished it. My food plan is laid out for me as a portion control program by the Mayo Clinic. Lots and lots of fruits and veggies--it's been wonderful that way.

ovwgirl--congrats on skipping lunch. I just realised I haven't *really* done that yet--not deliberately. I skipped breakfast one day--but that did not turn out well! I should pick a day this week and do it. Thanks.

anotherchick--well done! "Family drama at the lake" sounds awful. It sounds like you managed really, really well. Fabulous. Kudos to you. Keep with your plan.

Gardenerjoy--thrilled it worked! --You were wrong, lol! Glad you feel confident with your plan! Sounds like the road to wellness....

Maryanne--good for you for going back to weighing and measuring. Pasta based dinners--though allowed on my plan--are a drag becuase I either have to have what seems like a teeny amount--or save up (nearly all) my portions alloted for the day and have a decent bowl. Oh well. Have fun at the Strings workshop.

08-03-2011, 02:11 PM
Got a bigger down tic on the scale today with the salt out of my system. I'm still tickled by how happy I am to be wrong! That's not a common experience for me, being the kind of person who sometimes gets the exasperated response from others "Do you always have to be right?" I think I should apply this more widely. How interesting could life get if I ask myself often "What if I'm wrong?"

WI: -0.55kgs, Exercise: +45 95/1300 minutes and 3/33 miles on treadmill for August, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: excellent strategy with fresh home-made pie to take it home and work it into your plan

missyj: great job working with your reality of eating out -- it's a challenge but you're proving that it's doable

eusebius: hope the headache improves while still seeing continued improvements in sleep and energy

BillBlueEyes: sorry for continued tension but your backyard dinner sounds awesome!

Welcome, happygoal! I use Richard Simmon's Food Mover which is an exchange plan. That's my fourth plan since I started this journey and I actually found it helpful to change things around now and then to keep my interest up. I started with an exchange plan of my own devising based on the government's food pyramid, then tried the DASH Diet, and then the one in Beck's green book. All worked for me, but the Food Mover seems to be the one that's going to work for the long haul.

Lexxiss: Yay for getting yourself back on track. Wishing you well with the painting project.

SuperChick: hugs back! The drinking question does take some thought and experimentation -- give yourself time and willingness. Have you tried daily weighing? That's what works for me because it gets me past the avoidance thing and, eventually when I'm on a roll with it, the scale quits "talking" to me and becomes a simple data provider like checking the daily weather report.

rubidoux: Yay for all your credits! I get allergies this time of year with an accompanying malaise and I find that if I don't fight it, it can actually be helpful in certain ways. If I say NO CHOICE to medicating it with food, then I'm forced to medicate it with rest and relaxation and that never hurts!

ovwgirl: yay for surviving the hunger experiment and learning exactly what we're supposed to learn! That really brought home for me the "Hunger is Not an Emergency" response which is one of the most useful things I say to myself.

anotherchick: Welcome home and welcome back to our group!

Alana: glad you're seeing improvements in your mood -- and that "a great day" can include exercise with achiness. My great days include that fairly frequently, too. I have a friend who says that we can have pain from not exercising or pain from exercising -- take your pick!
Reading what you wrote to Maryanne, I'm going to put my pasta dish in our recipe thread -- it's really more method than recipe, though. We're happy with only 1 oz of pasta each if the sauce and veggies are flavorful enough.

08-03-2011, 02:52 PM
Good Morning Coaches!
Lots of action on the old blog. July must be a tough month for overeaters because we get spurred into action come August 1. I know that was my story.
OP yesterday and today. Food packed and weighed and measured. I am going to ride this horse as long as I can. It feels great to be so well planned and organized and consistent after a summer of travelling and vacationing. Being out of a routine is so difficult as many of you have said. I remember the old Buddhist (?) saying. "By consenting to be bound, I am truly free." Right now, I feel pleased to be bound to knowing exactly what I will eat today.
Alana: I don't actually eat the pasta in the pasta meals I bake for DS and DH. I always make myself a little side dish without the pasta part. For instance, the boys tonite are having pasta primavera with garden zucchini and chicken. I will have the chicken, veggies and a smaller amount of sauce in my little dish. I don't have the time to make two separate meals and I don't want my slim little DS to eat my "diet meals".
gardenerjoy: credit for "green dish" awakening. So many of the triumphs of changing food addiction is being willing to pay attention to what really is going on and then change perception accordingly. This is a long race.
shepardess: credit for taking the pie home. That is a terrific skill I picked up here. It is not food that is the enemy. It is the resistance to planning.
Eusibius: Congrats on 10 pounds lost. I had a big headache when I first started eating more healthily.
OVWgirl: The biggest gift Beck gave me was learning "Hunger is not an emergency." Who knew?
Happygoal: Welcome. I am on The zone now for a year and I am truly NOT HUNGRY. A miracle.
Rubidoux: I also was a changed woman with the discovery that carbs were my problem. Although I have my little Reese' treat, the rest of my day is carbs only through fruits and veggies. Grains have to be extremely limited. I started loving exercise in a group aerobic class - step class I think. I love the music and the group energy. I also enjoy private walks - especially when I was quitting smoking.
missyj: I started Beck on vacation. It is tough but great because so much of life is unforeseen circumstances. Keep up the good work.
BBE: Emotional eating is so tricky because it DOES work - for about 2 minutes. It is the old joke of the little boy with a pot on his head letting his big brother hit it with a spoon. The mother says'"why do you let him do it?"The little guy answers, "Because it feels so good when he stops."
Lexxiss; Three cheers for getting beyond perfectionism.
Superchick: This is a long race. Last nites' drinks are nothing in the scheme of all your new healthy behaviors.

08-03-2011, 03:17 PM
Shepherdess - Thanks for reminding me that this whole posting thing is new to me, and I never really properly introduced myself! :o

I am 43 years old, single, born and raised in the Detroit Michigan area (with a wonderful stint in Chicago for my 20s!). I work in the environmental field - emergency response work cleaning up oil and chemical spills. I work on the clean-ups (mostly in the Midwest, but could go/have gone anywhere) and train new hires nationwide. So I travel alot, and don't have regular hours. I love my job! But it makes it harder to prioritize healthy eating and exercise.......but I am working on prioritizing me! :)

When I am not working, I enjoy travel, reading, hiking. But mostly spoiling my three nephews and one niece rotten - ensuring I am the best Aunt ever.

08-04-2011, 04:48 AM
Morning coaches I’m going to check in super quickly this morning – I have a massively busy day today with loads of meetings and deadlines so if I get chance I’ll check back later, if not, tomorrow morning.

Credit: I weighed in. No surprise, the scale shows an increase – not quite up to 200 but close :( could be any number of things (carbs late last night etc.) so I’m trying to not let it affect me. Gardenerjoy – I have a history of a poor relationship with the scale, so have only been weighing in once or twice a week but I’ve decided that as I’m experimenting with what works for me, I’m going to give your suggestion a go and for a week or so I’ll try weighing in every day, and be observant in the emotions it stirs. Thanks!

Planned food today, quick gym session, biked to work, checked in.

Thanks for all your encouragement – maryann, you made me think. You are right, this is a long race, and if I can learn from something so I can change it in the future then so be it; I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff…

08-04-2011, 05:11 AM
Superchick, I hope you're able to regroup without too much pain. Sometimes it feels like all of the stars have to line up perfectly. I think getting on the scale will help -- having all the information is a good thing. I think. I weigh every day, that way it can never be too shocking. :hug:

BBE, That dinner sounds so yummy! Yay for summer, indeed!

Eusebius, That's kind of wild that you're getting headaches as a side effect of starting on a low fat vegan diet. When I saw "headache," I thought "low carb" and was surprised to see what your plan was. Interesting. Maybe those headaches come from the shock of a big change. I hope you're past it and feeling great tomorrow.

missyj, I would have such a hard time staying on a plan if I ate out that much. You really should take big credit! And your job sounds so interesting. It's great to be doing something you love.

Shepherdess, Wow on the strawberry rhubarb pie! My great-grandmother used to make those. I hope it was yummy! It is so amazing to me that you're running with a one-month old! :carrot: I'm pretty sure I was still sitting on the couch eating poptarts for dinner at that point. :cool: I bet that has done a lot to help with the stress and getting back to feeling "normal." As for snacks, nope, just my one meal (though I do have my coffee with as much as 250 cals worth of heavy cream during the day before I eat). It's getting easier every day and I think I actually do better this way than when confronted with constant decisions and options about food. I don't think about it a whole lot which is nice.

Alana, Yay for the big loss!

gardenerjoy, Interesting that you've been on four plans. I am about a third of the way to my goal, and on my second. It would be great if this one got my through, but nice to know that change can work, too.

maryann, Sounds like you're happily hunkering down. Nice! I'm going to have to find your blog. And I hear you about the reeses, 24 g carb for the two cups, I believe. ;) I wonder if all diabetics know that off the top of their heads. It has been a go to treat for me often and one I don't feel too guilty about. Have you tried Zumba? I haven't, but it looks like this decade's answer to step, which I also loved.

So, I had another great day! My cold didn't materialize. I guess it is allergies -- Alana and gardenerjoy called it. All of the sudden my allergies have gotten so much worse. I've had them all my life but this week, omg! I think I'm gonna have to see the doctor about it.

Anyway, I ate OP all day. I had kinda given myself permission to eat a lunchtime meal if I needed it today, but it turned out I didn't, and I was able to listen to my hunger rather than dive into the yummy buffalo wings I had waiting. Credit! For dinner I had 9 wings and 2 cups of yogurt and I don't think that's enough cals for a whole day -- added to the 250 I had in my coffee, of course. I may have to just stop getting those wings because I get full w/o enough cals when I eat them. This is a problem I'm happy enough to have, though, much better than the one I struggled with for the previous 20 years. :cool: Tomorrow, I'll have pork belly instead. :p That definitely has enough calories. And, btw, I'm giving myself permission again tomorrow, if I need to eat lunch I will. It doesn't seem possible to go 24 hours without eating after a day of only 1,000 cals or so. We'll see...

I lost another pound and I'm down to 178.8, which I'm so excited about. I feel like I've been in the 180's forever and have several times gotten so close to the 170's without ever seeing them. :carrot:

Oh... and Beck... I am worried that I just cannot pay close attention to my eating. :o I'm a little resistant to it because a lot of how I've lost so far was about NOT paying attention to food. I want to break the obsession, yk? When I get my book, I'll see if I feel differently. I did read my ARC twice, and probably will again before bed, and gave myself plenty of credit. :) Tomorrow I'm going to skip to day 13, I think it is, the one where you work on dealing with cravings. For all the stuff in between now and then, I feel like I either really need to read the book or it doesn't quite apply to me (like skipping a meal, I am not skipping my dinner!). And cravings are something I'd like to feel in control of anyway.

Good night all! :wave:

08-04-2011, 05:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - More tension. Guess it's gonna be like this for some time until we get past the key decision points of this redo of the house. CREDIT moi for appropriate choices at a buffet dinner last night because buffets have historically been an opportunity to overeat big time. I did, however, have a dessert that I don't normally have, but I skipped over the key lime pie that was calling my name.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I'm enjoying your new "What if I'm wrong?" line of thinking. I might try that.

Shepardess - Strawberry rhubarb pie calls to me big time since it only appears briefly each year. Love the thought of introducing your DD to the herd.

Erika (eusebius) - Yep, "One day at a time ..." [DW sautés the Red Kale in just a touch of oil with garlic.]

maryann - Kudos for attitude with, "ride this horse as long as I can."

SuperChick - Feels so hard to get work done with "meetings and deadlines" - much less stay the course with food and exercise.

Alana in Canada - Kudos for walking til it hurt.

missyj - Kudos for eating out twice in each of two consecutive days - that's a bunch. Glad you're getting on top of that since traveling is your thing.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
. . .
You will feel full sooner. Research shows there is a lag in time from when you have consumed enough food to trigger fullness and when you actually feel a sensation of fullness. The more slowly you eat, the more time you have for the fullness signal from your stomach to reach your brain.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 62.

08-04-2011, 07:51 AM
Hi Coaches!

A pretty normal day with food considering the continuing chaotic nature of my immediate environment. As I reflect, I'm really happy that when I'm amidst a calm stretch that I practice my Beck skills and follow my food plan. It makes it so much easier to turn on the autopilot and make good food decisions when life gets crazy.....with the exception of overeating snacks (or desserts). I got through my day with success then nibbled at the leftover raspberry/rhubarb cake...1 inch square at a time. *credit* for stopping at one row, which was actually an extra piece. I could have eaten every last bit(which was 1/2 a cake-healthy but not calorie free).

We're travelling later today and I have many projects to complete before then. I'm pacing myself so I don't panic at the end. I know that my food choices are better when I keep my stress level to a minimum.

I'm weighing everyday *credit* and my weight is holding steady. *credit* for making those better choices as often as I can.

08-04-2011, 09:28 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

I stayed up too late last night, so I'm very groggy right now. My friend Joe (coffee) will be helping me in a bit ;) Possibly a nap later as well ...

Happy, though, because the scale has gone down every day since I started Eat to Live and I've lost 4.2 pounds this week already. I went to eat at my parents' house last night and skipped the pork tenderloin and potatoes ... my mom made two oil-free salads for me (Thanks Mom!!) as well as plain fruit for dessert -- fresh peaches, which were delicious. I had a half-glass of each of the two bottles of wine that were open, and skipped the port and ice cream that were happening at dessert. My body is thanking me today!

missyj - Great job staying OP in restaurants twice yesterday!! We really need to make our plan work in real life and you are doing that. I think we were born in the same year ('68?) Your job sounds fascinating! How did you get into the environmental field?

Shepherdess - Good job planning for the rhubarb pie!

Alana - Isn't it nuts how the scale responds? Kudos for great choices on the road!

gardenerjoy - I think "What if I'm wrong" is a great question. I have been striving to approach life with "I don't know mind" - allowing for fresh possibilities. This is tough for me as I've spent most of my life thinking it's wrong to not know the right answer. Yet how many times in life is there really a right answer? Thanks for the reminder!!

maryann - Love that saying ... will remember it! Thanks! Great job getting organized and consistent - so important!!

SuperChick - Credit for checking in with us even though you are so busy!! Also kudos for weighing in even though you knew the news wouldn't be fantastic. The journey continues!!

rubidoux - Kudos for staying on your plan and not being tempted by the wings! Doesn't it feel good to get into a new "decade" on the scale? WTG!

BillBE - Big kudos for staying on track through this stressful time ... I may have to try that Red Kale sauté, yum!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - great job taking care of yourself and planning to deal with your travel and work stress!

Have a great Thursday, all!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: to & from health food store
Qi Gong: yes (short session)

08-04-2011, 11:39 AM
Yesterday defied planning, but I did fine until late last night when I took seconds that I didn't need. Sigh. Today's lunch will also be impossible to plan and be out somewhere, but supper will be the veggie pasta that I posted in our recipe thread, so at least the day will end on the healthiest note I have in my repertoire.

WI: +0.25kgs, Exercise: +0 95/1300 minutes and 3/33 miles on treadmill for August, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: love your freedom quote -- very wise

missyj: I love being an Aunt! The oldest nephew is all grown up and gives us wine advice. So much fun!

SuperChick: good for you for trying the weighing daily experiment!

rubidoux: I treat my allergies effectively with a Neti pot and an over the counter antihistamine (now that they are so much better than they used to be). But I did see an allergist for years and got shots which helped.

BillBlueEyes: wishing you good house redo vibes. You're making me think I want to keep putting off our projects....

Lexxiss: great observation that practicing Beck when it's calm makes it easier to deal with things when it's not

eusebius: good job negotiating your way through a family dinner (with a little help from Mom)

08-04-2011, 01:10 PM
I have started off badly this morning. :( I woke up with a blood sugar of 47, which is low and requires carbs. Sigh... It might not have required as many carbs as I ate. In fact, it didn't. My biggest sabotaging thought: I've messed up and may as well throw all caution to the wind. I bought some prunes (they don't call them prunes anymore, but dryed plums or something, lol) to eat when I'm low, but then when I actually am low, I have no will power. But I am going to vow to have only prunes next time. I don't think I can over eat those.

If I have carbs in the morning, I have a very hard time getting back on plan. But I'm going to really try today. I attempted to take a nap with my little one to sort of reset myself -- sort of start my day anew, which would have worked except the darndest thing happened, my dogs started howling and howled and howled! One of them has always howled a little bit here and there, but the other one, who's 13 has never howled before as far as I know! It was very cool! But maybe that ten minutes of lying down was enough. I got up and made myself some coffee and now I'm starting again. I hope. I was down another .6 pounds this morning and I don't want to lose any ground.

gardenerjoy, What kind of otc allergy med do you take? I just started taking Allegra about 3-4 weeks ago and it seemed to help a lot for a while, but now I'm worse than when I started.

Alana in Canada
08-04-2011, 01:22 PM
Thanks so much for all your support, everyone. I am having extreme computer problems: I don't know if I did something I shouldn't have cleaning up my hard drive yesterday or if has been a problem in the making for some time. Somewhat distressing is that I cannot seem to open any documents or run any programs--I can go through the motions but it seems to work for a second, then quit, work for a bit, then slip--like the cogs are slipping.

Very frustrating and I'm not sure how I'm going to fix it if I can't run diagnostics. (I'm not a computer expert--I use the stuff over at Major Geeks.)

Scale still showing a loss. (Hooray). I'm afraid, though, that I've lost all equilibrium now that the kids are home and this computer thing is worrysome--it's also inconvenient in the extreme as I'm in the midst of planning our school year which I want to begin next week.

My aplogies for not getting to the personals, today.

08-04-2011, 01:26 PM
GM/GD :coffee: :flow1: fellow Beckies: massive electrical storms yesterday so I was not able to get on the computer. Wow, this has been a busy place in the past 48 hours! I just spent nearly an hour reading from where I posted last.

:welcome2:happygoal :hug: goes your way! I have been participating here since February and I am still tweaking my food plan although I think I am settling on what seems sane to me and fits my objective "To lose weight in a healthy manner." That is my mantra that I verbally say aloud several times during the day. That is how I measure both my choices and the progress I am making. Specifically, what does that mean?

*weighing/measuring every food item I eat each meal/each day and every day without fail.
*logging what I have eaten, broken down into macronutrients (carbs,fats,proteins, fiber, sodium and calories) on my "Biggest Loser Club" food log on my computer--each meal/every day without fail.
*avoiding white sugar/white flour as much as I can possibly. I do best when I make all of my meals, from scratch, at home. Alana: I have found cooking can unleash a lot of creativity regarding meals so that I'm not bored with my food plan. I also eat organic when I can get it (which is more often than not). I make a conscious effort to eat 2-4 servings of vegetables per day and 2-3 servings of fruit per day. (This is where logging my food helps because I can quickly look over what I ate previously and adjust my next meal accordingly if I am "short" on one or the other)
*I have been doing strength exercises consistently with only 1-2 days off in the past 10 weeks. I have resumed walking on my treadmill this past week. I have advanced arthritis and walk with a cane. I was diagnosed in 1994 but it has only been the past couple of years that I have had a lot of chronic pain and " disability".

onebyone- this goes out to you, dear. Please do not give up! If it is any consolation, in 1992 I hiked up to 15000 ft above sea level (double Denver's altitude) in near 100 degree heat in Glacier National Park, Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone Park for 2 solid weeks of constant hiking, in spite of post-operative complications (internal bleeding leaking the whole time).

See how far I fell? I know what my body is capable of so I just "keep on keeping on". I refuse to accept total defeat--setbacks maybe but not defeat.This past week, I decided to accept what my limitations are and I have set this week's daily goal at 5 minutes walking on the treadmill. The first day my knees immediately swelled up and I could barely walk. Talk about eating humble pie. I have no choice to do anything but......HOWEVER, I am going to add 5 minutes each day after 5 days and I figure that by 6 weeks, I should be able to walk 30 minutes per day 5 days a week. So, mid-September, I hope to be singing a different tune.

If you need to go back to square one and do what you can, just don't give up!

So, that is my plan and "I'm sticking to it". I tweak it as I go along depending on trouble spots that I want to iron out.

Credit: rereading my original ARC cards I made three months ago. Wow! I sounded really harsh and stern with myself. I am going to revise them to be more "sane" and less "strigent". Although I tried total "no sugar" for two months I decided that bland tasting food which still has calories but none of the satisfaction just won't cut it for me "long term"---and that is my ultimate long term goal: the plan that will work until I take my last breathe.

Spent yesterday tweaking my whole wheat "uber healthy" pizza. Yum! Now, to find a healthy version of fruit pies since I have been making a baked apple with cinnamon and scant sweetener as my evening snack recently. I want to find a healthy crust to go with. I am leaning towards baking a low carb whole wheat tortilla in a taco shell form along with the apple. I'll report how that works out. P.S. about sodium---since I have good B/P (107/62) I don't worry about this too much but as much as I tweak my pizza it is really hard to get the healthy stuff with low sodium (add the bread, sauce, cheese and you still have significant sodium).

Eusebius those of us who follow/followed South Beach attribute the headaches to detoxing from sugar, caffeine and additives/preservatives. Advice from SBers: drink fat free or low fat milk and/or have some beans. It helps with the headaches and general "flu-like" symptoms.

This past Sunday I wore a very pretty dress with shrug which emphasized all the curves and toned muscles (but not in a suggestive way) to a special event at our church. I saw wearing it more as an affirmation of all the work I have been doing. Period! I got more attention than I "like" including a little bit of touching (stroking my arm???:?:) by a male not my DH(which I don't like--since I am a sexual abuse survivor).

Yes, the strength exercises are toning me nicely but this brings me into a place I don't feel comfortable in: unwanted physical closeness by people not my friends, husband or family. This is something that I remember about when I start looking "normal" that I really struggle with. No, this time, I will not eat over it nor will I regain weight just to "scare off" anyone but it is something that I am going to have to face as I move down the scale. You may ask "Why you, Pam?" Good question! I have had years of therapy to try and figure that out. I have a lot of theories but now I need to prepare myself for the future of thinness because I am not backing down. I have denied myself a "normal" weight for too long because I wanted to insulate myself. No more!!
So, I am giving myself a big Credit for standing up to both my fears and the realities of life. I have my "war paint" on. Nothing or no one is going to stop me from pursuing this dream of mine. I hope you all feel the same for yourselves!:)

08-04-2011, 02:36 PM
Good Morning Beckies:
Quick checkin. I have an assignment I want to finish this morning before going to video my adorable DS 9YO in his first string quartet. The cellist is the cutest little 6 YO girl you have ever seen with a tiny cello.
OP today. Exercise last nite making it 70 mins this week. I will have to step it up to make my goal of 210 mins for the week. Tonite dinner will be away at a football game (kiddie) so I am planning hotdogs no bun and an apple - not terrific but within plan.
Best to all.

08-05-2011, 04:21 AM
So, I ended up doing well today, anyway. Phew! Of course I wish I hadn't had reese's peanut butter chips for b'fast, but I don't beat myself up over what I do during an actual low. My brain is literally not working well. I will, however, try harder to go for those prunes. I will give myself some CREDIT, though, for not having one of the banana chocolate chip muffins that was in the fridge. I hate it when I have flour products during a low, but boy do they call to me!

I didn't really do any BDS work today. My best friend who lives in NH called today and said she wants to come over tomorrow. I haven't seen her in five years, so I wanted to do a little cleaning and stuff today and got caught up. And of course, I had to sew myself a new top. :dizzy: I think it turned out great, but I won't know for sure till tomorrow because if I turn the light on to see myself in the mirror, I run the risk of waking the littles.

I did read my ARC twice and told myself NO CHOICE after my eating this morning (usually it leads to a day of nibbling) and I gave myself credit for a few things. But I didn't start working on the craving stuff.

BBE, Good for you on the key lime pie. Sounds so cool and refreshing right now!

Lexxiss, I think you did a great job with that cake! I usually give up and some point and devour the whole thing, and then dig through the fridge. I would consider one extra piece a very reasonable reaction to cake. I can't wait till I can go on autopilot here and there. Good for you!

eusebius, That's an awesome week of weight loss! :carrot: And impressive restraint at mom's. It sounds like you managed to have a really nice dinner within your plan.

gardenerjoy, Veggie pasta sounds good. I hope your day went well!

Alana, I'm sorry about your computer problems. I always feel like a deer caught in the headlights when stuff like that comes up. I hope it gets sorted out easily and quickly.

maryann, I hope your son enjoyed his first performance! Is he also the football player? Sounds like a very well rounded young man! :) My big guy is going to be 8 in september and I cannot believe how many activities and things he's got going. The driving does get crazy, as well as the dinners on the run.

Goodnight all! :wave:

08-05-2011, 04:53 AM
Morning guys, another really busy day ahead today, but hey, it's friday :) hopefully it will abate slightly by next week. :crossed:

the daily weigh-in challenge continues, ha ha! down 1lb since yesterday (crazy!), so i'm up 0.8lb since monday. not too bad, as last night was another night of meeting friends in the pub. I didn't stay too late, and hope to get to the gym on the way home...

credits: weighing-in, checking-in, biking to work, planning my meals for the day.

I will try to check in later for a proper catch-up! Have a good day today everyone :wave:

08-05-2011, 06:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Continuing with the tension of the redo - ameliorated by seeing pieces coming together and issues being fixed before it's too late. I'd taken on a task that involved TSP cleaning and oil based primer on metal because it was so grimy no one else wanted to do it; I finished that yesterday, CREDIT moi. Hoping that improves my perspective on the world, LOL. Gazpacho on the patio for dinner - my favorite - with tomatoes and cukes coming from the garden daily.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – That veggie pasta sounds good. [Don't put off projects - just find an online group where you can whine, LOL.]

Erika (eusebius) - Congrats on those 4.2 pounds gone. And Kudos for selecting from your mother's menu to stay the course.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Glad you're around to encourage me to keep the path during chaos.

maryann - My word - a six year old playing the cello! Does she stand to reach the strings? Kudos for making a plan for the football game.

pamatga - Yay for facing life with your "war paint" on. Charge forth - we're here to cheer you on.

SuperChick - Kudos for having a plan for the pub - a place where it's dangerous to be without one.

Alana in Canada - Ouch for a computer where "the cogs are slipping" - sounds like either a virus or damaged sectors on your hard drive. For less than $100 you can buy a USB Tera-byte hard drive to back up all you data before you head to the geeks to check it out. Good luck.

rubidoux - Yay for dried plums - which are so much more fashionable than the old fashioned prunes, LOL. They also come in container of individually wrapped singles for eating on the go like candy. I'm impressed that you can include making yourself a new top as part of preparing for a guest.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
. . .
You will enjoy your food more. When people eat too quickly, they barely taste what they were eating. I wonder if you do that sometimes when you're eating something you think you're not supposed to have. Do you eat it quickly? If so, does a small piece seem satisfying - or do you keep going? When you start changing what you eat in Stage 2, it will be important for you to get as much enjoyment from each bite as you can.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 62.

08-05-2011, 07:19 AM
Hello all! Well, things are going pretty well this week. I credit myself for strengthening my "willpower muscle" and not eating more than one pack of the 100 calorie chocolate covered pretzels. They were so so yummy, and one bag wasn't enough, but I consciously told myself it was a craving and it went away :) I'm trying to cycle my calories this week and only weighing myself on Mondays, so hopefully the scale will be nice to me in a couple of days!
As far as the 10hr flight, I'm a navigator in the Air Force on C-130's so my job while I'm deployed is to fly for long long hours! It's hard sometimes but like I mentioned before the skipping lunch exercise really really opened my eyes. Now that I know I can survive a long time without eating, I really think about my food. If it doesn't sound yummy, then I decide to wait to eat something I will actually like. It's really not worth eating the food if it doesn't taste good because I don't have very many calories to work with!
Well, hope everyone is great, and has a wonderful day!

08-05-2011, 09:38 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

I went to bed earlier last night but I'm still groggy. Detox? Caffeine withdrawal? Who knows ... Anyway it's slightly better than yesterday. I'll stay the course and see what happens. Hoping to finally get to see the last Harry Potter movie today. I have a new Thai Vegetable Curry recipe I want to try ... maybe tonight if I get a chance to pick up the ingredients.

gardenerjoy - Good job dealing with unplannable situations. Veggie pasta sounds both yummy & healthy (I had that for dinner last night myself!)

rubidoux - Sorry you're dealing with blood sugar issues - the prunes sound like a good backup plan.

Alana - Computer problems are so annoying!! Kudos for keeping on track regardless.

pamatga - Indeed, major credit for facing a big issue for you. Also kudos for tweaking your recipes to make them ever healthier.

maryann - that string quartet sounds adorable!!

SuperChick - keep up the great work during your busy day :)

BillBE - What's TSP? I'm so out of the loop. Well done getting a job done that no one else wanted to do.

ovwgirl - Well done restraining yourself on those pretzels. That's great that the hunger exercise has changed your attitude toward food. Your job sounds challenging but rewarding!

Well my singer for 11 AM just cancelled (again) so I"ll be free to go to an early Harry Potter showing - yay! Enjoy your Friday, all.

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no
Qi Gong: yes (short session)

08-05-2011, 10:19 AM
Hello all! As you know, this Beck thing is still fairly new to me. Had my first big test last night. I have houseguests coming this weekend and I had to do some grocery shopping. I have taken the prepare your environment step to extremes and there are no proper snack foods/carbs of any kind in my house. So I bought some chips and poporn and the like. Bought some new Skinny Pop Popcorn and had to try it. In the past I would eat most (if not all) of the bag. But I had a serving, and when tempted to continue, started reciting my ARCs in my head. It took a lot of repetitions, but it worked! :) Credit!

eusebius - I fell into my job purely by accident. Majored in Biology in college because I liked it. Knew I didn't want to go to Medical school, so I interviewed with an environmental consulting firm my senior year. It sounded interesting, so I took the job and have never looked back. It's amazing to me where life can take us.......

BillBE - I really appreciate how you include a sample from Beck in your posts. Helps me focus/center first thing in the morning.

gardenerjoy - My nephews are all 12 and under still. I look forward to when we can share some adult interests like wine! But I am enjoying the preteen years when their personalities are developing- especially when they aggravate my brother/their father! ;)

rubidoux - I have tried just about every allergy pill on the market. I have had long term success with Claritin - but only if I take one every day. Without fail.

pamatga - Credit to you for recognizing and dealing with the social challenges your weight loss/exercise are bringing you! Dealing with the underlying issues of weight gain is hard, and sometimes painful, work. Many many credits your way!

08-05-2011, 12:58 PM
I was tired yesterday and I tried to figure out what to eat to make me feel better. Remembered that food doesn’t fix tired and stayed OP. I wish I could say I fixed tired, but have yet to solve that problem. I put DD in the wrap and went for a long walk. It was the longest walk I’ve taken her on and she slept most of the way and was happy when she wasn't sleeping. It was good to get out and moving.

08-05-2011, 01:22 PM
Forgot to weigh in this morning in the excitement of getting the trash out (like that doesn't happen every week). I don't want that to start into a trend, so I already put a post-it note reminder up for tomorrow morning.

I made a reasonable choice at lunch yesterday (bean burger with a side of slaw instead of chips and leaving behind much of the bun) and otherwise followed my plan. Credit!

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +35 130/1300 minutes and 5/33 miles on treadmill for August, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

missyj: good job for stopping at one serving of popcorn!

rubidoux: like missyj, I've had best luck with Claritin, taken daily. Allegra was better for cats, but now that I have no cats in my life, Claritin seems better against all of my other allergies.

eusebius: I've been kind of groggy this week, too -- summer doldrums? Thai Vegetable Curry sounds wonderful!

ovwgirl: yay for strengthening that resistance muscle. You have a cool job! But I can see how it would present unique challenges to sticking to a food plan. Good job working out what will work best for you.

BillBlueEyes: good job getting to a grungy task -- sometimes life looks so much brighter when dreaded chores are completed.

SuperChick: one of the things that weighing daily gets me is a realization that some days it's nothing but a crapshoot. Which really helps diminish its importance in my life! The long term trend makes a difference, the daily variations do not.

maryann: good job making a plan for a football game meal. I think sticking to a plan even when the available options aren't the best really helps! It keeps my perfectionism at bay and lets me get on with whatever it takes to lose weight in the reality of a sometimes messy life.

pamatga: I also rewrote my ARCs as I went along. I actually think that Beck is a bit too harsh and stern for me in her example ARCs. Over time, I worked toward a tone that was more optimistic, grateful, and enthusiastic. Those are attitudes that work so much better for me.
I don't go "no sugar" either. I often use local honey and sorghum and maple syrup as well as agave nectar and molasses. Not because I'm fully convinced that they are healthier, but they fit nicely in with my overall philosophy of natural, low processed, and local. Fitting into that philosophy helps me keep the sweet stuff in its proper place -- for me mostly as a flavoring for dressings and sauces that get me to eat a mountain of vegetables.
Sorry about the unwanted attention. That just sucks. Good job donning the war paint and getting on with it anyway.

Alana: sending healing computer vibes your way!

Shepherdess: let us know if you find a fix for tired! Good job realizing that food wasn't it.

08-05-2011, 01:51 PM
Good Morning,
OP yesterday. Dinner of hot dogs was not satsifying but I told myself "you won't be hungry in an hour" and it work. I realized that all the prep I put into my meals (lots of veggies and fruit) really helps me to stay on track. The "fast dinner" seemed skimpy but I am happy that I finally understand "It is just one meal" and I'll eat again tomorrow. That allowed me to not "fix it" with more nibbles and bites until I made myself sick. Credit. Last day of Strings camp. I plan to continue to weigh and measure into the weekend.
rubidoux: It is DS cousin who plays football but DS might start next summer. Although I am not diabetic I sure hear you when you talked about hanging on to flour. Treacherous.
Superchick: Congrats on the slow crawl back down the scale. That is as they say life. A hop up of 2 pounds takes a week to lose. Its about as fair as how slow women lose weight compared to men. "Oh Well."
gardenerjoy: I had to skip weighing this morning - I wasn't at home. First thing tomorrow definitely.
BBE: Credit for the cleaning project noone esle wanted to do. I haven't had enough homegrown tomatoes this year.
ovwgirl: What an great occupation. But still, very difficult to travel so long a period cooped up without resorting to boredom eating. I am a teacher and when I am working it is easy to stay OP because I never sit down. But weekends - Whoa.
shepardess: Credit for a nice healthy walk.
missyj: It is funny about what I think I need to have for other people to eat. Half the time it is REALLY what I want to have in the house. Nonetheless, it is important to feed guests, sons, mothers etc... It takes a while to build an arsenal of food that I can make that satisfies everyone but I can be with moderately. It is like when I quit drinking. I thought everyone drank like I did. Nope.

08-05-2011, 03:15 PM
Debbie (Lexxiss) - Glad you're around to encourage me to keep the path during chaos.
BBE, you have encouraged me greatly, too. I am enjoying a break, but it was one intense week. These projects will have a conclusion, my friend. We'll hang in there, chanting, "this, too, shall pass" (Thx maryann)
Credit us both for recognizing these life events AREN'T free passes for totally unrestrained eating events, too. Food sanity is important.

Hi Coaches!

We worked like maniacs until the final moment yesterday, then packed up and headed West. I had to lie down for an hour before we could go, I was so tired. Costco could have been a dangerous spot but my autopilot (thx to BeckDS) kept me from running into samples and swerving to avoid tempting comfort foods not within the parameters of my plan.
~picking brown rice sushi and edamame as a healthy dinner addition to my already prepared and packed salad.
~enjoying a normal sized healthy dessert which included fresh peaches.
~I ate chips later, not in my plan, even though I knew they were not in my best interest. Small credit somewhere in there, that I actually put them in a dish these days and eat them sitting down.
Today is going just great. I just jump back in the groove...get on my bike, ride around town, go to the pool then come home to healthy food. I'll have a green smoothie soon then ease into a wonderful salad for lunch. Dinner isn't planned as the rest of the family is migrating over, too. Mom and sis will arrive later today.

onebyone, hoping your Ottawa trip has been good.

maryann, belated congrats! on your 1 year Beck anniversary! Your coaching certainly helps me stay the course. Thx.

Pam(atga), you said, "So, I am giving myself a big Credit for standing up to both my fears and the realities of life. I have my "war paint" on. Nothing or no one is going to stop me from pursuing this dream of mine. I hope you all feel the same for yourselves!" I feel the same. Kudos and thanks for trusting us with some of your most personal challenges.

Alana(inCanada), you said, "Scale still showing a loss. (Hooray). I'm afraid, though, that I've lost all equilibrium now that the kids are home and this computer thing is worrysome--it's also inconvenient in the extreme as I'm in the midst of planning our school year which I want to begin next week." Don't be afraid….just take each day and do your best . I think it's very helpful to read your personal reasons for wanting to lose weight. It helps me to keep my sabotaging behaviors to a minimum.

rubidoux, great job doing so well yesterday, especially when you were a little nervous about it. That is a big credit making a better choice by avoiding the CC muffins.

gardenerjoy, lol at the excitement of getting the trash out. Many of my days have "defied planning", too. Thanks for the recipe...I haven't read it yet, but will today. If it's the "healthiest note" in your repertoire, I'm interested!

Erika(eusebius), *credit* for recognizing that you have made a life shift leading you towards a change in your food plan. Detox can be rather intense (I know from experience). If you google detox from sugar ...or caffeine….or can get a full listing of symptoms. On South Beach we suggest dairy and beans to help with the "detox flu"….and lots of water.(If you PM me an email I will send you a photo of the little houses , and my large Victorian. My house was 1887 and the little houses probably close to the same.)

SuperChick, kudos for continuing with the daily weigh in. I began plotting my daily's on a graph at Dr. Beck's suggestion, and it's so interesting to see how the daily fluxuations always end up heading down.

missyj, thanks for sharing your personals with us. I'm 53, born in and living in Colorado after a 23 year stint in Alaska. I'm a caretaker for my 90 yr old mom and DH who has a brain injury. In addition, I navigate through many touchy emotional situations with my mom as I try to move forward with renovating my Grandmother's house which has sat vacant for 35 years since her death (before it's totally unsaveable). My interests are biking, water yoga, dog rescue and pet therapy. BTW-I suppose you missed working on the Exxon project in Alaska. What an interesting field of work. Yay! for recognizing that staying the course in restaurants is such an important part of your plan.. I know that when you stay with Beck you will find that way.

Shepherdess, good for you, remembering that food doesn't fix tired, especially when you're already "there". I don't have children so can only imagine how far into the depths of exhaustion one can go with a newborn. I look at your weight and send great credit for your jumping right back into your healthy food thinking. It seems it would be so easy to comfort with food.

happygoal, how are your days going?

ovwgirl, kudos for using your Beck skills to navigate around the extra 100 calorie pack. What a successful strategy, really thinking about your food, before you eat it. You said, "It's really not worth eating the food if it doesn't taste good because I don't have very many calories to work with!" Right on! That is thinking like a thin person!

becky(anotherchick), how are your days going?

Ok, coaches, I'm off to make my prelunch smoothie: ginger root,apple, raspberries, cucumber, spinach, protein/greens powder. I was pondering this whole relationship I have with food as I was pedaling this morning...thinking about my good (and not so good) choices I make. I decided it's just part of the human condition and my job is to keep striving to make the best choices I can.

I so appreciate all of you who post and lend an ear to one another. Your feedback is important to me. Where else could I come 24/7 and have a spot with such a great group all working on the same proverbial page? Thanks for being here everyone! It feels good when I get through my totally overwhelming moments and get back to basics.

Special Kudos to BBE who is having his own overwhelming moments, yet manages to post here every single day. Wow!

08-05-2011, 03:52 PM
GD :flow1: everyone!

BBE, To echo Lexxiss, I look to you to see how maintenance will be some day and how in some ways it really isn't any different than when you/we/me are in the reduction phase of this weight lose journey. I have been both humbled and chastised that life is life and our "job" (should we choose to sign up) is to "work around" all the curves, twists and bends along the way and "accept" (the best we can) that just some things deserve a resounding "Oh Well!"

Lexxiss your day sounds absolutely wonderful! Food, exercise et al.

onebyone ditto on hoping your trip back home "works". :hug:

maryann Well, what's a game without hot dogs, right? I think you did the best you could in the given situation and major credit for handling it well especially afterwards because like you said, it is just so easy to go home and try to make up for it.

Alana in Canada I have gone through two computers in the past three years. I did not back up a lot of the last photos of Mom and I when she was alive. TG, I have them burned on my brain because I go there often to remember those last precious days together. Backing up hard drives should come with most computers. Seriously. When I bought my first computer, Dell, many years ago all of the back up disks came with. Now, you have to pay $20 per disk! How things have changed.

rubidoux I have been cooking out of several diabetic cookbooks from American Diabetes Assoc for the past several months and, boy, is the stuff tasty!! No white flour in the lot of 'em. P.S. I keep glucose tablets in my purse for "crashes". 15 calories per tablet, taste like fruit-flavored Tums and they are the equivalent of 8 oz of orange juice without the 120 calories attached. P.S. I have a great recipe for carrot prune whole wheat muffins. Yum!

gardenerjoy I have a ritual with daily weighing in. Pee. Clean underwear. Weigh. In that order. :D The only thing I worry about is the fact that the doctor's scales usually have us weigh about 8-10 lbs more than at home. :mad:

eusebius Hope the headaches are improving. Is it possible it could be hayfever? Now is the month for that to rear its ugly head up.

