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07-28-2011, 01:04 PM

Thought I would start a fresh page to post on. :coffee: It is said to get to 93 degrees this day in the Heartland. Now that is great lot cooler then the original 104 the first said it was going to be. Yipekio it is on a cooling trend hopefully. I am going to make some chicken pot pies for dinner this day using leftover rotisserie chicken. The corn is dry so I will see how the next process of cooking it goes this day. Oh Beanie dumped my trash can that is here in my office. Knocked it over and frolicked in the paper. The little punch pieces will have to be vacuumed up but all the other pieces I was able to pick up. I had left my door open and he availed himself. I just realized that school starts next month around here. Summer break sure did go fast. I like hearing you gals give reviews of the movies you see for it gives me a better idea of what we will rent. I want to see the new Harrison Ford one of Cowboys and Aliens. Our neighbor has a few large dogs. We had the screen door we took off when we replaced it with one with a doggie door in it leaning up against the storage building out back. When we got home from somewhere when we were out and about the neighbor man was standing at the chain link fence between our yards looking at the door. I said, “You want that door?” He got a huge grin on his face and Will said, “I’ll get the hardware that goes with it." Now we don’t have to dispose of it. We didn’t know what we were going to do with it. Too good to throw away and his dogs had trashed his wooden one. This one is metal and they can just scratch it up.

DONNA FAYE I hope your shoulder heals quickly. You have attacked the exercise with a vengeance. Slow down a little and ease back in. I am talking to myself also when I tell you that so don’t get mad at me. :nono: I bet little Fortune really misses Marty for a little bit anyway. :)

JEAN OH ~ so they thought you were the bank robbers returning to the scene.:lol: Hope they catch the bad guys. There are more and more robberies I have been hearing about lately. Economy gets bad and the robberies increase.

SUSAN & GAIL Howdy :wave:

See y'all here when you get here. Type at y'all later. Have a great day everyone.

07-28-2011, 08:59 PM
Good evening, ladies. Just a quick one tonight because I'm on a borrowed laptop. We are in Lancaster, PA to shop the next 2 days then on to Hershey for the Quilt Odessy Quilt Show. Be back late Sunday so I'll catch up with you Monday.

07-28-2011, 11:54 PM
Maggie -- How did your corn turn out? At least Beanie didn't have food scraps to dump out of your wastebasket and drag around. ;) When we got out of our meeting at church it actually felt a little cooler and less humid outside. Maybe the weather is finally going to shape up!

Susan -- Have a wonderful time shopping and at the quilt show! :dance: Eat a Hershey Kiss for me!

07-29-2011, 05:40 AM
Good morning gals! I sure wish I could turn around Fortune's clock. He gets up at the same time every morning and is insistent in going out so I have to schlepp downstairs and let him out then I just give up going back to sleep. He is sitting behind me right now and I know he wants me to feed him. Like a bad mother, I gave in and fed him around 4:30 yesterday as I was tired and cranky.

Looks like I have to send some of the stuff I ordered back. The one shirt I couldn't even get my arms into even though the site gives chest and hips measurements and I chose the size that was closest to my own so back it goes as well as the two capri pants which they sent me long pants so I have to send them back and get them to send the capris now. Hopefully they will get back there and come back to me in time. I also ordered a pair of sandals from Penneys and though they were not cheap in price were cheap in quality and didn't fit so they have to go back too. I may take them to my local Penney's and get a refund on them and just go and get a pair in town somewhere or forget it completely.

I have gotten nothing done the last few days and am a big grouch because of it. The heat and humidity are really oppressive here right now and the upstairs is so warm except in the bedroom where the ac unit is that it makes it hard to work up there. I don't want to clean downstairs as we are going to shampoo carpets this weekend from Marty being here so I see no sense in doing double work and having to go back and remop the linoleum after going back and forth from wet carpets on it. All in all, I feel a big grump on top of the fact the female stuff is rearing its ugly head again making me grumpy, hungry all the time and uncomfortable. Like Jack said yesterday, "I just need a vacation."

Thought you might like to see a couple beautiful photos from their Alaskan cruise. My son in law is quite the photographer. Kelly said the weather wasn't bad either 60's and 70's. I am sure she is excited to start her new job on Monday. I hope she loves it. I know when she worked for Alsac/St Judes before she enjoyed it though what she is doing now is much much different.

Keeping our fingers crossed that the SUV will be ready today. I guess the glitch was that every time they ordered a ford part using the vin number, they would send a part for a different vehicle so he was having to order each part twice to get the right one. Jack called last night and the lady at the repair place said they had finally gotten the last part yesterday and it should be ready today. I hope so, I want my car back and give the rental back to Enterprise.

