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07-26-2011, 02:16 AM
This is my first post in this forum so I feel odd that the word "bowel" is in the title! lol I have been reading up on the belly fat cure and I have decided that this is the one that I have to try. I would like to loose about 75 lbs. I'm incredibly motivated, I have the book, and today was my very first day and I have followed the diet to a "t". I have been using the reciipes in the book, tried some whey protien for the first time tonight. Anywho. I felt completely fine and then all of sudden, this evening, I had to GO...NOW. I got to the bathroom, did the deed, and it just felt like a neverending event. The second that I thought I was done, then I would have to go again! By the time it was ALL OVER WITH, I was exhausted! lol And to be very frank and to risk giving T.M.I, the sheer amount of poo in the toilet was mindblowing.. not to mension the smell. Poop doesnt' smell good... no doubt about that BUT this was just FOUL. I am just wondering if this is common with this diet. I know that the BFC kind of cleanses the intestines of all of that built up gunk that accumulates from eating the wrong food. Maybe it's already cleasing! I wouldn't think it would happen that soon. Any thoughts? Sorry for being so candid... I know it's gross! :p
Stephanie A

07-26-2011, 03:46 AM
Maybe you have an intolerance to the whey shake.. A lot of people i know are sensetive to the whey protein shakes. Especially when your not used to it.. I found that i used to have frequent bathroom trips for the first week or two..and then it was all good...It might also be a sweetner in your depends how your body tolerates whey..It can be very hard on the digestive system..I would try not using it tommorow and seeing if you have the same issue..