SuperChick As others have said here, which echo what Dr. Beck says, weighin in daily "should" have the effect of desensitizing us to the numbers on the scale. Not everyone looks the same at the same weight, even if they are the same height. It also depends on the physical condition that you are in as well. I will never forget overhearing (no I wasn't eavesdropping--just very close at the time-machines close together) to a woman weighing herself with her personal trainer at a fitness center I belonged to. When the trainer said "157 lbs" I turned and looked and this woman was teeny tiny!! I bet her BMI was 11%. I swear. So, again, it is only a number, a piece of data, to record and not to dwell on, judge yourself or put yourself down with.

missyj, Ditto, thanks for sharing your personals with us. As a person who just plains love to go out to eat, even though I can really tear up the kitchen on my own, any insights or suggestions, please do share. It is a slippery slope for many and there is part of stubborness of me that says I will tame this beast. I will!

Shepherdess Sleep fixes physical, mental and emotional fatigue. It took me a long time to figure that out but that is what I have found to be the case. However, with a new infant daughter, it will present a challenge. Right now, her schedule will be yours but babies do grow up. Sooner than we all wish.:(

happygoal and anotherchick Hey, how's things on your end?

ovwgirl I have heard that the "invention" of the 100-calorie snack was a virtual (actually real) goldmine for those marketing folks in the food industry. They know that we will buy anything if it is packaged into such an amount, irregardless of whether it is good for us. Cynical? Yes, I was in marketing for 9 years yet I too still get snuckered every so often. After all, I love trying anything new. Major Credit for knowing when to say when.

* added ankle weights for my lower body toning exercises to add more resistance (besides the actual weight of my own legs themselves). Yup, expected my knees to hurt afterwards(they did) so added 2 EX Tylenol to my lunch of curried couscous with seasoned ground turkey, mushrooms and onions. It was the curry that brought the taste up a huge notch! Now, I know how to "get rid" of the rest of this couscous. Thanks again for all the wonderful suggestions.
*Hey, eusebius we must be on the same page. Thanks gardeningdeb for sending me a ton of sweet potato recipes. I am making the Thai Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup tonight along with some soy ginger Thai noodles. It is going to be soooo good!

Have a great remaining Friday all!

08-05-2011, 03:56 PM
Not doing great. Have been Off plan the last couple days. Stress and anxiety along with increase after weekend at lake that I did not expect. I am trying to get back on course.


08-05-2011, 04:29 PM
Phew! The end of a busy couple of days and a strange week... this has definitely been my most testing week to date plan wise, and thank you all for your ideas and words of encouragement. I’ve slipped up here and there, nothing too major but enough to make me feel disgruntled. I also think part of the reason I’ve slipped up is because I feel disgruntled, if that makes sense! I just feel like I’ve been picking more, been less strict with my plan and drinking more. Boyf is away this weekend so i’m going to have a quiet one, regroup and take the opportunity to try some tasty and healthy recipes he may not be so keen on... i’m currently roasting chickpeas with curry spice and a mixture of roast veggies, and i’ve made some homemade spicy buckwheat bread to have a small piece of with dinner... i’m excited to see how it will turn out! :D

Debbie – credit for a good day! And i echo your thoughts; BBE is definitely the patriarch of this forum ;)
Maryann – kudos for using the Beck techniques to your advantage, and yep, the ‘oh well’ card definitely is getting some use with me right now – just digging in my heels and keep on truckin’
Gardenerjoy – that cracked me up ‘nothing but a crapshoot’ you are so right, there are days when you know it’s going to be up but if you think about it logically (time of day, time of month, physical weight of food eaten, water retention etc) it’s never gonna be the same or consistently going down. I just need to try to apply this logical more often and be more removed in my thoughts about the scale :D here’s trying!
Shepherdess – are you really a sheep herder? I just thought it was a cool profile name, silly me :lol: a long walk with DD sound delightful, and credit for fitting in some exercise on a tired day.

Ooh, good smells coming from the kitchen... I may have to finish personals after dinner!

08-05-2011, 04:59 PM
... roasted chickpeas are awesome! loved them :love: super tasty and really crunchy – a good way of getting extra protein into my diet without eating meat... I’m not vegetarian but meat can be expensive, especially a good quality cut, and I don’t like to eat too much of it... that and I love veggies! The ‘bread’ (gluten-free) was good too, but now i have loads of pans to wash :lol:

Anotherchick – keep your chin up. You can do this; we’re all rooting for you.
Pam - GD and thanks. I knowdeep down ‘weight ain’t nothing but a number’ and I should concentrate more on how I feel . I think I’ll start measuring my waist, hips etc so that I can see if I’m slimming down but gaining muscle, which could affect the scales. I’m sorry to hear that when you’re dressed up and looking and feeling your best someone else brings you down – keep your chin up and you’re doing well – don’t let them rain on your parade. It’s hard in that situation to solve that without appearing rude – removing their hand gives a definite signal to them but may also make a scene where one wasn’t intended.
Missyj – keep up with the Beck – it’s an eye opener! I’ve only been doing it for 6 weeks but with a background reading in intuitive eating it’s making me so much more aware.
Erika – hope you enjoyed HP, I watched the first part last week in preparation for this one :)
Oriana – Good job with the Beck behaviours :strong: – it’s eye opening when they work – you wonder why you didn’t do it before!
BBE -TGIF indeed! Hope your renovations are not causing too much tension
Rubidoux – sewing a new top is impressive! Credit for an OP day when faced with a tough start.
Alana – ouch for computer problems. Hope to see you back here soon :wave:

Right, I’d best go do the dishes and clean the kitchen! Night all

08-05-2011, 05:31 PM
Hello everyone. Nice to get a sweet note!

Im slowly working my way through the book...very slowly. The section on not eating standing up is a huge eye opener for me....very good lesson.

Hope all of you are having a nice friday!

I'm going to try to have a strong positive focused weekend of activity and eating less. But weekends are hard.....

08-06-2011, 07:19 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Moving along at close to plan, CREDIT moi. Exercise was lugging stuff from the second floor to the basement, CREDIT moi. My next house will have a service-sized elevator, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – The bean burger was a good choice in itself; slaw instead of chips is a bonus.

Shepardess - Yay for having a DD who likes a long walk.

Erika (eusebius) - Ouch for losing a gig, but Kudos for making it quality time with your DD and Harry Potter. [TSP is trisodium phosphate - a strong cleaner that is sometimes the only thing that will work. I used it in small quantities, being aware that massive phosphate releases are environmentally unfriendly. TSP... CLEANING FOR THE BIG DOGS!! ( ]

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for navigating Costco. My take is that once you've beaten Costco the first time, it's easier thereafter. [Thanks for the reminder, "These projects will have a conclusion."]

maryann - Such a good idea to remind yourself, "I'll eat again tomorrow."

pamatga - That extra exercise sounds like a workout alright, Kudos. I might drop by for that Thai Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup.

SuperChick - Yay for roasted chickpeas. Kudos for using your BF-less time productively.

Becky (anotherchick) - Yep, Stress and anxiety sure lead to the Sabotaging Thought that food will cure them. Keep the faith.

Oriana (ovwgirl) - Methinks one can go a long way with this awareness, "It's really not worth eating the food if it doesn't taste good" - Kudos for getting your head around that. I've seen a C-130 do a touch and go's at a Lockheed-Martin airfield coming in right over my head; that's alotta plane!

missyj - Kudos for using your ARC's to fight off additional servings.

happygoal - Yep, I felt sure that I didn't eat standing. No way. The first thing that happened after reading that day in the book was to find myself eating from my plate as I walked the eight feet from the stove to the table - just blew my mind.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
. . .
You will feel more visually satisfied. Satisfaction is not only physiological, but also it's visual and psychological. If you eat half of your food while you are preparing dinner, for example, then you will have only half left to put on the table. You just won't feel as satisfied - even though you would be eating exactly the same total amount of food - as you would have if you had spread out the entire meal in front of you.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 62.

08-06-2011, 09:36 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Feeling less groggy this morning. I was dead tired by 10 PM but couldn't go to bed yet ... my 8 year old was still up. (Yes I know ... she is a Taurus and stubborn as a mule. If we put her to bed at 9 or earlier she just lies there, stays awake, and gets up and goes to the bathroom every hour until midnight. So I think she gets more sleep this way.) So I just lay down on the couch and fell asleep instead. Net result: 2 extra hours of sleep. I'll take it.

The Thai Vegetable Curry was fantastic and believe it or not, my daughter ate it!! (I went a bit light on the red curry paste ...) I think I will make it again this week. I was out of brown rice but I did have brown rice vermicelli, which are yummy.

Today: rehearsals in Toronto with kids getting ready for their singing exams. I'm happy that this will involve a bit of walking to and from places. Then a BBQ party at our place with friends. I have planned pretty well - got some veggie kebabs, tempeh and a fruit platter to set out. So I will stick to that. I was supposed to go to another BBQ tomorrow but I think one is enough to negotiate on the first weekend of my new plan, so I'm skipping it.

missyj - WTG sticking to one serving of popcorn!! Cool how you found your career path. Good example of "following your bliss" ...

Shepherdess - Great solution to the fatigue problem! I think after 8 years I have not solved it yet, but I'm getting some clues ...

gardenerjoy - Nice job choosing your lunch! And kudos for continuing to stay consistent.

maryann - I love "It is just one meal" - will be remembering that.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Congrats on finishing your massive task, and WTG staying OP at Costco! Enjoy your time with family! Will PM you an email ...

pamatga - Your soup sounds amazing!! Kudos for upping the resistance on your lower body workout. Yes, the headaches are improving - thanks! I don't think it's hayfever - never had that before - but you never know.

Becky (anotherchick) - ((((Hugs)))) for the stress and anxiety ... hang in there!

SuperChick - Ouch for being disgruntled ... do you know why? Sounds like it's been a bit of a stressful week for you - good for you for taking the weekend to regroup! HP was awesome - I think you will really enjoy it!!

happygoal - Sending positive vibes for the weekend. Weekends can definitely be challenging. I often work on weekends so I try not to see them as different from any other day eating-wise, but that is easier said than done ...

BillBE - LOL at the service sized elevator! The piano movers would like it if I had that. Kudos for continued OP eating during your reno progress. Wow, that TSP seems like TNT for cleaning ... be afraid! Be very afraid! LOL!

OK, time to pour the rest of my smoothie into my coffee mug and head for the bus to Toronto. Enjoy your Saturday, all!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no
Qi Gong: yes (short session)

08-06-2011, 10:34 AM
Hi Beck friends. I haven't been posting for a while. But - I am going to keep trying again. I had a healthy day yesterday. I am grateful. I wrote everything down that I ate, measured, stayed within my plan and drank lots of water. It's a good start.

Have a great day. Treat yourself as well as you'd treat a good friend. (I need to remember this too)

08-06-2011, 12:19 PM
Well, string camp is over and with it my cloistered food plan. Last nite I had dinner with friends and they did not have what they said they would have so my plan went awry. Then They made a special key lime pie for us. I know. I know. I have tools but I made the choice to eat it and boy was it good. This morning I had a week's loss of 1.4 pounds. I know it would have been 2 pounds had I not eaten the pie. Credit for back OP today. This is a long race and the fact is I would be skinnier if I had no social life, no travel plans and no extended family. OH Well.
Lexxiss: What a great day yesterday, biking, healthy food, good choices. I love days like that.
Pamatga: Credit for those ankle weights. I am always amazed how sore I get when I do some new move.
anotherchick: Thanks for checking in. Traveling is tough, no denying. Sometimes I tell myself "OK. Do all the strategies but don't modify eating i.e. At least eat sitting down. At least write down what I eat." This gives me a feeling of some success.
superchick: It is funny how everyone is eating curry. I wished I liked it because it is a lot of spice and not many calories. Sad to say I am really a bland girl.
happygoal: Not eating standing up continues to be my greatest challenge and yet it sounds so simple. For me it is the difference between denial and truth. If I am standing I am in denial. If I am sitting I am in truth. Simple as that. And often, All I want is a vacation of denial.
BBE: My exercise plan today is teaching DS how to clean the house. Hopefully I will also take an evening walk.
Eusibius: Sleep is probably my number one risk factor. Thank God I have a hubby who stays up late and catches "drink" walks with DS.
Beverlyjoy: Hello!

08-06-2011, 01:21 PM
GD although I had to wait until the huge t-storm passed before venturing onto the computer.

[Sidenote (and digression)June 2008---I was on my computer and lightning struck the nearest phone pole and ran up through our home wiring right into my computer. I worked at home at the time and I was on the phone to a client, a doctor, when everything imploded. I had to have our home completely rewired. Yes, I had the strongest power surger but one lightning strike has 6x the heat of the surface of the sun. P.S. Down here the weather man includes lightning strikes when talking about the severity of the storm. Just to give an idea: the other day there were 2400 lightning strikes in 10 minutes!--who needs 4th of July fireworks??--all new to this Northern transplant.]

Okay, now that I have shared that, now you understand why I hang back until the t-storm passes.

Yes, the Thai Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup was great. I will admit that I have had limited exposure to Thai food overall although one of our favorite Chinese restaurants is two doors down from two different Thai restaurants.

Another misconception that I learned after moving down here is that the Deep South is not all about fried chicken, collard greens and grits. There is such a fascinating variety of cuisine within 4 miles either direction from our home that I could try a new restaurant every week and be still trying by Christmas time. In general, Southerns love to eat so all restaurants are busy in spite of what the economic gloom and doom says and they LOVE spicy, hot food so I really didn't know what to expect. Fortunately, there is also a huge population of Indian and Asian peoples here in Atlanta so this is not "Americanized" but the "real deal". [P.S. I like to share this because I feel that there are a lot of misconceptions about this area that I pleasantly discovered and want others to know as well]

DH tried one TB. (he's a staunch Midwestern meat n potatoes kind of guy so he was being more trusting of me than the dish) Of course, this made a huge batch so I divided it in half and froze one half. It is totally organic and vegan so I figured when my son comes during the holidays, I can warm this up for him. It filled the air with such aroma. I just walked in and out of the kitchen and took a deep breath when I opened the lid to see how things were going.

I accepted a "buddy challenge" with one of my friends over on BLC. I don't do these since they can end up being a lot of people doing things for all the wrong reasons (IMO) and it seems like hurt feelings can end up and then really who wins in that case? No one IMO! The last one I did was back in April and I vowed I wouldn't because that is exactly what happened (I love their tools but it seems to bring out the beast in some people---including me, which I don't like that side of me--bad Pam :mad:.) but this is a dear person who has really coached me with my knee issues and has done things I would never put my body through not only to get in shape (ice baths after walking 13.1K!!) but also travels around the country raising a lot of money for good causes. So, I am going to reshuffle my Beck ARC cards and I am going to really apply all of these Beck principles the way I know would do me the best.

So, starting on Monday, my personal goals during this "challenge" are:
** to actually eat within 1800-2100 calories (which is what BLC recommends for me). Instead, I average between 2300-2500 calories per day. 37-45 grams of fiber are part of those calories so "out they go to the Chatahoochee"In WW lingo, I think these are calories that are subtracted because they flush out your GI, if I remember the Points System from a while ago.
**seriously keep my sodium under 3000 mg per day. (Eating out can have me between 3500-5000 mg when I do eat out--no matter how healthy I think I am choosing and how I divide those huge meals)
**continue with my exercising. Once I get on the right path with that, I'm fine. I am like one of those work horses that you put into a yoke, crack the whip and I just start walking without even thinking about it. No resistance there. TG!!:D (one thing going in my favor)

Last night I did a "test drive" again with the hunger experiment and although I was sort of fidgety I stayed within 1800-2100 calories. Doing that every day for nine weeks will be the "challenge" but I think it's time I kick myself in the butt. I have a tendency to get a little too relaxed with my boundaries with calories consumed so I have been losing super slow. Maybe, I am just a little too comfortable with everything I have been doing.

**recognizing when I have a :cheer3:GREAT:cheer2: group here and reveling in it. You "guys" are almost as good as the best chocolate. You all are just yummy.......
**adding 5 minutes today to my walking on the treadmill. TY for not laughing at me or rolling your eyes (I "saw" that....;)) when I say that but that is where I am at and I am okay with that. Next week will be 15 minutes and then the week after will be 20, etc. I will always eat maryann's and shepherdess's dust :running: but I'm okay with that too.

It's not how fast you run :woops: the race, just that you finish. :bravo:

Have a great weekend everyone! Love you all a whole bunch :cb: and even more :broc:


08-06-2011, 02:58 PM
missyj and gardenjoy, Thank you for the info re Claritin. I am going to pick some up. The cat thing could explain what's going on with me. I went to the doc before my vacation to visit family (who all have cats) and the doc recommended allegra, it worked great while I was gone, but since I've been home I've felt terrible. So, I've been wondering how the allegra could get me through with all those cats and then let me down so when I get back to my usual not so bad allergies. Huh! I think maybe my allergies are getting worse as I get older though. Blah!

I don't have time to do personals right now, or even to read all the way up to this point. My son has got to get to his basketball game in 45 min! But I wanted to do a quick check in. I'm still doing really well with my plan. Yesterday we went to the zoo with some out-of-towners (out-of-towners always want to see everything, rather than the usual "lets go see the gorillas today"), so we walked for FIVE straight hours and the zoo is very hilly. Afterwards I realized that we only sat down once for about 15 minutes, maybe not even that long. But I felt very energetic and strong (for me) and I was AMAZED that I did it all without any food. :carrot: After that, my friends had other plans so I took my kids to their regular friday playgroup, then older ds to his b'ball practice, and we didn't get home to have dinner until 7:45! I actually felt quite good, though I did fall asleep with the kids at 10 rather than stay up till my usual 1 pm. That could be bc I hadn't gotten more than 5 hours of sleep all week, though.

I will come back and check up with you all when we get home. I hope everyone's having a great weekend!

08-06-2011, 06:44 PM
Another evening check in for me, which is unusual as i usually do it in the morning before / at work, but as BF is away i can do whhat i like! and it feels good to have checked in on the weekend too - a big achievement for me maybe the first weekend i've checked in in 6 weeks!

Weighed in again this morning, down another lb! it's crazy, maybe i was just having a really bad day on thursday when i weighed in. anyway, i'm pretty much back to what i weighed at the start of the week now. also managed a pretty intense gym session, and eat pretty much OP all day. Like maryann, my social life got in the way slightly (visited a friend for evening meal and whilst i didn't overeat it was more carbs than i was planning on eating, but she made pasta. oh well.) credit for making the effort to go visit when i could have stayed in. Maryann - i hear you on the social life vs thinness; i know what i'd much rather be doing! I'd rather be having fun and slightly larger than i want to be than thin and bored / lonely... we're in this for the long haul ;)

Pam - glad we are being helpful! i love :love: being able to share all this with people in a positive manner - it's a total revelation!
BBE - LOL at the service elevator!
Beverleyjoy - welcome back :wave:, glad you had a good day
Erika - no idea. busy at work, not enough sleep? who knows. i'm regrouping and redressing my inner harmony... or something like that! hopefully a surf tomorrow will sort me out :goodvibes

08-07-2011, 06:33 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A low tension day on the home make over. Eating close to plan included modest portions with a group of us for dinner, CREDIT moi. Where 'modest' included a bit too much of mango salsa on corn chips because it was so good. But I had three servings of salad greens instead of seconds on the pasta salad that was tempting.

Erika (eusebius) - Fantastic that your 8 year old DD will eat Thai curry - a sign that you might be able to have real food as she grows up. [LOL at "be afraid! Be very afraid!"]

Beverlyjoy – Yay for a healthy day! I hope your foot/ankle is recovering to your needs.

maryann - Ouch for key lime pie sneaking into your life. I passed over key lime pie at a buffet the other day, felt smug. Then succumbed to the shortbread of strawberry shortcake, which was OK, but left me wishing that'd I'd done the key lime pie if I intended to be that decadent, LOL.

pamatga - Pretty amazing (and awful) computer/lightning story. Hard to imagine what you told your client as your computer smoked in front of you. Kudos for incrementing your treadmill time - with thanks for introducing the notion that we are all on our own exercise path without benefit from comparing ourselves to each other. (I've never been compared to chocolate before, LOL.)

SuperChick - Kudos for that intense gym session and OP day. Neat that you're using your time without DBF to do different stuff instead of just pineing away.

rubidoux - Yay for five hours at the San Diego Zoo - you guys got one of the best in the world. Kudos for a lot of walking.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
. . .
You will have a calmer mindset. University of New Mexico research on 25 people who took a course in mindful eating determined that they naturally reduced binge-eating episodes and anxiety during eating.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 62.

08-07-2011, 07:54 AM
Hi folks... yesterday was a healthy day... I am grateful. I did many important tasks: planned& measured food/ lots of water/ wrote it all down and always left a bite on my plate.

Thanks to all for the hellos, welcomes, & positive and kind thoughts. I feel like a turtle now. I will try to incorporate more tasks today.

Have a good day.

08-07-2011, 01:10 PM
Today is going to be a "Day of Rest" for me on purpose. I agreed to participate in a "buddy Challenge" on BLC site. As I have said, I don't have "feel good" feelings after the last couple that I have done. It seems to bring out the "bad Pam":devil: in me which I like to "stifle" as often as I can. I was just telling my DH last night that as soon as I saw that it had a specific beginning and end, it makes me think "diet" rather than "healthy eating" and sets up all sorts of negative stuff related to what the word "diet" means to me. Namely: depriving myself, suffering, hunger I have to ignore, feeling left out, being more strigent; the immediate ones that come to mind.(yes, Beck confronts this so it's back to my ARC cards!)

Having said that, I will admit (somewhat reluctantly) that I really do need to push myself a little harder with my food plan. In general, it is very healthy and one that I am pleased with. However, having said that, I know that this is not about be a healthy "obese" person (an oxymoron in of itself) but being a healthy "normal weight" person so I have decided to apply myself harder to eating less food. Period. That is really all I need to change.

*having the humility to admit that although I am well-intentioned, redefining healthy to include a number on the scales is also important. The high end of a normal BMI is 168 lbs. I have been there before and I thought I was overweight. When I am between 135-138 lbs, which was my norm decades ago, I maintained it without any dieting and that seemed to a "good place" for me. I usually don't talk about this often so now, I am going to really start focusing more on numbers than I have previously said. I think it was gardenerjoy that said recently "What if I am wrong?" Well, I will take that one step further. I know I am wrong in just focusing on being healthy without any nod to the scales. We've had a robust discussion about the scales and just what we should take from it. I reread the section in the Beck pink book about the scales and she also says (direct quote) "Start using the scales as an information tool that provides data you can use to guide your eating. Use the number .... as a guide to decide whether you should keep doing what you're doing or to CHANGE". Well, fellow Becksters, it is time for CHANGE for Pamela Jo (what my mom used to call me when she was admonishing me) here.

I have got to change what I am doing so I am this same weight week in and week out. That's my "revelation" for today. More tomorrow (maybe);)

08-07-2011, 03:01 PM
Hello Beck Friends:

I am back from holidays and feeling relaxed.

Hello to everyone here and welcome to all the new posters.

I am trying. I am making myself take credit for that instead of focusing on the fact that I have been eating without limits for most of the summer. The only upside is that at least the eating without limits involves food that is much more healthy than it used to be. Also credit today for:

:D Checking in with my coaches
:D Weighing in
:D Doing resistance band shoulder and arm exercises
:D Eating a healthy breakfast and lunch
:D Planning a healthy supper
:D Planning tomorrow's food and packing up lunch

I am off to deal with the beans and peas growing in my garden.

Have a great Sunday afternoon.


08-07-2011, 04:29 PM
anotherchick, I hope you get back easily. It will be worth it!

happygoal, I hope your weekend went well. I feel that weekends are harder, too. I'm out of my usual routine.

Maryann, Oh my, a special key lime pie. :o I doubt I could have gotten through that unscathed. :( I'm happy it was yummy, though. And wtg on getting back on plan! :carrot:

Pam, You're so lucky to have that restaurant selection! When I lived in Montgomery there was neither great southern food nor good food from anywhere else. We had to drive to Birmingham to get any good food at all. There wasn't a single Chinese or Indian place there when I lived there. Hopefully there're some now. When I lived in Alabama, I visited Atlanta a couple of times and it did seem like such a breath of fresh air. I went there with people from work and they always knew somewhere great to eat.

I wish you huge success on your new plan! And I look forward to hearing about it.

As for those glucose tablets, I know they are a good idea, to get sugar but nothing else when sugar is what my body needs. But when I'm low my body really thinks its starving and the last thing it's screaming for is 2 of those little tablets. There have been times during my 18 years of diabetes that I've used them, and maybe I can get back to them again sometime. But right now, ugh. lol

I just wanted to note, also, that I don't think "a healthy obese person" is necessarily an oxymoron. I think there are probably people who are obese and quite healthy and we all know stories of skinnies that drop dead of whatever (even so-called obesity-related diseases) at a young age. I think many of us would be healthier at lower weights, but I wouldn't want to say that applied to everyone. And maybe the reason we'd be healthier wouldn't be about the actual pounds lost, but about the lifestyle changes we made to get there. Or maybe it would, but I think the jury's still out on all of this. There are so many deeply ingrained misconceptions about nutrition and health in our society that I just can't accept the conventional wisdom any more. It was very painful for me to spend nearly 15 years trying to lower my fat and calories and eat more vegetables and still gain weight, and now that I've found out that that is not what *I* needed to do to lose, I've got a little bit of a bee in my bonnet regarding accepting those things that we were all raised to believe as truth.

Okay... a little bit about what's going on with me: Ugh. I'm feeling a bit of a malaise today. I slept 12 hours each of the last two nights and I still feel blah and not very energetic. I can't tell if the problem is too much or not enough sleep. Or maybe I've got some fairly mild virus going on. At any rate, I am off my game. On my plan, but just by the skin of my teeth. I'm also feeling like I want to eat. :( I don't think it's real hunger, but more a combo of boredom and just not feeling right and it feels like maybe a nice tuna on wheat bread with corn chips (which is btw, sitting six inches away from me since my ds only ate half of it, sigh) would make everything better. After I post, I'm going to read my ARC and then go back to that blog and read about the "how to deal with cravings" stuff. I don't know if this ranks as a craving since I am pretty sure that any carby food would make me happy now -- but only for just a minute and then I'd be pretty bummed. I've got quite a few good days under my belt now and I don't want to ruin my streak.

I didn't post yet about how I did yesterday, but it was all good and I even had a nice unscheduled and strenuous walk to and through balboa park. My older son and dh were playing tennis at the high school a few blocks from the park, so I put my little one in his stroller and pushed him up a HUGE hill to the park. I had no idea there was going to be such a serious hill, but it felt good. Then, after our walk, I let him jump into the fountain where there were several other toddlers having a blast. It was really nice!

Alana in Canada
08-07-2011, 06:18 PM
Hello fellow Becksters!

I lost my book in the frenzy of school planning this week--so I have a lot of reading to catch up on. As well, I have not been managing my cravings well. In short, with the computer snafu I went completely off the rails--I was eating chocolate chips by the handsfull straight out of the bag, yesterday. All I can say in my defence was that I was hungry!

Anyway, that's all over now.

Thanks for all your sympathy re: my computer woes. I was able to run a few diagnostics and found some adware. The program I ran (Super-Anti-Spyware) removed it. whew.

The folks at Majorgeeks will let me know if there's more I need to get rid of--but I'm no longer experiencing any major problems. (For now.)

I'm going to get back on track one thing at a time.

*credit--I may not have planned my food for today, but I am writing it down and it is all according to and well within the portions and exchanges I'm "allowed" each day.
*Credit--I lost 2.2 pounds from weigh-in last week. I still don't feel as though I deserve it.

I will catch up here as I can.

08-07-2011, 07:34 PM
Hi Coaches!

I've had some pretty good Beck days considering the onset of family and the associated stresses. Friday mom was "short" with all of us and finally yesterday DH got ticked at all of us girls. Turns out he was too tired (as was mom) and they have both slept most of today. It's actually quite peaceful...sis and I are tiptoeing around. Food, so far, OP. I've chosen a new 2nd choice food plan which I'm following this week as we travel to New Mexico. I'm calling it the "Sane Food Plan". It requires thinking about my choices, making better choices as often as possible and sticking to as many of my South Beach principles as I can. The mindset seems to be working today. *credit* Exercise was practicing yoga at the pool. It was excellent so I'm going back for another session. Tomorrow is my first teaching class.

BillBlueEyes, yay for a low tension day on the home makeover! lol We took our project tension and turned it into family tension. I'd gladly switch with you! I'll bet those corn chips were a bit healthier than they used to be. Was the mango salsa from Whole Foods? They make the best! Yay for extras on salad greens instead of pasta.

CeeJay, great credits! :wave: to your beans and peas. It's a big deal to be eating healthier than you used to. It is an important step in the right direction. Glad to hear you had a nice holiday and that you're feeling relaxed.

Pam(atga), yay for a revelation which encourages a tweak in your plan pointing you in the direction of a healthy "normal weight" person. Thx for encouraging words regarding my ticker. It was just 1 pound at a time and it wasn't fast, either, which in retrospect, has been ok. I'm in an adjustment phase...I think my pants should be bigger than they are...working on my brain catching up.

Beverlyjoy, it's always great to see you here! Yay for a healthy day! You know you have the capability to stack them up!

SuperChick, yay for a great weigh in that gives you numbers to compare with earlier in the week. Yay for a weekend check in, too!

rubidoux, kudos for great exercise and no food on your outing (since was your plan).

maryann, yes, we might be skinnier if we had no social life, no travel plans and no extended family. Fact is, we do, and I think life would be quite boring without...we are learning to be sane amidst our life and to me, one piece of key lime pie sounds sane...half the pie does not. How did your exercise (cleaning house with DS) go?

Erika(eusebius), kudos for planning your own healthy BBQ party then planning to skip the one you have no control over.

happygoal, yes, I think the sitting down exercise was a real eye opener for many of us. I'm amazed just how many "free" bites I have saved since I've stopped. I do allow myself to nibble on veggies (like Dr Beck says) while I'm preparing dinner.

Becky(anotherchick), thanks for checking in! One of the great tools from BDS is to learn the mindset that I can get back on track right away. The sooner the better!

Alana(in Canada), glad you're back with your computer healing nicely. Suggestion?? Perhaps an advantage card which says "I deserve credit when I lose weight" :hug:

Alana in Canada
08-08-2011, 02:10 AM
Lexxiss--The Sane Food pLan--love it!

Great suggestion about the advantage card. Oh man, I just looked at the calorie count of my favourite store bought cookie--they are 100 calories--EACH! I used to think nothing of consuming five or six (or more!) on the way home from grocery shopping. Oh me, oh my.

Unfortunately, they were on sale and I bought them--and ate four. Four tiny cookies. I'm going to have to put my OH well card on my nose when I go grocery shopping next week.

I am carefully watching out grocery receipts this month to see just how "expensive" this new eating plan will be. I have a sneaking suspicion it will either be cheaper or cost just the same--I can buy a lot of veggies for what a box of frozen chicken nuggets from the grocery store used to cost us!

08-08-2011, 07:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A quiet day to get some stuff done on my home make over. CREDIT moi for continuing . . . as if there were a choice, LOL. Eating became a bit snacky when I realized that I couldn't move my Internet connection in the way I'd planned. Seemed to have forgotten that food doesn't move wires. Big Ouch until I figured out another way - then Big Sigh. Yay for home WiFi reaching from the basement to the attic.

Beverlyjoy – Kudos for continuing to always leave a bite on your plate; I needed to be reminded of that.

CeeJay - It's a good day when you can be "off to deal with the beans and peas growing in my garden" - matters of consequence.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ouch for family tension - which usually jumps in around here on the back of any existing tension. Kudos for OP for the second day on you "Sane Food Plan" - I like the name. [Yep, mango salsa was from Whole Foods. Yummy stuff - wish there were leftovers.]

pamatga - Yesterday's avatar tickles me because my notion of a mermaid doesn't include knees, LOL. Kudos for recognizing that "it is time for CHANGE."

Alana in Canada - Yep, chocolate chips don't remove viruses, LOL. But Yay for getting rid of it using the software. Congrats on the 2.2 pounds gone - your body doesn't care whether or not you deserve it.

rubidoux - Amazing that your DS would just leave half a sandwich uneaten - I presume that I could do that once upon a time. Kudos for the walk up that HUGE hill.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
. . .
You will keep yourself more accountable. Eating everything slowly, while sitting down and enjoying every bite, helps ensure that you are aware of everything you eat. People can consume hundreds (or even thousands) of calories while standing in front of the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet. Many dieters have the sabotaging thought, Calories don't count if I eat standing up. But this, of course, is simple not true. All calories count. Your body processes calories in the same way whether you eat them while standing or sitting, whether you are fully aware of what you are eating or not, and whether you fully enjoy them or not. So since your body is going to know you ate it, you might as well enjoy it, too!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 62.

08-08-2011, 07:59 AM
Happy Monday Becksters! What started out as a really good day for me (a surf before work) has descended into one-eyed chaos! :dizzy: That is slightly over the top, but not long after I got into work I got a migraine, which has happened to me maybe 5 times in my entire adult life! It basically ended up with me not being able to see out of my right eye properly, and working on a computer didn’t help! Flashing in eye is now gone and have two functioning eyes (just) but a cracking headache instead. Oh, well (further evidence work is bad for you, :lol:)

So Monday is official weigh-in day, and following on from my daily weigh-ins over the weekend my weight is down 2.4lb since last Monday! This means I’ve lost a stone since I started Beck 7 weeks ago :woohoo: This daily weigh-in thing is definitely interesting, I’ll keep it up for now :D Credits – food planned, cooked extra last night for the next two days, surf this morning, checked in, weighed in.

Right, I will go for now as my head is screaming at me, but I will try to check personals later. Have a lovely day all :goodvibes

08-08-2011, 09:22 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Well, I've completed a full week on my plan (I'm on day 9 now) and so far I'm down 5.6 pounds! This stuff really works. The fatigue is getting a bit less debilitating, though it's still there. I think if I just stay the course it will probably resolve itself ... we'll see. My friend Joe Coffee will be helping me out later.

Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for 15 min. I plan to do that every day this week to establish the exercise habit.

Beverlyjoy! So good to see you. Great reminder to treat ourselves like good friends.

maryann - Ouch for the pie ... but congrats on the 1.4 down!! Life is so complicated sometimes ...

pamatga - wow, didn't know those facts about t-storms. What a scare that must have been when lightning struck your computer!! Also interesting to learn about what people eat in the South. I am sure there are a lot of media clichés in my brain that need to be debunked. Great job staying within your calories!! :cheer2:

rubidoux - you did fantastically well this weekend, Brava!! One day I will also have to come to the San Diego Zoo and make you walk for 5 hours again, LOL.

SuperChick - Yay for 2.4lbs gone!! Keep up the great work! Sorry about the migraine ... major ouch. I love how you meet your challenges with humour and a positive attitude!

BillBE - nice job at dinner Saturday- those salad greens will keep you feeling good for days! LOL at "food doesn't move wires". WiFi is an amazing thing though.

CeeJay - welcome home! Good that you are taking credit for your positive actions, and there are lots of them!

Alana - Glad your computer got cleaned out. Kudos for getting back on track and for the 2.2 lbs gone!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Love the idea of a "Sane Food Plan". Great job dealing with family stress.

Happy Monday, all!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes
Qi Gong: yes (short session)

08-08-2011, 11:42 AM
Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend! I had house guests all weekend, and plans included an all day music festival and a trip around an outlet mall. And all sorts of eating out. I was a bit frightened to get on that scale this morning for my first "official" weigh-in of my new start with Beck. But I was very pleasantly surprised with a pretty significant loss!:carrot: I know some of it is water weight from getting back on track - but hey, I'll take it! Credit me for making it through the weekend on plan with only one small diversion (a red snowcone at the music fest - it was too hot for me to resist!):dizzy: But most of all, Credit to all of you for being so encouraging during my first week!! As I have said, this is my first time on a forum (not much of a computer geek) and I am enjoying all of the exchanges and information! Thank you all so very much for sharing your successes -and how you handle your struggles!

Have to head to Chicago for work (I am going to have to tape the ARCs to my forehead to make it through another week of restaurants), so just a few quick notes........

maryann - You are so right! I bought all this snack food thinking the house guests would want it, but low and behold, it was all my favorites! But I limited myself to one chip with dip - and then sent the rest of it all home with them today! ;)

Lexxiis - I spent almost three weeks in Alaska in June. It was incredible!! I have never made it there for work (Valdez was just before my time). I am now mad for glaciers!!

pamatga - Dining out is so hard for me - but so much a part of my life, I have no choice. I try to avoid carbs at all costs. Lots of entree salads - but being choosy with the toppings and dressing always on the side. Try to order appetizers as entrees. Most importantly, I speak up more and try to steer us somewhere that I can order more sensibly. I used to just go with the crowd, and the crowd seems to always want Italian. And I try to eat a very healthy breakfast with protein and small veggie or fruit snack before we go out to eat. It is a struggle every time........

SuperChick - roasted chick peas sound yummy! I am going to have to try!

08-08-2011, 12:45 PM
I am counting yesterday as a BIG success. I had been feeling blue, crampy and discontent that I would have to travel for two nites YET again after being home all week with a successful, controlled food plan. I had to go to the Bay Area for a BBQ and a trip to a Wild Animal breeding facility. I knew I was endanger of eating the whole house. But I didn't. I was OP. I stuck to the meals I planned even though dinner wasn't until 8pm. I said "no" to the dessert plate.I cut my salmon in half and took it home for this morning. I felt feelings of cranky, disappointment and sadness and didn't eat over them. I also managed between times to truly enjoy people's company and LOVED the safari ride with my family. Came back to the room exhausted but proud. I told myself if I kept OP yesterday and today I would treat myself to a little clothes shopping at Talbots in the nice mall here. I am dropping DS and DN at 1:00 at Lego's camp and will enjoy the shopping adventure. Down 2 lbs since Monday.
Lexxiss: cleaning the house with DS was great. I taught him how to clean his bathroom. Very successful. Now when I clean, he has his own occupation. Feels good. I know my work ethic has brought me a lot of peace over the years and I hope to instill the same in him.
rubidoux: I LOVE Balboa park. You do live in one of the greatest towns of all time.
Ceejay: welcome back from vacation. Glad you are here.
Alana: Writing down the food - what is and not what you want it to be is critical. I never EVER thought I would get into the habit of it but now it is second nature.
BBE: Sure FEELS like overeating moves mountain and reconnects wiring - quite an illusion.
Superchick: Congrats on weightloss. Had to look up what a stone was.
Eusibius: Congrats on the weightloss and for establishing a new exercise pattern. One of my first big habit changes was to put my exercise clothes on immediately after work to know that at some point I would have to start.
MissyJ:Congrats on the weightloss. I take every pound off no matter what as a sign of success. I even count the downward tick when I give blood

Alana in Canada
08-08-2011, 01:17 PM
So far, a good day. Breakfast has been OP, lol!

My son is playing a video game while I'm cooking his breakfast--and we start school soon, I hope. I am very anxious. We butt heads more than we meet them--and I know I'm the grown-up, but I have fallen into bad habits of relating, too. I wish parenthood came with an instruction booklet and a guarantee.

Maryanne--I'm inspired by your successful day yesterday!

Missyj--congrats on your loss in your first week! You have a significant challenge there--but how wonderful of you to do what you can instead of doing nothing. Kudos to you!

Eusebius--I hope the fatigue dissipates soon. If it is any comfort to you, the week my kids were away I think I slept 11 hours every night. It was crazy. If I hadn't been able to, I would probably have been very tired. If it continues, may I gently suggest cutting back on wheat? (and white carbs generally) I've heard of it helping with fatique on low calorie diets. You may be doing that already.

Superchick--:hug: Oh my, I hope that migraine dissappears soon! Congrats on the stone lost! :carrot:

Bill--What do you mean food doesn't move wires? I hope the tension around your place is gone soon!

08-08-2011, 01:21 PM
I didn’t really need the brownie last night. Oh well. They’re gone now. I had a good weekend otherwise. I got to the Farmer’s Market, which was the big outing for the weekend. I got some great fresh blueberries to make blueberry muffins. Not the healthiest use of blueberries, but a fun treat (not that I really need a treat). I also had some on my AM cereal. It was still warm yesterday evening, but I ran anyways. I’m a wimp about heat, so it was a major victory. Found out it wasn’t so bad, though I kept the pace slow and the distance short.

Beverlyjoy, great to see you again!

CeeJay, hope your holiday left you refreshed. It’s great that healthier food has become second nature.

Eusebius, SuperChick, MissyJ, congrats on the losses!

BillBE, thanks for the daily reminders to eat slowly while sitting down. It’s not happening much here, but it’s good to remember that’s an ideal to work towards.

08-08-2011, 06:40 PM
Hi Coaches.

First the good news: the debut of our drawing collective and its works went really well. Many art mucky-mucks were in attendance. I missed most of them, but was told they were there by the other two members of our drawing collective who were paying more attention to that stuff than I was. I was chatting with my friends that I haven't seen since well before my move here. In fact I often left the gallery space with my friends to chat outside. So we had a successful show in a gallery that just plain sucked the last time I had a show in there. So glad that it went well because... everything else was terrible.

I stayed at my mom's my first 2 nights. Oh Coaches. I can't do that ever again. She can't cope with me being there for many reasons, but basically, her alzheimer's has progressed just-that-much-more. She was filled with angst and loss and even though I was in her presence it was as if I wasn't there for her as all she was focused on was my leaving--that and she still has me moving away. My move was so hard for me that to continue to re-live it through conversation with my mom who whenever she asks me when I am moving or if I have moved or where I am living or anything even remotely touching on the move well it was really draining. I left there to stay with friends then they left and I got the run of their house for the duration of my stay. I ended up putting a scratching up my car's bumper in the awaful parking lot at their place. The same day I locked my keys int eh car and had to call CAA to come open my door as my artists friends waited for me to show with the keys to open the gallery. I was 1.5hrs late. The day before I showed at the gallery and burst into tears because of my mom and the next day did the exact same thing because of the car.
After that I put off everything and everyone and just holed up at my friend's place. I didn't get in touch with anyone. I just wanted to be quiet and chill out. I kind of sort of did that but counted the days until I could come home. In my distress I ended up not keeping track of what I was spending until DH sent me a STOP SPENDING MONEY email which made me feel even worse.