You gals have a great weekend. Lots of errands this weekend as I need to send everything back and try and get you gals your slippers finally. I have to find envelopes to send them in and I have a birthday gift that has to go out to and get a birthday card to go with it. Faye

07-29-2011, 10:22 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a nice 68 degrees with a slight breeze this morning. The humidity is hanging in there and the 90s will arrive this afternoon. I'm making a grocery list and will head there as soon as I finish here. There will be 15 of us at the cabin tomorrow so am making a couple salads and taking the meat. I should bake something but my baking skills are sadly lacking these days. :( I need to finish dusting and vacuuming too.

"Gma" -- Maybe Fortune won't get up so early at Kelly's house. Does he sleep with them? Things that don't fit and have to be sent back are a pain in the you-know-where! I sometimes just donate them to the SOS store rather than go through the hassle of sending them back. Postage has gotten so high it's ridiculous! Speaking of which, they are talking about sending our mail to Des Moines to be sorted. That's at least a 3 hour drive to the po there. Now it goes to Fort Dodge which is a little over an hour. They claim it won't make any difference in local delivery, but I find that hard to believe. :dunno: You will get caught up on your cleaning . . . remember you are the Queen of Clean! ;) Thanks for sharing the pictures. It's hard to believe there is snow and ice up there when it's so hot here.

I need to keep moving but wanted to check in here first. Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy whatever you are going to do today! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-29-2011, 02:32 PM

It is a beautiful day here in the Heartland. Will is out doing some shopping and the dogs are napping and here I am. We are gathering up all those dried fruits for the Pammican. I think we will have to go to the health food store for the markets don't carry all that I need. I got a good laugh when he came in awhile ago with some things he had gotten in the store from my list. On the table was sitting a can of baking powder and I picked it up and said with a smile, "this makes two new cans I now have." He replied that it was on my list. Oh :nono: it wasn't. He pulled out the list and where he said he thought it was listed was actually baking potatoes. He had to go out to a different store to finish out the list and put bakers back on the list. Schwan man came today and we now have steaks and such in the freezer.

DONNA FAYE :hug: I am sorry you don't feel up to exact but this too shall pass. You are going to win that battle with Fortunes feeding time but it will takes some work. Don't sabatauge the work you have already done on him by giving in. Little scudder needs to reset his am clock. The food you cook for him is just so good he wants it early. ;) That is dreadful that your new clothes weren't what you expected and you have to go through the hastle of returning the order. Is there someplace in your area where you can shop for those items? I was so sad when the Fashion Bug closed down in this town for it had some nice large sized clothing.

JEAN I haven't done anything with that dried corn yet but plan on doing it today. I just didn't get around to it yesterday as planned but I will let you know how it turns out. Sounds like you will have a fun group at the cabin. Maybe you could pick up something from the bakery that would replace a homemade goodie. Cookies are always a pleaser for kids and chocolate eclairs for the adults. :D You know I am kidding about the eclairs but they are good. ;) WW puts out some that aren't too shabby though come to think of it.

SUSAN & GAIL A good "howdy" to you this day. I know Susan is out of town but what are you up to this day Gail?

Have a wonderful Friday, Magnolias. The weekend is upon us. :wave: Type at y'all later.

07-29-2011, 11:25 PM
Maggie -- It is cooling down tonight so it will be a good night to have the bedroom window open. However, tomorrow and Sunday are both supposed to be in the high 90s and high humidity. I would just as soon stay home where it is cool than sit and sweat at the cabin. Oh well . . . . I'm glad you had a nice weather day today. I've had things written on my grocery list and forget them! Now I cross things off as I put them in my basket. You are so lucky Will does your shopping for you. :yes: I need to give the bathroom the once over before I head to bed. Have a nice weekend!

07-29-2011, 11:53 PM

We just got back from eating at our favorite Mexican place. Our waiter (he is ours because he always waits on us when we are there) surprised me tonight when he asked me if I could bring him some of my Chili Verde next tine I make it. His mom used to make it back in Mexico and he is homesick for a bowl of it. I certainly will do that for him.:p A long time ago Will had said that I make good Chili Verde and he rememberd having that conversation with us. I made the little 1 oz bars of Pemmican today and the recipe made 40 at 2P+ each. Will & I both like them so the hunting of the ingredients and the making of them is well worth it. I have them all wrapped in foil and in the freezer. I used my hand crank meat grinder to do the job. Time got away from me and I didn't get to finish with that sun dried corn. Tomorrow for that. I have several things on my "to do" list for tomorrow but I can get them done. I cut out a blurb about a book I wanted and Will said he would look for it for he can always find what I want for less than it says it sells for. He got it today and it origionally said it sells for is $29.22 an he found it for $11.99. The title is Planet Barbecue! by Steven Raichlen. It sports 309 recipes from 60 different countrys ~ published in 2010. A great journey around the world's barbecue trail. I opened it randomly and wouldn't you know up came a picture of octopus legs being grilled with Greek herbs. YIKES. But alas, there are recipes in it I will certainly try but not that one. :nono: I will have fun reading through this book for sure.

