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07-26-2011, 08:06 AM
I am the type of person who needs a specific goal and way to keep track it. I came up with my 6 month show down yesterday. Here's my game plan for the next 6 months. If anyone would like to join in that is awesome!
I have spent all morning (well, all morning is relative. It's only 6:45 here) writing this down and making a binder for me to track everything in. I am a visual person so I even made a graph to track my weight on. Me <---nerd!
So here's my personal show down plan:
Mini goals -
220= mani/pedi (I suck at painting my own nails!)
210= massage
200= boots (there is a specific pair I want that cost way more than I normally spend)

$10 for every pound gone by Dec 25th

WIW- weigh in Wednesdays. Forget the scale the other 6 days of the week.

I also made a list of my personal reasons for getting healthy.

All of this info is on a page at the front of a binder. The 2nd page is my chart to graph my weight loss. After that is blank pages for my food journal. I generally keep a food journal but I tossed my old one as I really feel like I need a fresh start.

I know not everyone here celebrates Christmas but the timing worked out that that was the 6 month mark. I think it will be good though because there is no way I will be able to forget about Christmas with how insane all the stores, tv, etc get and it will be a reminder that my goal date is coming up. Also, I can use my incentive $ to take advantage of the post holiday sales and have new clothes for the new year.
Hoping for a good day today!

03-18-2012, 09:13 PM
Love it, Im new here, need to lose 70ibs,
Can only work with a goals.
Youve inspired me to make a plan