All I can say is I'm really grateful that the gallery exhibition went so well.

Foodwise I was a mess due to finances, due to stress, due to weird time schedules. I will weigh in tomorrow. And I really did wish I was thinner and never lost my uncomfortableness the whole show. I think I have got to make that happen.

Oh yeah the worst was flaky internet so I am really glad to be able to write this down, leave it here with you guys and MOVE ON ALREADY.

:hug: to all.

PS oh yeah the worst of it was that my mom did not recognize me instantly for the very first time. Her friend prompted her. It took her a little bit to place me. That, my friends, is something I have yet to really feel. It's pretty frozen in me right now. I think it's time I seek an alzheimer's support group for myself. We are heading toward the real tough stuff now. I would be wise to remember that FOOD will not fix this, not even a little bit.

And I never got swimming. Not even once. reason? No bathing suit and at one time I had two. Time to de-clutter again. I am thinking this weekend = garage sale.

08-08-2011, 08:16 PM
Hi everyone. I hope I'm welcome to join your little group. I'm embarking on the Beck way of getting healthy, and would love to take part in the support your community seems to offer.

A little about me... I'm 34 years old and the mother of four kids, a 9-year-old boy, a 7-year-old girl, a 5-year-old boy, and a 3.5 month old boy. My education and work background is in public relations, but now I'm a stay at home mom. While I've never been obese, I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, especially with the gains that come with pregnancy. A few years ago I got involved in triathlon, and that helped me get pretty fit (for me, at least). A year ago I was training for a half Ironman triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run), when two weeks before the race I got a big surprise when I found out I was pregnant. I got lazy, ate way too much, and gained more than 50 pounds during the pregnancy. My sweet little guy is now 3.5 months old and I'm ready to get serious about losing weight and getting healthy. I'd like to lose at least 20 pounds, but 30 would be awesome.

I learned about the Beck Diet Solution from some friends who are also using it. The book has really resonated with me, because I know that I have an unhealthy relationship with food, that I have a very hard time resisting cravings, that I'm an emotional eater, etc. I could probably white-knuckle my way through any old diet and lose some weight, but it wouldn't last, and I wouldn't learn the skills I need to be truly healthy.

So I'm excited about embarking on this new lifestyle. Right now I'm getting organized, making my cards, etc. and then I'll jump into Phase I. I really want to give it my all, work through all the steps and experiments, and hopefully make some lasting changes. I look forward to getting to know you all!

08-08-2011, 09:17 PM
Hi everyone

Hello and welcome TriMommy!!

I am doing OK today. Ate a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was my first day back at work. I always have a hard time sleeping the night before returning to work and last night was no exception so I was mellow and tired today.

I wanted to ask you about sleep. I keep reading about how you can help weightloss by getting plenty of sleep and I know it is true. My worst hours for eating off plan are after 9:00 pm. When I am tired, I have big cravings for sugar. But for the life of me I cannot seem to make myself go to bed. By the time I get home from work, do something about supper, clean up, make my lunch and so on I just want some time. It is hard for me to get to sleep before 11:30 and I get up at 6:30 and that means I am down about 2 hours of sleep per night. When I am on vacation, I sleep 9 hours and this is when I feel my very best.

Wondering if any of you have any tips on dealing with sleep. It really bothers me that I cannot seem to get a handle on the basics of self care- eating and sleeping. :rollpin:

Wishing you all a wonderful evening!


08-08-2011, 10:11 PM
TriMommy - Welcome to the group! I have only been here a couple of weeks, but I have found everyone very welcoming and supportive! I especially appreciate everyone's suggestions and experiences. I hope you enjoy it as well! I have a group of friends who are involved in tris, and you all amaze me with your endurance and dedication! And the same could be said for raising four little ones! Good luck on your journey!

08-09-2011, 12:18 AM
:welcome: Trimommy-this is quite a fit bunch here. We have runners, walkers, bikers, surfers, etc. :congrat: on the new wee one and fall right in, any time.

CeeJay Well, I go through periods of absolutely god awful sleep. The worst. I am going through a two week stretch of decent sleep although I too end up doing a lot of daily catch up late at night and that ends up pushing bedtime to later than I should be going to bed.
These are the only pointers that I think are working for me right now:
*establish a routine-whether it is getting to bed by 10:00 p.m. or whatever and really stick to it, only allowing yourself one hour later on the weekends. I have read and heard this often and it seems to work.
*eat a carb loaded meal (if your food plan will allow--in fact you might want to save a few calories for that if you can tolerate it) right before bed.
*use herbal supplements like melatonin or teas to make you drowsy.
*listen to soothing music (I listen to classical but no singing) right before bed.
*make love earlier in the evening. I can not sleep after being aroused.
*no caffeine after 6 p.m.

onebyone I am very sorry to hear about how rough you had it with your mom. I went through something similar 3 years ago before my mom died.
Go easy on yourself and, yes, a support group would be ideal if you can find one and it works with your life.:hug:

Alana in Canada: The biggest eye opener that I continually get in spite of over a year of logging every bite that I eat is just how much calories are in foods that are tiny, what an actual serving size really is and how easy it is to eat a whole lot of "nothing", still feel hungry and realize that you have painted yourself in the corner. I swear it still happens to me and it is truly one of the biggest sources of frustration in this whole process. Yes, including healthy foods. A serving of long cooking oatmeal is 1/2 cup and 160 calories. Personally, I could (and have) eaten a whole lot more! I love oatmeal. Dried fruit like raisins, dates and prunes are extremely high in calories --130 calories for 1/2 cup for raisins. I rarely eat "white anything" any more and yet look at what I weigh. Obviously, my doctor doesn't think I am healthy in spite of all the "numbers" being in the normal range. They see extra weight and see unhealthy. rubidoux I feel caught between a rock and a hard place on this issue. I have changed my feelings about it often. Right now, I don't think it is healthy to be my current weight. I just don't.

Calories are calories and it is only eating less and burning off the rest that allows us to lose weight. I used to debate about counting calories until I was blue in the face. I just thought if I could only eat healthy I would be thin. Wrong! It still is about eating less calories and/or burning more. If I were a trialthon-er like Trimommy here, I could probably eat more but until I can get to that place where my body is a hot combustible furnace, I am going to have to ease up on my portions. It is science and it is all math---numbers. Calories In<>Calories Out.

However, I will say (sneaky person that I know I can be--hey, I am recovering food addict, I know who I am:devil:) my eye is glancing at the calendar and soon as I can get my calorie burning up to snuff, I do know that I will be tempted to eat some more. Let's hope, I know when to stop!! :?:

In the meantime, I will have to be more diligent about counting calories; whether that sounds "ho hum" or so 1980s; it is my present reality! (P.S.--after a decade of "just salads" back in the 80s I rarely eat them any more--I just can't go there any more....just can't) Footnote: most restaurant salads are so high in sodium that most people think that by asking for no dressing or on the side, they are "winning".....I've checked the websites out. So, for those salad lovers, if you weigh more the next day, you know why....smoked turkey, ham, salty chickpeas, some seeds, celery, etc. :devil:

*walked 1.5 miles today---very slowly but I did it.
*decided to be a true buddy today during the BLC challenge and share what I know to anyone who wanted to know and asked then shut up to any one who didn't. Good practice in life. Right?
*stayed within my recommended BLC calorie range. In fact, I had a huge bowl of shredded wheat with agave nectar before bed. I had the calories to spare. :woohoo: in fact, I still could have something else but I won't :woohoo: again!!
*great job of choosing best foods at an all you can eat buffet restaurant. Fresh watermelon (Bill?), cooked carrots and corn on the cob, lean baked fish and roasted turkey meat, just 1/4 cup black-eyed peas (my favorite-sigh)and a no sugar added mocha cake for dessert (light and just baked).
*did strength exercises with ankle weights for lower body. My upper arms are looking muscular these days and my abs are flattening out nicely.
*"digging" the feeling that my body is beginning to be awakened from a long hibernation. I so love the feeling when it gets stronger and stronger. It is definitely worth the effort and the wait.

Love to All

08-09-2011, 03:57 AM
Omgosh, you guys, I'm totally overwhelmed by everything to respond to here. :o I have read all of the replies but I'm only going to reply to a couple. Tomorrow I will jump back on that!

Onebyone, BIG hugs! I can't imagine how hard that all must be.

Trimommy, Welcome!!! And I hope you have great success with BDS. I am new to it myself, I don't even have the book yet. (Feels like I ordered it from Amazon a month ago! Gah!) But I'm already seeing real progress. :D

Pam, I completely understand feeling unhealthy at your current weight. When I was at my high weight I felt pretty unhealthy and my weight was a big part of it. At my current weight, though, 177 pounds, I am still well into the clinically obese category and I have just been feeling on top of the world (for the most part) and physically, just great. I might be very marginally healthier if I were 50 pounds lighter, but I bet it would be *very marginal*. All of my markers -- blood fats, blood pressure, etc -- are great. My diabetes, which is doing great these days, isn't actually related to my weight. Carrying more weight can make it harder to control one's blood sugar, but it doesn't seem to be causing me any trouble now. I use only around 15 units of insulin a day now (I once used around 100), which is shockingly low for a type I. So, I totally get feeling that your weight is unhealthy, I just don't think that all "fat" people are unhealthy, kwim?

As for me... I have had the munchies for two days now! Ugh! But I haven't given in. :) I'm really proud of myself but I also want to go back to not being all that interested in food. It's hard to have to be constantly fighting it. I'm starting to have sabotaging thoughts like: "maybe if I give in and have one off plan treat/snack/meal" I'll get past it. But I don't actually think that's true. And ya know, now that I think about it, I bet it was all that dratted exercise that made me feel this way! Ha! Well, realizing that there's probably a reason for it makes me feel a little better. Maybe tomorrow I will be back to normal.

I think, btw, that the exercise also caused a gain! I think it's probably water from my muscles swelling or something along those lines. I've been totally OP and exercise is the only change, but this morning I was up 1.2 pounds and it's not TOM. I know our weights are supposed to vary quite a bit, but mine tends not to. I've been pretty sore. It feels good, though!

08-09-2011, 06:29 AM
:welcome: TriMommy :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post, :wel3fc:.

Neat that you found out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck from watching your friends use it. It's great to start out with the sense of knowing that it works.

With book in hand, how did you find this Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

08-09-2011, 06:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It's getting more frantic around here and it's kinda exciting to keep up. I've stayed on plan for real meals, CREDIT moi, but fell into snacking at one point when I wanted food to fix missing reinforcing boards to support towel bars and hand bars - Ouch.

For exercise I up-ticked the month count for my new journey, CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Wish I could join you for your garage sale - we've still got too much stuff. Sending supportive thoughts as you confront your mom's Alzheimer’s; a support group sounds like a good idea.

Shepardess - Yay for fresh blueberries - regardless of how they get repackaged for consumption. Kudos for running in the heat.

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for sticking to your Qi Gong, with Congrats for that 5.6 gone.

CeeJay - Hope someone gives you some good ideas about sleep - I never get eight hours. Kudos for being on plan despite the rigors of returning to work.

maryann - Staying OP when faced with breeding wild animals isn't covered in the regular Beck books - Kudos for developing a new path.

pamatga - Yay for a body "beginning to be awakened from a long hibernation." And Kudos for that long walk.

SuperChick - Congrats on that lost stone! Ouch for the migraine - hope that's gone by the time you read this.

Alana in Canada - Yes, kids should arrive with instructions - tailored to the specific model at hand, LOL.

missyj - Kudos for staying the course with weekend houseguests. LOL at taping your ARC's to your forehead - hope that helps with all the restaurant meals.

rubidoux - Yep, sore muscles do feel good. Big Kudos for standing down the munchies.

TriMommy - That half Ironman triathlon sounds like a serious challenge. (Who knew that Ironman training causes pregnancy, LOL.) You're off to a serious start preparing for Phase I. Yep, these Beck strategies contain the skills that will help when white knuckling it stops working. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite

tip:The hungrier you
are, the slower you should
eat. Eating quickly - which
may be your first instinct -
will leave you feeling unsatis-
fied and still hungry!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 62.

08-09-2011, 08:54 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Only time for a quick checkin today. Yesterday went well and I saw another loss on the scale this morning (Now at 6.0 lbs total lost!). Today I have to eat out twice and my new plan is fairly restrictive by most standards, so I am bringing beans and my own salad dressing with me and hoping I can get a salad with not too much extra stuff in it besides veggies. Wish me luck!

Also I'm playing for some vocal exams today and leading discussion at my meditation group. Whew. Glad I don't have much on tomorrow ...
Hope everyone has a great day!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes
Qi Gong: no

08-09-2011, 09:40 AM
GM :flow1: everyone!

I awoke around 7 a.m. (even though going to bed at 2 a.m.) because my stomach was growling. That is my alarm clock!

:congrat: eusebius on the 6 lbs lost!!

Credit: For yesterday and Day 1 of BLC "buddy challenge".

Here is my "stats" from Day 1:
*BLC has recommended I eat between 1800-2100 calories per day and burn 203 calories "on the side". I accomplished that.
*1985 calories (30 grams of fiber)(3404 mg sodium-need less)
*4 servings of vegetables:corn on cob, cooked carrots, potatoes and black-eyed peas. 4 servings fruit---all watermelon!! [These were the choices from the all you can eat buffet restaurant--all locally grown and fresh!---one reason why my DH and I have gone there for 7 1/2 years!]
*220 calories burned--How?
>Walked (sloooowly) 1.5 miles (used my pedometer to measure accurately)--even wore it when I walked my 10 mins on treadmill.
*my day to do my BLC strength exercises (plus a few of my past favorites): 2 sets of 15 reps of 7 separate exercises per lower body part with 5 lbs ankle weights (just added those last Friday) [Note: I do this every other day and I haven't missed any days since June 4th]-takes 25-30 minutes.
>I do 2 sets of 15 reps for upper, middle (both sides) and lower abs for a total of 120 reps.
>Then, I do 2 sets of 10 reps of 7 separate exercises for my upper body.[Note: since my b-day-mid July-I added heavier hand weights to 3 lbs each so I dropped down to less reps until I get used to the extra weight--I'm working with arthritis in both my shoulder/elbow and neck joints so I have proceeded with all of this very slooooowly and carefully.] Again, this takes 25-30 minutes. benches you which adds to discouragement, which I don't need!]

My personal "challenge" is:
** to stay within my recommended calorie range right up to October 10th (end of buddy challenge) and hopefully beyond
**just continue with my work out routine that I have been doing, listening to my body and increasing weight and/or reps as this becomes "too easy".
**keep my sodium levels under the recommended 3000 mg. I have low blood pressure (106/60 with pulse 75) but eating more sodium slows my weight lose significantly.
**I do want to see 20 lbs less by October 11th---God willing!

Have a great day, everyone!


08-09-2011, 11:17 AM
Morning Coaches, a much better morning for me today – my DB is back :love: and I can see out of both eyes… yippee!

Mainly OP yesterday but for some reason I went a bit awry after dinner.. tiredness or whatever, I need to remember that food doesn’t cure tiredness! So when I was +0.4lbs on the scale this morning I wasn’t surprised. No big deal, just move forward with the information from the scale – it’s a not actually telling me anything I didn’t already know. Credits: food planned, cycled to work, surf planned for later if the ocean plays nice, checked in, read ARC.

Not really sure this happened but I started this ‘check-in’ 5 hours ago and have only just got back to it! Work is manic still and it looks like it’s going to be another busy week…

08-09-2011, 11:23 AM
Good Morning Coaches

*credit for weighing in (-0.7) = 283.1
I didn't gain while away and that was all I asked so moving on...

I'm very sluggish today. Guess I'm recovering from my trip. I'm feeling... I don't know, gloomy I guess is the word for it. Just like the weather outside. I saw the long range forecast and it said rain for the weekend. 1st rainy forecast in a long time and coincidentally the weekend I thought yesterday we might have our garage sale and get rid of more of this old stuff we have. I need to make a space where we can have guests drop by and stay a while. I don't have that.

Guess that's it. I will try one of my WATP videos this afternoon.
I am not planning anything major, exciting, cutting edge or riotously fun for today. Just quiet R & R.


UPDATE: *credit 1 mile WATP done
I've decided to continue to pursue my goal of 90 workouts. I'd like to do 90 by my birthday Nov 4th.
I'm not going to be rigid here--but it has to be a planned, formal, workout session and NOT spontaneous exercise ie. shopping, getting from here to there, setting up for an art show and etc. I am also a little less than 3 months to my birthday so I am going to think of a birthday weight or health goal. I'm going to ponder this a while and try to come up with something challenging, meaningful, and do-able. I want to succeed. Thanks coaches. A little spring in my step has returned.

08-09-2011, 11:24 AM
Hi friends/becksters - I have another another two healthy days.... that's four. I am grateful.

I have had some credits: plan/measure/log foods, lots of water, leave a bite, weighed, and did my stretches & strengthening. A days ago I started to track my food in Sparkpeople. I just needed to 'change it up' to make it seem fresh. They have improved the system (I've been told) They must have because it's alot easier than when I tried it a couple years ago and was too frustrated to continue.

I had visitted my GS for 8 days. It was great fun. Glad to be home, too.

Tonight I am invited to my neighbor's for pizza tonight. I will bring a salad and my own Pizza Lean Pocket. I am going to say I am watching my salt, etc. Somehow, I don't have it in me at the moment to say I am once again trying to have food sanity and healthful eating and weight loss.


Have a great day.

08-09-2011, 12:59 PM
Good Morning Coaches:
Continuing on my "I can't believe I am doing this" trend. I am staying with friends who went for frozen youghurt. I DIDN'T go and took a walk instead. Then, the really big Ta Dah!, They brought me back See's candy as a treat but I didn't eat it.I planned for two pieces at snack this morning. Yum Yum. It is what Beck talks about when you strengthen your resistant muscle with each little positive choice. I am doing things I could never do before. It is amazing.
School starts tomorrow. I will be happy to be back. I have had a nice long break.
Ceejay: Sleep is critical for me. One of the ways I facilitate the evening (DS has music practice, homework, etc...) is menu planning. I never cook one meal. I always double and freeze one. When I roast chicken, I roast a family pack - shred two thirds of the chicken and freeze it for burritos, soup, and pizza. Or I'll have frozen meatballs ready to throw into crockpot. Then there is no prep for meals. Very little cleanup. I am usually in bed by 9:30. I have been working at menu planning for about two years and It keeps getting better and better. By planning, I also don't have to go to the store that often which saves me an hour or two a week.
trimommy: Welcome. There is peace to be found here. I gave up the fight and started to live with success.
shepardess: Nothing better than fresh berries. They will be gone soon enough.
onebyone: good luck with the garage sale.
Beverlyjoy: It is very comforting to bring your own mea sometimes. The focus becomes the people and not the food.
Eusibius: Credit more weightloss. Two meals out is tough. Whenever that occurs I always try to bring at least one meal. That is how I got through Disneyland last year.
pamatga: Sound like you've got a great plann.
superchick:I was .2 up but as you said - with a daily weigh in it is no big deal.
BBE: You are really going to have to post a before and after picture of you place. It is a must see.
rubidoux: I am with you there are lots of response here. I'll try for more tomorrow.

Alana in Canada
08-09-2011, 01:25 PM
Had a great day yesterday with my son. It was shorter than we both expected (which was nice). We worked together and both of us were patient with one another. (I had to go over multiplying and dividing fractions with him and his brain is just so much faster than mine. He gets the whole thing intuitively which is beyond me, that's for sure.) I hope today goes as well.

I had a totally on-plan day, hooray!:carrot:
I've got my plan made for today, too.

Maryanne--good for you and your minimal food prep. Sometimes, being a sahm, I feel that's all I do!

Ceejay--We struggle terribly with sleep around here. I'm all ears.

Beverlyjoy--congrats on the healthy days. Don't they feel great?

Onebyone--R&R is good. Sounds like you need it. Hope you can find a support group which will work for you. :hug: I can't imagine dealing with an illness like Alzheimer's. I hope you can get some helpful perspective.

Superchick--I'm so relieved you can see out of both eyes, again. Glad to hear you're well.

Pamatga--it's driving me crazy--what's BLC? Sounds like you've got a handle on your challenge. I enjoy reading about all you are up too. Thanks for the commiseration re: tiny yummy ridiculously calorie dense food.

Eusebius: Congrats on the loss!

Bill--I hear you on the missing reenforcing bars. That's really too bad. I wish food could fix that for you.

Rubidoux--good for you for exercising that resistance muscle.:strong:

Welcome TriMommy! Congrats on the little one.

Shepherdess--major kudos to you for getting out into the heat when you are a self confessed wimp about it. (I am too.)

08-10-2011, 02:43 AM
BBE, I wonder if you're burning as much working on your rehab as you are making up for in snacking. Missing reinforcing boards sounds very frustrating!

eusebius, Yay for the six pounds! That's great!

Pam, Congrats on a great first day! And wow on not missing any days with your strength training since july 4th.

SuperChick, Sounds like you're having a great day! I hope the scale is nicer to you tomorrow.

onebyone, You are down by .7 pounds! I have celebrated over less. :o I hope you had a nice relaxing day!

Beverlyjoy, Yay for four days! And I totally understand about not wanting to talk about your diet. All of this is so much more complicated because eating and socializing are so closely linked in our culture. (Maybe all cultures?) I hope your dinner went well.

Maryann, That's so great that you could work your chocolates in for your snack and stick to it! You must have a very strong muscle built up! :carrot:

I had another good day today and I figured out that it was my 11th day completely on plan (except for that low b/s, which I am not counting against myself). I would not be surprised if that was the longest stretch I've had with no cheating or off plan eating of any kind. It's certainly the longest stretch on once/day eating I've done, and if you told me six weeks ago I'd be doing this now, I wouldn't have believed it. I'm giving myself lots of CREDIT!

Today I didn't have the munchy problem I had been having. I'm not sure if it's because I've recovered from all of that exercise or because I was busy and out of the house most of the day, but either way, I'll take it. :carrot:

I have been having these odd fantasies about a certain restaurant near where I take my son for karate. They bring out a basket of these... well, I don't want to talk about it. But they are maybe the worst food on the planet for me and of course I love them. I am actually kind of thinking that I may be able to use it to my advantage. The only way to get them is to go in and sit down and order a meal. So, I think I am going to decide here and now that the next time I cheat, planned or not, it's going to be those things. That way I can't cheat too spur of the moment, kwim? The odds of me actually getting children dressed and out the door and sitting down in a restaurant just for a craving are low (though certainly not impossible, I think I may have moved mountains before for chocolate ;)). And if I do manage to do it, well, at least I've had the bad-for-me food of my dreams and I will feel satisfied (that is satisfied in the way that carbs are satisfying, ie, NOT, but ykwim).

08-10-2011, 05:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Well food didn't fix the missing reinforcing boards, but our carpenter did. Yay for addressing a problem as soon as it's discovered when fixing is possible with modest effort.

Got into snacks another day. Ouch. I've got to cut this out. Seems like this chaos calls for food to make it go away - I miss knowing where I can go comfortable sit since we're sorta camping in our own house.

onebyone - Yay for a little spring in your step - your mood doesn't have to follow the weather reports all weekend, LOL.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay that you've got your loss pattern going.

Beverlyjoy – Yay for having a plan for your pizza invitation.

maryann - Big Ta Dah! Kudos for stiffing that See's candy.

pamatga - Smart move being conscious that injury benches you and no exercise happens.

SuperChick - Kudos for the clarity, " No big deal, just move forward."

Alana in Canada - Maybe your DS is a math whiz - good college scholarship potential in that.

rubidoux - Eleven Kudos for 11 days on plan. Wonderful planning for that restaurant's evil basket. LOL at, "I think I may have moved mountains before for chocolate."

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
It would be wonderful if you could take a pledge, starting right now and for the rest of your life, to eat all of your food slowly, while sitting down and enjoying every bite - 100 percent of the time. It's an important goal, one you probably will not reach overnight. It may take you a few days or weeks to master this important skill. Just keep practicing. The more you practice, the easier it will get. And remember, it's worth it to make this pledge! You'll get so many benefits in return.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 63.

08-10-2011, 06:44 AM
Hi Coaches!

Life has been crazy/busy but I've stuck to my sane food plan, except for the other eve when I started some insane after dinner snacking. I stopped *credit* acknowledging that food would never fix that kind of tired...went to bed at 6pm and slept 11 hours.

We are packing the car headed to Santa Fe. I'm hoping for some time to sit down and respond to you all.

:welcome2: TriMommy! Beck Diet Solution is helping me to make some permanent changes. Glad you're here!

08-10-2011, 07:54 AM
Coaches/Buddies, hello! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I had to take a break to focus on my school work, as I just finished my preliminary doctoral exams! I passed, which is terrific. I can now focus on my dissertation work.

I have not been planning my food during the last several weeks, so today I am getting back on track with that. Then I plan to also review some of the Beck material I have gone over before.

Yesterday/Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +0.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: no
Tracked today’s food: no
Left food on my plate: no
Ate only to normal fullness: no
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: yes

Alana in Canada[B], nice to meet you. Great job for the 100% on plan day!

[B]BillBlueEyes, I hope you can carve out a small space for sanity!

Lexxiss, hope you have a great trip to Sante Fe and are on plan every day!

Rubidoux, hi! Nice to meet you. I am ecstatic for you that you that you had so many days in a row on plan! My hero!! Good luck managing that craving. You can beat it!

08-10-2011, 09:19 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Yesterday worked out great. I went for lunch to a vegan restaurant where I could order something on my plan, and had salad for dinner with my own beans & dressing. Scale went down again this morning and I finally feel somewhat less fatigue. I know I need to stay in the moment and not let my mind spin out into planning my whole life ... that just drains my energy.

missyj - Congrats on the loss! :carrot:
maryann - Indeed several big victories for you this weekend - well done!!:cool:
Alana - I totally feel your anxiety about parenting. It's hard to be the grownup when some short person is screaming at you or rolling their eyes. (I don't know ANYONE like that at all, LOL!) But you are conscious and concerned - those are signs of a good parent to me :) Good advice about wheat and fatigue - I've definitely cut back on wheat a lot, and yesterday ate no wheat at all and feel much less tired today. Hmmmmmm ...
onebyone - ((((((HUGS))))))) Welcome back home! Congrats on your successful art collective debut. More (((((Hugs)))))) re your mom - Alzheimers has to be one of the toughest things for a daughter to deal with.
Welcome TriMommy!! You'll love it here!
pamatga - Congrats on Day 1 of your challenge! Sounds like you did great!! :cp:
SuperChick - Yay for seeing out of both eyes!!
Beverlyjoy - WTG on 4 healthy days! That's fantastic.
rubidoux - Congrats on 11 OP days!! Major credit is due. I personally find that the less I indulge my cravings, the weaker they get. Perhaps this is also the case for you!
BillBE - Ouch for reno-induced snacks ... it's indeed difficult when your everyday comforts are gone. Is there something else lovely that you can do for yourself? You deserve it!!
Debbie (Lexxiss) - You are doing so well in your travels. Enjoy your trip to Santa Fe ... definitely a place I'd like to visit someday. (Great opera there too!)

It is great to see so much positive energy in the group! Keep up the great work, everyone! :cheer3::cheer2::cheer3::cheer2:

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes (spontaneous)
Qi Gong: no

08-10-2011, 10:13 AM
Hello everyone! Work has been crazy here in Chicago this week - not much time on the forum. Struggled a bit yesterday when we took a coworker out for a farewell drink. Plates of fries all over the tables. Forgot about my resistance muscle temporarily and dug in. (BillBlueEyes - I really should have taped those ARCs to my forehead!!) But logged it all as part of my weekly WW points and am trying to move forward. Made good choices for my meals, and even altered my planned dinner after the blasted fries so credit that! I am going to try and get a nice long walk in tonight - the weather is beautiful here today and I have to take advantage of the lack of stifling heat.

Not much time to respond to everything - will try to catch up later. But several of your posts have inspired me to stay the course and not be derailed by some fries. :D

onebyone - I need to start exercising more regularly again. I like your 90 times challenge/target idea and am going to strive for something similar. I have never tracked exercise as much as I have tracked food.

Beverlyjoy - I am SO going to try the leave a bite theory! Again, something I very rarely do.

rubidoux - Credit for 11 days! You are going to inspire me!

Happy Day All!

08-10-2011, 10:24 AM
Hi Beck friends! I got through another healthy day... I am very grateful.

I took my Lean Pocket Pizza-style to the neighborhood gathering and a salad. I am grateful for the willingness to bring my own.

I accomplished many of my goals: planned/measured/logged food, lots of water, stretches & strengthening, slowed down eating (most of the time), ate seated (most of the time), left a bite, and showed a willingness to try.

My husband had a bag of sour lemon hard candies. After I ate a couple, I took the rest of the candy, doused it with liquid dish soap, and threw it away. Better in the trash than me.

I've lost five pounds since last Friday. I am very certain that a good part of it is water weight... but, I am happy/grateful to see the scale go down!

I am getting the hang of the spark people food tracker. I find it’s really helpful in keeping track of sodium, too.

Thanks to everyone to all your kind words and support as I try to get back to food sanity and implementing the Beck principles.

Erika - so glad that you could find something on your plan at the restaurant. It’s wonderful to see that scale go down - carry on.

Futurefitchick - glad to see you. You goals are wonderful. It will feel good to get back to your strategy or plan. I know.. Because I am just coming back after being MIA for a while.

Lexxiss/Debbie - so, so glad you are staying on plan despite all the craziness. Safe travel to Santa Fe. Good to see you.

Bbe - chaos with builders - ugh. Hang in there. Good to up your exercise… helps with stress.

Rubidium - Hi. Thanks for your understanding thoughts. So glad you had a good day! It feels so good when you can put together many days of OP eating. Kudo’s.

Alana in Canada - so glad you had a good day!! Patience is a good thing, yes.

Maryann - I am doing a ‘so happy and proud’ dance for you. It’s wonderful to avoid the frozen yogurt and put off eating the candy! You are so right about using the resistance muscle strengthens it. (thanks for the remindr)

Have a wonderful day!!

08-10-2011, 12:04 PM
Hi Coaches

*credit for weighing in this morning. -1.5lbs for a weigh-in of 281.5.
The scale moved downwards. That's a good direction for me.

Spurred on by the scale this morning I am planning a WATP workout session today. I have several videos I've never tried: 3 mi ABS, 4 mi super challenge, 5 mi fat burning walk. So many good choices! I also have the 1 mile walk I did yesterday but I feel like seeing what I can do.
I'll check in with my results later after I do it.
UPDATE: 1 mile fat burning walk done - this one mile workout was faster than what I've seen Leslie do before. Interesting. And I did reach my second goal which is: sweating from the workout:cb:

Foodwise I am cutting back on the carbs, trying to hold the white carbs to one meal only. I would get rid of those carbs altogether but my finances are tight until payday and I need to be realistic as I cannot just go out and buy food willy-nilly until the 15th when I can buy from a grocery list. So I am working with what I've got. I'm going to make this work. I won't be 280+lbs on my birthday 3 months from now. :no:

Workwise I am getting ready now for my final summer shows. I have two back to back one week from Saturday. My last Ottawa trip for a good while I hope! DH may come with me but I think I'll be ok if he doesn't as I found out my Sunday show is a 10am start and not a 9am start, important as I drive from Ottawa to Kingston to do it and that's about a 2hr drive. I can leave at 7 am and not 6am which will be much better for me. This week is prep for the Kingston show. Next week prep for the Saturday Ottawa show. I have a guaranteed payday too so it's much less stressful to work toward this show. I know I'll be rewarded for the work.

Guess that's my update. It's good to be feeling good again. As always, thanks for listening.

08-10-2011, 12:35 PM
Hey Becksters, hope I find everyone well? Today is another manic one :rolleyes: it’s taken me all day to get 5 minutes to write this! I feel like my planning has fell by the wayside with my increased workload and out-of-work activities so tonight I’m going to try to do some sorting and planning so that I can stay on track – I feel like the planning / recording is really helping me stay on plan.

Credits: weigh in – same as yesterday so zero change, checked in, read ARC, planned food (to an extent), went surfing before work (yippee!)

Non-credits: Went to the supermarket at lunch and was offered a chocolate sample – I took it without even thinking! Doh.

A couple of people have started to notice that I’ve lost weight or have made comments that I look ‘better’ (not sure if this means I looked worse before :lol:) which is nice and it got me thinking – the book of my plan (Adore yourself Slim) has a page in where it tells you to record all the compliments you receive with a date and a time so that when you feel a bit low you can refer back to it and see that you are changing and moving forward and to give yourself a bit of a boost. I think it’s quite a good idea and I thought I’d share it with you guys – it doesn’t have to be weight related, it could be something about your personality, or generosity or whatever, but I think it ties in with Beck – you could put them on a response card as a reminder… It may seem a bit narcissistic but I think we all deserve to know how fabulous we all are! :cheer: (sounds a bit Gok Wan, but I’m not sure you guys in the US will know who I mean…)

Erika – thanks! Big up for the weight loss :high: – you’re doing great and you seem so well prepared, taking your own beans & dressing :)

BBE - Ouch for ‘camping in your own house’ fun to begin with but it grows tired quickly. Sending you some calming thoughts :goodvibes

Alana – credit for being patient while teaching maths! That takes super human effort :lol:

Maryann – CREDIT – I love those revolutionary moments when you do something different to how you’ve always reacted before, awesome! :cp:

:wave: hello to everyone else

Have a good rest of the day everyone!

08-10-2011, 12:40 PM
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

BillBlueEyes – I stumbled across this forum when I was googling the Beck Diet. I enjoy being part of online groups, so I decided to jump in.

Pardon my lack of personals, I’m headed out in a minute for a bike ride but I wanted to get in a quick post before I leave.

Some credit for yesterday – I did do a food plan and stuck to it for the most part (had to swap something out when I realized I didn’t have the right fixings). Exercise – did one hour of cardio at the gym. Felt tired and sore because I haven’t exercised for a while, but it felt great at the same time. Spent some time working on my response cards. I don’t get much time to do things like that, since I’m usually holding or nursing a baby, but I’m getting close to having them all done. I also weighed in yesterday and was glad to see a little drop. And I made my food plan for today before I went to bed. So overall, a good day!

Credit for today – Weighed in this morning and saw another drop. Stayed on plan for breakfast, and now I’m headed out for some exercise. So far so good!

Have a great day everyone!

08-10-2011, 01:06 PM
GD :flow1: fellow Becksters!

Beverlyjoy Great Job in pre-planning a difficult eating out situation! Our Friday night Bible study starts in 3 weeks and we kick it off with a huge pot luck meal. I am already thinking about how I am going to deal with. I'm that uptight about it. Major Credits for all the Beck skills you have been working on!!:carrot:

Eusebius - Glad to hear that your headaches are subsiding. Between head and feet; when either hurt, the whole body hurts :?:, IMO!

Futurefitchick - Even when you are away, you are always in our thoughts, friend!! Glad to hear you are chugging along.

Lexxiss- Great Job in using the Beck skills when traveling. Probably the most challenging thing IMO.

BBE - Are you down to "days left" now when all of this renovation work will be past? Hope so! I too would love to see a before/after if you have documented your work. I am sure it is beautiful.

Rubidioux - Great Job in a continuum of good days! Here's for good days!:carrot:

Alana in Canada - BLC is "Biggest Loser Club"-the online diet support website of the t.v. series. I don't know if you have that in Canada or not. Quite frankly, there are a lot of the elements of the t.v series that I do not like but one thing that I can't argue with is the results the people end up. I have agreed to do a "Buddy Challenge" over there. I need the "challenge" right now. Although I eat much healthier than I ever have, quite simply put, I eat too much. Left to my own devices, I eat like a lumberjack. After years of mega-binging(try 6000-8000 calories per day at times--many years ago), I don't know if I will ever shrink my stomach down so it will willingly accept less food but my stubborness will not allow me to quit. I'm not a loser yet but I am also not a quitter. That I do know about me.

Maryann - You can do this, friend!! In fact, you're showing us right now that you are doing it! Major Credits go your way.:carrot:


**Got through Day 2 of my BLC "Buddy Challenge". How? I kept busy and (don't fall down now) I ate every 3 hours! Yes, me!! I was hungry right up to when I went to bed. Again, since I probably super-sized my stomach in years past, I may always have to live with feeling hungry and not being able to eat to fill that empty pit. Add to that my ulcer and my stomach can give me trouble I don't want.

"Hunger is not an emergency" so I just kept drinking liquids and keeping busy. Had spicy (unknowingly) food for dinner and my ulcer was killing me and I was out of even Tums. Ouch! Lifted a heavy plastic bin of winter sweaters over my head on a top shelf in my closet and strained that muscle in my upper back. Shooting pain and numbness in my right arm followed. Got on it right away with meds and Icy Hot and good corrective sleep. It is good enough today that I am proceeding with my strength working out after I post here.
**Stats for Day 2:
*2248 calories (148 cal over BLC recommended) 4223 mg sod. 1223 mg over BLC recommended--it was the take out my DH brought me for dinner)
*Logged every bite on my BLC food log (I do everyday faithfully-my best habit thus far--I find their food log easier than Spark People too Bev)
*4 serv Veg-(3 serv) steamed broccoli, carrots, celery
3 serv Fruit-whole apple, NS cranberry juice, prune
*walked 1.75 miles (I don't know if I can keep this up but I'll do my best!--I use a pedometer for accuracy)
*slept 9 hours (me?? hard to believe-got up only once to pee--that's because that was all I was doing yesterday-it was starting to get annoying)
*90 oz non-calorie beverages(64 oz H20)

Hope everyone has a great day!


Alana in Canada
08-10-2011, 03:57 PM
Last night I got all upset when we thought we had lost most of my son's pictures from Newfoundland. Fortunately, I found them this morning in a different computer file. His Dad and I will be pleased to look at them tonight on the computer and have him tell us all about it all. Unfortunately, I fixed my self a snack of chocolate chips + peanuts--about a 1/2 cup. My "plan" allows up to 70 calories of "sweets" a day--and I'm sure I could figure out the protein exchange in the peanuts--in other words, I could find a way to include it on the plan and give it to myself as a sweet little treat now and again--mixing the chocolate with the nuts give me a sweet/salty hit which is nice--and the peanuts are filling. To make up for it, I didn't have my planned snack (rye toast with 1oz of cheese, onion, tomato and basil placed under the broiler until melted. oooh--I think I'll eat that for breakfast.)

Slept an absurdly long time--around 11 hours? We were up late, though. The husband and kids were kick boxing with the X-box K'nect at 11 pm last night in spite of my admonishments. Didn't get up until noon when my daughter woke me up. Yikes. Late start today. My body must like it, though--the scale showed a two pound drop from yesterday. I made an effort to drink my water yesterday--I think that contributed.

BBBE--One of the reasons we have refrained from doing any renovations is that I know I would not be able to handle the chaos in the house. Kudos to you for all your hard work! If you are going to snack--can they be a part of your planned eating for the day? I always write down two snacks as part of my planned eating.

Pamatga--Thanks so much for the explanation. I'm glad that pulled muscle got taken care of immediately. My back is a very fragile beast at times, too. You remind me that taking action right away means I don't need to live in fear of hurting myself...(hope that made sense).

Onebyone--it it only two hours from Ottawa to Kingston? Really? I've always thought it was further than that. I have a cousin in Kingston. I want to say, that while there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself physically and "seeing what your body can do" as you put it, there's also nothing wrong with putting in the one mile WATP dvd again today. Kindness may be what you need more than a challenging workout. But that's just my opinion from a long, long way away. You know what's best.

I will do my best to get to the rest of the personals when we take a break later today. Right now, though, I need to get this day started, already.

08-10-2011, 06:30 PM
It's a busy morning here!

BBE, I'm picturing you in your once comfortable house that is now in chaos and you don't know which way to turn for a breather, so you grab a snack. And I was thinking maybe a snacking "to do" list might help you. You could have busy "getting things done" items on there and/or relaxing items. So when you want to snack, maybe you could say, "maybe, but first I'm going to sort the laundry", or "read five pages of a novel," or something to remove you from the situation you were in and change your focus. And then decide whether or not you are *hungry* or otherwise need that snack.

Lexxiss, Ooooh, Santa Fe sounds so nice! Dh and I spent our honeymoon there, going to another friend's wedding. I hope you have a relaxing time.

FutureFitChick, What is you doctorate in? It must be so nice to moving onto the next phase of it. Congrats!

Eusebius, I'm happy you have a restaurant where you can get a good vegan meal. I wish there were somewhere where I could walk in and get a big plate of bacon. :devil: But there are plenty of places where I can get a good slab of meat. Here and other places I've lived, vegan is hard to come by unless you want some iceberg and cherry tomatoes.

missyj, Plates of fries would be screaming to me, too. That's great that you got right back on! I think that's a very valuable skill.

Beverlyjoy, Sounds like you had a great day and had lots of accomplishments. I have used that same strategy of ruining tempting food to make sure I don't eat it. Sometimes I have just not even trusted myself to leave it in the garbage. It's got to be down the disposal or drenched in water or something. I'm happy you did what you had to do!

onebyone, Yay for the low weight! I hear you on the grocery shopping. I've actually got things down to where I can eat for $4 a day. lol I still gotta feed the family, though. I'm happy you're feeling better!

SuperChick, That's a great idea about keeping track of the compliments. I have only had a couple so far, but I do remember them and they make me feel better when I think of them.

Trimommy, It sounds like you're doing great! And it's great that you're able to have a little time to yourself to exercise.