JEAN It will be warmer here also tomorrow and Sunday. It was low 90's today and tomorrow will jump up to the high 90's as well Sunday. Monday will just be more of that same trend. Hot. I do feel blessed that Will will do the shopping. I make out the list and he re-arranges it to how the store has things and does well to get most things on it most of the time. Hope it isn't too hot afterall for your trip.

Everyone have a nice evening. :wave: Type at y'all later

07-30-2011, 10:27 AM
Good morning to you all. Today and tomorrow is shampoo carpets and clean house day. I also have a bunch of errands to do this morning but have to wait for our dang post office to open at 10. Yep, that's right ladies, I am mailing out your slippers today. As I told Gail, if you find they are a bit too small, wet them in cold water, wring them out then put a flat style pair of shoes or flat Keds type tennies inside them and let them dry that way. Hopefully the will fit you though.

I am pooped this morning at Fortune drove me crazy last night. Jack and I stayed up until around 11 to watch a movie and then went to bed. From 2 am on Fortune would bark at me (I ended up staying downstairs) I let him out, I gave up and fed him around 4:30, that still didn't satisfy him. Seemed like everytime I would doze off he would bark at me. By 7:30 Jack had come downstairs and I gave up and decided to just get the day started.

I have to go to Penny's and return the crappy sandals I ordered. They weren't cheap, but they are cheaply made and don't fit properly so back they go, have to go to the post office, then to the grocery store to get milk and bread and diet mountain dew for Jack. I am making "fried" chicken for dinner tonight so am thawing it out in salted ice water too. Before I go I am going to go into the dining area and vacuum so Jack can shampoo that rug while I am gone then we will do the living room one tomorrow. It is too hot to do both of them on one day.

Not much else going on it my part of the world. Have a good one today and stay cool and dry. Faye

07-30-2011, 01:28 PM
PS: Your slippers are now winging their way to you, or in this case USPS first classing their way to you so you should have them sometime next week!

07-30-2011, 04:27 PM

It is said that it will only get up to 98 degrees this day. We will be grilling steaks outside on the Webber and I have a couple of those wrapped bakers to do in the microwave. A nice salad will go with it also. Interesting about that Pemmican ~ it is very filling. I ate a 1 oz - 2P+ piece earlier this day and that and coffee is all I have had here at 2 o'clock I am not hungry. It has been so long since I had made any I wonder why I waited. Glad I had my ole handy dandy food grinder. A power food for sure. In a bit when I finish here I am going to finish with that parched corn. I have been having fun going through and reading the stories about the recipes in that Planet Barbecue book this morning. Oh, I did order that tarantula this morning also. The clerk was surprised when he pulled up the number of what it was I was ordering. He said with incredulous in his voice, "Are you sure for that is the tarantula." "Yep, looks just like Melanie, a live one I used to have." He laughed and said, "Oh, look all of its legs move independently." It is going to be so cute when I get it. It works on smooth floors, so here in my office and the kitchen and diningroom are the smooth surfaces in this house. I will just play with it in here and keep it up on a shelf above my desk. My daughter also wants one. If she hasn't bought one by Christmas maybe I will get one for her. I have already gotten her a beautiful hand beaded necklace that she will just love I am sure. It is a very pretty piece. She is one of those people that is easy to buy for. Will is making her a leather bag. Look at me, already talking about Christmas. But ya know, it will be here before we know it. I also ordered a new professional hand mixer that is has a 240-watt motor. It comes with flat beaters, dough hooks and a baloon whisk. It has a rotational speed of 540 to 1,200 rpm and can reduce blending time in half. I really need it because the one I have had for years and years burned out. So I am getting a toy and a replacement tool for the kitchen.

DONNA FAYE It is hard to re-train a dog when you aren't feeling up to par. Dogs can be so single minded. Was there something going on outside to keep your little one upset. Some animal (or human) going through the area could do that. He may have been being a "watch dog" and you didn't know it and it frustrated him. There, now I am a dog psychologist. :p Only the Shadow knows. Remember that old program? Hope you got your errands done and are cool now. That's a bummer your sandals didn't work out for you. Have you seen the ones in the Foot Smart catalog? They have some real nice looking ones that are made well. At least all that I have ordered from them I have been well satisfied with. Their sandals are good quality.

JEAN & SUSAN & GAIL Howdy to all of you lovely ladies. :wave: I am off to get something accomplished this day that needs to be done.

07-31-2011, 09:39 AM
Good morning everyone. Just a short post this morning as I need to hop to getting the living room rug vacuumed so Jack can shampoo first thing this morning before it gets too hot. It is major sticky outside this morning as we had a thunder boomer yesterday evening that dumped rain but not cooler temps on us.

I am going to put off the actual cleaning of the house until tomorrow as it makes no sense trying to dodge and weave Jack while he is shampooing and then trying and get a nice dinner going and cleaning that up, etc.

I got all the errands ran yesterday but came home all sweaty. The shops and stores are trying to save money and so they crank the temp of their ac up. I was in the post office, which was barely even cool, then Penneys and it wasn't that cool either and finally Krogers, which I knew to be a bit warmer. I did get all the mailing done and took back the sandals and got a few groceries that we needed.

Well I see Jack is up and making his breakfast so I need to do the same. TTFN Faye

07-31-2011, 03:48 PM

Another hot day here in the Heartland. We went out to eat at Mocas after church and I had a chicken panini without the sauce. They make excellent sandwiches. I have a roast in the crock pot with chopped garlic and a packet of dry onion soup mix slathered all over the top that will be good for dinner with some home-made tortillas. Not much going on this day except chruch. I am in my office with the ceiling fan and a floor fan whirring the air condition air around sipping on a sf ff latte from our favorite place that we had the sandwich at. They were training a new girl and watching closely to make it just like I like it and violla ~ she did a great job. Even if it wasn't quite as good as the regular gal who makes it I wasn't going to say anything because I don't want to shake her confidence. But as it was she did a great job.

DONNA FAYE Looks like it is just you and me here this day. :p Hope you got the cleaning done you planned on. It is sure nice that Jack pitches in and helps you so much. Both of you are sure doing well in your weight loss efforts. :cool: You go girlfriend. Down the road to thin.

GAIL ~ JEAN ~ SUSAN Hope all is well with the three of you this day and you are enjoying what you are doing and the folks you are with.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

07-31-2011, 11:43 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am issuing a complaint about the humidity! :tantrum: (as if that will do any good) The temperature is down a bit, but the humidity is so thick outside. Our heat index tonight is 96! We have a heat advisory until 8:00 tomorrow night. We are supposed to go to a ball game tomorrow night in Sioux Falls -- maybe it will be too hot for them to play. :crossed:

Yesterday our family was at the lake with 6 members of Bob's brother's family. Beth, Maddy, and Kolby stayed here last night and headed home this morning. We went to church and then back up to the lake. It was hotter and more humid today; much "cooler" sitting outside with a hot breeze than inside. We came home around suppertime and I headed for the shower. I am tired and heading off to bed. I have a busy few days ahead and I'm even more tired thinking about them! :yawn:

"Gma" -- I'm sorry Fortune gave you a hard time. :( Maybe he could sense something going on outside like Maggie suggested. Does it take a long time for your carpet to dry with the high humidity? That is a good job to have done. :cp: I am anxiously waiting for my slippers! I'm sorry your sandals weren't what you thought they would be; I sent some back to Lands End at the beginning of the summer and gave my online evaluation. I thought sure they wouldn't print it but they did.

Maggie -- I'm glad you are enjoying the Pemmican; it sounds like it's a lot of work to make. :yes: You are smart to think of Christmas ideas early. Where does your daughter live? A new mixer, :cb: what fun you will have with that!

I am heading to bed! Have a marvelous Monday and enjoy whatever you will be doing. Stay cool! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-01-2011, 06:33 AM
Good morning to you all. Please put my sister Alberta in your prayers or on a prayer list if you belong to one. She is currently in the ICC unit of the hospital. She hurt her hip on Friday, but when they took her to the ER the doctor found that she only had a 70% oxygen level. She told my sister there was no way she could go home. Come to find out she now has congestive heart disease, her lungs are full of fluid, and the diuretics they had her on to help combat both the fluid on the lungs and around her heart were messing with her kidneys. She is in a lot of pain from the hip, but they have her on both morphine and vicodan. Unfortunately, this woman has been on c-pap for several years now, and why because she smokes and won't give it up!!!

We finished up all the carpets, but I decided not to clean until this morning as I made a mess cooking dinner yesterday. Today I will tackle it.

Jean: Your slippers will be coming in a large manilla envelope. Sounds like the trip to the lake wasn't much fun. Does that mean the cabin doesn't have ac? It is wet and sticky here also. I let Fortune out at 4 and you could almost feel it on your skin. Jack looked at Branson's temps and they were hot and sticky also. We still have about 7 weeks until we go, but at this rate I don't see it being much better.

Well I hear Jack up and around. He is going to be down soon and always likes to play free cell when he eats his cereal. You all have a great day. Faye

08-01-2011, 09:54 AM
Happy Monday everyone! It's been a busy few days. Granddaughter #2 spent Saturday and that night with us. I took her school clothes shopping on Saturday afternoon. I spent time with both of my daughters, drinking coffee and chatting on DD#2's back deck on Sunday. Wayne and I went out to dinner at Applebee's...and yes, I stayed on program just in case you were wondering. I've started walking on my treadmill again. Just too hot/humid outside for me to walk and it's difficult for me to breathe sometimes but that's because hayfever season is starting for me. Both Dads (down in VA) are doing okay. Note: I said "okay". Dad's Parkinson's is not going to get any better and even though the strength of his meds have been increased he still has problems and that's just the way it is...quite frankly. My FIL complains he his back (still recovering from that cracked rib...and other issues there) and his leg but that's because he's not following doctor's orders which he has appt tomorrow. I know the orthpedic surgeon will fuss at him but my FIL will only tell us what he wants us to know. My FIL is NOT doing physical therapy! I can go on and on about that but what is the use. It is what it is and it's just a matter of time we get a phone call that he's back in the hospital because he's re-broken his leg or some other bone because....are you ready for this....he actually danced on Thursday night. Slow dance for sure but then he has the audacity to complain how badly his leg hurts the next day! The rest of us in the family are doing well...and that is a blessing.