It's only 2 pm here in cali, but today is shaping up to be my normal eating routine. In a few minutes, I'll go get my 8yo from camp and from then until dinnertime I'll be running around busy with no time to get myself in trouble. I'm proud of myself because I've managed to schedule the whole week with fun stuff for my kittle guy in the mornings, and that keeps me busy and not thinking about eating in the am. So, I'm giving myself some credit both for arranging my life in a way that facilitates my eating plan AND showing my sweetie a good time. :D

I've read through my ARC once today and will do so again before dinner. Haven't had much of a chance to use my BDS skills today, except that a few minutes ago I thought "yikes, I'm hungry," and I immediately responded, "hunger is not a problem, it'll pass." And I think it already has.

I just heard the mail carrier and I'm really hoping that my book is finally here! But I'm stuck on the couch with a nursing baby, so I can't check...

08-10-2011, 11:40 PM
Good Evening:
Read just today's post and I am so proud of everyone keeping on keeping on. After doing so well with the See's Candy I struggled the next day. They were planned but the cookies afterwords were not. I have proved to myself time and time again that there are a few foods that are trigger. Maybe this is the last time I have to learn this listen. I was back OP within the hour and Op today. So I feel "lesson Learned." Food OP planned and packed for tomorrow. First day back to work and I remember the good feeling I get for being of service and how grateful I am that my job is of great service. Nevertheless EXHAUSTED.
Love to all.

08-11-2011, 02:13 AM
Just checking in before I head to bed. Had a good day. Stayed on plan, got some exercise in (10.5 mile bike ride), and finally finished all my Response Cards and Advantages Deck. I feel like I'm ready to start Stage 1 "for real" now. (FYI - I'm following the program from The Complete Beck Diet for Life rather than the first book.)

One thing that I noticed today was how many times I would automatically move to eat something unplanned (while standing up). At least 4 or 5 times I would go to pick something up and eat it without even thinking about it, then stop myself when I realized it wasn't planned and I wasn't sitting down, so I didn't eat it. The things I wanted to eat weren't anything big, just stuff like a bite of leftovers while cleaning up, a handful of popcorn from my husband's bowl, etc. If I had eaten all those things, it would have easily added 100 calories to my day, without me even giving it a second thought. That can really add up, and avoiding those calories can really add up in a good way! Anyway, credit to me for stopping myself before I gave in to that unconscious eating.

maryann - Good for you for getting back OP so quickly and chalking it up to a lesson learned. Are you a teacher? My husband is a teacher and he goes back to work on Monday.

rubidoux - I'm glad to see another nursing mom on the board! Some days it seems like all I do is nurse. Good thing I have a computer to occupy me while I do it!

Alana - 11 hours of sleep? That makes me want to cry with jealousy. Heck, at this point I'd settle for 5 consecutive hours of sleep!

Catch you all tomorrow.

08-11-2011, 06:28 AM
Morning coaches, the sun has finally come out in Scotland, yea!

Weigh in: -0.2lb
Credits: checked in, weighed in, planned todays food, done my planned exercise

I felt quite angry / annoyed last night… I don’t know if it was the incessant rain, the bad traffic, the fact I couldn’t get my wheel back on my bike, and that I made food whilst my boyfriend sat on the sofa watching the cricket… basically nothing that should have really caused me to be too moody but for some reason it all added up on me… and I ended up nibbling and picking here and there to feed my emotions. I know this is not the way to deal with it, I really need to grow up and start living with my emotions and not eat through them – it doesn’t solve anything.

Anyway, in a much better mood this morning, and am going to try the count to 10 technique next time I feel myself getting annoyed and reaching for the chocolate – take a deep breath, count to 10… by that point my brain usually has caught up with my hand and I can reason with myself. I think it’s about breaking that automatic response…

Pam – ouch for the spicy food and well done on the good planning for your exercise and food plan. And I’m jealous of your 9 hours sleep!

Alana – phew on finding the photos, it’s such a horrible feeling to think you’ve lost something like that. Even more jealous of your 11 hours sleep!

Rubidoux – credit on finding a routine that is working for you at the moment and one that is helping you stay on plan!

Maryann – keep on truckin’ - you are a constant inspiration and I love your little quotes and phrases :)

Trimommy – it’s an interesting lesson to learn… I still struggle with the odd mouthful of things here and there, usually just berries or veggies while cooking but it’s still a bad habit to have…

08-11-2011, 07:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Today's challenge appeared when the new baseboard molding was about to cover the bottom of an electrical receptacle under the living room bay window. Ouch. So after the carpenter left I moved it up an inch. CREDIT moi for persisting in a difficult job and cleaning up so that the carpenter can continue this morning.

I threw out the remainder of a bag of cookies because they were stale - CREDIT moi since I've never thrown away a cookie in my life. Unfortunately, the reason I knew they were stale was an unscheduled snack. So, I've packed up all cookie like things and put them in a sealed box in the basement.

onebyone - Kudos for "sweating from the workout."

FutureFitChick - Big Congrats for passing your preliminary doctoral exams. Kudos for getting back into planning.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay that vegan restaurants exist.

Beverlyjoy – Neat that you're not embarrassed to bring your own Lean Pocket Pizza-style.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Waving toward Santa Fe. We've got to form a no-more-unscheduled-snacking club.

maryann - D*rn cookies!!! This is apparently cookie week on the Beck Forum. Kudos for getting back on track.

pamatga - Kudos for that long walk - again.

SuperChick - Samples at the supermarket are evil.

Alana in Canada - Eleven hours of sleep is beyond my comprehension - Kudos for taking care of yourself.

missyj - Yay for making sane choices without being distracted by the evil fries.

rubidoux - LOL that motherhood means, "running around busy with no time to get myself in trouble." [Thanks for the notion to have a todo list of responses to the desire to snack.]

TriMommy - Kudos for planning your day and sticking to it - that's the big change to make to stay the course.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here's what to do:
1. If you are not already proficient at this skill, you will need reminders. Put a note that says, "Sit, slow down, enjoy" on the fridge, your kitchen table, and/or your cabinet. Change something in your eating environment: Use different dishes, flatware, napkins, or place mats. If you usually eat in the kitchen, move to the dining room. Every time you notice that something is different, remind yourself: I'm supposed to eat slowly and enjoy every bite. Even if you catch yourself in the middle of a meal or snack, it's never too late to use these essential eating habits.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 63.

08-11-2011, 09:31 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Thoroughly annoyed this morning that the scale went up 1.6 despite a good eating day. I did have a glass of wine but that's it. All I can think of is that I ate dinner later than normal and stuff is still going through my body. Still, after 11 straight days of losses, that is a bit demoralizing. OH WELL.

missyj - Good job logging the fries (also a weak point for me) and altering your meal afterwards. Honesty pays off!
Beverlyjoy - You are doing great! Nice work taking your own food to the gathering.
onebyone - Yay for the scale going down and for WATP!
SuperChick - Big kudos for staying on track despite manic days!
TriMommy - Kudos for a good day all round!
pamatga - WTG on Day 2 of your challenge! Sorry about the pain in your back & arm - hope it gets better today.
Alana - 11 hours of sleep sounds lovely! Water does help. Maybe I should be upping that ...
rubidoux - I have an 8yo too, wish we could arrange a playdate :)
maryann - Ouch for the cookies but well done getting immediately back OP.
BillBE - Throwing out cookies! Wow! Credit for meeting your baseboard challenge without food.

OK - staying the course today and we'll see if that 1.6 goes away! Happy Thursday!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes
Qi Gong: no

08-11-2011, 10:09 AM
Hello all! Another quick post from Chicago...... I have not had time for proper greetings for everyone, but rest assured I am reading and using you and all your great efforts as inspiration while here. And I need some inspiration, as I think my coworkers have conspired to make me insane..... Last night was another bar night - and this time I arrived to plates of slider sized cheeseburgers! No lie - stacked 6 high!! I ate one and then ordered a salad. Credit me as there were about 5 of them sitting on a plate in front of me for 30 minutes before I ordered the salad. And they were good! :D

But the rest of the day was OP and I even crammed in a 30 minute walk after the bar. Weather here is lovely - upper 70s with a nice breeze off Lake Michigan. Hard not to want to be outside.

Hope everyone has a great day!

08-11-2011, 10:12 AM
Good morning everyone.

I'm new to the board and starting day 7 of BDS. I'm a long time WW'er and ready for a change. I'm counting calories now and finding more success with that. I've been reading my ARC twice a day and keep forgetting to carry it with me but have been able to remember at least a couple of the list when I'm in the grocery store and considering the potato chip aisle. My DH loves chips and he doesn't need them anymore than I do so I really try to avoid bringing them home regularly.

I'm on a stay at home vacation this week and am going to a movie with a girlfriend. I plan to include a small movie popcorn in my eating for the day so now just need to track down the calories for that.

Have a good day!

08-11-2011, 11:39 AM
Hi Coaches

Big :woohoo: surprise this morning. I weighed in *credit* and saw a drop of 2.0lbs = 279.5lbs. 280's are gone today... Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day when my ticker moves, or not, and I would like to move it down. So... you can bet I am WATP's today folks:running: --- *credit* I just took a break from this note and did a 1 mile fat burning WATP. I want to do another 1 mile bout later this afternoon and maybe a third this evening. I want that 279 on my ticker tomorrow. :cheer3:

Today is a work day. I am about to start a few paintings for the women's festival. I need to take some time and look at some images. I have 4 mid-size canvases I'd like to paint with images of ladies having coffee or tea or something like that. Images of friends I think. We'll see where that goes.

TazzyHello and :welcome2: to the board! I'm with you on the chips--who needs em?? Good job leaving them at the store.

missyj Hello! KUDOS for leaving the sliders on the plate. I can imagine that was tough as it would have been really easy to say "but they're so cute! So small!" Excellent strategy to order a salad for yourself to prevent the "poor me's" from edging in. I am envious you are in Chicago. I've never been there and would really like to go.

eusebius CREDIT for weighing in and poo-pooing the weight gain. It is a blip as you are OP (credit!) and that's all that matters in the long run. It's just information...

BillBlueEyes CREDIT for throwing away stale cookies. Staleness was never a consideration as to whether I would eat or not eat a cookie so maybe you deserve DOUBLE SANDWICH COOKIE CREDITS here. I am curious... what will be the major change in your house after your renovations? More space? Man cave? New layout? Will it be done by the fall?

SuperChick Sorry your emotions fueled your eating yesterday. Been there. Done that. The only strategy that has ever really worked for me is to move myself physically away from that thing I want to eat. I need to go outside, go to another room, etc. A true distraction will work at times. Other times, I have to just white knuckle thorugh it though writing about exactly what I am feeling in the moment and simply saying NO to the craving will sometimes bring insight--but even still not remove the compulsion. It's hard and that's ok... Enjoy the Scottish sun!!

TriMommy CREDIT for recognizing your unconscious eating. That's always a shock to us all I think. And you are right, just cause it's a nibble here and nibble there it really adds up day in and day out. Good job.

maryann My motto is "persist in victory" precisely because on the heels of a triumph I often fall down. Why this is I don't really know but it is a real pattern with me... so I try to hang onto my victories now, when I am willing to be OP that is. CREDIT for moving ahead and remaining OP after the offplan eating though. This is how we succeed in the longterm!

rubidoux KUDOS for making a plan that takes your real life into consideration. Awesome that you have scheduled fun time for you and your boy and amde that a strategy to stay out of the food and OP. That can only be a good combo!

Alana in Canada Sleep and water. So basic eh? Our bodies do so much repair work while we sleep it is no wonder your body let go a few pounds after a good rest. Thanks for the thoughts on overdoing it re: WATP. I decided to rethink my gung-ho approach upon reading that the other day and instead upped the intensity but kept the length of the workout the same. Work harder and smarter right? I am just so darn ANXIOUS to see some "real" weight drop off... but whatever I want, my body does what it wants in the end... I can only do the footwork and that is only one step at a time.

pamatga BIG CREDITS for all you are doing. I think you are firing on all cylinders! I am thrilled to read your sleep is so good. It wasn't that long ago that it wasn't. AWESOME. I am the same as you in that I too believe I will always be hungry when I eat a normal portion size. I struggle with this when, really, I need just accept it. Thank you for your great example.:hug:

Beverlyjoy I haven't said :welcome: back yet! So great to see you here and I was so thrilled to read and be reminded of this:My husband had a bag of sour lemon hard candies. After I ate a couple, I took the rest of the candy, doused it with liquid dish soap, and threw it away. Better in the trash than me. Oh the dish :bubbles:soap strategy. It really is a great way to put an end to a food craving.

Must be off... have a good Thursday gang :)

08-11-2011, 12:39 PM
Hi Coaches!

We arrived in Santa Fe and nothing foodwise really went as I might have planned, in the best case scenario. I did my best and basically didn't eat much while everyone snacked through the evening. It was obvious dinner wasn't going to happen. After everyone went to bed DH and I went out to the store. I had sushi and 2 yogurts for dinner...then had some sun chips.

Re: the Sane Food Diet....yesterday was sane except for the chips at the end..while in a controlled portion they just weren't necessary and I knew that.

Today is starting good...we brought the vita mix and have enjoyed green smoothies already. Good nutrition sure helps.

08-11-2011, 01:59 PM
Hi folks - I stayed with my plan yesterday... I am grateful.

My friend, Sally, asked me if I wanted to go to dinner at Bravo (at 8:30 pm) and see "The Help", movie after. at 11pm. It was with her book club and their friends. Nineteen women went to see the movie. It was great fun. The movie is a must see. Food wise, I did just fine.. and I am grateful. At 6pm I had a big lettuce salad with some 2% cheese, crutons made from light ww bread and some vinegar and oil. At dinner - 9pm by the time we ate, I had a small chopped salad with grilled salmon. The whole day was still around 1300 calories. Wow... it's amazing what a person can do around food when they decide they just will make the right choices. Most of my life, I make unhealthful choices around food. Somehow - yesterday worked out fine and I am feeling good about it.

Also - I planned and tracked my food, drank lots of water, wrote down my food, left a bite, ate much slower, didn't eat one bite while standing, weighed myself, and did a few stretches.

I am planning for a healthy day.

Onebyone - awesome fat burning session!! I hear you on the carbs… they can be tough to give up. You are doing well to figure your ‘life with carbs’ in advance. LOL

super chick - surfing! …what great exercise. It’s nice when folks start to notice. I love the idea of keeping track of some complements for a time when you’re having a tough day. Thanks for sharing that.

Trimommy - don’t worry about personals… sometimes folks do them… other times they don’t have time. Wonderful to be working on your RC and planning food for the next day. Good for you for noticing how often you automatically go to food all day. It’s amazing for me too.

Pamatga - Pam, I hear ya on struggling what to do when going to a function where the food is provided. Do you need to bring a dish to pass. You could ask ahead and see what’s being served. Tell them the doctor wants you to watch your salt or sugar. Sometimes a little white lie helps us in the food department. Way to go on your BL Buddy Challenge.

Alana - I am so glad you found the pictures! Sleep is good. I am glad you can try to fit a way to get the sweet fix everyday. Planning for it is good.

Rubedoux - yes, I have to admit that I have taken food from the garbage too.. I agree, it must be gone or uneatable. Good job on your planning. It helps everyone get their needs filled.

Maryann - for me too.. Sometimes staying away from a treat can have a ’rebound’ effect later. Bravo for getting back on plan!! And planning for a good one today.

super chick - major credit for doing the deep breathing and counting to forstall some unplanned eating.

Billbe - YAY… for throwing away stale cookies and getting the others packed and out of sight!!!

Erika - I understand your disappointment in not seeing the scale move down. I think it’s hard to learn that that number can fluctuate not always in regards to food. Carry on.

Gosh… I have four more personals to do and I need to leave…. Shout out to missyj
, lexxiss, tazzy, and another post from onebyone.

Have a great day, folks.

08-11-2011, 02:08 PM
GD :flow1: fellow Becksters!

Tazzy :welcome2: to our "Beck cave" where all the creature comforts abound. Great Job on the chips. I do believe that WW really has a lot of wisdom that a lot of people haven't given them credit. I did 3-4 stints with WW over the past 30 years and they were the original with their "Core" program and planned snacks. Although "counting calories" sounds so "yesterday", I still feel like "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule of thumb. If it works then do it. It does and I do!

missyj I know this restaurant and those sliders.....:devil: Fantastic Job in looking the other way. Maybe, next time you could bring dish soap and give it a squirt. Wouldn't the waiter :o be surprised by that????

eusebius RE: weight gain. I think Dr. Beck really enlightened me how to view numbers on the scale. If the weight gain is less than 2 weeks then it can be attributed to hormones, sodium, eating more/exercising less (easy to fix). If it is more than 2 weeks, then use that information to tweak your "plan".

BillBlueEyes Can you feel the love and concern we all for you :grouphug: and your reno-snacking?? Besides all the wonderful previous "ideas", what I do is "divide and conquer" the irrestible by putting some in the freezer. I have a new refridgerator and I would break a crown if I ate something directly out of my freezer and then I would really be blue (at $1500 a pop!).

SuperChick Great previous suggestions. Again, "out of sight out of mind" always works for me. I got into trouble this past weekend when trying to be nice to my sweetie I made homemade, from scratch cinnamon rolls with icing. I did use whole wheat organic pastry flour but guess who ate the majority of them? Well, it wasn't my DH!! "Next time" (the house smelled awesome and it was raining outside too-perfect afternoon for baking) I plan on doing exactly what I just told Bill to do: I will cut them up individually (before the second rising) and then pop all but a couple in the freezer which I can then take out individually "as needed". So, why didn't I do that before?? I just wasn't thinking......:(

TriMommy Seems unplanned eating is the topic of the day today. Well, as it has been said, "the best laid plans of mice and men...." I thought of another quote, "If you don't know where you are going, then more than likely you will end up someplace else." PLANNING is the new buzz word...;) Great Job on your efforts.

maryann Great Job on your continued staying the course and that is really what is the definition of success here. Another quote just popped in my head: "Fail to Plan and you Plan to Fail". Seems a little harsh, but again, seems the Universe is trying to tell us all something.

rubidoux Great Job in Planning (once again).

Alana in Canada Sleep and water. How absolutely essential to us as humans and yet two things we consistently neglect. Here are some stats I came across: we can go without food for up to 60 days but we can only survive without water a few days!! Funny but most of us (well alright me then) have that the other way around!! As for sleep, if you go more than 24 hours (and my record was 36 about 3 months ago and I had a technician in the house doing some rewiring and he was asking me to make intelligent decisions) your mind starts to slow down, your ability to make cognitive decisions erodes and you can even start to hallucinate (hopefully not when you are driving).

onebyone Major Credit goes out to you to fit your new WATP dvd into your already hectic and busy schedule!! Yes, it appears that I am on a roll. TY!! I have had nearly 2 1/2 weeks of 8-9 hours of sleep each night. With this renewed physical activity the past couple of days, I will admit that by the end of the night (well 2 a.m. actually) I am tired enough to call it a day. I am riding a wave here, Superchick. I hope you can find something that will do it for you as well.

Beverlyjoy Don't give up! We have your back, lady!! :grouphug:. Actually, there is one woman, a very severe diabetic who sits and watches the rest of us eat year round. She has amazing strength. I have never seen her waver in 2 years since DH and I joined this group. Never! I am bringing my bean muffins and picking up a tray of cut up veggies from that same grocery store I go to. I saw it displayed yesterday in the produce section and I decided that way I can eat from my own stuff and leave the rest alone.


Stats for Day 3(yesterday):
*Down 3.2 lbs. but, in all fairness, I overate this past weekend and that is probably mostly sodium "bloat" but still glad to see it gone.
*calories came in at 2113 (13 more than my recommended high) and sodium was 2919 mg (first time in 3 days under my recommended 3000)
*walked 1.75 miles
*did some interval walking on the treadmill-started out 1.3 mph, then went up to 1.5 mph, up and down, for 10 minutes.
*did all my strength exercises that I have previously listed in spite of injuring my upper back. Just went very sloooow and was careful. Backed that up with EX-Tylenol to keep inflammation down.
*3 serv veg-2 c. cooked broccoli, 1 c mixed chopped spinach and fire roasted tomatoes mixed in with my morning omelet
*3 serv fruit-2 c of cantalope, fresh from my home organic garden (wonderful!!) and a whole apple
*80 oz non caloric beverages
*read my Beck Diet Solution response cards

Tip I used from BDS: after each meal (esp when eating out since I went out last night to eat) ask yourself:"Could I easily go for a moderate to brisk walk right now? If the answer is Yes, then I/you am experiencing NORMAL FULLNESS.

P.S. In order for me to get my NS Klondike ice cream bars I had to walk past glazed donuts, creme cakes and some other wonderful looking bakery goods. I think I may talk to the grocery store manager (seriously) and ask if he would consider putting the NS confections in the end of the refrigerated aisle so we go in and get out without being so tempted. I managed to turn a blind eye to them but gosh I was salivating by the time I got to the register to check out.:( However, went home, had one NS ice cream bar, watched AGT and then did my late night "homework" before calling it a day.

Hope all of yours is wonderful as well.


08-11-2011, 02:16 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I’ve got some angst today. I’m not sure why, but I could attribute it to a vast number of things. I’m not sure if I feel lazy because I’m down or I feel down because I’m lazy. Argh! It is the battle of my wills and unrealistic expectations that I can achieve the level of health I want with minimal time investment. WRONG! I want to whine that I can’t do it because I’m defective, but that is ridiculous. Days like this I always find myself massively reorganizing and recommitting to achieving the same miraculous changes without actually doing the work. WRONG AGAIN! Thanks for listening to my frustrated rant.

Sending safe thoughts to those in the UK. I hope those involved in the riot mess will put their heads back on soon.

P.S. Thanks for the comfort from all of your posts. You have helped me a great deal today. Have GardenerJoy or Shepherdess been on lately?

Yesterday/Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +0.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no, only once
Read Response Cards at least two times: no, only once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: at breakfast
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: not at breakfast
Ate only to normal fullness: no
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: no

Alana in Canada[B], hope you are feeling better after the good sleep. Good luck with your meal planning for the day.

[B]BeverlyJoy, great to see you too and awesome job being on plan! I am so glad for you that you did so well on your Girls’ night.

BillBlueEyes, great job tossing your cookies!

Eusebius, I hear you on losing your head planning your life when you should be focusing on the day before you! Thanks for the reminder. Good job getting in the walk yesterday. Don’t stay discouraged by the scale! Tomorrow will be better for you.

Lexxiss, great job planning for your travel alternatives. I go to my mom’s house for the weekend, which always turns in to a food mess for me. So, you’ve reminded and inspired me that I need to think about this tonight and make some preparations before we leave tomorrow. Thank you.

MissyJ, nice job getting back on track after the fried diversion! Nice to meet you!

Onebyone, I hope you have a great show this weekend. Congratulations on the exciting loss.

PamatGA, thanks for the warm thoughts. You’re stomach will shrink! :) It looks like you’ve had a couple of terrific days in a row.

Rubidoux, great job telling hunger it was no big deal!! Did your book come? I’m pretty psyched to move forward in my program.

SuperChick, nice to meet you! How fun to surf before work! I need to check out the adore yourself slim site. I love Gok! Also, I’m glad you got to see the sun.

Tazzy, welcome to the group. This is a fantastic bunch of people. Great job with your ARCs.

TriMommy, welcome and great job yesterday!

Alana in Canada
08-11-2011, 03:29 PM
We ordered pizza as an impromptu birthday supper for my daughter and her friend--I wound up eating 3 pieces. Poor planning on my part--I had fresh salmon in the fridge--but I decided to join them in watching their move--so I didn't take any time to cook.

I do not want to get hung up on perfectionism, but I'm really getting concerned. I seem to have NO "resistance" muscle at all. Can you help?

Futurefit--Doing all those Beck activities is very time consuming. You are doing great! What kind of toime, exactly do you need? Can you time yourself? I have to do dishes by hand at my house--and I have very little counter space--which means that I usually either prep my food in a very small space surrounded by dirty dishes--or I wash them first. Once, when I was taking a time management course, we were advised to time all of our activities for a week. I was shocked to learn that I could wash the dishes and start a load of laundry in 15 minutes. (Laundry involves running to the basement, too).

From that point on, though I still don't like doing them, it's not the BIG BAD UGLY job it used to be. In fact, yesterday, I felt great while I was doing them.

Maybe you can time your most "dreaded" activities--and maybe you'll be nicely surprised. At the very least, you will have a good handle on how much time you need to schedule to get the job done.

Pamatga--you sound so great! Way to go, girl! About that brisk walk after eating--seriously? Oh my. Something to think about.

Beverlyjoy--kudos for a great day!

Lexxiss--I was just reading the Beck chapter last night where she recommends asking hotel management to clear out the min-fridge for you and going shopping and filling it up with good food for yourself. Our family is so frugal, we have done this the few times we've actually stayed in a motel with a fridge. We used to attend a homeschool conference for two days and nights a year--and only one of our meals was taken "out." The rest all came from the min-fridge. (Pre-bagged salads, a Roast chicken and a loaf of bread, fruit and yogurt go a long way!)

Onebyone--hooray for the weight loss! :carrot: I'm so glad you decided to up your intensity but keep the workout do-able.

Welcome Tazzy. Congrats for starting with Beck.

Missyj--Chicago! What a beautiful city! How I envy you. I spent a weekend there many, many years ago. I loved visiting the Art Institute. Will you have time to visit? Congrats on resisting those sliders. Do you know I've never had one? I'm not sure I've even seen them in real life, lol! (We don't go out much.)

eusebius--what Pam said! Don't be discouraged.

BBE--I commend you for putting the cookie-like things in a box and sealing it up. That's taking care of yourself! Do tell us more about these renovations, if you have time. Sounds like you are near completion, are you? Won't that be a happy day.

Superchick--I've been doing a fair bit of reading on the whole emotional eating thing. Turns out our lizard brain is asserting itself when this happens--and it does things, apparently 10x faster than our cognitive, rational brain. Yes, part of the solution definitely seems to be retraining our habits--absolutely. You are on the right track. I'm right there with you, too, "slaving away" in the kitchen while everyone else does something "moire fun." Oh well. ;)

Trimommy--congrats on catching yourself eating standing up. It is a bit of an eye opener, isn't it? When I first read about it, I figured I had that one down. I never ate standing up. But, then I find myself standing at the counter, chopping something and putting a piece in my mouth. No way. I must have just started after reading about it in Beck. That's what I figured happened. ;)

Maryanne--hope your day is less exhausting, today. Take care of yourself.

Rubidoux--Major kudos to you for for arranging my life in a way that facilitates my eating plan AND showing my sweetie a good time.

PS: Not as much sleep last night--and I have a huge head-ache! It is hot and humid here--much more than I'm used to. The whole summer has been this way. Blech. I miss my dry prairie summers.

08-11-2011, 08:18 PM
I'm writing, 50k words last month and on track for 50k more this month. Apparently I can't add a big thing to my day, taking 2 or more hours, and not have some other things slide. Who would have thought? But I don't want to give up anything! And I'm still refusing to decide. However, it can't be any of these things --> posting here, weighing in, planning meals, exercising. Okay. Onward and upwards.

Welcome TriMommy and Tazzy! Welcome back BeverlyJoy and FutureFitChick! Greetings, all!

08-12-2011, 12:39 AM
Hi Coaches,

Alana, I had to reply because you asked about something that I have struggled with - control and pizza :) I wondered for years how to stop myself from eating too much of it (and other foods truth be told).

My current solution is this: I say to myself that I am "on plan" everyday. So even if I eat additional food, I still track it to the best of my ability. Then, at the end of the day when I review things, I see the situation in the cold light of day. I have to work to stay calm about what happened, forgive myself, and think about how I'd do better next time.

Doing those steps has helped me a) avoid sneaky eating that leads to more sneaky eating, b) learn to be kinder to myself c) stay accountable to my overall goals.

Remember, this journey just requires persistence, not perfection ! Credit to you for going public with one mistake and trying to learn how to do better in the future. That's an important step right there.


08-12-2011, 03:54 AM
Yay! I got my book! :carrot: Haven't had nearly as much time to read as I'd like, but still!

Now, I need a favor from you guys who have read it. Tomorrow I'm going off plan for a dinner party. :devil: My current plan is this: I will eat during a two hour window instead of my usual sit down and eat one meal thing, and during that time I will allow myself anything that is the equivalent of my usual plan (ie, any meat, basically), any green-type salads, and pick two off-plan items as my treats (so maybe a carby side and a desert, for example). I'm not going to worry *much* about portions, though I don't want to go totally overboard. So, the favor -- I'm wondering if there're any parts of the book I should be reading before the party. It looks like "stay in control when eating out" might be helpful. But I'm also wondering what she's got to say about planned cheating and whether there might be anything else helpful.

I am a little bummed that this party is tomorrow. I've been looking forward to it for a while and kept asking hubby when it was gonna be, he didn't know, then yesterday he says "oh, it's friday." Gah! So, no time to really prepare mentally and get used to the idea. I'm bummed that my streak will end, since it was probably the longest good streak of my life. Sigh... But I suppose it will be a learning experience to factor some real life into my eating plan.

Today was good. All OP. Credit! I did my walk during ds's karate even though I was feeling lazy and wanted to sit in the car and read my book. Little guy insisted, so I have him to thank for that. Credit, anyway! And credit for some spontaneous walking we did this morning with our playgroup around a pond.

maryann, It's great you got right back on. I think that's a great skill! I tried to add dark chocolate to my plan and had a similar result. Stinks though. It would be so nice to have some freakin' chocolate once in a while. :dizzy: What is your job?

TriMommy, Noticing that unplanned eating is a good first step. I was doing that, too, at first, but now it has become a habit not to. I don't even lick a finger while cooking for the kids. I bet you feel pretty stuck sometimes nursing your LO. Since mine's 2 1/2 I can tell him "later" if I need (want) to. I will miss it when we're done, though.

SuperChick, Yay for the sun! I wonder if that will help with the emotions. I know a good sunny day does wonders for me. And I also know those days when it feels like everything is getting under your skin, even stuff that shouldn't. For me it feels chemical when that happens and I wonder if eating is really a form of self-medicating. I hope your strategy helps if you find yourself there again.

BBE, Good riddance to those cookies! You definitely deserve tons of credit for that!

eusebius, I would love to do a playdate! I have been finding the whole playdate dynamic to be so hard lately, for both of my kids. Mostly the parents are crazy. :dizzy: You'd be such a breath of fresh air, plus, we'd have something to talk about. :) After 11 days of losses, I think it makes sense (although still no fun) that the scale is bouncing up a little. I have had two or three times where I've lost for quite a number of days and at the end that has always happened. It did come back down for me, though. I doubt it's anything you did, just your body getting it's equilibrium or something.

missyj, The salad was a great response! Way to go! :carrot:

Tazzy, Welcome! :wave: And good job with the chips! Keeping them out of the house is a good way to go. I hope you had a good time with your friend!

onebyone, Woo! hoo! I get so excited by those ten pound increments, too. Each one of them is such a huge accomplishment.

Lexxiss, That sounds like a good compromise for dinner -- though I wish there had been something really lovely and on plan for you.

Beverlyjoy, Sounds like you had a great day! :carrot:

Pam, Three pounds is three pounds! Nice! And wtg with the NS klondikes!

FutureFitChick, It is so unfair at how hard and what a slow process weight loss is. There should be an amnesty day or something where if you promise to eat well from now on, you get to be thin and healthy. If only I were in charge of these things...

Alana, I think my eating plan is 95% of my resistance muscle. I have removed food from my moment to moment life altogether because if I have to think about food all day because there is always a scheduled feeding around the corner, I WILL think about food all day, and I find that is just too hard for me. I make my meal almost the exact same thing every night so that I don't have to think about it. It's bacon and yogurt. NO CHOICE. Also, chemically, I cannot handle carbs, and eating them will crush any sort of resistance I might otherwise muster. It's like a carb snowball when I eat a cookie. I am never satisfied by one cookie (or one anything carby) and it always makes me want more no matter how full or stuffed I am. I know that a lot of people I tell about my eating plan are horrified by the idea of it, but the reason it works for me is that it doesn't set me up for failure like having to eat dribs and drabs of almost yummy stuff all day long. I would never get anywhere that way. I tell you this not to say you should follow my diet (though you are welcome to! lol I could use some company.) But just to say that I totally get where you are. :hug:

08-12-2011, 06:42 AM
:welcome: Tazzy :welcome:

And in honor of joining 3FC this month, :wel3fc:

For this thread, how did you learn about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck Forum on the 3 Fat Chicks site?

08-12-2011, 06:49 AM
Hey all you Becksters in the Beck Cave (:lol: Pam!) happy Friday!

Weigh-in: +0.2lb. I seem to be doing a good job of maintaining this week, phrump
Credits: checked in, weighed in, gym before work, biked to work, read ARC, stopped myself from eating extra chocolate last night. I wasn’t hungry, just wanted it. So it stayed in the cupboard. :strong:

BBE – credit at throwing out the cookies – I find that so satisfying when you make that decision and do it. I think Beck mentions this in her book, about how the torment over whether or not to eat can be solved by choosing not to eat as well as choosing to eat. Well done!

Erika – don’t get put off by one slight increase – you’re doing a cracking job and I’m slowly learning that the week / month / year is made of weight ups and downs but it’s definitely on the down trend for you :)

Onebyone – fingers :crossed: the ticker is on it’s way down today. you’re right, it is a compulsion. I need to retrain my brain! If only it were that easy… :lol: at the thought of BBE having a ‘man-cave’

Beverlyjoy – is the film good? I read the book at Christmas and enjoyed it, I’m not sure when it’s out in the UK… good work on the sane food choices when out with 19 women!

Pam – I know have ridiculous images of BBE (even though i do not know what he looks like!) as Bat-man (or Beck-man?) residing in his Beck Cave! :rofl:

Futurefitchick – I hear you on the angst. Someday’s, it’s just there. You know Gok! Can you get his shows in the US?

Alana – Everyone has days like this but I think you’re being unnecessarily down on yourself – I bet there’s loads of little things you’ve done today that you wouldn’t have done had you not started this journey which are all helping. Did you want to eat more than 3 slices of pizza but stopped? Helpful eating behaviour. It can be hard but by trying to look for the positive and not totally focus on the negative (i.e. eating pizza) your next choice will be born out of a desire to look after yourself (stopping when full, making a healthy choice) not out of loathing for yourself (i.e. I can’t believe I ate that pizza, I’ll only eat salad all day tomorrow to make up for it – not helpful behaviour)… woah, I got a bit deep there :goodvibes I wasn’t expecting that!
P.S. you’ve made massive leaps and bounds since you started here – I bet if you look back at your first post then a couple of recent posts you’ll see the difference :D

Woodland – I echo what you say, be kind to yourself! 'Persistence not perfection' – love it :love:

Rubidoux – I totally get SAD – in the deepest winter here in Aberdeen in isn’t light until 9:30 and gets dark at 3:30! Very depressing… on the subject of the party, whilst it sounds like lunacy you might actually get there and decide not to cheat at all…

Joy – big up on the writing and the determination to keep juggling those balls and keeping them up in the air

One more thing – I’ve got another challenge tonight (life’s full of them!) – it’s a friend’s birthday and we’re going out to the pub / bar tonight. I need to decide how I’m going to approach it in terms of drinking… I don’t want to be obviously not drinking, but I also find it hard to drink drinks slowly (I’m the same with all drinks, tea, water etc)! Apart from the drink calories, I hate being hungover and also then not being able to exercise and the desire to eat crappy food… but I do like to have a drink or two… catch 22! I have a bit of an all or nothing attitude in the past to drink; I find it hard to find a middle ground on a night out… I think I may try to decide before hand how many drinks I’m going to have and stick to it, or perhaps alternate one alcoholic drink with one non-alcoholic drink… any suggestions welcome!

08-12-2011, 07:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - First big non-surprise of the day: I ate no unscheduled cookies (CREDIT moi) because . . . none were readily available. Packing them up into a box in the basement worked!

Second big non-surprise: I did not overeat at an evening meeting (CREDIT moi) because . . . no food was served. I take credit anyway since I had planned to avoid over eating and my head was in the right place. When I came home, I had a slowly consumed pasta salad and a green salad.

onebyone - Welcome back 270's - missed ya. Gotta love, "everything's good." [The redo is basically just repainting the insides, so no new spaces. The new kitchen and new bath just seemed to happen as a byproduct of the painting, LOL.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I know that feeling, "I don't want to give up anything!" Good luck finding your solution. I do hope that some level of posting here remains on your list.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for confronting that our goals in life are rarely with little effort. I experience that over and over - why did it take me an hour to do that simple task? Good luck finding your solution.

Erika (eusebius) - After 11 straight days of loses you need a little scale wiggle to remain humble, LOL.

Beverlyjoy – Movie evening with 19 buddies sounds fun. Sticking to your 1300 calories is great - Kudos.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Long evenings with uncertain foods can be a challenge; Kudos for surviving.

pamatga - Love the notion that arranging your environment extends to the location of the NS Klondike ice cream bars.

Alana in Canada - It's tough to find the balance between "perfectionism" and using the Resistance Muscle. I can only offer support as you wrestle with that.

Woodland – Such a clear vision of what you're doing, "Doing those steps has helped me a) avoid sneaky eating that leads to more sneaky eating, b) learn to be kinder to myself c) stay accountable to my overall goals."

missyj - Waving toward the Windy City. Kudos for avoiding a stack of sliders in your face for so long.

rubidoux - You sound on track to take on that dinner party. My take is to plan, plan, plan to avoid the high calories appetizers and user moderation on the rest. Good luck.

Tazzy - Good insight on those chips. Just think, a whole isle of the supermarket you can now skip. Kudos for carefully planning your movie popcorn. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here's what to do:
. . .
2. To eat more slowly, put down your utensils several times during each meal and sip water between bites. Take small bites and be sure to chew thoroughly. You could eat a sandwich in 8 bites - but 20 bites is better. Just imagine how much more enjoyment you would get from 20 bites than form 8. And make sure to swallow each bite before you take the next one. You will find your food and enjoyment last longer.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 63.

08-12-2011, 08:13 AM
Coaches/Buddies, I ended up going off plan yesterday. I was not feeling well enough to go out to eat as planned, so I stayed in.

I still need to plan a strategy for going to my mom’s house this weekend…

Got to run or I’ll be late for my workout!

Yesterday/Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: no change
Read Advantage Cards two times: once
Read Response Cards at least two times: once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: no
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: yes

Alana in Canada[B], thanks for the reminder about timing myself. I used to do that with cleaning chores, but I hadn’t thought about doing that for health activities. Thanks! Your question about the resistance muscle reminds me that I have to celebrate all of the little resistance victories and that muscle is supposed to get strengthened through increased use.

[B]BillBlueEyes, great job last night at the meeting and with the no surprise cookies.

GardenerJoy, good to read your post and be reminded that even successful veterans struggle with time!

Rubidoux, I LOVE the amnesty day idea! I have the pink book and there is a day toward the end regarding travel and dining out.

SuperChick, we don’t have cable, but I can find him online. I’m not sure where I first heard of him. As far as going out, I usually volunteer to be the designated driver or stick with a single cider or something like a rum and diet coke for the first drink, then just plain diet coke after that. No one really says anything. Great job stopping with the chocolate!

Woodland, nice to meet you! Great suggestions.

08-12-2011, 08:59 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Scale stayed the same today. Well, at least it didn't go up. I am wondering if my portions are too large. This eating style doesn't advocate counting calories, and the book says that the more green vegetables you eat, the more weight you'll lose, but it does limit certain foods and suggest that you should eat only until satisfied, not full. So that aspect of it is slightly confusing.

Today I will be at the quarterfinals of the Rogers Cup which is the international tennis tournament held every year in Toronto. There were quite a few upsets this year so I think Serena Williams is the only really big star I'll see today, but I'm sure all the players will be amazing :) Bringing my food with me so I won't be tempted by all the goodies!

No time for personals today - I have to leave early - but thanks pamatga for reminding me of Dr. Beck's wise words on weight gain, and all of you who are supporting me so well. I must practice patience!! You'd think after meditating so much I'd get a clue, LOL. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be kind to myself, too. I guess the self-abnegating cynic in me dies hard ... Anyway, I love all of you :grouphug:


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes
Qi Gong: no

08-12-2011, 09:57 AM
Hi Coaches

*credit* weighed in and saw .... drumroll ... (-0.4lb) = 279.1.


Moved my ticker down, finally, and look forward to another tick down next week.

My plan to achieve another tick down includes doing a WATP workout today so I can move my exercise ticker forward.

Foodwise I am committed to eating less at each meal; choosing my food to de-emphasize carbs and avoid white carbs in particular--impossible today so I will just limit them to one meal only. No seconds. Smaller portions. Not eating until I am stuffed full but more trying to stop when I am "no longer hungry". This is a real difference and happens waaayyyyyyyy before I am stuffed. I eat fast still. I need to work on that and have been trying to by making sure I eat and drink water with my meal to break the eating part up. I am moderately successful with this. Lately I have been eating standing up. I need to stop that. but otherwise I am doing ok.

08-12-2011, 10:42 AM
Hi Coaches!

Lots of thoughtful activity around this neck of the woods! *credit* to all! I survived another day *sane*, except for the afternoon moment when I sat down by myself and had an unnecessary plan food, not really...too many calories...not really....just unnecessary. Solution...take a nap since everyone else was.

rubidoux, I think one of the most helpful tools for me practicing Beck Diet Solution is having the ability to PLAN any food into a day in my future. It helps me to NOT eat the donut today because I understand I can PLAN to eat it tomorrow (yet I never do). Where it really helps me is to be able to PLAN an event into my future and when I stick to that PLAN I consider myself ON PLAN. If you have a plan for the event and you stick with it...would your mindset allow you to continue on with your streak of good days?

Ok, off to visit with the family. Take care everyone!

08-12-2011, 12:04 PM
Too bad the scale doesn't measure good intent. Just like it doesn't measure all the things that I don't eat any more. Oh, well.

I'm having some problems with after supper eating. So here's my plan. Nothing but watermelon after supper. The CSA box had a yellow-fleshed watermelon this week, but I have to finish last week's giant regular watermelon before I cut in to that one.

WI: +1.05 kgs, Exercise: +165 450/1300 minutes and 11/33 miles on treadmill for August, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

rubidoux: My take is that if it's planned it's not cheating. A special event plan is different from my normal plan, but it's still a plan and if I follow it than I'm doing great! And, like SuperChick said, you'll be surprised how often special event eating can become that not big a deal. I've planned for dessert, had one bite and decided that it was too sweet (or sometimes even decided just by looking that it was going to be too sweet). Other times, I've skipped dessert because I was in the mood for chocolate and if there's no chocolate, what's the point? My usual special event plan is "focus on veggies." Sometimes I get there and there are no veggies, so I don't eat anything at all and come home and have a salad. What I really try to avoid at special events is anything that might trigger overeating after the event--for me, there's a kind of lethal combination of white flour, salt, and butter that can lead to cravings for days, so I avoid flour tortillas and biscuits and other similar things.

SuperChick: This probably wouldn't work for everyone, but I can nurse a bourbon on the rocks or other hard liquor for a long time -- as long as it takes my friends to have three beers or glasses of wine. Then switch to water or soda and everyone thinks I'm this big drinker because I started off with spirits. Do you do buying rounds in Scotland like the English do? I just finished the book Watching the English and learned about that. I think that would make it a tad more difficult to keep a lid on the drinking if it was kind of assumed that everyone was going to drink at the same rate.

BillBlueEyes: LOL at not overeating at an evening meeting because there's no food. It would be great if more meetings had that surprise!

FutureFitChick: good luck with planning your visit to your mom's house! Will she be helpful, if asked?

eusebius: I'd give it some time. My body loses in fits and starts and sometimes if I just wait it out, it will start going again. And sometimes it won't, so then it's time to make a change. But if I'm finding the plan reasonable, otherwise, waiting three to six weeks isn't too long to see what's up. Often, by the end of that time, I have a better idea what I'm willing to change if a change is needed.

onebyone: yay for the ticker moves -- exercise up and weight down!

Lexxiss: heh. I didn't need to write my thoughts for rubidoux since you already did!

08-12-2011, 12:58 PM
Joy - 'If there's no chocolate then what is the point?' Amen to that :high:

08-12-2011, 01:24 PM
Hello Team.

I am now at the chapter on finding a coach. I am starting my eating plan in a week going step by step through the book and I will be starting my eating plan after a trip where I will not be in my own kitchen.

Do you all team up for coaching? How does this work?

I am also happy to report with lots of traveling in the last week I have kept the few pounds off that I have lost since starting the Beck diet. I am also eating less in general and being kinder to myself.

I found a wonderful free yoga ap that is a nice way to get some extra exercise in and I keep reading that yoga and mindful eating are connected.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday.


08-12-2011, 01:50 PM
GD everyone! My computer seems to be running so slow today (even though I am paying for the fastest internet speed:?:)

rubidoux Listening to you describe your food plan reminds me of Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Have you ever checked out the list of foods you can have on that diet? There is a list posted on the South Beach Diet sub-group here (in announcements and forum of that section). I will always credit that food plan with pulling me away (once and for all) from "all things white". However, it also gives you a lot of things to eat so you can vary your food plan without going near carbs. It keeps you from eating/overeating and keeps your blood glucose levels level. I followed it from 2008-2010 and I still consider my present food plan a modified version of that original plan.
eusebius I hear you! I have been going up and down around the same numbers for weeks and this past couple of days due to an increase of exercise and really watching my calories intake, I broke it.(following Dr. Beck's advice on how to break a long term plateau) I got to change my ticker! :woohoo: It will come down, be patient. (easier said than done ;) )
alana in canada I will love eating pizza (morning, noon and night) as long as I live so my "work around" was to find a healthier version of pizza so I could eat it as often and when I want. That's my "solution". In fact, that is "my way": modify "old favorites" to make them as healthy as possible and then "enjoy". Not exactly what you expected me to say but I am being honest.
BBE My DH goes to meetings all the time and last night he came home from one and they didn't even offer him H20 and it was over 80 degrees! It bothers me more than it does him. He always comes home hungry and ended up eating a bowl of steamed broccoli followed by a Kit Kat bar :D. I am living with an abberent human being. P.S. every time I paint a room, I end up redoing almost everything. It just happens that way.
onebyone Once you get rid of all the white stuff in your house, would you consider trying wheat products? Once it is gone, that would be a good time to try it. I think you would easily find that a lot of your cravings (caused by high glycemic foods) would cease to exist. Eating foods on the lower end of the glycemic index is the key to significantly reducing physical cravings. That's science! However, it doesn't "fix" psychological emotional eating. That is what Beck is for. Great Job on working harder on moving and focusing. You are shining, girl! Just glowing!:hug:

Wow, a lot of nursing moms here. I always thought nursing burned up lots and lots of calories. So, how do you attempt to lose weight with needing to eat 200 calories more a day for the nutrients to nurse??

Stats for Day 4 of my BLC Buddy Challenge(yesterday):

*I have lost 5.6 lbs since Monday morning weigh-in--now I usually hover around 265(and Monday's was a reflection of the weekend before) so to see 262.6 lbs this morning was really nice. all this walking is doing what it is supposed to be doing: getting those stubborn pounds off! This was real weight lose not sodium. I have been trying to break 265 for several weeks! I'm so grateful I agreed to do this Challenge--I needed the kick in the butt to pull it all together.
*walked 1.5 miles (I use a pedometer for accuracy)
*did 20 minutes on treadmill doing interval walking--1.3-1.5 mph up and down.
*calories -2486 calories --35 g fiber(I hate to admit that dinner was FF popcorn and NS Klondike bars but I just didn't feel like cooking and that is saying a lot for me because I love to cook) sodium was 2154 mg. I was feeling light headed when it was around 1500 mg so I had the popcorn. (I already have low blood pressure so if it gets too low I get woozy)
*since it was NS ice cream bars most of the day (I had 5!!-yes, logged them all on my food log) my vegetables and fruits were down:
-1 c cooked broccoli and 1 cup combined water chestnuts and bean sprouts.
-1 whole apple and mixed carrots/prunes in my whole wheat muffin.
*I feel especially pleased that when I had heard some bad news :( I immediately jumped on the treadmill and walked for 10 minutes to some Groovy 60s music. Yea baby!! Major Credit on realizing that food was not the first thing that I went to.

As Dory the blue fish in "Finding Nemo" says: "No eating here tonight, cause we're on a diet. No eating here tonight....." (she has short term memory lose so she repeats herself ----a lot!) [This was her response to joining a 12 Step group of sharks......repeat after me, Fish are our friends!] :cool: It is just the cutest darn movie!! So, moral of the story: Don't eat your friends:nono: :hyper:, cause you're on a diet!! (yes, the air is thin where I live!:o)

Just finished some Thai jasmine rice (okay that is white but brown just doesn't do it when it comes to this dish) mixed with three beans medley and seasoned garlicy ground turkey!! Yum! Yum! Fresh cantalope for dessert and then hitting the floor for my exercises.

Have a good day, all.

P.S. No comments, Bill, on the blue ice cream avatar. Does anyone remember eating Blue Moon ice cream?? My all time favorite.


08-12-2011, 02:00 PM
Good Morning Coaches:
I am in the middle of beginning school hurricane. Food wise it is much easier than summer. But I get tired so I let exercise slide. Credit for committing to body combat tonite.
Yesterday day was our 10th Anniversary. I realized how lucky I am to love my husband more than I did 10 years ago because I have a greater capacity to love. I am less self involved; my husband has taught me to be more trusting. I am willing to look at my flaws rather than mask everything with food. He surprised me with a diamond necklace. Quite something for my gruff little farmer.
I agree with Lexxiss and Gardenerjoy - any food can be good with a plan. I had a small Baskin and Robbins dish of ice cream last nite in celebration. I actually LEFT HALF. I woke this morning and asked, "Who is this girl?" Food weighed and measured for the day. Weight at ticker :)

08-12-2011, 03:33 PM
Hi Beckfolks... I have had seven days of food sanity... am grateful.

Today I am grateful for willingness to try yesterday. I did log everything I ate, and stay within my calorie range, did my stretches & strengthening, left a bite. did not eat standing (accept once), put my food in the tracker and more. My food took some twists and turns during the day... but, it turned out OK

Tomorrow my plant swap friends are gifting me a few hours in the gardens to dig up and thin out the plants. The selfseeders and aggressive plants have taken over. How kind they are. DH and I will have a BBQ for them too. I am grateful for their kindness. I've planned for a healthy menu.

I need to take my mom to some appointments. Gotta run.

Many of you have asked if I like the movie, The Help. Yes! It is a must see, really. A compelling story and wonderful acting. DH asked m\e if it is a 'chick flick'. I say no. It's a 'human' flick for all.

Have a healthy day.

08-12-2011, 04:10 PM
Good Afternoon everyone and thanks again for the warm welcomes!

I had a good day yesterday and stayed OP, had a healthy lunch choice at Subway while shopping before we saw the movie. I also saw "The Help" and as Beverlyjoy said it is a great "human flick". After dinner I was pretty full (probably having popcorn at 3:30pm added to that) but I had it in my mind that I wanted dessert. I made a strawberry/rhubarb crisp the night before and there was still some left. But I got out my tracker and added up all my food for the day to realize that I was over my calorie limit by 11. Not significant but enough to say to myself you can have it tomorrow and plan it into your day. So I just had it with my lunch and enjoyed it much more and it's in the plan for the day.

BBE - you were asking how I found the Beck books and this area of the 3FC site. I was a frequent reader of the WW board and started that when they changed to the new Points Plus program. I had lost 16 pounds on the old plan and then from Dec to the end of Mar I lost and gained the same 3 pounds over and over again. I was so excited to try the new plan as I was ready for a change and by the end of Mar I was so frustrated with having over $16 a week with no results. I decided I'd try to find the old Momentum books and try that again. I had to borrow books as I had thrown my other ones away. Weird because never before had I cleaned stuff out so quickly. Well on Momentum and the point level I had to follow I felt horrible. I had been reading about calorie counting and decided to try that out.

I was checking out a lot of the other areas of 3FC and looked at the Beck Diet Solution. I found a website on Dr Judith Beck and read a little bit and thought I'd see if I could get the book from my local library. I got the book in early August and started reading and so much of the negative talk sounded like everything I was always thinking. I got to Day 8 of reading the book to discover that a previous library member thought the worksheet area was a great place to rip the pages of the chapter out of the book. Well I was shocked that anyone would consider defacing a library book like that and decided that I was quite interested in the book and started by search to buy it. I found a copy fairly close to home and now have my own.

I thought about trying to find a diet coach in my circle of family and friends but decided that joining this group would be a good choice as there is lots of valuable information and everyone is dealing with the same issues. The meetings at WW were one aspect that I really enjoyed and although the new program didn't work for me over the years they have taught me a whole lot of stuff about nutrition.

It's my last day of my stay at home vacation so I'm going to get out my bike and go for a nice ride around the neighborhood. I'm just like a little kid, I love riding my bike! Then I am going to come home and work on day 8's activity of planning my schedule. It's good timing with going back to work next week.

Have a good day!

08-12-2011, 04:19 PM
I wanted to check in and give myself some major credit for yesterday. It was a tremendously crappy day. I got some news that was very disappointing and upsetting. I was angry, sad, frustrated, and every other negative emotion. And I didn't give in to emotional eating! That was such a huge accomplishment for me. In the past I would have definitely tried to make myself feel better with food (probably cookies or brownies or ice cream), but I worked the response cards and gave my resistance muscle a serious workout. I barely slept at all thanks to my emotions (combined with a chest cold and a baby who wanted to nurse every couple of hours), and I even managed to resist middle of the night snacking. Go me! Even though I'm still upset about what happened yesterday, I'm not making it worse by eating unplanned food emotionally.

More credit from yesterday: I stuck to my plan well, weighed in and saw a drop, read my response cards and advantages deck, went on a 12 mile bike ride with some friends (and discussed Beck with them, as they're both working it as well). As far as BDS was concerned, it was a good day. Too bad everything else about the day was so crappy!

I weighed in today for my "official" weekly weigh-in and was happy to see another drop, which brought me to 3.5 pounds down this week. Feeling great about that! Eating has been good so far. My husband is going out of town tonight, and usually I would take that opportunity to watch a chick flick and eat brownies or something. I decided to plan in a treat, so I've planned to walk with the kids to the ice cream store and get a small cone. I'll enjoy every bite and won't feel at all guilty because I've planned for it and will use moderation and control.

I hope you all have a good weekend!

08-12-2011, 04:27 PM
Yeah TriMommy on all your credits yesterday and planning for your treat today!

08-12-2011, 08:47 PM
Hello all! Well, I mentally survived the trip to Chicago this week. And I managed to stay OP for the most part. And when I slipped, I added it into my allotment for the week, so I am still ahead of the game. I am curious to see what the scale says in the morning.....:D

Big credit for me and eating out last night. I often fall into the green salad with some chicken and dressing on the side trap because it is easy. But we went to a Greek place last night and I order grilled shrimp and lots of different sides of vegetables. Need to keep reminding myself I can handle all these meals out with more than just salads!

Congrats to so many of you for downward movement on your tickers this week!! Way to go!! :carrot:

onebyone - Chicago truly is a beautiful city! Architecture, greenspace, lakefront, sports teams, wonderful museums - it has something for everyone!

Beverlyjoy - I just finished reading The Help and am looking forward to the movie this weekend as well. Glad you enjoyed it!

pamatga - OK, I was ROTFL in my hotel last night with the image of squirting dish soap all over the sliders in the bar! I too have resorted to the dish soap trick at home, but it has never occurred to me to try it in public!! I may have to resort to this if my work travels do not ease up!! Too funny!!:D

FutureFitChick - Greetings to you as well!

AlanainCanada - No time for the Art Institute this time in Chicago, but it is a gem! All of the museums there are impressive! BTW, I wish I had never seen a slider.....:p

Woodland - Your post about always being OP and being kinder to yourself resonated LOUD with me!! Great words of wisdom that I am going to try hard to practice in my world!

rubidoux - Hope you had a great time at your party tonight!

TriMommy - Hope tomorrow is better! Big credit for working through it!!

maryann - Congratulations on your anniversary and the great present! Too sweet!

Happy weekend all!!

08-12-2011, 10:42 PM
You all inspired me to use the dish soap trick today! A friend dropped off a bag of homemade cookies (my absolute weakness, and obviously not planned for). I decided right away that I wasn't going to eat even one, but I also didn't want the temptation lying around, so I let my kids eat a few, then smushed them into oblivion. Then I put in some squirts of dish soap for good measure and threw it all in the trash! It felt awesome! In the past I never would have been able to resist homemade cookies. Credit to me!!

08-13-2011, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Left most of my brown rice at the Japanese restaurant, CREDIT moi. Exercise was walking there, LOL.

It's sales tax free weekend in Massachusetts, so we set out to buy the new appliances yesterday. I hate shopping. Refrigerators are now deep instead of wide so that they stick out from the counter by a foot. Gas stoves come with a NASA-looking control panel on top with the oven-cleaning button right next to the oven-light button - yucky engineering. Have I ever mentioned that I hate shopping?

onebyone - Thought you'd still be here. Yep, all the strategies build together: eating sitting down, stopping when satisfied instead of stuffed, eating slowly. Yay for continuing to wrestle them into your daily life.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Waiting to hear how that yellow-fleshed watermelon tastes; seems a crime against nature that a watermelon isn't red, LOL. "+165" is a lot of exercise!!! Kudos.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for green veggies.

Beverlyjoy – Know about those selfseeders - reminds me why plants are so successful on the planet.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for naps. I recognize that "just unnecessary."

FutureFitChick – Good luck at your mom's house.

maryann - Happy Tenth Anniversary. Kudos to your DH for remembering. Double Kudos for remembering with such style.

pamatga - Kudos for heading to the treadmill rather than food when confronted with bad news. LOL at "Don't eat your friends , cause you're on a diet!!" [Hard not to notice your blue ice cream avatar - right here on a thread about healthy eating, LOL.]

missyj - Big Kudos for expanding your choice of restaurants where you feel in control to include Greek -"with more than salads."

happygoal - Kudos for keeping on track with lots of travel. On the Beck Thread, we all serve as each other's Diet Buddy/Diet Coach. Your comments are coaching to us; ours to you.

TriMommy - Ouch for the disappointing news, but Kudos for recognizing that food doesn't fix "angry, sad, frustrated." I love watching small kids go after ice cream. And Kudos for doing the soap trick on homemade cookies. I'm currently wary of cookies.

Tazzy - Kudos for working your food tracking to decide against the strawberry/rhubarb crisp. Extra Kudos for planning it for tomorrow. It's great to see desired food carefully planned into a day's agenda.

Awful story of finding a library book with a section ripped out. I hate that. But I'm glad it led you to getting your own copy. When I started, I kept my own copy at home and a library copy at the office until I had to return it.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here's what to do:
. . .
Make time. Figure out when you are going to eat each meal and snack, and rearrange your schedule, if necessary. You may need to wake up earlier so you can slowly eat breakfast at home or run errands after work instead of during your lunch break.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 63.

08-13-2011, 10:46 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Scale went down a pound today. Yay! I packed moderate portions to take with me to the tennis tournament, and it paid off. Good thing too - the food on offer at the stadium was, predictably, both unhealthy and expensive. Some good tennis on display, though, especially Safarova/Williams in the evening, which went to 3 sets.

Today: a playdate for my daughter and her best friend (a boy!) and some bean/kale saute. Should be a lovely low key day.

Sorry no time for personals today but I want to thank everyone for their wonderful support. :grouphug: Have a wonderful weekend!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: spontaneous
Qi Gong: no

08-13-2011, 11:18 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was successful as I practiced my Beck skills alongside my Sane Food Diet. Breakfast was a green smoothie and I resisted Starbucks goodies while the others enjoyed. Lunch was a Ahi Sashimi Salad at the Georgia O'Keefe Museum. Dinner was at an upscale restaurant in a Hilton. I chose a shrimp pasta dish, proceeded to give away 2 giant shrimp and left some pasta. Dessert was one bite of moms birthday treat. I came home and had some sunchips (again) but portioned them and put them in a bowl. I'm up for another day of food challenges. My computer time is sparse...I'll be back home tomorrow night. :wave:

08-13-2011, 12:01 PM
Good Morning Coaches: I enjoyed being back to work this week. I am so grateful to LIKE my job again. My MFA program this summer- meeting new people, listening to their lives and hardships - has given me a great perspective which was what I REALLY needed after 21 years of teaching. I have always loved my job but the liking was growing thin - if you know what I mean. A good example is understanding that all the writers in my MFA program (for creative writing) have to do all the work of Goddard AND their own paid writing gigs. I just have to do Goddard's and then GET to teach. As I have said many times recently, this whole year has been about changing me ( and not everyone else) to find peace. This has been a critical lesson for a food addict like myself. I am always the director - if only so and so would do that, then I wouldn't have to eat, if only this job would, if only this society would. The problem is me. The good news is - so is the solution.
OP yesterday except for peanut butter and banana (and a bite of anniversary ice cream) before body combat because DH wanted to go and then we have to jacuzzi and dinner would be too late. Adjusted dinner and this morning I am down .8 lbs :) I'vewritten down food for today; I've planned for an hour walk and general puttering. DS comes back today from Lego Robotic Camp and I plan to hug him for at least an hour. (He might have something to say about that.)
Tazzy: Welcome. I am a WW alum - My first meeting was 30 years ago when they made you eat liver once a week. This is the first food program to ever really work for me.
Tri Mommy: Nothing is more difficult then the wee hour feeding - or really more precious. Credit for no snacking.
Beverleyjoy: Credit for 7 days OP. That is a big deal.
BBE: I just spent 15 mins polishing my stainless steal fridge which constantly has finger prints on it. I miss my black frig.
Eusibius: Credit for a pound down and perseverance.
Lexxiss: Best Ahi salad I ever had was next to the Monterey Bay Aquarium - The Fish Hopper. It had papaya and mango. I can't believe I waste so many calories on crap food when something like that salad exists out in this world everyday.

08-13-2011, 01:09 PM
My lunch plan disintegrated so I did something that I don't do any more -- ate carry-outs in the car. The thing is, I used to love doing that and I've really missed it. Obviously, it can no longer be a habit, but maybe one day a month or so it could be something I would enjoy. We'll see if doing it once makes me want it all the more or quiets that desire down for awhile.

So, credit for approaching it as an experiment. Credit for ordering a kid's meal (an OMG aside -- I estimate it was at least 700 calories, how can that be a meal targeted to the under 12 set?). Credit for leaving a little. Credit for skipping my afternoon snack, even though I did get hungry before supper. Credit for remembering that hunger is not an emergency.

WI: +0.3kgs, Exercise: +45 495/1300 minutes and 11/33 miles on treadmill for August, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

08-13-2011, 04:27 PM
GD everyone!

Tazzy, missj, gardnerjoy,maryann and Trimommy I am actually very happy to see that you all planned a food that many may consider off plan but that you did so without guilt, remorse and/or all the negative feelings that are associated with "the forbidden". If some of you newer Beckies haven't gathered I have been of the mind that certain foods, when eaten in moderation, can be a part of our food plan.

Now, I qualify my comments by saying that doesn't mean I am talking about ordering a 21 oz beef steak followed by 1/2 lb full fat ice cream for dessert. I think we all know that just isn't in the cards any more; mostly because we don't desire to eat that way. I think maryann hit it on the head when she said it is about trusting. Granted, I know you were talking about your relationship but really isn't that what we are talking about here and why we are here: our former aberrant behavior and/or relationship with food. Ironically (or I think it is), the more I have learned to trust myself and others, the more relaxed I am around food. The more relaxed I am around food, the more I am able to not "use it, abuse it, deny it or punish myself" with it.

***The one thing I will always remember from Beck skills is that the confidence I had lost in myself has been reaffirmed. I now feel more and more confident in my ability to deal with life without the added buffer of excess food. I am even more forgiving of myself if I have a slip. I no longer expect to work a perfect food plan.

I am now beginning to look back for the past several months and view the Beck skills as teaching the behavior of sane eating until one day it becomes routine and like so many other skills we have learned in life (bicycle riding, swimming, surfing, etc.) we just release the "training wheels" and "go". Each and every time we share that "release" we have experienced, the more we have healed from our past eating behaviors and the closer we are to the "freedom" that does exist and awaits us-----the more we trust.

Yes, Bill, that was my all time favorite flavor of ice cream growing up. There was a mom n pop ice cream store called Klagge's. I know they hand mixed everything. Even my son, who only had it until we left there when he was 4, remembers this flavor. We did some googling and found several recipes for Blue Moon awhile ago and I did that the other night. I now know why I never really liked the taste of ice cream. I grew up on Klagge's and theirs was the very best. Their French vanilla was simply to die for. If Heaven were a flavor it would be one scoop of Blue Moon and one scoop of French vanilla (which was a deep beige cream colored) I have searched all brands everywhere and I have never tasted anything like that. So, the other night that lead me to some websites on ice cream makers. I have decided that I am going to buy a hand crank one from White Mountain; a premier ice cream maker company. I am going to make some of that decadent ice cream --you know the one with nearly 45% fat in it (because of the heavy cream). No, I won't be making it every weekend (I'd have to go to confession on that if I did) but with the winter holidays coming up, I would like to make for my guests pumpkin ice cream with maple and walnut topping.

Food is ,well, just food. We can make peace with it if we realize its place in life. It is not our "friend, lover, aspirin for a headache, fix leaky faucets, bring justice to an unjust world or hankies for the blues". It is just food. It never was anything else. We just forgot. That's all.

Stats for Day 5(yesterday)on BLC Buddy Challenge:

*put my interval walking on the treadmill up 5 minutes. I wasn't sure if I could do it but with some rockin' 60s music, I forged on. So, I did 15 minutes non-stop. It may not sound like much but a big deal for me since I have a pulled hamstring in my right leg and my left knee locks up mid-way through my walking.
*walked 1.5 miles (use pedometer for accuracy)
*2362 calories (262 over my high limit) but sodium was good --2084 mg. 37 grams of fiber.
*beans was my only vegetable today--I made red beans n rice with seasoned ground turkey (awesome!) and had a whole wheat bean muffin later.
*fresh fruit!! 1 c cantalope and 1 c sliced strawberries.
*log all my food-yesterday seemed all whole wheat grains and very little meat but it just fell into place that way.
*aware that the past couple of days, low on vegetables.
*I have had really good sleep for the past three weeks now. What a difference that makes during the day!

The only "emotional" challenge that I am and have been dealing with is chronic pain and unemployment. Since I have a college degree (1987) I don't qualify for any financial aid and I don't have the money to upgrade my job skills. I haven't ate over this "fact" but I haven't also been meticulous about getting my veg/fruits in as I know I "need to".

Today will be my rest day from any walking and/or weight exercises but there is still plenty of "stuff" to do around here. Now, my "personal" challenge is to "move on it".

P.S. Let's hear it for Weight Watchers; who blazed the trail before all the rest.

Love Pam:hug:

08-13-2011, 08:30 PM
Hi Coaches

As part of my potter's guild membership I have to work in the Craft Gallery/Tea Room a certain number of times. For me, since I joined late in the year, I have had to do 2 shifts and I am doing both of them this weekend. I wanted to be in the craft gallery part but I'm in the tea room. I have to make and serve tea to whoever comes in. Boil water, put in tea bags, judge if I need a big teapot or small. The tea comes with 2 homemade scones, 1 (1/2" thick since I cut it) slice of zucchini bread, 2 pats/small containers of butter and two adorable small ceramic pots with a spoonful of orange marmalade in one pot and some kind of berry/grape jam in the other pot. Spoons and knives for the pots and the pats. Lots of dishes; lots of moving parts. Small price: $4. Labour intensive. Lots of washing up. I had 5 customers in total today in my 3 hour shift. Apparently it'll be busy tomorrow as on Sundays seniors are often brought there for afternoon tea.

It was good to be of service.

*credit for weighing in (-0.2lbs) = 278.9
hey I just whizzed past 279 But then I came home FAMISHED and had two helpings of pasta so we'll see where I am at tomorrow morning. Oh well. I resisted the scones and the zucchini bread all day. *credit for that as well.

Very tired now so I'll sign off... bye for now.

08-13-2011, 09:25 PM
Hi Coaches,

It has been a busy day but overall pretty good. I stayed OP for my food, I'm going to a comedy club tonight and have already allotted the calories for the one soft drink I am going to have and will then move to water. I drink very little alcohol so that won't tempt me at all.

Credits for today: my Zumba class has started again and I'm so happy to be back out there sweating it up! Had a trip to Costco and bypassed all the sample stations (even the strawberry shortcake which I really love). Went to a new Bulk Barn store and noted the calories and serving size of the items I may decide to eat and keep on plan. My favorite ARC has become "I can eat whatever I want or I can be thin and fit. I cannot have both". I think of that phrase first when any situations arise. And the last credit so far is for picking fresh vegetables from my garden and enjoying them with dinner. Nothing like yellow beans, fresh dill and lettuce picked 30 minutes before eating them.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

PS - Maryann - I remember the liver from WW too. I do like liver but eating it with bacon and onions was probably not what WW had in mind :)

08-14-2011, 06:39 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was sane. *credit* I ordered the healthiest breakfast possible at our favorite family restaurant (rainbow trout). I passed one egg to DH and only ate 1/2 my trout. I did have several bites of mom's blue corn pancakes, which are a local treat. Lunch was just a snack and dinner was paella/salad at home...with a small serving of homemade (healthy dessert). For me, it doesn't get much better, especially on vacation. *credit* BDS. I really thought out every food choice I made. It's felt good (sane) to enjoy such a healthy vacation.

:wave: Hopefully back to normal postings by tomorrow afternoon after our return home.

08-14-2011, 06:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Gazpacho on the patio for dinner, CREDIT moi. Never tire of that sentence. Made it to our little veggie patch after too long a delay and much rain. Ouch for cukes that burst out to the size of a small watermelon, LOL. Harvested enough luscious looking tomatoes for DW to declare it's tomato sandwich week.

Wanted to have some trail mix after my lunch since my standard carrots weren't readily available. Instead, CREDIT moi, I got the carrots, went down to the basement to wash them, and had them instead. I was in need of a little resistance muscle workout since it's been getting a tad flabby.

onebyone - Looking like you're here to stay. But don't get smug - your could get replaced by the 260's. A Starbucks barista would think 5 customers in 3 hours as a day off, LOL. Major Kudos for resisting the scones and the zucchini bread all day.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yep, Kudos for "ordering a kid's meal" - particularly if you didn't pretend that you were bringing it to a kid, LOL.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for your DD being at an age when boy/girl friendships can flourish before the hormones set in. "Bean/kale saute"sounds good.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for putting those sunchips in a bowl - it's eating from the bag that can do me in. And Kudos for giving away two giant shrimp - that's hard for me to even imagine.

maryann - Thanks for a sentence for me to ponder, " this whole year has been about changing me ( and not everyone else) to find peace." Neat that you can feel that you love your teaching.

Pam (pamatga) - Wonderful testimony to the Beck strategies, "I now feel more and more confident in my ability to deal with life without the added buffer of excess food." [Now I want me some Klagge's Blue Moon ice cream, LOL.]

Tazzy - Count me as someone who can appreciate "yellow beans, fresh dill and lettuce picked 30 minutes before eating them." Kudos for carefully planning your trip to the comedy club.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here's what to do:
. . .
4. In the beginning, eat without distractions. Try eating alone. Turn off the TV, computer, and phone. Do this for at least three days in a row until you have become accustomed to eating slowly and noticing every bite. It's important to practice this skill even if you have to go out of your way - for example, by eating separately from your family for a few meals. But isn't it worth a few solitary meals if it means a lifetime of weight loss?
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 63.

08-14-2011, 10:19 AM
Good Moring Coaches

*credit weighed in and saw (-0.2lbs) = 278.7lbs
Huh. Again, what I *thought* would happen, didn't. I would be wise to remember that the next time I think I can predict that I'd "wrecked everything" and that I am going to gain weight so whatever.

Back to the tea room today. The weather looks gloomy right now. I wonder how many people will stop by?

Otherwise, this is a real crunch week for me. I have a sculptural piece to make for Saturday. I haven't started yet. I am making the same type of thing that I made last year for the same festival so I know that it'll take 8hrs to make one figure and I have 2 to do. That's two days IF it works out right the first time. Sunday I have another art festival and I have started a few more paintings for that show but not progressed any further than the charcoal sketches on the canvas. And for today I need to go dig out some stuff I want to place into the craft gallery which is attached to the tea room where I'll be today. As a guild member I have the oportunity to show and sell my work there and I happen to be sharing the work duties today with the member who is in charge of accepting work into the gallery so I have to get that done today.

So my plan today foodwise is to have a good breakfast and avoid the scones and the bread again today.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

08-14-2011, 10:34 AM
I had hoped for better scale results from a 100% on plan day. Oh well. I had fun writing yesterday, which, I suspect contributed to the 100% on plan. I'll try for that again today.

WI: +0.3kgs, Exercise: +45 540/1300 minutes and 11/33 miles for August, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

08-14-2011, 11:09 AM
Hi friends... yesterday was a good day! Seven friends and neighbors came over for the 'Garden Thin-out'. Folks came and worked hard helping to get the gardens looking great. Lots of digging & lots of friendship. Of course, we had a grand cookout too. I am so grateful for have wonderful friends who offered to come and help with this project. Some folks filled their car with many starts - I am glad of that, too.

The cookout was: Italian style chicken on the grill, my family's favorite brown rice, a platter of multicolored peppers/sliced tomatoes/fresh mozzarella (with a garlicy evoo drizzle on the side), garlic bread, and watermelon. I ate the chicken, rice, veggies, and watermelon. I am grateful for the willingness to plan and eat healthfully.

Today is rest and regular weekend things. Tonight we go to our favorite Chinese Restaurant for our cousin’s birthday celebration. I can get my favorite steamed Hong Kong Sea Bass. It is a healthy dinner. It will be a big group of 20 or more.

I am really liking the food tracker at Sparkpeople. I have tried them before and found it confusing and frustrating. However, it is going very well and gives my lots of information about the distribution of food components (calories, fats, salt, carbs, protein, fiber, calcium, etc) I find it to be helpful to know these. It’s a ‘fresh approach’ in the never ending ‘career’ of weight loss. The only downside is that the past days I have not written down my plan… it’s been in my head & I’ve considered my food tracker writing it down. Hello!! That’s backward Beck approach. It’s important to write down the plan!

I didn’t post yesterday - really busy and really tired in the evening. I want to commit to coming to touch base even on a tired/busy day - if only a sentence of two.

I have been weighing every day as Dr. Beck suggests - this was lovely when I quickly lost five pounds in 4 days - and then nothing for the next five days. I know it’s to become used to the daily fluctuations - I don’t know if that is possible. It makes me feel like I need to do ‘stuff’ to make the scale move. - extra fiber, diruetic tea,- this is unhealthy for me.

Billbe - well done on using that resistance muscle. Isn’t tomato season great?! Tomato sandwich sounds good. I really appreciated your Beck post today - such a good good reminder to slow down and the importance of making it a priority, too.

Lexxiss - credit for you making such a good choice at breakfast. You are right- it’s a little easier when NOT on a trip.

Tazzy - Credit for staying OP at the comedy and preplanning your strategy. Major kudo’s for passing up the samples! Everyone I know who does Zumba… loves it too. Glad you liked “The Help” too. Glad your goodie didn’t put you over for the day. I know what you mean.. it just feels better to have a goodie when it’s planned.

Onebyone - credit for passing up the zucinni bread and scones. I know that resisting something all day sometime ends up with me eating extra later, too. We are always working on the things… sigh.

Pam - You said: The one thing I will always remember from Beck skills is that the confidence I had lost in myself has been reaffirmed. That is a wonderful thing - it means so, so much. I agree - Beck helps us to forgive the past with food and concentrate on food sanity for today - and planning ahead for later. You said: ‘Food is ,well, just food. We can make peace with it if we realize its place in life. It is not our "friend, lover, aspirin for a headache, fix leaky faucets, bring justice to an unjust world or hankies for the blues". It is just food. It never was anything else. We just forgot. That's all. ‘ Very profound .. such a good reminder, thanks.

gardener joy - Sometimes you have to try it and see. It’s amazing that a kids meal is 700 calories. (I always remember you writing - don’t buy food from a place where you buy gas for your car.) Many good credits. - Kudo's for 100% on plan on Saturday.

Maryann - it is so nice that you are getting a needed resurgence of liking your work more. It’s always helpful when it happens. Kudo’s for planning and writing foods down.

Erika - YAY for a pound down. Good planning ahead for the tennis tourney. Yum.. Bean and kale sautee sounds good.

Trimommy - gotta love the dish soap technique! Major credit.

MissyJ - credit for mostly staying OP while in Chicago. It’s nice when you/we all can feel comfortable ordering healthy entrée that aren’t always a salad. It’s nice to have it as a backup when there’s nothing else, too. Major credit for using your Beck techniques and response cards when faced with stress.

Have a great day.

08-14-2011, 12:19 PM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

The scale went up a bit today but I'm pretty sure that's from eating dinner late. At least it's not up as far as it was ...
Made a new dish last night - Mediterranean Kale & Bean Sauté ... super healthy and my daughter ate it, so that counts as a winner in my book.
Today I have a barbecue at a friend's house - he's a colleague of my husband's - and they have promised to provide veggie burgers, so my plan is to have a veggie burger with no bun, salad (bringing my own dressing) and one glass of wine. No dessert unless it's fruit straight up with no sugar.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - your Sane Food Diet sounds very ... uh ... sane :lol: Great adaptation to the demands of travel!
maryann - love your insight - "This whole year has been about changing me (and not everyone else) to find peace." This is key!!
gardenerjoy - credit for your carryout experiment - will be interested to hear whether it sparks cravings for more. I know what you mean about wanting better results for being 100% OP! I keep telling myself that my weight is actually none of my business ... just my behaviour.
pamatga - love your thoughts on the proper place of food in our lives. Credit for all your good healthy behaviours!!
onebyone - well done resisting those scones and zucchini bread. Don't know if I would have been able to, LOL
Tazzy - you're doing great! Where are you in Alberta?
BillBE - Tomato sandwich week sounds awesome. My daughter brought home a tomato from the neighbours' that was the size of a kiddie basketball ... we made salsa out of half of it.
Beverlyjoy - I am so with you on wanting to affect that scale number. I think maybe it's like trying to control the weather. Perhaps the body just needs to adjust to lower weights before it drops even more ...

Wishing everyone an OP Sunday!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes
Qi Gong: no (Need to get back to that!!)

08-14-2011, 01:09 PM
Good MOrning Coaches: OP for most of the day. At about 4:00 I had a surge of BlUES. I really recognized it this time while it was happening. I ate to change the feeling but it was mostly healthy protein and then I was back on plan within 15 mins. Credit for getting better. It reminds me of the old story:
A man walks down the street and falls in a hole.
The man walks down the street and falls in the same hole.
The man walks down the street. Stops, looks at the hole and jumps in it.
The man walks down another street.

I think I am ready to walk down another street.

Pamatga: Credit for exercise even when it is uncomfortable. I am not one to endure being uncomfortable all that stoically. I am impressed when others do. It sets a good example for me.
onebyone: I am with you - there is no substitute for being of service. It is the best medicine.
MissyJ: I am a SoCAL girl who married a farmer girl up in Northern California. I never knew the delights of picking your own produce. At various times of the years (with no help from me) I pick pears, figs, rosemary, oranges - It is a blast.
BBE: I have also been trying to flex that Resistance muscle. I feel so much prouder of myself when my food is clean.
Lexxiss: Credit for food peace and feeling in control of your choices.
gardenerjoy: I was a little disappointed with my weigh in today as well. I have come to notice a pattern that every time I eat a veggie burger I gain a pound. HMMM but it could be similar to your green dinner so I will withhold judgment.
Beverleyjoy:What a terrific day with friends and family. Precious moments.
Eusibius: I have been putting a lot of emphasis on the little fluctuations of a daily weigh in. My new focus is to go back to treating it as info. I know going back to school when help me put the scale "in it's right place."

08-14-2011, 04:46 PM
hey everyone, just a quick one tonight - I don't really know where to start... something triggered me this weekend and i ended up having a really bad weekend of binge eating / off-plan eating... all was ok until saturday evening, then at a BBQ with friends i just ate way too much which carried on into today... don't really know what to think... i'm annoyed with myself but don't want to get into a cycle of self-loathing :(

Inspired by Erika i'm going to start a detox tomorrow, and hopefully my head will be a bit clearer and i can try to think about why i went so awry...

08-14-2011, 06:05 PM
First of all, thank you everyone who saw something out of my extended post. I guess, it seems like I have a lot to say about all of this but then I have been working at this since 1983 when I gained 50 lbs in under 4 months, went on some of the craziest diets back in the 80s which only shut down my metabolism with dire consequences (gall bladder surgery, infertility, depression,GI issues, to name a few), only to yo-yo back and forth until finally two years ago weighed in at my most heaviest. I have often felt like an archaelogist on "a dig". I want so much to believe that this is the "final countdown". I really do!

Great Job everyone, on dealing with what is directly in front of you, using the Beck skills to 'slay those dragons".

Stats for Day 6(yesterday) of my BLC Buddy Challenge:

**Benefit of logging my food: I can do a review of what I have had over the past day or week and make adjustments. Since I noticed earlier that my F/V were low, I tried to beef them up. We were low on groceries so I sent my DH with added instructions to load up on the green veggies. As you all know, I do have an organic garden plot in our community garden but that doesn't keep pace with what I feel I need. I need a bigger "plot".:(
**However, yesterday was better for both F/V: 4 servings of Veg:spinach/tomato, asparagus,mixed legumes, broccoli; and 3 servings Fruits:pineapple, strawberries and o.j.
**daily calories was 3114! (1014 + cal) sodium was (yikes!) 4449 mg 29 grams of fiber!!
---I do want to qualify that by saying everything I ate was very healthy--no processed foods, all organic, no added white sugar. Here was my meals just to give you an idea of how "well" I eat (and how difficult it is to stop!): B:omelet with spinach, fire-roasted tomatoes and feta cheese, fresh sliced strawberries, whole wheat bean muffins, L:repeat of those delicious bean muffins, Thai noodles with soy ginger sauce(there's the sodium culprit!) mixed with garlicy ground turkey, D: pineapple tomato chipolte salsa mahi mahi, brown rice, steamed asparagus and broccoli. No snacks! Not even chocolate.....

**it was my Day of Rest(I'm working out 6 days a week) so I could do a "Last Chance Workout" today before "officially" weighing in tomorrow. I "peeked" I was 262.2 lbs today so I have maintained the weight I've lost this past week. 6 lbs. (3 sodium induced from last weekend but 3 extra for real lbs from the past 6 days!)

**Today I am going to increase my reps with my hand weights.
--- So, now I will begin doing 2 sets of 15 reps with 3 lbs hand weights for my upper body. My lower body exercises will remain the same: 2 sets of 15 reps with added 5 lb ankle weights (I started that two weeks ago). I let my body tell me when it is time to increase the intensity. All of this takes 1 hour to complete since I am doing 14-16 separate exercises.