I'm driving down with my daughters and grandchildren at the end of August to Va. Beach and I plan on going to the beach with them. I have bathing suit, cover-up, sand chair, beach towel, sunglasses, and sun block and I'm ready to go! I just wish Wayne could go with us but he's got to stay behind and go to work. We'll stay with my Dad since we'll be able to walk to the beach from his house.

I'm back on program and it feels good to be back in control.

As usual I'm behind in reading the posts....

08-01-2011, 09:55 AM
Donna, I'm sorry to hear about your sister, Alberta. She will be in my prayers for sure!

08-01-2011, 02:04 PM

It is fixin' to be another 3 diget day here in the Heartland. YIPEKIO :cp: I am down 2 pounds this weigh day. Something is working for me. I cooked a roast in the crock pot and we had sandwiches out of it for dinner last evening. I had slathered minced garlic on it and then dumped an envelope of onion soup mix over it then sprayed it with water and crock potted it. I had put it in when we had gotten back from lunch and it was all done nice and tender after church last night. We watched a real neat program, at least we liked it, about the ancient Roman Empire. Interesting how things transpired back then. Will just came in with about an inch of paperwork he has to read for his "volunteer" job on the board of First Call. The mail man just came and I got a package...

DONNA FAYE The slippers came and I love them. They are perfect and such a beautiful melding of colors. Thank you so much ~ I will think kind thoughts of you each time I wear them. Sad thing about your sister Alberta. I will certainly have her in my prayers. And here I thought I was the only one that made a mess cooking dinner. I use my whole kitchen. :p Lets hope that Branson will be a lot cooler in 7 weeks time for you to really enjoy your vacation.

JEAN Tricia lives out in CA as do my imediate family. I have other relatives scattered across this USofA though. Do you think they will end up cancelling that ballgame? How do they let everyone know if they do? What ~ no cool breezes at the lake. That is not good. It does zap your strength when it is like that for sure. Better cooler days will come.

GAIL What fun to take your grand daughter shopping. Did you find some suitibale things she wanted for school? Applebees does have some yummy OP items on their menu for sure. I don't doubt that you made good choices. ;) Sounds like you have a fun excursion to go to the beach when you have all the equipment. Yep, slather on that sun block. Days are gone when we cooked our skin with coco butter and iodine.

Everyone have a lovely Monday. :wave: Type at y'all later.

08-01-2011, 03:10 PM
I love getting mail! And it will be a sad day when the US Postal System cuts back on how many days they make home deliveries because...

Thank you Donna, for the beautiful slippers you made just for me! They are sooooo cute! :D I love how the colorway worked out and both of them match each other exactly! You have a talent for knitting that's for sure. Your knitting reminds me so much of a wonderful friend I have here in Delaware. She's been knitting for about 5-6 years and not only can she knit well, she knits you! Again...thank you so much!

And thank you Maggie, for the exercise sheet for arms! How did you know I needed that?! ;) Of course you printed very distinctly not to bend and of course my postman...who is NOT a nice person (and I'm not the only person to say this) bent it anyway getting it into my mailbox but there was no damage done. Especially since I tuck all my clippings and things into those clear page protectors. Thank you. And congrats to you on your weight loss! Good job.

Today has been a quiet day. Its warm and kind of humid outside. I made myself a strawberry and banana smoothie for 2 points. Just plop a heaping cup of frozen sliced bananas and strawberries into the blender. I put in 2 packets of Splenda. Pour 8 oz. of fat-free milk. Blend. Magic! Yum. It's not rocket science, ladies!!

08-01-2011, 04:39 PM

I came back to my office to take a break. I just pealed and cut up 2 cling peaches, 2 bartlet pears, 2 red apples, 2 navel oranges, 3 kiwi and 1/2 of a fresh pineapple and tossed in 2C of fresh blueberries. Sprinkled some lemon juice all over it and it is all in a large tupperware bowl chilling in the fridge. I usually like to put strawberries in it but they didn't look so good this time we bought fruit. I don't usually put bananas in because they get to soft. I also took a basket of blackberries and sprinkled Splenda over it and have it chilling also. I did't want to put them in with the other fruit so they wouldn't get squished. We may just eat them by themselves with some low point cookies tonight. For lunch we had roast sandwiches. I also like to have some condiments with it and 4 of the Mezzetta jalapeno large green olives is only 1 P+ and I like them so well. They are zero points for just one but I need more than just one!:D Really like them. Tonight I am grilling pork chops and serving it with some of my rice mixture and sliced fresh tomatoes out of our garden;). That is my day of food.