**Today, I will increase my time on the treadmill to 15 minutes at one session. My end goal is to do 30 minutes at one session. I do interval walking which simply put means varying the speed at which I walk-slow-fast-med-slow-fast,etc. (again, fast paced music really helps motivate! IMO)

**AS I have said before, I am doing all of this very carefully as I have a groin muscle that keeps giving me trouble and a very tight hamstring in my right leg, not to mention the pulled muscle in my upper right shoulder blade. I can get "obsessive" about exercising though too so I really have to hold myself back on all of this so I don't totally bench myself. (trading one obsession for another---it's the name of the game when it comes to addiction).

**And, finally, this is where posting here as often as I can keeps my mind clear and I can gauge by your reactions whether I need to take it down a notch or go full speed ahead. Bless all of you for the love and support that I feel in spite of my babblings.

Love you all Pam :grouphug:

08-14-2011, 06:47 PM
Good Afternoon Coaches & Buddies!

It's been a good day so far, have stayed on plan with breakfast and lunch and have picked new potatoes, carrots and beets from the garden to roast for dinner with orange roughy. Looking forward to it!

I asked my DH to come with me for a walk and he agreed so we checked out more of our neighborhood (we are in a new development and it's interesting to see all the landscaping that our neighbors are doing). It's quite warm here today +30C (92F) and unusual for us. Eusebius - I'm in Calgary,where in Southern Ontario are you? This will count as credit for my planned exercise today. May take the bike out after dinner if it cools off.

Tomorrow is my first weigh in for the week and I'm both excited and nervous about it. I know I have lost and will be in the 170's and that's what makes me nervous. Two years ago in August I got to 175 and bought a whole bunch of new clothes and decided I could do WW on my own. Well the following May I was joining up again as I had gained 10 pounds and the clothes were not fitting. I seem to be on that same track again and when I quit WW in March was at 178. Again the weight started creeping up and I refuse to let out the clothes so Aug 01 I got serious about it. I have a mental block weighing in the 170's or less and I think it's because my lowest recent weight was 165 in 2006 after having major surgery for a chronic disease for 10 years and maybe sub-conciously I attribute that weight to how my health was at the time. It's definitely a psychological thing I'll have to work through and I'm hoping to find some strategies in the book. If any of you have any suggestions I would be open to hearing them as well.

My Zumba muscles today are quite sore so I am thinking some stretches are in order before class again on Tuesday.

Alana in Canada
08-14-2011, 07:41 PM
Hello everyone.

Let me say I've just spent the last hour or so reading up on everyone's progress. Superchick--I hope you figure out what was your "trigger." Good for you for discovering it so soon--and being committed to your recovery. Way to go, girl!

I'll just say I've had a lousy weekend. I have no idea what's going on in my head. I'm behaving as if I'm not even watching my weight at all and I've never heard of Beck or food plans or anything.

My sleep is all topsy turvey. It's partly the heat--not used to it. So, last night the kids and I weren't in bed until 2am (me at 2:30) and of course no one was up much before noon. I really, really dislike this schedule. I feel like I'm wasting my life!

Got some news about my 13 year old son from a psychologist yesterday. Glad to have it. Still digesting.

I'm so glad you are all here and still trucking along.

08-15-2011, 07:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I did better resisting snacking, CREDIT moi. Better, not back to 100 percent. Drifting away from plan just a little does seem to lubricate the slope to drift away more. Good to be reminded of that.

onebyone - Yay for lots of art being created.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Neat that on plan writing correlates to on plan eating.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for having a DD who'll eat "Mediterranean Kale & Bean Sauté."

Beverlyjoy – Boy, did this grab my fancy, "a platter of multicolored peppers/sliced tomatoes/fresh mozzarella (with a garlicy evoo drizzle on the side."

maryann - Kudos for "back on plan within 15 mins" - seems like time to recovery is a key to success.

Pam (pamatga) – Congrats on six pounds gone - even if a few were water. And Kudos for so carefully planning your exercises for a gradual buildup.

SuperChick - Really clear thinking there - to get back on plan and avoid a round of self-loathing. It's like getting dunked by a wave; you climb back on board and catch the next one.

Alana in Canada - Ouch for kids up until 2am - Double Ouch that you're up also. Today appears to be the rapid recovery day on the Beck Thread - join the club and get back on track.

Tazzy - Like the thought of picking new potatoes from your garden - we've never grown them. Had to google 'orange roughy' - it's a sea perch for those not familiar. Kudos for using your walk to explore the neighborhood with your DH - makes it fun.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here's what to do:
. . .
5. Add back in distractions when you're ready. Try eating while watching TV, talking to a companion, or reading a magazine. See if you can alternate your focus from the food to the distraction and back again. If this task is too hard, go back to eating meals with no distractions and then try again at a later date. Keep practicing - it will get easier.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 63.

08-15-2011, 09:46 AM
Hello all! As BillBE just pointed out, it is rapid recovery day on the web - and I must admit that I need to join up myself. Not sure what triggered my moods this weekend, but I too took a break from everything. The only credit I can think of it that while I definitely over-ate, it was mostly healthy food since I took the Beck step of setting up my environment to the extreme, and I was too lazy to go get any real junk food!:o But the scale reflected my apathy and higher calorie count.

So back on track.........propping those ARCs on my desk. Packed a healthy lunch for the office. And trying my best to move forward without much dwelling. Reading everyone's posts has definitely given me a lot to think about it. Perhaps I should have tried that in the middle of my weekend funk...:D

Have a good day everyone!

08-15-2011, 09:51 AM
Morning guys, unsurprisingly after a day and a half of overeating, the scale is up – by almost 3lb!!!! I do not believe that this is all extra fat, as I did overate but I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat 10,000 calories yesterday… I hope it’s just water retention from eating processed foods…

Credits: I’m tired today but have started my detox. I went to the gym before work, weighed in, checked in, read my ARC.

Non-credit: after my morning weigh-in, the mixture of shock over the gain and tiredness meant that I accidently locked the loft key inside of the loft… hopefully my neighbour will be in later to lend me his so I can retrieve it… otherwise no weigh-in for me tomorrow morning… oops!

A lot to catch up on from over the weekend but I’ll try…

Alana – I know exactly how you feel. I felt like I’d regressed totally yesterday, just eating everything in sight! Feels good to be back on track today, I hope you’re getting back on track too :hug:

BBE – good work with the carrots – they’re probably my favourite snack, I love the crunch :)

Pam – I really liked you’re extended post; ‘it’s just food, it never was anything else, we just forgot’ very wise and it gave me food for thought, so to speak!

Erika – you sound so positive at the moment :D you’ll have to put the bean / kale recipe on the thread, it sound good

Maryann – good work on recognising the food cannot cure the blues… I find it tends to add to it, if anything…

Hello to everyone else that I’ve missed :wave:

08-15-2011, 09:56 AM
Sneaking in to say that, although I don't have time to post, I do read daily.

Bill's "Drifting away from plan just a little does seem to lubricate the slope to drift away more." It was very good for me to read that this morning, particularly since drifting has gained em five pounds in the last six weeks. It inspired me to finally change my prevaricating and procrastinating after several "Whee"kends!

Kudos to you all for the inspirational reading.

08-15-2011, 11:08 AM
Good Morning everyone!

Just a short note as it's my first day back from vacation and I have 63 emails to work through.

Had my first official WI this morning and down to 178, very happy with that as my starting weight on Aug 01 was 184.4. I know it won't be that much every week and I'm focusing on 5 pounds at a time.

Happy Monday!

08-15-2011, 12:49 PM
Hi Beckfolks - yesterday was right on track up until dinner. I had my dinner planned at the chinese restaurant and they didn't have any sea bass. I asked the waitress to substitute salmon. She said... no no no. I asked for suggestions for something lite... she kept saying they can control how spicy things are. She did not speak English well and was getting nowhere. There were 25 people watching order and I wasn't getting any where. So, I did find a seafood veggie dish all cooked with a wine sauce. Did not really taste very good. Way too salty. Next time I will go in the and ask the chef for what a want!!!!! (or ask the manager) LOL I am still mad about.... and I need to get over it!

I was frustrated and did eat a little extra when I got home. (You know - the chocolate milk and cold garlic bread way to fix it eating too much at a restaurant - LOL) Today is a new day. I will take my own in advice: You can't change the past or even predict the future... but, I can concentrate on getting through TODAY healthfully. I will drink extra was from all the salt.

I appreciate your support and encouragement.

Have a healthy and good day!!!

08-15-2011, 02:10 PM
I had another 100% day yesterday, yay! But forgot to weigh myself this morning. Not sure what was on my mind at that moment -- must have been interesting!

We did a side by side taste test of red watermelon and yellow watermelon (a variety called Yellow Doll). The yellow was sweeter, but less watermelony. They were beautiful together, though. Jewel colors!

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +50 590/1300 minutes and 13/33 miles for August, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

08-15-2011, 02:26 PM
GD everyone! Ruthxxxx, I remember you from other groups here on fatchicks. Great having you peek in to see how we are "conducting" ourselves. There is good energy, great words of wisdom and awesome fellow "Becksters". :grouphug:

Beverlyjoy It is very frustrating when a person puts so much into their plan to have someone who is not as committed to it unravel it. I agree---next time go to the manager and/or chef. In fact, I have a favorite Greek restaurant I like to go to and I am going to suggest to them or actually tell them that I really like to have chopped spinach, fire-roasted tomatoes and feta cheese all mixed up in my omelets. Who knows? They might end up adding our "suggestions" as regular items on their menus. If not, at least, we walked away a happy customer. If you are hesitant about doing this, we frequent Applebee's often. We prefer the one closest to us because they are just so open to suggestions regarding tweaking their existing menu. In fact, just recently when we once again asked for a change in the vegetable side from seasonal to all broccoli, the waiter said "No problem, that is the only way we do it any more". Since we know everyone there, I asked (sheepishly :o) "Could that be because people are always asking for all broccoli (not just us)?" and she said "Yes." [Note: it is also nice that we aren't made to feel 'weird' because we asked the food to be tailored to our needs either--big plus]

So, see, it doesn't hurt to speak up. Now, I am going to work on them with their "free appetizer with two steak dinners" special to include a garden salad instead of all the deep fried stuff. I mean, c'mon......

Stats for Day 7 BLC Buddy Challenge (yesterday):

**"Official Weigh In" 262.2 lbs exactly so I "released" 6 lbs and my understanding is it was last spotted floating down the Chatahootchee River. Fine with me. Good-bye and good riddance. TY Bill for noticing. Yes, the first couple were sodium "bloat" from the previous weekend but the rest was because I worked for them. I know I did.

**2491 cal. and 3041 mg sodium with 37 g of fiber.
**Walked 1.25 miles (use pedometer for accuracy)
**Did 15 minutes at 1.5 mph non-stop on treadmill rockin' to 60s music
**Did 2 sets of 15 reps for 7 upper body strength exercises and did 2 sets of 15 reps for 7 lower body exercises. I am currently doing 120 reps of 3 different ab exercises as well.

**3 servings of vegs split between tomato and spinach. Tried some pasta that s'posedly has 1 whole serving of vegetables in. I wouldn't buy it again. It just wasn't very tasty. I am not going to "spend" my precious calories on food that is yukky!! :nono:
**3 servings of fresh fruit: whole apple, cantalope from my organic garden [ok, I am proud of that:)] and strawberries.

Tip for Today or Any Day:
**Opt Out! I have Opted Out of Quitting.
**I am in this for the long haul, whether it takes me 10 months or 10 years, I am going to stay the course.

Words from Beck Diet Solution:

** NO CHOICE.[to fail]
**Say over and over to yourself, "I refuse to fail. I have NO CHOICE but to succeed."

(see you can look at NO CHOICE in two different ways. It just dawned on me today!-hey, I'm a blonde, cut me some slack)

**I have a plan. I will follow it -NO IFS, ANDS OR BUTS.

Great Job everyone in posting, being so supportive of each other, staying positive and sharing. There is no I in Team Work but there is YOU. YOU do make a difference!!

Peace and Love Pam:hug:

08-15-2011, 03:11 PM
Hi Coaches

I got up at 8am, rushed out to buy the material I need to make my sculptures this week (lots of packing tape) for this weekend's Lumiere Festival (a night-time celebration of light). I got what I needed and when I came home I made breakfaat for DH as he was procrastinating BIG TIME. He wanted to stay home as this week someone from his office is on holiday so he inherits their projects and then next week someone else is away and the same thing happens to him again. I asked him when his next week off is and reminded him to book the week of Halloween off for our 20th anniversary. I suggested a drive to Salem Mass. for our Halloween anniversary. It seemed to catch his interest.

But I digress.

So I got him off to work and then I... flaked out. I totally forgot to weigh in and truth be told, I too am on the "get back on plan" bandwagon. I got back from the tea room yesterday and DH wanted to go out for dinner. Turned out he got paid early and after two weeks of austerity measures we chowed down on chicken wings and flatbread. Yum. We were in one of the most enchanting small town main streets I've ever seen: Unionville. Huh. I was so surprised. It reminded me of several charming towns I've been in all rolled into one. We'll be back there again. DH took me to the Big Sugary Confection Place with all kinds of over the top sweet things and I... didn't want anything. Nothing. I was full, not overfull, and I just didn't want it. I wanted fruit. But then, in the grocery store, we saw an overthetop cake, with a $2 off sticker and it came home with us. Even this was consumed with moderation... at first. We ate our small piece (it was a 6" mini-cake) and agreed it was "so sweet" and put it aside. Then, 3 hours later, I wanted more and had another piece. Then this morning, after breakfast, I had to hold back before I ate the rest. I was halfway through the 2/3rds of the remaining cake, so I stopped and called DH at work to ask if he wanted cake when he got home cause I was about to eat it all, and he said yes, save me cake and now it's banished to the back of the fridge.

So. I did have food sanity, and then I got my cravings back. I have a slight tug towards the cake in the fridge but it's not big one. I did eat more than I have been for breakfast though, all in "substituting" or trying to avoid the cake. That was rattling around my brain as I searched to satisfy the cravings the cake elicited. I ate a pint of blueberries and a banana and 2 eggs and 1.5sl bacon hoping to kill the cake cravings. So. I'll be happy to see the cake go bye-bye tonight.

My dinner is sane and planned.
I will do a WATP workout sometime today before I go to bed.
I will drink my water today.
I will paint my paintings and start my sculptures today.

That's it. Thanks for being here coaches.

08-15-2011, 04:25 PM
Hi everyone. I didn't get a chance to check in this weekend, so I thought I'd better report on how it went and give myself some credit:

Saturday - Good Beck day. Got in 60 minutes of treadmill time, and stayed OP even though I went to a BBQ. Credit to me for bringing my own chicken breast skewers because I knew they were serving hot dogs and burgers and I wanted something healthier. I loaded up my plate with two different green salads, had a small portion of the potatoes my husband made, and ate my chicken. When the hostess brought out dessert, I had one piece (as I had planned) and that's all. Last time we had a BBQ at these friend's house, I ate sooo much, including several servings of dessert. Felt much better this time! I focused on the fun, and not on the food.

Sunday - Stayed OP with my eating 100%. I started reading my ARCs in the morning but got sidetracked and never got through them. No planned exercise because I always take Sunday off, although I did go for a little walk with the family.

Today - weighed in and saw a small gain for the first time since starting this. Disappointing, because yesterday I was only .4 from my first 5 pound goal, and now I'm .8 away. But I tried not to worry about it too much. I've been doing well and the numbers will reflect that in the long run. Great exercise today. Did 4.5 miles on the treadmill, with 2.5 miles of that running. Feels good to be back running a bit, although I'm a long way from where I was a year ago. I might also go for a bike ride later, depending on when the hubby gets home from work.

More credit for today... today was my husband's first day back at work (he's a teacher), and the principal put together a BBQ lunch for the faculty and their families. I knew there would be zero healthy choices, so I ate before I went over and didn't eat a thing while I was there. I just socialized.

So things are going well. I'm kind of worried though because whenever I commit to being healthy/dieting/etc. I tend to be very focused and on track for a week or two, then I lose my motivation and go back to my old ways. I'm hoping that it will be different this time, because Beck truly is a completely different approach then I've ever taken before. Still, I'd welcome any advice on how to maintain motivation and keep going strong long term.

08-15-2011, 04:52 PM
Hi Coaches!

We are back from vacation and now it's time to enjoy our vacation from the family. Whew! We do have fun but we have varied interests, personalities, food needs and different levels of physical activity. It's certainly a test of patience for every one of us to bend a little to make things work. Yesterday food had many twists and the end result was sane. I had my green smoothie and helped pack a healthy picnic lunch for our drive home. Come lunch it was pouring so we decided to drive on and snacked on some healthier corn chips. 7 hours in I had a piece of the healthy rhubarb cake. We arrived home and had to p/u the dog which was another hour drive RT. I passed many pizza places on the way home and decided to make my own anyway. Conclusion: Sane Day *credit* especially for returning with leftover chips and making my own dinner.

I'd like to get caught up with you all...I've also got unpacking to do (I had to prepare for my yoga class I taught this morning). I'm going to get organized and I'll be back. I need to sit down, too, and reorganize my food plan.


08-15-2011, 09:20 PM
Hello all! Just checking in. I had a rough week last week (seems it was a theme!) but I recovered and was down 2lbs today! :) One more week and hopefully I'll be down 20!! I absolutely love the Beck tips and find that what she talks about definitely goes on in my head! I listened to day 20 today (I think) where she talks about straying from plan, and not ruining the whole day because of it. She says it's absolutely natural that we "fall off the wagon" once in a while because no one's perfect. Just draw a line and decide to start over. Pretty awesome stuff!!
I downloaded a motivational book this weekend to help get me through the last month of this deployment, so that helped me have a refreshed attitude and keep up the intense working out and calorie counting! I'm feeling good and finally getting some comments on the weight loss, so that is really awesome. It sounds like today was a great day for everyone to get back on track, so here's to another good week!!

Alana in Canada
08-16-2011, 02:14 AM
Hello everyone!

So pleased and encouraged by everyone's progress--and getting back on the wagon.

Had my first root planing and scaling appointment today. Came home frozen up to my eyeballs--and for some reason I had totally forgotten to plan! It's no fun to come home starving and unable to chew! Glad I had some yogurt on hand!

So, as I have another three of these appointments to look forward to, I've researched "soft" foods and I've made up my food plans for those days when all I want are soft food options. as BBE says, credit moi.

I've also made up my food plan for tomorrow-- before I went to bed!!

I had been doing it when I woke up in the morning--but that's been sliding into trying to write down what I'd eaten by supper time. :o

Inspired by all your talk of putting beans in brownies, pamatga, I got a book out of the library today called"The Sneaky Chef," by Missy Chase Lapine. Her method is to have you prepare different vegetable (and fruit) purees in advance and put them into recipes as you make them. For example, her brownies have the "purple"puree (blueberries and spinach) and a flour blend (made up of white flour, whole wheat and some wheat germ).

I'm actually curious to try the "orange" blend (sweet potatoes or yams and carrots) with macaroni and cheese.

Enough. Thanks for listening to me blather on!

08-16-2011, 05:36 AM
Hey Becksters, not much to tell here – Day 1 of the detox went well, and when I got on the scale this morning I was down 1.2lb from yesterday! (after retrieving the loft key from my neighbour..) Pretty sure some of that is water weight but it’s all good. Not enjoying having to put my ticker up after yesterday but I am refusing to have an emotional attachment to this little flashing number on the box (repeats to self; it’s just information, it’s just information :goodvibes)

Credits: weigh in, check in, read ARC, pushed myself out of my comfort zone at skating last night, biked to work, hit the gym before work

Having friends over for food tonight, but I’m making so I can control what goes in :D

Have a lovely Tuesday all, and well done to everyone that’s finding their way back to Beck after a few little ‘diversions’ last week :grouphug:

08-16-2011, 06:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was better at the snacking, CREDIT moi, although not yet 100% back to plan. Went to Whole Foods because I wanted a super quick dinner. Made wise choices from their buffet, CREDIT moi. In particular, I had one slice of their juicy roast beef after the woman in front of me took four!!! Seeing that sorta slapped me upside the head as a reminder that it's easy to overeat.

onebyone - Kudos for taking the proactive step of calling your DH so you weren't tempted to finish the cake. (Be warned - Salem, Massachusetts is where strong, independent minded women were deemed witches and burned.)

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Good to hear that yellow watermelon is tasty. Now I gotta go find an occasion to use 'watermelony' is a casual conversation, LOL.

Ruthxxx - LOL at "Whee"kends! Kudos for addressing "prevaricating and procrastinating" and thanks for increasing the average size of the words used on this thread.

Beverlyjoy – Interesting that when you don't get what you want at a restaurant, it's easy to feel the need to eat more when you get home.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Finishing up a long drive with chips left over is worthy of Kudos for sure.

Pam (pamatga) – Thanks for, "I have Opted Out of Quitting" - I can use that one.

SuperChick - Scale up; scale down. Yep, " it’s just information, it’s just information."

Alana in Canada - Ouch for dealing with dental stuff. Kudos for seeing that you can use your no-chewing time to work on different foods.

Oriana (ovwgirl) - Kudos for getting an inspirational book to work on a "refreshed attitude" - can't beat that for helping stay the course.

missyj - Kudos for packing a healthy office lunch; the office is a place that offers many Sabotaging Thoughts that off plan eating is OK.

TriMommy - Stellar job twice in social situations with food. Kudos for doing the hard stuff. Yep, the Beck strategies are good for the long run.

Tazzy - Congrats on those six pounds gone. Too many emails is a well known pain.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here's what to do:
. . .
6. Figure out how to sit down in each situation - or just don't eat. If you were on crutches, you would have to find a place to sit, whether you were at a cocktail party, street fair, or supermarket that offered free samples. If there just isn't a place to sit, wrap up the food and take it home. Or skip eating altogether. If your goal is permanent weight loss, you can't afford the luxury of eating while standing. You must break the habit.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 63.

08-16-2011, 09:06 AM
Hi Coaches!

Getting back here didn't happen because DH notified me of a seminar we needed to attend...which screwed up the food plan, too. My best effort last night was picking healthiest choice of a frozen pizza and adding all my ingredients at home.*credit* for making my best choice. I still haven't been to the store since our return home. I have some unfinished reports/paperwork which have come to the top of my priority list. I'm going to sign off here and get one phase done before heading to the pool. I acknowledge my eating is better when I clear the desk of unfinished business.

BillBlueEyes, yay for wise choices at WF buffet! Keep working that resistance muscle with those snacks! I'm still remembering "this too , shall pass."

Oriana(ovwgirl), great news on your WL! Kudos for using your Beck readings to persist through your last month of deployment.

TriMommy, I smiled...reading that you brought your own meat to the BBQ. I am doing that too, knowing I want something healthier. How nice to reflect on such an improvement from the last BBQ, too.

onebyone, great job getting back on track after the cake thing, planning a sane dinner, workout, water and artwork.

Pam(pamatga), l love your "Tip for Today or Any Day"! *credit* and thanks for taking time and such attention to detail.

gardenerjoy, yay for 100% days!

Ruthxxx, hoping the "Whee"kends slow down for you!

Beverlyjoy, ouch for the Chinese restaurant not having your Sea Bass! I know from experience how hard it is to effectively communicate there. Yay for coming up with a plan for next time.

SuperChick, yes, the flashing red lights are just information. Great job with lots of exercise and a plan for dinner tonight.

Alana(in Canada), great job planning ahead for those soft food days! I posted a reliable recipe for bean brownies on the Beck recipe thread. I've found them very satisfying without using any flour.

missyj, great job stepping right back into a plan which includes your ARC's after your weekend detour. I do think that overeating better foods IS a step forward….even baby steps count.

Tazzy,yay for an acceptable scale reading after your vacation. It sounds like you made some good choices while away.

I have to travel tomorrow and we're taking our neighbor kids to the pool today. Their parents never take them and they're very excited. Kinda screws up my work schedule but I'm going to try to "be present" reminding myself how much this means to them. My Beck task for today will be to get several days of menus planned. It sure helps, especially when I'm so busy.

08-16-2011, 09:17 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

I have had a rough couple of days. Sunday was fine until the wine started being poured. I had way too much and consequently my defenses were down and I binged. Clearly I need to eliminate alcohol from my diet for now, and I'm cutting back on coffee as well.
Yesterday I ate normally, but the scale went even further up than it had the day after overeating. Needless to say that was frustrating. Sigh ... I wonder if weighing every day is such a good idea, or what I can really do about these ups & downs. I know Dr. Beck says it's just information, but is it useful information?
Thanks for all your support ... it means a lot.

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes
Qi Gong: short session

08-16-2011, 12:00 PM
Good Morning Coaches & Buddies,

Had a good day yesterday, stayed OP almost 100%, a couple of ju-jubes candies called my name but I only answered to 2 of them. Credits for preparing my work environment now that I'm back there, read my ARC twice, other cards twice, ate slowly and credited my behaviors. Missed spontaneous exercise yesterday but for my planned exercise used the elliptical machine and treadmill in the basement. Figured if I really needed to watch trashy reality TV shows at least I should be moving around.

Today I am on day 12 - practice hunger tolerance. I have a question for those who have completed this step. Dr Beck says to eat breakfast and then hold off until dinner. I usually eat 5 - 6 small meals through the day with snacks at about 10:30am and 3pm. Do I plan to skip those as well? My concern on this one is I tend to get really light-headed or headaches when I don't eat often enough. I'm willing to do the task just concerned. Or maybe that's resistance to trying??

Have a good day!

08-16-2011, 09:25 PM
Hi Becksters - yesterday was a challenge but today is much better. I am grateful. Been running around taking my mom to appointments today and one for me. I am checking in to say that I am aiming to be doing much more Beck tasks. I went out to eat with my mom and read my advantage card for going out to eat. Credit.

08-16-2011, 11:57 PM
Good evening to all.
Adjusting to being back to work. The good part is food is always easier. I pack all the food for the day the nite before. Then All I have to do is cook dinner for the boys. Speaking of dinner a victory in that department. We have always had a "try it 9 times rule" in our house for DS. Tonite he asked for second helpings of my split pea soup. It is very healthy ( even with some homemade bacon bits on top.) What I wouldn't give for him to become a healthy eater as an adult. He is one now. Last nite he asked for seconds of zucchini.:)
So for me. OP exercise is still a little behind and I won't catch up this week. DH is working three nites. I won't see him till Sat.
I hear Eusibius and Superchick and the frustrations of weighing after some off plan days. I go back and forth on daily weighing but I do it anyway. Something must be working if I have kept the weight off for a year.
In the healthy add ins department which Alana and Pamatga are talking about: Although certainly not the most healthy - you can add a can of black beans processed up to a box of brownie mix and nothing else. Then cook as directed. It is tasty. Also under "health-IER" Add a can of pineabpple with juice to an angel food cake.

08-17-2011, 12:10 AM
Is the 3FC site acting up for anyone else? I had trouble a couple of days ago and again today. Anyway, here's what I wrote this morning and can finally paste in.

I forgot to weigh myself again this morning. I've already put a post-it note reminder for tomorrow -- three days in a row would be a trend and I don't want that!

The food plan went haywire yesterday, but I ate the sorts of things that I would have planned had I known that needed to be the plan.

Two years ago yesterday was my first post in the Beck threads on 3FC. That's an amazing thing to me. Before this, the longest I had stuck to anything was five weeks!

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +0 590/1300 minutes and 13/33 miles for August, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

eusebius: for me the daily weighing, like the daily posting, mostly just keeps me in the game. When I stop doing them, I start letting things slip. Do you graph your weight? That helps me a lot because I can see the downward trend even when the day-to-day weights seem frustrating.

Tazzy: do you have an underlying medical problem that causes light-headedness and headaches? If so, you'll probably want to skip the hunger experiment. If you don't think so, it might be interesting to do the experiment, with the tracking just to see how much of that you really have. You can always abort the experiment part way through the day and will have learned something about your body. Most of us discover that the symptoms we believe we have from not eating are much less noticeable than we think they will be ahead of time. I'm not sure what to do about your 5 to 6 meals. Hmmm. Maybe tweak the experiment to something like no food between 9am and 6pm and plan to eat, say, 4 of your mini-meals outside of that time slot.

Alana in Canada
08-17-2011, 02:13 AM
I just popped in to say, hello. I'm reading all of you! Hope to get some time for personals in the morning.

I have my food planned for tomorrow. (2x in a row now.) Go me. :carrot:


08-17-2011, 03:04 AM
This will be late except for when Bill posts and then it will be early. I too had trouble on Tuesday trying to log on. I started at 1 p.m. and kept trying until 9 p.m. then I watched some t.v. and returned around 1 a.m. Wednesday. I was able to get on other websites and I rebooted my computer so I am not sure what the deal was.

Stats for Day 8 BLC Challenge(Monday):

**with the pumped up activity, I have been averaging over 10 hours of sleep each night. I have really felt more tired since increasing the intensity of my work-outs.
**2140 cal (40+ over-best yet!) 2968 mg sod (under is good) 31 g of fiber
**walked 2.0 miles (use pedometer for accuracy)
**After I weighed in yesterday, I realized how close I was to breaking 260 lbs so I decided that I am going to implement one other P--push myself--and see if I am able to get to 259 something by next Monday. It may not happen but I won't know unless I try, right? SO..... I decided on non-strength workout days I will do two sessions on my treadmill "just to see if I could". So, yesterday, I did one 15 minute session in the afternoon and one 10 minutes session in the evening---at 1.5 mph. Scales rewarded me again with another 1.5 lb lose.
**2 servings of strawberries (they will spoil if I don't eat them up soon) 2 servings of banana (it was a big one!)
**1 total servings of mixed green peppers, mushrooms and onions, 1 each of celery and baby carrots (one of my favorite snacks these past couple of months)Drizzled with lite ranch dressing, they have all the crunch my jaws like.

Stats for Day 9 (Tuesday):
**2219 calories with 25 g of fiber 2228 mg sodium (lowest so far!)
**scheduled day for strength exercises (takes about 1 hour to complete both upper and lower body)
**15 minutes on treadmill at 1.5 mph.
**3 servings of V: beans and carrots, 2 servings of F:apple, strawberries.
**shared with BLC Buddies the "Anti Craving Strategies" from Beck Diet Solution (pink edition)(paying it forward is one of the P's of the challenge)

Some have already shown enough interest in the BDS to check it out on the web. P.S. I get 10%, BILL, if anyone new joins from BLC.

I'll check in later. Thrill of the day! See ticker!! I have lost 8 lbs in 9 days. I am thoroughly exhausted but happy as a lark. Beck + BLC= Happy Pam!!

08-17-2011, 05:47 AM
Morning guys, all well here. 2 OP days in a row, including a lovely dinner with friends where I didn’t overeat, I ate till I was satisfied which was a nice feeling :D

Daily weigh-in: -1.8lb! Detox is obviously doing something… 3lb in 2 days! i'm pretty sure something will have to give but i'll enjoy it while it lasts :lol:
Credits: weighed in, checked in, read ARC got up early to go swimming before work, planned meals, ate until satisfied.

BBE – it’s always interesting seeing what other people put on their plates!

Debbie – Good job on taking the neighbours kids swimming – what a very nice thing to do and a very generous use of your time

Erika – I know what you mean about the scale information. I was so dubious at first about weighing everyday. Like beyond dubious. This doesn’t usually work for me but I tried it with an open mind and it’s kind of working. I no longer have that feeling of excitement / nervousness / disappointment that used to come when i stepped on the scales on a Monday (weekly weigh-in day), and the resulting number on the scale doesn’t affect how I eat throughout the day as it used to. Don’t forget, that little number is not how fat or thin you are, it is a snapshot at that time and is made up of bone / fat / MUSCLE / water / undigested food. You get back on the scale in an hour and the number will be different… another snapshot… the number doesn’t define you. You are doing good beck work; the rest will take care of it's self.

Tazzy - good work combining the trashy tv with a workout!

Beverlyjoy – credit for such determination – good luck with the extra Beck tasks.

Maryann – you must be so pleased that your DS is making healthy choices and enjoying them – you are laying good foundations for him :)

Gardenerjoy – happy Beckday! Credit for sticking to beck :strong:

Pam – 8lbs in 9 days is massive! You must be so pleased :)

08-17-2011, 06:50 AM
Hi Coaches!

Food was off yesterday...not horrible, and I did make some"better choices". Reason: exhasuted, no plan and an "empty cupboard". I have to travel again this morning. I'm leaving our Western locale stopping to p/u sis and mom then heading all the way to Denver Intl. to put sis on the plane. Theoreticfally, we could come back today but that's too much. We'll probably spend two nights and return early Friday morning. Exercise is always good...I absolutely have to get back into the planning mode.

Tazzy, I agree with gardenerjoy, if you have a medical condition that you feel would not synch with the hunger experiment you need to honor that. Otherwise, I can say that many others who have tried have been very amazed to find that "if necessary" that hunger is not an emergency. I occasionally find myself in the situation where the best planning just doesn't work out and I've chosen to just get through it rather than eat off plan foods.

Take care coaches!

08-17-2011, 07:51 AM
3FC Site Outage Yesterday, Tuesday, Aug 16 - happened, so connection wasn't your computer's fault.

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Dinner was a burrito on the way to see the Red Sox. Ouch for the loss to the Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays; CREDIT moi for leaving most of the tortilla. Lots of walking and stair climbing to get to Fenway Park by subway, CREDIT moi.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Happy Second Anniversary posting on the Beck Threads on 3FC with Kudos for sticking to this way.

Erika (eusebius) - My take is that daily weighing is useful, but that learning to ignore the scale jiggles is required and takes effort.

Beverlyjoy – Kudos for reading your Advantages Card before going to eat with your mom.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yep, sticking to the eating plan is easier when other unfinished business is taken care of.

maryann - Keeping my fingers crossed that your DS will remember his healthy eating tastes after his (hopefully brief) burgers and fries teenage rebellion days.

Pam (pamatga) – Congrats on those 8 pounds gone forever.

SuperChick - Kudos for "I ate till I was satisfied."

Alana in Canada - Yep, Kudos for two straight days of food planning.

Tazzy - The normal hunger tolerance test is to skip eating from breakfast to dinner. However, Dr. Beck is explicitly clear that the test shouldn't be performed by anyone whose medical condition would be stressed. The key benefit of the task, IMHO, happens when you discover that you're hungry for about an hour and then it goes away. Seem like you could get this by skipping lunch only, using your morning and afternoon snacks to avoid the headaches and light headedness.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here's what to do:
. . .
7. Your only exception should be tasting food while cooking. Take small tastes - and only when you really have to. Eating more than necessary is an unhealthful habit, and it's just not worth spending calories this way. Starting in Stage 2, every bite you eat while cooking is one less bite you will be able to have when you are sitting down eating your meal.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 64.

08-17-2011, 09:23 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Went to bed at 9:30 last night. That really helped. I am still a bit foggy but also, strangely, more focused. And the scale went back down, which is encouraging.

Today: setting up the website for our meditation group; a singer coming for coaching; a flute exam; and my prodigy clarinetist coming for a piano lesson. Variety - I love it! Hoping to make a batch of vegan chili for dinner.

Thanks everyone for your supportive words about the scale - this group is really the best :grouphug:

Tazzy - kudos for a great day full of Beck tasks. I was worried about the hunger exercise too, but I found that I was OK.

Beverlyjoy - great job keeping the Beck tasks going on your busy days!

maryann - it does feel good to have healthy routines, doesn't it. I would love to taste your split pea soup. (Reminds me of that kids' book - George and Martha)

gardenerjoy - I had trouble with the site last night too. Congrats on 2 successful years! I do have software that graphs my weight, and you're right, it does help.

Alana - :wave:

pamatga - Beck & BLC seems to be a winning formula for you. It is nice to see the Beck gospel being spread!

SuperChick - Great job on your 2 days of detox so far and congrats on 3 lb!!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - It is so challenging to plan when you're on the road. It sounds like you are making the best choices possible and that's all anyone could ask!!

BillBE - Too bad the Sox lost ... could be worse ... you could be a Jays fan (Major OUCH!) You are so right about the effort required to ignore scale jiggles. I will be doing that in future.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no
Qi Gong: no

08-17-2011, 10:51 AM
Hi Coaches

My internet is down at home. So annoying. So here I am at the Starbucks again. I bought, and ate, a biscotti here too this morning. I am drifting offtrack and the stressor is my upcoming trip to Ottawa for two shows this weekend. I am working on my packing tape sculpture for the Lumiere Festival and I am also adding to my stock of paintings for the Womens' Art Festival the day after in Kingston. I haven't worked out where I am staying yet. I keep trying to reach my brother but have had no luck.

*credit to weighing in yesterday and today. The results? A 0.7lb gain yesterday and a further 1.5lb gain today = 2.2lbs up to 280.something... don't remember now... 280.9 maybe. I did not get my WATP workouts in. I did eat more sugar and I did have a very very salty dinner last night where I threw together many things to create a stew but most of the elements were from pre-packaged goods and we all know that = salt salt and more salt.

Nevermind these PAST forays into he foodstuffs. I have time to turn this around beforre my Official Friday weighin. In fact, I have some uberhealthy food in the fridge so I will focus on the healthy and the fresh and drinking my water and getting my sculpture made!

Better go. Almost 10am. Time to get to work.

08-17-2011, 12:20 PM
Good morning Beck friends!

Report for yesterday (Tuesday): Weighed in and saw a 1.4 loss on the scale, which put me below my first 5 pound loss goal. Yay! Stayed OP with my eating throughout the day. For exercise, I went to the rec center with a couple of friends to do a toning workout. Had a good workout, then headed out to the pool to visit with another friend. The pool was pretty empty, so we ended up jumping in and playing in there for a while (still in our full workout clothes). I’m sure we were a sight to see – three 30-something, fully-dressed moms splashing around, going down the slides, jumping off the diving board. It felt good to be silly and playful for a change. We all need a break from being grown-up now and then!

Today I saw a little increase on the scale (up 0.4). Not surprising after yesterday’s loss, so I’m not too worried about it. I’m still below my first five pound goal and feeling good about things. Looking forward to staying OP today and practicing all my Beck skills. Lots to do today as the kids go back to school tomorrow. I must say, I’m ready for them to go back so I can get back into some semblance of routine and order. Fortunately, they’re all excited and ready to go back too.

Question for all you smart people – What do you do when you’re going to a party or other social situation and you’re not sure what will be served? How do you plan for that? Tomorrow I’m going to a back-to-school mom breakfast, and I know there will be lots of tasty, unhealthy foods there to tempt me (but I don’t know any specific items that will be served). Right now my plan is to 1. Eat a little something before I go so I’m not starving (and read my ARC); 2. Only drink water (no caloric beverages); 3. Take small servings, choosing the healthiest options possible; 4. Use my Beck resistance techniques to resist anything particularly evil and tempting; 5. Fill up my plate only once, and don’t go back for more of anything; 6. Focus on the fun and the socializing, rather than the food.

onebyone – Good luck with your sculpture and upcoming shows! It sounds like you’re very talented.
eusebius – That’s great that the scale went down today!
SuperChick – Yay for successful detoxing!
pamatga – You’re doing great! I’ve Sounds like you have quite a day planned. Add you to the list of talented and creative people in this group!
pamatga - You're doing great! I've enjoyed reading about your BLC challenge.
Tazzy – I too am hesitant to do the hunger experiment. Because I’m nursing an exclusively breastfed baby, I don’t think it would be good for me to go that long without food. I do think that I will experiment with skipping some snacks and stretching the time that I go between eating, so that I can prove to myself that hunger isn’t an emergency.

Fussy baby needs a nap now. Catch you all later!

08-17-2011, 12:37 PM
Good morning everyone!

Thanks for all the suggestions on my hunger experiment question. As it happened yesterday my usual lunch at 11:30am (I could set my watch by my stomach!) was delayed as I had some unexpected stuff happen at work. I didn't actually eat lunch until 1:30pm and found that the hunger did fade and it was not an emergency. I still want to try for the full day between breakfast and dinner and will plan a day for that. It might be easier at home where I have more physical things that can occupy my time than sitting at my desk. I don't have a underlying medical condition that I am aware of, I just know when my blood sugar levels drop.

Otherwise my day was pretty good, had a massage followed by Zumba, I know probably the wrong order, and it all happened quite quickly after work so my downfall was not having something prepared for dinner when I got home at 8pm. I went into the pantry with the idea of Popcorn Indiana Chipin's and some salsa and decided maybe a bowl of cereal would be a better choice. It was until I decided some rice crackers would be good as well. Credit for the 60 minute Zumba class in a very hot community centre (I'm sure it's the equivalent to doing hot yoga which I have never tried) and realizing that hunger is not an emergency. Also read my ARC twice and added more response cards.

I saw a great quote yesterday and once I can add my ticker I'll include it there as well. "Forget will power; it's all about WANT-power. How badly do you want it."

Credits to everyone and all the successes you have experienced lately.

08-17-2011, 01:08 PM
Yay! I remembered to weigh myself. And got to see a 2+ pound loss!

WI: -1.1kgs, Exercise: +85 675/1300 minutes and 15/33 miles for August, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

TriMommy: your plan for your social outing sounds excellent. My plan usually includes "focus on the veggies" but that's a bit harder when it's a breakfast, but you never know. Also, instead of "small" servings, I usually put "tiny" servings in my plan. That reminds me that just a bite or two is often enough to feel like I got a satisfying taste of something without getting too many calories.

Alana in Canada
08-17-2011, 04:37 PM
Hello Beckies!

Had to return the pink book to the library--got out the green book. You know, I think I might actually enjoy it more! We'll see. It's sort of like starting all over again which at the moment seems like a good thing. ;)

scale showed a 0.6 drop since Sunday's weigh-in so I'm happy. It was zigzagging all over the place--sort of like my eating. Imagine that!