GAIL You know how I love smoothies! I could just taste that one you talked about. Yum. You are quite welcome for I just figured everyone needs some arm work. Even that gal in that picture doing all the exercises. :o I am going back to the kitchen to get those pork chops out to thaw.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

08-01-2011, 09:12 PM
Good evening, ladies. It's cooled down to 88 degrees but the humidity hasn't been too bad. Apparently it stormed while I was gone but there were branches all over and water standing. It was so hot over the weekend! July was a big month for rain. Normall we have about 3.5 inches and this time we had 9.5! I can hardly believe I still have green grass and it's August!

Faye, my slippers have arrived yet - told you I live in the boonies. I can hardly wait. Fortune is nearly as spoiled as my cat was. LOL. I certainly hope its cooled down a little by the time you go on vacation.

Jean, I remember sitting outside when I was a kid and it would be too hot in the house. Only problem with that was we lived on a farm and if the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, you all got to smell manure.

Maggie, I got the exercise sheets today. Thanks! I'll use them on days I don't get to the gym.

Gail, your FIL sounds like he won't quit until he has to be in a nursing home. You just can't reason with some people. I hope he doesn't get in a prediciment where he has to stay with you again.

There was a new exercise class that started today at the Y I could do - chair Yoga. It was wonderfully relaxing. Next week is the big week - PT here I come.

Have a great evening. I'm still tired from my weekend so will go to bed soon.

08-02-2011, 01:19 AM
Good Night, Flowers! I'm on my way to bed after our trip to the baseball game. We went through Sioux City to drop off Beth's camera and it was 102 over there. At the game site it was only 100, but there was a breeze. It was a hot breeze but it did help.

I've got the gift shop and Neighborhood Night Out tomorrow -- have to bake cookies in there somewhere between the two. How do I get myself into these things??

I'm not reading former posts tonight; maybe tomorrow I can get caught up with your news. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-02-2011, 09:17 AM
Good morning ladies. Same old story, hot and sticky here and no end in sight. Poor Jack had to work out on the pithog all day yesterday, which meant out in the middle of a sewage lagoon and in over 100 degree heat and 108 heat index. He came home wiped out.

Have mercy, this is from the Commercial Appeal this morning and this address is less than a mile and a half from our house:

Body found on roof of home in Fox Meadows
By Jody Callahan
Posted August 1, 2011 at 8:25 p.m.

Memphis police are investigating the discovery of a body on the roof of a house in the Fox Meadows area.

A homeowner at 5353 Derron found the body around 7:30 p.m. and called police. The body appears to be that of an adult man, but police don't know anything about how he died yet.

We are still waiting on our car. The part hadn't shown up yesterday to finish fixing it. Hopefully, they got it yesterday afternoon and can install it today so we can get it back. It is costing the insurance company a bundle in rental fees I know that. As long as we have a car, we are not sweating it too much, but I would like my suv back. :lol:

Maggie: Tx for the printouts. Glad you like the slippers

Susan: I imagine yours will be here today. I told Jack last night since one arrived on the east coast and one in the midwest I figured they would all be delivered on the same day, but ooops my mistake! Fortune is terribly spoiled and when Jack goes back on a fall schedule it is going to be murder to readjust him I think. I don't exactly know how to do it as I have been holding him off for almost a month now and he still barks at me to feed him before 6, usually around 5 or so. Ahh well, I will just keep working at it. He is quiet now, having gulped down his food he is asleep, the little bugger!!! He got me up at 2:30 to go out then drove me nuts wanting to eat until I finally fed him around 6:30. I noticed we are now hearing about tropical storms a brewin.' Hope you don't have anything this year.

Jean: Sounds like you had a hot and exhausting day. This heat will take it all out of you for sure. I read these great murder mysterys by a woman called Diane Mott Davidson. Her main character is a caterer and she includes wonderful recipes in each book. If you ever decide you want some cookies that are different, I have several recipes I copied and put in a file of her stuff. She has some chocolate ones that sound wonderful and a spice cookie that sounds really good too.

Gail: Glad you got your slippers. I do hope they fit. Like I said, yours were the ones I was concerned about as they were the smallest size and I did them first. Have you ever heard of Portuguese knitting? I read an article yesterday then watched a couple utube videos on how to do this. For one thing, it puts way less stress on the hands and arms. It is an unusual, though not difficult technique involving the yarn either going around the neck or through a "pin" attached to your clothing. I guess this makes perfect tension, then the way the stitches are knit allows for very little movement of the hands, mostly just a thumb so it is great especially for those with carpal tunnel or hand problems. It was really interesting. If you are interested to see what it is like, just google Portuguese knitting and it will come up with videos and such.

I have a clean house, I put the other sock on needles and am waiting for yarn to start a cool project for a birthday this winter. I had fun deciding on the the colors and finding the right project. So, guess I will knit today and listen to my audio book and finish it up. I changed my library lending to just one week and since I can only take out 2 at a time, I already have two ebooks finished and am about a 1/3 of the way through the audio book and they will "drop off" my library account on Friday so no sweat.

Everyone have a good Tuesday and keep cool if you can. Faye

08-02-2011, 11:10 AM
Good morning everyone! Hayfever season is here and I woke up not feeling so great but thanks to modern medicine I'm feeling fine now. :)

Donna, I have never heard of Portuguese knitting! I'll have to google that and find out about it. :)

Jean, its hot and humid here for sure but we've been lucky that we've been able to sit out on the back deck in the evenings. There seems to be a nice breeze at that time so we're taking advantage of it.

Susan, my FIL made it clear to us how much he dislikes Delaware, our home, and living with us. We are boring (but WE like it that way). I feel its just a matter of weeks (or days for that matter) until he does something foolish (like not continuing physical therapy) and finds himself back in the hospital. He has an appointment today with his orthopedic surgeon and I would love to be a fly on the wall when they talk!

Maggie, that is one of the major things I like about summer (because I love the fall so much better than any other season) is the fruit! Yum.

Not a lot planned for today. It's quiet. Boring (but I like it that way).

Y'all take care....

08-02-2011, 05:47 PM

It is another hot day comin' here in the Heartland. I am so thankful for air conditioning and floor fans. I have all my morning chores done this day and this afternoon I am going to tackle the upright freezer. I am going to pull everything out and put it on the diningroom table so I can sort it according to type. I will in the process get the things that are showing too much age tossed. I do this about every two months so I can stay on top of it or it gets away from me and then is a real pain to deal with. So anyone one of you that wants to help come on over and we can have a good time doing it together. During that process I can figure out what to make for dinner. After I get all that done I need to check my glass supplies. I already have a couple of orders that came in to build for christmas and I need to get them made so I will be able to handle other kinda last minute type orders. They trickle in usualy starting late October. I am glad these two came in so early so I can get started.

JEAN I hope you have now recovered from that ball game you went to. Yep, be thankful for a breeze for when it is still it is not pleasant. Cookies, what kind did you decide on making?

DONNA FAYE I feel so sorry for Jack. I can just see him out on that island in the middle of all that yuckey stuff. How on earth did a body get up there on that roof in the first place? When you find out please give us "the rest of the story."

GAIL They have come a long way in meds to help those with hay fever. So glad you have found one that works for you. The fruit I cut up is being eaten with every meal and ooo so good.

Type at you good ladies later :wave:

08-02-2011, 06:56 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm trying to catch up on reading posts and emails. I have about 1 hour before the neighborhood shindig starts. I hope it doesn't last very long. It is somewhat cooler only because the humidity is way down today. The sun has been in and out all day; we could really use some rain.

"Gma" -- I am so sorry to read about your sister, and will keep her in my prayers. Is this the sister who just lost her husband? We do have a window air conditioner at the cabin, but with 3 big sliding glass doors and people going in and out the doors, the ac doesn't do much good. The cool air doesn't reach the bedrooms at all. My slippers have not arrived yet. :( I hope your car part comes soon so you can have your car back. I, too, feel sorry for Jack having to work outside in such hot weather. Branson should be cooling down by the time you go. I don't bake cookies very often but would love new recipes. ;)

Gail -- How fun to school shop with your granddaughter and spend time with your daughters. :yes: Your FIL will probably push to the limit until he does more damage to his leg or something else. My mom had hayfever so I know how you can suffer with that. A trip to VA Beach is something fun to look forward to also. :congrat: on being OP and walking on the treadmill again!

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another 2#s! :cheer: Yes, they did have the ball game yesterday. Jason is a coach and he was literally wringing wet afterwards. He had to pitch, which he doesn't usually do, so was putting some extra effort into the game. Thanks for sending the exercise sheets if I haven't thanked you before.

Susan -- Our humidity is down somewhat although Bob just came home and said it was way too hot to be outside. Enjoy your green grass! We need rain badly; our grass if mostly brown but the weeds are green. :( I'm sure you are looking forward to starting physical therapy next week. :yes: Will you still have to wear the brace and be on crutches?

My cookies are baked and I need to put them in something to travel next door; I'm thinking a paper plate so I won't have to bring it home and wash it. I have laundry going and the washer should be done. Have a nice rest of the day and enjoy! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-02-2011, 06:57 PM
Good evening, ladies. It's HOT. I'm cranky. I really need to do some outside things but I can't stand the humidity. Oh, well.