Tazzy-- Yesterday I made a big pot of bean soup (added some extra sweet potato to boost the veggie content) and I decided to freeze four one cup servings for myself so I can just throw something in the microwave for myself. (I'm home all day and I miss the convenience of just throwing macaroni in the pot or something breaded into the oven for lunch). Perhaps that's something you'd like to do, too? Just to have something on hand for those nights when you know you won't have time to fix anything. (Though one of the fastest and simplest meals I do is take the box of Highliner frozen sole and put the fish directly into the oven topped with 1/2 can of tomatoes and basil, rice in the rice cooker and frozen spinach or beans cooked in the microwave.)

gardener joy--congrats on the loss!

TriMommy--your plan sounds good. Do you have the book? Do you have time to re-read what Beck has to say about it? Read some of your cards beforehand for sure.

onebyone--rats for your internet being down at home. These trips sound like they cause you a TON of stress. Are they worth it? What would be the worst thing that would happen if you never went on these trips? I don't know what to say. If you absolutely must do them, then how can you make them plesant? Is there music you can play--or an audiobook--something that would be a "treat'? Can you reward yourself with something indulgent (other than food, of course) after these trips? Something to look forward to? Have you had time to look into a support group for coping with your Mom? :hug:

eusebius--kudos for an early night! Sounds like you have a wonderful sound full day happening! :wave: (Thanks. He makes me smile.)

BillBE--good for you for negotiating fenway and the subway. I find the Subway intimidating. :o

Lexxiss--boo for the empty cupboard. Remember to eat well while you travel, my friend!

Pamatga--Oh my, you have been quite active and busy. My goodness. Congrats on your effort!

Superchick--congrats on 2 days OP! :carrot:

I'm spending my day decluttering so we can see the surfaces again. Good stuff.

08-18-2011, 05:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had my regular afternoon snack, CREDIT moi, which I had been avoiding because the toaster is on the third floor and I have my snack outside on the patio. Ouch that I gobbled some additional snacks to counter the normal, low level tension of the continuing project. Lunch was a monster tomato sandwich from our garden. Just loving the bounty.

onebyone - Ouch for the tension of finding a place to stay in Ottawa and having to create more works. Here's to "uberhealthy food" to get you back on track.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for the reminder, "just a bite or two is often enough to feel like I got a satisfying taste of something."

Erika (eusebius) - Is there any instrument that you don't play or teach, LOL? Yay for happy scale movement. [Ouch for a difficult season for the Toronto Blue Jays, but Yay for a win last night.]

Alana in Canada - Look forward to your thoughts about the difference between the green and pink Beck books. I like the idea of having frozen single-servings of bean soup ready in the freezer.

TriMommy - Silly is the best antidote to the constant pressures of parenting - Yay for remembering that you can still do it. My take is that you're doing just the right thing preparing for a social event where you don't know in advance what food will be served. Your plan can lead you through the evening. My weakness is the walking appetizers; I want to grab them like I'll never see food again.

Tazzy - Love the quote, "How badly do you want it." Yep, Kudos for Zumba in a hot community center.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here are some additional tips I have learned from dieters:
Allison puts a yellow star shaped sticky note on the dining table to remind herself to eat slowly. When she finds herself eating too quickly, she stops eating, traces the star with her finger, and slows down. Even when she is out to dinner, she often inconspicuously traces an imaginary star on her place mat to remind herself to slow down.
. . . . . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 64.

08-18-2011, 07:01 AM
Another rainy Aberdeen morning :p On Day 4 of the detox, and despite eating less yesterday than the day before, the scale went up 1lb this morning. Oh well. I’m sure it’ll sort itself out by the end of the week.

Credits: weighed in, checked in, gym this morning, biked to work, planned for the day, read ARC.

We are away camping for the weekend with boyf’s family (they are then coming to visit us for the first part of next week). We will be travelling tonight so I have already packed my tea (detox salad) and snacks (fruit and carrot sticks). I know I am going to have to be extra vigilant this weekend as I’ve put in so much hard work this week I don’t want to ruin it all with a weekend of unplanned eating. So I guess I’ll follow gardenerjoy’s advice of focusing on the veggies and I’m going to have to try to be strong :strong: and remember when I’m facing down a packet of biscuits (that's if I get a look in before boyf and his younger brother, :lol:) would I rather be thinner? Yes please!

Debbie – Ouch for ‘exhausted, no plan and an empty cupboard’ – sending positive thoughts your way :goodvibes

BBE – credit for leaving some of the burrito – when it’s yummy food like that it can be hard! Yea for garden bounty!

Erika – glad you’re feeling more focused. Are you vegan or do you just eat vegan foods some of the time? You are so talented with all of these instruments!

Onebyone – credit for ‘uberhealthy foodstuffs’ and the determination to turn things around before Friday.

Trimommy - :woohoo: for the first 5lb down :D also, you’re plan for the food related event sounds good, especially the filling the plate up once. I might steal that idea for myself ;)

Tazzy – yea for ‘want power’ :strong:

Joy – woop woop for the -2lb!

Alana – yea for 0.6lb loss and for clearing the clutter… feels so much better! Interesting about the two books, I might see if my library stocks the green one…

I may try to get back later, but otherwise i'll be away from technology (yippee!) for the next 3 days. Have a good, positive and healthy Beck Weekend everyone!

08-18-2011, 09:09 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Still pretty tired, but I really like the feeling of not much caffeine in my body. No growling stomach sure makes it easier to stick to my plan. This morning I have to play for a saxophone exam and then I have the morning off, so a nap may be in order ... LOL, I don't actually play all those other instruments - just the piano accompaniments ;)

Tried a new kind of veggie burger last night - a "mushroom rice burger" that was only 90 calories. Tasty. My daughter loved it too. Tonight I'm making a 5-ingredient vegan chili - will probably have it going in the crockpot all afternoon. Love those crockpot scents!
Scale went down again to a new low number. Happy to see that. But I will endeavour not to focus on it too much.

onebyone - ((((Hugs)))) - I can understand being stressed out about these big events. Great that you have some healthy stuff on hand to fall back on foodwise.

TriMommy - Yay for reaching your first 5-lb goal!! Love the story of you all playing in the pool together. That's the kind of spirit we could all use more of!

Tazzy - Cool that you learned that hunger isn't an emergency! Credit also for "Hot Zumba" - you may have a get-rich-quick scheme on your hands there ;)

gardenerjoy - Yay for a 2 lb loss!!

Alana - Let us know what you think of the green book! I've never read it. Yay for 0.6 gone!

BillBE - Ouch for extra tension related snacks but yay for fresh tomato sandwiches.

SuperChick - Yep, I'm sure the 1lb is just a wiggle. Good planning for your camping trip- have fun! I have only been eating vegan for 2 1/2 weeks but other than one slip I've totally avoided animal products. Feels good!

Wishing everyone a lovely Thursday,


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no
Qi Gong: no

08-18-2011, 12:09 PM
I went to bed around 2 a.m.---I check my/our e-mails before going to bed and some needed immediate attention so I didn't get to bed before 1 a.m., as I have been trying to make a practice of. I didn't end up going to bed until 6 a.m. on Wednesday either so I need to get back into my sleep pattern in the next day because things will be busy on Saturday. I want to make the information session regarding planting for our fall/winter garden. I have never had one before (since I lived in the North) and so I need this. Also, although I haven't belonged to a fitness center in a very long time (20 years actually) and I am usually not interested in rejoining; a new LA Fitness is having their grand opening this Saturday and they are 1/4 mile from us. They sent us an "invite" and they have a pool. We have an in-ground pool and a fitness center here in our gated community but the little kids are always in the pool (with the adults fully dressed sitting under the shade trees-my DH hates that too!) and the fitness center is mostly full of young "buffed" men. If we can swing the monthly dues, we might sign up for this. Finally, I might be able to get into the pool without having 8 year-olds cannonballing over my head.:D

onebyone - I am with others here. All this sounds so stressful. Either you really want this really bad or you need it really bad. I hope you will be able to find a happy medium where it presents less stress. I too hope you can find a support group for caregivers. Do not underestimate how much of a toil that can take on you. Emotionally and eventually physically.

gardenerjoy – I never thought I would say this but last night I divided out 2 servings (20 pieces) of chocolate covered almonds, ate them and, ta da, I was satisfied. What??? Me??? Yes!!:D Just like Haley's Comet, it happens once in a great while.

eusebius - Yup, my DH is experiencing an increase in all things musical. Tis the season. "A happy husband makes for a happy wife." I don't have to fuss over him when I see him streaking pass. He is busy and that makes him happy. As part of a spiritual discipline, I offered to go meatless and fast three days a week starting on September 14th. My DH is required to do this until Easter morning each year but he has had difficulty doing so. I have one year before age 59 and it no longer becomes mandatory so I told him (in an effort to support him and get him to follow it) I told him I would also "follow suit". I have been collecting all vegetarian recipes in preparation. Note: This is NOT to lose weight but for spiritual growth and discipline. It is very easy to get into that thinking mode but I feel confident I do know the difference by now.

Alana in Canada - I have both books. I have thoroughly read the pink book and just skimmed the green ones. Since I prefer to cook my own recipes, I really didn't need that lead but I do know that a lot of people are stumped when it comes time to figure out what to eat. Great idea about the single servings. I wish I would have done that with some of my food I made. I only divided it once so now I still have 4-6 servings when the time comes to thaw it out. In fact, this is one of my "newer" strategies that is working out remarkably well. Now, I am going to get a supply of smaller containers so I can break things down even smaller. I also have been freezing my whole wheat muffins like this and it is so easy to take one out, thaw it out in the microwave and have a warm, aromatic muffin for a meal or a snack. Oh, well, we learn as we go (and grow), right?;)

TriMommy - I copied your point by point strategy. Now, as fall approaches and a lot of gatherings start having regular meetings, which sometimes involve food, I am going to use your points to follow. Thank you for sharing!:hug: In fact, I go to a pot luck on September 9th to kick off our weekly Friday night Bible study class and I am bringing all cut up vegetables and possibly zucchini lasagna as my hot dish. Maybe, my whole wheat muffins as a dessert item. I just made whole wheat strawberry muffins. Awesome again and so moist with the fresh strawberry bits. I think 4-6 grams of fiber in them too!!

Tazzy - Hey, girl, I am sharing that quote. It really is about how bad do you want this!! It always was. It was never about being the strongest or the most noble. It was just wanting it so bad, you'd be willing to do just about anything (healthy of course) to get it. Thanks for sharing!! Oh, if you have done the hunger experiment, I too have to watch for low blood sugar symptoms and I carry glucose tablets but what you can do is have a few raisins or even a small glass of milk when you are feeling "woozy". Works for me!

BBE How soon is your renovation from being completed? I sure hope that you haven't gained a few pounds with all this stress-related eating. Keep up the walking and gym work and that should see you through this.

** Pleased to announce that I broke the 260 mark. I weighed 259.4 lbs this morning. Yes, I was quick to change my ticker. I was hoping to before Monday's official weigh in for my Buddy Challenge. As for weighing in on the daily weighing in. I also keep track of it and make notes to myself. I have found it very useful to see what I was doing before a gain and also a lose because then I know what to avoid and what to do more of. That is how I use those numbers. It is like a "diet GPS". I know what streets to take and what ones to avoid.
**As I mentioned above, I measured out 2 servings (20 pieces) of chocolate covered almonds. Last night was our 9th wedding anniversary and although we had plans earlier, both of us were so darn tired and Paul had a deadline of tonight for a presentation he is giving for a men's group that I said let's take a rain check and go out to eat on Friday night when we will be more ourselves and we can enjoy our food more. I will not go out to eat when I am tired or just feeling "blah". He had several Kit Kats while working on his speech and I had my chocolate covered almonds and that was our "celebration" so far. We'll rock on Friday night. One truth I have found to be self-evident: IF I am in a good place emotionally, then food is just food. I don't need to eat to "cover" something else going on in my life. IF is the key word.
**Sidenote: Prior to me opening the package of CCA, I responded to an e-mail from a fellow Buddy and he mentioned that he had lost one leg due to diabetes complications and finding it difficult to exercise because of the associated pain. It sucked me back into the reality of what this disease can do if left unchecked, neglected or ignored. I shared with him how I had managed to get out of the "danger zone" but how I had slacked some once I was past the "scary stage". It reminded me that "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance". My blood glucose responds according to what and how I eat. 2 servings of CCA is enough. It really is.

Stats for Day 10 BLC Buddy Challenge(yesterday):
***weighed 259.4 lbs---broke the 260 mark!!
**2109 cal 25 gram fiber 2100 mg sodium (best yet on sodium!)
**didn't sleep well on Tuesday night -in fact, didn't fall asleep until 6 a.m.--tired all day so nixed any exercise. Again, I listened to my body and respected what it was telling me.
**1 serving Vegetable- red beans 2 1/2 servings of fruits:1 whole apple, 1/2 c pineapple, 1/2 c strawberries
[Again, I am trying to eat up leftovers and when I eat a lot of grains then my vegetables suffer. Starting out today with spinach and fire-roasted tomatoes in my a.m. omelet. Having cooked cabbage and spicy lean beef sausage for lunch and stuffed peppers with brown rice for dinner. That should cover the vegetables. Had another wonderful fresh cantalope from my garden for breakfast. Everything tastes so much better when ripened by the sun :flow1:]

08-18-2011, 12:45 PM
I'm doing well. Hope everyone else is plugging along, too.

WI: -0.25kgs, Exercise: +65 740/1300 minutes and 17/33 miles for August, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

08-18-2011, 04:49 PM
Hi Coaches & Buddies!
I had another good day yesterday. I’ve been feeling a bit more stressed this week with being back at work and finding the time to put into the program. I am happy that I started it while I had my week at home as it helped to be able to read ahead and now on each day the new stuff is somewhat familiar. My DH was also out of town for a couple of days and it means extra stuff with my two step-sons (12 & 17). But he is home tonight and I’ll be really happy when the boys go back to school in two weeks and we get some semblance of routine again.

I did another mini experiment on the hunger yesterday and had breakfast at home at 7am before going to work. I usually eat around 8am in the office. I skipped my snack and held off having lunch until 12 noon. I can deal with the grumbling stomach feelings, it’s the spacey light-headed feeling I get that leads to a headache. I have been paying much closer attention to the feeling of fullness when eating and think I’ll stay focused on that for now.

I got some spontaneous exercise in during the day when I walked to the mailbox at the end of the block and continued the long way around back to work. My planned exercise was gardening and I harvested a large ziplock size bag of yellow beans. And fought with some thistle that was taller than the potato plants!

Alana in Canada – Great idea for the single servings. I already do that for my husband’s lunches and need to think about it for myself. I’m usually quite prepared I was just trying to cram too much into a short time and didn’t think about how tired I would be after my Zumba class.

BBE – with all my gardening endeavours tomatoes are one thing that I struggle with. Only the small cherry ones are growing well and I’d need a lot of those for a sandwich. I envy that!

SuperChick – good luck with your plans for camping and yeah for getting away from technology.

Eusebius – congrats on your 10 pound loss. Your mushroom rice burger sounds good; did you make it from scratch? I’ll skip the hot Zumba idea, wasn’t sure I was going to get through the class!

Pamatga – congrats on breaking the 260 mark. To me to get into a lower “decade” of numbers is always encouraging. Be sure to catch up on all that sleep you are missing!

Gardenerjoy - As BBE said this is a great reminder – “ just a bite or two is often enough to feel like I got a satisfying taste of something."

TriMommy – I’m going to try your strategies for event eating this weekend at my nephew’s wedding. I am also going to try and find out from my sister what the dinner menu is. Although dinner is not until 8:30pm so I’m guessing we’ll have a snack before heading to the ceremony at 6:30pm.

Onebyone – good luck on your sculpture and cheers to “uberhealty” food in the fridge!

08-18-2011, 05:30 PM
Afternoon Coaches: Today's weighin showed a full two pounds down for the week. I once again have a BMI that is "normal," not over weight. I am waiting to change my ticker until I have two days straight at the weight. I do a little bouncing. Credit for Body Flow Yoga this morning. I mailed my first packet of work to Goddard and hope to finish second packet by Sunday. I seem to be puttering a lot today. I was used to having so much time in summer for shopping, couponing, reading etc... Now it is all jammed up into Thursday morning. Within the hour, my goal is to start creative writing work - that leaves me 25 mins for a nap :)
gardenerjoy: Happy Anniversary.
BBE: Credit for the tomato. How I wish we could swap walnuts for tomatoes.
Eusebius:What a grand , varied day. I was a music major with no major talent. In another life I would love to have had talent like yours.
Tazzy: congrats on another good day. I just read a daily meditation that said "We must put as much time in our recovery as we did our addiction. I hope that is not true because I put A LOT of time in on my addiction. But I agree. Sometimes the time involved in Beck is overwhelming.
Pamatga: I use my gym all the time. It is so nice to have lots of options.
Lexxiss: I appreciate the reminder of eternal vigilance. Although never diabetic, I know that left uncheck, weight would ruin my life as I know it now.
superchick: good luck with the weekend. You know I hate having to travel when I have had a mixed bag of eating behaviors for the previous week.
Tri Mommy: Yes to all your solutions. They have all been successful for me at one time or another. My two favorite are eat before you go and drink no cal beverages and bring your own snack. You think everyone will be looking but you're just not that important. For emergencies, I carry around Justin's organic peanut butter to go packs. One packet has a good balance of carbs and protein. I eat it and let the other food go.
onebyone:Credit for turning the week around. You can do it!

08-18-2011, 09:45 PM
Helllloooooo coaches!

We were heading into day 3 without our internet. What a terrible thing to be without it. I had yet another biscotti today while at the coffee shop, a different one, this morning trying to keep up with my emails to and fro. Geez.

So my mermaid figure is complete. She has hair. She has fins. She had a BEATING RED HEART!!!! yeah. That's my big innovation to this year's sculpture. My mermaid has a beating heart and her beguiled lover has a heart that will beat even faster. I sure hope it looks as great as I imagine it to. I'll post jpgs once the event is over and i am back home.

To everyone concerned that I am stressed out over my mom...not this trip! This trip to Ottawa is strictly work-related. I show ans sell my artwork at festivals and such but the festival I am at Sat night is a night festival called Lumiere. It's a festival of light/candlelight/LED lights in my case. As an artist you submit a potential project to do and then they say yes or no and they said yes to me so I get paid to create the sculpture I described. It's not my usual type of art show/festival. My usual is where I will be on Sunday. 2 hours west of Ottawa in Kingston (and halfway back home) I will be at a one day women's art festival showing/selling my paintings. So both of these events should give me some very much needed cash. Getting ready is always stressful, always too much to do, never a sure thing. The stress is part of it. I made a decision the last time I was in Ottawa two weeks ago that I would not visit my mom if I was going there to work and this trip is so short, so dense, that I am not dropping by. I'm not visiting. Seeing her throws me off too much and she is doing fine where she is. Better than fine really. I need to stay focused on my shows.

* credit for weighing in this morning: -0.3 to 280.6 I think. Not sure if I'll be under that 280 tomorrow. We ate late again and I have not had enough water today. My food choices were ok. Not a disaster; certainly much improved over past weeks getting ready for shows. At least I remain *conscious* of making food choices. Even in this one small way I am making steady progress forward. I have not just thrown up my hands this time and said "whatever. I'll do it when I get back and things calm down." Yeah, this is a definite credit for me.

Better go. Time to re-lax...

08-19-2011, 06:31 AM
Hi Coaches!

I had a difficult time accessing our Beck corner yesterday. I could access SBD but not here... I'm hoping my early morning will allow me to get caught up. Life is super stressful right now. I'm turning into a professional juggler without all the fancy balls. Whew. I did have a moment for self-evaluation and came to the conclusion that I am dealing with the stress better than I ever have and I credit Beck Diet Solution AND my willingness to practice my Beck skills for my ability stay the course right now.
~ I am not 100% OP, but I am maintaining my losses
~ I don't have a comprehensive daily food plan right now but I think about it
~ I find moments in the chaos to take care of myself.

I accompanied my mom to a lengthy(3-1/2 hr) eye appt. on Wednesday. Instead of heading out to shop and peruse thrift stores, I looked through magazines and started a big list of new ideas for OP dinners. I'm excited to try some new things and am looking forward to things calming down a bit.

I have two more Mondays of the yoga class I'm teaching (for free) and *credit* myself for the major amount of time and energy I have put into the class. Truth be told, it's helped me immensely. Once that commitment is complete it's back over to continue the painting project. Once I finish painting, I can focus on the outdoor projects which need to be done to winterize units for our family business. This is difficult because my mom does not let go of control with grace and it's really obvious for the first time that she is not able to manage as effectively as she used to. She does not see this, but I observed things yesterday that she is not aware of which must be done before snowfall.

BillBlueEyes, sending supportive thoughts! I'm usually enthusiastic about an extra dash up or down stairs but have noticed this week that sometimes I just don't feel like it. Maybe you could put your toaster under a tarp on the Your monster tomato sandwich sounds like a must try….Its on my bucket list for this summer to try gazpacho….any hints….

onebyone, yay for being conscious of making better food choices, even when faced with the stresses of preparing for your shows. I'm wishing you the best for this weekend.

maryann, *credit* for continued vigilance required to maintain your normal BMI and continue with all the other requirements of your life.

Tazzy, great job with your mini hunger experiment . Yay for completing other Beck tasks, too. I'm with you...will be happy to find some semblance of a routine. I look forward to seeing that quote on your ticker.

gardenerjoy, credit for checking in and reporting "I'm doing well". Yay!

Pam(atga), credit for breaking the 260 mark! Love this…."One truth I have found to be self-evident: IF I am in a good place emotionally, then food is just food. I don't need to eat to "cover" something else going on in my life. IF is the key word."

Erika(eusebius), interesting...liking the feeling of not much caffeine in your body. I've been working on that, too...most days no caffeine after morning coffee. credit focusing on your food plan and finding a new low number on the scale. Great that you're not going to focus on it too much, though.

SuperChick, great plan for the weekend! Recognizing that you've put so much hard work into your plan this week makes it much easier to be vigilant on the weekend!

Alana(in Canada), I now own both books. I find them both useful. When I have more time, I focus on the pink book...when time is scarce I find the green book to be easier for me to follow. *credit* for decluttering and making freezer meals for yourself.

TriMommy, let us know how your breakfast social went….I always end up at dinner events. You're doing a great job incorporating Beck skills into your daily routine...especially with your lil' one.

08-19-2011, 06:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Used my resistance muscle after lunch, CREDIT moi. I wanted a fist full of nuts, but went down to the basement and got my normal carrots instead. This morning I'm off to the dentist to get my lecture that I can't reach between the rear molars to floss properly. I need smaller hands, LOL.

onebyone - Life without Internet - the joy and the agony. Can't wait to see the mermaid. Have a good trip to Ottawa.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yep, plugging along.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for a DD who likes a "mushroom rice burger" - may she grow up with a healthy attitude toward food.

maryann - Congrats on those two pounds. Yay for short naps - two year olds got it right. [You got me wondering what a walnut and tomato sandwich would taste like.]

Pam (pamatga) – Yay for continued pursuit of veggies. Hope the pool works out. [Probably done with the painting and work by mid-September - then have to move all the furniture and books back in.]

SuperChick - Waving toward the wilderness. May your BF's brother save you from the cookies.

Tazzy - Kudos for pursuing the hunger experiment again. Sounds good that you'll focus on feeling satisfied as a clue to stop eating. [Yep, never tried a cherry tomato sandwich, LOL.]

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here are some additional tips I have learned from dieters:
. . . . . .
Jenna sometimes tops eating and sings to herself when she notices she is eating too fast. She changes the words of Simon and Garfunkel's "59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' groovy)" from "Slow down, you move too fast ...," to "Slow down, you eat too fast, you want to make this good taste last.". . . . . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 64.

08-19-2011, 09:10 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Yesterday was a whirlwind and today promises to be similar. But great things are happening. The website for our meditation group is set up and we had a council meeting last night where we got all kinds of stuff done and made lots of decisions. And I got on the scale this morning and saw a number I hadn't seen in a long time - 10 pounds gone since July 31! And a total of 17 from my high weight on the ticker. I can hardly believe it. I know I said yesterday that I wasn't going to focus on the scale ... and I'm not, going forward, but it is sure nice to see results.

Today: more work on the website, a consultation with a prospective new student (a retired gentleman - fun!) and dinner out at a new vegan restaurant in our area. I'm excited about that. One of the big bonuses there is that DH, who is allergic to eggs, can finally eat everything on the menu, including dessert, which he usually has to skip.

pamatga - cool that a new gym with a pool is opening near you!! I think you will enjoy going meatless 3 days a week - there are so many great recipes out there. is a site I like.

gardenerjoy - yay for plugging along successfully!

Tazzy - wow, you are learning so much about your hunger signals. Yay for fresh yellow beans - one of my favourites. The mushroom rice burger was made by Sol Fresh which is a Canadian company.

maryann - Congrats on reaching a normal BMI!! That's huge. Also congrats on great productivity in your writing!

onebyone - your mermaid and her beau sound fantastic. Looking forward to the pics. I will be driving through Kingston Saturday so will just miss the show, darn it. Hope I can make it to one of your shows in the near future.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - (((hugs))) for a stressful time in your life, which you're handling so well. I admire so much those of you who need to care for aging parents ... I know that is in my future and I learn so much from you.

BillBE - As a pianist I always laugh when someone wants smaller hands. I'll trade you, LOL. WTG using that resistance muscle (Time to open a chain of Bill's Resistance Muscle Gyms!)

My iphone is buzzing relentlessly telling me to read my response cards, so off I go. Happy Friday all!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no
Qi Gong: no

08-19-2011, 10:51 AM
Hi friends... I am having trouble with my 'typing' part of my computer. Everything.. letters... are jumping around. even my word program.

weighed today - stayed the same

I hope to get this fixed soon. driving me crazy.

08-19-2011, 10:53 AM
Well Hello Coaches

*credit for weighing in when I wanted to ignore the scale and seeing (-1.1) =279.5lbs.

:spin: what a relief. I thought for sure I'd have to let hold my grip on the 270's. So, this is a confirmation to me that THIS TIME IT WAS DIFFERENT. OMG finally. I was under "show stress" and the scale did not rise the usual 3-8lbs. Wow. First time. For me, this is huge. Now I have to "persist in victory" and not "celebrate" that fact with food. for my next weighin, I'd like to be 278 or less. I wll keep that goal in front of me as I travel over the weekend and push myself physically to get things done.

We are off to MIL's place tonight. We are there for a bbq and I am going to bring my complete mermaid installation in the car for her to see and for me to further workout the details on her back lawn. Specifically I need to see how best to position her to make sure her curvaceous self is optimally displayed, lit up, and anchored(!) so she doesn't blow off into the murky depths of the Rideau River. Velcro and duct tape may be my saviours here. I also need to work on her beating heart and his. I discovered, which is really why you want run-throughs, that when it's really dark and the tape sculpture is lit from within, you can create a shadowy shape using areas with concentrated packing tape. Like I have a bike reflector as my beating heart--a red round LED reflector which can either be a steady light, or a gentle flash or a fast flash. The mermaid will have the steady flash and her suitor will have the faster flash. I had the heart beating within her chest cavity and I had masked off the edges of the round reflector into a heart shape and this worked to show a heart shape wihtin the body when lit but when I added a second white light, to light up the whole interior of the body, it cast a shadow where I had taped the beating heart. If I pay attention to the shadow and shape it, I can not only have a heart shaped red light that beats, but a heart shaped shadow around it, thereby doubling the effect and making it more pronounced, especially when it will be floating several feet away from the shoreline. Plus, if the battery dies in the heart, which it could as they will be on for 5 hours+, the shadow shape will still be there so the "heart" will still be a focal point. Yay for problems elegantly solved.

Gotta go. Stuff to do. BBl8r as I get ready to go to the show. Have a great Friday Becksters.

08-19-2011, 11:33 AM
Grrr! I'm frustrated with the scale. It's gone up the last two days, even though I've been exercising and eating well. I've had a couple of eating slip-ups, but nothing close to warranting gains. Hopefully it's just a hormonal thing and the scale will cooperate soon.

My breakfast event yesterday went OK. There weren't many healthy choices (other than some fruit), but I had small portions of just a few things, and used my resistance techniques to stay away from the cinnamon rolls, scones, etc. I felt good about it, as I did a million times better than I would have otherwise.

I'm wanting to stay 100% OP plan today. I want to set myself up well for the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend!

08-19-2011, 01:13 PM
Good Morning, Coaches. I officially moved the ticker down. Very exciting stuff. I have continued to weigh and measure since strings camp and as much as I HATE to admit it, it apparently works. I also realize that these past few weeks I have been not hungry but slightly "empty" when I go to sleep at night. This is probably what Beck means when she says "normal full." I am on Day 19 of the pink book again and that is what it talks about - I don't have an innate sense of how much I should eat. That is why I was overweight. So I am trying to remember all these things and maybe one day I will not have to weigh and measure, write down my food, weigh myself daily but for now, I am happy for the tools. All of this kind of hurts my ego but "Oh Well."

This morning was a little upsetting. DH had given DS National Geographic to read. I didn't look through it first. I don't know what I was thinking. He read a terrible story on Aghan girls. There was a particularly brutal picture. I am so mad at myself. At least he came to talk to me and I tried to help him through it. DS has a very high reading level. He can comprehend way more than his feelings can process so it is a challenge. Anyway. I felt hungry this morning and I know it was because of the emotions and the sorrow that my boy has to learn about such horribleness in this world. I can't protect him forever. Anyway, food will not make any of the world's problems go away and if I overeat, I'll just add one more problem to the list.
Eusebius: How terrific an older man is taking up lessons.
TriMommy: It is hard not to expect the immediate gratification of a lower number for good behavior. It seems counterintuitive. But Beck is all about the postponement of immediate gratification. In a way, we are asked to grow up.
Beverley: hang in there with the tech troubles.

08-19-2011, 01:57 PM
Happy Friday!

The first week back at work after vacation always seems so long, I'm very happy it's Friday. I stayed OP fairly well yesterday, I did not have any planned exercise for my day and consequently did not get any in. Again I decided a break from my desk was good at 2pm so went for a nice walk for 20 minutes. At dinner last night when everyone else wanted ice cream I decided that a banana with some Cool Whip and a few butterscotch chips sprinkled over it was a better use of my calories. And I really enjoyed it more than I would have the ice cream. I have to admit when I have ice cream in the house it's generally the less expensive kind so it doesn't taste nearly as good as I'd like. And often my DH will ask if I want some and I'll have one bite of his and it's just enough for me to get the taste.

One thing from BDS that I am really noticing that I'm paying attention to is the "sit down to eat". Many times I have been standing ready to put something into my mouth, while preparing plates at the counter, and stop myself and think "sit down to eat". I'm happy that it's become so ingrained already.

Onto Day 15 of the plan. I've been weighing daily since reading the book and trying to become desensitized to the number and accepting it for what it is. "On any given day, the number on the scale is exactly what it should be, given what you ate, how much energy you expended in the past few days, the amount of fluid your body is retaining, and other biological influences." Decided that is now going to be another of my response cards, and I just wrote it out and added to my group.

eusebius - I found 3 stores close to me in Calgary that carry Sol Cuisine so I'm going to check out those burgers. They sound really interesting and I love the nutritional content.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

08-19-2011, 03:55 PM
GD everyone!

Well, it sounds like so many of us here are really getting in the swing of working our Beck program so I will just say one big "Great Job!" to everyone!

onebyone your sculpture sounds really warm, lovely, sweet and light-hearted (no pun intended). It shows a romantic side of you that I don't think you have shared with us before. Could it be that as life gets better for you it is easier to express? I hope so.

maryann I totally agree that we did indeed spend a lot of time, energy (and for me, money lost) on our previous addictions so I think it is only appropriate that we spend equal amounts of time on our recovery. Great insight and comparison. I will never forget when one of my fellow OA-ers turned to me and said, "You know what this is all about: growing up!" I heard that 16 years ago and I will never forget it because that is what I have been doing all this time---growing up. I am uncomfortable when I recall the time when I had to have one 2 liter of soda per day lined up in my pantry for that coming week and if I didn't; I went ballistic. I needed someone to say to me "C'mon, grow up!!" Well, I didn't so it took me a lot longer but now that I am in the process, I am glad that I did.

eusebius thanks for the vegan link. I have already posted it right under how many steps are in a mile, 2 miles and 5 miles. Walking and eating healthy is what will get me where I want and need to be.;)

tazzy you are on fire, girl! Yum, I am going to try that "banana, Cool Whip and butterscotch chips" thingy-------. P.S. I agree with you totally on the taste of food. If it doesn't meet my specs then not even one taste is going to do it for me. If I am going to "spend the calories on something", then it darn well better be worth it! Do I hear an Amen??

Trimommy There is a section in the BDS which covers about plateaus-both short and long term plateaus. Short is under two weeks and that usually means under-exercise/overeating, hormonal and sodium-induced. Long is over two weeks and her suggestion is to reduce your food plan by 200 calories per day or increase your activity by 200 calories (which by the way is 1 full hour on the treadmill). Hope that helps!

beverlyjoy sorry to hear about your tech troubles. Hope it corrects itself soon.

gardenerjoy thanks for letting us know how you are doing.

BBE Hey, guy! Another month and you will be relaxed in front of your tv watching sports and all of this will be behind you.

Stats for 8/18(yesterday) for Buddy Challenge:

**calories 2175 (75+ high range) 3254 mg sodium (it was the Hebrew Natl 97% fat free beef franks for lunch a whopping 1040 mg sodium with 70 calories for 2)--29 grams of fiber.
**great day for V/F:
**(Veg)- 1/2 c combined chopped spinach/fire-roasted tomatoes, 2 c cooked cabbage (mixed with the cut up franks--YUM!), 2 c cooked carrots, 2 c combined bean sprouts, broccoli and water chestnuts
**(FR)-2 c (from my organic garden) cantalope, 1 lg banana, 1 c red grapes and bits of fresh strawberries in my homemade whole wheat muffins.
**did my BLC strength exercises w 3 lb hand weights and 5 lb ankle weights--upper and lower body
**walked 1.5 miles (use pedometer for accuracy)
**15 minutes in one session on treadmill at 1.5 mph
**Still weighed 259.4 lbs today so I think it is safe to say that I am there by design and it's not a fluke.


** Had an amazing moment in front of my mirror yesterday accompanied by a week of real ephinanies regarding my body image. I have been going through my closet again, since the seasons are changing once again, and sorting for more clothes to send to Goodwill. I decided that now after a couple of months of diligent work that I am going to keep those clothes that not only fit but also flatter. This is a huge step for me because in the past I was more eager to just have something that covered up my body. If it flattered me (more often it didn't) well once again, "at least, it covered up my body."

Now, I have the option of also choosing clothes that I own that now, as a result of being 42 lbs less and toning up my muscles all over, I can wear a top that shows I have a waist; hem a skirt so it shows my slender calves; wear a pair of pants that skim my stomach (where there once was a much bigger one and now a flatter version). In fact, I still have a few t-shirts that I have worn around at home that now when I wear them, they make me look huge and to think that I once filled those out. :fr: [Note to myself: Get rid of them!! ASAP!!]

Someday, I will look back on all of this and I will wonder why I "allowed" myself to get so HUGE but for now, I am only going to focus on moving forward.

At my heaviest I was a size 28W. The dress that I tried on in the mirror yesterday was a size 24W and it was visibly loose through the hips, waist and shoulders (I have a large bust which is not shrinking as quickly as I wish but that was fine). I walked around in wonder all yesterday. It feels great to start to see some noteworthy physical changes. Thought I'd shared.

Have a great Friday and weekend, everyone!

Alana in Canada
08-20-2011, 01:22 AM
One of the things I love about the green book is the checklist of daily actions in the back. I LOVE it! I really feel like I have a tool to keep myself on track with it. The format of the questions each day in the pink book felt overwhelming. Odd, but true.

credit--weighed in, down 0.2 from yesterday, stayed on plan except for a small (measured) snack of peanuts and chocolate chips, :o.

Took a walk with hubby (and dog) before dinner. Stayed caught up with the dishes all day. (I do them by hand--no dishwasher) and this is HUGE for me. In the green book, Beck actually addresses how clutter and being behind in things like doing the dishes makes it harder to lose weight. She's a wise woman.

Onebyone--so cool about the shadows! I'm sure it will be fabulous. I can picture the lovely mermaid and her man in my mind's eye. You sound good. Be careful driving out there!

Bill--Yay for using your resistance muscle! Well done.

Lexxiss--Oh CONGRATS on dealing with stress better! Really, that's so great.

Pamatga--interesting when our view of ourselves changes, isn't it? I am so looking forward to things "being loose." I am actually wearing a few pairs of jeans I haven't been able to get into for a long while--but they are snug and I still look fat.

Maryanne--Congrats on the scale--but even more--congrats for being willing to do what works even when it bruises the ego a bit. You're so right about being asked to grow up.

Tazzy--sounds like things are right where they should be. Great to hear about your journey.

Beverlyjoy--I hope you can get things straightened out. Did someone spill something on your keyboard, perhaps?

Eusebius--10 pounds since July 31? Wow. Just wow. Way to go, girl!

Trimommy--good for you for making good choices at the breakfast. That's the way to be successful at this thing--for life!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I may, just may paint the bedroom this weekend. (Bought the paint a month and a half ago!) We'll see.

08-20-2011, 04:13 AM
Hi Coaches!

It was a good Beck day. I went to Denver w/mom, planning a solo lunch at Whole Foods. Just as I was walking in she called and was finished with her appointment. Instead, I grabbed samples *credit* and fell back on my secondary diet plan. Instead, I had a calorie counted lunch at Burger King...a veggie burger(no mayo) and small fries. *credit* for not adding a diet coke since I'm staying away from caffeine after morning coffee. Exercise was parking at the end of the parking lots, which was enough, considering how much physical work I've been logging lately. OP dinner, resisted thoughts of a snack after tomorrow morning. Sometimes it just seems so simple. (when it's so simple I wonder why I don't just do this every day)

BillBlueEyes, major credit for tackling those basement stairs for carrots instead of the fistful of nuts. I did chuckle….thinking if I put the choc. covered almonds in the basement perhaps they wouldn't be so accessible...but

Alana(in Canada), I'll revisit the checklist in the back of the green book. I need something a bit simpler right now. I'm glad Dr. Beck addressed the clutter's what got me here. I had to start one small space at a time but I'm pretty close and I sure notice the difference in my food habits if I let my housekeeping slip. Great job OP except for measured snacks!

Pam(atga), I really stopped and pondered your thoughts regarding "growing up". I need to think about that….something struck a familiar chord. Thx. credit for persisting in the footwork it's taken to loose the 42 pounds so far and Yay for noteworthy changes. I appreciated your discussion regarding cleaning out the closet and share your question of "why". As I lose more, the answer to the question seems less pertinent.

Tazzy, credit for taking the 20 minute walk especially when you didn't have any other exercise planned. Glad to hear another BDS person noticing how much they eat while standing.

maryann, I'm sorry about the magazine episode….very upsetting to you. :hug: You are such a great mom. credit for not adding one more problem to your list by not eating over your emotions.

TriMommy, yay for a creative dessert. I doubt you've had a gain which is why Dr. Beck's scale wisdom is written where I can access it readily, "On any given day, the number on the scale is exactly what it should be, given what you ate, how much energy you expended in the past few days, the amount of fluid your body is retaining, and other biological influences." When I've been eating clean, even small amounts of off plan foods, no matter how small the quantity, can move the scale 2-4 pounds with water weight.

onebyone, I love the line, "This time it was different". Yes, we can have a different outcome...the new normal. Again, best wishes for your weekend.

Beverlyjoy, great credits! Thx for checking in while your computer is on the fritz.

Erika(eusebius), your new food plan certainly seems to be agreeing with you. I love that your iphone reminds you to read your response cards.

08-20-2011, 07:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Good enough on food, CREDIT moi. And CREDIT moi for accepting that good enough is sometimes what I do. Looking forward to the weekend where no one tells me that my house isn't square, level, or true. Yep, it's not; it's 140 years old, has wrinkles, and sags here and there - just like me, LOL.

For exercise I saw Harry Potter, Book 7, Part 2 in 3D last night. During the movie I had this urge to reread the book to remember the specifics of the action. But as soon as I left the theatre, I was overwhelmed with happiness that Harry Potter is behind me. It's over. Thank you J. K. Rowlings, now on to the next thing in life.

onebyone - Not surprised to see you back,270's. Good luck at your MIL's BBQ. By the by, Lithium batteries last super long - although pricey.

Erika (eusebius) - Congrats on the lost 17. Yay for vegan restaurants - so hard for me to believe they actually exist.

Beverlyjoy – Kudos for planned and journeled. Ouch for computers with minds of their own - that's what kids are for, LOL.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Glad those chocolate covered almonds aren't in my basement, LOL. Yep, "Sometimes it just seems so simple."

maryann - I hadn't thought about the challenge of advanced readers getting into stuff ahead of their emotional age. Kudos for working that issue tenderly. Congrats for believing it safe to move your ticker.

Pam (pamatga) – Kudos for avoiding the pit fall of focusing on why you allowed yourself to get to today, but focusing "on moving forward."

Alana in Canada - For those of us inclined, it's a big deal to get rid of the clutter; Kudos.

TriMommy - Super Kudos for "used my resistance techniques to stay away from the cinnamon rolls, scones, etc" - those smell-good things are the hardest to avoid.

Tazzy - Kudos for working "sit down to eat" - a killer good strategy to keep working on. Love the story of the ice cream. It bugs me when I go off plan for mediocre food. But then I wasn't carrying 80 extra pounds build on caviar, either, LOL.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here are some additional tips I have learned from dieters:
. . . . . .
Tom makes sure to clear the table completely before he eats. When it's covered with bills, mail, and newspapers, he invariable gets distracted and doesn't enjoy his food as much as he could have.
. . . . . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 64.