Today was work and then I went to the Y and did my upper body weights.

Faye, I got my lovely slippers today and they fit perfectly. They certainly will be toasty come the cold weather. Poor Jack! What a nasty job on a good day. Fortune is probably getting frustrated that you are taking so long to train that when he barks you get what he wants immediately. It's a battle of wills - and the most determined one will win. I've read all those books. If you like them, you would probably like Joanne Fluke's. They are along the same lines and have recipes. I'm praying for your sister and will put her in our prayer book at church on Sunday. Then others will be praying for her and we also pray for the intentions in the prayer book at every mass - a daily occurence.

Jean, you always have lots going on. What do you do at Neighborhood Night Out? You posted while I was typing. I will be rid of the crutches and long brace and just have a knee brace. I can't wait until Monday at 8:30 am when I go to the doc. PT could start as early as that afternoon, but soon after anyway. I have a sunroom and skylights - very nice when you are chosing it but very hot in the summer. Since I got the new windows, however, it stays a lot cooler but still warmer by about 5 degrees than the rest of the house.

Maggie, could you come and clean out my freezer! I'm thinking about buying a smaller one. Mine is just too big for one person.

Gail, you can rest easy knowing you did all you could for your FIL. You lead the horse to water (PT), but you can't make him drink. He'll just have to learn the hard way. I'll bet he fed the doc a line of bull unless PT ratted him out.

I'm have a pork chop, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and a lovely yellow bell pepper for supper with a few heirloom cherry tomatoes.

Have a great evening!

08-02-2011, 07:24 PM
Good evening...

Susan, as you recall the last two weeks my FIL was with us I was driving him to and from physical therapy. When I told them on the last Friday he was here that he would not be coming back the following week because he insisted on going home, the physical therapist was not happy at all. I asked him to send a report to the orthopedic surgeon as quickly as they could since his appointment was 8/2. The physical therapist said he would do that and I'm hoping they did. My husband has not phoned his dad to see how the appt went today. Here is another thing my FIL did that I think was not a good idea. He cancelled his long distance with his phone company because he had ("had" is the operative word here) a cell phone. Wellllllll...he lost his cell phone (which was one of those that you prepay)...and now the man cannot phone us here in Delaware! Just keeps gettin' better doesn't it?! Hubby is going to phone him but he's at a meeting right now and it may be too late to phone. And yeah, I know I can phone my FIL...but he will talk more to Wayne than to me. I think I annoy him! ;)

Jean, I looooove going school clothes shopping for my granddaughters and this is the first year that I bought school clothes for my grandson. He's starting Pre-Kindergarten this year. I have the oldest to buy for now and my oldest daughter (her aunt) wants to meet us at the mall. My youngest daughter (the granddaughter's mom) does not like to shop so she's excited that is one thing she doesn't have to do. I'm like you, I don't bake cookies often and when I do it's usually during the holiday season. I am so excited that Christmas is falling on Sunday this year! I love the holidays at church. I'm looking forward to the Fall. I'll join back up with Bible study on Wednesday evenings. And there will be a Christmas Tea for the ladies and I'm looking forward to that as well. And then there is the children's pageant and they are just so cute and I love the refreshments afterwards. Can you tell I'm excited? I love that time of the year. :) I can just ramble on and on...

Maggie, I'm feeling so much better than this morning! I felt like my head was just going to roll off my shoulders!

Well....I might as well go do something around this house....y'all take care....

08-03-2011, 12:16 AM
Susan -- I must say I think there is a change in the weather happening! We had a nice breeze (no bugs) and it has cooled down considerably tonight. :cp: Neighborhood Night Out is where the police try to build community support and encourage neighborhood meetings around town with host families. The host family in turn invites neighbors to come and bring some type of food to share; sometimes it is a potluck, sometimes snacks, sometimes a dessert. A police officer comes and explains about the local crimes, drug scene, gangs, etc., then will take questions and concerns from us. If he can't answer then he will find the answer and call back the next day. The fire department comes with a fire truck and the ambulance with the paramedics to explain their duties. Basically it's to meet neighbors you don't know and to watch out for suspicious activities that might go on in a neighborhood. Our little area probably has 80 - 100 homes; we used to know everyone when Jason had the paper route but there have been many who have moved in and out over the years. I will be thinking of you on Monday morning! :cb:

Gail -- I'm not a good shopper either. This year I gave each of the kids their own money and told them that it was to be used for new school clothes. Maddy's birthday is next week and she wanted to use her's at the amusment park. Kolby thought he had enough to buy the convertible he wants when he's old enough to drive. :lol: That's too bad about your FIL's cell phone getting lost. Perhaps he will find it, or you will find it if you visit when you are there. I love Christmas too! Every year I plan to be more organized and it never seems to happen. :( I do have good intentions though.

I'm heading for bed. See you all tomorrow!

08-03-2011, 07:30 AM