08-20-2011, 09:19 AM
Coaches/Buddies, this month is flying by! Last weekend at my mom’s house went unusually well. I bypassed most of the junk food and stuck with fruits and veggies for snacking. No weight loss when I got home, but I’m still proud of how I did.

I am struggling with carving out time to post in the mornings. I really prefer to get it done first thing, so it is not hanging over my head all day. But, I have to do my workouts in the morning and I struggle to get up any earlier than 6:15 AM to get my posts done. This is the same for my meal planning. I need to figure this out.

Today I am going to an event at the zoo. I’m not sure what they are serving, so it is hard to plan for. I will aim to eat as many fresh veggies as possible and take a minute to myself when I see what is there to come up with a reasonable healthy strategy.

Yesterday/Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: no change from yesterday
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no - using internet or watching TV
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: no
Ate only to normal fullness: no
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: no - Next time I will listen to the little voice in my head that is telling me to eat at the table and not in front of the TV.

Alana in Canada[B], thanks for sharing the difference in the checklist. I have the pink book, so I may check out the green book now –and the clutter thing!

[B]BeverlyJoy, hope your computer gets better soon.

BillBlueEyes, you know that Harry Potter door will get opened again in 15 years, don’t you? Reading the books is something I am saving for after grad school. I’ve seen several of the movies and enjoyed them a lot. Great attitude with the remodel. That must be a struggle for a precise individual such as yourself!

Eusebius, congratulations on the loss! That is wonderful.

Lexxiss, I’m so inspired by your plan B! That is fantastic.

Maryann, it sounds like you handled the issue with your son in a terrific manner. And, you handled your own feelings in a terrific manner. Major credit to you!

Onebyone, great job handling show stress.

PamatGA, your epiphanies were wonderful to hear about. Congratulations and thanks for sharing them!

TriMommy, amazing job at the breakfast! Congratulations.

08-20-2011, 09:28 AM
Hi everyone - just a flyby as I rush around getting ready for the road trip. I just made a triple batch of smoothies to get me through hotel breakfasts the next few days. Apparently they keep well in coolers ... let's hope so! I also made a double batch of salad dressing last night, so that's lunch & dinner covered as long as I can find fast food garden salad.

I'm excited - I love the east coast. And I found out that it's only a 15 minute drive to a giant superstore with President's Choice everything (Yay, Blue Menu no salt added beans!!) so I can eat very nearly like at home.

I'll be reading posts but may not have much time for personals the next few days ... but I'll be thinking of everyone!
Oh and BillBE, you are looking pretty spry for 140 ;)

Wishing everyone a great weekend,

08-20-2011, 12:29 PM
Good Morning Coaches:
Credit for not eating over my emotions yesterday. I had to talk a long while with hubby before I felt calm. And there is nothing my big farmer likes better than to talk about his feelings LOL. But it worked and I was OP all day Scale down .5 this morning and I realize the secret is to stay OP and exercise a lot. HMMMM... this is a secret? DS has his recital this afternoon -a string quartet and a Bach Sonatina on the piano. I am very proud of him. I will bake snacks for reception but bring my own food.
BBE: What is the old saying, "There are no straight lines in nature?" You house just took that to the nth degree. I am a huge H.P. fan and have reread book 7 about 5 times. It is soothing to me - better than Valium :)
Lexxiss: Credit on having a secondary diet plan. I was just thinking this morning how easy it is to stay on plan. Why don't I just do it all the time?
Alana: Credit for walks and dish washing. I completely agree. Disorganization and clutter do lead me to overeat. I think it is the overwhelm feeling.
Eusebius: Another trick I have tried is freezing the smoothie in individual containers. Take one out and it is defrosted by lunch.
Future Fit Chick: I try to check in on worked days at lunch. It gives me a nice reminder of what I am trying to do.
Pamatga: It is about growing up. A big difference from growing old. Everyone grows old. Few, it seems, grow up.
Tazzy: Enjoy your weekend.

08-20-2011, 02:36 PM
GD everyone!!

I have really wanted to not "compare" the two groups that I am presently "reporting to" but the Beck group is definitely in a very different place and I am finding myself sharing quite a bit of what I have learned here over at the other group. A few have absorbed it. One person came out of his self-pity sulking to "try again" and reaching out in such a touching way. Some haven't made a peep. I have to remember that just because I so thoroughly embrace something doesn't mean the rest of the world will either care enough or simply follow through on these "pearls of wisdom".

As a person who is also a recovering "just let me at it, I'll fix the problem for you", I now realize all too well that people need to be guided not controlled and even then it needs to be done gently. I have met in the past year individuals who have approached me enthusiastic about making changes, requested some kind of individual "accountability" and sponsorship only to back out until they see what is involved. Now, I am wondering if I scared them off. I can easily see how I can get too enmeshed in other people's "stuff". I recognize that about myself. There is a fine line between being supportive and being controlling.

Isn't it interesting the things we begin to discover about ourselves as we remove all the excess food?

I think I am learning the difference between dependence and autonomy; obviously, something that got blurred when I began making "friendships" with all kinds of foods instead of people. I do think compulsive overeating is a really isolating disease. In fact, all addictions are.

I am going to share something someone just commented on today that really struck me about this. She said that she would like to go back stage and congratulate her acting friends about their performance but she has been waiting for when she is thinner before she does. What struck me about this comment is that in our blindness we forget that it is not all about us in life. By waiting until we are where we want to be (perfectly thin) we have deprived a friend of a well-deserved pat on the back. How selfish we are when we think a compliment from a thin version of us means more than the compliment itself? I never realized until this moment how absolutely selfish I have been in my relationships when I withdrew socially because of how I felt about my weight, my size, my appearance, etc. Granted, it isn't "easy" to be social in a world that seems to revolve around food, competitive looks, etc but being in isolation isn't the answer either.

To some of you here, who are working on 50 lbs or less to lose, you may never have encountered some of this which I am speaking of and it may seem very foreign to you but to anyone who is grossly obese, such as I have been for several decades, it does things to your psyche that I am not sure how long it will take for me to "fix". I have moments when I feel like Rip Van Winkle just awakening after a century long nap.

After being virtually ignored as a social creature, now that my presence is being noticed and acknowledged is just plain weird to me. I will say that I don't necessarily feel comfortable with the attention. Last night, I had another experience that was just "unreal". It wasn't inappropriate this time but I will say that some men really act stupid. Yes, Alana, I am becoming very aware of some of the changes my appearance is having not only on myself but on others. This time, I am not going to regain the weight. I will learn to deal with unwanted attention in my own way and time.

Lately, everything seems to have really clicked for me. I used to fear that having a stretch like this wouldn't last but I am finding that I don't have that fear as much anymore. I trust myself and the process more and more each day. That's why. I am really beginning to think that TRUST is the key that will unlock a lot of this for me.

Thank you, my Beck friends, for listening to my insights. If they help you, I am glad. If they don't, thank you anyway, for lending a supportive ear.

Stats for Day 11 of "Buddy Challenge" 8/19:

**2994 calories 28 grams of fiber 4721 mg sodium. (ate at GC for anniversary meal---ate some favorites which I knew were high in sodium---)
NOTE: in future need to make a choice between similar high sodium foods and not have both/all
**walked 1.5 miles (use pedometer for accuracy)
**15 minutes at 1.5mph on treadmill
**Veg/Fruit: 1 whole apple- Servings: 2 corn on the cob, 1 black-eyed peas, 2 fresh spinach , 1 cup mixed tomato, cucumber, red onion and fresh mushrooms

08-20-2011, 04:38 PM
Hey everyone, a rough few days for me - camping was a disaster as it rained non-stop, and was so windy boyf's parents tent fell down, i got ill and made some really bad food choices. we decided to cut our losses and come home. so following a long drive and feeling like my head's full of cotton wool we just got take out :( really worried the scale is going to go up this week despite my hard work earlier in the week... :?:

Alana in Canada
08-20-2011, 05:24 PM
I will learn to deal with unwanted attention in my own way and time.

Yay Pam!

You remind me of a time when I wasn't as overweight as I am now--I was attracted to the father of one of my son's classmates--and I had no clue how to handle it. None. I was married and wanted to stay that way--I felt I couldn't even smile at the guy. I saw him nearly every day as we picked up our kids after school. Ugh. I think that's when I seriously began withdrawing from the world.

Superchick--:hug: Get well! Don't get down on yourself for the choices you're making with a wooly head. It is what it is and you are doing the best you can. Sounds like a horrible camping trip. They can be like that sometimes. Isn't it great you can bail out and come back to the comforts of home? Be kind to yourself.

Saw 241 for the first time on the scale today. :D

08-20-2011, 05:40 PM
Hi Beckersters: It seems that my cursor is not jumping all over the place today. (so far) I don't know why it stopped.... but, I am glad, as I was exasperated with the whole thing.

Yesterday was a healthy day... I am grateful. I had my day planned when our neighbor's invited us over for an impromtu cookout. One set of neighbors are moving and have a freezer of beef. It's the second hamburger cookout in the last few weeks. I was able to switch plans and do well at the cookout.. small hamburger, one piece of bun, and lots of salad. (I brought it) Credits. I am grateful for the willingness.

I wrote it all down and logged into my food tracker.
Left a bite
ate seated only

Today I spotted a jar of roasted almonds on DH's dresser. I picked them up and put them down. YAY.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

08-20-2011, 06:37 PM

Just a short note to check in with everyone on my crazy and a thank you for all the support. Even with years of WW meetings and participating in the groups I feel so much better here. I think I felt at meetings that the others were more judgmental of how someone's progress was going although I am sure they were not really worried about how mine was going in relation to theirs. Could just be my interpretation. I hear a quote once, and am paraphrasing a lot here, something to the effect of: we are always worried about what others think about us and it fact they probably don't think about it nearly as much as we do. Think I might have just really messed that quote up. Basically we think they think about us more than they actually do. I find it much easier here to relay my thoughts and concerns. :)

Had a pretty good day yesterday, got in both my spontaneous and planned exercise, created a food plan, weighed in and used my resistance muscle when we had a nice fruit salad with cream dessert at dinner. I really wanted a second helping but thought "how badly do you want it". Moved away from the table and went on a 1 hour walk instead. Didn't even have anything else to eat for the day after that.

So far today I've been keeping my calories lower to allow for the "unknown" meal at the wedding reception tonight. I will be the DD so no alcohol for me which is okay as I have a hard time "drinking" my calories. Did Zumba class this morning and have been very cognizant to sit down to eat. We were just invited out to brunch tomorrow so I'm going to see if I can find the menu online to have a head start for the morning.

Hope it's a nice sunny summer day where you are!

08-21-2011, 07:07 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Got a task done applying primer to a part of the baseboard heating system, CREDIT moi. Also fought off the nibbles the best I've done in weeks, and faced an abundance of ice cream and cake at a birthday celebration last night where I took a fruit popsicle instead, CREDIT moi.

Exercise was dancing, CREDIT moi. May there always be music and dancing in the world.

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for recognizing that hotel breakfasts are to be avoided; a cooler full of smoothies is a neat idea. [LOL at my spry 140 years.]

Beverlyjoy – Now that's a new Sabotaging Thought, that you gotta help a neighbor dispose of their freezer full of beef. Kudos for eating well with your salad.

FutureFitChick – Kudos for staying the path at your mom's house - it can be hard to stay clear of all of childhood's feelings that call for food for consolation.

maryann - Thanks for sharing the secret, "stay OP and exercise a lot." I always feel so excited each and every time I discover that, LOL. Impressive that your sweet DS is into a Bach Sonatina.

Pam (pamatga) – Thanks for such an interesting thought that "compulsive overeating is a really isolating disease." Kudos for that 1.5 mile walk.

SuperChick - Ouch for rain on a good camping trip. And Double Ouch for a head full of cotton wool. May good things begin to happen next.

Alana in Canada - Congrats on that new low scale reading.

Tazzy - Being designated driver is such a neat strategy to control alcohol calories - Kudos. Love being reminded that other folks aren't thinking about me as much as I project that they are - thanks.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
It helps you in several other ways, too:
what to do . . .
Here are some additional tips I have learned from dieters:
. . . . . .
Joan delegates cleanup to her husband and kids so she won't be tempted to nibble as she is clearing the table.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 64.

08-21-2011, 01:41 PM
Good Morning Coaches,
Yoga/Pilates class at 8am this morning. I am really sore from all the exercise this week. I am trying to catch up of my monthly goal of 930 mins a month. I got behind with school starting. OP yesterday but I had a nuclear meltdown over computer stuff yesterday and my son had to listen to it. I am not proud of the cursing. I am embarrassed. I have a family history of blackout rages and I have spent much of my time since my son was born to control it. I swore he wouldn't grow up with the chaotic fighting I was subjected too. Credit that my screaming is very rare and not directed at him. Credit that when it is over, I talk to him making sure he knows it is not his fault, it is my fault, and nothing he can do (he always wants to be perfect) can stop it. It is completely my responsibility. I credit this because growing up, I thought everything was my fault - all the anger, all the chaos. Anyway, he and I laugh at my shenanigans sometimes. Still, I regret the blowup, I wish I was better. One of my favorite quotes, "I am not the woman I dream to be but I am surely not the woman I was."
Pamatga: I understand urging people to help themselves. It is imperative I remember the principle of "attraction rather than promotion." If I set an example of health and well being, people may follow.
BBE: credit for the fruit pop. credit for triumph over nibbles
superchick: The weigh in is just another weigh in. Think about how much you would have gained had you not learned about Beck.
Alana: It is scary without food. We have scary feelings but I try to remember they are just that and not eat over them anymore.
Tazzy: Credit for planning for the evening. That is quite an advanced skill.
Beverleyjoy: Don't even get me started about the computer.

08-21-2011, 02:56 PM
Hi friends.. had a healthy day yesterday... always grateful for that.

I only ate standing once all day.. when I cut the fresh corn off the cobb & took a taste. Still, refraining from eating while standing except one time is a major accomplishment for me. I weighed. It looks about the same... I have a spring scale, so I can't tell if I am up or down a bit. I had a digital scale for about a week years ago - I was 'obsessing' with it... and out it went. It was a cheapie one... they are probably better these days.

DH, the candy lover, brought home some Good and Plenty. I did have some & I counted it in. But, it wasn't planned. Need to convince him to keep candy away from home....

todays goals:
eat seated
eat slowly, mindfully... taste the food
no seconds
plan/measure/log food
lots of water
stretches and strengthening
fork down between bites (I am not so good at this... need much work here)

We are going to our cousin's today for a cookout. I am bringing a family favorite, sweet/sour cucumbers and onions. I make it with stevia (or splenda) . Should be fun to see the little cousins, too.

I hope you all have a great day.

Alana in Canada
08-21-2011, 03:24 PM
Sunday is "official" weigh-in day--so I'm here to lower my ticker by one pound. I was craving apple pie last night--and no surprise, I gave into it. I had two pieces. I suppose that's better than when Will and Kate got married. for that, I bought one of these pies and declared it "mine." I ate the whole thing while I watched the shenanigans. (It was from 2am to 8am, or something, here)

So, up 0.8 from yesterday. :( But, down 0.6 still for the week. Oh the minutiae.

I am going to recreate those checklists from the back of the green book on the computer and start using them this week, I think. Right now everything feels like a tremendous challenge. Not sure where that's coming from.

Beverlyjoy--Hope you enjoyed your cookout!--and I'm so glad your cursor has settled down and is letting you be with us.

Maryann--congrats on handling your anger the way you did. You certainly are "not the woman you were." I have had my own share of terribly angry episodes in the past. Actually--they were one of the reasons I decided to do something about my weight. My frustration and lack of hope was really getting to me. Thanks for reminding me of that.

BillBlueEyes--congrats on facing down those nibbles and for making a good choice at the wedding reception.

Tazzy--congrats for walking away from the fruit salad. Way to go for a walk, too!

08-21-2011, 10:37 PM
Hello Coaches & Buddies,

This has been a crazy busy weekend for me. I'm actually looking forward to going back to work to rest! I think I did pretty good at the wedding reception, it was buffet style so I filled over half of my plate with salad and steamed veggies, a small piece of pork tenderloin and a bun. Probably could have skipped the bun but my DH did eat half of it. I also left about 1/4 of the food on my plate so that was a credit for me. I did have dessert and decided on the apple crumble pie as it looked to be a "healthier" choice than the cheesecake style options. Was over on my calories for the day but probably burned about 650 doing Zumba. So I was happy with my choices.

Didn't end up going to brunch today and I was okay with that. eusebius - I picked up the mushroom rice veggie burgers and tried one for dinner. It has a nice flavor, found it got a little mushy on my hamburger bun, so might try without the bun tomorrow for lunch. I need to sit down and get tomorrow's meal plan in place, finally found the rainbow trout my DH wanted last week so we'll have that for dinner on Monday. I prefer very mild fish so I'm not sure what to expect with this one.

I'm looking forward to my WI tomorrow morning and am happy that I'm not sabotaging myself thinking I don't deserve to be in the 170's. I went grocery shopping today and thought about getting some frozen low cal meals (WW Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine) to have in the freezer for my unplanned events and could not make up my mind on which ones to have. I kept thinking I could make much smarter choices by making my own "TV dinner" style meals while making our regular meals. Sounds like a lot of work right now as I'm tired but I think it will be a good plan maybe for the weekend to fill the freezer with a few things.

I did not get in any planned exercise today as it's been too hot here for my liking. Not sure how those of you who live down south handle it but then you probably would not want to live through the winters that we do in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies :)

Hope everyone had an OP weekend.

08-22-2011, 01:07 AM
Electrical storms here again so I waited until now to post.

Stats for Day 13:

**2153 calories 25 grams fiber 2465 mg sodium
**walked 1.5 miles (pedometer for accuracy)
**15 min on treadmill at 1.5 mph
**2 cup broccoli, 1 cup each of water chestnuts and bean sprouts
**lite cranberry juice throughout day (48 oz at 5 cal. per 8 oz)

Stats for Day 14 (Sunday):

**2542 calories (442+) 3209 mg sodium 21 grams fiber.
**did strength exercises-upper and lower body
**walked 1.5 miles (use pedometer for accuracy)
**walked 20 minutes on treadmill doing interval walking-going from 1.6-1.8 mph throughout
**F/V: lite cranberry juice(it was handy) V: veggie burger, 2 c spinach, 2 c broccoli

TIP: The other night I was watching one of my previously recorded programs, Dr. Phil, about weight lose (what else?) and he had a good idea that I am going to try starting tomorrow. He mentioned that if we take one item in our diet and just reduce how often we consume that we can lose weight without really "trying".
**SO, starting tomorrow I am going to cut out 1 TB of spread that I usually put on my toast or muffins. I watch my DH eat dry toast and think "Yuk!" but I used to eat it that way when I had poached eggs long ago so I need to try this again.
**I added 5 minutes to my treadmill walking tonight and I am also ready to increase the speed on the treadmill. Either 1.6 or 1.7 mph is going to be my new starting speed.

The past couple of days I have been absolutely ravenously hungry. It seems that I no sooner finish eating (and I eat amazingly slow) than I am feeling empty. I go through feeling light-headed as well. Between low blood pressure and sometimes low blood sugar, I never really know how to "treat" it. I felt physically ill waiting for our Sunday dinner to arrive. It was so delicious. We have three favorite restaurants that we rotate. I always look for one where anything can be done to how we like it, there are a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit and we like the "ambience". I had a spinach and feta cheese stuffed broiled flounder with a huge mound of rice and steamed garlicy broccoli. The waitress put us though where I was in full view of all of their desserts, something I rarely order when we eat out. Just never have. I kept looking at the biggest cheesecake I have ever seen. I didn't order it but I told my DH, calories permitting, I just might next time. Looking at it was "enough" for me this time.

Alana in Canada
08-22-2011, 03:11 AM
It was too hot to cook what I'd planned for dinner--so we ordered chinese. After dinner, I just kept snacking on it. I probably had an entire second dinner.

Somehow, it seemed my goal was to fill as full as possible for as long as possible. :o

Anyway, I considered avoiding this place and not telling anyone--but I figure the embarrassment of "confessing" the fiasco to the diet buddies is part of the process.

I don't know. I feel pretty defeated right now.

08-22-2011, 06:20 AM
Oh my god, Alana, I'm so glad you posted this. You and I seem to be in tune at the moment - I've totally had another weekend of binging / overeating / drinknig too much and (unlike last week) I'm wallowing in a pit of self-loathing. I totally know this is 1) not going to help and 2) probably will lead me to eat more. Sometimes, i feel a bit like i';m going crazy. My head says one thing then i do something totally different.

I almost didn't post for the same reasons - ashamed, didn't want to feel like a failure etc... then i remembered the compassion and warmth that existed between this like Beck community :grouphug: and i realised posting would probably be one of the main things that would get me back on track.

Thanks already in advance guys, and Alana - we will get through this - to quote Maryann - we're in it for the long run.

I'm going to try to catch up with all the weekend posts, and i hope everyone else is doing well.

Somehow, it must have been all of the hard work earlier this week, but i managed to lose a pound this week. I'm happy but this is overshadowed by my feelings on the binge / overeating, and the fact that i still cannot shake this cold. It means i just feel ropey and sluggish, and i haven't done any exercise because of it, which is making me feel even more sluggish. :(

I'm also finding it hard feeling like this and having zero personal space as BF's parents and brother are here. I love them all but 5 people squashed into a small 2-bedroom flat is not fun. And BF regresses to being 16 again in the presence of his 16 year old brother :mad: They are leaving on wednesday morning though so soon I'll be able to have some breathing space again.

Sorry for the rant guys, but i needed to get it off my chest. thanks

08-22-2011, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate on plan all day, CREDIT moi. That included passing on some five or six offerings of samples at Whole Foods where I bought strawberries and ran out the door, LOL.

I was telling someone about the joy of the State Fair of my childhood - a fun yearly event. Most memories involve the foods sold - all of the worst nutritional composition, LOL. It was a fun memory, since I didn't have to eat any of the stuff.

Beverlyjoy – Kudos for "fork down between bites" - neat that you're actively working the eating slowly strategy.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - hasn't disappeared; she's having connectivity issues. Waving through the ether hoping you can see me.

maryann - Ouch for computer problems. Love the quote, "I am not the woman I dream to be but I am surely not the woman I was."

Pam (pamatga) – LOL at getting what you wanted from staring at the huge cheesecake. Seems like a violation to seat you where desserts are visible. Neat idea to reduce one food; can't wait to hear how that works for you.

Alana in Canada - Ouch for the apple pie and doubled Chinese. With Monster Kudos for being open about it so you can face whatever challenge is driving you. Keep the faith. "This, too, shall pass."

Tazzy - Terrific idea to stock your freezer with healthy foods for when you're in a time bind. Kudos for working that wedding reception with style.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite

Okay, what sabotaging thoughts did you have while reading about this skill? I frequently hear that people think, I don't want to do that . . . I don't have time . . . or I don't really need to . . . If, like many dieters, you find that you have any of these thoughts, create a Response Card to read each morning:I have to eat every bite slowly, while sitting down,
so I can fully enjoy it. It's worth developing this
lifetime habit so that I can have a lifetime of being

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 64.

08-22-2011, 06:42 AM
Hi Coaches!

I'm having troubles accessing our thread....perhaps an issue with my computer. I'm trying some different ways this morning. I can view posts earlier in the month but not the final page which contains our current posts. Perhaps later, but it's been two days.

Yesterday was a mixed bag for me. It was my most tiring and emotional day for weeks. DH was agitated and unsettled. I had important work to do to prepare for my yoga teaching today. I went to church on my own, resisted all treats, went to the store and got a salad and healthy pizza (resisted donuts) and spent the day working at a friends' house. Once I got home, I caved and engaged in unplanned snacking....finally went to bed. It was an oh, well, day for sure. I'm moving on and have a plan for today.

I hope I'm able to post this and hope I'm able to access all of your posts sometime soon.

08-22-2011, 11:01 AM
Sorry to have disappeared for a few days. I was staying with my three nephews and one niece for a few days so their parents (my brother and his wife) could go to Vegas to celebrate their 40th birthdays. I love these kids unconditionally, and they are old enough (ages 12-6) to have all sorts of fun with. But they are exhausting!! I do NOT know how you Moms handle all this! I think I would lose my mind. I certainly won't whine about work this week!:p

We had a lot of fun - and my eating choices certainly reflected that. I stopped recording anything, and packed my ARCs but never read them. Sigh. The scale was kind to me this morning and stayed the same - must be from running around with the kids.

So back on track (again!). I have committed to re-reading the first 14 days of the pink Beck book tonight. Seems a refresher is in order! :D

No time for personal comments on all the messages I have missed. But know that, as always, you all continue to amaze me with your positivity and shared stories! I am so glad I found you all here............

Have a good week everyone!

08-22-2011, 11:56 AM
Good morning Coaches & Buddies,

It was weigh in day today and am down 1.2, happy with that number. Total of 8lbs since Aug 01, I have to remind myself that .5 to 2 lbs per week is still the best and I didn't gain all the weight overnight so it's not going to disappear that quickly. I have a pair of shorts and tank top that are my standby when I was at a higher weight. I put them on over the weekend and decided it's probably time for them to go. Not too attractive looking. I think today will be the day they transition to the garbage can.

So far today OP but it's still early, got all the meal planning done for today and will either go for a bike ride tonight or use the treadmill if it gets as hot as they predict (+30C).

Credits to both Alana and SuperChick for coming here to "confess" when you didn't want to. It's very encouraging to me that you both faced your fear here and I will definitely feel comfortable when in the future I need to do the same.

Pamatga - If we could only enjoy cheesecake and other desserts with our eyes, it would save it from ending up on our hips! Good work! And good intentions to plan it into your program. I just heard about a lady last week who lost 100 lbs on WW, she was asked what she had done differently to lose the weight. She gained most by socializing and drinking her calories. She really enjoyed having a beer at times and had not allowed herself to do that for the 11 months of her journey. I think it's so much more important to learn moderation and for me personally to be able to plan for the things I enjoy and limit the serving.

BBE - nice way to enjoy previously nutritionally challenged foods with a trip down memory lane!

Lexxiss - good luck with your computer issues.

Missyj - welcome back and credit for re-committing to your program.

08-22-2011, 02:01 PM
Hi all. Add me to the list of people who didn't have a great weekend. My eating actually wasn't that bad, but there was definitely a lack of planning and tracking. I did have a good run on Saturday. I decided to start training for a 10k in early October, so I went running with a friend to see just how bad off my running has gotten, and it actually wasn't as bad as I expected. Hopefully if I'm consistent I'll be ready for the 10k.

I've been feeling pretty crappy since yesterday. My son had strep last week, and I'm afraid I may have caught it. So there likely won't be any exercise for me today, but hopefully I can keep my eating OP. I'm making a whole wheat pasta dish filled with fresh veggies from my garden, and I was able to do most of the prep this morning during baby's naptime, so even if I have to crash for the rest of the day, at least I'll have a healthy dinner.

Some credits for today: I weighed in and saw a drop. After several days of the scale being up, today it went down to 174.2, so that's nice to see. I read my cards (after several days of not reading them), and have my food plan in place. On plan so far.

I hope you all have a good week. Let's shake off the weekend and move forward!

08-22-2011, 02:06 PM
GD everyone!

I think as soon as everyone is finished visiting relatives and done with their summer vacations, they can re-establish a routine that will work well--at, least, until the holiday season(s), which is coming up in about 2 1/4 months, starting with Halloween (my great nephew is going to be born that day-Caesarian birth) all the way through New Year's Day and possibly beyond if you are a big Super Bowl fan (Bill?)

I posted my Stats for my Buddy Challenge late last night after the mighty storms passed through this area. Both my DH and I were awestruck at how 50-100 year old trees could bend nearly in half with the strong winds and driving rain. What power!

Alana and Superchick My heart goes out to you because I have been there for way too long and just seemingly helpless about pulling myself out of it. Right now, I am in a very good place. How long it will last is anyone's guess but I am feeling so centered regarding my food plan and my activity level that I just feel like I could go on forever this way. So, to borrow a surfer euphenism, "I am going to ride this wave all the way.." no matter how long and far it takes me. I am sure that somewhere beyond the horizon will be a day, days or even week when I too have what you just experienced.

Here is what Dr. Beck says in her book, "Get back on plan NOW". You have not blown it. (In fact, in the pink book, there is one whole page where she adds up the calories in common goodies we blow our food plan for and she shows that it actually takes quite a lot of calories --thousands I think--before we really do some damage.) Take heart, you have the tools needed to get back on track and change this scenario. Right now, be gentle with yourself and re-read the parts of BDS that will resonate with you.

Everything is OK and you will move pass this. :grouphug: my ladies.

**again, I was being honest about the cheesecake. Looking at it was enough for me that moment. Will that happen every time? Probably not but again I was in a good place emotionally, enjoying both my company and my delicious spinach stuffed broiled flounder and that was all I needed.
**increased my duration on the treadmill 5 minutes. The compulsive part of my personality would have liked to have pushed myself to 30 minutes but I didn't want to injure myself. That time will come soon enough.
**as I said, my new weekly goal this coming week is to reduce 1 100 calorie item from my food plan. I actually have quite a bit of room and flexibility here: my plan(s) is to first reduce 1 TB spread on my toast since I seem to favor that and really it is sort of "empty calories" then I will half my portions regarding toast. I have always been a two slice person but I will cut that in half for sandwiches and breakfast. Same goes for muffins (they average 200 calories--yes, whole wheat flour, etc. -healthy but still have calories). The very last thing that I will reduce and/or remove is my evening glass of skim milk. I drink this with my sleeping aid because all of the pills that I take cause my stomach to hurt. Sometimes, I just have a glass of milk to sooth my stomach too. Again, still calories.
**strength exercises are at a good place. I am becoming accustomed to the 2 sets of 15 reps at my heavier weight (it's been about 1 month now) but I want to make sure all muscle groups are on the "same page" before I either increase the reps or the weight.

FINALLY: I got to move my ticker again this morning. So, I have lost 9.8 lbs since August 8th when I began participating in the BLC Buddy Challenge. I can tell you the hardest part has been being more consistently active, increasing the intensity of that in face of increased hunger and demand for calories.

Believe it or not, I lost my first place standing from last week to the second place holder. Although she has lost 8.5 lbs in same amount of time, she lost 4.1 % body mass and I have lost 3.9% body mass. See what I mean?? It's competitive over there. I am working as hard on not allowing the ego to get involved as possible. So far so good.

P.S. I try to share Beckisms several times a week over there. The response has been very good. Today, I shared about Weighing In and how to interpret the numbers on the scales. Official weigh in day is always a good day to re-familiarize with Dr. Beck's take on that.

That's all to report for me now. Have a good day and great week, all.:hug:

08-22-2011, 02:30 PM
I am on 17 day diet. Sw 177.8 on June12, 11. Cw 165. doing well but no buddies. Can I change to Becks? Is it a low carb diet? Will you pl explain?

08-22-2011, 03:48 PM
Too many commitments over the weekend. They were all rewarding and wonderful, so I guess canceling all social activities can't be my solution to the problem of feeling overwhelmed. :-) Eating could be better but I seem to be back on track, so I'm not putting any energy into fretting, just staying on track.

WI: -0.05kgs, Exercise: +50 940/1300 minutes and 27/33 miles for August, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

puneri: Beck isn't a diet per se, but a method for sticking to your diet. Judith Beck wrote a couple of books. There are links to 3FC reviews of the two books here:

08-22-2011, 04:22 PM
Hi Coaches

I'm back after my big weekend. I've attached images of my mermaid and her suitor sculptures (made completely out of packing tape-18rolls of tape total). The last image is how they were seen at the Lumiere Festival on Saturday night. I am showing you a wide view of the setting they were in on the Ridea River looking toward the downtown area.

You can see my mermaid's heart better than his, but both of them beat/pulsed on and off and as the night arrived the beating hearts became a real focal point. Although, half the audience thought this was a sculpture on the topic of "water safety"! "The man is saving the woman from drowning" was the concensus. I guess "flashing red light" = danger eh?? I have to laugh. You just never know how your work will be received ever. I did walk away for a while to talk to friends, and when I came back my man was FACE DOWN in the water! Yikes! Some rogue wave or gust of wind must have destabilized the bucket he was tied to! The audience for that particular sculptural assemblage was a bit horrifed. Again, I laughed, and then went into the water to get him upright once more. At first I had the mermaid right on the water but she moved around so much that often she had her back to him and that, again, said something I wasn't going for. So funny.

While in Ottawa I finally cleaned out my school locker that I used when I was ceramic tech a year ago. That part of my life is now completely over. Yay. I also switched up some artwork in a nearby shop with the owner/friend and that was something else I had neglected to do for some time. So I feel like I tied up all the loose Ottawa ends now. I have a clean slate. No more shows. No more show obligations. No more trips to Ottawa for work. Thank goodness. Time to really start living here. I sure miss my friends though. I had a lot of really really good friends there.

And, I never made it to my second show on Sunday morning. I woke up at 7am and was on the road by 7:30am but it was really raining, windy and cold. I had a 2.5hr drive to getto my second show. The forecast was for thundershowers and rain all day. I just couldn't see me fighting the weather and then worried all day about my stuff. I didn't have it in me to do that on my own and exhausted from the night before, so I just made a decision to come home. I got back at 2:30pm and ended up sleeping for hours, then watched some tv and then went to bed and got up at 7am. The $ I lost by not doing the show was minimal and the $ I may have made was also probably minimal as well given the weather.

Foodwise I didn't eat much and did not have a schedule. I certainly did not have enough water, even though I was drinking water. It was humid and hot. So I weighed in this morning at +2.9lbs = 282. That's puffiness and what I have come to experience as the water retention that goes hand in hand with me traveling places. I expect it to slowly dissipate as the week progresses so long as I keep my eating in check.

I have to say that I do feel very discouraged about my weight. Must be the end of summer blahs here on the Beck forum. Many of you expressed the same thing over the weekend. I weigh in on my wii fit and I have lost 5lbs since June 1st. FIVE. in 11 weeks. Hello? Up down up down that's still me. And I wanted my picture taken with my sculpture and I am crouched down and geez. I am pretty enormous. I don't feel that I look like that at all. Inside I feel strong and muscle-y and I can feel the thin lines of my body but boy--they are nowhere to be seen. All round and doughy with a big caboose. *sigh* I have to have some success with this weight thing. It is so not who I want to be anymore. I wish people didn't have to meet this big round me anymore. I'm tired of feeling great about all kinds of things about myself yet ashamed of how I look. Or, even worse, feeling like I need to overcompensate for how I look by being extra happy, helpful, funny or whatever-you-need-me-to-be, just so you'll be around me or be my friend. Don't get me wrong, I don't operate on that level all the time, only when I am in unfamiliar social circles. Since others here were being gut level honest--this is how I feel at gut level sometimes. I am ready to move on past this please.... please!

Thanks for being here coaches.

08-22-2011, 06:59 PM
Pamatga Tri Mommy Superchick Credit for the weightloss. I have noticed a trend that when we gain weight it tends to be our fault. When we lose weight, we often call it a fluke. No flukes. This work is Progress- Not Perfection. One of my favorite cards is "I am losing weight because I know how to."
Given that, today I gained after being "perfectly on plan". But there was a lot of sodium in the tri tip and cheesy broccoli. So I said "Oh Well" which is the saying for the day 22 and got busy. I am going home to make a chocolate cake for a friend. I am allowing myself one tablespoon of the batter sitting down as part of my dinner.
Puneri: Welcome. Beck allows you to chose any diet you wish. I am on a diet that is low in carbs the Zone . it has worked for me.
onebyone: Love the art. Wow!
Gardenerjoy: BEck does talk about filling your life with meaningful things.

Hello to everybody else.

08-22-2011, 09:20 PM
Hi folks... checking. I made it through the family cookout very well. I am grateful. I could not fall asleep last night and ate a little extra at 3am.

Yesterday I had some credits: planned/logged food, ate seated most of the time, no seconds, journalled, left a bite, & tried to slow down.

I was able to pass on pizza, subs, cookies, brownies and more at the cookout... credit.

I added another "D" to the former Five D's: (things to remember when ya get a craving, etc)

Distance self from the food.
Drink water
Deep breathing
Destroy the food
and new D is: Don't Drive. - reminding myself to NOT get in the car to buy something I am craving.

Hoping folks are doing well. As always thanks for your support.

08-23-2011, 07:02 AM
Morning guys. A fresh day and I am going to forget the weekend and concentrate on today. I can’t change the past and the future hasn’t happened yet so I’m going to work on being mindful and living in the here and now. Maybe if I forget about tomorrow and concentrate on today I’ll get there; one step at a time.

I started reading ‘fit from within’ by Victoria Moran last night, and it’s thrown up some interesting concepts. I’m only a quarter of the way through but so far it is similar to the vein I am running in of intuitive eating (IE) / self-acceptance and treating yourself properly. One of my favourite chapters reinforces the idea that we have lost the concept of food for foods sake, as opposed to trying to stuff down our emotions with food (or use food as a crutch) but more by the way we eat all of the time, and if we are constantly thinking about food then we will want to be eating it! If we are not stimulated in our lives then we will want something else to do / think about. This particular chapter focuses on meals having a distinct beginning and end and should be eaten sat down (ala Beck) – this is ‘eating time’. Outside of the three meals a day (and snack times, if preplanned) then we should be ‘living’ and we need to retrain ourselves to eat when it’s time to eat and live when it’s time to live. I’m going to try to incorporate this into my life by asking myself the next time I’m going to eat / reach into the cupboard outside of my standard meal times the following 3 questions (I feel a response card coming on!):

1. Is it eating time? No, it’s living time, get out there and do something interesting.
2. Do I want this item of food more than I want to stay OP?
3. What am I really hungry for? (sleep / stimulation / a hug?)

Just thought I’d share! :) Other themes so far in the book are slowing down, building a full quality life for yourself so you don’t have to fill the void with food, eating quality food, recording your food intake, stop judging other people, live in the today (this last one is resonating with me today). I’ll pass on any other gems I come across!

So, to today; I am going to admit, I didn’t weigh in today – I couldn’t face starting the day off negatively and that meant more to me than following Beck to the letter. I am trying to be my own Guru (IE term, not sure I’ve ever used the word Guru in normal everyday language! :lol: ) and using what works for me and what I’ve learnt about myself along the way. I knew today, weighing in wouldn’t help me. In it for the long run, Maryann ;)

Credits: biked to work (finally starting to shake this head cold, it felt good to exercise again), gave myself my daily praise pill, trying to live mindfully.

Pam – there is an interesting chapter in this book about being on / off plan which resonated with me quite a bit (as a compulsive eater). Thanks for your positive thoughts and I’m getting back into my Beck behaviours right now – realised I’d been letting some things sliplike writing down my meals etc, but the trusty pink notebook is back in full force today :D

Trimommy – I hear ya, let’s move forward - it is after all, the only way.

Onebyone – awesome. You are truly talented. Sorry to hear your discouragement :( ‘FIVE. In 11 weeks.’ – that’s still 5lbs in the right direction. It may seem tough now but you didn’t suddenly put on a lot of weight; it will take time for it to come off too… a big credit for being so honest with us (and yourself). Accept yourself for who you are – the weight is just a bit extra; a state / situation you are in. WHEN you lose it (because you will lose it) you will still be you. The weight doesn’t define you.

Maryann – kudos for being sane about scale fluctuations.

08-23-2011, 07:26 AM
:welcome: puneri :welcome:

And, even though you've been of 3FC for a few months now, :wel3fc:

How did you hear about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

08-23-2011, 07:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was an on plan eating day; CREDIT moi. And a good walk (CREDIT moi) to Trader Joe's to get a lime for gazpacho. While there, I did not have their FREE food sample - BIG Credit moi.

onebyone - Thanks for the pictures of the mermaid - you are ambitions to do such a daring thing as sculpture in water. It's such a good start to "feel strong and muscle-y" - with onebyone's persistence you'll be able to continue on your path.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for "rewarding and wonderful" commitments. And Yay for back on track.

Beverlyjoy – "Don't Drive" seems like a noble addition to your list.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Glad you've gotten on at least to post. Hope all your Internet issues go away. Ouch for the snacking after an on plan day. Yep, Tomorrow is another day.

maryann - Like your clarity, "one tablespoon of the batter sitting down."

Pam (pamatga) – Kudos for incrementing your treadmill time in a responsible increment. Yep, the holiday season has to include Superbowl Sunday where food screams to be consumed.

SuperChick - Like being reminded of 'eating time’ - it's not a continuous affair.

missyj - Yay for the joy of three kids being exhausting. I never figured out how a woman could have three kids when she only had two arms.

TriMommy - That's what I need to hear, "Let's shake off the weekend and move forward!" Ouch for strep - both yours and your DS's.

Tazzy - Congrats on the 8 pounds gone. It's kinda fun to realize that clothes can be chosen make you look good - not just because they're big enough.

puneri - Congrats on those twelve pound gone already. Yep, you can start working the strategies of the Beck books - as mentioned already, you don't even have to change your diet.

It would help if you get one of Dr. Judith Beck's books to get the notion of the strategies involved. But you can join us in this thread to have a set of Diet Coaches/Diet Buddies right away.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite

It may take some time before you fully master this skill, but keep working at it every day and you will get better and better. In the meantime, remember not to berate yourself - it's not a personal failing. And I promise you that it will get easier! If you need help, ask your Diet Buddy. Make sure to contact your buddy tonight to report whether you read your Response Cards and Advantages Deck; weighed yourself; ate everything slowly, while sitting down and enjoying every bite; and filled out the Stage 1 Success Skills Sheet (pages 266-267).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 65.